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January 10, 2007

On January 10, 2007 at 3:29 pm Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Said:
I am up to date on Black women in america,Sisters.I read them on the net(writing on Polygamy in america,click on Black polygamy) and I know that the fastest growing marriage system in Black america is POLYGAMY-Black muslims are doing it, Black people doing Yoruba/Ghana/Ancient Egyptian religions in america are all doing it. I started doing polygamy in america with my Black husband from San Francisco calif, honey chile!|I know about polygamy gigi(Well-well in yoruba) and when my Black american husband died,I became involved in a polygamous situation with a Yoruba brother. Now I know Nigerian women are generally not suffering in marriage. But I do know that all men,Black,white,yellow etc. are polygamous by nature so Sisters should give up the white fairy tale that men are so-called “faithful”-their physical structure doesn’t allow that and women make sure they disturb them plenty to get their attention all the time worldwide. African men do take care of all of their wives generally and when they fail to the African family forces them to correct themselves,therefore you find African women staying in marriage unlike us who refuse to endure to get finally the dessert of marriage.I know of more cases of great Nigerian marriages than failures and the only problem new now is the introduction of white women values into the minds of miseducated African females,who try to now copy Redbook and hollywood and that won’t work.When a Nigerian woman is mistreated she has her family and the husband’s family and all the people around to help her and settle the matter. The Nigerian woman has also the church and the mosque to come to her aid,so don’t cry for her-she knows how to solve her problem with her man if she has one!Polygamy is the answer to Black woman’s problem if they can love themselves first and accept the outside woman inside the house where all can get a more equal share of the husband’s resources and all pool all their income to improve the Black family like Sisters are doing in Brooklyn, California and other places were polygamy is growing in america.

Washington Times, Dec.ll,2005,posted at,promoting polygamy for white christians.(Have only included reference to Blacks)

Polygamy allies
Polygamy is supported in principle by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Libertarian Party. In a 2004 commentary in USA Today, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said anti-polygamy laws are hypocritical and that Green’s 2001 bigamy conviction was “simply a matter of unequal treatment under the law.”

Georgia State University professor Patricia Dixon has interviewed numerous polygamous families who live in America in three black communities — African Hebrew Israelite, Ausar Auset Society and African American Muslim.

Polygyny, in which one man co-partners with many women, can be quite advantageous for women when it’s practiced openly and with consent, Ms. Dixon concluded in her 2002 book, “We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves.”

The women in these communities probably would “really appreciate” having polygamy rights, she tells The Times. “Not having a legal license [as a second or third wife] causes a lot of anxiety.”

Liberals and feminists have to be pro-polygamy because of their tolerance doctrine and belief in a woman’s right to choose, which certainly includes “the right to choose polygamy,” Mr. Henkel says.

The goal, therefore, is to convince conservatives, especially Christians, that “consenting adult” polygamy is biblical and valuable, both to society and to individual men and women.

Once the conservatives come around, Mr. Henkel says confidently, opposition to polygamy “will come crashing down … like a house of cards.”


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