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O. J. Simpson Shuffle: All for the love of a White Woman

He worships at the altar of what white looks like!

OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Tiger (Negrito) Woods with all of his toothas, and Michael are America’s continual proof that broad grinning lapdogs exist in the 21st Century. If you don’t know what a “lapdog” is, do some reading. America can illustrate to its populace Blacks have never stopped basking in the affection of their masters. Simpson stands before Mr. Supremacy submissively–head slightly bent—Armani suited and Bruno Magli shoed to receive the favors and affection of his masters. He is a comedic media figure for Caucasians with “up in-the-butt” funniness and jokes.

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Okay Clarence Thomas, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, and Kobe Bryant: You will serve enemies that the LORD shall send against you, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: And he shall put a yoke of iron upon your neck, until they have destroyed you. You will have a failing of eyes and sorrow of mind.

A few years ago Simpson’s lawyer F. Lee Bailey told CNN’s Larry King Live that Simpson would take a lie-detector test to prove his innocence provided anyone was willing to put up $3 million as “reward money” to flush out the real killer. Simpson and Denise Brown—his ex-sister-in-law argued on Fox News Live as Simpson claimed he and Denise never got along because she wanted to have sex with him. The “Trial of the Century” i.e. “American Failed Justice System”—was botched when its tactics failed to prosecute a runaway from the Black Community.

Black men who marry White women acquire whiteness through their spouse. Those who marry outside of their ethnic group do not seek to bring with them any cultural or racial pride. They grasp at the psychological White status representation through their partners. When children are born, the White mother labels the children “multiracial” to distance the offspring from their African heritage. By giving them a label, it helps reduce the blow to their psychic of their contact with a Black man. By saying that you are something you aren’t validates within your mind the misleading notion to jump on the bandwagon of conjured up erroneous racial classifications.

American Law was flawed because it didn’t work to hang the Nigger who married a White woman. What was worse in the media’s eyesight–being married to a White woman or killing a White woman? It all boiled down to White men grasping at the only thing they had left—their ability to duplicate the Caucasian Race. White women at childbearing age represent 2% of the global population. The dwindling Caucasian birth rates are causing depopulation of Whites as they disappear from the face of the Earth.

Black men get desperate and freak at the thought of losing a White woman—a cherished possession. The White woman has become a big game trophy possession for Black men who need a psychological egotistical boost. The White woman helps break caste barriers and lets Black men imitate Caucasian EQUALIZATION. OJ stands as a model for other Black men who thrive on Caucasian Social Mimicry–the same mimicry suffered by those who want to be included in the White realm of society. Dimple wearing-plastic man Michael Jackson and Black face-white interior Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, like Simpson, suffer from the same Caucasian Social Deformation.

America dangled Simpson before the public to say: “White woman, look what will happen to you if you run after a Black man.” The hailed “Trial of the Century” became just another method to regulate race interactions. The media had already convicted Simpson for the murder of Nicole with the evidence presented by the prosecution. Whites suffered from after-shock when the Simpson verdict was handed down.

The American Press iterates the opinions of the old guard—the American staunchly laden White-Sided Opinions. Simpson hung from the ludicrous litigation judicial system and found himself instantly “noosed up” in a civil trial where he was found responsible by the US Judicial System for the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman; thus, accounting for OJ’s Double Jeopardy—He didn’t get the liberty to plead “The Fifth.” In turn he pleads, “Foolish Broad Grinning Lapdog” whenever the lights are on and the cameras are rolling—“The Simpson Shuffle Along”–still chasing the White woman while her forbearers try to hang him by his Bruno Magli Shoes from a rope with a sign titled “Stupid Stammering Simpson.” We will use you to show Black men the continual “remember you’re stupid dance:” Shuffle Along.

There is a new world order. Those of you who are suffering from a Caucasian Social Deformation should take heed. When you jump on the Whiteness bandwagon, think twice before pulling up on the joystick and losing your wheels. As you face your Black and Brown Race aggressors, you will only amount to 8% of the global population.


M. Stewart.
Copyright © 2002 – 2007. All rights reserved.
Revised: 01/01/07.


  1. Abogado Costa Rica lawyer Says:

    Nice site! http://www.nccabogados.com/

  2. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Glad you a Black Costa Rican,likes it. Tell us about the Blacks in Costa Rica and their challenges! Will publish anything you send.

  3. kabababrubarta Says:

    Cool Site! kabababrubarta

  4. MAyers Says:

    whats up im glad to see you supporting black women around the world, unfortunately when i was 17 some white girl ask me out i couldn’t say no so i just gave it a go and i learn these white girls are only after sex so i had to leave the girl, but yeh i dont blame anyone but me i was after sex too but now i came to my senses i got a beutiful black girl friend and maintaing our relationship is what really matters right now. Your article makes sense but what are you going to do about the problem its no good just cry about it. email me back

  5. Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    BROTHER,we are so happy that you realize finally the truth of the natural,God given partnership of the Black man with the Black woman.What we can do to change the ugly picture is to preach/teach Black women to love their beautiful BLACK selves and stop trying to be imitation white girls at every turn. If the BLACK man sees the difference it makes to be with a loving, respectful Beautiful BLACK woman who inspires him to greatness at every turn,like African sisters do they will stop going to the white woman looking for peace and a little respect(so they think).! Give a Black man a peaceful, in love with her Black self Black woman,and the Black man will never want to go anywhere again!

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    […] Bill Bradle wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWhat we can do to change the ugly picture is to preach/teach Black women to love their beautiful BLACK selves and stop trying to be imitation white girls at every turn. If the BLACK man sees the difference it makes to be with a loving, … […]

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    […] Jared Markowitz wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWhat we can do to change the ugly picture is to preach/teach Black women to love their beautiful BLACK selves and stop trying to be imitation white girls at every turn. If the BLACK man sees the difference it makes to be with a loving, … […]

  9. mayers Says:

    Hi i think sister yeye is right about the solution to maintaining black relationships i aslo think to make black relationships work we also have to change how we interact with each other in society for example im from africa but grew up in the UK i got black friends from everywhere when i speak to some JAMICANS or other slaves they refuse to accept they are from africa and call themselves european i just think black people needs to woke up and show some unity

  10. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    BROTHER IS IT? You can make a difference with the people you meet. You can get them to look at sites like this one,the ones I’ve listed in the biogoll and Black books you must buy or borrow from the library. Magazines that have good Black articles. Expose them to BLACK truth and see the result.Also get them to read the Autobiography of Malcolm X if they’re street wise and it will change them. Buy them a copy and give them.Just push it on them anyway you can. Take them to the Mosque Black Muslim style.They really lay it on BLACK people,and shake them up. Get a Farrakhan tape on lay it on them one day at the crib. Just be BLACK for them everytime they see you and they will get interested, you dig. Know you can think of other BLACK ways to catch them. This is our assignment given to us by OLODUMARE,(GOD),because God loves all HIS creation and would not like anyone to miss the heritage HE HAS given each race!

  11. Mayers Says:

    hi thanks for the info i finally get it the key is to be black. Anyway old do you think the earth is.

  12. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    How old the earth is? Readers do you have an answer?

  13. Joeschmo Says:

    Does race really matter or is it who you are? To generalize white women and black men who are together as you do is seriously flawed. Why don’t you see yourself as a human being rather then a color? Black women are hardly perfect and perhaps the problem extends to them. I assume you are angry due to the fact that good black men are not as available as they use to be but the world has changed. Instead of confining yourself to one race why don’t you explore other races?

  14. Joeschmo Says:

    …as well, there is no such thing as having a white interior. Being married to a white woman doesn’t make you white or attempting to be white. Being black is about being proud of who you are and i’m pretty sure the people who you mentioned are proud of who they are and where they came from. Why are black women so angry about black men who are comfortable enough with who they are to pursue women of different races?

  15. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    There is no way Brother you can be proud of who you are if you are not proud of your Black mother,sisters. Slavery and racism dealt us a horrible deal in amerikkka. We Blacks have been whitewashed to believe that BLACK is inferior and the number one game that has been run on us is that white is the real standard for beauty and the white girl is the epitome of beauty,worldwide! So Black men were taught to reject theirselves,their BLACK skin,color and to worship the white bitch goddess as the symbol of all achievement and beauty.The Sisters in turn were totally whitewashed to believe that the closer skin color,looks,actions they could come to imitating the white girl was all they could do to get near beauty as they were ugly based on how close to BLACK they were. We have been sold a dirty white bale of goods that the white standard of beauty must be the only one! If you loved your Black self really you would like to with a BLACK woman like your BLACK mother! Because you and most BLACKs don’t love their BLACKNESS you go for the lightest,closest to white women they can get (P-Diddy and co),if they’re afraid to get the real white girl as you have done! Now BLACK TRACK Brother! Debrainwash your BLACK mind. Learn BLACK history and the true story of BLACK Civilizations and developments. Then you will learn to love your BLACK self and then take back your GOD given natural partner,made especiallly for you to FIT YOU and inspire you as no other woman on the planet can,to GOD like ACTIONS! BLACK flowers have no need to covet white flowers,or yellow flowers or any other color for they love how GOD made them to Be and GOD did not make any mistake when HE made the BEAUTIFUL BLACK RACE! Relearn these GOD given TRUTHS and dump that other race’s natural partner,get your own GOD ordained partner and start moving in tune with GOD’s plan for you as A Beautiful BLACK man who will remake the earth again,Brother!I’m praying for you Brother!
    Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

  16. joeschmo Says:

    Wow… The more i read your words the more i see that you are infact the one who is brainwashed? I do not prefer one race over another. Life is deeper then skin so stop limiting yourself. And now you are bringing God into this saying that he wants races not to mix? Wow you must be crazy. And actually i know a lot about black history. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and stop complaining how you got it hard because you’re black. There are harder things in life then that. Please tell me what makes a person black so i can make a check list to see if i qualify! What a load of garbage.

