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Africans Wrote the Bible

The Africans Who Wrote The Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Have Never Told – Coming Soon!

Along with Cheikh Anta Diop, Alex Darkwah also traces Ancient Egypt to geographical Africa. Darkwah has DNA on his side; whereas, Diop used archeological artifacts, culture, and documentary text but was still challenged with his findings which were labeled “untrue” by the scientific world. Darkwah proves that Africans wrote the Bible even though your personal Bible may have pages laced with White Greek characters and distributed throughout the world. I thought that the following excerpts were extremely interesting. A website visitor suggested that I read the Darkwah’s book. Thanks to the website reader who suggested that I limit my research to Sub-Saharan Africa. You’ve started a greater quest to delve deeper into Europe’s concealment of our history and to shed more light on how the global world exists in its current state.

The word Israel itself is an Akan word (Ghana). Darkwah points to the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:24-29, where the angel renames Jacob calling him Asrae or the European version, Israel. Asrae, Darkwah declares, is not the name of a nation, but instead means “the first one who visited.”

According to Darkwah, if you as a Christian question the Bible, you were led by your pastor to believe that you were blaspheming God. Here there is a faith versus reasoning quarrel. Now he has been able to reason into faith. Originally, he just had faith. But, as he learned more, he began to reason himself into faith.

Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned more than any other countries in the Bible. Ethiopia is known in the Bible as Cush. Egypt is known as Mizraim. Mizraim and Cush are two sons of Ham. Mizraim is translated–Egypt and Cush Ethiopia. Many readers of this website have contacted me to argue that Egypt is a land of White people. They write…I know your view is common among African American studies-types, but it doesn’t seem to be borne out by historical record. The pharaohs and their priests were certainly not Black. Here goes faith vs. reasoning again. The Romans didn’t get to Egypt until 300 BC. We are talking 6000 years before that. There weren’t any white people present before the Rome invasion. The original Christianity of Egypt was established by the apostle Mark in AD 42 in Ethiopia (Coptic Church–Coptic Orthodox Christianity). We have been told Christianity came from Rome. Does everything come from Europe? That is what we have led to believe.

LAND OF THE BLACKS–LAND OF THE BIBLE: Ancient Egypt was known indigenously as Kemet (Land of the Blacks). Ancient Egyptians have pinpointed their own ancestral origins to Mount Rwenzori Range in the east African cradle, otherwise known as “Mountains of the Moon.” Some accounts state Egyptian civilization came out of Ethiopia, which as a term was used to designate the land south of Egypt (the Upper Nile Valley), or alternatively used to refer to the entire African continent. Chronologically, Egypt’s southern neighbor Nubia, which had its own distinct civilization, was the Nile Valley predecessor.

Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People because of a theological idea the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (known in Biblical times as Israelites, later known as Jews) are the chosen people. It comes from the book of Genesis in which God chooses Abraham and his descendants for a unique covenant. The covenant involved certain obligations on the part of the people and promised certain things on the part of God. European Jews believe this covenant is still in effect today—Jews are still a “chosen people.” It may also answer the question why the Jews have been classified White, even with their kinky-bushy hair, swarthy skin, and broadened noses.
The main points of his book are:

Americans and Europeans assume that the Bible is about them, but the Bible is about my ancient ancestors and me…..Alex Darkwah

Modern-day Jews see the Bible as a record of their history because the King James Bible is centered on the history of Israel.

The Jewish people of Europe and America still carry African Tribal names. They carry the names of their ancestors who were Africans.

Statistically, the Lemba people from Southeast Africa are more Jewish than European Jews. In a particular Lemba Clan known as the Buba Clan, 53 percent of the males carry the unique DNA signature of Jewish priests. Males form the Lemba Tribe carry a higher incidence of the Jewish priestly DNA signature than the European and American Jewish population.

When the police have the fingerprints of a wanted man, they know the man whose prints match. The same thing can be said here.

The early Roman Catholic Church portrayed Jesus and his mother in the original Black images of the Jewish people at that time–The Black Madonna. What African tribe were they from?

The time period of the early Catholic Church is closer to the Jews leaving Africa and going to Europe than the Renaissance Painters who painted Jesus White.

What Europe did not count on was that Africans would still know their past.

Darkwah states that ancient Egypt was geographically in Africa and that so called European experts do not know the Ancient Egyptian story because they are not familiar with African tribal names. They do not have the linguistic and cultural backgrounds to identify Egyptian names and have simply transposed the African names of people and places in Ancient Egyptian history into European languages to make it possible for them to claim expertise. Darkwah traces the ancient past of African tribes from the Middle East through Ancient Egypt to inner Africa. He reveals the African tribe that historians gave the fictitious names the Sumerians, Akkadians, and the African Tribes that were the Ancient Egyptians.

Africans are the indigenous Native Hebrews (Jews). The greatest secret of Africa has never been told, and Christian Europe has been seeking to conceal for the past two thousand years is the African origin of the concepts, doctrines, sacramental practices of religion, and the documents that became the foundations of Christianity in Europe. Did you know that the names of Abraham, Isaac, Esau, and Jacob were all derived from African tribal words and names? Did you know that the earliest “Hebrew” name for God, Adonai, was derived from an African tribal word? Did you know that other name of God, Yahweh, was derived from an African tribal God? … Did you know that the names of the authors of the Old Testament are not “Hebrew” or “Jewish” names, but transposed African tribal names? Christian Europe has never known these because it has never known the African linguistic and cultural side of the biblical story.

The indigenous African tribal name of the most popular Ancient Egyptian king the west was Tutu Ankoma—not Tutankhamun. Not only do we know the indigenous African tribal name of this Ancient Egyptian king, but we also know where the modern dynasty of his ancient dynasty is today. We know in Africa that the Ancient Egyptian king who built the middle pyramid in Giza was called Akufu and not Khufu as the experts have told us. We also know that his two sons completed the procession of pyramids and placed a lion in the front of the procession. These sons were Dade Afre and not Djedefra as the experts transposed this name; and his brother was Ochere Afre and not Chephren as the experts have told us. The modern dynasty of these ancient kings is the Akuapem Dynasty that can be found today in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Conservatives, liberals, and all in between can go to check these people out and verify the royal names among these people.

The book is about the Africans who wrote the Bible as well as Ancient Egypt. It is the untold story of the African tribes that were the Ancient Egyptians. It is the untold story of the people from these African tribes that left Ancient Egypt for it to become the biblical Exodus. It is about the untold story of these people that later went to Europe to become the Jews and Hebrews. It is about untold story of the Africans who actually wrote the documents of the Bible before Afrim (Jewish) scholars translated these documents for the Greeks in Ancient Egypt and claimed that their people in Israel wrote those documents.

We in Africa even know the indigenous African tribal name of the people of the Exodus before they went to Europe to become the Jews and Hebrews. A review of a DNA study of Jewish people African tribes discovered one of the African tribes from which some of the people of the Exodus originated. Check it out in the New York Times of May 9, 1999. What does this prove? It proves the Ancient Egyptian and biblical stories were all Black people’s stories.

The Ancient Egyptians were Black people and their modern descendants are alive and well in Africa. Real evidence of the modern descendants of the Ancient Egyptians in the tribes of Africa and the language and culture these people left behind in Ancient Egypt is the most powerful evidence there is about the Black racial origin of the Ancient Egyptians.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s there were Jewish scholars who were secretly traveling around Africa researching African Tribes to find out from which tribe they belonged. They studied the Akan Religion of the Asante people to find out the similarities between Judaism and Christianity. The word Israel was derived from an African Tribal meaning. Most “Jewish” people still carry their African Tribal names of origin.

POLITICAL PALACE: Original Hebrews Were Black

(Submitted by: R. Mosley)

To Judah, B Real & the rest of my already racially enlightened Brothers & Sisters in this forum…..I just want to warn you that most so-called White Jews with genuine Hebrew bloodlines are not ready to accept neither the fact that their Hebrew origins/bloodlines are Black…. nor the fact that all of Mankind descended from the so-called Negroid Race.

I once had a Jewish online “friend” that was just the sweetest thing this side of Heaven until I hit him with the news that his curly hair & dusky features were genetic indicators of his Negroid decent. He freaked out on me in such an ugly fashion that it reminded me of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

You see the stigma attached to being Black is so unpalatable for some folks that it causes them to spazz. But, according to Jim Crow, Willy Lynch, the government, the Catholic Church, European standards, etc…..despite appearances to the contrary caused by recessive genes…if there is one drop of Black blood in your lineage you are considered Black.

Elaborate caste systems were created by “society” for mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons, (Jews), etc. Which explains why so many people of color are still stuck…”color struck” in their slave mentalities today. Light vs. darker complexions meant certain privileges.

But Negroid Jewish ancestry has been a well-known, documented, & accepted fact among educated Caucasians for centuries. Famed scholars, historians, philosophers, scientists, archaeologists, have been known to refer to Jews as sand niggers, mongrels, & other semi Negroid terms.

Such mentality helped to justify their indentured enslavement/employment and use as tax collectors, accountants, bankers, money lenders, overseers, financial watch dogs, slum landlords, foremen, etc to keep track of money for the conquering elite… which included the Romans, then much later & now… the British.

Which is why Austrian born Hitler had little problem victimizing them as he masterminded the German Revolution known as the Holocaust. The German people were sick of working for slave wages in their own highly industrialized nation under the leadership of Jewish watchdogs while their resources were being commandeered & pocketed by the British. Since they couldn’t reach the Brits, (as usual) they attacked the emissaries (overseers).

Over the centuries, due to the race mixing among the Pharisees & Sadducees with the conquering Romans & Asiatic peoples the bloodlines & semi-Negroid (mongrel/chop suey) appearances of the Hebrews & Arabs evolved to become what we see today.

By polite social standards, Yeshua was considered a Black bastard…a militant rebel… of lowly birth that did not meet the social nor political criteria required to be The Messiah.

I guess that when you have been raised to feel smugly & condescendingly superior to someone not even considered HUE-MAN then find yourself in the same boat it is rather mind blowing. When folks prefer to live in a state of denial, their minds are reprobated & they will not be moved. They will twist your words, intentionally take things out of context, and vilify you in an effort to hold onto their delusions of superiority rather than embrace the Black Man as “brother”…or equal. Cain will continue to destroy Abel until God’s day of reckoning.

When asked by Whites what difference does it make whether Jesus was black or White…I simply smile & reply… If it doesn’t make any difference, why did you make Him white? Can YOU handle the Truth?

The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel

M. Stewart.
Copyright © 2002 – 2007. All rights reserved.
Revised: 01/01/07.


  1. R.Rucker Says:

    If Africans are the original jews, why are they this chriistian.???!!!

    • James Says:

      In the grand scheme of things. Its race, So What, Who cares, none of that should matter to anyone except those drunk with pride. Again I say, WHO CARES ABOUT THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

      • Akeem Williams Says:

        I am the last gem from Egypt I am the awaken one of black wisdom who is the fruit born of falling star buring with light and people are the salt of the Earth mark 9:48-49.the white Jesus is not the Saviour of the world,But rather saviour of a few .John;4:42. Adonai is the saviour of the world1Timothy4:10.jesus will not be and will never be.the son of the Dragon the serpen.the greek people will see the light very soon.the of the kingdom,be beneath my left foot ,and within my right hand.halelu-yah ‘halelu yah halelu yah,amen

      • Christi Love Says:

        We as Black People have been lied to for EVER! WE have forgotten our GREAT PAST due to european quest for money and control. Our true heritage started not here on earth, but we are Star Children from Star Races. 2012 may mark the time when our DNA and our righteous hearts prove how great we truly are. Ever wonder why they hate US so much? What did we ever in history do to them? We do not share the same DNA of the europeans that is why they have so much contempt and jealousy towards US. We are the best there is! Our bodies contain things that they will NEVER genetically contain. So how are we less than they are? Wake up my Great People. There is a diabolical plot to keep US from remembering who we are, to shame US into thinking we are less than them. They took advantage of everything they could to gain an advantage over US! Only to then turn the tables on US so that they could make US feel inferior, (not the key word FEAR). I have been fortunate to have been taught by some Master Teachers. for more.

      • xerxes Says:

        It’s not about the color of skin james your missing the bigger picture and you sound bitter and mad that europeans stole a way of life and posed as jews when there not! It’s about what’s true and not true

    • janice young Says:

      Color does matter Europeans have tried to keep us from the truth, a lie goes a long way. That is why some black people still choose to go to church.
      And that doesn’t even matter either, because as a person of African descent
      I know that all religion originated from BLACK PEOPLE! I did my research, and I know the truth will set you free. And for all of you that ask, why does color matter I have one word for you MELANIN, now do your own research on that.

    • Christi Love Says:

      PLEASE SHARE!!!!

      By Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

      Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews
      Bumpy(The author)
      Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:23 pm Post subject:
      Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews!

      The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. The present day counterfeit Jews are white people from Europe called “Khazar’s”, and they usurped the real Jews. However, the real black African and African American Jews can, and have proved that they are the descendents of the original Jews by way of Genetic testing-which has proven not only that they are the real and direct descendents of the original black African Jews, but a approximation of the tribe they are from, too.

      The present white Khazar Jews are converted Jews-and are not even the descendents of the original black Jews of Africa-and DNA testing has already proven this-even after the Khazar’s tried to tamper with the testing in order to justify their immoral and violent occupation of north central Israel. The black Jews already have their established homelands in Southern Israel, and have for over 50 years now. No black can even enter Israel without being genetically tested to prove they are a Jew first.

      Presently, there are over 5000 African Americans living in the black Jewish settlements of southern Israel, and millions more living in the various black Jewish settlements on the African Continent. The present converted white Khazar Jews of Israel can try and claim that anyone speaking negatively against them are “anti-Semitic”, however, they are not Semitic, but converted Jews who are unlawfully occupying Israel, and helping bring the American economy to its knees for their own economic goals, and to try and gain world power. They know they have to destroy the present super power, and they know that getting America embroiled in war is a quick way of accomplishing this.

      The Khazar’s used tactics and strategies like this in Ancient times because they were successful-and they are using them today with America, while pretending to be America’s friend-because these tactics are successful. However, their future has already been foretold in the book Ezekiel…

      …The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an
      ethnic group. (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p.501) Many of them still are
      Black, in northern Africa such as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.
      A New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as “a lost tribe that has
      kept its identity for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of Africa.”

    • Mymjj5 Says:

      It’s because Jesus is Jewish. Christians accept Him as Savior and Lord.

    • xerxes Says:

      Because of slavery duhh…What kind of question is that ? Use your head! You sound bitter why ? Is it because the orginal jews are black hebrews and the white people from europe stole a culture ?


      What Akannam said in his book ‘Before the Covenant’ I would say, is perfect or near to perfection. I am an Igbo by origin (Nwa Awuaawaa) and all the said in his book are not based on assumptions like most authors or historians do but on pure fact/ evidence which can still be seen and confirmed.

      I really don’t know how he did it (noticed that) but I believe he might be a prophet (of course he is; Numbers 11:29).

      Blessed be the God of Akannam.

    • timothy Says:

      Because slavery we had no choice most were beat into submission to be christian tied beaten

  2. Yeye Akilimali Funua OLade Says:

    The Africans that were Jews were certain tribes only like the Akan in Ghana,the Ethiopian Jews,etc. The Akan still have signs of their jewishness.The jews that migrated to europe ofcourse mixed with the whites there,but were often called”niggers” by Hitler and others and were often afraid of their BLack blood showing up in their children,nappy hair`,brownish skin,all in spite of the mixture of white.

  3. Tariq Ali Says:

    In response to R. rucker’s question, africans are christians because of cultural tyranny. Look up the Jesuits and you will see that the conquest of africa began with the prosletyzing of the african populace by Albion christion missionaries. Since the time of Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., Christianity, which should be accurately referred to as Christendom (The domain of Christianity), has been used as a form of nationalism by the albino people of the North in order to subdue the darker, more spiritual people of the earth to make it easier to subjugate them with false religious doctrine and dogma, doctrine and dogma that they do not follow themselves. They use false concepts in order to control the masses and to steal their resources. The original and true religion is science. “To know”, is the definition of science. We went from “knowers of fact” to “believers in concepts” and lost everything.

    • JamboJo Says:

      But the Desert Fathers and early Church fathers were african. We “albino people of the North” know this; they are our saints. Arabs also ruled parts of southern Europe. On of my favorite albino saints, St. Vincent de Paul was actually sold into slavery by arab pirates.

  4. Best Posts from around the Web » Comment on THE ANCIENT JEWS WERE BLACK AND AFRICAN WROTE THE BIBLE … Says:

    […] Original post by Yeye Akilimali Funua OLade […]

  5. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    E se (THANKS in Yoruba) Brother Tariq ALI,for answering that question! You are very knowable about these matters so if you want to write on any BLACK topic tell me so here and I will contact you directly to have you send it so we can be more enlightened on the BLACK TRUTH.All Brothers/Sisters are invited to submit any thing for the RACE here on this site so just do the same and I will post it-it’s YOUR site!

  6. Iris Terrell Says:

    This web sight is beautiful. Even though we as a black people have beeenlie to about our heritage and true staus with God. Being taught christianty. We are the most beautiful people on this planet, WE know are ture calling , God is revieling the truth each and every day. All we have to do is tap into it. Your web-site is a blessing and a breath of fresh air. Continue with your work and i pray that the black man back to God and resume what we were ment to do as his chopsen people, and that is to be Priest and Priestest and lead humanity back to Our credator God almighty YAhwae.

    • Kreed Says:

      I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art
      rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and
      are not, but are the synagogue of
      Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be
      thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I
      will make them of the synagogue of
      Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I
      will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have
      loved thee. Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9.
      The Israelites in Israel in my opinion aren’t even Jews, but the False, the ones claiming to be Jews

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      You are so delusional it isn’t even funny. You think just because you are black, that white people have done all this to you. No they didn’t. They did it to your ancestors. You don’t even know how to spell, which is a sad thing. But never mind that, you don’t even know your own history. The Jews were not black. I mean really. If someone were to post a site that said,”Preserving White Beauty” there would be so much conflict it would be hilarious.

      The Israelis are the true Jews, get over yourself.

      • June Says:

        Justin who died & left you in charge & all knowing? Why can’t Blacks be the original Jews? Just like you think ur race is the original jews, Why can’t blacks be. I dont know who is, but it leaves for research, but then again 98% of info we have for research was given by the white race. I just want to know the truth, so it means going back to The Word of God & seek His guidance for truth in this matter. If with sincerity this is done, & this is His will for us to know as a people. Rest assured we will find out. Because no man or anything can alter GOD’S PLANS. And that you can take to the bank my brother!!

      • ANTWAN Says:

        June, my brother if you want to see a web page that deals in this subject then just let me know. I will give you my email address. Also, there is plenty of videos on youtube that are pretty accurate on this subject. You can even see the oldest images of Hebrews that are in existence as far as I know. We have found that there are ancient artifacts that are kept hidden from the world for what ever reason. I got a very good hunch on why they are being hidden…lol But there`s so much proof of black ancient Hebrews that it isn`t even funny. Not only Hebrews were black people in ancient times. There`s a number of other ancient people that were black but this information was being kept away by not being talked about in main media. They only show or talk about what they want you to know. It`s sad because I think all people of color should know their history and just as sad that people would deny them of their history. When I first found out about all of the lies and denial of our history that still goes on today it really changed my views about people. I find it crazy that I could be looking at an ancient Egyptian wall painting that was painted by the Egyptians who painted themselves brown in color with corn rolls. And some white people could see that same exact painting and say it is a European…lol As if i`m that stupid…lol But there has been a major coverup of our history and it`s only up to us to restore it because nobody else is going to be honest enough to help. There are some white scholars who tell the truth but even they are given a hard time by their peers and government officials. I feel that if they want to cover this up that bad then it must be very important information out there somewhere. The Europeans are the ones who went and explored these historical places and have been known to make fake artifacts and whitewash paintings. It`s a sad sad thing that`s going on.

      • Velma Says:

        Justin, the problem is not as you see it. The problem is we as Blacks, irregardless to the Tribe, we have created so much from the beginning up to now and the Whites, whether Greeks, English, Scottish, Spanish or whatever each embrace the other in covering up our original history. Now, God is carrying the truth in his heart and he placed it in the hearts of the geneticists, who have agreed that the Black Adam is truly the originator of the DNA that is African and all other ethnic groups must know and accept that the first human was an African Black. From God himself to the Bible the great things we contributed to civilization, a certain group has erased the truth and replaced the truth with a lie and then tell us not question God. God told us to seek him and inquire of him, whatever our hearts are seeking answers in truth. Justin you are of the group that just cannot accept what we have accomplished and it must be covered up, by hiding our Blackness.


        AFRICANS need to bury JESUS to find GOD.

      • Velma Says:

        Well, my father, grand father, and grandmom were all ministers and Jesus is within mine and their Spiritual Realm, which merged with our souls and we knew God’s only begotten son, Jesus. Satan was God’s right hand angel, but when he wanted to become God, stealing 1/3 of God’s Angels, Micheal and Jesus cast him out of Heaven. Micheal’s Helper, became the son of God. Mohammed, Budda, and no other icon of any other religion died on the cross, for all of our sins, nor did they rise and continue in existence on the earth for 40 days and ascend into Heaven, and still lives in the Spirit. Only through do we have Salvation and Eternal Life. Until one really knows Jesus, and I can say this because I truly know him. He saved me from three known rapists and murders at different times in my life. If I shared who they were, some one would know their stories of raping and murdering women. Each time I was confronted, I sought Jesus and I saw these men stand as if they were in a trance and I walked away. When the physician told me my husband had only three days to live, I said Satan your are a liar and a thief. I prayed to the Father and the Son and my husband is alive today. Each person has to seek his own spiritual guidance for his soul and Jesus is MINE. I have studied the three major religions and none has moved me and mine, like the Power of God through Jesus. What the White Men and Women have sown against us, they will reap their just reward. We cannot ask not one White Person who has died with hate against Blacks, how his judgement on the judgement seat was rendered. We must continue to teach our children about our history and the connection with the God Head, Our Father through Jesus, his only begotten Son.!!!!!!

      • Sonny Says:

        Israelites are the so called blacks not Israelis that’s why they are not called Israelites but Israelis, they now the truth but will tell the blinded a lie go to Egypt see for your self, wats left of the truth, remember some has been white washed because of hate.

  7. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    SISTER, we are glad that you appreciate what we are doing here. If all BLACK people have the true knowledge of their history we will be able to pick ourselves up again and raise to rebuild what other cultures have destroyed for us and then help recreate the world which is falling to pieces now as we did of old! GOD is the key to our resurrection so if you are Black Hebrew,Rastafari,Yoruba,Kemetian,Christian,Muslim,whatever we have to do to GOD to get the strength of overcome all these white obstacles!

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      White obstacles? You think that God is pleased with that? You are simple-minded and crazy. We are not your obstacles. It is your stupidity that is your obstacle.

      • Keenan Says:

        Justin. It’s a scientific fact, that the first humans to walk earth were Black Africans from eastern Africa. Africans migrated across the world hundreds of thousands of years ago. The white race evolved from the Black Grimaldi Negroids who migrated from Africa into Europe. They spent over 20,000 years in the Ice Age in northern Europe which altered their complexion and made them white or albino. This history has been distorted, and the Truth will prevail because God, Allah, the Creator of the Universe is forever present. You are fighting with your own perceptions.

  8. Iris Terrell Says:

    I love this web site after being brainwash as to our beautiful heritage, It’s like being born again and being proud that we are chosen by God, it’s like a breath of fresh air, keep up this web site and i pray to the Almighty, that we as a people return back to him.

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  10. movie rentals » Comment on THE ANCIENT JEWS WERE BLACK AND AFRICANS WROTE THE … Says:

    […] Nas wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI love this web site after being brainwash as to our beautiful heritage, It’s like being born again and being proud that we are chosen by God, it’s like a breath of fresh air, keep up this web site and i pray to the Almighty, … […]

  11. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Amen!Sister,your prayers for us are wonderful!

  12. mary Says:

    Thank you for bringing this truth in these latter days but how do we tell the massive of black hebrews who is not aware of their true heritage and do not have the necessary means to obtain this message on a computer.

  13. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Actually as with all things concerning the masses of Black people we have to get out there and preach the word on the BLACK Truth in community places,churches,mosques etc. Every chance you get you must be informing them of the Truth.You can also get together with other BLACKS and set up weekend or regular BLACk history lectures in the BLACK community. Write articles on the subject for Black media.Use every opportunity to get the word out!

  14. TATA Says:


    • Justin Stewart Says:

      Also it said that there was a sword coming out of his mouth, and that he had white hair. Don’t you think it was just a metaphor like most of Revelation was anyways?

      • ro Says:

        Wow…you are really in denial and the trueth really scares you. Doesn’t it Justin?

  15. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Brother Tata, Beni(yes in Yoruba),definitely Jesu Christi was dudu(BLACK).Black ash it was.With the europeans showing him as Black since the first christian churches were built in europe,to the changing of his color to white in the l4th century or so, we can trace in white history what happened and why. The beautiful film “The Color of the CROSS” should now be in every Black home to remind our children that Jesus was Black like they are!

  16. teresao Says:

    I am a genealogist. I have a genealogy website, I have recently participated in the National Geographics Genographics project. I am currently very interested in helping connect the bible to our early african and egyptian ancestors. We are all cousins, and we should not forget that. If anyone would like to comment, I have started a blog called could genographics wipe out racism. Please comment. Also, I agree that Africans must have written some of the old text. It’s pretty cool actually. DNA proving the bible, who’d of though. Cheers, Teresao

    • Antwan Says:

      Teresao, I have read that the oldest inhabitants of the lands called Israel were a people called the Natufians. The scientist who did the studies on their remains said their skull measurements and bones were the same as west Africans. The scientist who made these findings later recanted because of pressure put on him by the other white scientist who didn`t want that information known. But it is well written about in early books that Africans controlled those lands for thousands of years before even the Arab came to those lands. The ancient Egyptians controlled those lands as well. The only thing separating Africa from Israle is a man made canal. Africans controlled from Africa all the way to Mesopotamia and India in very ancient times. I will only trust DNA if done by the right people. There are plenty of DNA lies out there about King Tutankhamen. If the tests are done by Black African people then I will have a better chance of believing the tests. I`m just sick and tired of having to rely on the very people who have enslaved us to then turn around and trust their teachings. If they won`t treat you right how can I expect them to teach us right?…lol

  17. teresao Says:

    BTW, I am european, african, and egyptian.

  18. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Well Teresao,You are as Black as you wanna be. I would suggest that you decide wheither you want to drop the other two and face BLACK. That is a full time job and being divided like you are now is gonna confuse you.Then if you are serious about the BLACK RACE you marry Black like Obama did to cut thru the confusion your parents caused.

