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Carlos A. Cooks

A True Blackman
Robert Acemendeces Harris

If, as the new saying goes, “truth is [really] on its way” then, perhaps, Black People can finally also be back on their way. Which way? The way out of all of the confusion, contradictions and cultural degeneration that has retarded the liberation of our people these last few years.

Truth is not an abstract, it refers to sincerity, honesty, conformity to fact, correctness, exactitude, et cetera. Carlos Cooks was truth personified. It is also the truth that, if one man can be singled out as, the individual personality, most responsible for the resurrection on Marcus Garvey’s philosophy and program then that man is Carlos Cooks.

Carlos Cooks was to Black Nationalism what John Coltrane was to the so-called avant-grade “jazz”, and what Aretha is to soul music; the prime progenitor among their respective peers.
The main difference was the fact that during his life time, Cooks never receive his proper recognition. This was mainly because he was denied national coverage — by white and “Black” press — and was bound by an oath (the sacri) not to seek publicity for himself.

But since programs are often personified within certain individuals, and either live beyond or die along with their respective advocates, AJASS believes that — if we are really going to re-establish truth in our Liberation Struggle, then more of our people should know about the relevance of Carlos Cooks.

Carlos A. Cooks was born on June 23, 1913 in the Dominican Republic and died May 5th, 1966 in Harlem. During his 52 years on this planet, he passed through a phenomenal experience by spending his entire lifetime dedicated to the liberation of Africa, its universal communities, and all its peoples. This fact alone puts him among the ranks of the Hon. Marcus Garvey and the grand patriarch of the, movement, Hon. Edward Wilmot Blyden.

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It was Carlos Cooks who administered the Advance Division of the UNIA after Garvey’s deportation. He fought psychologically and physically — to uplift Mr. Garvey’s name from the gutters of ghetto minds. Brother Frank Rockwood of the Harlem UNIA branch can attest to this truth.

It was Carlos Cooks who coined the phrase “BUY BLACK” as an economic solvency in the various African Communities throughout America. Attorney Cora Walker, who successfully engineered the Harlem Co-op market can vouch for that.

It was Carlos Cooks who found the first so-titled African Nationalist organization. Check it out with Brothers and Sisters of the African Nationalist Pioneer Movement, they will tell you.

It was Carlos Cooks whom the late Malcolm X told many of us, that: “I respect Mr. Cooks because he is real Garveyite, a true Black Nationalist!” Since truth is supposed to be the only way, ask Sister Betty Shabazz about this.

It was Carlos Cooks who kept Garvey’s UNIA Red, Black, and Green tricolors displayed daily and nightly. Go on over to the African Market at 125th Street near Lenox Avenue, ask for Brother Frank Jones ’cause he can tell you about it.

It was Carlos Cooks who maintained an African Nationalist Legion, mentally prepared and physically ready to join the African Liberation struggle. I don’t know if the rest of the officials of the Republic of New Africa know this, but I’m sure that Brother Herman Ferguson does.

It was Cooks who continuously advocated armed retaliation against the cracker beasts who viciously murdered our Brothers and Sisters in the South. Truth is supposed to be on its way, so ask Brother Robert Williams.

It was Carlos Cooks who designated August 17th — the birthday of Marcus Garvey — as the first Black holiday, official or unofficial. And if you ask James Lawson (privately), the Brother will probably tell you the truth, too.

It was Carlos Cooks who first perfected an oratorical art of street speaking from his step-ladder, all over Harlem, but, especially on 125th Street and 7th Avenue. Brother Ed. “Porkchop” Davis and Brother Charles Kenyatta can verify that as the truth.

It was Carlos Cooks who first formed an independent school, complete with a course in Kiswahili at a time (1954) when many of our people didn’t even know where Africa was, never mind what Swahili was. Brother Al Vann, of the African-American Teachers Association, can educate you to the truth about this.

It was Carlos Cooks who first defined the difference between the terms Black and/or African as opposed to “Negro” and fought to have the latter word abrogated as a racial classification. You can even ask Richard Moore (author of The Word Negro And Its Evil Use) about this. Or you can read the documentation of this in “BLACK NATIONALISM: A Search For Identity In America” by Prof. E. U. Essien-Udom of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He printed some truth about this particular issue.

It was Carlos Cooks who organized the Universal African Relief to send tons of cloths and medical supplies to our struggling fellow Africans in South West Africa and Angola — over ten year ago. Ask Brother Hage Geingob of SWAPO or any of the other Brothers representing the liberation forces in Namibia (Southwest Africa). Their case is based on truth.