  17. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother,it’s a matter of loving your BLACK self. If you love who God made you to be ,you will love naturally BLACK women like your own BLACK mother. If you hate who you are,and we know that amerikkka has done a good job of making BLACKS hate BLACK,then you go for what the white boy says is the best-his woman that he has placed over all other women as the bitch goddess of the world.Brother,we want you to love your BLACK self and you can only do that thru all the whitewashing whites have done on us by learning true BLACK history-read everything you can about BLACK people and you will find your respect for BLACK coming back.ANY drop of BLACK blood makes you BLACK because BLACK is the strong blood there is and will outdo any other blood in your line so choose to be what God made you to be! This is not about hate but loving your beautiful BLACK self!

  18. Joeschmo Says:

    Being black and proud has nothing to do with being with a black woman. Do you really think God will care which race you choose to be with? Im not saying i choose any race above another… Theres a fine line of between being proud and just being racist… I know alot about black history but i dont think thats the issue here. I hope you’re not a Christian because if you are im ashamed of the message of intolerance you are giving. Stop blaming white people for your problems… Black women like you are the reason there are so many single Black women, they’re going to be waiting along time if u keep they share the same attitude as u. Thats all i gotta say gl……..

  19. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother, Olodumare(God in Yoruba) created variety in nature and among humans and He wanted that variety to continue with like producing like to manifest all the beauty of HIS Divine Creation! Just like yellow flowers are propagating yellow flowers God wants each of us to be proud of our own unique beauty and propagate it for eternity. As Malcolm X often said you mix black coffee with cream and you change it to something else, something weaker,something that will eventually disappear if you keep mixing it. If you are truly proud to be who God made you to be- you will love your BLACK self and want to mate with your God given partner to continue God’s special creation of the BLACK RACE. I am a Christian and the ten commandments say that you should not covet another man’s wife ,ox ,e.g. culture,skin color partner,race etc. It is a sin to want to not appreciate what God has done in creating you and not want to propagate it’s unique beauty thru your children. The Black orchid is not crying to be a yellow or white orchid but loves and propagates what it is! Wake up Brother, BLACK WOMEN are God’s gift and perfect partner for you! Another race’s partner does not fit! Black History is important and if you know some you need to know all because that self-hatred that slavery bred into us is still in you! Pray on it! Ask God about it-ask Him to remove any trace of not loving your BLACK beautiful self! I’ll always keep you in my prayers,for GOD wants all races to continue in their infinite variety and beauty! I as a BLACK woman have always respected and had a BLACK man head of my family so many single BLACK women need to begin to love themselves first as beautiful BLACK women and not fall for this “imitation white girl” self hatred, then begin to respect the BLACK man and God will send your own BLACK man. And since we all share anyway,positive polygamy might be just your solution Sisters!

  20. Zetta Says:

    A black man belongs with his black woman so that they can give birth to their black child. Flat out! Adam was a black man. God gave Adam a black woman. If he wanted him to have a white woman then don’t you think he would have given Adam a white woman? Mixing of races is man made. It started when the Europeans and other non black races got in their little boats and traveled across the waters and began to invade and still what was not theirs. That was land, gold, and even the Beautiful African, Nubia, Egyptian, Ethiopian woman. If you are a brotha and you want to be with a white woman then go ahead we don’t want you anyway. You are no longer honorable to be an original king of this dark beauty. Look where it got OJ, Kobe, Michael Jordan lost his beautiful black queen because he was jumping the fence, Tiger ain’t to far behind should I got on? I have to agree with Diop beware of the blonde beast.

  21. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Zetta,Black on! You analysed it perfectly. Those Brothers (and Sisters) who choose another race’s partner are always not happy without knowing why. But we must not give up even on these Brothers(and Sisters)! We must keep on advising them that their true happiness can only come from Black spouses and having and raising Black children,not divided!

  22. jasmineblacky Says:

    Get over yourself! I am a black woman who happens to be married to a white man with our 2 kids… Woman, you need some serious psychotherapy. Open your eyes sugar cuz life is passin’ your big black (profanity)by quickly.

  23. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Jasmine,First let me say that profanity is not accepted
    on this BLACK site as Africans believe in respect no matter how there is a difference of opinion! So your next post should not include any of it or I will have to delete it! I respect you as a BLACK SISTER,although we don’t agree on this because the BLACK RACE will not survive if BLACK people don’t respect themselves enough to marry BLACK people! Your children will grow to hate you for dividing them into 2 hostile parts! This poem summerizes what I mean.

    Taking to white men is a cop out. Sisters must endure and stick to their God-given partners,the Black man! As Malcolm X has said we Blacks still fall into 2 catagories:the house negro and the field negro. Those of us in the house negro catagory still wanna be white and will do anything to change to that color.We will marry white and destroy our children and our Black line. “Whiten the race” was the line of the old house negro and now in 2007 we have Black women who still will go to the white slave masters’ sons instead of waiting patiently on the Black man and supporting a Brother to develop.All the field negroes would never think of deserting the Black Race. We are proud to be Black and want our children to be Black and Proud. Those of us suffering from the brainwashing of the whites that white is superior and something to be worshipped and imitated should wake up and change for they can never be happy with another race’s partner!The self-hatred that slavery bred into us must be purged! We can do it thru self-knowledge and knowledge of Black history.
    Yours Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

    THINK THIS SISTER DELETED MY COMMENT BEFORE ABOUT RUSHING TO WHITE MEN,WHICH INCLUDED MY POEM ‘boss diana ross’,so since she doesn’t want a Black for the Race opinion like mine,we will deal with this push of some Sisters to the white boy here.



    Some Sisters
    who leave home
    think they love white men
    cause they so nice
    better stop hating
    their Black selves
    face up to Black reality
    and come home to Black
    Men who make

    Black children!

    Some Sisters
    know how you weaken
    Black children when
    you give them a white
    boy for a father
    weaken the whole Black race!

    Some Sisters
    think you can love a
    white boy
    think about why you would
    run away from your
    Black self and Black man

    Some Sisters
    tell the white boy to go to work
    he’ll go to work
    tell the white boy to eat it
    he’ll eat it all up
    yeah,control a white boy

    Some Sisters
    marriage ain’t about control Sister
    cause what about your Black children
    the future movers of the Black Race?
    are they gonna be strong enough to enable
    the Black Race to survive?

    Some Sisters
    are they gonna be weak enough to be
    traitors, submit to the white race of their fathers
    polluted by their white fathers
    and by you their “ain’t Black enough” Mother?

    Some Sisters
    want us to perish,be oppressed
    be wiped out
    colorless by 3000
    (love that light skin you say)
    white men make pretty babies
    hate Black enough to want to
    get rid of that Black skin

    Some Sisters
    don’t care about the race
    just think about themselves
    how you love to talk to that
    white boy, he so easy
    well loving a black man ain’t
    easy but the reward is
    strong Black children
    and a strong Black
    and beautiful race!!

    Sept. l98l

  24. Disenchanted Says:

    Yeye, Zetta –

    I do appreciate your tenacity and resolve in perpetuating self-love to other blacks. It is truly something to be commended. However, I find it interesting that black women like yourselves were the very same ones that antagonized me without ceasing over the fact that I was/am dark-skinned; socializing me into the community of “black unity” with names like “tar baby”, “midnight” and “cocoa black”; laughing and admonishing me as if my dark skinned wished them harm; trying to convince me that I was inferior to El Debarge wanna be, light-skinned brothers. Yeah, all that talk about black power and black love didn’t mean much when I couldn’t so much as ask a sister on a date. Incidentally, these were also the same, hypocritical, confused black women who ridiculed my mother for being light-skinned, and my father for marrying her. Apparently, no one is good enough in the eyes of the black queen – including herself.

    So I kept to myself throughout college, studied diligently, asserted myself in my career, and became a very successful software engineer. So, as someone who has choosen to remain celibate, I deliver this message to you: black women in America have only themselves to blame for this mess! Maybe interactions amongst African Americans will become normalized in a generation or two. But for now, you reap what you have sown.

  25. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Disenchanted,Don’t be. Your beautiful BLACK sister is waiting for you somewhere close! I will pray on that! Else where in this blogg I have lamented the denial of BLACK skinned women their crown because BLACK is not considered beautiful. The SAME applies to you,our most handsome BLACK skinned man! Beni(yes) the whitewashing has turned us against our most beautiful-male and female but there is a SISTER waiting for you so keep yourself well and you will see her! I taught my 3 BLACk girls in Nigeria that the most handsome and best of the BLACK RACE is the BLACK skinned man and that they should marry BLACK skinned men and they believed me and held out for them and all married these most beautiful examples of the BLACK Race! So don’t be discouraged BROTHER. E-mail me and I will link you up with several if you are weary!

    How SISTERS are to be blamed is their blind imitation of the white girl,added to their refusual to give the BLACK man the respect he deserves.But this is because of poor white examples.AS sisters are re-educated to respect the BLACK man by African culture entering amerikkka everywhere they will begin to be REAL BLACK women,proud of their most beautiful features and displaying them in a ROYAL BLACK manner!

    Your SISTER,

  26. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Give us REAL BLACK women and the BLACK MAN will never want the white girl again!