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      There is no black race, there is no white race. It is only the human race. She shouldn’t drop her heritage, that is part of who she is! What are you talking about? Black-supremacy! You’re crazy and delusional.

  19. Win Says:

    Finally, the veil is being lifted from the eyes of the blind. Yahuwah said that HE HIMSELF will gather HIS people and HE will make HIMSELF know to them. From the dawn of time the sovereign of the universe and ruler of the cosmos (Yahuwah) ordained a day and time when HIS beloved would be gathered to him. So passionate is HIS love and desire for HIS people to return to HIM that HE would allow harshness, violence and racial hatred be the instruments to pull us back to him. The prophets liken our reconciliation as a woman in labour suffering life/death pains just to give birth. We are now in the travailing stage of the birthing chamber. Current global black on black crimes and rise in white supremacy will NOT abate but shall intensify. Those trapped in mixed marriages will find their European spouses turning from them: vain will be their excuses. The brainwashing of our children to accept subordinate position i.e. the back of queues for lunch; when they are out on day/field trips with their schools etc.

    That which the satans feared the most is now their reality.

    Keep up the excellent righteous work.

  20. Jaheem Baba Says:

    I have recently come across this most important and revealing information about the identity of our ancestry. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Yahoshua, and the Apostles were all black skinned people! Being punished by Yah for breaking his covenant, they were dispersed into the lands of their enemies. In particular through the Ivory Coast slave trade. If you check out the book of Deuteronomy you will see that we, as descendants of the Israelites are suffering every curse written because of the transgressions of our fathers. Let us return to our Father Yah that He may return to us. Amen.

  21. ms quaye Says:

    mr. Darkwah states that “ancient Egypt was geographically in Africa and that so called European experts do not know the Ancient Egyptian story because they are not familiar with African tribal names. They do not have the linguistic and cultural backgrounds to identify Egyptian names and have simply transposed the African names of people and places in Ancient Egyptian history into European languages to make it possible for them to claim expertise.” which i agree with him as an african. i was reseaching the ancient Ethiopia and came across this about a tribe in then Ethiopia… “And the enquiry naturally presents itself: How do the Africans of the present day compare in morals and social polity with those of ancient times? We answer, that those south of the “Sahara,” uncontaminated by influence of the coast, especially the YARUBAS, are equal in susceptibility and moral integrity to the ancient Africans.” could they be talking about the YORUBA tribe of Nigeria?? In my other seaches, i found… “Take any book of Egyptian history containing authentic cuts and examine the faces of the first pharaohs, they are distinctively Ethiopian. The “Agu” of the monuments represented this aboriginal race.They were the ancestors of the Nubians. and were the ruling race of Egypt” I heared AGU is a last name of people in Nigeria and possibilly Ghana. is it true??

    • Antwan Says:

      ms quaye, you are on to something really unique. Because I to have read about what you are saying. There is a website, which I will post for you, that says all language can be traced back to Nigeria. In particular the Igbo tribe. You can trace ancient Egyptian, Hebrew and all other languages to the Igbo language. This site will show proof as well. The next day after I saw this site I saw a video from a Nigerian woman who has studied her people`s history and she said the same things that are on that website and more. There is another brother on here who wrote a book called Before the Covenant. He has traced Abraham’s lineage back to Nigeria as well. The land of UR was populated by African people. There has been so much of our history that has been tampered with and changed. So I urge all to find the truth and teach our young before the white man implants lies in their heads. Here`s that site…. If I were you I would read it in it`s entirety. You will see what you were talking about in your comment right on that website…Peace!!!!

  22. ms quaye Says:

    “In the inscriptions relative to the campaigns of Pepi I, Negroes are represented as immediately adjoining the Egyptian frontier. This seems to perplex some authors. They had always been there. This was the Old Race of predynastic Egypt–the primitive Cushite type. This was the aboriginal race of Abyssinia.” this shows we have always been there even since ceation.

  23. Viaa Says:


  24. Tara Q. Says:

    Very good! Please site more refrences that people can actually go to to read the information for themselves in your next artilce. Here is one for everyone to check of it is a book I found in my research on the topic “Black Jews” the book is called The “Black Jew” Germans, Nazis and Natures’s other Creatures by Herbert Louis Heining.

    Keep up the good work..But you don’t have to be angryin your expression ..Just let the truth be is what it is.

  25. Idontknow Myrealname Says:

    I have been praying and searching for the race of the original hebrews. I was led to this site that I may learn; another step in a long journey. Please teach me.

  26. 2 dots and a line Says:

    I believe that the real name for Israel is truly Asrae, meaning, the Visited One” in the Akan language.

  27. Kemet B Says:

    We need to look at what is and has really been going on. There are over 5,000 Ancient Ethiopian Manusripts spread out all over Europe from Great Britain to Greece mostly looted from Maqdala, Ethiopia along with other treasures as tabots, crowns and strangely enough, locks of hair from Ethiopian Solomonic Royalty (imagine how they got that). These important items belong to Ethiopia and Africa. The vatican has forever been in Ethiopia seeking to find and or destroy what they know is the truth and don’t want the world to know is the truth. The pope at the time of the italian invasion of Ethiopia blessed the bombs that were dropped on that sacred land and stole a whole obelisk from Aksum. Italy finally returned that obelisk back to them after turning down many requests from Ethiopia to return it to them. It was struck by lightning 2 weeks after the last request. great britain take heed and give back the looted royal and spiritual treasures of Maqdala, Ethiopia. There is a real Indiana Jones like drama playing out here and God is good. Sign the petition to have great britain return Ethiopia’s belongings. With all the European nations claiming to be so “politically correct” these days, this should not be an issue. Right??? HUH!!! Please go to http://WWW.AFROMET.ORG and sign the petition. Every Black church in Amerikkka should be signing!!!

  28. Iwara Ubi Says:

    I just want to thank the almighty one for his open secret to his Natives (De-Africans) though i’m a native of umur otutu the terreble people from the begining the Ur of the chaldene but call Ugep.i just want the world to know that in humility wisdom is found it is real time to know the truth about ourselves, RESPECT TO ALL BLACKS.

  29. jihad Says:

    I just want to say thanks for posting those enlightening facts I have been in the word my whole life. Raised as a child and since I have met the real god Jesus he has been revealing this to me. It all makes sense why else would they hate him so much. Think about it a black man with 12 disciples who goes around saying he is the son of God and healing and cause a uproar in the streets cause thats were he was. It wasnt like how they try to make it seem if Jesus came back today people wouldnt recognize him because they would be wanting to see a man who fits europeans standards of the Messiah. Jesus would be walking the street drinking wine spitting spiritual game. And the government would hate him and call him a Gang Leader who spreads lies and is a threat to society. Thats why they make Jesus seem white. And thats why sorry if i hurt anyones feeling but I cant get with the the so called black muslims who say the white Jesus thing they with all the knowledge out there it makes me wonder are they part of the conspiracy too.

  30. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Forgive the BLACK Muslims for being like that. They know BLACK Jesus but they also know that what the whites gave us was the lie of white jesus,so they are just against the white corruption of christianity.

  31. Rev. Dr. Kelvin Brown Says:

    Thank You. This is a Wonderful and Educational Web Site! It gives me great pleasure to know that there are like-minded Black People who, indeed, have humbled, kindred spirits. More Peoples of African descent around the World need to be made aware of the, obvious, Black Presence in the Euro-centric, “Traditional Bible”. I say “Traditional Bible” in the sense that the Euro-centric “King James Version” has, certainly, left out many valuable, original, Hebrew and Hebrew-Aramaic Afro-centric, “NonTraditional” Sacred Texts. The Prophet Hosea (who was also a man of African descent) said it wisely as he was filled with the holy, “Spirit” when he spoke the following Truth to the children of Israel. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgetten the Law of God, I will also forget thy children”. The Black Community has, in fact, rejected the “Knowledge” of their Original Historical “Roots”, their Ancient Biblical “Roots”, and most important of all their Primordial Heavenly “Roots”! For this cause, the Black Man has been rejected, and, or dominated in every nation on Earth, at some point in time, throughout World History. The six o’clock, and eleven o’clock, news can, readily, attest to the evidence that a significant number of our Black Youth within each of our Black Comunities have, most definitely, been forgotten! By the looks of it, the “Leadership Pool” of tomorrow’s Black Generations of the Future, which will flow out from the “Mentorship Stream” for today’s Black Youth of the Now, seems to be getting shallower and shallower, and dimmer and dimmer. Nevertheless, it is Web Sites like this one that can direct all of us to Scholarly People who have devoted their precious time and effort to spreading the “good news” of Faith-based Re-learning-processes, which reveal the physical, and spiritual “Roots” of all Black People. There is an “End Times” Liberation Movement!that is beginning to Overflow out of every Nation, across every Ocean on Earth. It involves a small “Remnant” of Unique Peoples who are dedicated to, not just “searching for” but, also, “Finding” the “Black Pearls of Paradise”! Please Go To . I invite You to examine more inspirational enlightenment on this particular subject concerning the, obvious, Black Presence in the Euro-centric “Traditional Bible”. Once again, Thank You.

    Peace and Blessings unto you all, always.

    Rev. Dr. Kelvin Brown

  32. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    First Sister AFRICAN QUEEN,I appreciate your words of BLACK Love for what we are doing for theBLACKRACE! Yes, you must keep on doing what you can to spread the BLACK TRUTH and act on it by being your BLACK BROTHERS/SISTERS keeper!

    BROTHER Rev.Dr. Kelvin Brown, We love your BLACK words and action and site ! We will link it up soon too and reprint from it. My problem is that this site has grown so fast and I don’t yet have the money to get a laptop and internet connection which is expensive here in Nigeria- about 2,000dollars in all to keep up with servicing this site and posting and answering on time etc. Any BROTHERS/SISTERS who want to send me your widow’s mite toward this can contact me at:
    I am praying about it and I know that Olodumare(GOD) will provide so I can give you the BLACK RACE the service you deserve!
    Your SISTER BLACK for the RACE,
    Yeye Akilimali Funua OLade

    Oluwa ba wa se o . ASE!

  33. marlon Says:

    I believe the only reason for the african’s enslavement was because of our divine connection .Their’s is a plot to get rid of the black race. It involves whites, chineses, indians persons. All the world is against black people. We are the only race that is not united for that reason we will suffer and continue to suffer. No wonder why they fight against our preachers, teachers and indeed our philosophers. That is the plan to slow down the coming of the messiah which will spring up from the tribe of judah from the west.

    The freedom of the bound land of the whole continent of africa will be restored to it’s former glory. I remember when living in the caribbean my aunt who’s suppose to be a corner stone to me said the reason why we are black is because of sin just to show you how slavery affected us and still is and will continue to affect us in the west for the next two or four thousand years to come. It is the grim reality that we all fail to face-it will haunt us from generation to generation. Our enslavement becomes a curse that will continue to follow us until the messiah himself comes to free us from the three thousand seven hundred years of slavery. Slavery is not only physical it is also mental,spiritual and psychological as well. Remember it wasn’t only europeans who enslaved us i will repeat but they were the most brutal above all. That proves that they are the antichrist race- that it will take the messiah to conquer him and after the beast is defeated then peace will last for one thousand years. When the kingdom of the beast is conquered then righteousness will last.

  34. Maury Lemons Says:

    can you answer a question for me? what was jesus blood line? I know that he was of African descent. wher was Mary from and her parent from. thank you your answer. Keep up the good work

  35. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Maury,this is from the category here “JESUS CHRIST WAS BLACK”:

    Term Paper: November 1998 for class:
    The Black Presence in the Old Testament
    Interdenominational Theological Center Which of the Twelve Tribes
    of Israel was Black?


    (1) Trace the lineage of Jesus from Noah to Jesus
    (2) Outlining the Black presence in the line.
    (3) Give geographical significance to the origin of people – color and ethnicity.
    (4) Include in your paper a theological reflection on what God was doing.

    Length: 5-6 pages, double-spaced, plus bibliography

    In ancient times, including Jesus’ time, the Arabian peninsula was considered part of what we now call Africa, not “the Near East” or “the Middle East”.

    Americans and modern Europeans tend to think of a genealogy as a simple chronological list of ancestors and descendants; hence, many skeptics are quick to point out omissions in biblical genealogies and claim those are “proof” that the Bible is not reliable.

    It is important to note that in ancient times genealogies were not always simple “family histories”. They served numerous purposes, e.g.:
    The segmented genealogy describes more than one line of descent from an ancestor. It charts alliances among peoples and may serve a variety of different functions in the areas of confederations, intermarriage, habitations, possessions of land, and war.

    Segmented genealogies were used for domestic purposes by mirroring changes in the society, and for religious reasons related to celebrating some festival. They were also used for political and legal purposes revealing ethnic alliances. Since the group was more socially powerful than the individual, relationship to the group enhanced one’s social power. This made ethnic relationships essential for effectuating treaties and alliances. Thus, family tree records were pressed into the service of explaining the social and political relationships needed to defend and maintain the survival of the people.

    McCray, Vol 2. pp 32-33

    I do not claim to be an expert on this topic, nor does this paper purport to be an exhaustive treatise on this subject. The main reasons I put the paper (slightly modified) on the site are:

    Most English-language information on Christianity gives the false subliminal impression that Jesus was a dark-haired Anglo, (an American term referring to Caucasian Americans of generally northern European heritage, e.g., English, German, etc. “Anglo” is a term of ethnicity not race. It is a narrower term than “white” or “Caucasian”. For instance, medium-dark skinned persons from India, Pakistan, etc., are definitely Caucasian but would not be considered Anglo.)

    Christianity is frequently portrayed as “the White Man’s religion”. The truth is that most of the people in the Bible were people of color (i.e., not “Anglo”): Semitics, blacks, and Mediterranean, e.g., Romans.

    I spent a lot of time researching and writing this (about 30 hours), because so little material is available.

    Very little information is readily available in print.

    Virtually all the printed works on this topic are very biased: American and European biblical scholars like to pretend that Jesus was Anglo, and black Bible scholars who write on this topic give the impression that everybody in the Bible was dark black with pronounced negro features.

    Like most Anglos, I was quite surprised to find out that Jesus does have black ancestry.

    I know it’ll really bug a lot of Anglos who feel superior to people of color because “Jesus was white.” (i.e., Anglo).

    (Incidentally, since I know people will wonder . . . I’m half German and half Italian. I attend a Protestant black church and also a congregation of Messianic Jewish and gentile believers because those are where the Lord led me.)

    According to Genesis 9:19 and the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, all mankind is descended from the three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

    The descendants of Japheth, the youngest son, settled in Anatolia, modern Turkey, and from there moved into the Caucasus mountains of Western Russia and from there settled Europe and Russia. They are the ancestors of the Caucasian peoples. Their main impact on Israel was through the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans.

    Ham’s descendants became the various black peoples who settled the African continent and parts of the Arabian peninsula. His sons were Cush, whose descendants settled in Ethiopia, Mizraim, whose descendants settled in Egypt, Put, whose descendants settled in Libya, and Canaan, whose descendants settled in Palestine and founded the cities of Sidon, Tyre and Carthage and, among others, were the ancestors of the Phoenicians.

    Collectively, in ancient times the descendants of Cush formed a large ethnic group and were the main populace of the Cushite Empire, which extended from present-day western Libya to Ethiopia and Nubia, south of Egypt, all of present-day Egypt, and the Arabian peninsula into the mountains of Turkey. They spoke a variety of languages and had skin pigmentation ranging from dark black to medium brown.

    One of Cush’s sons was Nimrod, founder of Babylon, Akkad, Assyria and Nineveh, several of early mankind’s most powerful nations and cities. Their languages are generally referred to as belonging to the Western Semitic group, although they actually are Hamitic.

    Mizraim’s descendants became the Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, and Casluhim [Philistines]. According to the Jewish-Roman historian Flavius Josephus, most of these peoples were destroyed in the Ethiopic Wars.

    It is often claimed that the black race resulted from a curse that Noah placed on his son Ham because Noah became drunk with wine and Ham “looked upon his father’s nakedness.” Some scholars interpret this as a euphemism and believe that Ham had homosexual intercourse with his father; others believe the reason for the curse was the disgrace Ham caused by telling others. The claim is that the curse turned Ham black on the spot. In any event, Genesis 9:25-27 records that in fact Noah cursed Ham’s youngest son, Canaan, not Ham: [25] he said, “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers.” [26] He also said, “Blessed be the LORD, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the slave of Shem. [27] May God extend the territory of Japheth; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be his slave.”

    Canaan’s descendants founded Sidon and, among others, were the ancestors of the Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites and Hamathites. There is ample historical evidence that indeed they were cursed with moral depravity including temple prostitutes and human sacrifice. One scholar, Lenormant, said of the Canaanite religion: “No other people ever rivaled them in the mixture of bloodshed and debauchery with which they thought to honor the Deity.” (per Summary of Near Eastern History, cited below.)

    Shem’s descendants became the Semitic peoples who settled parts of the Arabian Peninsula, including what is now Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. They were of a generally medium-brown complexion with facial features roughly mid-way between typical negro and typical Caucasian and the languages they spoke included Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic, Jesus’ native language.

    Jesus descended from the line of Shem; His lineage from Noah through Abraham is shown in Genesis 11:10-27 and Luke 3:34-38: Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, Cainan, Salah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abram a.k.a Abraham.

    Jesus’ lineage from Abraham through David is shown in Matthew 1 and Luke 3: Matt 1:[2] Abraham, of Ur of the Chaldees & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Leah, [3] Judah & Tamar [Canaanite ?], Perez, Hezron, [4] Ram, Amminadab, Nahshon, [5] Salmon & Rahab [Canaanite], Boaz & Ruth [Moabite], Obed, [6] Jesse, David & Bethsheba, who probably was a non-Hamitic Hittite **. (Moabites were Semitic — descendants of Abraham’s nephew Lot; see Genesis 20:36-37.)

    (**Note: This page used to say that, historically, there are two unrelated peoples called “Hittites” — one descended from Ham, (Hamitic) and one from Japheth and the Japheth group were Caucasian. Having researched this further, I don’t think that is correct. The Hittites are among the oldest of the Indo-European peoples. They are Japhethic, not Hamitic. This site has information on the Hittites.)

    Rahab was a contemporary of Joshua, successor to Moses. Seventy Israelites went into captivity in Egypt and during the 400 years the Israelites were in captivity in Egypt they and their descendants intermarried with non-Israelites. (The Israelites were in Egypt 430 years, 400 in captivity.) The group of over 600,000 men plus women and children that left Egypt under Moses was a “mixed multitude”. Ethnically, their ancestors were a combination of Hamitic Egyptians and Semitic Israelites. Although the Bible lays out Jesus’ ancestors through Shem, it does not mention that His ancestors’ would have had Hamitic blood from this intermixing, e.g. on their mothers’ sides.

    Jesus’ human paternal genealogy after David, mainly as shown in Matthew is: [7] Solomon (1Ch 3:5), Rehoboam, Abijah, [8] Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, [9] Uzziah (Ahaziah 1Ch 3:11), Joash (1Ch3:11), Amaziah (1Ch3:12), Azariah (1Ch3:12), [Matt 9] Jotham, Ahaz, [10] Hezekiah, Manasseh, Amon, [11] Josiah, [12] Jeconiah, Shealtiel, [13] Zerubbabel, Abiud, Eliakim, [14] Azor, Zadok, Akim, [15] Eliud, Eleazar, Matthan, [16] Jacob, Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus.

    Jesus’ maternal genealogy after David, as shown in Luke 3:23-31: Nathan (1Ch 3:5), Mattatha, Menna, [31] Melea, Eliakim, Jonam, Joseph, Judah, [30] Simeon, Levi, Matthat, Jorim, Eliezer, [29] Joshua, Er, Elmadam, Cosam, Addi, [28] Melki, Neri, Shealtiel, Zerubbabel, Rhesa, [27] Joanan, Joda, Josech, Semein, Mattathias, [26] Maath, Naggai, Esli, Nahum, Amos, [25] Mattathias, Joseph, Jannai, Melki, Levi, [24] Matthat, Heli, Joseph, Jesus.

    Jesus’ male ancestors trace a line from Shem. However, ethnically and racially, they were mixed Semitic and Hamitic from the times spent in captivity in Egypt and Babylon.

    Rahab and probably Tamar were Canaanites. Although Canaanites spoke a Semitic language, they were descendants of Ham through his son Canaan. Bethsheba, who had been the wife of Uriah the Hittite, probably was a Hamitic Hittite herself.

    In the United States today the general view on whether someone is “black” is the One-Drop Rule — if a person has any black ancestors s/he is considered “black”, even with a clearly Anglo skin color, e.g., Mariah Carry, Vanessa L. Williams, LaToya Jackson. (cf., for example, The Politics of Egyptology and the History Kemet (Egypt))

    In Old Testament times the first son had the right of preeminence, the right to inherit the best of what his father owned. As first-born son of Abraham, Shem and his descendants had that right. As first-born Son of Jehovah, Jesus has that right. In Ezekiel, e.g., 5:5-7 God condemns Israel, saying that it has been more unfaithful than the Gentiles. Yet Jesus was entitled to the best the Father had. During the period from Noah to the Cross, God was preparing for His only Son a worthy inheritance. Also, regarding Israel, God had covenanted with Abraham:

    Genesis 17:7-8 “[7] I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. [8] The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.”

    It has also been noted:
    The prophesy of the moral and spiritual history of the nations in Genesis 9 furnishes an indispensable introduction to the principle that underlies the table of the nations in Genesis 10. The principle is that in divine dealings the moral character of a thing cannot be understood unless its source is known. Israel was in God’s mind the medium of redemptive blessing to the world, and it was necessary for the nation to understand the source from which the various nations that surrounded her sprang, in order that she might have an insight into their character, thereby to guide her attitude and conduct toward them. This moral and spiritual principle underlying Genesis 10 makes it unique. (Summary of Near Eastern History by R.P. Nettelhorst, Chapter: “Prehistory: The Flood”, Quartz Hill School of Theology) [emphasis added]

    God used the Hamitic descendants in Egypt and Babylon and the Japhethic descendants in Rome to train and castigate Israel, to “bring it through the fire” and “remove the dross”. (In metallurgy, certain metals are refined by melting them. Impurities rise to the top and are skimmed off. This layer of impurities is known as ‘dross’.)

    God used the Shemitic and Japhethic descendants to fulfill Noah’s curse on Canaan and His promise to Abraham, giving the land of Canaan’s descendants to Israel and destroying the Phoenicians with Alexander the Great (Tyre) and Rome (Carthage).

    At the Tower of Babel mankind tried to make itself great independent of God, so God confused man’s language. At Pentecost, God showed that men, even descendants of Canaan, can only be brought together in Him.

    God used Jesus, a descendant of cursed Canaan, to redeem the Elect, showing that people need not be bound by generational curses if they trust and rely on God for deliverance.

    Internet sources found by Altavista search on 11/17/98
    Language: English
    Search for: +Hamitic +Bible -WHS -~custance

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    (Note: McCray’s two books are both paperbacks and the covers look virtually identical. The only real difference on the covers is the background colors. At first glance, Volume 2 appears to be a ‘rehash’ of the first book, i.e., the author simply paraphrased his first book figuring he would sell more books. However, this is not the case. Each volume does cover different material, and anyone interested in this topic should buy both volumes. Most bookstores do not stock them. They can be ordered on-line from and

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    Repopulation after the Flood
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    Roots of the Nations, The
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    Summary of Near Eastern History
    by R.P. Nettelhorst
    Chapter: “Prehistory: The Flood”
    Quartz Hill School of Theology, 43543 51st Street West – Quartz Hill, CA 93536

    Summary of North African History, 1000 B.C. – A.D. 630, A.
    by Dr. Robert A. Hess, Messiah College

    This Land is Mine
    Abridged from the booklet of the same name by the Chicago Bible Students

    Ever-Increasing Faith Ministries

    Banner Exchange


    (c) 1998 Rick Reinckens

    “Back to Africa “:physically,spiritually,culturally, and morally!


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  36. Cassaundra Gilchrist Says:

    First of all, Ancient Hebrews are not JEWS!

    How can you accurately deliver any information if you don’t have that very significant matter understood.

    Thank you.


    • Marian Carter Says:

      Thank you, Cassaundra. First, it is important to know that the Bible, especially the Torah, is a writing of Literary Constructs first from Genesis 2-12. The First Chapter of Genesis was written around 587 BCE, after the Destruction of the Second Temple, to allow Jews to have a historic beginning, which they lacked. They took various Creation Stories – The Enuma Elish, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Memphite Theology, the Mesopo-tamian Creation Story, The Assyrian Creation Story, etc… to make Genesis 1. The rest of the stories (Allegories – stories, told in symbol, which may or may not be true, to establish a moral or spiritual truth), has sometimes factual characters and places, but were written to teach the greater moral of the stories. Some of the characters cannot be proved to have ever existed historically.

      As a matter of fact, Abraham, who was supposed to have lived around 1,800 BCE cannot be proved to have existed, but the time-line for the Bible is woven through his existence as a way to explain why his two sons’ descendants do not get along, and why the younger son was the receiver of the blessings, hence, the covenant between Abraham and God after the faith he exhibited when he was told to sacrifice Isaac.
      He was told that because he had done that (attempted to sacrifice Isaac), he would receive the land as far as his eyes could see, eastward, westward, southward and northward,… and his children, and his children’s children would be blessed, and he would be a blessing for many other nations. He was also given the Jebusites, Amorites, etc…. That was the faith in the one god instead of many gods. (Short version).

      What might be interesting to know is that the gods in the Torah were all from the pantheon of gods – cosmic gods. They remained so until around 100 BCE when they were all declared idol gods and we then came into the understanding of the one God of Spirit that we now acknowledge.

      It is important to know that when the forerunners of Proto-Hebrews arrived in Canaan and settled by the Assyrian people, they were called Aripu people. When internal strife broke out due to the have-nots against the haves societies, they fled into the mountains, they became known as proto-Hebrew people. When they came from the mountains and fought the Assyrians, which they slaughtered by the hundreds, they destroyed their temple and used the foundation of that temple on which to construct the First Temple. They became known as Hebrews. The Mountains became known as Jerusalem. Later, when Abram was called by God to leave his father’s country and his father’s kin and go to the land he would be shown, it was a female god who called him and made a covenant with him to walk in her ways of kindness, compassion and mercy – she was El Shaddai, and with her appeared Shekinah, the glory, also a female word. Later we find the patriarchal writers did away with El Saddai and took on El, the Canaanite god. By the time they went to Egypt and came back, their god not only changed again, but he was a male named YHWH. The Masoretes later inserted vowels to make the all consonant writings easier to read and kept meticulous notes where they changed texts.