It was Carlos Cooks who first initiated the concept of natural hair as an issue of racial pride through his ANPM’s MISS NATURAL STANDARD OF BEAUTY CONTEST. But just about everyone who comes in contact with AJASS knows this because our programs are based on truth and, so, we always let everyone know just where we’re coming from. (Don’t bother to ask the folks running the “Miss America Beauty Contest.)


(The Preamble to the A.N.P.M. Constitution.)
by Carlos A. Cooks

The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement is a educational, inspirational, instructive, constructive, and expansive society.
It is composed of people desirous of bringing about the establish-ment of a progressive, dignified, cultural, fraternal and racial confraternity amongst the African people of the world.

The members pledge themselves to devote their knowledge, physical energy, private fortune, and sacred honor to ameliorate the tragic inequalities and medieval backwardness that the universal status of the race reflects.

We hold these condition to be a challenge to our manhood, and an insult to the aristocracy of our noble race.

Whereas, every sovereign state of Europe is ruled and controlled by Europeans. The land mass of Asia is governed by Asiatics. The Arabs dominate Arabia. Jewish aspirations is satisfied by the creation of the state of Israel. Africa is the only continent that is still dominated by the tyrannic yoke of European mass plunderers, with the approval of the so-called United Nations, and the active support of the Christian Churches of all denominations.


The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement realizes that the world is organized in homogenous segments, in the light of existing circumstances, the African Nationalist Pioneer Movement as a means of self defense and survival, a racial hegemony of Africans at home and abroad, that will resurrect the nobility, courage, and resourcefulness that once typified African character.

Rejecting all ideas for social improvement that do not animate from within the group. Denying all standards of beauty that does not represent the vibrant characteristics of the African Race. Heading no voice but our own on the issue of racial policy. Denouncing all religions that perpetuate the myth of white supre-macy and the fallacy of divine adjudication. We believe in the principles of self determination of all races.

We submit that the Black people of Harlem and all other Homo-geneous African communities, have the same natural and moral right to be clannish in their patronage as all other people have drama-tised that they are. We advocate as a matter of sound racial economic, the BUY BLACK CAMPAIGN.
Patronize the merchants of your own race. Build a solvent foundation for your children. Help create employment and independence for your race.


by Elombe Brath

The red, black and green flag found a new popularity during the 1960’s as the “liberation flag,” and was adopted by many neo-nationalists and disgruntled neophytes who had begun to leave the Civil Rights non-violence movement in search of a new militancy. The colors had originally been adopted as the “national colors” of the African people at the 1920 International Convention according to the Universal Negro Catechism of the African Orthodox Church.

The Catechism, which had been authorized by Rev. George Alexander McGuire, the church’s leading figure, stated clearly the symbolic meaning of the colors: “Red is the color of the blood which men must shed for their redemption and liberty; black is the color of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong; green is the color of the luxuriant vegetation of our motherland.”

To appreciate the vast scope and time span of the Garvey influence, the endurance and spread of the red, black, and green colors illustrate the point. Carlos A. Cooks contended that the colors came from an ancient African civilization known as the “Zengh Empire.” He insisted that this was one of the earliest usage of colors as a flag, standard, or pennant to represent a people as a nation.

While I have found no corroborating evidence in my research, Dr. Tony Martin has documented some other facts regarding the spread of the red, black, and green.

In his Pan-African Connection, Martin reveals that T.D. Mweli Skota, who was responsible “for [the] adoption of the ANC anthem, Nkosi Sikelel i-Africa, (Lord Bless Africa) which was later adopted by even the ANC’s rival organizations and the whole African population of South[ern] Africa,” was also largely responsible for – introducing in 1925 – the ANC’s flag of black, green, and gold, which was patterned after Garvey’s red, black, and green. Three and a half decades later, SWAPO, using the same configuration of three horizontal bars of equal size and different solid colors, followed suit in its own blue, red, and green tricolor to represent the Namibian people’s national liberation movement.

Garvey’s influence also set the standards for racial pride and material support for the liberation movements.

Just prior to the African cultural revolution of the 60’s, an event took place that actually opened the stage for the most intense period of Black consciousness since the Garvey era, on August 16, 1959, Cooks issued a call to convention by the ANPM to abrogate the term “Negro” as the official racial classification. Instead, he argued for the use of “Black” when speaking in terms of color (irrespective of complexion) and in relationship to the so-called white, yellow, brown, and red races. Likewise, and even more important, the term “African” would be used generically when speaking in relationship to land or origin (regardless of one’s own “native” birthplace), heritage, and culture.

