Taking to white men is a cop out. Sisters must endure and stick to their God-given partners,the Black man! As Malcolm X has said we Blacks still fall into 2 catagories:the house negro and the field negro. Those of us in the house negro catagory still wanna be white and will do anything to change to that color.We will marry white and destroy our children and our Black line. “Whiten the race” was the line of the old house negro and now in 2007 we have Black women who still will go to the white slave masters’ sons instead of waiting patiently on the Black man and supporting a Brother to develop.All the field negroes would never think of deserting the Black Race. We are proud to be Black and want our children to be Black and Proud. Those of us suffering from the brainwashing of the whites that white is superior and something to be worshipped and imitated should wake up and change for they can never be happy with another race’s partner!The self-hatred that slavery bred into us must be purged! We can do it thru self-knowledge and knowledge of Black history.
Yours Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

THINK THIS SISTER DELETED MY COMMENT BEFORE ABOUT RUSHING TO WHITE MEN,WHICH INCLUDED MY POEM ‘boss diana ross’,so since she doesn’t want a Black for the Race opinion like mine,we will deal with this push of some Sisters to the white boy here.



Some Sisters
who leave home
think they love white men
cause they so nice
better stop hating
their Black selves
face up to Black reality
and come home to Black
Men who make

    Black children!

    Some Sisters
    know how you weaken
    Black children when
    you give them a white
    boy for a father
    weaken the whole Black race!

    Some Sisters
    think you can love a
    white boy
    think about why you would
    run away from your
    Black self and Black man

    Some Sisters
    tell the white boy to go to work
    he’ll go to work
    tell the white boy to eat it
    he’ll eat it all up
    yeah,control a white boy

    Some Sisters
    marriage ain’t about control Sister
    cause what about your Black children
    the future movers of the Black Race?
    are they gonna be strong enough to enable
    the Black Race to survive?

    Some Sisters
    are they gonna be weak enough to be
    traitors, submit to the white race of their fathers
    polluted by their white fathers
    and by you their “ain’t Black enough” Mother?

    Some Sisters
    want us to perish,be oppressed
    be wiped out
    colorless by 3000
    (love that light skin you say)
    white men make pretty babies
    hate Black enough to want to
    get rid of that Black skin

    Some Sisters
    don’t care about the race
    just think about themselves
    how you love to talk to that
    white boy, he so easy
    well loving a black man ain’t
    easy but the reward is
    strong Black children
    and a strong Black
    and beautiful race!!

    Sept. l98l

    Search Engine Submitter


  1. nitevision Says:

    sister yeye…thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your opinion. it’s inspiring to hear back from a sister who moved to the motherland with purpose. i’ll be checking in on your blog from time to time for updates.

  2. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister,we appreciate your site too. I will add it to my biogoll.Keep on pushin’-Black seeds keep on growin’ everywhere!
    Your Sister,
    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

  3. William H. Stewart Says:

    Black is Beautiful !
    I had been searching for “work at home” blogs hoping that I might find
    someone to critique my blog or to view
    someone elses organization of their blog or to ask to be linked to their blog, but this is not a “work at home” or “home business”. Why do you think it may have come up in my search that way?
    Thank you,
    Will Stewart

  4. Susan Says:


    What a nice blog you have created! I really enjoyed this post on racial realists .It is so nicely written. I’ll keep coming back to see what else you write.

  5. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Susan,E se pupo(thank you so much in Yoruba language)!It’s for Sisters like you I am inspired to write, so that you will not make the mistakes that will make you regret your lack of devotion to the Race God made you!
    Keep on pushin’-Black on!
    Your Sister always,

  6. TruBLKM Says:

    I like what I see and read here. I am a black man married to a beautiful black woman and this site makes me appreciate her even more. I love my black women. Yall are truly special. I will be back to read more.

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