      All of these things happened on the African Continent, so the people were dark. Historically, the Allegories of Genesis and Islam explains that Hagar, the Egyptian Handmaiden to Sarai, who was the mother of Abraham’s son, Ishmael, though not the son of The Promise in the Allegories, eventually was sent away with riches, and settled in Mecca, in Saudia Arabia – the home of Islam, even though Mohammed was born in Mt. Mira, but when he explained that he was receiving revelations and was the messenger of Allah, he was threatened to be killed, because no one believed him. He left and went to Mecca, hence, the Hajj is made to Mecca where they go around the 5 Pillars of Islam usually in September of each year.

  37. Brother in the Lord JESUS Says:

    Read many of the posts on this page. I find them interesting.
    The following are my personal comments:

    To any one who claims to be a so called “Bible believer” and spouts racist remarks can and should automatically be called liars, and hypocrites. There is only one race. That is the “HUMAN” race. Read “Acts 17:26”, in the Bible, and after reading it, then I dare you to say that there is more than one race. Skin color does not make a race.

    By the way I own a copy of the book:
    “The Africans who wrote the Bible, Ancient secrets Africa and Christianity Have never told”.
    By Nana Blanchie Darkwah, Ph. D.

    From what I have read of his book, so far, I agree 100 percent with his conclusions, based on much information I have run across in my life time that also agrees with his book. My final opinion on the book is still in the research stages.

    • Antwan Says:

      Brother in the Lord JESUS, this is not the only book that has proof of the African origins of Christianity or the ancient Hebrews being black people. I have a book called from Babylon to Timbuktu that tells where the ancient Hebrews went after the Roman invasion of 70 AD. And there is tons of more information out there for anyone who seeks the truth. One must be able to distinguish lies from truths. If one is going to study or research this one must not only use one source. One must view all sorces possible…Peace!!!!

  38. Demetrius Says:

    This is a beauiful web site.
    Jesus of the bible is not our Messiah. Our Messiah has not come yet. Deuteronomy 13. The G-D we should be clinging to is the G-D of the old testament YAH. They gave us their god. That is why the new testament was written in Greek and not Hebrew. They took what they believed about a couple of their fake gods and made one and gave him to us. Stay out of the new testament until you have read and studied, and know the old testament.

    • E Says:

      Our messiah has come. And His name, in Hebrew, is Yehoshua. Translated into Yah/Jehovah/Iehovah is salvation. J was not a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. But over the course of time and translations, it came into it. Do not be mistaken. Christ is the messiah. And He has come and is coming back! When our ancestors rejected and went back on God’s covenant, God sent His son as the only way for mankind to salvation.

    • Antwan Says:

      Demetrius, this is what I believe as well. The new testament was written by a people who never had a true form of spirituality. And this was introduced to us by our oppressors.

  39. Yeshua Yahweh Says:

    If the Jews are black, then God broke His promise to you. He didn’t fulfill the Palestinian covenant. He gave your land to someone else.

    • Amen Khosmos Says:

      I hope you don’t think that the falasha (white jews in palestine) were given that land by God. They stole it from the Palastinians much like the Europeans: british, dutch, spanish, french stole the Americas from the natives. If God gave the jews the land of Palestine, there would be no fighting there. God doesn’t make mistakes, there would be peace in that land if it were given by God.

    • Antwan Says:

      This was written about in the old testament. The most High said there will be others in the land of Israel. And in revelations it says, I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are NOT. But are of the synogogue of Satan. There are verses in the old testament that say similar things as well.

  40. Jahboo Says:

    As I study the facts of this website, I feel a warmth come over me. The fact that we have been misled for so many years hurt. You can see the hurt in the black youths in Amerikkk or Masonic Amerikkk. The really need to learn knowledge of self, to begin change. My generation must not give up on them. Bless you sister for the souce of knowledge and your work.

    • Keith Says:

      Good hurry up my people can help you make the whites leave and kill those who refuse then you can have your old land back so my people can finally have our land back after they took it murdered and raped my people remember your in my ancestors land yours may have been enslaved but at least they still have have there land and culture

      • Antwan Says:

        Keith, therre is much more to the puzzle than you think. Do you actually think the Europeans had the technology to ship millions of Africans to these lands? It has already been proven time and time again that there were black people here before anyone else. There were black natives here when the white man came to these lands. Their writings describing the natives they saw here still exist today. There are black natives who just got the rights to their lands in Louisiana. My great grandmother was half Cherokee and you see no difference in her compared to any other black person you see today. She was even darker than I am and i`m pretty dark. There was different people who migrated here in ancient times. There are also many old photos of black natives that still exist today. Also there are many ancient artifacts that have been found all over the Americas. I would like to show you some videos that show and prove this fact.

  41. James Says:

    The information was enligntening very informative, but the truth I am searching for is what is His Name, our creator and His Son do you know, can you tell, I know its not just God!

  42. Jimmy Banks Says:

    I would be interested if someone would please comment on the relationship between Ancient Egyptians, the true identity of “God(s)” in the old testament and the ancient astronaut theory that deals with the “anunnaki” (alien visitors). If one confirms that the Bible in its antiquity did in fact derive from Africa, then I believe that its fair to say that the beliefs of ancient Africa not only confirms Black people as the first people, but also confirms that the knowledge of the whole cosmos was indeed taught to us from higher beings (aliens or whatever you want to call it)…also called “Star beings”. After extensive research dealing with the vast array of topics such as the environment, ancient earth, human DNA/hominids, and the formation/existence of the universe, I believe that the history of Black people can go deeper than what is even expressed on this website. If one is knowledgeable about the origins of the Bible, then I believe another interesting question would be, what was the religion of the Ancient Africans? Knowledge of the universe and celestial worship as indicated by the pyramids and ziggarauts in Africa (and on every other continent) and via cuneiform script indicates a deeper understanding that stretches from the sequences of genetics to the very concept of nuclear energy (research ancient nuclear war in the Middle East and India); as plagerized by Albert Einstein. Mankind literally jumped from the stone tool using Cro-mangum man to a very sophisticated culture in Africa and history shows “zero” tansition from one to the next. There is a gap in the fossil record. Maybe someone may be able to present some evidence or knowledge that alters my beliefs, but I too do not take the Bible literally as expressed by the members on this website because it has been tremendously altered from its original meaning. Based on the writings and teachings of Ancient Egyptology in conjunction with their technology and understanding of the universe, I believe that the Black race was in fact the first human race on earth and we were given this knowledge by higher beings; most of which is written and documented in Africa and in the Middle East (mainly in Iraq..does a recent war ring a bell?). I believe that the Jewish author, Zecharia Sitchin is correct in his findings, however, he expresses this idea with several major flaws. He fails to properly acknowledge the first humas as Black people. When he writes about the alien visits and their manipulation of hominid DNA, he simple quotes the race that eventually spawned from the “Adam” as, “black headed people” which leaves the race question open to interpretation. As far as the “return of the messiah” aka “Jesus”, I believe that the fundamentals of religion is wrong by believing in a “return” that is associated with a human being. If one is to study ancient egyptology IN ADDITION to the cyclical catostrophic events that happen on earth every several thousands of years, there is a realization that the “cross” existed way before Jesus’ time. It was demonstrated in the teachings of Ancient Egypt and just as the Roman Pope wears a cross around his neck to this day, Ancient Egypt pharos also wore a cross around their necks. Its origin was once a circle with a cross in it…and before that, it was a circle with a wing in it…and before that…it was just a circle. Its signifies a crossing of planet earth with another planet; the home of the Anunnaki. It was this planet that enabled scientists to find pluto in 1930; the same planet that NASA is trying to find to this day, but knows that it’s approach is upon us (as recently indicated in the building of the new Artic Seed Bank). All-in-all, I believe that there’s a deeper undstanding as to who we are as a people and to the true definition of spirituality and it transcends a meaning that is deeper than color. I believe that the God(s) of the Old Testament were really the aliens who gave the knowledge, civilization and technology to Black people..the same information that continued all the way up to the University of Timbuktu. It is our DNA that gave birth to all other races. However, our DNA is not 100% Human DNA. This can be proved by the gaps in the human fossil record and more recently, with the completion of the human genome project. I do not deny our African desent, but I believe that we have an untapped power that can and will eventually be exposed once our COMPLETE history comes to light. Spirituality is “oneness” and the complete living universe is our God. The Ancient Egyptians knew this information…the ancient civilizations of Meso and South America knew this information…”Jesus” knew this information. That is why so much peace once existed (before the mutants trended toward violence). So why do not know this information. There is a chain of sequences that has begun. It started with the dropping of the Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and continues to this day with the nuclear arms race in the Middle East. History is cyclical, so the nuclear war of the “Gods” in Africa thousands of years ago is once again manifesting itself when mankind put material before spirituality. There will come a day when the world will recognize and begin to understand the truth behind our history. I think it’s important that we as Black people begin to understand it now.

  43. tonda williams-fernando Says:

    I agree their is only one race, like the Bible, the human race, mankind, made in God’s image. How do we teach God’s people the truth and where do we find the facts to support to truth? How do I show the people, cause you know man always need proof.

  44. brenda Says:

    I truely believe that the first jews were black and I do believe with all of my heart that jesus was a black man

  45. James W. Maxey Says:

    Why do people keep calling the Hebrew Israelites Jews? There is no nationality call Jews. The word Jew was created in 1775. There is no “J” in the Hebrew Language. Show me in the so-called Bible where Yah called the Israelites Jews. Yah tolded Abraham he was Hebrew. Yah told Jacob his name was Israel. But there is nowhere in the so-called Bible that YAh tolded the Israelites that they was Jews. Remember Deut 4:2 Do not add or delete from my teaching says Yah.

  46. Janet Says:

    Blacks are the descendants of Ham and Egyptus.

    The White Jews were the descendants of Shem.

    Any Jews that are black intermarried with the descendants of Ham.

    This is obvious. Anyone that doesn’t know this have not done their homework.

    • Antwan Says:

      Janet, I would like to enlighten you if you haven`t already been enlightened. First is the fact that Noah had 3 sons. Shem, Ham and Japheth. According to the bible anyone should know that Ham was a black man. This is where things get really tricky. We are taught that Black Ham had two brothers who were of different races. This is just not possible or plausable. This is where the scriptures were tampered with so they could hide the true identity of Shem and his seeds. There is a bible dictionary that says Ham is the progenitor of the dark races, except for the Negroes. The Negroes are said to have come from Shem along with the Arabs. Now, if you do research on the origins of the Arabs it`s said they come from Africans. There was a migration from Africa at least 100,000 years ago. These people leaving Africa were dark in skin color. There are very old artifacts all over the world to prove this. These artifacts are the oldest artifacts in all of the continents and countries today. I don`t care where you go you will see the oldest images are that of dark skinned African people. But don`t get me wrong, when I say dark I mean within the shades of indigenous African people. Because the Khoisan people have the oldest lineage on the planet according to scientist through DNA. And they come in different shades. Africa has the most diversity in phenotypes. So there are no set phenotypes for African or black people. Some of us have thick lips and some have very thin ones. Some have straight hair and some have very curly hair. Some are light skinned and some dark. Some have wide noses and some have thin pointed noses. African people all share a common ancestor that only they have in common. And it doesn`t matter what they look like. Scientist have also discovered that all non indigenous African people have a little bit of Neanderthal DNA in them. But I would like you to show me where you see a family of black, white and yellow who all came from the same parents. I have yet to see this happen. There is a black Nigerian couple who had a white baby that wasn`t an albino. But this doens`t happen everyday…lol This just shoiws proof that all people came from black African people. The oldest modern human remains were found in Africa. The oldest human remains ever found anywhere was found in Africa as well. So what you and so many others have been taught is nothing more than a big lie. I would suggest you go look at the images of mother Mary and baby Jesus before Leonardo Davinci painted the first white image of them. The Pope prays to a black Mary and Jesus everyday. There are the oldest paintings of Mary and Jesus in churches in Europe and Russia that clearly show them as black. There was one point in time when I used to think the same as you. Until I got off my behind and found out for myself…lol Shalom!!!!

      • Velma Watson Says:

        Nephew Antwan, your information provided in explaining Noah’s son was great. Keep your knowledge flowing!!!!The videos were very moving and thanks!!!!Auntie

  47. Lyndon Says:

    all the men need to build with one young man and the women build with one young woman. change strats with us. teach one at a time be a mentor.

  48. tutu enoch Says:

    I love your message but I am poor boy how can iget money to read your goods news online,please help me.

  49. Ronnie Sanders Says:

    I’ve always known that the people in the bible were black.
    You can read Deuteronomy and Ezeikiel, and the books describe how the tribes of israel picked up other voodooish
    customs and ended up naked and living in the jungle as a punnishment, How some were brought to other countries
    and ensaved and beated, and their children sold off and starved, hanged and burned, and forced to disobey every law that God had for them. (You think it was by concidence?) The people enslaving us knew exactly who we were. That’s why we had to eat chiterlings, and was forced to inbreed with our own relatives here in america.
    The so-called christians had their kids smiling and posing beside burned bodies (after church and singing hallelujah) and calling us the devil. They knew they weren’t following christ. They were just jealous because they knew who we were, and they couldn’t do anything about it. And even if for argument’s sake it was proven blacks were inferior, does that give someone the right to hang and burn people right after sunday service? Does that give someone the right to even touch you? It was all jealousy. You wouldn’t have that much rage at a person just because they had a different color than you. It has to be a deep rooted jealous type of hatred, a hatred rooted in the knowledge of the truth.

    • Antwan Says:

      This is a very good comment you made Brother. I have thought about why whites hate us for a long time now. This is something that is taught to them at a young age by their parents. Not all parents teach their kids to be racist but they end up friends with some who`s parents teach them to hate. And it eventually rubs off on them. I have been searching for something we did to them but I just can`t find anything at all. But I do know the things they did to us was and still is very atrocious. It`s hard for us to understand how people can be so hateful for no reason at all. And it has really affected us in a very negative way. It`s so much embedded in this society that even our own people have become numb to some of the killings that have recently happened. I have the answer but our people are so indoctinated that they wouldn`t know freedom if it was knocking on their doors.

  50. Ronnie Sanders Says:

    I was told that the missing information people are looking for, was burned up by Alexander the great, because it was something he didn’t understand. i may be wrong about this, but that’s what i was told. I hope it’s wrong for all our sakes.

  51. Amen Khosmos Says:

    Hotep Shamlom to my brothers and sisters. It is important that we tell the truth to our children and congregations about the cultural, national, and racial identity of the greatest people that ever live – those who judeo-christans worship as prophets and the Messiah. Look at the evidence. The egyptians were black; correct. Remeber when Joseph, descendent of Abraham the Hebrew (which means he who crossed over), was sold into slavery by his brothers. When the went to Egypt themselves, they did not recognize their brother despite him being in a position of power. How could you not recognize a white man in the midst of blacks. Now, consider 2 Kings Chapter 5. I won’t write about it because of the length but all those interseted could study it on their own. Remeber when God turned Moses’ hand white? How can your hand turn white if you are white already? Now consider Joseph and Mary’s flight to Egypt to save the life of their Son Yeshua from Herod. Why would a white family travel to a black land (Kam=Kemet, place of blacks) for the purpose of anonymity? That’s like president Clinton, Hilary, and Chelsea fleeing to Ghana for the purpose of anonymity.

    Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, John Singleton or one of the great Afrikan film makers should make a movie about the founding fathers of America with an all black cast. Perhaps then, whites would know what if feels like for blacks to watch the 10 Commandments with an all white cast depicting the great egyptians.

    The story behind the Black Maddona is that soot from candles burning turned the Madonna and Yeshua Black, yet the angels still have their whiteness and so does their clothing.

    Thank YHWH for Yosef Ben Jochonan, Cheik Anta Diop, Carter G.Wooson, Elijah Muhammad, and all the other contributors to telling the truth about our history. It amazes me how many whites who have stolen the legacies and hidden the truth and identities of blacks, try to vilify the aforementioned black authors, by claiming that there have never been any historical changes to the annals of time with respect to blacks. I say that is ridiculous. We as blacks should never trust the history of white scholars. They have proven that they will hide our identities from the world and put their identities in our place. Look at the symbol of medicine with the serpents and the staff. That is the symbol of the Egyptian I-Am-Hotep (Imhoptep=I am peace), which was stolen by herroditous.
    As an oppressed people, we will never heal unleass we take the advice of the great Dr, Naim Akbar and the great Jawanza Kunjufu, which is to have positive black images for our kids to look up to.

  52. sylvanus ogah Says:

    shame on the white or whatever they are called.someday sooner than latter the final thruth will be confirmed by there kings and queens as well as the popes and whatever.a
    AFRICA will forever remain BLACK and africa.the backc taught the whites everything they know today.nok just one example that blacks where educated in our black way.UP BLACK,UP BEAUTY.WHITE LIES,BLACK THRUTH REMAIN FOREVER.

  53. R. Ward Says:

    Brothers and sisters I am truely amazed by this website. I have been fact finding for a while now and have come across some truely mind blowing facts. If you want to learn why blacks(MOORS) were enslaved, research when the MOORS ruled Europe. The Europeans were enslaved by blacks for over 700 years, from 711AD to 1492AD. The enslavement of blacks was a retaliation for the enslavement of whites. All the the knowledge that the Europeans gained was stolen from the Moors. How else could they have lived in the dark ages and emerge with such wisdom. The european nobility was started by the Moors. Research it my brothers and sisters it is there to for you to find!

    • Valencia Says:

      Thank you and I will….that’s the only way we are going to learn. We are not going to learn a thing by looking at this ridiculous music videos, rap songs and watching football/basketball.

      Be blessed

  54. carol carter Says:

    can you tell me where to find a reasonably priced copy of Africans Who Wrote The Bible? Is there a contact for author?

  55. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:



    Submitted on 2007/08/22 at 7:10pm

    Some time ago I found this web site. I did not read the information completely at that time. So I saved it to my favorites. I read everything today for the first time. When I read the recent replies. I cried. I’m so happy to see the conscious responses of my people. I went through some earth shattering experiences not long ago that lead me to an earth shaking experience with the power of God/Amen. Shortly thereafter I began to seek out this Jesus/Yeshua. In biblical text written/authored ane revised by King James, Jesus states, Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Well, I’ve been knocking and seeking and my journey lead me to read Africans who wrote the Bible by Nana Banchied Darkwah. This information helped me to place the missing pieces of the Bible in place. In addition I also came across another piece of writting among others,(not by a black man or woman)called the Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran, by Robert Feather. Feather asserts and emphasizes the facts that Biblical Patriarchs are Egyptian, and his facts are very compelling. He asserts that Moses was egyptian, raised Egyptian, that Joseph, who was in charge of Pharoh Kpotufe House was also Egyptian. For many years I believed that Yeshua was assasinated purely for political reasons, now I believe that He was indeed of a Royal line, Son of David, and that much of his mystical teachings can be traced back to Egypt. To me it is really Ironic that during his life in the Flesh Egypt was still recognized somewhat as a possible threat to Roman Authority, including those in charge of Roman Provinces such as Jeruselum. Anyway I had to say something. I have bible study with two sister every week simply becaus they have “been in the word so long” and they could care less about anything African, although they are very interested everything biblical. Well there you have it, that one of many reasons I am so grateful and thankful to God and Yeshua for the creation of this site and just hearing the voices of my people.

    One Love

  56. Anesha Says:

    Where can I find this book?

  57. jatawa Says:

    i donot have much to say but one thing remain forever we are all one race coming from one people the blak hueman which all looks appearance come from,[ darkness] we all learn that in pre-school just close your eyes and you see it all reveal unto you blessed love ,,,,atawa

  58. Adjoa Says:

    Does it really matter though?

    • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

      Adjoa,it matters honeychile it matters! Cause the white lie is Jews,Jesus everybody was white when in fact these people were BLACK-why the need to lie?Cause God must become white so the thinking goes and the white race the chosen race to rule the world but that is the exact opposite of the BLACK TRUTH! BLACK WAS THE BEGINNING OF ALL CIVILIZATIONS,RELIGIONS,SCIENCE ETC. AND THAT MEANS THAT BLACK IS THE MOTHER OF ALL!

  59. Samuel Peterson Says:

    Where can I obtain a copy of this book?

  60. Shockingvibesgirl Says:

    You are 100% right the first Jews are black, the European have stolen our identity for thousands of years because of the blessing we had being Jews. portraying Jesus as being white, the most gifted runner is a black man the most gifted singer is a black woman. Passover should be practiced by all black people it was instituted for the whole human race, Abraham was black Issac was black his 12 sons made up the 12 tribes of Israel was black that is why when brothers went to Egypt they did not recognize him because they all had the same skin tone that Egyptian had that was dark.

  61. carol Says:

    Like many others who commented before me I thank you for the venue. As a Midwife I have always noticed that while the blackest couple could produce a child with straight hair and light to white skin, no non-negro couple can produce true Negro hair. A mixed couple can produce others a little darker than themselves, but the most negroid woolly hair, is the exclusive domain of Negroes.

    People in the field of Obstetrics especially, certainly know that only two Negroes have the genetic capability to produce all others, yet for the most part they, with their respectability have remained silent, while allowing their race to perish from lack of knowledge. Brothers disrespecting themselves, and setting themselves up to populate the Prison Industrial Complexes, need to understand that before Negroes there were no other humans on this sun dependent planet. And after nappy haired Negroes (with their strongest sun affinity, no other shall remain). They need to know that others know that Negroes are needed in order for all others to find comfort on this earth. So its envy and fear that compels others to keep us subdued and weakened with: omissions, lies and misinformation about ourselves.

    Today, I believe that everyone understands the power that words have to empower or dis empower, yet, we continue to accept the blatant black dis-empowering and white-empowering meanings that all Western dictionaries still attach to black and white. Then we wonder why some of our young men especially, do not like going to school.

    Our biggest problem today is not what whites have stolen, or the fact that they continue to try to keep us from knowing ourselves. A much bigger problem is that we’re still refusing to: Respecting, Accepting and Loving our Negro image. Sufficient blacks now know that we spend billions of dollars annually on black hair care products and services. money which mostly goes to non-black businesses and communities, Yet, most black men and women still hate our natural hair so much, that we couldn’t care less that we do have more than enough wealth to educate our youths better, thus keep our young men from spending the prime of their lives; re-enslave in the Prison Industrial Complexes which awaits. Ashamedly, millions of black Americans whose ancestry go back to the beginning of the U.S.’ foundation, help first generation non- Negroes to gain their American dream in record time. From the billions we turn over to them, while they laugh at our folly, all the way to their Banks.

    As long as black women continue to infuse their brain cells with harsh hair chemicals made by others, our brains will not support our minds to see that no one can take from us our true and mighty power, that so far we’ve preferred to perm, bleach and fry out! Like ancient men who tricked Samson into loosing his power by cutting off his Negro locks. So too modern non-Negroes understand that to completely keep us from Knowing Ourselves, they must keep us thinking that our unique image is: unrefined, unacceptable and absolutely not worthy to be honored and celebrated like everyone else. Not unless we invest permanently and extensively in toxic, health compromising means.

    • Valencia Says:

      for so many reasons you have shared in your posting, both myself, my daugther and a few cousins have stop using perms, hair coloring, etc. We are training our hair to be just was it was meant to be because we are beautiful – nappy hair and all.

  62. carol Says:

    By the way; for those who may be interested in purchasing a copy of Africans Who Wrote the Bible. That person has been unable to come up with finances to reprint. The last time I tried to get a copy, Amazon had one copy for $700. Alibris had one for $350.

    After much persistence I found out that the author had returned to Africa, and can’t afford to reprint. I don’t know if the owner of this site would be willing to consider getting people interested in helping to finance the project of reprinting this most valuable book, and maybe even selling it on this site. This is just a suggestion. You have my email to contact me for further information, if you think this is an idea worth considering.

    • Valencia Says:

      that would be lovely….I will come back to this website to see how/when this can be done.

    • Marian Carter Says:

      What happened to Print on Demand companies, which Amazon should have available. If the information is legitimate, why would the author be so insolvent that he could not afford to print another copy?

  63. Valencia Says:

    Hello..I just found this website here and the information here is absolutely amazing and wonderful. As a brown-skin woman, I am wanting to learn the truth and the try to find out the true history of our culture and race. The yellow man has control our knowledge and world long enough. It is time for us to take a stand and stop being puppets for them. Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!

    Be blessed

  64. carol Says:

    Hi Valencia and everyone else on line today. I just read your posts. What do you or anyone else think of the recent stirrings in the News about whether we should still be called black or Negro. Personally I’m happy to be called Negro. I’ll comment more later. Got to run!

  65. imasaved Says:

    I just want to say that I am a white christian and W.O.W.
    This does make alot of sense. I am going to pray and look more into this because I only want the truth. The problem is the fake (Khazar) jews. They are trying to set up the New World Order that will be bad for blacks as well as whites. If blacks really are GODS chosen people, why do they continue to destroy themselves. It has to stop. The lack of a family structer is destroying you. Get married, have kids, and raise them! I hope we (black and white) can one day come together and fight the real enemy(Khazar) jews. Good luck and God bless

    • Marian Carter Says:

      Listen, what happened was, when the Second Temple was destroyed, the Jews dispersed around the globe, and for those in Europe, the Ashkenazi Jews – originated around 9,500 – 10,000 years ago in Poland, Austria, France, Germany, etc…, who had become so far removed from the original Jewish occupants of Judah/Israel, naturally, their skin was lighter, so it was they who re-settled in the Colonialized Lands owned by the U.K., and supported by the USA and France in doing so, following the Hitler horrendous situation.

      I am an African-American by category, even though my MtDNA indicates my most recent Eve figure was Amerindian, from the Amazon River Region, when my initial Eve figure was traced, her origin began in Mesopotamia outside of Egypt (See for Genetic Testing), and everywhere her people went, I pick up 35.355% of the population from South Portugal, 24.00% of Portugese Portugal, and less than 3% from Portugal itself. By the time they got to Europe, I picked up from 18.5% , 17.+%, down to around 6% of various test groups in Matches of MtDNA with 6 Mutations on one side of the ring, and 7% on the other side. If it is there, test for it, and it will show. The reason I tell you this is that we are all one. When the MtDNA Eve migration got to Siberia, I picked up Russian Jews as relatives, Indigenous people from the Kamkatcha Region, and then the Han Dynasty of every sort. There are Roma Gypsies, Cabinda, Spain people, Czech Caucasians, and every sort of people from nearly everywhere. What happened is, I originated ancestor-wise from the L2 group, after they left Africa proper and spreaded out.

      Tell those who would make a case for who wrote the Bible, it might do them some good to look at the scholarly works that are backed by some scientists, historians, and people who are considered scholars, because they can read the original languages in which the collection of writings were written. They might also need to know that when the writing was done, it was Constantine who decided it in 325 C.E. (formerly A.D.) to tell them to write it, except for the Torah.

  66. nomoredouchebag Says:

    Several Bible scriptures proves Jesus and the JEWS where black.
    01 These scriptures mention brass skin (to dark for middle eastern).