  27. D'Andre JoVonn Gills Says:

    Dear Sister:

    I have to disagree with your views on interracial relations. First of all, and with all due respect, your statements on this site are extremely racist. The attitude that you have is the very same attitude that created slavery and discrimination in the first place, and people like you, of ALL colors, are the reason why this country will never be saved. Now, I would like to explain something to you. I want to give you an idea of WHY some black men date white men. I know you think you know already, but you don’t, and how could you, having never been a black man dating a black woman. Now, I’m going to be specific, explicit, and real, but I will not use any profanity. Think carefully on this . . . . . .

    Now, first things first. Some of us are simply attracted to white women. Simple as that. I know men who simply don’t think that black women are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and tastes vary. Generally speaking, WOMEN are WOMEN! Attraction is certainly not primarily color-based. If a woman is beautiful, then she is beautiful, and if she happens to be white, so what? For some, white women are simply attractive, and for others, they’re just women, like any other woman. NOT EVERY black man who is dating outside his race dislikes black women or likes white women more. Attraction has to be looked at on a case by case basis.

    Now that that is out of the way, here are some major reasons why some black men actually DO prefer white women to black women. And do realize, THESE ARE VERY GENERAL STATEMENTS!!!!!

    Have you ever observed a happy couple, black male and white female? Notice how the white woman acts. She knows how to step back and let her man lead, and be a man. She’s sweet. She smiles when she talks to him. Listen to how she says his name. She’s not necessarily submissive, but yet she is nowhere near overbearing.

    I’m telling you this from much experience, both of my own, and of many people I know.

    She knows what to say to him. Much more often than not, a white woman will ask you if you want a massage, or a drink, or whatever. She wants to serve, wants to please, and is unafraid to show it.


    A white woman will do whatever a black man asks her to to please him, and yes, I AM talking about in the bedroom. She knows how to make a man feel like a man, and that is a skill that many black women LACK. Even you will admit that this is true.

    And I do not wish to offend, but I dare you to go ask any black man (or man period) who has been with both black and white women and he will tell you this: Most of the time, White women both TASTE and SMELL better!!! (Yes, I’m talking about that certain area down there!)

    Most white women I know who are with black men know how to speak their mind and be vocal without being controlling. I love my mother, she is a wonderful, beautiful black woman, but SHE, and only SHE, is my mother. No one else. Every black woman I have ever been with attempted to mother me, and that is NOT what a grown man wants or needs. In fact, it gets downright disgusting when a wife or girlfriend acts to motherly.

    Most young black women in America today want a man who already has it made in the shade. There are few who will pair up with a man who has little or nothing and work with him to create a life for each other. Most young black women want their man to have it all and then take care of her. What we need and want are helpmeets, true helpmeets, who will work and grow with us. And who love us for who we are and not what we have. We want women who will work to stay beautiful for their man instead of getting comfortable and letting themselves go. We want women who not only want to be pleased in bed, but are willing to please their mates as well. We want women who know what to say and how to say it to their man so that he stays confident and ready for the world, instead of being beaten down and hurt by the sharp words of a woman. We want women who actively want to and try to please and take good care of their men. One sees this all the time in television, in the misleading fantasy worlds of sitcoms and Hollywood, but the fact is that it is HARD to find a black woman who fits this picture. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to find a good white woman.

    And yes, I am Black, Born In Mississippi, Raised in Texas (the two most racist states in the Union), and a college student. And I have a beautiful, loving, caring, sweet, sexy, blonde white woman as my fiance.

    I know that you will not agree with what I have written, but it was all from the heart and from true experience.

  28. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother,I agree with what you are saying about how most BLACK women in amerikkka are behaving toward BROTHERS.This we have been taught by slavery to down the BLACK man and dominate him,and abuse him. But look at the AFRICAN woman’s good example-Yoruba women I know best here!She is taught to treat her man like the KING he is. She waits on him and kneels down for him and RESPECTS him every step of the way. When she counsels him it is with total submissiveness and respect because the Yoruba culture teaches her how to behave. And in return the Yoruba man respects and loves that woman and will do anything for her. Our slave background and bad examples of white women’s behavior(that I know that no white girl can come near a Good African woman!)has made us do the wrong thing and take out our complexes on the BLACK man. When we learn to honour ourselves as BLACK and beautiful,then we can honor our BLACK Kings likewise. We start by being submissive and imitating AFRICAN behavior, or Bible if you are into born again Christianity, behaviour of the BLACK man being the head of the house and the King! If you treat him like a KING,he will have to learn to treat you like a Queen! No,the white girl is a pretender and she seeks to control you. Don’T find out too late this! I am praying for you. You too will meet your God given BLACK woman who knows who she is,and why GOD made her Queen of the earth,and the PERFECT partner for you, BLACK King in the making!

  29. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Now Brother it is not racist to love what GOD made you to be. Racism means oppressing another race in the name of superiority. BLACK people have not oppressed white people and when they had a chance to, did not do so.Loving BLACK can never make me a racist! If you think you prefer white girls it’s because amerikkka has programmed you to worship the white girl,and not just you but everyone, including BLACK women. We all have been taught that the white girl is the goddess of the earth. Well that is a white lie. Once you free yourself from this whitewashing you will naturally love your GOD given partner! For GOD made BLACK women for the BLACK man! God wants his BLACK creation to continue and it will continue with BLACK men and women loving each other and producing BLACK children who love who they are!

  30. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    the white/witch/bitch/goddess

    Long as you wear
    the white girl’s

    you be worshippin’
    the white girl

    whither you be
    or AFRIKAN.

    yeah, universal worship
    of the white woman)

    Paint your face like her
    Do your hair like her
    Act like her
    (under her white spell)

    you be goin’
    sacrificin’ yourself
    at her altar.


  31. D'Andre JoVonn Gills Says:

    Dear Sister:

    I agree with you that unlike Black women in America, African are much better examples of how to properly treat and take care of a man. But you know as well as I do that African Women are proud, too proud to date or marry the descendants of slaves here in America. I have been very fortunate to be friends with many African brothers and sisters while attending college. I love them dearly; several of them are actually my best friends. And I have wanted to date some of them, and tried on more than one occasion. They don’t want us. They don’t want us at all, because they believe that they are better than we are, that they are above us, above dating us. We are inferior to them, they say. I know this from their own mouths, and even more from the mouths of the parents of these young women. They don’t want us, and won’t take us. Only the most Americanized of them will even bother, and only behind they’re parents backs. You can’t really encourage us to go after women that already have a superiority complex concerining us.

    Anyway, I did enjoy your response, and look forward to more dialogue.


  32. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother D’Andre, BENI(yes) you will have a problem dating African women from the continent but it is not impossible. I suggest you try going to Nigerian student associations meetings,etc. Nigerians are more enlightened about dating BLACKS from amerikkka! But remember that the ideal thing is to get together with SISTERS from amerikkka who have BLACK consciousness and are learning to behave like AFRICAN women. They will understand you better and you will click better.Try going to the BLACK conscious groups meetings, Millions more MOVEMENT committees in your town or BLACK Yorubas,Akans,Ancient Egyptian groups meetings and meet SISTERS that are into African behaviour. If you like Islam then the Nation of Islam ofcourse. What you need is SISTERS with BLACK
    consciousness, not necessarily trying to overcome real cultural gaps of various other African ethnic groups. We are an ethnic BLACK African group on our own-BLACKamerikkkans with special problems that can only really be understood by us!

  33. Shaun Says:

    Reading these comments just makes me sad because I see how many black people that are actually brainwashed and are so in love with their open enemy that they will defend them with their very last breath. If God was so ok with blacks marrying whites, why do you think that he made all of these different races on the planet(of which blacks were the first). Why didn’t he just make one big race. If you loved who you are truly it would be natural for you to want to be with someone who reflects who you are. Look at our condition as a people, 70% of our families are single families, and most black kids grow up not seeing black people married to each other, so that damages their esteem. Don’t you want to give them an example that blacks can love each other?

  34. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Shaun,keep on praying for our Brothers like this one because it is not their fault. But we have to move on and change and encourage each other to change by setting BLACK examples of Love and RESPECT!

  35. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother D’Andre,Forgive the African sisters you talked about. They are being natural about who they are. When God has made you part of an ethnic group(Asante said we should not use tribe again to describe our different BLACK cultural groups!)you want to mate with that group because you love yourself and your specific culture. So it’s not about they don’t want you but they want like partners naturally to produce like children,you dig.Your partner is Blackamerikkkan sisters,we fit you and there is one or more waiting for you BROTHER! I am praying on that!

  36. Mike Smith Says:

    I have read several of your posts and responses to said posts. It is clear that you have a very strong opinion on these matter, rooted in a deep belief that you know what God wants us to do in our time on Earth. According to the posts I have read, God intended for all races to only reproduce with their “own kind”.

    Let me preface this by saying I’m fully cognizant that there is absolutely no way to change your mind or even make you see the illogical nature of your statements. Nonetheless, I am compelled to impress upon you some very sober, undisputable facts.

    First, you say God made black women for black men…what do you base this on? Someone cited the fact that God made different races as proof that he didn’t want people to procreate outside their race. My question: Why is it that it is physically possible for people of different races to produce healthy offspring? Wouldn’t God have made the genetic structure of different races sufficiently divergent so as to prevent them from being able to bare offspring?

    I have a curious question: How old do you think the Earth is? This may seem unrelated but depending on your answer, it will give a clear indication of your scientific savvy (or lack thereof). I mention this because you don’t seem to realize that genetically and anatomically speaking, race is nothing more than a social construct. What this means is, it is arbitrary.

    I honestly admire your fervor and zeal but for your own sake I hope you would realize the fallacy in your thinking. First, the rate of intermarriage between whites and black is miniscule. You make it seem as if everyone in the world will be mixed in the next hundred years. Balck white marriges account for less than 5% of all US marriges.