Although the white media, including the New York Times, ostensibly the U.S. “paper of record,” was informed, they did not attempt to cover this historic meeting. The Times, however, was quick to attribute the use of the term “African American” to the Rev. Jesse Jackson in 1988 – 29 years after it became a compromise choice in the wake of Cooks’ 1959 convention. But it is more an irony that in the light of him being the seminal figure in the institutionalization of the concept of Black people in the U.S. re-identifying themselves as Africans, that the denial of being of African ancestry would develop in the Dominican Republic as practically an article of faith for those seeking political office and/or upper mobility in regards to their acceptance into the social strata –a factor that sadly caused the late Jose Francisco Pena Gomez to never achieve his quest of the presidency of that Africaribbean Latin-American nation.

While those who acquire wealth because of their exceptional skills as Major League Baseball players in the U.S. are praised and accepted in spite of their very obvious biological, historical affinity to the African continent, the question of being perceived as the representative of the national policy is still out of the question. To wit, in an unusual sense, the financial class factor seems to have been subdued to the racial contradiction. This true, however, not only in the Dominican Republic but in other non-English speaking nations as well, (i.e., including the case of Pele and other Black people in Brazil).

Nevertheless, it should be made known that the 1959 convention, in effect, established that the term African was to be used in the future as the common denominator of identification of all Black people throughout the world. African is our term of worldwide unification. It identifies our historical ties to the African blood pool. It imposes upon us a critical interest in our common plight throughout history, the need to find resolutions to our present conditions, and absolute necessity of working out our common destiny.

And if in the carrying out of this historic mandate for African liberation, there ever needed for those Africans “abroad” to be designated with at least a regional categorization, then the term African-American [hyphenated] was more apropos than “AfroAmerican,” based on the fact that, as Cuban patriot Jose Marti pointed out, we do live in the Americas (i.e., North, Central and South America). On another note, however, the term “West Indian” was considered as invalid as that of the usage of American Negro.

The ‘59 convention would also give birth to the establishment of an African standard of beauty that was to be institutionalized nationwide, thereby enhancing the appreciation of Blackness worldwide, and the acceptance of one’s Africannes personified. In this regard, AJASS (the African Jazz-Arts Society & Studios), a Black politi-cultural group which had been founded during the summer of 1956 in the South Bronx, also attended this historic convention. This group was a collective of Black artists, photographers, performers, and students (including Kwame Brathwaite, Robert Gumbs, Chris Acemandeces Hall, and this writer) who had been studying Garveyism and African nationalism on their own. The convention’s new concepts of raising Black people’s consciousness impressed AJASS immensely.

Following the resolutions and mandates of that meeting, AJASS began to intensify its study and began organizing throughout 1960 and most of ‘61. By the fall, AJASS had formed the nucleus of a group of models to explicitly promote the African standard of beauty, The Grandassa Models. This image had been long overlooked by such magazines as Ebony, Jet, Tan, etc. Thus, the Naturally series of “cultural extravaganzas designed to restore our racial pride and standards” was born.

Cull from
The Daily Challenge
“New York City’s Only Black Daily”
June 24, 1998
More Info on “The Red Black and Green.” (UNIA-ACL)


By Carlos Cooks

The time is at hand when the Black man must pause and take serious note of the rapid current of world events.
Life for the People of African stock, has been for the past three centuries, a relentless struggle for survival.
Not so much against the forces of nature, Nay!
Nature blessed the African Race with the richest of all continents, and the finest of all climates, and it has equip the Black man with the greatest and most rugged physique among men, together with a woman whose wholesome beauty, sparkling eyes, rhythmic gait, warm tender smile, cheerful and affectionate disposition, cannot be excelled or rivaled by any other female.

The Black man’s menace, has been, and still is, the white man’s diabolical and determined plan to commit GENOCIDE!
Even as they exterminated the American Indians, and the Australian Aborigines; so too, every plan, every scheme, points to their murderous intent to liquidate the African people.

As the great Bamganwato Chieftain Logumbula, asked in the late nineteenth century, when the British were barbarously exterminating the Bamganwatos: “Why do you kill my people?”

Today their method is subtler, but just as effective.

Hundreds of thousands died in Kenya, and many more are quartered in compounds on a starvation ration. Death to them will come through slow and painful agony of malnutrition. IT’S GENOCIDE!