    02 Judges 16:19,1 Timothy 2:9,1 Peter 3:3 mention braids, that is a black characterist.

    03 Daniel 7:9 hair like wool. That is a black characteristic.

    04 They mention inflamed “members” that is a black male reputation.

    05 They mention breast like a goats breast. That is a black female characteristic.
    06 Leviticus 13:37 mention black hair as a sign of not having the skin or leper infection that eliminates a lot of white ethnic people.

    07 They mention you will be carried off as slaves (this would be after Jesus death) that eliminates almost all races except black and east Indian on a large scale.

    08 The scriptures mentioned people will hate you all over the world, that happens to blacks all over the world.

    09 The scriptures mentioned you will be poor, and wanting, and opressed (that is not a current isreal claim anyone can make).

    10 Matthew 5:36 jews hair was either white or black (obviously depending on age).

    There are many scriptures that prove Jesus was black, your just ignoring them.

  67. carol Says:

    Response to Dr. James Watson’ claims that Blacks are less intelligent than Whites

    Oh! Mr. contemptuous white man Watson Privileged member of the over-privileged race Who can find no more worthwhile endeavors to engage in Than to give Insurance Companies, Banking Industry etc., more justification To continue the higher rates they already assess for Black/Negroes Based on lying racist conclusions that your peers have pronounced in the past.

    Your race broke our generational limbs and spirits when for centuries we worked shoeless for your pleasures Thus, allowing you time to contrive the most evil malicious deeds. Then after we cry out in agony for redress of our ancestor’s free labor You call us lazy brutes, unwilling to pull up boots we never received.

    You claim that we’re emancipated from your Plantations Yet your Prison Industry is fast becoming plantations in disguise Premeditated to be filled-up with black men at all times For stockholders to make sure kills.

    And while you’ll vote for the privatization of prisons to warehouse black men for profit You veto universal Health Care and cut funding for inner city schools ‘Though we continue to pay taxes along with all of the unaffected On top of the compounding amounts our ancestors earned for you.

    You waste our tax dollars to promote your racist ungodly conclusions While refusing to concede that reparations we’re owed. Foolishly keeping the statutes of limitation current for reparations By demonstrating to the world how institutionalized racism is maintained.

    Haven’t you learned anything from the mighty dinosaurs Who too, were the strongest and fittest as others have enabled you to be Yet they had to go and leave the lowly cockroaches Because they disproportionately consumed too much of all available resources And gave nothing worthwhile in return, necessary for the growth of all.

    You’re vicious, malicious and blood thirsty Forever disrupting groups who just want to live in peace. Addicted to invading other’s territory stealing their land and resources Then justify your evil with racist explanations, disguised as Scientific truths.

    Don’t you understand that nature thrives on harmony in diversity? And that your unrelenting unrighteous evil must come to an end soon? As humanity’s youngest, it’s your turn to evolve technologies from where you found it. You didn’t start from scratch -without role models- like ancient Negroes So your achievements are nothing extraordinary, you’ve only ascended from the well established foundations you came and found.

    The DNA Primacy notion you fostered has been usurped forever Cultural perceptions, beliefs and attitudes are now understood to directly influence and affect physiology and biology Plus regulate the expression of genes.
    And although personal perceptions, beliefs and attitudes of individuals do matter In a world where black people must still maintain a low profile -for the most part No Negro person (regardless of degrees or financial status) escapes the overwhelming relentless mind destruction that White Supremacy employs to cripple and denude black minds.

    Consequently, it is should not be surprising that Negroes who for so many centuries have been forced to navigate a world that promotes White Supremacy/Black Oppression. (With the assistance of most other groups you’ve labeled Caucasian) A world where black children must sit in classes (at impressionable ages) constantly downloading damaging programming into their subconscious storehouse Which they then unconsciously regurgitate on auto-pilot for the rest of their lives.

    Definition of themselves as in the Western Dictionary for example That describes them more negatively than any human soul can reconcile A world where Black/Negroes have nowhere to escape even a day of White Supremacy aggression Since even on the continent of Africa, Negroes are forced to live by some form of white interference and manipulation Where foolish Africans leaders collude with Western leaders to extract Africa’s natural resources by re-enslaving ordinary Africans While only African Uncle Toms get a break.

    It’s natural that such children are going to get stronger in hind brain operations for Fight/Flight over Western academic test scores. All life-forms are inherently endowed to focus on the most immediate measures of survival first, before anything else.

    Yet, in-spite of everything you’re doing to undermine the Civil and Human rights of Black/Negroes The pure Souls of Negroes you’ll never destroy. Even ‘though, many are still unknowingly attracting mental and physical enslavement by straightening out their unique, single-helixed follicle, Which the mystic intelligence of nature specially granted to combat the unrelenting evil it knew we’d face.

    So Mr. black-hating white man Watson Seething with disguised dissatisfaction and self-hate! Causing you to use black people’s tax dollars to reinforce institutionalized racism In a world where even some KKK are beginning to understand that Aryans couldn’t give to the rest of mankind more melanin than they possess Therefore the white Jewish genealogy in the Bible is the biggest lie of all time.

    You’re in the position to know that Darwin’s notions of survival of the fittest As well as most of Newton’s notions; along with your DNA Primacy is now subsumed. Therefore if you stubbornly insist on gathering allegiance to maintain your folly Soon, you must join the dinosaurs in the Heaven were racist white men reside.

    For those interested in the new science (not yet in text books) which gives the most plausible explanation for the mental state of the black race, please check out the following. The three Drs. listed don’t make specific arguments for the black case, but they do nonetheless:
    All of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s works, but especially Spontaneous Evolution and the Biology of Perception.
    Dr. Lee Pulos Biology of Empowerment
    Some of Deepak Chopra’s work
    The DVD 500 years later from African Holocaust Website
    Race: Power of an Illusion from California Newsreel
    DVD’s Africans in America as well as Slavery and The Making of America.
    Negro/Black brothers and sisters, I implore you to let us collectively start to overwhelmingly Love, Respect and Accept our Nappy/Kinky/Single-helixed follicles as is. Those simple actions will empower us correctly, to finally diffuse all the racist evil we daily attract. We may think that we love ourselves already. But that cannot be, when we turn over so much money annually to others who were invited and enabled to set up Beauty Shops in every black community, when it was realized that black people will spend any amount to not wear our natural hair; Dead! Or Alive!! There’s enough money in every black community for more of us to enjoy the American Dream. But we’ve been programmed to deprive ourselves of worthwhile comforts, by turning our money over to others who then laugh at us all the way to their Banks.

  68. Janelle Says:

    What a great site. I had a similar experience as the one that was discussed earlier about revealing to a Jewish person what their true heritage is. It truly was like watching Dr. Jekyll meets Hyde however when you bring up Jesus and the Bible stating that his hair was of lamb’s wool I find that most people don’t have anything more to say after that is said. It is really funny to observe a person’s true attitude towards being a person of color or being a descendant of people of color. These are people who are Jewish and don’t even realize that the word semite refers to being of mixed race from Afro-asian, and Arab origins. Lord have mercy on them all and the lies they have been spoon fed

  69. Terry Says:

    I am so tired of trying to find the truth of everything in this world, and believe me I am constantly searching, but not particularly liking what I am finding…it has all been distorted and change happens so there is no real truth existing of the past to be found. What does it matter that the Jews were once black or even that the whole world decended from Blacks, does that mean that the idea that one is superior to the other is now a right idea since it would be in our favor? And doesn’t that then mean that there is no such thing as race, that we are all (all colors) black in heritage? And doesn’t it mean that whatever so called race of people claim that Jews were not black (inferior in this case) are only black people themselves selfhating. And when we hate these so called whites for their hatred of us, aren’t we only hating our brothers and sisters for their ignorance. If we have all been out here searching for blackness in history then I am sure that some of us have come across pictures of Black Nobles in Europe way back when, which would then indicate to me that the fact that we can no longer find any Black Nobles in Europe and barely in history books could mean that perhaps Black Nobles were mixing with the whites or intermarrying out of choice and eventually became white themselves. That maybe the intention was to turn white and destroy all the evidence for some selfish agendas. Especially since the Moors were first in the USA and left a ton of decendants known as the Melungeons who also hate themselves being accussed of being black. Doesn’t it seem odd that there is no trace of what happened to us as a solid people? And doesn’t it seem odd that the Jews were always in the same placeat the same time? Do you really think they just dissapeared or…did some of them maybe change their color for some hidden reason and became black and white jews one disowning the other? Could we or should I say if Whites are decendants of Blacks then aren’t we all just slaves of our original Black Brothers and Sisters who are now white and running things? I think it is an endless battle to prove something that cannot be proven today, that it is something of a distraction from what we should be focusing on. It is still divide and conquer and we just stay in the same place year after year fighting the same old useless battles. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be one race and one race only, that would have made things much easier and I so needed to belong somewhere definately, so I understand the pain and the need to search for who we were but we have to get on with who we are and who we need to become. Peace and Love to All.

    I am just now doing a family tree and was truly hurt to learn that my Father’s side truly are of Scottish descent and happy that my Mother’s and paternal Grandfather’s side are of Moorish descent. I disliked and loved at the same time my Father’s Mother because it was common knowledge that she came from a white family (that I believed was passing since she was the only black in the family and the stories of why didn’t add up). Even though I knew there was some white somewhere I was still hurt when it was shown to be true. I disliked her because even after she was treated badly by her own Mother and Father because of her skin color, she was still prejudice in her own thinking. What I recently realized was that even though she was of mostly white descent, she still suffered most of her life just as my dark black Mother from the Noble Black Moors for the same ignorant reason. The ignorance is what we should be trying to change, not prove that so and so was black or blacks or whites were first, so it was, so what we still one came from the other.

  70. carol Says:

    Terry, I am glad that you realized that even though your mother was treated badly because of her skin color, she still ended up being prejudiced. That indeed is the danger that the racism of White-Supremacy, Black-Inferiority has placed on the shoulders of such
    a vast portion of humanity and indeed the world.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton in: The Biology of Belief, The Biology of Perception, The Wisdom of Your Cells, The Living Matrix, Spontaneous Evolution as well as Dr. Gregg Braden’s Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs and other works all now tell us that 95-99% of our daily thoughts and actions are being propelled from our powerful subconscious minds, ‘though we may think that our beliefs and actions are coming from our conscious mind.

    Their work explains why so many of us so often know what is good for us, and intend to do those good, yet over and over end up mindlessly doing what we decided is no longer what we want to do. They explain how when an individual or group are born into stressful conditions which continues and forms the overall race and world perceptions of that group; such individuals become what those around them think of them whether spoken in words or not. The pregnant mother who lives in constant stress and fear produces a child who’ll be more developed in the areas of hind-brain functions (like fight/flight) over fore brain functions like academic intelligence.

    Can you imagine how nature would be working with enslaved Negroes in the Americas to make them street-fighters (as Dr. Lipton describes it). Just to have a chance of survival in the hostile world they were brought in, and how this is still continuing today, when black mothers are constantly concerned about their sons ending up in Prison (most of the time for no good reason) because those who rule society, are now continuing Jim Crow by disproportionately warehousing black men in new Plantations called Prison/Jail.

    Dr. Lipton uses the examples of the Placebo and Nocebo effect, to explain how the beliefs we hold whether true or false can Kill or Cure. He also uses the example of an anorexic person, who the world sees as skinny, but that person’s distorted view of herself -if not interrupted- can lead to her death.

    Our subconscious programming they say got started from the last trimester of a mother’s pregnancy up to about age 6-7. During that time brain wave testing shows that no matter what great intelligence a child is displaying its brain is still in what is called a hypnogocic state. A state which nature designs to allow an infinite amount of information to be successfully downloaded (without discrimination). Whatever perceptions that child is getting from his family and those around him; whatever his family tells him about him/herself good or bad is downloaded “as is”. Whatever society feels about his race or group becomes his reality for the rest of his life. This does not mean that he cannot accomplish great things, as is evident in the majority of Black persons, to varying degree. But as is also evident in the black race worldwide, we have accepted that we are what the dictionary tell us that we are. Consequently all over the world -with very few exceptions- wherever we are the dominant group, our condition is listed as the bottom of everyone’s list.
    To change those statistics we must collectively realize that we need to understand that we’re downloaded with all of the erroneous, polluted stuff that the wider society intended for our race to hold as our default programming. Whether they knew consciously what they were doing or its just the law of cause and effect operating (in which we’ve been reaping what we sowed when we were in fact the world leaders) we have been successfully programmed to have our good benefit others more than ourselves. Thus black people will fight hardest to defend the Bible which is most subtly destructive to our race. Just as we constantly fight to remove things that are the least harmful to us, while holding on to what simply reinforced the previous negativity we hold about ourselves.

    Think for example of how many hate the word Negro or even when young people endearingly call each other Nigger. Yet take a good look at the descriptions that are attributed to black and especially the black race in the dictionaries. Go back and search older editions of dictionaries also; and you’ll see that the meanings of black, white and Caucasian, have been changed repeatedly to promote white and denigrate black. And even to increase the white race in number, by taking white from being exclusively Caucasian; to Caucasian, at one time or another, including just about every group of colored people who had straight or un-negroid hair.

    The latter act makes every other race (who never thought about it before, but who are all afraid of the destructive power that the white race has yielded on everyone of color) band together more easily to discriminate and hate Negroes, hoping that if they join the “We against them Club” they would be spared the everlasting wrath of whites wanting to take control of their land and mind. They were soon to realize that becoming Caucasian was only a trick to get them to fight against Negroes too. Since many important benefits were still maintained exclusively for white European descendants, as the Supreme Court told those Japanese and others who contested, in no uncertain terms.

    Think again of how many intellectually and financially successful black people who think that laws should be created making it a crime for young men to wear their pants too low. They’re failing to take into account that the Prison system is already being used to continue the enslavement of black men, and that those in charge are happy to add another reason to continue their crime, especially when they can point to the fact that, “well its your own people who are calling for this, we’re just complying to popular demand”. Do you now see how often the self-destructive, self-hating stuff in our collective subconscious is working against us; even from the most well off in our midst?

    If compared to a computer; the subconscious mind has one million times more computing abilities than the conscious mind. And just like a computer the subconscious mind is simply accepting (without analysis) what is put in. Thus “Garbage In Garbage Out”. That great body of information then runs our lives forever more; unless we find tools, like mindful ways of living, and new philosophies of life, that painstakingly changes the default programming from which everyone is automatically thinking, feeling, acting and living.

    Now we come to the Jews and the God story. Belief in God or an higher power is the greatest tool I believe that humanity has constructed to help us feel more peace and security about the vast amount of things we’ll never be able to explain. And precisely because of the great power in the God belief, it therefore has the greatest Placebo or Nocebo effect.

    Every religion on earth claims a being and point of origination in their own image. At present every religion that the world respects and try to impose on others originates with a non-Negro group, and in fact Christianity (the religion that most Black/Negroes adhere to) goes to great lengths to convince Black/Negroes that they’re cursed or subservient to all else.

    Now some will argue that God or the Bible does not claim any color, but we all know that that is BS. Since we all believe that the genealogy of the Bible started with a white Jewish Abraham, and that Noah was white. Even when we sit back and can see for ourselves that it would be more possible for the one with the most black melanin in his skin to distribute coloration to all others, rather than one with no melanin distributing melanin in greater amounts to everyone. Even when we can easily see that, the strong self-sabotaging programming in our subconscious still disallow black people from holding onto the BS in the Bible “as is”. It strongly disallow us from realizing that just as deluded perceptions of an anorexic can kill him/her, so too is the black/negro race killing and oppressing our collective spirit worldwide.

    The God belief is simply too important a belief for any race to accept tainted, corrupted versions of it, about himself. The soul of Negro/Blacks worldwide are blocked from: Loving, Honoring and working for the good of ourselves first and foremost, more than the other way round. We’re doing just as the crazy story of Hagar and Ishmael shows; where God supposedly commanded Hagar to return to her owner who now hated her and that she submit to whatever injustice was being executed on body and mind. The Bible also gives clear guidance of how a slave is to be treated, and in the collective subconscious of the world today, one race more than all other stand out as the only example of slaves.

    It matters not that every group has practiced slavery on themselves
    or whomever they had the opportunity to. What is uppermost in the collective subconscious of the world as SLAVES, is the greatest indecency that any people was exposed to; The Trans Atlantic Slave Programming and Game.

    Aside from the great power of persuasion and programming that the Bible or any religious directives hold over the collective minds of humanity, Western books go further to ensure that everyone in the world holds the worst opinion of people with black skin. (Which naturally includes Black/Negroes themselves). Thus everyone in the world, whether consciously or unconsciously knows that according to every Western Dictionary Black is: Evil, Wicked, Worthy of Condemnation, Lacking Morals, Sinful etc. etc. while White is everything wholesome and good. Such are the self-destructive corrosive stuff that Black/Negroes are holding in our subconscious default programming, therefore; the reason that black people are unable to execute and commit to plans that are for our own good. This is no different from the intelligent person who got hooked on drugs, wants to stop, tries to stop, have taken repeated measures to stop; but can’t.

    It is therefore important that each individual, each group or race without by themselves examine what the world believes about himself and his people, and with patient mindfulness work to reprogram his/her mind. It is imperative that this is done by individuals and groups exclusively since in the case of the Black White imbalances, white people as we now see, will not want to hear that what their race has been feeding black people are dangerous lies that we can no longer afford to accept.

    Heaven could be experienced on earth in a relatively short period of time, if Negro humans -humanity’s parents- would simply realize that the God programming embedded in our collective subconscious is dangerous and destructive to ourselves; and in-fact to all of mankind. Since it forces us to remain Divided and Conquered. Forces us to see others’ images as less desirable and Godly therefore we collectively pass over a scandolous amount of wealth from black communities annually, trying to imitate the hair and skin, or those we respect and revere.

    Still, regardless of our lack of honor, love and respect for our own selves first and foremost, Negroes will remain the root of humanity. And if the root and foundation of humanity is corrupted and deluded about itself, then the trunk and all the branches that come from that root, must also be corrupted and bad for all. To change our minds about ourselves, is the medicine that the world needs to heal itself and find true universal brotherly love and peace. Children were not meant to lead parents, but they must when parents choose to step aside and allow their childish ways to reign.

    • Antwan Says:

      Carol, how have you been? I really miss building with you. I have found a couple of people on here that I build with most of the time. We don`t always agree about everything when it comes to spirituality or religion. But they are some very learned people. Please hit me back soon. Thanks Carol!!!

  71. Terry Says:

    jjHi Carol:

    I I just wanted to reply to your reply as briefly as I can to let you know that I did see it and hear you. I happen to believe that belief is everything and I only believe what I happen to experience because as they say “everything else is hearsay. I also believe that what we believe and repeat over and over manifest into our reality. Therefore, I recently decided that I was not going to spend my life studying and chasing a history of my people via someone elses account… even though I sometimes still get caught up. A history that depicts us usually as slaves, nonexisting or guided and saved by whites. I don’t believe in the “First Black” thingy (we are smart more than one at a time and it doesn’t take us that long to figure everything out) or Black History Month (you know why) and I don’t spend most of my days thinking about when we were slaves and how we were treated, because that all impresses the subconcious and I think it is very destructive.

    I also believe that the subconcious is a very powerful tool that can be used to control others and therfore it is most important that we shape and control what goes into our minds and our children’s minds. We cannot rely on books that are not written by or about us to be in our favor, that is why it is called his story. The subconcious is directed to manifest whatever is put into it…good or bad, so it would behove us as a people to start looking forward instead of backwards (which seems to always be negative whether true or not). Whatever the past was, we are not that…at least not anymore, so NOW is what is very important…every present moment. The subconcious mind holds onto the things that we feel highly emotional about and deliver them first and quicker than anything worked for…so if all that we focus our attention on (energy flows where attention goes) is slavery which makes us very sad, angry and feel rejected, then we are apt to repeat it over and over again because we believe that is essentially what we are.

    One more thing. When I started reading the posts on this site, I was very disturbed that it was the same old conversations over and over again and absolutely no solutions even being thought about. But I was most disturbed at how many people want to claim the Bible as originating from us. After reading the Bible at least 3 times over I can’t see why anyone would want to claim such evil as their own. The bible feels like a curse itself and from experience, everytime I tried in the past to be of my parents religion (my Mother) life got hard and crazy which I believe is a prime example of being careful what you believe and that you must be in control of your own belief system. Because things happened to me that’s in the bible that I never believed but because I claimed it as the law of my life the whole thing applied and manifested when I didn’t follow the rules. I don’t think that God can be found in a book or in any one dimensional thing, it is everywhere but especially within for myself and for my life, awaiting my wants and desires to manifest as I have also experienced and still do. As far as words are concerned, I only use words from the language to communicate what I am trying to express and that is the only time that the dictionary applies to my life, it is the common link (definitions) in communicating to whomever I may be talking to. Everything else is by my own definition if I can help it.

    Good Night Carol, Take care.

  72. arthur Says:

    you say black people are the true jews and the oldest humans on earth, but have you ever looked at the palm of your hands you can realize the first human was white. also if you are the true jews of the bible, which you claim, than it automaticly means you are against the saviour cos you rejected him…
    also using the term people of colour for africans is a hoax, africans arent even black but brown, second thing is that europeans are the most colourful people on earth because they can get any color from white, yellowish, different shades of brown, greenish, reddish, pinkish, bluish and so on, depends on their condition… namaste

  73. asante nii ba kwame Says:

    one thing is for sure, I know that a person’s color is largely affected by their geographical locale…..and that the body produce melanin to help reduce the risk of sun burn….then is it not logical to think thank people living in sun-hot areas ( Africa, Australia, India, south America etc) will in time have enough melanin to which will alter their appearance (color) ? you will also notice all these places i mentioned have their original settlers or indigenous people somewhat darker in comparison to all other acclaimed people of “race” in the world? I believe God is a scientist and all things he created are good and serves a purpose….

    I believe the truth lies in our biology. o.k what if some Israelite were blacks and some were whites? you understand that all those making the claims are largely worlds apart i.e Europe (Jews) and EthioEgypto-afro (jews). has anyone consider that all the claims may be true but nature has brought in the differences…..for instance I born and raised in africa , am very darker as compared to my sisters who were born and raise in U.K. has anyone realized how easy to alter one’s afro status to a Caucasian one? the answer is chemistry, yes chemistry has proven this to be true from the various cosmetics for hair to skin color…if chemistry (science) can do this in a person’s lifetime, then nature can also do this by millennial or in time. perhaps all ancient people had a similar color…or simply put color, but i believe it was neither black nor white and we do not really know becos racism has blinded us to the true color of the picture

    if what am saying is not true, then why does some black people have extremely white looking palms and some very white people have tan light palms? why doesn’t all white people have white hair? why does some aboriginal Australian people who are even darker than an African have blond hair which is supposedly reserved for some whites?. why are some indian siblings different one white and one very very dark?

    why do we blind ourselves with color… in all of God’s creations, from Trees through animals to Man, there are different colors among the same kinds of creatures, besides if God wanted to choose a favourite color, why did he not make all things white or black but yet we have all the colors of life

    lets not forget that if Jesus was black, it will not change his status as a messiah and if he was white he will still be the messiah…lets do his will and stop choosing side for him and I dont believe that if Jesus was a white man then only white people will go to heaven..if you reading this share my view, then what is the point of all these. besides in heaven, we are to expect new bodies possibly of more than one color what more can we expect than to reject……
    reach me

    • ripuree Says:

      I felt the urge to give you my personal point of view on the subject, and to do that, I’ll quote from someone who had a lot more expert knowledge than I have. I’ve also sent this answer to the email address you provided So here goes:

      Cheikh Anta Diop: is a historian, anthropologist, physicist, and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture. He was regarded as an important figure in the development of the Afrocentric viewpoint, in particular for his theory that the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal is named after him. In an interview in 1985, Diop argued that race was a relevant category and that phenotype or physical appearance is what matters in historic social relations. (I agree)

      “If we speak only of genotype, I can find a black who, at the level of his chromosomes, is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha is. But what counts in reality is the phenotype. It is the physical appearance which counts. This black, even if on the level of his cells he is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha, when he is in South Africa he will still live in Soweto. Throughout history, it has been the phenotype which has been at issue, we mustn’t lose sight of this fact. The phenotype is a reality, physical appearance is a reality. And this appearance corresponds to something which makes us say that Europe is peopled by white people, Africa is peopled by black people, and Asia is people by yellow people. It is these relationships which have played a role in history.”

      The fact of the matter is, white people have made race impossible to dismiss (especially to black people) in just about everything we do, that involves other human beings. We would all like to believe in a Color-blind society, where everyone is judged by the content of their character, over color of their skin, but white people have programmed EVERY human on earth to see and think differently. Every human on earth, even if English is not their first language is aware (to some degree) of the meaning of black (for people) which is: Evil, Wicked, Without Morals, Worthy of Condemnation etc. No one can escape responding as subconsciously instructed by those descriptions. And by “no one” I mean even blacks are turned against ourselves by those subconscious and subliminal instructions. So refusing to understand what we’re up against (as black people) will not empower us to develop the best counter mind and physical tactics for such constant overwhelming race assaults. And one of the most important tactic, is to defiantly Love ourselves and seek to put our own race interest foremost and first as every other race automatically does.

      This is one time when knowledge of what the world thinks about the self is great power. While lack of said knowledge will keep us making mistake after mistake on things that involve other who don’t look like ourselves.

      • Antwan Says:

        ripuree, your last comment to me should be copied and enlarged and taken to all schools and taught to our children. This is the key to our people regaining love for ourselves. I feel that maybe if we all knew the truth about who we are and what we`ve accomplished, we might reverse the hatred we have for one another. It amazes me how we will listen and agree with the very people who created these situations for us. It`s gotten to the point to where the Klan doesn`t have to lynch us anymore, we are killing each other. And it amazes me how they use this reverse racism on us now…lol That`s the biggest joke of the century. When we react to racist white attitudes or their agenda we are automatically accused of being racist…lol Well, all throughout history you will not see any cases of blacks being racist towards whites.I challenge anyone to show me evidence of this. I`ve seen on Egyptian walls of Pharaohs holding a white prisoner of war and probably killing him. But there are also depictions of blacks being treated the same way. We have never formed groups to go out and kill whites. Only in self defense. So I urge all black people to ignore these accusations of being racist. It`s the same concept the bible has about loving your enemy. Why would I love someone who is constantly trying to kill me? That makes no sense. This is used to keep black people from fighting for what`s right. If a white man came up to me and hit me just because i`m black, do you think i`m going to pray for him and go about my business? Of course not. I`m gonna try to put my foot up his a__…lol Not trying to be funny, but this is the proper response to that type of situation. You must defend yourself. Now, someone said it best and I can`t remember who it was. But they said…When the white man came to Africa he came with bible in hand. When it was all done, we had the bibles and they had our land. Our people kill me with how they will accept their conquerors Gods and let them do what they want with them. This is something we must change. I know that we don`t want to hurt anybody but we are hurting and killing ourselves while others sit back and watch their evil plans go through without a hitch. This why i`m so upset. I think that we need more of our people to show more emotion about what really happening to our people all over the world. Once we were taken from our home lands and spread all around the world it became impossible for us top go back home. But the reality is, it`s much easier to destroy people in smaller increments than it is if we were all together. If you spread your hand out a person will have an easier time breaking 1 finger at a time. But if you ball your hand in a fist it will be hard to get to just one finger. This why I tell you that we must go back home in order to get over the feeling of being less than others. We have been here a very long time now and we will never be looked at as equal as long as whites are in control. And it doesn`t matter if it`s a non white in control as you can see with Obama in office. The thing is we must make ourselves strong and that`s not gonna happen as long as we are here in this country. We have brothers and sisters all over the globe who are very intelligent. Just think if we were all focused on the same goals and back in our true home. I think we could turn Africa into the number 1 power on this planet. But we couldn`t do anything without a powerful military. Because you know they are gonna want to wage war against us for proving them wrong. They already know what we are capable of doing and that`s why they throw a monkey wrench in the game to keep us pitted against one another. So my advice would be to try and reach the young so they can begin to focus on a common goal for the future of our people. But as long as they are doing what they are doing today, this goal will never be reached. Thanks for your comment Carol. That was very educational and informative. You are a very smart Sister…Peace!!!!