    Lastly, you mentioned that if someone has “one drop of black blood” they are black because “black is the strongest blood”. A few things about this statement: First, in a response to a poster you mentioned that your views are not racist because there is no supremacy involved…but if you say “black blood is the strongest blood”….wouldn’t that imply blacks are superior. Second, what does that even mean? How is one kind of blood stronger than another? Finally, do you realize that what you are referring to is the “one drop rule” which was used by racists?

    I look forward to hearing from you as I think there is much I can teach.

    P.S. I am well versed in black history so please don’t reply by telling me I need to learn black history. Even after I have said this I’m sure you will say it anyway…so uf you do, please be specific and tell what I need to learn.

  37. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Mike,The Mother is definitely distinct from the child. Black people are the Mothers of all other races. That is a strength that is undefined. As for races not satisfied with reproducing themselves like is done in nature for human reasons that don’t hold water I think that God wants us to love ourselves,each His own creation of variety. People who covert another nature different from their own do it from dislike of who they are,which is unnatural in itself. You will agree that if too many people in a ethnic group do that,that group will disappear as has happened to many groups. But that is not GOD’s doing,but man’s mistake. I don’t want the BLACK Race to disappear and I love the color GOD created me. Call it what you like-Race or anything but we are a distinct creation of GOD and beautiful too. So anyone who doesn’t like how they were created should be faulted. Coverting another group because you don’t like how you were created will not get you happiness. IN Blacks case it is the self hatred that slavery taught us that is driving us like this. Time of creation is not the issue. The issue is do you really love your BLACK self? If you don’t examine the reasons why and correct that because you can never be happy with any one if you don’t love who you are.

  38. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    One drop of BLACK blood is the fear of the white jews because BLACk blood always shows up no matter how small it is. That is just the TRUTH.
    When jews in amerikkka have children with manifestation of wooly hair and brownish skin they are not happy that their aryan blood mixture after hundreds of years of mixing with whites can not stop BLACK blood from coming back. But then it does. Call it what you want -BLACK is strong!

  39. Retro Jordans Says:

    I wonder how much money Jordan has made from his shoe line? Probably in the billions!

  40. darren Says:

    hve any of you guys even been to africa?

  41. KIKI Says:

    To Jasmineblacky,
    You are oviously the one with the problem. “Big black (profanity)”? It is sorry (profanity)
    black women like yourself who raise sorry ass men. No matter who you are married to, you have proven yourself to be low class trash. Black people need to make sure people like you get what you deserve.

  42. KIKI Says:

    you wouldn’t know a real black woman if she sat on your face. Get real. Black men are with white women because they want to be. Good for them, but know that the tide is changing and black women are out doing black men in record numbers. Go to any University and you will see it for yourself. So while you and other black men are running after you nonblack woman like it is the Superbowl, everybody else in America is surpassing you.

  43. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    I am A BLACK woman,Kiki so I know myself and BLACK women very well. We here at this site want to get BLACK men and BLACK women back together again like GOD made it to be. AND yes BLACK men will be coming back when BLACK women start being their BLACK and beautiful selves and not imitation white girls! Respect the BLACK man the African way and the BLACK man will not want to go anywhere else again!

  44. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Darren, I am in AFRICA right now. I came back to AFRICA from San FRancisco-Lawrence,Kansas-New York City etc. to go back to my Yoruba roots and raise BLACK children who are Yorubas and proud to be BLACK, have married BLACK skinned men who are Yorubas and speak and live and live Yorubas and have never experienced racism in their BLACK lives!We must go back to AFRICA culturally, physically,spiritually so that we don’t have these inferiority complexes and learn to love our BLACK selves and spouses!

  45. Mike Smith Says:

    To Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade:
    I just wanted to point out a few things. You say: “People who covert another nature different from their own do it from dislike of who they are,which is unnatural in itself”. Do you relaize that ALL human beings are the same species (homo sapien). It sounds like you are saying different races are not the same species and thus procreation between them would be unnatural. In nature, animals of the same species regularly mate so saying we should follow nature’s example would mean ignoring the minute differences that manifest themselves in such superficial traits as skin color, hari texture and eye color. You didn’t seem to address my point that ALL HUMANS ARE ONE RACE: HUMAN.

    You state that if someone “coverts” (it’s spelled “covet” by the way)another race it means they don’t love themselves. You seem to be misising my point: I am not saying that people should choose one race over another. The point is there shouldn’t be a preference for one race or another. You make it seem as though you have to choose one side and then automatically shun the other side. How do you feel about Martin Luther King Jr. and everythinng he worked for and stood for? He would be rolling in his grave if he hear this vile invective coming from you. :Let a man be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. That’s what he stood for. We are all God’s children.

    As I said in my first post I know there is no way to change your mind in the same way there is no way to convince a racist that blacks are not inferior but I’m just curious as to how you will respond.

    P.S. Can you please answer question, I’m very curious: How old do you think the Earth is?

  46. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Mike, My point is that coveting another race’s partner is out of self-hatred and seeking to be another race. That is what BLACKS who seek out other partners outside their race are doing and that is a natural result of the self-hatred that has been bred in us by slavery. Worship of the white race,white god,white jesus has made many of us covet our slavemaster’s race.I want my race to continue in it’s GOD given state, beautiful features of woolly hair,beautiful BLACK skin and full African features. This definitely cannot happen if BLACKs don’t mate! Any other thing is irrelevant-THE BLACK RACE MUST SURVIVE IN OUR BEAUTIFUL NATURAL STATE! BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

  47. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Mike, I quote Brother Malcolm X like you love to quote Brother ML KING- so be it. They are both our BROTHERS from difference points of view but King did believe that BLACK is beautiful and he married a BLACK woman and he started a BLACK is Beautiful movement among civil rights workers in ALABAMA back then,bless his soul! May both our BROTHERS rest in perfect peace!

  48. Aki Says:

    Sister Olade, I know you are trying your best, however at times I believe we would have to surgically remove our lips from the pale man’s buttocks in order to get through to them. This is the greatest snow ball effect of Willie Lynchism. Even the bible that most people who claim to be ‘Christians’ read speaks against interracial marriage. If our people properly studied, they would know that the true ‘HUMAN’ or ‘Hue-Man’ race are the beings of ‘Hue'(blackness). All others are ‘kinds’ of ‘man’, hence ‘MAN-KIND’. The very bible we read as taught by our PASTOR, yes pastor…indicates in Leviticus 13, the disease of leprosy(whitening of the skin) as a curse. This curse fell on a branch of Canaanite people, the same people, by the way, which Isaac forbade his children to make marriages with.(Gen. 24:13). In the book of Ezra, the prophet scolded the Israelites(who are historically proven to be black/African people) for taking ‘strange’ wives and mingling holy seed. This can be found in Ezra 9:1-2. Let bring it up to date. If the cursed Canaanite was struck with leprosy, henceforth becoming white. Then this same pale person, we are forbidden to marry. Some Christians will dispute this, because of the indoctrination through slavery. But again, these are not my words, they are Yahweh’s (Gods)words. Sister, i commend you for what you are doing and agree polygamy is the answer, not only because of the male shortage, but because this principle of divine marriage has been performed by our ancestors, frankly, before any of race of people existed.


  49. Raquel Says:

    I am dating an older black man, who was married to an ex-model, blonde, long legs,etc. Now that they are divorced I still see that thirst in him for the white blonde women. In fact, I saw in his google history that he likes to visit websites that cater to black on blondes. It makes me feel disgusted. The ex-wife left him when he was no longer making the type of living in which she and the family became accustomed (surprise,surprise). So here sits a strong black women that pays the bills and even gives him gas money! Hmm.. maybe he is doing all of us beautiful black women a favor! Just let him go!!

  50. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Raquel, Keep on hanging in there!Yes the BROTHER needs a good BLACK woman who can teach him by example(not nag or lecture him like MAMA!)what the real difference is between a righteous Sister and the white girl. amerikkka has all of us weaned on the blonde white girl so this sickness is with the Brothers as well as we imitating SISTERS. You gotta get religion and pray for this Brother for love of white girls is an addiction like any other bad addiction so that he will be released of this demonic force making him lust after white girls sexually and other wise. It’s like that Black gospel couple where Kirk Franklin and wife prayed for him to be released from porno bondage! But you must be BLACKER in your actions. Be the understanding,loving,forgiving SISTER who cares for his needs as you do your own BLACK children(but not like a bossy Mama you dig).Pray for him,encourage him to develop his talent that GOD has given every BLACK man and God will show you how to assist him in getting on the path to BLACK independence where he can start taking care of you and any children that you may have in future. Don’t give up on this Brother! With prayer a loving BLACK woman can help turn any BLACK man aound to what God wants him to be!

  51. rollz Says:

    Galatians 3:28

    There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    We are all one in Christ. Please don’t turn Christianity into a racist religion.

  52. Aki Says:

    Paul also states in scriptures…”To the Jew(Hebrew) first and the Gentile second.” Unfortunately christianity has already been ‘turned’ into a racist religion. Under the guise of Christianity, many of my people were slaughtered, murdered, beaten under the greatest act of terror know to man, slavery. So when it’s time to set the record straight, we should not be fooled by those claiming we created something, that whites long ago created, racism. I am a minister and I have been taught by the greatest black man i know, Min. Yahkim who will someday soon, awaken our people, and lead us back to our true heritage, and our True Father, Almighty Yahweh. There is nothing that i’ve stated, there isnt anything that we teach, that is not backed up by Holy Scripture.