In Cuba, under the pretense of vengeance against Batista’s Regime, Castro is wiping out the Black population.

The Black man, if he has any desire to survive, will have to embrace Black Nationalism — TOTALLY!

The greatest tools of the White Supremacist are the Flunky Vassals, the modern day Custodians of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the Lackey’s that fought the doctrine of Marcus Garvey, the Stooges that advocates civil rights — social equality — and miscegenation in America.

The gang of British Toms, in the West Indies, that see themselves as a part of the British Empire, and encourages the Black man to sell his land and seek his fortunes in England, only to find upon arrival there, a hungry mob of Murder-bent Whites, waiting to bury them. IT’S GENOCIDE!

The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement, through its Executive Spokesman, Carlos A. Cooks, is calling on the world of Black men everywhere, to rally behind the doctrine of Black Nationalism.

There is no permanent future for the Black anywhere in America.

The integrationist doctrine, that have fostered so much strife, is but a death trap for the Blacks, deliberately agitated by people who do not belong to the race, does not have the interest of the race at heart, and are using the Black man as a distracting force, less what happened to them in Germany and other European Countries happen here.

The Nigger Stooges that they are using to perpetuate their cruel joke, would sell their own mothers into bondage, for the sake of being able to move around as Circus Clowns in the Circle of White Society. They may be black in Color, but they are Psychological Bastards, whose fate in the final hour of reckoning, will be the common end of a traitor.

Next to the White man, the greatest enemy of Africa and Black opportunity, ranks the integrationist, civil righters, miscegenationist, and close behind, comes the Communist, and those who would encourage the Black man to take his problem to the Lord in prayer and leave it there.

The gang in Africa who cannot understand that there cannot and will not be any Partnership between the African and the white man.
It is not in the nature of the White man to share anything.
Did he share America with the American Indian? No!
Did he share Australia with Australian Bushman? No!
Where is the American Indian and the Australian Bushman? They are both dead!
The victim of their own charity and gullibility.

They too believed that they could share the land with the white man.
Isn’t it strange that the African leaders cannot realize that the white man shares Europe with no one?

The picture in Africa from the standpoint of leadership, narrows down to two States that are potentially capable of spearheading the drive for total redemption of continental Africa; namely, Egypt, based on the dynamic drive of that great organizer, Abdel Gamal Nasser, and the Sudan, based on its vast land area and its strategic location.
Ethiopia — under the present leadership, must be written off as futile encumbrance to the designs of a modern free Africa.
Liberia is but an extension of White Imperialism.
Ghana is a model for a new type of British Colonialism.
Guinea is much too involved in the battle for survival at this time to make it’s power felt.

The position of Blacks in the Western World, should — and must be one of militant Nationalism….
The marshalling and organizing of all Black people, and the linking up of their power, with the Patriots of Africa, Organizing Combat Brigades, Medical Units, and Pioneer Corps.
These should be organized and held in readiness, so that when the hour of decision tolls, Black men everywhere would not only be willing, but they shall be able, to answer the call.

The conflict thickens, on ye braves
Let’s charge for Africa, or the grave.
Wave Africa; let all your banners wave.
Attack — Black men, with all your ferocious rage.
Few! Few shall part — where many meet
The sacred soil of Africa shall be their winding sheet.
And every turf of ground, beneath the invader’s sacrilegious feet
Shall be a white man’s sepulchre.

By Carlos A. Cooks
The African Nationalist Pioneer Movement


Carlos Cooks and Black Nationalism from Garvey to Malcolm
Robert Harris, Nyota Harris, Grandassa Harris (Editor)
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Robert Acemendeces Harris

The A.N.P.M. – a racial confraternity amongst the African peoples of the world. The only orthodox African Nationalist organization in the western world from 1941 to 1966.

The African Pioneering Syndicate, Inc. – whereas the merchants and business people of the African communities should be African, whose aims and objectives are to conduct a worldwide commercial and industrial intercourse for the good of the race and to promote economic self-sufficiency in all Black communities.

The African Colonization society, Inc. – to resettle those Black people living in the Americas into Africa – those who voluntarily would like to take advantage of the opportunities that Africa has to offer.

The Universal African Relief – to conduct relief work amongst the universal. African family.

The 1959 African Peoples Convention – this was the convention that did away with the term, “Negro”, being used as a racial classification for African people and caused the world to address the Black people with the same dignity and respect extended to all other racial and ethnic groups.