  74. Dr. Donald Mbosowo Says:

    The Bible is the record of tortue, lamentation, killings, domination, and punishment meted out to the Africans by the Jews, Arabs and the Europeans. It is sad that Africans are still reading and praying on the evil record about them not knowing that they are emphasising the evil upon them created by the Gods of the Jews, Arabs and the Eeuropeans. It is our responsibility to rewrite the Bible that had been tampered with so that we can create a link with the Great I AM, the Creator who is waiting for us to know the truth so that the continent can be set free fron spiritual and physical enslavement of the western and eastern worlds. Our minds must be free from the evil spiritual influence so that we can see and act. The present God is Lucifer who became the God of this world and he is not for us because he was the one who helped others to

  75. ABEKU Says:

    This is a secret only to the ignorant. God save Africa.

  76. Angel_A of -Mercy Says:

    I concur. Hair like wool….”I’d love to see a blue eyed Jew with hair like wool!’& the Bible clearly states eyes as balls of fire- light brownish, orange, or even yellow but definitely blue is far fetched and the Holocaust was just another one of those things the enemy did that made history to help throw you off… the Bible clearly states as many point out and the Song of Songs now called Song of Solomon the he was Black and is talking to the daughters of Jerusalem! This clearly explains why the Pagans/lying opposite races have confused so many holidays, example, Halloween, originally Hallowmas and Hallowed as in the Lord’s prayer, “Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name….” means Holy and sacred! Halloween originally was All Saint’s Day and celebrated as we often celebrate New Year’s and Christmas and do your homework even more! Nature screams and tells us our Lord, died in the winter when everything freezes and dies and was born in the Spring perhaps, Easter when everything blooms and reproduces the most and when they want you to believe our King rose from the dead! Please know that I have deep roots with both races but the facts are what it is! The Lord in human form as the Messiah WAS BLACK!!! America is the 2nd Jerusalem and that’s why history and the Bible backs the fact the Lord’s chosen people would experience poverty and slavery and ….

  77. Angel_A of -Mercy Says:

    …is why two thirds of Black Men are in prison!!!!

  78. rabzy Says:

    Am from Nigeria, am black maybe brown, but a whole a lot of this comments are so prejudiced, the black race or color is not a chosen race nor is the white one either, why would some people be so deemed to be better than others bcos of something so insignificant as melanin.

    The brain is the ultimate and there has not been any research that shows some particular people’s brain as more retarded than others. Circumstances have only made it more challenging for some.

    As to to the color of the Jews and ancient egyptians, they were all colors, ranging from white to black. Even here in africa, if you go to Ibo-land Nigeria, you would see people as fair as a typical whiteman can get.

  79. Carol Says:

    rabzy: By the way; I have become aware that when called on to love ourselves First and Foremost, most Negro/Blacks think that that is calling for reversed Racism. And that thought is truly painful for most. Many of us have been so psychically sabotaged, that we don’t mind enduring the constant pain of Racism. We just can’t stand the idea of turning it on anyone else.

    So I want you to understand that all I am saying is that to counter the problems that Universal Racism is still causing us, (or White/Superiority vs. Negro/Black Inferiority) is that every time it confronts us (Blacks) we check ourselves to ensure that we increase Love to Self and Race. If everyone took the responsibility to Love Self first, and put Self-Interest over that of others, then everyone would be fine. Every other Race without exception love everyone their own first. They don’t question the necessity for that. We are the only race who worry that our loving our Race First and Foremost will cause others to hurt from feeling left out. However, unless we start Loving From Inside Out, we will continue the dismal pathetic state of Negroes worldwide. With a few having abundant excesses. While the majority suffer different degrees of obscene lack.

    So I am not saying that we should return Evil with Evil. Nor am I saying to return hate with hate. What I am saying is that we must ensure daily that: The words of our mouths, meditation of our hearts and actions of our hands are to uplift us individually, as well as uplift our race. Or at least not reduce or weaken our collective power. And do same for everyone else.

    We’ve been forced to fight like Crabs In Barrels for a very long time. So when we commit to Unite, many challenges will confront. The effort will seem futile. We’ll be met with ungratefulness, scorn, envy and hate from our own. However we must forgive and forget, as we do with the greater amounts of wrongs we endure from others everyday.

    We must remember that our Puppet Leaders and ungrateful Breathrens are not the true Puppet Masters. Others are pulling their strings out of our view. So let’s know this up-front, then still commit for the long-haul. Only then will we OVERCOME!

    Today we’re accepting and allowing everyone elses version of our ancestors’ God ideas to disunite and dis-empower us. Its time that Negro Africans take a good look at what Arab Muslim are doing and have been doing to Negro Africans. What they are doing in the Sudan is a classic case. Negro Muslims are pitted against Negro Christians. While those two religions are children of Judaism. And as you ought to know by now, Judaism is the stolen and revised teachings of ancient Negro Egyptians.

    Its important that we Know these facts and not sweep them under the rug and say what does it matter, we are all humans. We are all humans. But the books and Institutions that taught us and all others that we were sub-humans (from Sub-Saharan Africa) are still being used to program us, and all others, against ourselves. Therefore, if we are going to continue ingesting poison, we should at least be prepared for the side-effects.

    I believe that Einstein said that “a problem can’t be solved with the same mindset that caused it”. So if you are living in Africa and don’t see that its Negroes who are suffering the most, therefore need immediate and drastic change, then I am afraid that you might be poisoned by the mindset that caused the problem. A problem which only Negroes can change. No one else has to change in order for us to start enjoying the treasures of the world too. It needs only our change in minds and hearts about ourselves, for those Negroes in Africa who are living in luxury by colluding with others to oppress their own, to fix the problem. We must all: Wake Up! Open Our Eyes Wider! And Institute The Needed Change!

  80. Xobas nomama Says:

    I am so to know more about this. BUT I dont think GOD is to blame. HE said (GOD)its our sins that distanced us from his love.I also think the bible is there for a reason. seek and ye shall find the truth. no matter how much they try to conceal it, the holy spirit will guide you, when you seek without prejudice. Above all else believe in GOD. THERE are all the answers

  81. elseone Says:

    “white people” of today didn’t “make Jesus white”, he was painted that was by Leonardo Divinci in the 1600’s, who was Italian, and used Italian models, his friends and acquaintances for his paintings, and the image stuck. Jesus was not white, but there’s not guarantee he was black. Most historians think he looked like most of the people in the fertile crescent area at the time, as an Arab. Wool hair could be from a black person, of course it could also be from a Jewish person (hence the “jew fro”). Feet of bronze sounds more like arab or olive colored skin.

  82. Mr. Michael R. Williams Says:

    Please, keep me updated on all ” Reparations Progress “; 1-313-212-2952 Mr. Michael R. Williams 16652 Turner Detroit, Michigan 48221-4916 :

    ThankYou !!

  83. william miller Says:

    yea in the bible it talks about gods chosen people waking up and thats what happening no one want to admit the truth but they claim to know the bible and be about the truth but they ignore certain things. Even some black r saying color does not matter and i told them if it did not matter why have we been hated and tortured so much. also if tou think about it we have even been beaten and hung like jesus and the world hates us and find a reason to crucify us like jesus when we have did nothing but buuild this country and invented everything almost used bt man today.Think about this i feel god know what we were going to go thru so he made us extra smart without having an education,the funniest and most althetic,black men r the most wanted men alive by women and black women are the poster of strength and beauty.The copies and steals everything we do.Im not bragging we need to love each other and change our ways but how can we if we dont know who we are.God has showed me the answers to all my question it was in the bible the whole time.And if were wrong about who we are why cant they prove who they are and where they originate from,but i hate know one and love all thru Ihaya aka I am that Iam God bless.

    • Saricus Says:

      GOD IS WAKING HIS PEOPLE UP,with dreams and visions.Pay close attention.SOMETHING GREAT IS GETTING READY TO HAPPEN. I had a vision,Of a angel.Who was flying over the earth,The head was of armor,with very large horns,sticking straight up,his wings was very dirty,full of dust.He looked as if he was ready for WAR!!!! THE NEXT DAY,i had another vision.THA FACE OF A LION.His eyes and mouth was human,his flesh was made of gold,his hair looked like a lion,but was made of gold,but moved like the water.STRONG WATER(A STorM)The lion seemed angry,when the lion roared,he would look to the heavens. SO THE TRUE BLACKJEWS OF GOD,pay attention to vision and dreams,and what others people are telling you,mainly the LITTLE CHILDREN.

  84. clouds Says:

    Deuteronomy 28:68
    The LORD will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

    and with that who are the only ppl that were taken by ship

  85. Saricus Says:

    Eve had two sons,one by Adam-ABEL who was black,and of GOD.[adam is of GOD,Adam was a black man]Eve had a second son,Who was of the devil,Cain.Cain was a whiteman.[Eve went to hell].So did EVE really bit a apple,or was she tricked into having sex with the serpant.CAin was cursed from the earth.Many have asked the question of why the ruling elites among the White race would find it a necessity to not only reinvent methods of further suppressing and exploiting its Black population, but also remove Black people entirely from the respectful commentary of the history of the world. For the history and accomplishment of Whites in the building of America has been extraordinary, so why then do they feel such a need to conceal the many significant contributions of Black people?….
    The White psyche is rarely, if ever, examined, particularly their predisposition for racism. From their established positions of power, they examine and label all other races as they see fit, but an evaluation of themselves is rarely, if ever disclosed. The fact is however that there exists a profoundly entrenched core within the psyche of the White race where they profess equality for all mankind while in fact using every conceivable means to steal or maintain their advantage. Their predisposition for racism is matched only by their proclivity for deceit. They alone are the most arrogant and the only race predisposed to racism; all other races have been either their enemies or their victims. They’re the most brutal in history…
    The Old Testament warns us of a man of lawlessness at 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Paul warns us that Satan would rise up a lawless one, a false object of reverence, who puts himself even above God’s law. It relates how this lawlessness one will cause our first parents to defect from their God and the truth. It tells how it has worked since to prevent God’s plan for the rule of the universe being established on this earth. Was Paul speaking of a single individual? No, for he states that this man was evident in Paul’s day and would continue in existence until God destroys him. No literal man has lived this long. Therefore, the expression, man of lawlessness, must stand for a body or class of people (Thessalonians 2:4). The Bible says that the man of lawlessness controls from high places and that Satan is his father and sustainer. They are as sons of the devil (Lucifer), whom he castigated as the father of lies (John 8:44) and the prince of deceit (2 OCR 11: 14). These “holders of an evil light” are the secret architects that create problems then prescribe their own cure. A cure wherein it is only they that truly benefit. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. They include the most influential White men in the field of politics, government, and education, the sciences, finance, and industry using the lie that their objective is to bring about equality for all men while in fact seeking only to dominate, rule, and destroy. History shows that these men of the lawless class have displayed such pride and arrogance that they have actually dictated to rulers of the world. Is it not apparent that the White race represents this lawless group and that Satan’s lawlessness is at work today? They alone are solely responsible for perverting the ancient and true words of God and in having done so they have undermined our good standing with God and our hope thereby giving rise to a nation of evil. The White race unequivocally clearly fits the description of the brutally lawless ruling deceitful class. In contrast to this history, they have exalted themselves as the moral authorities above all other and have taken possession of the entire physical world. Behind the scenes, they are unrelentingly using every possible means to maintain their dominance even secretly committing inhumane actions against Black people the world over. It is vital that we recognize this man of lawlessness and unify ourself against him.

  86. Saricus Says:

    The Mark of Cain conviction was brought against every person in the world who had color in their skin. It was demoralizing and a lie of the caucasian. The Mark of Cain was, and will always be the curse of the white or pale skinned person. Numbers 12: verse 9-10 “The anger of the LORD burned against them, and he left them. When the cloud lifted from above the tent, there stood Miriam leprous, like snow.” Miriam was a person of color, because if she was not there would have been no need to state that her skin became white like snow. Miriam was obviously a different color than Cain.

    This is also a fact because satan is the ruler of this world and the Bible states that satan (will rule this world). The white race has ruled the world for some very long time.

    When Cain and Abel were born they both came out colored just like a person of color, Eve did not ever say that Cain looked different than Abel but his spirit seemed wrong to her. Cain had the spirit of satan in him because his father was satan, Abel original father was made from the clay of the Earth by God because He is Adam’s father, and Admas decedants father.
    At first Cain did not stand out until he recieved the mark, which is the mark of pale skin which is the CURSE. Cain was already cursed because he was satan’s son, but “God” wanted “His People” who “He” knew would inhabit the Earth from Adam’s line to know this. That is why he put the pale skin on Cain so that he would stand out from everyone else, the world was then filled with God’s colored people and white Cain decedants. The white race is evil and they are satan’s offspring.

    Curse and mark of Cain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is about ALL of our people of color, all over the world, we are One People and that is the truth that Cain have kept from us for thousands of years thru chaos and trickery, they like for us all to remain doubtful towards each other and not trust each other. Pray for your brothers and sisters all around the world, pray that we come back together.

  87. Saricus Says:

    Who are The True Jews according to the Bible?

    The hidden truth

    The modern world has been falsely taught that the real Jews are those Europeans walking around in black and over sized hats. When one think of the real children of Israel they tend to believe these are the children of Israel. The word Jew is not a Hebrew word. It derives from Judahites of Judea. This means that a Jew is a descendant from the tribe of Judah. There were 12 tribes of Israel the tribe of Judah is only one of the tribes. The tribe of Judah is so-called black people in America when you read the Bible and is blessed to understand it by Yah. (Jeremiah 14:2) “Judah mourneth, and the gates (wise men) thereof languish: they are black (the real Jews are you so-called blacks in America) unto the ground (like the different shades if the earth). Jesus was a so-called black man that descended from the tribe of Judah. (Hebrew 7:14) “For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda”. In Revelation 22:16 Jesus tell us himself that he is from the root of David. Because Jesus (Yahawashi) only dealt with his people if he was walking the earth today he would be classified as a racist. He said himself he was only sent the lost sheep of the house of Israel, (Matthew 15:24). Those so-called white people that are calling themselves Jews today are liars! Those people that call them selves Jews today are Edomites and even some of the House of Japheth. They eventually Departed Mount Sier and moved into the caves in hill of Europe (Caucasus Mountains) thus they are know as Caucasians. Japheth had a barbaric empire called Khazaria. 80% of so-called white people that called themselves Jews today are Khazars that mixed in white edomites. These were a warring people, cold blooded ruthless killers. Yet they often cry the blues about what occurred under Hitler. Why do they not tell the world of their murderous nature during the Khazaria kingdom? Why do they not tell the world that the so-called white Jews finance the Trans Atlantic slave trade? They tell you that they only made up 5% of the slave trade but do not tell that about 70 to 80 % of them owned slaves.

    The vast majority of the world, due to the so-called Jewish media knows that the Jews plotted on Jesus but this is an error. During the time of Christ the real Jews (so-called black Jews) were in captivity under the cruel Romans. The Edomites (so-called whites) were already forced to keep the laws of Israelite to keep them in order. This prior the Roman invasion the Edomites was forced to convert to our way of life that that refers to today as Judaism during 135 B.C. When the Romans came to rule over us the Edomites (so-called white man) were thought to be Jews because they were already forced to practice our ways of life. Thus those Jews the detested Christ and took counsel to get him hung where so-called white people (Edomites) and not the real Jews (descendants of Judah). Today the descendants of the so-called white Edomites and the house of Japheth have the word thinking that they are the real Jews and the chosen people of God.

    Jesus spoke of this people that claimed to be Jews but are really not.

    (Revelation 2:9) …..”I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are synagogue of Satan.”

    So-called white Jews (Edomites) that converted to our way of life in 135 B.C and the others (Khazars) converted in 740 A.D. The real Jews are black. Most of the descendant of the slaves brought from West Africa to America are the real Jews. The so-called white man is a Gentile now he is in Israel calling himself a Jew. Read (Luke 21:24)

    Ezekiel 39:23) ” And the heathen (all nations that are not Israelites) shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity (slavery) for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore I hid my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so they fell by the sword.”

    (Deuteronomy 28:68) “And the lord will bring thee into Egypt (meaning bondage again with ships…and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bond women…” How do we know that Egypt is speaking of bondage and not the land now called Egypt? Because Jacob and the 70 souls walked in to Egypt. They did not go in ships. But this captivity is speaking to of us being brought to America and the West Indies. (Exodus 20:2) “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage” Egypt is the house of bondage.

    (Isaiah 22:17-18) Behold the Lord will carry thee away with a mighty captivity, and will surely cover thee. He will surely violently turn and toss thee like a ball into a large country (America).”

    Who are the Edomites?

    Edom = red, Esau = hairy I-shaw = wasted away

    According to the Bible (Genesis 25:21-31) Esau is the so-called white man when you read the scripture and are blessed to over stand.

    (Obadiah 1:4)” Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle” ( the symbol of America and the so called white man is and has been the Eagle, The Greeks, Romans, Spanish and even Germany under Hitler used the Eagle as their symbol). ” though thou set thy nest among the stars( Satellite in outer space, landing on the moon in 1969) ” thince will I bring thee down saith the Lord (The Most High is bringing the so-called white mans ruler ship to and end now; hurricanes, tornados, terrorist, west Nile virus, bird flu out breaks killing mostly so-called white people)

    The Most High hates the so-called white man (red man) unlike your lying preachers teach (Romans 9:13) Jacob (the 12 tribes of Israel) have I loved, but Esau (the so-called white man) have I hated.”

    (Hebrew 12:16-17) Informs us that the Edomites can not repent. Esau came to God crying begging for repentance but was rejected, so do not believe the lying preachers that tell you God has forgiven them. The so-called white man has been a warring people since he has been upon the earth. God is going to rise up Christ and his chosen of Israel to destroy them according to the Bible (Ezekiel 25:12-14). God says he hate the Edomites forever

    Are the so-called “African-Americans”, Afro Americans, Black people of America or “Negroes” truly descended from the indigenous people of Africa (Ethiopians (Cush), Egyptians (Mizraim), Somolians, Libyans, South Africans)? NO! They are the true Jews according to the King James 1611 Version of the Holy Bible! Brace yourself for another emotional roller coaster. The truth will make you mad and red.

    The scriptures clearly describe the Jews of the Bible as having dark skin, or as you may say black skin.

    LAMENTATIONS 4:8″Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.”
    The Bible says that the visage of the Jews is “blacker than a coal”.

    Let’s see what this word “visage” means when looked up in a dictionary.

    From The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Tenth Edition:

    Visage – poetic/literary a person’s face, with reference to the form of the features. A person’s facial expression

    Now that we see the word visage relates to a person’s facial features. If the Jews of the Bible have facial features blacker than a coal, how are they Caucasian? Even more interesting why are their so-called white people referring to themselves as Jews?

    LAMENTATIONS 5:10″Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.”
    If the Jews of the Bible have skin “black like an oven”, and this alluded to an even dark from sot, how are they Caucasian? Caucasian people do not at any time turn any shade of brown, You turn red. If you bathe in the sun long enough that true shade of red comes out, you cannot turn brown let alone “black like an oven”. Caucasians lack melanin to even turn the lightest shade of brown. So now we have a problem. Someone has been lying to the world and it has not been the true Jews but those convert lying Zionist counterfeit Jews

    Job was an Israelite. Let’s see how he described himself:

    JOB 30:30″My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.”
    Job, an Israelite, says that his skin is black upon him. Must I proceed? Okay let’s us continue. Job says “and my bones are burned with heat”, that is referring to the affliction that he was going through.

    King Solomon, one of the wisest black men to ever walk the face of the earth, and one of the great kings of the nation of Israel, described himself as a black man! Let me guess you want proof?

    SONG OF SOLOMON 1:1″The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.”
    The reason I went to this verse is to show that this is Solomon speaking. The world teaches the lie that this is some concubine or the Queen of Sheba. I challenge anyone to come forth and prove according to Scripture that this is some “concubine” or the “Queen of Sheba” speaking instead of Solomon himself.

    SONG OF SOLOMON 1:5″I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.”
    Solomon, a Jew from the tribe of Judah, is describing himself as black! Furthermore, here is the verse in the original ancient Hebrew:


    “Sha-chaa-war-ha an-ya, wa-na-ah-wah, ban-wath Ya-raw-sha-lam, ka-ah-hal-ya Qa-dar, ka-ya-ra-ya-i-wath Sha-la-mah.”

    The first part of this verse which reads “Sha-chaa-war-ha an-ya” literally translates to “I am dark skinned”!

    Let’s look up the meaning of the word for black, “shachar”, as used in this verse for proof:

    This is the definition of shachar from The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible:

    7838. Shachar from 7835; prop. dusky, but also (absol.) jetty:— black

    So the word “shachar” means “dusky”. Let’s look that word up and see what it means:

    The definition of the word dusky from The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Tenth Edition:

    dusky – adj. (-ier, -iest) darkish in colour. euphemistic, dated or poetic/literary (of a person) black; dark-skinned.

    Thus far brothers and sisters according to the Scriptures:

    1. Solomon described himself as black in Song of Solomon 1:5

    2. The word “black” as used in Song of Solomon 1:5 in the ancient Hebrew is defined in The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (widely regarded as one of the top concordances of the Bible) as “dusky”

    3. The word “dusky” when defined in a dictionary as pertains to a person means dark skinned!

    If Solomon, a Jew from the tribe of Judah is describing himself as dark skinned, how could he or any other Jew written of in the Bible be white? Because The Devil is a liar.

    This is not racism and if it is don’t’ change me charge Yahawah because those are his word through his messengers. Want to find out more information about the true identity of the so-called African-Americans? Continue to read below!

    According to Scripture, the Jews would never be white![/u]

    ISAIAH 29:22″Therefore thus saith the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale.”
    The Bible tells you that Jacob (Israel), the progenitor of the Twelve Tribes of the Nation of Israel, that “neither shall his face now wax pale”. “Wax” is Old English which means “to turn”. So to “wax pale” means “to turn pale”. So if Jacob and his descendants’ faces would not “wax pale” which means “turn pale”, how can a Caucasian be a Jew?

    All Caucasian or so-called white people throughout the planet Earth, whether they call themselves “American”, “British”, “Spanish”, “French”, “Jewish/Israeli”, “Dutch”, “German”, etc, are all descendants of Esau, the wicked older brother of Jacob (Genesis 25:25, Malachi 1:1-2, Romans 9:13) You can like that, understand that believe it or not. But the truth will go forth today. I rebuke you in the name of Yahawah through the spirit of Yahawashi.

    The tribe of Judah from which the Jews of the Bible descend from are described as black in the Bible!

    JEREMIAH 14:2

    “Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.”
    Jeremiah 14:2 describes the tribe of Judah (the Jews) as being “black unto the ground”, which means different shades of brown. When you dig through the soil, it is many different shades of brown, from light brown to dark brown. You find many shades of brown (light brown to dark brown) amongst the so-called African-Americans.

    JEREMIAH 12:9″Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird, the birds round about are against her; come ye, assemble all the beasts of the field, come to devour.”
    The Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah that his heritage (Israel) is unto Him as a speckled bird. A speckled bird has many different colors. The Twelve Tribes of Israel are many shades of brown, Black, Hispanic and Native American. Tell it from the mountain, the real Jews are black and the Nation of Israel are those just mentioned

    The enslavement of the so-called African-Americans is written in the Holy Bible and is a curse that pertains to the Twelve Tribes of Israel!

    DEUTERONOMY 28:1″And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.”
    If we kept the laws, statutes and commandments of our God, Jesus Christ, we would be blessed and set high above all nations of the earth.


    DEUTERONOMY 28:15″But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and over take thee:”
    When you read from verses 15-68, the curses that befell the nation of Israel only apply to the true Jews and Israelites (the people of Negro, Indian and Hispanic descent scattered throughout North, South & Central America, the West Indies, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the four corners of the earth).

    But as pertains to the so-called African-Americans, the curse spoken of in verse 68 clearly identifies them as the real Jews:

    “And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”

    One of the curses that befell the true Jews is that they would be sent “into Egypt again with ships”. The word “Egypt” is not the real name of the African country. The Egyptians called it “Kemet” in their native language of Kemau; the Israelites called it “Mizraim” in the Hebrew. “Egypt” also means “bondage” according to Scripture:

    EXODUS 20:2″I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”
    So when the real dark skinned Jews were brought out of Egypt the first time, they were brought out of “a house of bondage”. Let’s read Deuteronomy 28:68 again:

    DEUTERONOMY 28:68″And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”
    Again, when our people were brought out of Egypt (the African country), we were brought out of “a house of bondage”. So Moses (a black man) prophesized that the true authentic dark skinned Biblical Jews would go “into Egypt again” or a “house of bondage” again. How? With ships!

    Now I ask you, what dark skinned people were brought into bondage with ships? Didn’t this happen to the so-called “African-Americans”, “West Indians”, and “Haitians”? Yes, it did! Never did this happen to the Caucasians who say they are Jews and are not! (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9)

    Where it says “by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again” means that the land of Israel, that the Lord spake unto our fathers about, we would no longer see it again. This shows you that the real Jews are not in the land of Israel at this current time!

    And it goes on to say, “and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you”. Where it says “and there” it means the place we were taken into bondage by way of ships, which was America. In that place, America, what does the Bible say would happen to us? “… shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen”. When we were brought over here in bondage, we were indeed sold into slavery by our enemies (the white race) for bondmen (slave men) and bondwomen (slave women). Where it says “and no man shall buy you”, that isn’t saying we wouldn’t be purchased, because at this point you already see that we were sold unto our enemies.