  53. ldx Says:

    Surely the best way to promote your ideology is to let your beauty both spiritual and physical exude for its self. If it is strong enough you will not need words. If you fight hatred with hatred you get more hatred and hatred is not beautiful in any colour. Hatred is a disease it is easy to become infected.

  54. Aki Says:

    Why is the truth always called hatred? Is it hatred to tell the world the evils that has confronted our people? When is hatred, when justified, wrong? And, doesnt Solomon in scripture state..”there is a time to love and a time to hate” in Ecclesiastes 3:8? Who or what is the ecclesiastes? This word derived from the Greek, ‘Ekklesias’ which means, the ‘preacher’. So preaching hatred is wrong, when it was versed by one of God’s greatest and wisest preachers? Doesnt King David state in Psalms 139:21-22, that he hates those that hate the Lord. And not only does he hate them, but with a perfect hatred? Yet doesnt it also state in Acts 13:22, that God raised up David as king,a man after is own heart?” Does not Prov. 8:13, say to fear God is to hate evil. Does not Christ tell us, that we will be hated for His names sake, in Matt.10:22? Did God not state in Mal. 1:2-3, how he loved Jacob yet hated Esau? No dear friend, Righteous Hatred is allowed by God Almighty as long as we align our will with His Will and hate those that are His enemies.

    God tells us not to be angry without a cause, never to not be angry at all.

    …Never take my word for it. Look up the scriptures for those who say they believe in the Word of God.

  55. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Aki,BLACK ON! Malcolm X said it.Some whites don’t like the truth so these whites said he was preaching hate. We BLACKS now are smart enough to know that that is a smoke screen for denying the truth! We will continue to tell it like it is and those who hate the TRUTH can continue to believe the lies the devil makes some people tell!

  56. Nicole Says:

    I have never had any strong desire to date a white man or any man who was not black. My reason being is that these same men almost always believe some ignorant stereotype about black women, and then they come on to me as if I am interested in their “experiment”. I don’t believe the lot of them to be genuine so I tell them to go elsewhere with their nonsense. I have become absolutely disgusted with the way black women are viewed in black men’s eyes as well as men who are not black. It makes me wish I was anything but black. It is not fun being a black woman, and it certainly is not easier. Seems I was created to be some man’s whore that he can use and abuse anytime he wants. I mean that’s how black women are viewed in america right? We are the nappy headed hos, the welfare recipients, the hood rats, the gold-diggers, and the uneducated right? That’s all I keep hearing from people. How I am an abomination unto God for even being born. How black men hate me because I will not do the things white women do, yet when you ask these black men why they date white women it’s always about how she acts like the mom from the 1950s. You will never hear what these black men do for these white women, because they are too busy looking at what the white women can do for them. In essence I don’t want to deal with black men at all anymore. Most of them are brainwashed and want any woman who is not black.

    It does not matter how nice I am, how educated I am, how clean I am, how pretty I am, I much of a conversationalist I am, how I have no children, or how submissive I am, black men will never want me. They do not even make eye contact. I have had black men sneer at me and call me a bitch because I didn’t bother to give them my number. I’ve seen black men address white women as miss but they have never did that to me. It makes my soul hurt to know even our own men hate us and could care less if we were all killed off. I think in fact that’s what a lot of black men want. For us to be killed off so they don’t have to view us as the burden or the reason for all their ailments in society. They will tear us down. They will have sex with us, impregnate us, and then leave us to raise the children only to then turn around and tell us how bad of a job we are doing when they left! They will call us unattractive, talk about our hair, tell us we are too fat, tell us we are too mean, loud, and uncaring. But they sure don’t seem to have a problem with white girls who are mean, loud, assertive, demanding, materialistic, or any other negative attribute. In fact they find that type of behavior in white girls sassy or cute. Black men are a waste of my time and there will never be a day where I go find a non black men to fill a void. I would rather die alone than be some man’s jungle bunny so he can tell his friends how he had jungle sex with a black woman.

    Maybe black people in america should be wiped out with a virus. We are so screwed up, and then when we find out who the enemy is we still want to be around that enemy. We will defend that enemy at all costs. We are a sick people and I am frankly tired of the stupidity and shame we see in each other. You don’t like the features in black people then you don’t like yourself, and I would never date any man that does not like the women in his own ethnic group. Self-hate is something I like to avoid.

  57. lilkemet Says:

    Hi yeyeolade just found your blog and interesting blog post. And you are so right black is beautiful we should not be ashamed of being black.

  58. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Nicole, I feel your BLACK hurt right down to my BLACK bones! amerikkka has done a job on you and many SISTERS with it’s side effects of slavery’s self hatred bred into us so that we BLACK MEN/WOMEN can’t seem to love each other! But Sister all hope is not lost,in fact hope is rising every day among BLACK people in amerikkka. I prayed for and got a good struggling BLACK man who loved my BLACKNESS and you will too IF YOU FACE GOD! Whatever religion you like get into it heavy! Pray often and ask God to send you your BLACK man who loves and appreciates your BLACK beauty and wonderfulness! Yes,there is a BLACK man out there for you SISTER! Believe it! Surround yourself with positive BLACK people-join a group,if it’s Millions More Movement ,any group that is doing something for BLACK people. You need to express more love to get love Sister. Thinking only about how bad it is for yourself must stop! Start speading the gift of GOD’s love you have around and help other BLACK people,making it your goal every day to bless BLACK people. Center on loving each other and you will see GOD will just bring thaat badd BLACK MAN right to your door and you will then know that nothing is impossible for the GOD of ALL. He made us BLACK and beautiful and God has a wonderful BLACK man for you! Just learn to serve GOD first,and your BLACK blessings will come!

  59. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Lilkemet,Glad you saw my post. Keep on,keeping on with your BLACKNESS!

  60. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    This poem I wrote when I first came to Nigeria about diana ross and her love for white boys:

    boss diana ross

    boss diana ross
    who loved a Black Man
    but berry for whatever
    reasons refused her
    his name.

    boss diana ross
    rebounded below
    the belt where
    Black Men hurt-
    married a white boy-
    “fixed berry good”

    boss diana ross
    praisin” the
    for marrying “all
    her white earned money”

    boss diana ross
    glad to let the
    slavemaster’s son
    dilute the Black blood
    of her children!

    boss diana ross
    says there is no such
    thing as color
    cause she’s too busy
    being imitation/glamour/
    white/girl instead of
    her Black/Beautiful/self

    boss diana ross
    deserting Black men
    how Black Women
    should never be


  61. Liz Says:

    I am a white woman dating a black man, and I can’t understand the hatred I get from a lot of black women. I don’t date him because of status or the infamous “fever” or anything else- I truly love and care for this man. And he cares for me too; he doesn’t date me because he doesn’t like black women or because I’m some sort of “submissive white girl”, those stereotypes are just as bad as any other. Why can’t love be colorblind? I didn’t choose to be born white, I have no control over my skin color, and I’m sorry if what I am gives you some sort of automatic impression of who I am. I am offended by the term “white bitch goddess” and other words of hatred that you have spewed out all over this site. Doesn’t this RACISM make you just as bad as a member of the KKK or any other hate group? Not all white people are the same, and things are changing in this world! I don’t treat you like slaves or anything less than a fellow HUMAN BEING, don’t treat me like I’m an evil slave master or some force to be taken down! I don’t expect you to conform to the “white standard of beauty”- I think that black women are beautiful, especially when most natural. Don’t hate me because I have to conform to that standard, it’s how I was born. I know that things are still not equal, and it hurts me to see people (no matter what race!) being oppressed every day, even in 2008- but until we start loving each other no matter what we will be stuck in a rut and will never MOVE FORWARD. I have a lot of best friends that are very proud, beautiful, admirable black women that are doing their best to promote change and uplift the black community through positive changes. However, the difference between them and you is that they don’t let their pride become a barrier or a reason to hate others. Maybe God made us all of these different races so we could learn to love others and accept differences in each other! We don’t need any more hatred, or name-calling, or seperation…we need progression. Be proud of who you are, but don’t forget to love your neighbor. Our differences should be considered blessings to be cherished by ALL, not reasons to drive us apart. The poster Joeschmo had it right. Please consider my words, and thank you for taking the time to read them.

  62. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Liz,glad that you are straight forward. Now we don’t hate anybody here! As Brother Malcolm X said the white man will say you hate him because you tell him the truth about he is doing to the Black man. And that goes for the white woman. This is the TRUTH about what white people are doing to us and if you are really honest,as you have partly been in your comment you will see that the complaints we make about the white bitch goddess are played out everyday in amerikkka. Now if you really love how God has made you,you too will naturally want to marry someone like your white father-that is the natural response. Now something makes you think that anotber race is greener for you on the other side. And we SISTERS know that it is this white goddess behaviour in white society that makes you love to be “worshiped” by a BLACK man who doesn’t know his BLACK self. No white man can give you that but then no BLACK man is natural to you, fits you like your own man would. You will never be happy with another race’s partner no matter what excuse you give yourself for you are going to BLACK man for the wrong reason(another strong reason is SEX,for the BLACK man is KING in this area and everybody knows it!) But sex and idol worship does not make a relationship that will last so I would advise you to check out the reasons why you are rejecting your GOD given partner for someone else’s. Once you are really honest about that, deal with the reason and God will send you your natural partner, who fits you,who matches you,who will give you children in your own image and children who will grow up loving who they are and not hating their mother for splitting them in to 2 hostile pieces!

