boss diana ross


boss diana ross
who loved a Black Man
but berry for whatever
reasons refused her
his name.

boss diana ross
rebounded below
the belt where
Black Men hurt-
married a white boy-
“fixed berry good”

boss diana ross
praisin” the
for marrying “all
her white earned money”

boss diana ross
glad to let the
slavemaster’s son
dilute the Black blood
of her children!

boss diana ross
says there is no such
thing as color
cause she’s too busy
being imitation/glamour/
white/girl instead of
her Black/Beautiful/self

boss diana ross
deserting Black men
how Black Women
should never be


5 Responses to “boss diana ross”

  1. rosemary thomas Says:

    Stop pimping diana ross. get a life. Mama make have, papa may have, but G-D bless the child that has his/her own. diana is truly BLESSED!!!

  2. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    To be blessed black diana ross needs to accept her BLACK self that God made! As long as she hates her BLACK self and further complicates things by confusing her children about who they are as BLACK people we will continue to get on diana’s case. Imitating (coverting)another man’s hair,features,etc. is breaking the l0 commandments. diana needs to wake up and love the way God created her instead of punishing herself by trying to be what she is not.Black and proud is my prayer for this sister and the sooner she wakes up to her BLACK self the happier she will be!

  3. rosemary thomas Says:

    While you are accusing Miss Ross of breaking commandments, you are doing the same. You are trying to steal and kill her joy, peace and love. Miss Ross cares less about what you’re saying or thinking. She has made her contributions and they will and have stood the test of time. I commend you for perpetuating your blackness sister, but let G-D judge Miss Ross. We know that she is BLACK and PROUD! Miss Ross has represented all over the world and continues to this day to represent. If she had listened to HATERS like you, she would have given up long ago.
    Instead of hating on Miss Ross, use that energy to help the less fortunate among you. LEAVE THE BOSS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Rosemary, We at this site LOVE BLACK People! One lesson I have learned from African culture since living in Nigeria is that you correct those you love like a mother or a father would and don’t let them continue to go astray. amerikkka teaches us not to do this and to let everyone “do their own thang”! But Africans always guide,patiently everyone, for a stranger can correct you anywhere in Africa,that is the way righteous people behave! Now Sister Diana, I cannot hate,but love her into BLACKNESS! I will keep correcting and praying for her,for no one can ever be truly happy when they deny how God has created them. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! If michael jackson can say that the worst thing he regrets is being born Black we all should know the implication! Michael can never be truly happy ,only confused and frustrated! Black women in amerikkka have suffered more because they refuse to criticize each other’s actions-and concentrate on criticising the BLACK man but not themselves,for their white actions of imitating the white girl and denying their BLACKNESS! THIS HAS TO STOP AND WE HERE AT BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL ARE COMMITTED TO GETTING BLACK WOMEN(AND MEN) BACK TO LOVING THEIR GOD CREATED SELVES!

  5. dilon5 Says:

    Stop pimping diana ross. get a life. Mama make have, papa may have, but G-D bless the child that has his/her own. diana is truly BLESSED!!!

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