    The word “buy” written in the Old Quaker English the King James Version Bible is written in means “to save or to redeem”. If you are redeeming someone, you are saving them from evil. No man, be it Fredrick Douglas, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, could save us from the evil that has and still is coming down upon our people from 1619 to the present with constant oppression by this country America and the white race (Edom) on many different levels.

    The only man that can save us is Jesus Christ, by way of the God of Israel. Jesus is also black man according to the Holy Bible (Revelation 1:1, 14-15, Daniel 10:5-6)

    Those of my people, Israel that have received the truth which has been presented here I wish you peace. May the Most High & Christ bless you. Shalom!

    • Keith Says:

      Wow all I can say is wow you retarded ass bitch if any thing you Are the people Jesus spoke of claiming to be Jews but are the devil over and over saying true jews any body can be Jewish just convert it’s like being Christian or Muslim so you saying that there liars. Lol some of Jews in israel today have been in that area for thousands of years and some holocaust survivors. Just pissed because your ancesters

  88. James Says:

    History books supplied to Middle and High School students did not contain the info that has presented in this article nor did the teachers (H.S. & College), clergy and family members introduce these facts to me. Therefore, I have set my task to research the pages to gather and list for myself those items that were blatantly omitted in Blacj Heritage. Oh, we knew about slavery and the Triangular Trade Route, but the intellectual essence and contributions of Ancient Black Kingdoms failed to get into the classrooms. My focus is to write about the Originators, the Empires of Africa and the Imitators, Romans, Greeks and other nations that followed and destroyed any and everything that African Empires instituted. STOLEN LEGACY & BLACK MAN OF THE NILE have been ordered to enlighten me further. THANKS.

  89. Jerry Says:

    This is happening right now today before our very eyes, read Daniel chapter 11 or chapter 12 verse 11 where it talks about Egypt, Lybia and Ethiopia and USA all in one verse.

  90. Keith Says:

    Lol even if the ancient Jews are black that doesn’t mean anything seems like your just sugar coated black power plus religion is fake anyways if that’s all true what about me I’m native American we didn’t come from Africa and if we did wouldn’t we still be black and for that matter how is there white people and asians and Arabs if everyone used to be black so your saying that whites are the most evolved humans think about it that is what your saying there the furthest from black I really don’t think all the ancient jews where black but some where for sure remember the 12 tribes some where asian some white some black and some Arab that leaves me and pacific islanders out so either religion is false or I’m not really human or god just hates me for some reason

    • Velma Says:

      Keith, as an American Native, your cultural identity came from the three Nations of Blacks who were here and has been proven to be true by 1500 BC. They taught the various tribes of Indians who had migrated from Asia here, their basics of life. It is proven by those who participated in the National Geographic DNA Project. All men came from the Black Men and Women of Africa. It is in the DNA that so much information in truth is being told. No matter how many lies are covered in darkness, the truth will come to light. Since you have no knowledge of from whence you came, you would have no understanding or appreciation for knowing that the true Jews were Black. Know thyself!!!!!

    • Antwan Says:

      Keith, the problem is that we all are indoctrinated as children to believe white is right and black is wrong. Then these stereotypes are put into affect by the targeting of black people in our very own neighborhoods. That in itself has people thinking that every black person is on drugs or selling drugs. And this is far from the truth. We as humans must understand that we are born with our own brains and must make decisions for ourselves. I have been a victim of the plot to destroy black people. I have had white cops put drugs on me for the purpose of locking up a black man so I won`t be able to have a gun permit or to vote. We just take everything they say as the truth without questioning it. You must look at the entire picture. If you are not white you should not have a white mans name. The same for me and my people. But we continue to name ourselves in the image of whites instead of our ancestral names. That in itself gives whites a certain power over us. I have done a lot of research because i`ve always known something wasn`t right with religion and the way society portrays all non whites. And with my findings I have found a sense of real freedom. In todays times we have people who aren`t white hating on black people for no reason at all…lol I find this very funny because you have let white ways over power your own ability to make the right decisions. I would suggest you do some research and learn the truth. You won`t find the truth by way of a racist white person. The truth shall set you free my friend!!!!

  91. Carol Says:


    I would like to suggest that you could resolve some of your thinking, by considering the following thoughts. (Which may
    not be presented in the logical sequence you may prefer).

    Anyway; if intelligent aliens -able to communicate with humans- should come to earth today, (and based on casual observation) they would conclude that White people have been in the Americas the longest. And, is that not conceivable that the same thing happened in the Mid-East with the now dominant Arabs; who invaded and usurped the original Negroes?

    Now, here in the Americas, within the past 200 years, White Race Scientists have classified all of the peoples of the world with straight hair and other non-Negroid features as Caucasians. Consequently the blackest of South Asian Indians, as well as all Red, and Yellow humans became Caucasian. (Everyone else with woolly hair and black skin whites decided are Negroes. Yes its whites who decided who is who, for all of mankind). Australian Aboriginals were also regarded as Negroes (but they don’t accept that either, just as you find it intolerable to accept that your race is a product of Africa, according to what modern DNA, now proves).

    Eventually some of the Peoples Of Color -called Caucasian- began to see that being labeled Caucasian, did not automatically grant them all of the privileges of being white. Consequently many resent being conned.

    When White/Europeans stated that Native Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders were all Caucasian (with Whites being first) no one asked how could that be?. Everyone who were first oppressed by Whites (but finally included in the white Club were happy for their new designation. No one asked how could white (with the least; or no melanin in their skin) give every other group increasing increments of what they don’t possess. And what they can only obtain -somewhat- by dangerously baking in the sun, or tanning salon.

    And if you believe the Bible, it tells us that all humans came from the same source of origination. A fact which modern science now confirms. So, who do you think most qualify as humanity’s root?
    Wouldn’t it be the one who has what everyone else has, plus more? Wouldn’t that be the blackest Negroes with nappy, woolly or kinky hair? Yes Keith! while Negroes can produce humans of all hair texture and shades, (confirm that with anyone who’s delivered all races of babies) no one else can produce true Negro hair.

    At birth EVERY Negro baby’s skin and hair is less Negroid that it eventually grows to be. While EVERY Negro retains their ability to produce STRAIGHT HAIR, by maintaining their straight eyebrows and eyelashes. Yes Keith, get up close to ANY NEGRO, and you’ll only find eyelashes and brows as straight as yours. Like the mystic Dark Matter and Dark Energy that scientists are only now understanding. Which is stated that without it the universe would implode on itself. So too the blackest of humans with the woolliest of hair holds keys to the continuation of humanity, that even those so endowed will never understand.

    Yet we all believe the lie that light obliterates darkness. But just think about it. When light is added to a dark room, does darkness leave that space. Or is darkness so omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient that it allows light to shine, without reigning on light’s parade. Then, when the light is removed or extinguished, doesn’t darkness return instantaneously, without any lag time? And if you believe in the Judeo Christian God, did he not call Light to come forth from the total darkness that was present when he was supposedly creating life-form and all else in seven days?

    So you see Keith; race is just a socio-biological construction done by Europeans to support the racism they wanted the world to automatically keep-up, by default. When White people were faced with unimpeachable proof that the people whom they had enslaved and claimed were sub-humans, were infact the people who taught Greeks and Romans all that they knew; they had to justify their dastardly inhumane deeds by using tax-payers monies to present what they claimed to be irrefutable proofs; that they WHITE, were First, and Negroes last. Today everyone can see that that is impossible. Yet all still live by those racist rules; even Negroes. Because all are being programmed by the same books of learning including the Bible.

    Because all humans are programmed to see White as good and pure and Black as bad and evil. All peoples of the world automatically condemn people with black skin. As stated before even black are conditioned against ourselves. Consequently no where in the world are Black people ruling themselves without outside colluding influences. Which greatly rewards black leaders to carry out the daily ungodly deeds against their own.

    In-spite of all of that however; the New Biology as explained by people like Drs. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra is showing how no one is able to avoid the programming of our immediate society, then the wider world society. To make matters worse, Western Culture and the English language which are the main tools for Institutionalizing White Supremacy vs Negro Inferiority, infiltrates every country on earth. Allowing the negative meaning that white have attached to the word black (as it applies to people) to be installed and reinforced as the default programming 24/365. From before Cradle to Grave.

    So Keith; its understandable that you feel so violated and disgusted at the thought that your race too is a product of Negroes instead of a product of white. As long as you thought that you were of the white race there was no disruption to the comfort in your mind? But can you see that that impossibility would’ve been easily clarified in your mind, if you had just allowed yourself to ponder for awhile?

    And about the idea of whites being most evolved, because they are the latest commers. So would you also say that your children are more evolved that you, because they are younger than you?
    Or are they just in a possession to live better and do better, being the beneficiaries of all of the trials and errors that had taken place before; and the automatic love and help that all adults give to children?

    Humanity had to start out somewhere. So even without scientific evidence we can see that on this sun dependent planet, the one who had characteristics that were most compatible with the sun, would have to be first. After unknown and unknowable lengths of time; with countless destruction that separated land mass as well as humans, distinct groups of humans have evolved. Yet science now knows that with all of our differences, underneath we’re all still one SPECIE/RACE.

    For better understanding of how all are connected, and some of the lesser talked about wrongs that have been institutionalized, I would recommend the following DVD’s:

    Race –The Power Of An Illusion

    A White Man’s Journey Into Black History

    From a series called Mega Disasters: Volcanic Winter

    The Journey of Man; which I don’t completely believe. Since it simply reduces the dismissal and discrimination of black, by claiming that science now proves that brown is first).

    And finally, the books:

    Stolen Legacy by George James

    ‘Blackout Through Whitewash” will show the many times that Western English dictionaries have changed the meanings of the words black, white and Caucasian. Over the years black have at times gotten better or wore. While Caucasian have changed from exclusively white, to gradually include all other colors of humans.

    So Keith it was never Black/Negroes who were ever obsessed with race. Race has become a constant game of white people. And its they who continuously decide who is in or out of the human race, or the Caucasian clan. Black/Negroes are simply passive reactors, being too afraid to understand that We Own Our Own Damn Selves. Not any Government or God!

    • Keith Says:

      You say a lot of good things on the matter but the truth is its not all about race but culture the us government knows that the smaller the culture is of the nation the easier it is to contain and control yes the us has the most diverse culture in the world but they only display one mainstream but that has started to slowly change over the years and really if I have my roots go back to african that does not offend me or upset me but for me I just don’t believe that I have heard that people say all natives of north and south America come from Asia but I don’t believe that either I don’t really believe in the bible even though I was raised too. I think that when people can’t understand something they twist it into some thing else they can understand. I don’t even know me peoples culture but I don’t really care to either I think people should just live their lives how they want to and not have to worry about being opressed or told otherwise and I think the world is slowly changing that way it takes time for people to let go or race religion and all the other believes they where told told to think was the right way so i say believe want you want but don’t make others believe it

  92. Carol Says:

    Keith I agree that its not all about race. And the truth about all people’s histories have deliberately been hidden, while much of what we’re all allowed to know is tarnished by whichever group is dominant to elevate themselves and keep others from retaliating for the wrong they sustained.

    I have now come to see that all people are hurting. The majority of humans of all color it seem would much rather live in peace, while a small percentage of all groups are benefiting from keeping us divided and always fighting about things that can’t bring us the peace of mind that each seek.

    What now makes most sense to me is the idea that at our most fundamental inner core, we’re all eternal energy. Energy that can only be transformed but not destroyed. We’re all here to expand our experience in the physical. And a better way to do that would be to see our eternal inner aspect as the common God that each share; rather than any Deity up above or anywhere else.

    If each focus on feeling good at all times, then we’ll automatically align our energy with attracting things, people and experiences that make us feel good. So intending to feel good, just to feel good can become the default state for all of us to attract whatever comes into our lives.

    It seems like an overly simplistic thing to state. But it has worked well for me and I will never go back to anything else. I spent at least 45 years of my 56 years of living marinating in chronic depression and recurrent thoughts of suicide. Not knowing that all I had to do was to change my thinking to change my mood and my state.

    Today I know for sure that people can get to feeling good on demand no matter what the prevailing reality may be. People who understand that all are governed by natural laws of nature like the Law of Attraction, are people who’ve conquered the need to do harm to any other, or to allow themselves to meekly accept another’s harm.

    So from a human who knew nothing but depression, unhappiness and feelings of constant victimization; I can now say with absolute surety; that it is possible to Feel Good most of the time. And when depressive feelings come its just for a moment. So in-spite of the lies and evils I know exist in the world; I feel good, and hope that whatever else your life may be at this moment; that you too know how to instantaneously feel good on demand.

  93. Santos Says:

    If Black people were Jews, then Jeremiah, the Jew that wrote the book of Jeremiah, wouldn’t have made a statement such as this:

    Jeremiah 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?[then] may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

    If Blacks were Jews, then Moses sister Miriam, his brother Aaron, and all of the Israelites wouldn’t have been angry with him for marrying an Ethiopian woman.

    Numbers 12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

    Ethiopian was the term that ancient peoples used to describe black people. Jews, and all Middle Eastern/North African people have always known the difference between themselves and black skinned people. The bible is 3000 years + proof of that.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in many caves north of the Dead Sea, for over 2000 years. They were found in the late 1940’s.

    If anyone thinks that modern Bibles today have been corrupted, the Dead Sea scrolls are proof that they haven’t been, because the modern King James Version bible is almost identical to the scrolls, which were buried.

    Middle Eastern people have always known the difference between themselves and Blacks.

  94. Santos Says:

    Verses from Song of songs in which the queen of Sheba (a Black woman) is upset that fellow believers aren’t accepting her simply because she’s black. She even describes how she’s been made a servant to them.

    Song of songs 1:5 I [am] black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

    Song of songs 1:6 Look not upon me, because I [am] black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; [but] mine own vineyard have I not kept.

    The queen of Sheba describing her beloved, Solomon.

    Song of songs 5:10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

  95. Antwan Says:

    I want everybody to notice what that guy Keith had to say. It amazes me how white people are supposed to be so smart but will write comments like his. This in itself should show who they really are. I grew up in all kinds of different environments. From all black, mixed, all white then all black again. Because of the age I was in high school living around all white people, I noticed that they were doing almost the same thing my black friends were doing in the early 80`s. But as I got a little older I moved back to the south side of Chicago in an all black area and noticed how all the police I saw policing our neighborhoods were nothing but white men. They have put drugs on me and took me to jail, they will stop young black men on the street for no reason at all and make them take down their pants so they can search them. This type of behavior has been going on since they took over Egypt. I am 45 now and I don`t listen to nothing they have to say because it is all lies. I have been to prison 2 times but I never let it get me down. I compare what`s happening to us today with how they did the Egyptians and the Israelites. I know for a fact that we are the Israelites of the bible. My ancestors lead me to know. I would read the bible and once I came to a part that just didn`t make any sense, I would ask for guidance and the next day a book would be available that would have something about the Lemba tribe or the Falasha. I would get access to all kinds of books that was telling our true story. I know that the bible has been changed from it`s original state so that the white man could replace us with themselves but they didn`t know enough about our history so that`s why it`s easy to do research and catch them up in their lies. Now I for one don`t believe that the Egyptians enslaved the true Israelites. I believe that that was inserted into the bible to put black against black. The same as they do in today’s time. I`ve been doing relentless research on our history because I needed to know why we are in the situation we are in. It had to be because we went against the will of God. They kill anybody who can reach the masses with the truth. But in todays time the truth is coming out more and more. Now we just need more black men and women to stand up and demand our freedom in every way. What do yopu think would happen if all people of color were on the same accord? What do you think would happen if we were all on the same page? For instance, if all people of color didn`t go to work for a few days this country would crumble…lol We have more power than we think but we have to exercise that power…Love this topic and I want all black people to listen to the truth and wake up out of this spell that has been put on us. The only way is the truth!!! Peace to all!!!!

  96. Antwan Says:

    I would also like to add that I really don`t feel comfort here in this country. Even though I was born and raised here. I would like black people to seriously think about having our own. Maybe even going back to the mother land. That is where we came from in the first place. And we could stop white people from raping all the resources in Africa and also any other race of people who don`t belong there. We need to stop the slavery of Africans by the Arabs and stop worshipping their Gods. I am willing to sacrifice my life for the total freedom of my people and we need more black men and women to do the same…Hotep and Shalom!!!!

  97. Carol Says:


    I read your posts and am happy at the personal evolutionary journey you’re on. I would like to offer a few suggestions though. Since it seems that you’re struggling your way through some of the same things I had to struggle my way through; but which I now feel I’ve overcome.

    We all know that racism in the world affects Negroes more than any other group. It is encoded in the Judeo-Christian version of what we call the Bible, as well as the English language and Western culture, in which most Negroes (even those in Africa) are ensnared. At the same time when we blacks try to find solutions, at first we may decide that the only way is for us to remove ourselves from everyone else. And I do believe that there’s much room for some of that to happen. But on the occasions that that is necessary, we must remember that even us, have been turned against ourselves.

    Sometimes some of us hate each other much more than than our supposed enemies hate us. And often we can’t even muster up dislike for straight haired and lighter shaded who’ve historically convinced us that their image is superior to ours. This is very critical to understand so that our efforts at solutions, do not overlook the potential in our midst. That is, those amongst us, who can be easily enticed to bring us down. We must seek to remove the default self-hate that has been deeply programmed in our Genes and DNA.

    Now; on this site I write by my own name of Carol. But, on most other sites my pseudonym is RIPUREE. So from my repeated comments on different sites (as my thinking and writing evolve daily) it may seem that at times I was saying that the Bible with all of its lies and other outrageous inconsistencies should just be banned by Negroes for all times. However; I like you; have now come to realize that the Bible contains translated records of some of the stories of our own ancient Negro African ancestors. Stories that were hijacked and translated several times by others. The most famous and longest-lasting translation being that of Caucasian Jews, which laid the foundation for the Bible of today.

    The Bible is not the only book in which it is necessary to pick sense out of nonsense. And it is not the only book that has corrupted the thinking of all of mankind. In defense of Keith, I got the understanding that he has come to realize this. Just as yours and my writing and knowledge are evolving, so too are Keith’s. So I wouldn’t hold his juvenile thoughts against him. All that matters is that we’ve evolved from the last year, day, hour and minutest increment of time. We can all do this by deciding that we want to feel good at all times, no matter what. And we’ll do it by maintaining and generating loving thoughts (void of malice) to ourselves and everyone else.

    Still; (for us Negroes) the biggest problem is that the Bible forces us to accept the most outrageous genealogical lie about our selves. For too long it had us joining all others in the belief that all groups of humans came out of White Caucasians. Thus, according to that theory, Whites with the least amount of pigmentation, somehow managed to give different groups of colored humans increasing amounts of what they’re lacking. And on and on, until they gave Negroes (their supposed last production) the most.

    However; while our mouths were reinforcing those lies about us, our subconscious still did not agree. Thus we’ve been surviving like a people disconnected from our SOUL. A situation that make us more like ZOMBIES. To the eyes of all; we’re alive. But our actions to each other proves that we’re unable to truly love, appreciate and respect our RACE. The Bible compels us through fear of Almighty Eternal Wrath to join all others in condemning ourselves as a CURSED GROUP. And that self-condemnation is memorialized by the dictionary definitions that black people are: Evil, Wicked, Cursed, Immoral, Worthy of Condemnation etc., etc.

    So by unconscious psychological processes like that of Obedience to Authority Figures as well as the Stockholm Syndrome process; WE NEGROES could not avoid hating ourselves so much, while mindlessly craving the Image and Values of those who caused us the most harm. It is understandable that the pain we’ve been made to endure at the hands of Arabs in Africa for the now nearly 2000 years, and the, now, nearly 500 years of European enslavement. Which continues to MORPH into new tactics with new names. With all of those, it is understandable that we’re how we now are. That! we must acknowledge. If not! we’ll get nowhere with all the good efforts that many put out.

    Ignorance of that fact has caused EVERY SINGLE “Black Organization” that set out to uplift our people; to effectively be brought down, by those who think that Negroes should not exist except for their (the enemy’s) exploitation. Our own vulnerable people were paid to infiltrate such organizations; where they encouraged, planted and distributed incriminating mis- information. That later justified the legal means that were imposed to cause more disunity amongst us, and end what needed to be embraced.

    In the U.S. today the best ways for blacks to become wealthy quickly are all ways that must undermine or further corrupt the majority, for the benefits of the few.

    Thus there are black Preachers, ensuring that black people remain fearful and completely accepting of divine racism and condemnation of ourselves.

    Then there’s the Beauty Business. In which black people spend billions annually; using health compromising expensive products supposedly to give us the beauty, we think our Negro image is not.

    Then there’s Sports and Entertainment. Where the greatest percentage of our wealthiest black men, have had their minds so corrupted against their race, that they will only marry Caucasian women.

    So unless we address these INNER ISSUES of not caring about our Race, it matters not if we regain Africa tomorrow; completely inhabited by US! If we go there with our current default mindset that hates our own IMAGE, some would soon do what Negro Muslims are now joining with Arab Muslims to do to Negro Africans all over Africa. And the Black On Black Crimes that now dominate the Americas would continue in concentrated form.

    I believe that the ultimate solution is for individuals to start seeing God as the eternal irrevocable energy in everyone. When one person is doing evil, he is just ignorant of his eternal nature, and the presence of God in himself and everyone else. If we see: Love and Feeling Good as synonymous with God, then we can more easily ensure that all our thoughts, feelings and deeds are of the quality to activate and elevate God, Good and Love.

    When someone wrong us, it is impossible to not hate them for a while and get angry. We may even consider retaliation. But when we understand that every life is already eternal. When we consider that regardless of another’s color or evil ways, we’re all still individual manifestations from the same source. When we understand that we’re all eternal ENERGY that can be transformed but not destroyed. When we understand that we’re constantly attracting unto ourselves the corresponding nature of what we’re thinking and feeling. When we understand those things, it becomes critical to quickly let go of all thoughts and feelings that are not guaranteed to attract the good we prefer.

    We did not attract bad because we’re bad. We attracted unwanted by keeping active and uppermost in our minds; thoughts of fear, inferiority, undeservingness and refusal to Honor Ourselves. We attract unwanted by negative default beliefs about ourselves, that are automatically running the Show of Our Lives.

    Gradually we must daily and assiduously built up our subconscious default of God, Love and Good Feelings. We must re-learn to fully love ourselves, our race, then on out to all mankind. We must find ways to Let Love Flow, in all our thoughts and actions. We must flow love to our enemies, knowing that what we generate and focus on mostly, is incrementally becoming the “Default”, from which we’ll attract the most.

    And when each Black/Negro person become a unit of strong self love that automatically release love to all others, the oppression from others and selves that we now endure (more than all others) will end.

    Black Souls and Black Folks are the most sought after commodity in the world. When we know this, and decide to retain ourselves for ourselves, Peace and Heaven will be manifested as the dormant and default condition on earth.

    We must come to Know that We’re Humanity’s Parents, not its youngest group. Before Negroes there were no other human. And after us, NONE SHALL REMAIN. To Know this is to understand that humanity’s parents must regain their rightful status first in our minds, before Peace and Heaven can be realized on earth.

    Antwan, you’ve done; and are still doing the work of self empowerment. Love yourself daily! Say loving empowering things to yourself daily! Your machismo may resist this action as too simple. But black men more than any other need to look at themselves in the mirror and say as many I love you’s. You’re wonderfuls until your default point of attraction is changed.

  98. Antwan Says:

    Carol, I want to thank you for your very uplifting message to me. And I totally agree with what you said. I can`t remember the last time I looked in the mirror and said I love you. But from now on every time I look into my mirror I will say something positive. I have been doing a lot of research on our true history and even though certain whites have made our history very confusing, I don`t hate them. I can`t say that I hate anyone on the planet earth. I know that the average white person is brain washed too…lol I know this because they are being taught just about the same thing we are about religion and history. It`s even harder to get some of them to see the truth because their own people wrote and taught the lies. But i`m gonna try and get in a school that teaches our history because I want to teach the young black youth our true history so that they will know that we are much more than what they see on tv and learn about in school. Thanks again Carol!!!!

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      There’s no way in hell someone will let you teach this crap in a school. You’re delusional, racist, hypocritical, and dumb as fuck.

  99. youaremyrain Says:

    thank u

  100. Antwan Says:

    Yo!!! I`m gettin mine and I hope you`re gettin yours, to educate the black man is our main food course, of course it`s a meal that the brain can digest, i`m gettin pretty sick of watchin wack jack despise this, realize this, put on a nose and disguise it, THEY COULDN`T COMPREHEND SO THEY RIPPED AND REVISED IT, But now they realize that I got a smooth jam , from words that flow from my mouth like a dam, Sam, NOW YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM, YOU TRIED TO PULL THE WOOL BUT YOU`RE TOO WEAK LIKE A LAMB, yOU STILL CAN`T UNDERSTAND THE VERBAL MESSAGES I SPEAK, YOU`RE BUILDING INCOMPLETE BUT YET AND STILL YOU TRY TO TEACH. Corruptive justice that`s the way you fool the black but yo, i`m not a rat I won`t get caught up in your trap, I`m kicking, crab to the curb that`s the way I serve, gettin it like you deserve because the thought occurred, That you`re only looking out for yourself, stick a shaft in the back gonna jack everybody else, But i`m the one who refused to get fucked, flinging rhymes like a puck and ain`t no time for you to duck Yo! Mister, Mister you`re the one who made the system, since it annoys the black when I attack i`ll leave the victims!!…Peace!!!!

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      The African Slave Trade occurred because there were plenty European populations that desired slaves. There were also indentured servants that were white. There were also Native Americans that were slaves. Also, there were plenty of black slave owners. How are we jealous of you being black? It was just because those people desired a cheap force of labor and there was an answer to it. It was wrong, but it wasn’t because they envied them. Now, I say,”they” and “them” because that wasn’t me and you. I never enslaved you. Your ancestors may have been enslaved but not you. I may have ancestors that owned slaves, but I never have. I owe you nothing. Also, there are plenty of black people that hate white people, we are all human by the way, because of this. You have no control of it, and neither do we. So, just be quiet. What you’re saying is crazy and libel. That’s all. Also, it is a sin to judge people and hate them like you do. Just be quiet. Even IF you were a descendant of the Israelite people then you are an embarrassment to them.

      Shut the fuck up Antwan, and no one gives a shit. You can’t rhyme, and you are only but so talented. You look like a fool. It doesn’t matter, because you are one. You are a fool and that is all. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Really, I’m laughing sitting here. No one is jealous of your “black beauty”. No one cares. You are an embarrassment to black people.

  101. suckit Says:

    You are a racist moron, as racist and moronic as those who claim that the ancient egyptians were “white”. The “historical record” shows that these people were of varying shades of black/white, living in an area where africa, the mediterranean, and arab worlds converge. Who the fuck said anything about the Romans? Seriously painfully stupid.