  63. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    A note to Liz and others like her about this site. Everyone will come here to this site to save BLACKNESS worldwide. Fine. You can have your say but our space here is used to save the BLACK Race and settle all the problems BLACk people have to deal with. Any further comments you have will be noted and answered in future posts. Our position at BLACK is Beautiful will always remain that the BLACK man is God’s gift to the BLACK woman and for the BLACK Race to continue BLACKS must marry each other like anyother self-respecting race and have children that are BLACK and proud and not split into 2 and further diluted and mixed up!

  64. tamara(im black) Says:

    you need to learn to love eveybody on Gods earth He created a multicultural world of color dont discriminate. Stop hatin. Dont b a racist and learn to love. If u are any of the above, it goes to show theres issues in your heart that need dealin wiv. dont b all like. oh, its the white man, its the system.PLEASE. grow up, be a adult and move on no-body can keep you down only yourself.we cant change the history of slavery but by counteracting it this way it solves nothing all it brings is a slave mindset, childishness,hostility, bitterness and insanity. black people act like it woz jus them who have been slaves man what about the jews in egypt.oh. im jus sayin man racism gets you no wher im black and i like extensions and weave(yeeeahh!)not because i dont like my roots or despise wher i cum from but coz i like extensions and weave. i dont have to go to extreme lengths to prove how ‘black’ i am. i know who i am, and if you know yourself you’ll love yourself which helps you to love others regardless of the color of their skin.

  65. tamara(im black) Says:

    liz i agree with you 100%. personally i think its embarrasing how some black women go on. i apolgise on their behalf.x.

  66. Yeshua Yahweh Says:

    I agree with Tamara. We have to let the past go. You cannot go forward by looking in the rear view mirror. God loves and created a wide range of variety. He wanted people of different colors and cultures because he loves variety. He did the same thing with the animal kingdom. The entire human race is one blood. We all have a common ancestery. No race is better than any other. Think about it. What kind of God would create any race in order for others to hate them? And the Bible tells us bitterness will eat you up. And it is a cop out to use the actions of some people to condemn others.

  67. Yeshua Yahweh Says:

    Those who hate their brother (or sister) without a cause is in danger of hell. These are the words of Jesus. I cannot think of of a lesser cause to hate someone than the color of a person’s skin. Something they have no control over.

    The entire human race is your family. White, black, Red, Yellow, Brown. Don’t matter. What about enemies? Jesus said to forgive them, pray for those who spitefully use you.

  68. Brady Says:

    As my father would say(though MUCH more colourfully),”Same stuff,different
    day.”As for me,I’m a handsome black Canadian dude,55 July 6,who looks 35,is built like a retired NFL running back(5’9”,218 lb.),loves Country music,and am seeking a busty white(preferably blonde),black or Hispanic Cowgirl,24-34,
    5’3”-5’9”,who can’t wait to take Big&Rich’s advice and save a horse,ride a
    handsome black cowboy!!!!!

  69. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Brady, We support your request for a Sister,although your other choices are not in the interest of the BLACK Race! We will pray that you find a SISTER who will fit you so naturally that you will forget about all those other temptations and face life by building a BLACK family with Black children who are proud to be BLACK and ready to fight to uplift the BLACK Race from the bottom!

  70. Nikki Says:

    I don’t care what black people do anymore. Black americans will become extinct anyway. If we are not killing each other off then we are running away from each other. I don’t care what happens to us anymore. I used to be pro black and for black empowerment. I realize that a lot of black people are truly gone mentally. There is no bringing them back.

    I mean when I read comments by black people who say they simply do not find their own attractive, I mean how can that be? To me that is nothing but whitewashed talk. And I am tired of it. How about we start kicking black people like this out of black communities? How about we make it a rule that all self-hating, white worshipping (and anything else other than black), anti-black people, and mentally sick need to go elsewhere with their garbage.

    Let me tell you something. The black race will not thrive off of individualism. We need each to make things better. We have all these black fools walking around with a ME mentality and it is wrong.

    It wasn’t a ME mentality that brought our ancestors through slavery. It was not a ME mentality that started up the civil rights movement (and i have serious issues with this movement, seriously). I mean where does this selfishness come from?

    Some of you are seriously lost. We do not live in a utopian society where everyone is viewed as a human being, and many of you blind bats know that. No one is color-blind. The world will not be one shade of brown. Having sex with anyone other than black will not end racism, nor will having biracial kids either.

    Some of you need to be honest and say that you don’t want anything to do with blackness, and then take your self-hating ass on over to the non-black side where you will not be missed.

    The revolution will not contain any weaklings. It will not contain any snakes. It will not contain any black people who are anti blackness.

    If you are not a strong black man or woman willing to fight, uplift your own, be around your own, and date/marry your own we do not want nor need you. You are a detriment to black people with your weak thinking, and I am tired of tolerating weak ass black people who have white agendas on their mind. Leave us real black people that love our own, want to see our own prosper, and want to procreate with our own alone.

  71. Nikki Says:

    Liz when your white sisters stop making dumb comments about how they are superior to black women, and all black women are jealous of white women will I take a white woman like you seriously. Love is not color blind. You know just as well as I do that you see color as well as the black guy you are with.

    It is obvious that you don’t bother to ask any of these women why they feel that way. Instead you chalk it up to racism, because you can’t fathom that black women experience things different from you. I bet you don’t believe that in this white washed world many men aspire to get a white woman, because your white men have held you up as the epitome of beauty. NOT ONLY THAT, but you white women yourselves have continued the tradition. I don’t see any of you white women fighting to have more ethnic beauty shown. I don’t see any of you white women saying anything when black women are bashed by their own men.

    No. What I see is a bunch of white women playing dumb as to why so many men (black men especially) flock to them. You have the upper hand in society, and you can thank your white men for that.

    Black women are told they are worthless, unattractive, too strong, too intelligent ( since when has it been ok for black men to be too intelligent and black women not?), too whorish, too loud, too assertive and aggressive, too unattractive, too independent, and too damn emasculating. We are hated. We are being bashed by everyone and that includes you white women.

    So please do not try and fake that innocent shit with me. I have had it with women like you. Most of you white women know what is going on because your black men bash black women in front of you, and then to add icing on the cake you white women go and dogg out black women yourselves. Stating things such as “my man told me that you black females”, or “that’s why us white women get your black men, because you are all bitches”, or “everyone knows that no one wants a black woman”, or my favorite, “all black women are jealous and envious of white women. that’s why they give me stares and say things to me.”

    What these white women aren’t telling people is that they often create the drama themselves. They go looking for that stare and confrontation. They WANT black women to be jealous of them. To hate them. Do you really believe black women don’t know the game you white women play?

    Liz get over yourself. Women like you already have your “black man”, and it’s also that attitude that stops you from seeing where black women are coming from.

    You have black men saying they do not need to be loyal to black women, but will get mad as hell if she ventures out with a man who is not black. There are so many black men who would rather see us alone, bitter, angry, ready to commit suicide while they go out and have sex and make kids with any woman who is not black.

    Despite what you brothers say, black women continue to be loyal to a group of men who could care less if they vanished from the face of the earth.

  72. Brandon Says:

    I am a brother currentley in a relationship with a white woman and its not because i dont black women believe me i love i just got out of a relationship with one. Most people have a preference in which my case I dont if you are cute and your personality is good ill give it a chance

  73. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Brandon, Nobody loves another race for no reason. The natural attraction is to your own race, a woman like your mother,etc. So when you are attracted to white women the reason is because you have been taught to reject your own image of your own mother for the white woman image that has been forced on us since slavery and you want to have it like whites have taught you,the “white most beautiful goddess”,so they promote to us.This is Black self hatred at its worst. Love your BLACK self,your features, your skin color ,your mother’s female BLACK images again! Wake up to your GOD given BLACK partner! God made Black women for the PROUD BLACK MAN! We will pray for you Brother,GET BACK TO BACK,GET BACK TO YOUR OWN BLACK SELF AND BE PROUD OF WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE! YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY WITH COVETING ANOTHER RACE’S WOMAN!The BLACK woman fits you-the white woman does not and you will suffer alot before you realize why it cannot work for you as a BLACK man.

  74. No Thanks to Black Women! Says:

    What makes you think so highly of yourself. You ever think may be the things black men think about are true, well because they are true?, lol! You are bound to loneliest which you deserve, lol! Anybody marryng a black woman is C-R-A-Z-Y! or has no reason to live!

  75. Hmmmm Says:

    There are more men to date than just black guys. White guys open doors for you.

  76. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother No Thanks to Black Women!
    Obviously you have had bad experiences with Sisters,and as I also say to Sisters who have bad experiences with Brothers, the answer is not going to the another race’s partner but praying to God for your God chosen partner! Marriage as you know is suffering worldwide and the reason is we don’t chose or find our God given partner and get involved with the wrong partners and have bitter experiences. Now God made Black women for BLACK men so there is a Perfect Black woman for you! It takes listening to God and trusting God to see who it is. Condemning all Black women,or all Black men for that matter will not solve your problem. Hmmmm going for white boys is not the solution either. These partners can never fit you like your ordained BLACK partner will fit. I will pray for you and I know that you will see that BLACK woman! The perfect union for the BLACK man/woman is what will make you happy and God did not make any mistake by making you BLACK!

  77. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Hmmmm,I’m taking this because I give you the benefit of being BLACK. The white boy is corny. The skin has no color, the body has no shape,the hair has no wool(and smells!),no color,no mouth, no nose,no backside,no sex appeal and no soul!Are you kidding? Even the white girl wants better!