We demanded to be called when dealing with color, Black men and Black women; and when dealing with race, land and heritage, Africans.

The mobilization of all the material resources of the Black Race in all areas of the world binding them together into one grand racial hegemony whose only shall propose be the welfare and security of Black people very where.

The activation of the African Communities League in all communities where people of the African ethnic group are in the majority. The economy of all African communities must be marshaled, controlled and channeled in a progressive direction so that the commerce, business life and body politic of the community are controlled totally by the resident majority.

The synchronization of all organizations regardless of religious passion or sectional sentiment to. One overall aim and endeavor towards the complete freedom of Africa for the benefit of the African peoples of the world. This should include moral, physical and material support to the needy cause of the valiant Africans at home who are fighting against tremendous odds.

The Buy Black Campaign – a scientific method of productive action which will result in the commerce, business life of the Black communities being put into the hands and control of the Black people of the co-unity simply by adjusting their shopping habits, whereas they do not buy anything from an alien (non-Black person) in the community and only patronize members of the Race in the community. If a commodity cannot be purchased through Black merchants, then go out of the community and purchase it. This will scientifically force parasitical alien merchants out of the Black communities and make way for more Black people to enter the community’s business life. The Buy Black Campaign will transfer the commerce business life and body politic of the Black communities from its present alien parasites to its rightful owners – the Black majority population.

The African Nationalist Legion – the military arm of the race, to be developed into a force capable of defending and protecting the race. strategic, tactical and logistical forces of the Buy Black Campaign.

The School of African culture and Fundamentalism – an institution to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and character of the Race. To establish universities, colleges, academies and schools for the racial education and culture of the Race.

The Nationalist Social Club dedicated to the principles and concepts of encouraging the youth of the race to fraternize and exchange their ideas on germane problem. To indulge in debates on world problems and to formulate and activate as a socioeconomic organism for the good and welfare of the community at large and the membership of the Nationalist social Club by dramatizing the ability of the African youth to engage in commercial intercourse through the initiative of the race (Self-determination).

The Marcus Garvey Memorial Building – at approximately 5:30 P.M. Friday, August 17, 1962, Carlos Cooks officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building on a site located on the south side of 141st street, approximately 100 ‘ east of Eighth Avenue, Harlem, New York. Carlos Cooks outlined two main purposes for the erection of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building. (1) It will be a stone monument that will spiritually testify to the admiration and respect that the Black people of Harlem and throughout the world have for the life, efforts, deeds, doctrine and memory of this great man; and (2) to serve as the permanent headquarters of the African Nationalist pioneer Movement. Carlos Cooks postponed launching the programs of the A.N.P.M. until the completion of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building. He stated “The A.N.P.M. is pending its hopes on the construction of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building.” Carlos Cooks died On May 5,1966 with the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building two-thirds complete. It was never completed and was finally demolished by the City of New York in the 1970’s. Consequently, the programs of the A.N.P.M. were never launched and remain unfinished business for the African Nationalists. The erection of the Marcus Garvey Memorial Building or its equivalent is also unfinished business for the African Nationalist.

Orthodox African Nationalist Literature – whereas the true historical, economical, political and social aspects of the race were promulgated, African Nationalism was expounded throughout the Black world through such publications as (1) the Street speaker Magazine, (2) the Black Challenge Magazine, (3) Calvacade Afrikana Magazine and other publications of the A.N.P.N.

The Marcus Garvey Day Celebration – an annual affair commemorating Marcus Garvey as the father of African Nationalism on his birthday August 17, with a parade, eulogistic mass meting, a beauty contest (Miss Natural standard of Beauty), a grand raffle, show and dance. Carlos Cooks stated that “The culture of a people is best manifested by the homage they pay to those who led with dedication and devotion to freedom and cause.” Marcus Garvey stands out like a giant over midgets to all who have led with dedication and devotion to our freedom and cause.” Marcus Garvey gives the universal Black people a common hero and natural symbol for a common cultural union simply by the universal Black people paying homage to Marcus Garvey every August 17, a universal African holiday

African Freedom Day – January let was designated as African Freedom flay which we set aside to extol the feats and accomplishments of Black people and Black nations whose efforts brought about freedom and independence for Black people throughout the world. Many Black nations and peoples throughout the world announced their freedom on January let – the various Emancipation Proclamations ending slavery in the 19th century were announced on January lit. The most celebrated African Freedom Day was January 1st, 1956 when the leaders of the Sudanese people assembled in Khartoum and proclaimed their independence.