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      I’m so happy that you have common sense. These people are so stupid! And gullible. It is hilarious that they think that. There is no proof whatsoever.

      • Christi Love Says:

        Justin, there is so much knowledge coming out now, so much information that has been kep hidden and secret. not just from Blacks/African Americans but from the world as a whole. I know the real truth is hard to swallow after White Europeans have had so much control over the masses for so long throught racism and religon. But we are now in the final days and it was proficied that the truth would be reveled in the last days. Black peolpe have a very unique DNA make-up, something that has been kept from us also, (remember when they told us that 97% of our DNA was junk?) that appears to be a huge lie as well. There is no time to argue or entertain your racist attitudes, we have to educate and inform OUR PEOPLE. Check out a video on You Tube called the Lemba Tribe part i and II. There a WHITE man goes to Africa to prove Black People wrong and after doing DNA/Genetic testing leaves Africa with a humbled new understanding of who Black People really are! 2012! Baby! 2012!

        Christi Love/Spotlight DVD Magazine

      • Justin Stewart Says:

        Black people are no greater than white people. White people owe nothing to black people. WHITE is just as good as BLACK. None have a greater worth in God’s eyes. You have to see that.
        Also, White Europeans only had slavery for a very short time in history. Very short. Your people, are my people. Before you are black, and I am white, you are human. I am more like you than you think.

        This entire site has racist comments towards people of European origin all over it. Constantly. You even made a notion that we are all that way. You are just as racist as anyone else. So let’s stop trying to convince me something that isn’t true.

  102. Kingsley Nelson Says:

    We need not be told that when you mix all the colours of nature that a dark substance will emerge,”let there be light” Gen1:3,no matter how good the light seem;that statement was sealed from darkness. Gen1:2 So all things that be and will ever be is an ART OF BLACKNESS:every good and wise mother knows that a strayed child will one day return home because she knew from origin that once the child is enticed by pleasure he will deviantly abscond but when he understands that life is worth more than gold and pleasure he will return.Europeans are like that,seekers of comfort that preach sugarcoated discomfort,so never mind the slavery and shame that Africans have been subjected to-the very liars will soon own up to truth. Cunning haters have always tried to crush Africans because of our black and threatening beauty but what can you say to ENVY:it is the spirit that destroys the treasure it cannot appreciate. I have seen lies having a strong hold over truth but TRUTH WILL NEVER DIE because lie itself is a test of truth as purity is defined by dirtiness,the bible is not about race because all races are there and in it Africans are paramount and connot be displaced,i have come to live and never die-that is true and that immortality is a blackhorn that will calm the troubledsea. Africa was crucified,he died and rose again and the fact that AFRICA WILL NOT HATE BECAUSE HE WAS HATED THAT IS THE BETTER TRUTH..

    • Justin Stewart Says:

      The African Slave Trade occurred because there were plenty European populations that desired slaves. There were also indentured servants that were white. There were also Native Americans that were slaves. Also, there were plenty of black slave owners. How are we jealous of you being black? It was just because those people desired a cheap force of labor and there was an answer to it. It was wrong, but it wasn’t because they envied them. Now, I say,”they” and “them” because that wasn’t me and you. I never enslaved you. Your ancestors may have been enslaved but not you. I may have ancestors that owned slaves, but I never have. I owe you nothing. Also, there are plenty of black people that hate white people, we are all human by the way, because of this. You have no control of it, and neither do we. So, just be quiet. What you’re saying is crazy and libel. That’s all. Also, it is a sin to judge people and hate them like you do. Just be quiet. Even IF you were a descendant of the Israelite people then you are an embarrassment to them.

  103. Christi Love Says:


    By Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

    Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews
    Bumpy(The author)
    Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:23 pm Post subject:
    Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews!

    The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. The present day counterfeit Jews are white people from Europe called “Khazar’s”, and they usurped the real Jews. However, the real black African and African American Jews can, and have proved that they are the descendents of the original Jews by way of Genetic testing-which has proven not only that they are the real and direct descendents of the original black African Jews, but a approximation of the tribe they are from, too.

    The present white Khazar Jews are converted Jews-and are not even the descendents of the original black Jews of Africa-and DNA testing has already proven this-even after the Khazar’s tried to tamper with the testing in order to justify their immoral and violent occupation of north central Israel. The black Jews already have their established homelands in Southern Israel, and have for over 50 years now. No black can even enter Israel without being genetically tested to prove they are a Jew first.

    Presently, there are over 5000 African Americans living in the black Jewish settlements of southern Israel, and millions more living in the various black Jewish settlements on the African Continent. The present converted white Khazar Jews of Israel can try and claim that anyone speaking negatively against them are “anti-Semitic”, however, they are not Semitic, but converted Jews who are unlawfully occupying Israel, and helping bring the American economy to its knees for their own economic goals, and to try and gain world power. They know they have to destroy the present super power, and they know that getting America embroiled in war is a quick way of accomplishing this.

    The Khazar’s used tactics and strategies like this in Ancient times because they were successful-and they are using them today with America, while pretending to be America’s friend-because these tactics are successful. However, their future has already been foretold in the book Ezekiel…

    …The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an
    ethnic group. (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p.501) Many of them still are
    Black, in northern Africa such as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.
    A New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as “a lost tribe that has
    kept its identity for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of Africa.”

  104. patricia wade Says:

    please share

  105. FeelMe Says:

    Tribesmen and women, our fight is not with our enemy but with ourselves. We rebelled against the Creator and were scattered amongst world. And we still rebel today going to “Suns-day” church service and loving the Son more than the Father Himself. HOW WILL THE 12 TRIBES UNITE? WHEN WILL YAH COME AND REDEEM US? The answer is very simple, we need to live that obedient life according to HIS Laws…be careful with Paul and the new testament, it teaches salvation through grace and not works (lawlessness). But Yahshua’s brother James says, “faith without works is DEAD”. The “works” are FOLLOWING HIS LAWS (10 commandments) AND WE WILL BE REDEEMED, and our enemies will have to come and bow at our feet! Pass it on.

  106. Ade Says:

    Thank God Almighty for this post.

  107. salohcin Says:

    The Bible written by “Africans” says ; the Jews were of Olive Complexsions ; now is that the Meat which is tannish in color ; or the Greenish olive ; we all eat soooo many of ; Or maybe it is the Dark Purple Olive we eat on special Occasions ? Have you ever seen an Olive Bloom on the tree ? Maybe the drIed olive as that would have been the manner in which they would preserve them back then ? You make a great hypothesis ; do some more Research Please ? Now that RebeLlious lil fella that was disrespectfull to his Father “in his own tent”; that waS SENT TO ETHIOPIA TO BE THE SERVANT OF MAN KinD FOREVER MORE ; wHICH WAS HE ? wE ARE ALL PRETTY AWARE OF THE pOPULATIONS OF eTHIOPIA TODAY AREN`T WE ?

  108. P. Daniels Says:

    Africans reached high degree of development, while people in Europe where still living in the stone age. The region of these (Black) people is to days Sudan and Ethiopia (Greek word meaning burnt skin). Their land was like todays mediterranean soft rolling hills covered with lush green grass and flowers (the bibles called it the land of milk and honey) Then like many other civilizations, climate change hit the region turning it into dust bowls. This forced the people to migrate, down the Nile and into other peoples region, at first they were welcomed because of their advance tech. and knowledge in masonery. They understood the origins of Man and life forms. That man had originated from one single female (Eve The beginning) Also that every living thing was a product of a strategy. (evolution; later to twisted into god) and the key to the matrix of life is death, without death life would not exist.
    This would bring them into direct conflict with the priests and Kings of the new lands who controlled the people..
    Also this new knowledge would be twisted to suit these priest and Kings.The building of large buildings to place dead Kings and priests trying to cheat death. Their great knowledge, would be twisted by these men into a religion. But most of all was their black skin, every time there was a mix marriage the dark skin would be dominant of the union. This clash of dark skin and lighter skin, still is a source of hate and bigotry today. Lighter skinned people (Europeans) have never been able to admit what they have discovered, had been discovered hundred of years before by black Africans so they just hair brushed it out of their history books.

    One other point is I am dyslexic, when I look at ancient Egypt writings and modern mathematics, how similar they look????

    Phillip. (English man living in France

  109. Antwan Says:

    Salohcin, I believe you got that wrong. The curse was on Ham`s son Caanan. You have to understand that Ham was the so called progenitor of the dark races. So that means he was a black man. If he is a black man then his brothers and his parents were black as well. If you do some simple research you will find that black people were all over the globe. On most continents the oldest artifacts are that of black people. Then you have to ask yourself, why is this not taught in our schools? Why isn`t this talked about in the media instead of all of the bs about these so called stars and entertainers? The conclusion is that this is information that someone doesn`t want people to know. With that said, I would be very careful about who I get my information from.

  110. Antwan Says:

    Justin Stewart, I don`t know why you singled me out but since you did I am going to let you have it!!! First of all, that rhyme was written by me in 1991. So that tells you how long i`ve been conscious of you devils. I am going to teach you something about your history because you seem to be a little touched in the head…lol Did you know that through DNA testing they have found out what happened to the Neanderthal man? Yes, all non Black African people have some Neanderthal DNA…LOL Neanderthal was very close to being a beast at best. You people have been saying all kinds of rude things about my people for thousands of years and come to find out it is you who are not Hue Man!! I guess that explains why some of you are born with tails but you get them surgically removed and it is kept quiet. There is also some of you who are born with actual horns growing from your heads. Now I`ve never heard of this occurring with any person of African descent. Also, while my people were discovering spirituality, mathematics, medicine,astrology,navigating the globe,and building great civilizations, your people who settled in Europe after we were there, made drawings of some of the activities your ancestors were partaking in. And one of the drawings shows a white man with his penis going into a goats rectum. Now, as you already know Greece and Rome was the first great civilizations your people had. Well they both show images of homosexual acts taking place and they also wrote about this as well. Everything I just wrote about can be found if you google it. You can see it for yourself. I deal in nothing but pure facts and not fairy tales. As far as the Hebrews being African people, if you look for the oldest images of the ancient Hebrews you will see for yourself that they were black people. When the ancient Assyrians took the Hebrews into captivity they carved in rock the images of the Hebrews along with themselves. You will see these black men in captivity with dreads and nappy beards. One of the images shows a little black Hebrew kid with what appears to be his black Hebrew father. You can`t even see that what you are doing right now is out right beastly. If you think that I am going to let bygones be bygones then you got another thing coming. I will never forgive what your people have done. Your people try to hide the true original black images of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus as well. That alone tells me that there is a cover up that has been going on for centuries now. I would be a fool to follow a people who mean me nothing but harm and death. So you need to go to another website that caters to beastly things and leave us people who are learning about our true history alone. But I do understand that you are doing what satan, your master, wants you to do, disrupt the children of YAH. Your evil is so deep that you can`t even see that you are doing what was written about your kind in the bible. But I don`t care if you see it or not as long as my people recognize what you are attempting to do is all that matters. With that I say Shalom!!!!!

  111. Antwan Says:

    Justin, you said the slave trade occurred because there was Europeans who desired to have slaves…lol Who does that?…lol What civil person has a desire to have slaves? Only a beastly people does things like that. If you can`t understand why some people can`t forgive what has been done to them then that`s your problem. Then you want to come on here and talk like you are running something…lol You`re doing nothing but running your mouth. You are very delusional and believe the very lies your people have created…lol There are so many truths being unveiled right now and they were all covered up by your people. But you are so full of yourself that you can`t see the truth. You will never see the truth until you are forever burning in Hell. It will be too late then. I will never forget all of the brothers your people hung from trees and burned while they were still alive. I will never forget all of the black babies your people used for alligator bait. I will never forget all of the black women you white men raped and beat. And you say you owe us nothing. Spoken like a true beast! I will never forget how you people bred us like we were animals. And I will never forget how you left us in the state we are in right now. How you target my young black brothers and sisters so you can lock us up in order to get free labor. Whites are doing more wrong than anyone else but this country turns their backs on it. I hope you burn eternally for your crimes. This country has a nerve to go and invade other countries in the name of God so they can spread more hatred. Look how you did the natives of this land. You murdered thousands of native tribes and they helped you people from starving to death. You tricked them out of their land and brought diseases over here that killed millions of natives to this land. And yes, their were black people who were native to this land as well. The oldest human remains ever found in the Americas were that of African people. They hide all of the ancient African artifacts that have been found on these lands as well. So when you can tell me when black people have committed these same atrocities to your people, then I will find it in my heart to forgive you and your people. But until then, Kick Rocks!!!!

  112. Antwan Says:

    Justin, you throw the word delusional around as if it`s the only word you know. If you read all of the comments on this site you will find that you couldn`t match the intelligence of most of the people who wrote the comments. Those white Jews didn`t get into those lands until the early to mid 1900`s. Your own people have made documentaries about it. They had other choices as to where they would be placed.Before they decided on Israel they were going to settle in Africa…lol In Uganda I believe it was. This was in 1947. And i`ll bet you thought they were there since ancient times, didn`t you?…lol There was an Egyptian president during the time, by the name of Nassir who made a statement in the newspaper which said, There will never be peace in Israel because the Jews left black and came back white…lol You can google this also. You see Justin, you are the one who is delusional. You are relying on the same people who have a desire for slaves for your information. But I will tell you this. I wish you people would try that slavery s–t now. I would love to see you try it. I don`t blame all white people but the most high knows what is in each and everyone of our hearts. And you are clearly showing what is in yours.

  113. Justin Stewart Says:

    Who do you think we got the slaves from? We got them from you. White people have not oppressed you for thousands of years. I had ancestors that were slaves to the Roman empire. They were not my people! How were they? My ancestors: English, Irish, French, NATIVE AMERICAN, Scottish, and Welsh. They were oppressors but they were also deeply oppressed.

    But we got the slaves from the Africans. Which is worse, enslaving a stranger or enslaving your brother? You are racist. And yes, you found us out! We all know these secrets but we have kept them hidden from you! All of us! LULZ YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. Also, there were plenty of black slave owners in the US in the time during slavery! You forget that we are all human beings and all you remember is what only about 1% of my ancestors did! Only one slave owner has been found in my family. My ancestors didn’t bring you here. Go find a white person’s who did. You think that all blacks have been oppressed, you never were. Maybe your ancestors, but not you. Get over yourself. And you think the Most High approves of your language? You think of yourself holy. God does not care about this because we have not done anything. Only 1% percent of my ancestry owned black slaves. And yes they were rich, but there were plenty chased out of France. Google Abraham Soblet, my 8th or so great grandfather. I have Native American in me! Plenty, and I never did that to my own people. I did nothing to them. The problem with some blacks is that they think we have done this, we haven’t. Many of our ancestors did, but most of us were poor and couldn’t afford slaves. One slave equaled modern inflation= half a million dollars. Not that many people owned slaves like you think.

    How are you God’s child? Where is your fruit? I don’t see it. God says forgive your enemies, even if I am your enemy you have made me your enemy.

    Your people owned slaves. Africa is a continent, not an entire nation. Most of it is tribes, and GENOCIDES. GENOCIDES OF YOUR OWN. We don’t kill our own. You act like the ENTIRE CONTINENT OF AFRICA comes from the 12 tribes of Israel. You have no idea about how populations move and happen.

    I don’t hate black people. Only ones that think that we need to burn in hell for something that our ancestors did. I had no part in it. Actually, I had very little part in it.

    Trace back your family, generation by generation through documents and then if you come to the conclusion that you are a descendant of the 12 tribes of Israel, then I will believe you. I had to prove I was a descendant of an Irish immigrant, you have to prove that. DNA is not always accurate. Things can get botched. Also, Ethiopian Jews are on the other side of Africa. Not where your ancestor’s handed your people over for their own greed.

    Take a DNA test, take a y-chromosome one. It’s your father’s father’s father’s and so on. And if it says that it was ancient Israel that doesn’t prove anything. There were more black people than just in Israel. You’re not as scientific as you think. Also, prove Ham was black. The Bible never says it. And the Greeks are not my people. Just because I’m white doesn’t mean anything. My ancestors were oppressed people and had to fight for their land. There were plenty of slaves among my ancestors. A slave was there just for a force of labor, evil as that was, it was wrong.

    The Bible says forgive your enemies, and pray for them. You cannot forgive me, and you refuse to pray for me. You hate me. You sound more like you are “a child of Satan”. lol How can you accuse me of that? You don’t even know me. Also, I told others they were wrong because you are. Get over it, I’m not even a proven descendant of the 12 tribes. I wish I was, it’s a fascinating people, but I cannot prove it. If I take a DNA test it may show that I have hope to prove it, because of the JEWS that came to EUROPE. They aren’t fake. Wherever they go they are oppressed, but also blessed. Lawyers, movie producers, bankers, doctors. They are blessed, and a blessing which was a promise. Go back generation, by generation. Which is almost an impossible thing! So how will you accomplish it? They say that I’m a descendant of the king Charlemagne just out of probability. I am probably am. All of Europe can probably trace theirself back. But I haven’t. So, I cannot say that I am. I have no proof. You have faith, and I that’s good. But you cannot say,”I am so and so’s descendant” and have faith as your source. Even if you are a pure descendant of Israel, not mixed with anything, your gene pool would be so inbred you would probably be severely diminished. I do not agree with you.

    Delusional is a wonderful word for this site, no wait.

    Misinformed. That’s even better.

  114. Antwan Says:

    Justin, these so called Jews whom you feel are the real descendents of the biblical Hebrews had just as big a hand in our captivity as the Europeans. Go look it up! You think that being blessed means having wealth and that is furthest from the truth. Look at all of these wealthy Christian preachers who have been caught up in scandals. The truth always comes to the light. There was a Jew- ish man who wrote a book called the thirteenth tribe. He did his research on his people and found that they came from the Khazarian empire and adopted Judaism as their religion. They had him killed for telling the truth. Just like the black man who wrote a book called stolen legacy. He showed how Egypt was created by native African people and how the Greeks got most of their schooling,Gods and Philosophy from the ancient Egyptians so he was killed as well. As I said before, there are too many images showing what the ancient Hebrews looked like and the images are that of black people. The so called Jews were never in the situation that is written about in Deuteronemy. Where they were taken into captivity by way of ships and taken to a land that their fathers never knew. Their memory erased and yolks around their necks. Refered to as bywords. As a matter of fact, there is only one people who went through this prophecy. And that is us! There is so many books and teachings showing the migration of the ancient Hebrews out of Israel into Africa. But you totally ignore this information to hold on to the lies that was taught to the entire world. There is 2 sides to every story and if you choose to listen to the wrong one then that`s on you. I can`t force you to believe the truth. You have to open your mind and think for yourself and not continue to be programmed the way someone else thinks. We were given a brain for a reason, and I suggest you to use yours. Look at the Genealogy of Noah. Ham had 4 sons which land was named after. Mizraim, which is Egypt and Caanan which is known as Israel today are just 2 of them. Cush, which is Ethiopia and Phut or Punt which is kind of controversial because some scholars say it`s Libya and others say it was some place else in Africa. The land of Caanan is the promised land God gave to the Hebrews. If you look at a map of the region you will see that it is connected to Africa. The reason is because that entire region was always considered Africa until Europeans came and divided the lands the way they wanted it to be. All of the people and lands I just mentioned were black African people. Even Arabia was considered Africa as well. So that`s how I know that Ham was black. Also, in bible dictionaries it says that Ham was the progenator of the dark races, except for the Negroes. The so called Negroes come from the seed of Shem. But, Shem and Ham are brothers. I`m just not sure if this was put there to separate Africans or if it`s the actual truth. Did you know there is a very big settlement that has been discovered in Africa that is much older and larger than any other ancient settlement ever found? It is estimated to be at least 75,000 years old. The first time I heard about it they said it was at least 100,000 years old. Don`t you find it funny that this was not publicized on the news at all? This is what has happened to our history because it`s whites who so called discover these ancient places and discard evidence of who the actual people really were. But they can`t discard everything. There is always something that will let you know who the people of these ancient settlements and cities were. Luckily at this site in Africa their are native African archeologist and anthropologist working along side others. It`s a big puzzle and and you just have to put the peices in the right location so it will all make sense. As I said before, the truth always comes to the light!!!!

  115. Justin Stewart Says:

    Why do you think that white people really care so much that there were Africans that had a great civilization? I saw on Yahoo news that they were acknowledging a lost civilization in Africa had been found and there were white people that did this research! And white people in the comments section there were plenty “white” people that liked the news. I go to school daily and I love my black friends. And they love me, and I love them more than I love my white friends at times. Yes there are white people that don’t like blacks, but this is slowly changing. And there are blacks that don’t like whites! People are slowly beginning to have open ties to one another and in my small town if you do not accept black people, if your white, as humans just like you, then you are looked down upon. You are a human being just like I am. There are many things I don’t agree with you about. I do not think that the Hebrews were black. Why isn’t this more out there? The only answer you can give is: White people don’t like the idea of black Hebrews, because they are “evil and mind controlling”, so they just burn any history they can get. If you look at National Geographic, they love to point things out of the Bible that we love to believe and say,”Look! See! You were all wrong!” Then why haven’t they? I don’t think it’s because of white people. Actually, I think for there to have been a population of black Hebrews in ancient times would not have been impossible. At those times they didn’t even view “race” as an idea barely. Actually, I don’t even say I am of the white “race” because that diminishes us all. You are of African origin, and I am of European origin. But a “race” shows that one comes from one single common ancestor, and maybe that’s true, but we all come from the same common ancestor and they would have thought this rather relatively new mentality that depending on your shade of skin, that’s who is the dominant one to be crazy. Color did not equal status in most ancient cultures. Actually it is a new idea that originated in the US really. But that is ludicrous! White is just as sinful as black, and black is just as holy as white. We are all on the same boat, and we need to get over what happened over a hundred years ago! Modern day African Americans had no control over what happened, and modern day people of European origin had no control of this. Most of this argument is this:Who is the bad people? Who should get punishment?

    But even my African American friends say that I had no control over these things! And I know it was wrong, it’s only natural for me to think it. It was wrong that my 8 or so grandfather, I forget, was chased from France for being Protestant! It was wrong that my Native American ancestors had to lie and say they were white in censuses so they wouldn’t have to leave their land. It was wrong that about 99% percent of my family was oppressed by broken homes, and poverty! Now slavery was worse, of course. But this I cannot change. If I truly, “the white man”, had that much power I would rewrite the history books. But do I control fate? Do I will divine power over all? No, I don’t. I have no control over it.

    I will never convince you otherwise that Jews were more Arabic looking than African. I won’t be able, because you will believe yourself before you believe me. And that’s fine, that is human nature. You have to understand, one reason why people, yes the ones of European origin, have a hard time with the Hebrews not looking Arabic and being of African descent is that the American society was practically based off these people. The beginnings of our laws were structured around them, the Bible is revered in my family, though I am no saint. Our culture has ties to these people because we based much of it from them. We liked their ideas, and also followed practically the same faith, so we approved of them. The idea that we are all created equal by our creator took awhile to be fully worked out, and acted on, in our society but we are one. So, how do you think I will react? Even IF this is true, that all ancient Hebrews were of African origin then that means that for about 1,500 consecutive years we were wrong. Until a week or so ago, I never heard that this accusation that the Hebrews were of African origin has ever been made. I feel as though, growing up, that I knew these people. I took classes on them, learned on how they thought. Their diet, and what they did daily, and I felt as though even though we had been separated by time, 2,000 years, we practically had met one another face to face. I don’t think they were white at all, but rather Arabic, or Semitic. That’s my opinion. But see why I react to your claim so adversely is because when you say that they were ALL of African origin you practically tell me,”Everything you thought you knew was wrong! Everything! From the day you were born, everything that you were taught just about has to be thrown away. When you think of the Hebrews, never think of these Semitic people, think of people that are of African origin!” So, that’s why I said rude things. If I were to tell you something in a similar context, you would feel as though I am trying to shake your entire world apart! But I apologize for my rude remarks.

    Also, I don’t see many things as racist. I stand up for my African American friends, many I consider like family. But on here, there are so many racist, demeaning remarks about people of European origin. One time someone says,”We need to get over these white obstacles!” It’s hateful. In the article there is even one remark about the Brits and even though it’s a short one, it makes them out to be hateful, rude people. How can one say that all of us are like that? Look at this one post, I copied and pasted it:

    The Most High hates the so-called white man (red man) unlike your lying preachers teach (Romans 9:13) Jacob (the 12 tribes of Israel) have I loved, but Esau (the so-called white man) have I hated.”

    Why does God hate me? Didn’t God have it in the Scriptures that He loves me and wants me and that I can repent from my sins? What about the verse where it says,”Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” If He hates me, let it be because of my heart. My heart has sinned, but we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Everyone knows that scripture. But what about when it says,”So there is now no difference between Jew, and Greek.” Even if you do believe you are Jewish by birth, and that my people are the Greeks, then now there is no difference between you and me according to the Bible.

    Here is another post, this one didn’t supports me:

    Am from Nigeria, am black maybe brown, but a whole a lot of this comments are so prejudiced, the black race or color is not a chosen race nor is the white one either, why would some people be so deemed to be better than others bcos of something so insignificant as melanin.

    The brain is the ultimate and there has not been any research that shows some particular people’s brain as more retarded than others. Circumstances have only made it more challenging for some.

    As to to the color of the Jews and ancient egyptians, they were all colors, ranging from white to black. Even here in africa, if you go to Ibo-land Nigeria, you would see people as fair as a typical whiteman can get.

    So how does one so-called “race” be better than the other? I never said it was. Race doesn’t matter. People make it matter. The Bible says that when He made us both, me and you, that what He saw was good. He made your eyes, I don’t know the color, to compliment my blue ones. He made my straight brown hair to show to yours to be unique as well as mine. He made my white skin, and said it was one of the most beautiful things ever made, and He said the same about yours. So how can one group be greater than the other? There are some people on here that hate people of European origin because of what other Europeans have done. But I have no affiliation with these people! You are no defined by what happened to your ancestors, and I have seen your other posts. You are not defined by what those policemen did to you. I had no control over them. I’m sorry that that happened to you. They make me look bad and embarrassed because of just what God gave me. My body. He made my body, and yours, and thought both were beautiful. I apologize for the wrongs done to you by society. But slowly, even if you don’t see it, I see an evolution of mindsets among younger generations that are changing to one another. The KKK will one day die off, and so will other hate groups to all people, they will not last forever. The USA will one day be non-existent. So, will all of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This world will one day end.

    But Jesus came so that all people, even the Gentiles, could be offered grace. Genesis 3:15 is the first promise of one that will come and save us that God gave us. We make the Bible out to be something that it’s not. Even if Jesus was black, I would still be honored to think that He was my savior. If He was white, which I highly doubt considering no really white people were there, then I would be perfectly fine with it.