  78. exodayneorne Says:

    Tahnks for posting

  79. james dean Says:

    The problem with black women is through slavery and jim crow black women had a sexual monopoly on black men while at the same time having sex with white men willing and not willingly.Now the black women have to compete with other women.For the first time in 400 years you have to compete for the black man.You are not smart enough to know that it was you(black women)who drove white women to us!When you got integrated to jobs in the high office buildings you brought your loud mouth bragging how good sex you were having .Trying to impress your white girl freinds.You were white mans biggest nightmare.Do you know how much money and effort the white man put into them not finding that out!!! You black women got caught unprepared.Yes I know you miss treating the black man like garbage,talking to him and about him any old kind of way because he was powerless and had know where else to go!!We do not hold any standards of beauty from whites if that were the case we would choose a different type of white women.Through slavery the white man made us sexual freaks.So who cares if white women like us for sex we like them to because they treat us like human beings.

  80. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    BROTHER James Dean, As a Sister I will apologize for all the BLACK Sisters who have done all these things you have outlined-forgive us/them for we knew not what we were doing! I have sent this apology to the BROTHERS AT blacktown.net, because they have run it down daily what Sisters who live out the slave mentality are doing to BROTHERS and themselves. Now those of us who have discarded the slavemasters mentality inflicted on us as a group, let’s call us BLACK nationalist SISTERS AND related SISTERS(MAYBE some “born-again”SISTERS WHO have learned to treat the BLACK MAN WITH respect and love,we are out to change the rest of us SISTERS and this blog has that as one of the most important things-RESPECT FOR THE BLACK MAN/AFRICAN CULTURE teaches that even today with all the white confusion that has entered MOTHERAFRICA! SO we are ready to show you how the real BLACK WOMAN behaves-she is going to treat you like the KING THAT you are and you will like wise treat her like the QUEEN SHE IS! NEW BLACK BEHAVIOR based on debrainwashing of slavemasters taught behavior. NOW A REAL BLACK WOMAN SHOWING HER GOD GIVEN BLACK BEAUTY AND ACTING LIKE HER LOVELY BLACK SELF WILL BE THE ONLY woman the BLACK MAN WILL WANT CAUSE no other woman can come near her in beauty, actions and respect for the BLACK MAN!

  81. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    BROTHER James Dean, As a Sister I will apologize for all the BLACK Sisters who have done all these things you have outlined-forgive us/them for we knew not what we were doing! I have sent this apology to the BROTHERS AT blacktown.net, because they have run it down daily what Sisters who live out the slave mentality are doing to BROTHERS and themselves. Now those of us who have discarded the slavemasters mentality inflicted on us as a group, let’s call us BLACK nationalist SISTERS AND related SISTERS(MAYBE some “born-again”SISTERS WHO have learned to treat the BLACK MAN WITH respect and love,we are out to change the rest of us SISTERS and this blog has that as one of the most important things-RESPECT FOR THE BLACK MAN/AFRICAN CULTURE teaches that even today with all the white confusion that has entered MOTHERAFRICA! SO we are ready to show you how the real BLACK WOMAN behaves-she is going to treat you like the KING THAT you are and you will like wise treat her like the QUEEN SHE IS! NEW BLACK BEHAVIOR based on debrainwashing of slavemasters taught behavior. NOW A REAL BLACK WOMAN SHOWING HER GOD GIVEN BLACK BEAUTY AND ACTING LIKE HER LOVELY BLACK SELF WILL BE THE ONLY woman the BLACK MAN WILL WANT CAUSE no other woman can come near her in beauty, actions and respect for the BLACK MAN!WATCH OUT for these SISTERS,JAMES cause they are going to change your BLACK MINDS ABOUT HOW A SISTER CAN BE. I am praying for you and I know that God will bring your CORRECT BLACK WOMAN SOON!

  82. james dean Says:

    The only reason why you black women is talking that black nationalist crap is because the white man used you again then he dumped you like he always do for four hundred years!Then when he dump you back in the hood like the peice of trash you are you say you had to leave him because you are a proud black sister.Wearing all this african stuff wearing braids or an afro.Do you know how hard black men laugh behind your back! We see you black women sneaking off to the white man acting like your going to work,or some official appointment only to meet some white guy to give him all the sex that you would never give your black “HUSBAND”. The black woman is stuck because the white man sure don’t want you !Look at all that sex and spying on the black man you did helping him to stay on top and it took a whole natioal movement just to get you a drink at a water fountain!!! Now that we black men are leaving you the white man don’t want you because the thrill was how he was sticking to the black man.The only good black woman is one who’s mother is white. Because a white woman knows how to be a woman yes they do help and stick by their man!!!

  83. DonnaCarolina Says:

    After reading all of these comments, I have concluded that if we are not the True Israel” then no group of people can be.  All throughout the bible Almighty YAH constantly warned Israel about going after strange flesh.  Israel throughout the Old Testament (TORAH) had a unrestrained passion for this strange flesh.  Please bear in mind that YAH does not deal with people according to the color of skin.  However, YAH did not want Israel to intergrate or intermarry with those outside of Israel because he knew that they would pick up their pagan ways or idolatry. As a people we are doing exactly as our people (Ancient Israel) did 2000 years ago.  Which is the very reason we are in this seemingly hopeless quagmire.  The Bro. DeAndre stated that white women smelled and tasted better.  My first question for you brother is how many women have you tasted and smelled? You sound like a pervert. If you have experienced some women who have not tasted and smelled so well, obviously you need to relate to better “class” of women.  One who knows the importance of good personal hygiene.  I am a retired military officer, and have witnessed first hand how nasty white women can be.  I have witnessed them stepping out of their dirty ass panties and keep going.  During my enlisted years, I have had to stand guard by the shower to ensure that white females washed their asses. We have kicked them out of the military for that very reason.  When you make such asinine comments, you reinforce every racist stereotype that has been perpetuated about black women and black people in general.  Please bear in mind that your mother is black.  Does she smell and taste bad too?Bro. DeAndre, I assume  by your comment that you are not married to any of these women that you are smelling and tasting which is another reason why WE (True Israel) are not prosperous.  We are blatantly defiant of YAH’s laws, which is so typical of Israel.  We have the lowest marriage rate of any ethnic group. How can we expect YAH smile favorably upon us if continue to break HIs laws. Remember, you reap what you sow. We are the most pitiful people on the planet.  Our self hatred is unparalled.  Why is it that when so called “blacks” promote their own are they considered racist?  You promote what you believe in.  You will never see Coke promoting pepsi products, and it is not because they are anti pepsi.  Coke truly believes that it is the real —-!!!!!  If their is one thing I hate, it is a self loathing nigger because it is this very person that affirms the white man’s  feeling’s of superiority.  I have read comments made by white men stating how the black man or nigger to be exact want’s to be just like him. “They want our top positions, live in our neighborhoods, hang out with us, and they even want our white women.”  “So what if we have to sacrifice a few white women to keep this nigger looking up to US.”  For Bro. James Dean, I pray that Almighty YAH will awaken you soon.  You have got to be one of the angriest brother’s on the planet.  You actually seem misogynistic toward black women.  If you hold that attitude of Black Women, there is no way in the world you could possiblely love these white women that you hold in such high regard.  Remember, charity starts at home(self).  These white women are just a means of medicating the pain without actually having to deal with the true source of the pain.If you are so over Black Women as you state, why are you wasting your time commenting on this issue.  Things that I no longer have use for I simply discard them.  It is so obvious by your long comment that although you may be angry with “Black Women” you cannot seem to totally separate yourself from them.  I pray that a real sista will come along and Love all of that hell right out of you. I have had negatitive experiences with Black men ( father, brothers, etc…  I think as race of people we all have had negative experiences, but I would never refer to Black men so condescendingly.  Regardless of the experiences, I still have much love for my ebony brother.  Contrary to popular belief there are still some spiritually conscious sistas who are more than willing to submit to her lord, I am one of them. And trust me when I say I am not desperate in any stretch of the imagination.  I am a total package, brains, beauty, and most importantly I KNOW Almighty YAH. I think that one of the biggest problems with alot black men is that they have a distorted perception of what a woman (especially black women) should look and be like.  Do you know how many times I have heard a black man say that he wanted a good woman?  But when a good woman is presented to him, with no strings attached; they become intimidated and run like hell.  I have discovered that alot of black men don’t want good intelligent strong women.  They want a woman that can be shaped into the image they ‘prefer’. Moreover, many are choosing not to relate to true Black Women because they know that a real Black Woman will hold them accountable.Brothers, the reason we hold you accountable because we believe that YOU are capable of GREATNESS. I dont know what your black mother did to you Bro James Dean. I hope and pray that you are able to forgive every Black woman that has caused you pain, and start to LIve the life that YAH has purposed for you. We are so sad and only Almighty YAH can save us from our madness.  I am praying for ISRAEL

  84. james dean Says:

    The true chosen people are black people for if you were the chosen people you should be able to stand in the sun!Black people have been on earth for 4,000,000 years acording to even their(white)scientist. The caucasians are a mutation of a gene discovered by scientist in 2007.Some thing blacks were saying all along.There is a reason black americans produce half the professional atheletes even though we have no program to produce this.When you date outside your race you break 400 years of superior physical breeding(slavery).And you weaken what the creator gives you through the sun !!!We blacks have something that the whites will never understand which is melenin for whitout it you have not gods blessing which is his embilical cord to his chosen people!!!Just watch as soon the caucasions will this is the truth through their own reasearch and they will have to eat every word and action they made on race.When they find out how low the are that they are a mutation and nature is againts them whew!!! So keep on reasearching white man and hurry up to the truth!!