Miss Natural Standard of Beauty Contest – this is a unique and rare contest designed to help restore pride and self-confidence in the heavily inferior-minded Black woman who falsely believes that the white woman (and all other women) is more beautiful than the Black woman. This beauty contest is also designed to break and discontinue the nearly 400 year old habit of Black people viewing the white woman as the object of feminine beauty. This beauty contest declares to the world that as far as we are concerned, if there is any physical beauty in the world, it is incarnate in the physical likeness of people and things that are of our race and heritage. Finally, we deny all standards of beauty that do not represent the vibrant characteristics of the African Race.

Memorandum and Bills of Particulars to the President of the U.S.A. – 1964 On Monday, August 3, 1964 – 9:35 P.M., the membership of the A.N.P.M. empowered the Honorable Carlos Cooks to appoint a committee whose function it was to prepare and dispatch a memorandum and bill of particulars to the president of the U.S.A. and to the various concerned officials and Agencies of the U.S. Government recommending the President of the U.S.A. to recommend to the congress and appropriate Governmental agencies that a bureau similar to the Freedman’s Bureau of 1847 be established by the U.S. Government for the purpose of mobilizing and processing all persons of African descent residing in the U.S.A. or territories, who voluntarily indicate their desire to avail themselves of the opportunities and advantages at resettling in Africa, the land of their origin.

The many articles, speeches and lectures (over 40,000) of Carlos Cooks have become the catechism and gospel of Orthodox African Nationalism and serves as the theme, plot and fundamentals of the present Orthodox African Nationalists.

The logic and evidence of Carlos Cooks’ articles, speeches and lectures are interwoven and interlocked into the articles, speeches and lectures of the present Orthodox African Nationalists.

Carlos Cooks was probably the best Black mind in the world from 1941 to 1966. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were the nationally known leaders during that time (thanks to the U.S. media), Carlos Cooks stands over King and Malcolm like a giant over midgets.

These are really the missing pages in Black History daring the above period – 1941 to 1966.

The statements, logic and positions that are generally attributed to Malcolm X by the Black youth were long part of the dialogue and lectures of Carlos Cooks before Malcolm X was a teenager and in his early elementary school days.

This is the other side of the story, which is known by a fortunate few who had the privilege to meet and know Carlos Cooks. The American historians and propagandists trace the history of the Black people in the U.S.A. through the eyes of the integrationists.

When Marcus Garvey is acknowledged as part of that history, there is no connected background to show the historical development of Marcus Garvey with the earlier advocates of racial unity, economic solvency and the “Return to Africa” philosophy.

More negligent and one-sided, if not outright false, is the connecting historical development from Marcus Garvey forward. Although the U.S. Media traces this historical development from Marcus Garvey to Elijah Mohamed, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael and the integration movement, including Martin Luther King, Jr., however, the one true and natural outgrowth of Marcus Garvey and the U.N I .A. is Carlos Cooks and the A.M.P.M. Carlos Cooks was the ideological son of Marcus Garvey whose philosophical doctrine and program he lived and worked.


The Carlos Cooks Creed

Passionately fascinated with the excellence of our African origin.
Philosophically committed to the ideals of Marcus Garvey –
African Nationalism and self-determination.
Dedicated to the assertion of our freedom, regardless of obstacles.

One Cause
One Goal
One Destiny.


Charge of the Mighty Black Warrior
by Carlos Cooks

The conflict thickens
On ye Braves
Let’s charge for Africa
Or the grave.
Wave Africa, Let all your banners wave.
Attack Black men, with all your ferocious rage.
Few! Few shall part where many meet.
The sacred soil of Africa shall be their winding sheet
And every turf of ground beneath the invaders
Sacrilegious feet shall be a white man’s sepulcher.

Thanks to:
Robert Acemendeces Harris

Carlos Cooks and Black Nationalism from Garvey to Malcolm
by Robert Harris, Nyota Harris, Grandassa Harris (Editor)
Our Price: $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge
Paperback (March 1992)
Majority Pr; ISBN: 0912469285 Order Now


One Cause
One god.

Mr. Cooks saw religion as a divisive force.
As was demonstrated by this flaw within the UNIA itself.
Undisputedly, African people universally were under a common yoke of oppression;
Hence having common cause – One Cause, One Goal and One Destiny
As opposed to One God, One Aim and One Destiny.
(also see)
This is the only difference between Mr. Cooks and Mr. Garvey.

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