  85. Angie Says:

    As I was surfing through the internet, I came across this site. One comment that brought tears to my eyes is from a blogger who stated that if you ask a man from any race about the white woman’s stuff, they’ll tell you that it smell better and taste better as opposed to a black woman’s. What a slap in the face. We have been belittled for so long, why add insult and injury to an open wound? They say that we have moved forward and improved, since the end of slavery and segregation, but I’d say we’re worse off than ever before. We have no sense of identity or compassion towards one another. We are destroyed as a people for self-hate is a big issue. There’s no way we can move forward under these conditions. I’ll admit something, though. My brother and cousin are married to white women and I haven’t accepted their marriages because I see them as a threat to our heritage and womanhood. It tears me up inside and white women have been the focus and reason for some black marriages that have been torn apart. O.J. Simpson’s first wife has once mentioned in an interview that Nicole Brown broke up their marriage. Now look at Micheal Jordan. Micheal Jackson in my opinion, is a fine black man with a good heart who is also destroyed by the American system and from what I’ve researched, by an abusive father who helped exhibit self hatred behavior in him. I’d say it would take divine intervention to fix it when we acknowledge Him. Until then, all I could say: we black women should watch our diets, make that trip to the gynocologist and douche. As a people, improve our self-love.

  86. james dean Says:

    Black women you think you have problems now did you see how crazy those asians go over black american sports stars at the olympics! crazy just crazy!Black women do not realize that they got caught off guard! For 400 years in america they did not have to compete for the black man.What did you think discrimination was all about throwing dope in the black neighborhoods,to keep black men locked up.So he would not have to compete with the black man! Black women stop feeling sorry for yourself!understand the situation let your black sons and daughters have a relationship with their father and stop trying to tear him down to the groud because it is fun.Bblack woman you have become a black widow spider.And if you do not check yourself and do not change you will not have any man!!! the fact is black men fear you .you use the white mans court system to crush us .white women do not do that!We can have a life with them and only be crushed under you!!!

  87. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother James Dean first cause he has said something that I must educate him on.First of all most BLACK Nationalist Sisters have never been into white men! We know that the white boy is corny and not attractive to us at all. We also know slavery and would never want to relive the slave rapes of the white boys! So We have stuck by the most WONDERFUL MEN ON THE PLANET-THE CONSCIOUS BLACK MAN! And we such Sisters have always been around since slavery. Now the many Sisters you are angry with have been produced by slavery and are still acting out the white boys agenda,agreed. But now we have many more BLACK women realizing that they are wrong to disrespect the BLACK MAN and are aiming to correct this white behavior! So Brother, we will forgive you for your anger,directed at every BLACK woman,cause we understand the pain you are going thru,but let me tell the BLACK TRUTH. There is no greater woman who can treat the BLACK MAN with respect than the BLACK woman who is aware of who she really is! Check out the AFRICAN woman who is based in her culture-no woman on this earth can treat a man better than she can. No white girl can beat,or even come close cause their culture does have the value for it like BLACK culture from AFRICA does. Actually what the white girl does is pretend to be for you and spins that lie until she gets you tied up and then she controls you like a robot.Since you have not experienced the TRUE BLACK woman I will tell you that nothing can compare with her for the BLACK MAN. I am praying and I know that God will give you your own BLACK woman who will show you how wonderful you can be treated and respected,like only your God given partner can do! Our BLACK men are proud of us and we can never go for any colorless,no soul,funny acting,no rhythm,ugly white boy!

  88. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Sister Angie,This comment on tasting bad,brings up a topic that I will write later about-this introduction by the white boy of homosexual sex-eating it! This is abomination in AFRICAN culture! It is a very unnatural and dangerous act! Do you know that African culture sees it as an attempt to control and degrade your partner,reducing them to level of animals and it is! So Sisters stop copying the white girl as far as oral sex- it is dangerous health wise but unnatural and uncivilized!The man who does it is reduced to nothing and the white girl uses this to control the man,because it is an act of total submission to the person you are doing it to. The woman who does it to a man is being totally degraded and subject to the man’s perverted control and many unnatural pervert behavior results. STOP PERFORMING THESE DEGRADING HOMOSEXUAL ACTS which are against GOD’s plan for the dignity of man/woman!

  89. angie Says:

    @james dean:

    I would like to say that when a black man ducks child support and deny his seed, he has already set himself up to fall. The American court system is not playing with these dead beat dads, regardless of their race. They’ll lock them up, take their tax rufund check, and even revoke their drivers license. Many times the black woman has to use the system, so he can pay up to his responsibility. I would agree that some black women out there has abused the system to collect from a man who’s child is not his, or just out of pure greed and spite. However that makes it bad for other black women who are struggling to make ends meet and wants him to be accountable for being a father. The bible encourage the man to take the lead and be responsible or he is worse than a infidel. It is true that we are living under God’s wrath, for it is evident. However, through His blood and grace, we will rise again. I was feeling degraded the other day after reading some nasty remarks on this blog, but as I woke up the next day, Deut. 28 chapter instantly came to mind, and gave me more understanding of what has happened to us as a people. That scripture was revealed to me by someone many years ago, so I am familiar with it. I would also like to add that both sides have very good arguments on what the man and woman has become in this white washed society. However, those reasons do not justify going outside your race, but they’re doing it. One to three apples shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch. Keep looking. Again, as I stated before, it will take divine intervention to deal with issues that we have with ourselves, and it does began with prayer.

    @yeye akillimani:

    Thank you for that information. I am looking forward to reading your post, regarding oral sex.

  90. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Angie,Sister, E se o!(Thanks in Yoruba language). I love the way you talk lovingly to james dean and forgive his slavery taught behavior. With God and prayer for our people we will become again the BLACK and Proud people God made us to be and RISE again.
    Please tell me where the place is that has this insult to BLACK women on eating is so I can delete/edit it out! There will be no standing insults to BLACK people on this site!

  91. Angela Trent Says:

    @ Yeye akilimali

    Thanks for your response, and I would like to say that it appeared that you have corrected this blogger Gill’s comment. However, I do understand that people will voice their opinions or thoughts whether we like it or not. At least we realize that black bashing stems from self-hatred. I am glad that the bible is giving us understanding on how we come this far and how through His grace we can change. May God continue to work on my self-esteem as well as others.

  92. angie Says:

    Also to add, DonnaCarolina had some very interesting comments. I don’t know about the rest, but that N-word never sat well with me. The younger generation uses it, but it is a reminder of what the slavemaster called our ancestors to degrade us.

  93. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Angie,Sister definitely we must stop the use of the n-word! It is slavery mentality personified! Here’s what we posted on BLACK is Beautiful! before:
    from Ebony Magazine,Feb. 2007,pages ll2-122

    “In the l970″s and l980’s the late Richard Pryor tossed out “nigger” as often as his own name. According to Pryor, it was about owning the term, salving ourselves from any sting it might have had. However Pryor, whose albums included “That Nigger’s Crazy” and “Bicentennial Nigger”, said after a trip to Africa that he “didn’t see any niggers in Africa”. And he never used the word during a performance again.

    “I was sitting by myself (in the Nairobi Hilton in Kenya) and I just looked around and it was like a voice said to me,”What do you see?” And I said,”People of all colors doing things together”.And another voice said “Do you see any niggers?” And I said,”No!”. And the voice said “Do you know why?”. And I said(whispering),”No”. And it said,”There aren’t any…”.

    Brother Richard Pryor,l982 in an exclusive interview with Ebony Magazine,page l98,Feb. 2007

    Black people should stop using the “nigger word” publically. It may take a longer time for some of us to stop using it privately and among ourselves,referring to ourselves, but it is a self-destroying word,demeaning ourselves to the level of our slavemasters’ concept of us as inferior and like animals. We should no longer accept this negative,anti-BLACK image of ourselves that was forced on us by the former slavemaster!
    Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade,

  94. BraystreetLad Says:

    And all you black folks with African names,please realize that most African countries are run by kleptocrats,i.e.,crooks,who pillage and plunder their nation’s wealth and leave their citizens destitute.Also,there’s slavery in the Sudan(the Muslim Arab janja-
    weed oppressing the Africans,but you’ll NEVER hear the “African-American “leader-
    ship”-Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jr.,Al Sharpton,Michael Eric Dyson even mention this injustice,let alone mobilize the U.S against it,probably because the boys are getting bribes from these leaders,chief among them Tanzania’s murdering strongman,
    Bobby Mugabe!!!!!)

    • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

      BraystreetLad, Brother,ofcourse you are right to be annoyed with BLACK problems whether in Africa or amerikkka! Now we have to think of how to solve them and at the same time ask God what can I do everyday to help save/improve the BLACK RACE! I’m working on our problems daily in one way or the other and this blog is one of the ways I am trying to inspire our people to improve and restore the BLACK RACE to it’s origin greatness. Marcus Garvey felt that some of us should come BACK TO AFRICA and do our bit and this is what I did.As for those so-called leaders you mentioned some of them are known traitors who have set up people for assasination and maybe some are just igorant of what to do,but there are plenty of BLACK thinkers like Ron Walters who are working on helping the Motherland and African politics.

  95. Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction III « Economic & Multicultural Terrorism Says:

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  99. anonemouse Says:

    Unitl men of color stop calling black women bitches and whores, it,s not right every time you do that your are cursing your mothers too so stop it. people of color came from the main large continent called Africa we were one and now we are living in these smaller continents all of a sudden black women aint good no more black should remember black women onthe continent were queens and kings in Africa and the female kings were higher than the male kings so men get it straight without us you would not be here when you run like that you are trying to run from yourself the whole world already knw who you are so stop running from us

  100. Multiculturalism:America’s Destruction III | Economic & Multicultural Terrorism Says:

    […] https://yeyeolade.wordpress.com/2007/03/03/black-men-for-black-women/ […]

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