    • Antwan Says:

      Justin I accept your apology and I draw my conclusions from my experiences in life. I don`t hate anyone nor do I blame all whites for the atrocities that has happened to my people. But you have to look at things from my point of view. I know that you could never truly know what the black experience is truly like because you will never be a black man. But we are being targeted by police on a daily basis and most people of other races believe the media`s one sided view of these situations.Don`t get me wrong, there are black people doing things that they shouldn`t do but so is everyone else and the police are not stopping them as they walk down the street and putting them up against the police car and searching them when they`ve done nothing wrong. When you go through and see certain things on a daily basis you start to know that someone doesn`t like you. It`s like the bully at school picking on someone everyday and one day the one being picked on starts to realize that this guy doesn`t like him, even though he`s done nothing wrong to the bully. But it`s much deeper than that. And as far as the bible goes, you have to understand that this book has been revised from it`s original state. Why would the word of God need humans to rewrite it?…lol The book has gotten into the wrong hands and has been modified to make it as though it was written for everyone. But in the old testament it`s clearly stating that the Hebrews are favored and chosen. God doesn`t make mistakes. Emperor Constantine was the first to distort things and later it was King James. That`s the reason why it seems that there is contradictions in the bible. Also, the images that were added by Europeans to make it seem as though all of the Angels, Prophets,Jesus and Mary were all white. This was something I grew up believing until I began my own research and found out different. Then you have these black preachers who further push these images in our minds by avoiding the topic totally. If they went to school they would know that those images are false. So I don`t just blame whites, I also blame my sell out brothers and sisters for false teachings. I don`t know if you`ve ever been to a black church before, but if you have you will notice that their sermons are always the same few sermons…lol The bible is a very big book but since I was a child I only hear preachers teaching the same things. They never tell you who the Moabites or any other people in the bible are. So I started to do my own research and found out who the people of the bible are…lol Think about it, you are a black man and most of your people go to church and the images you see in the bible are whites. A smart person is gonna want to know where his people are in the bible. So you start doing research and you find out about certain tribes in Africa who still today do things the way it was done in biblical times and have been doing this for as far back as their history is known. This should immediately raise some questions.Our situation isn`t much different because you`ve been taught the same things as I have. The only difference is that we are taught much more white history than our own history. Our history has been distorted so that means either I just accept what`s been taught to me as the truth, or go find out for myself. All of the history I was taught in schools was taught to me by people of European descent. I wanted to know my history straight from my own people.They taught us very little about African history and I wanted to know why. The history we have been taught came from certain scholars but there is always other scholars who have a totally different story I look at all of their teachings and decide for myself what is more trustworthy information. A vast majority of my research came from white historians who have written books and mention the Hebrews migrating to Africa. The twelve tribes were never lost. They migrated to other places after the Assyrian and Roman invasions. Haven`t you ever wondered why men who stand up for what`s right always get killed? This has been going on for a very long time now. The story of Jesus is a perfect example. Where ever there`s oppression and unfair treatment you will always find someone who stands up for what`s right and they always get killed. Just like Jesus and the prophets of the bible. So please don`t ignore the pattern that`s going on because that`s what they want you to do. Ignore the truth. I didn`t mean to argue with you but I felt very offended by some of your comments. I would suggest that you do some more research on this topic then make a decision based of your findings. If you want to see some videos explaining how black people are the descendents of the biblical Hebrews just email me at And the Southern part of Africa isn`t the only place the Hebrews migrated to. There are plenty of tribes in West Africa as well. Actually, I will give you a link that is showing how names of tribes and names of countries and cities all over Africa are Hebrew names. Translation of the languages is very important as well. The evidence is there if you are honest with yourself and want to know the truth…Peace!!!


    Our AFRICAN sisters will always rise to the see the glory of GOD for most of our men prefer the pleasures of this world and are not making the sacrifices for their children. In order to know GOD you must study your Black history for our LORD and savior descended from a black race. This does not mean you are racist but if we as AFRICAN people continue to worship these pagan GOD,S how can we come out of spiritual enslavement. For many are called but few are chosen.

  117. Ernest Says:

    I do not doubt what the article is saying. But one sign of the ancient Jews of the bible would be when God said he would take you to Egypt again by ships. How does that pertain to Africans on the continent of Africa being modern day Jews? Not saying they aren’t. Wouldn’t it more closely identify the flight of the so called African Americans and those of the western hemisphere (blacks)? And if you look at the history of the so called African Americans, their flight and the scriptures of persecution are lined up identically!! Deuteronomy 28:68
    And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy [you].

    This can be translated as Egypt being the house of bondage for which the so called African Americans suffered in America. Ships? How they got there. What other people on earth including Africans can say this? Again, not saying they aren’t.

    One thing is for certain, the Jews or so called Jews of today are NOT the Jews of the bible.

    Revelations 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. If you research modern day Israel. You will see where the House of Rothschild was a driving force of getting that land. You will also see where this same family whose ancestors from centuries ago worshiped the light of Lucifer (Satan). And how they fund both sides of wars. Control the banking system. Involved in the Illuminati. And various other satanic dealings. So the scripture above has been fulfilled. THEY ARE NOT THE JEWS OF THE BIBLE NOR ARE JEWS OF TODAY. THEY ARE MERELY POSING AS THEM.

    • Antwan Says:

      Hello Carol, thanks for your compliments and also your criticism of my comment. But I`ve been through a lot with other races and I look at them as wicked. I have never disliked anyone for simply being a different color than me. To me that is surely the work of Satan. And I don`t think I will ever embrace that. I feel that we as black African people have been far too lenient on our oppressors and that is the real reason we are in the situation we are in now. They kill all of our true leaders who mean us good. And lul us to sleep with these false leaders whom they appoint for us. I feel it`s time we must continue to take a firm stand and let them know that we mean business. Or else the evil plan they have been doing is gonna remain in tact and millions of our lives will be lost to their system. The amount of brothers going to jail is, and always has been at an alarming rate. This is their way of keeping us out of good jobs and voting. While at the same time controlling our birth rate. If we stand around and continue to be idle it`s gonna turn into a bad situation that we can`t get out of. Believe me when I say, They have people who study us and ways of keeping us down. They also study ways to make us docile creatures to continue to let these atrocities continue to happen to us. We have to counter everything they are throwing at us and it must start with our young. Through music they are making our young stagnant. The majority of our young are not getting the education they need and this system is making sure they target our young through music and other forms of media. There is no longer music where they can learn about our true history like we once had. There are no longer songs that sing about love like we once had. These are things we can change. They are getting these young men and women who will do anything for a dollar, and throwing money in their faces to act like coons on videos and television. I think it`s a big step back to the 30`s, and 40`s. As a people we really haven`t advanced past that era I just mentioned. We must teach our young about our true history. The truth about how they went to West Africa looking for gold and when they couldn`t find much they took all of our wisest men, whom at the time was considered the most intelligent and richest people on the planet, and took them captive and brought them here to be slaves. These are the things our people need to hear. The truth! It`s been 400 years and things haven`t changed much. In order to change we must be willing to sacrifice. I don`t look at my people like brain washed people who can`t control themselves. I have been in prison with these same brothers and when it`s time to move as one they will move. They understand who the true enemy is already. It`s the ones who are blinded and think that everything is alright that i`m most afraid of. But I also understand your point. We must not loose our heads and be consumed with hate. We have to be able to keep our heads level and think wisely. I totally understand where you are coming from Carol. And there also must come a time when our words must come into action because we are all just about saying the same thing, now we must make use of our words and thoughts in a positive way. Thank you for those very wise words sister…Peace!

  118. Ernest Says:

    And i agree. Stop hating the white man. Truth is this. If the African Americans are indeed the true Jews of the bible. Then they are suffering what God said would happen to them if they did not honor the covenant and accept His Son. And stop the things that God did not allow nor want. And yes. If this is true then it was a “black man/men” that rejected Christ/God in the flesh! So stop hating the white man cause it is NOT his fault that our ancestors did such. And NO God does not hate any of His children no matter the color. When the Jews rejected Christ. He opened it up to the Gentiles. So the Jews of today have nobody at all to fault. God’s word is supreme and true. We suffer because we are indeed a stiff necked people to this day. Glory to the Lamb of God who took up back to God! All of the curses we face are on US! Why? Because our people disobeyed God! It’s that simple. Instead of hating. Lets put color aside and try to walk the way Christ set before us to walk to get back to the Father. Nuff of the nonsense.

  119. ripuree Says:

    Black people are suffering and will continue to suffer because we’re waiting on the God of Christianity for salvation. Period! A God who if he, she or it exist, intends us no good.

    In 1452, forty years before Columbus stumbled upon the Americas, Pope Nicholas V, issued to King Alfonso V, of Portugal papal bull Romanus Pontifex (official document of the Pope or Catholic Church), declaring war against all non-Christians worldwide, and
    specifically sanctioning the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations wherever they were found. Later in 1493 Pope Alexander VI issued another papal document (the bull Inter Cetera of May 3, 1493) “granting” to Spain – right to the lands which Columbus had already found, as well as any which Spain would “discover” at later dates.

    Pope Alexander also wanted the “discovered” people to be Christianized, and thus spread Christianity. Portugal who must’ve felt that they couldn’t trust Spain (how could one thief trust the other) protested the new concessions granted to Spain. Pope Alexander relented by issuing a subsequent bull on May 4, 1493, assuring Portugal that Spain would not take lands which were already “in the possession of another Christian state.” And to further appease both, the Pope drew a line between the two poles, giving Spain rights of conquest and dominion over one side of the globe, and Portugal the other. From there on Portugal started their destruction of Africa and black Africans.

    Three centuries later (with the Berlin Conference which refined the terms for Europeans’ Scramble For Africa) Christian Missionaries and ordinary Europeans (in the Colonization spree) stated that many Africans should only be allowed to live, as long as they made themselves useful to invading whites. So in fact, the Christian Church was not a powerless eyewitness to the evils of some adherents. The invasion, occupation, enslavement and genocide that Europeans wrecked on non-Europeans for centuries, was directly instructed from the top. (And in collusion with a God, who -by association- could be no better than those doing evil in his name).

    Yet hypocritical, Christians today, still like to boast that Christians ended slavery, without silent about the fact that it was Christianity that sanctioned slavery in the first place. However, regardless of Christian hypocrisy, now that so many black people do know better, it might be more than insanity, and probably bordering on self- punishment, to continue swallowing the same substance responsible for poisoning us in the first place. It might be worthy for those who believe fervently that morality can’t be legislated, to realize that nothing would be wrong with legislating it anyway, since we have clear and abundant evidence that the Church sanctioned and legislated immorality, whose seeds we’re still harvesting today worldwide.

    And last but not least, it might be important for black people to understand that it is a terrible thing to consciously desecrate our own minds. Which is what we’re doing, when we empower the organization that intentionally sanctioned the destruction of our ancestors and their land.

  120. ripuree Says:

    By the way, ripuree and Carol is one and the same.

  121. Tennerson Fox Says:

    We all go back to the creator after death for we have not created ourselves. Some men think they have power and try to make themselves G_D. Their is but one one G_D and we are his servants.

  122. Antwan Says:

    Ernest, there was Hebrews migrating into Africa before the Hebrews aka African Americans, settled into West Africa. The original writings came from Africa in the first place. Also, when the Hebrews were fleeing into Africa to escape persecution, they settled in almost all lands of Africa. We still have relatives in West Africa who wasn`t captured and brought into slavery. That`s how Africans fit into the picture. There are books that tell the migration of the Hebrews into Africa and where they settled. They went in from Yemen and also went into Egypt from the north. 2 different passage ways they went into Africa from Israel.

  123. Antwan Says:

    ripuree, You surprised me with your comment. I didn`t know that you knew that information. That was very well said and informative. I hope everyone reads that comment you posted on how Christianity played a very big role in the slavery of our people. This needs to be posted on the walls in bold letters in all of our homes…lol Than you very much for that information!

  124. ripuree Says:

    @ Antwan: The first time I responded to you (as Carol) I had read or seen that information a time or two before, but somehow the bigger picture hadn’t come into full focus. So its very astute of you to have noticed that (from my previous posts) I hadn’t yet come to the understandings I now have. We’re all getting more information and coming to more clarity as we keep on this journey. Some people fear getting older because they get weaker, but I can honestly say that I am getting better with age.

    At 56 I am understanding things much quicker than I used to, and I truly feel that I am like wine that gets better and better with age. So just keep on thinking good thoughts. No matter what’s happening choose the reality you want to happen, instead of focusing on the current reality, that you don’t like. When I started to practice positive thinking in that way, it was hard. It is hard to envision what you want and hold onto that thought, when you’ve had more experiences of things working against your will. Its hard to envision your bills being paid, when you know that you have no money, and no prospect of getting any. But believe me, just keep at it, and one day you’ll find that you start thinking that way all the time, and more and more things start happening for your benefit. Anyway I don’t know what got me off the subject at hand, to start giving you this advice. So let me not preach anymore. Have a great day!

  125. Antwan Says:

    ripuree(Carol), You had to get more of the story in order to see the big picture. When I first commented on here I was already aware of the information you provided. But at that time I wasn`t fully convinced about us being the descendants of the biblical Israelites because of my research of ancient Egypt. What still continues to throw me off is that most Black scholars who teach about ancient Egypt say that there is no proof of Hebrews ever being in Egypt during the time the bible says. I know that Egypt recorded all of there battles and wars but the exodus story isn`t recorded anywhere. There is also no mention of Moses or his brother. Moses was a very high official in Egypt according to the bible, and it seems that he would be on the walls somewhere even if scratched off because of the exodus. Now I saw where someone was teaching that Moses was actually one of the Pharaohs who`s name ended in Moses. Like Ahmoses or one of the others. Actually, I remember seeing a video clip taken from the discovery channel where researchers came to that same conclusion. There was supposed to be a war within Egypt between upper and lower Egyptians and the loosing Pharaoh left with citizens of Egypt and went into what is known as Israel today. This was supposed to have taken place during the time the exodus took place. So they were saying that even was the actual exodus. I try to deal with facts outside the bible because that will prove that the bible is right. But I know that there was our people whom the bible was written about. I also know that there is a lot of alegorical things in it as well. I also know that there was things changed from it`s original form once certain people got control of the ancient writings. I also know that the 10 commandments came from the 42 negative confessions in ancient Egypt. I also know that some of psalms comes from ancient Egypt. So with that said I know it can be very confusing getting the whole story but we must continue to seek the truth. Thanks again for making that post because you will be surprised at how many black christians don`t know that information. Also, they are calling on Jesus but that isn`t his name…lol If I called you by another name that wasn`t given to you would you answer me?…lol Just food for thought!…Peace my Sister!!!!

  126. ripuree Says:

    I no longer try to figure out the genealogy of the Bible I don’t try to figure it out any more. As I am now pretty confident that its a book mostly of malicious lies. Its Stolen Legacy, re-scripted, with people playing parts in reverse. So now I go by what I (personally) realized as a Midwife and what Anta Diop said.

    (1) As a Midwife (delivering mostly Negro/Black babies in Jamaica) I realized that two of the blackest humans could produce babies that could be mistaken at birth for white. (In that some had light to white skin, and I can’t remember that any of the nearly 100 babies that I delivered, had nappy hair, at that point) And as Malcolm X pointed out, no matter how kinky or woolly a black person’s hair is, we still have straight eyebrows and eyelashes.

    On the other hand, two red, yellow or white humans cannot produce the state of Negroidness. (Negro hair is a special commodity, that only Negroes can produce. Yet we’re learned to hate this most special feature the most). So if Negroes have the sole ability to produce what all others have, plus unique differences, it must be that Negroes are the prototype. And since its precisely, black (not brown or the other shades of black) that white people are most bothered by, we can conclude that it is blackness that gives them the most fear.

    Now I understand what’s driving collective white fear, from what Dr. Francis Cress Welsing has been saying for decades in the Isis Papers. It also makes further sense with what social psychologists now term Terror Management Theory. (Google Terror Management Theory and Mortality Salience). Which, if they would take the time to understand; they could easily loose
    such fear, thus stop forcing others to forever be uneased.

    (2) Cheikh Anta Diop; was a historian, anthropologist, physicist, and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture. He was regarded as an important figure in the development of the Afrocentric viewpoint -in particular the theory that the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. (Cheikh Anta Diop University, in Dakar, Senegal is named after him).

    His following words has increased the reason I no longer see the necessity of versifying the people in the Bible. Any reasonable person can see that white Jews could not be the main players in the Bible stories, as we’ve been forced to accept for so long. Anyway, back to what Cheikh Diop said; “if we speak only of genotype, I can find a black who, at the level of his chromosomes, is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha is. But what counts in reality is the phenotype. It is the physical appearance which counts. This black, even if on the level of his cells he is closer to a Swede than Peter Botha, when he is in South Africa he will still live in Soweto. Throughout history, it has been the phenotype which has been at issue, we mustn’t lose sight of this fact. The phenotype is a reality, physical appearance is a reality. And this appearance corresponds to something which makes us say that Europe is peopled by white people, Africa is peopled by black people, and Asia is people by yellow people. It is these relationships which have played a role in history.”

    The DVD “A White Man’s Journey Into Black History” from – The Freeman Institute; and Return To Glory from the website of said name, or from the Freeman Institute have a lot of good research on black people’s ownership of the Bible.

    So again, I am now quite sure that the Bible is a book of abundant nonsense, from which we need to use mental magnifying abilities to pick the minor amount of sense, from its disproportionate amount of nonsense and outright LIES. I do believe that the original players are disproportionately ancient black Egyptians, who must’ve introduced mankind to the concept of Black Superiority and God’s Special People. Which others later re-purposed, putting themselves first and blacks last.

    But to me that too was also a racist concept, that must’ve harmed non-blacks, just as White Superiority/racism does to non-whites today. Consequently, the karma that people with black skin have been reaping, for at least the last 500 years.

    New God and life paradigms are what I think would resolve the world’s problems, equally for everyone. A few white leaders have encouraged all white people to feel that they truly are superior to everyone else. Therefore all of us today, individually, can consciously and assiduously hold thoughts and do things with the premeditated intentions to add to the manifestation of unconditional brotherly love, or heaven here on earth. Scientists like like Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden are now helping us to understand that each of us is from the eternal/ energy/ consciousness, which thinks. If that is so then its our thinking and feelings that we need to concern ourselves with in each lifetime. It is possible to think into manifestation what we prefer. And we’ll do that by making sure that at every moment, we’re thinking, feeling, speaking and doing what is of the quality to uplift ourselves and everyone we interact with. Or at least intentionally do no harm to anyone in thinking, speech or deed.

    I think that if each human begin to understand that our lives are already eternal (whether we can prove it or not) and that it belong to us and not a God or Government, then we would be more committed to making sure that at every moment we’re being good to ourselves, and doing good for the world and everyone else. I know it can be done, because I practice it daily. And although I am in no way perfect, I find that I no longer suffer from the great amounts of fear and anxieties that crippled me for so long. So I fully believe that we’re all parts from the same stream of energy. Therefore we don’t cause harm to anyone, without compromising the whole from which we came. I believe the Native Americans have a saying something to the effect that no tree in the forest is so stupid, to start war within the forest.

    As I might have said in another post, I also believe that the state of skin whiteness for humans will phase itself out within a few more centuries. Because that state seem to make its wearers irrationally, and callously selfish, greedy and evil. Ways that are too disharmonious for the well-being of all.

    • Antwan Says:

      ripuree, That was another very well written comment. I have followed the work of Anta Diop and also have seen the return to glory series. These are people I encourage others of all backgrounds to check out. I see things in a very similar way that you do. Because of my up bringing I don`t harbor hatred for any particular group of people. But the people who continue to do idiotic things for the purpose of harming others I just don`t have love for them. Knowing that we are supposed to be balanced beings with a positive and negative, I feel that people should live there life being aware of how to balance their 2 sides instead of letting the negative over run the positive. I have never seen the white mans journey into black history before. I will try and find it this evening. You know, I just had a debate with a guy who is mixed black and white, about pure black people being able to pro create a light skinned child. He told me it was impossible and that the black people would have had to have some other ethnicity in their genes…lol I see it all the time myself. He brought up that their was a white family in South Africa who had a black child. I told him that I believe that was a hoax because that defies all nature. Black can produce every color but white can only produce white. That`s just the laws of nature at it`s best…lol And you are right about the prototype being Black woman and man. Did you know that the oldest form of worship was the worship of the black woman? All of the oldest artifacts found all around the world is that of the black woman.(Fertility God) There is much debate on if God is male or female. And some say the first human was a human that had both male and female reproductive systems. I say it had to be someone who could reproduce. You see this in the insect and plant world where the female reproduces with the aid of a male counterpart. I don`t know, maybe it wasn`t meant for us to know. Then again, with all of the destruction and burning of old scripts and books, that information could have been available at one time. But evil has a way of deceiving us. It is known that in ancient Egypt there were over 700,000 books burned by the Romans. The same for West Africa. It is known that West Africa was the richest area on the planet just before slavery. They also had the most intelligent scholars at that time. This is the reason the Arabs and Europeans came there, looking for gold. They didn`t find the gold mines so they took our most intelligent and prominent people and brought them here as slaves. It all started to make sense to me then. We were used to build and cultivate the land over here. That`s why they took our brightest people into captivity to build this country for them. The Europeans that came first to the Americas to live were all outcasts from their society in Europe. This is untold history that all of our children should learn. And now that we have taught them they have flipped the script on us and call us unintelligent…lol But what they fail to realize is that through all of their shit they throw at us we still survive. Average people couldn`t withstand what we have been through and still show prominent people coming up out of these dangerous neighborhoods we are forced to live in. We are truly a special people and these evil forces know it….lol Thanks again my sister…Peace!!!!

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  129. Brother Deep Says:

    You have to start at ancient history, but prehistory of Egypt and Ethiopia way before the first invaders, it is a historical fact that the land of Egypt territory, kingdom, and domain stretched across the Sinai peninsula and into the continent of Asia upper northwest part of the continent. The land of Ethiopia stretched along middle/central Africa, along middle east coastal Africa across the red sea into Arabia, Yemen and Southern Arabia. This is prehistory ancient history, even the bible puts Ethiopia”the land that encompasses Ethiopia” as the western border of the “Garden of Eden” in the bible. All these facts meaning these ancient lands were all people of darker skin, black skin or shades of browns.

    • Antwan Says:

      That is very true Brother Deep. It`s amazing how people change the past by renaming and making new borders of lands that weren`t there`s to begin with. It seems as though it was purposely done. I really don`t want to get into detail about it right now but you are correct in what you say. This is history that anyone can find out for themselves. Thanks for the comment and Peace my brother!!!!

  130. Rod Says:

    The link you cited to your article’s source is wrong. You’re missing the p in synoPsis. does not resolve to a live site.

  131. fitness Says:



  132. Southern Voice Says:

    This is indeed a wonderful site! We must be retaught, saved! But many of us are soooo content to be ignorant, lost. It feels marvelous to most of us – obviously, or we wouldn’t be so spiritually destitute. We can only be uplifted permanently when we rediscover who The Creator is. We are the people He/She specifically designed for this planet. The Creator made us first, bestowing upon us great gifts and responsibilities, which many of us no longer choose to except – obviously. We seem literally to be offended by our own greatness! But there is always hope for change. We must continuously chant, pray – those of us who are blessed with enough knowledge, love and understanding to even want to save our people.

    • Ronald Says:

      Well am Black and i know how we got here, now in the bible it says that God put us in bondage men and woman because we did not obey his commandments
      God says to the people

      I will put my people in Egypt again the Israelite which is us, in which manbond and womanbond will be sold because you have disobeyed my commandments

      Now i will put my people in Egypt again which means in the( USA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ).

      We can rest assure that we have seen this and our family before us has been through.

      And God also said we will be sent here but also not be sold again

  133. James Li'lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr. Says:

    Recently I have been attracted to a Black Hebrew Israelite faith that claims Afro Americans are Israelites and don’t know it. This line of reasoning I can easily accept. After I conducted my on research on the matter I wholeheartedly accepted that they are correct. However, when it came to identifying the prophesied Redeemer they claim that Yahshua (errantly Jesus) is not the Messiah. They vehemently deny the authenticity of the new testament insisting that it condones a slavery mentallity. They claim that David is the true redeemer. Hogwash!!! A man whose hands were not clean enough to build Yah a house is now given the commission to bring salvation to a dying world is one of the most preposterous doctrines I’ve ever heard. Furthermore, without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins. David never offered his life as a repitiation for our sins. With this in mind, I concluded that if THEY are true Israelites they would be those Israelites that preferred Barabas instead of Yahshua.

    • Tennerson Fox Says:

      YES I AGREE WITH YOU THAT THEY PREFERRED BARRABAS INSTEAD of jesus. If you analyze the History of the MESSENGERS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH who are : KRISHNA, ABRAHAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, would see a pattern that is for each time a new messenger is sent the people reject the one who comes after. This is a historical fact. For JUDAISM rejected Jesus and Christians rejected MUHAMMAD and muslims murdered the BAB and exiled BAHAULLAH. The reason for this is that these scholars interpret the scriptures to their own understanding thus preventing the people to experience the glory of G_D which is within feed the spirit with false indoctrinations and the society would feel the effects. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH guide you.

      POPE : TENNERSON KEITH FOX the first islamic pope.

      I AM THAT I AM.



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  135. Ludmar Hodle Says:

    Hay I’m Hemetic/kushetic/Somali. The original people of Axum. The inhabitants of upper Egypt and I still speak the ancient language of my ancestors. We’re not ethiopian, we always have been and still are a different nation. The Ethiopians are from Yemen and they were one nation with Yemen and we were the people of Punt and my people still have stories from the time of pharaoh, and speaking of the devil the word pharaoh has a definition in my language. It’s not the name of a king but in my language rather the name of a clan or a tribe. If I break it down for you. The name is fir’own (fir=people of or clan of) (own=short man or midget), it actually means children of the short-man. Note there is a letter before the o of own that is not in the English alphabet but its close enough. The actual letter is the letter C in the Somali alphabet, but it sounds nothing like a C.

  136. Antwan Says:

    James Li’lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr I too have done some very extensive research on this topic and not all Black Hebrew Israelites in America believe that Yahoshua is not the redeemer. There are many different chapters of Black Hebrew Isralites but to me this only adds to the confusion. Some believe one thing and others believe something else…lol There is only one truth and I think that all should be striving to seek the truth. With truth there would be no need for all of the different lables.

    • James E Clipper Jr Says:

      Antwan, man thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Iwas on the verge of joining these Black Israelites (wanted to replace Israelites with expletive). When they denounced the divinity of Yahshua and transferred it ot David I literally cried sir. Not only that, I also begin to think I was alone in this thing. Yes I believe that Afro Americans are prophetically displaced Israelites but what they were saying made me believe they were responsible for preferring Barabus instead of the Messiah. However I was aware that another offshot of Black Israelites share the belief that one of their leaders is the true Messiah and that they eventually moved to Jerusalem. Tell me where I can locate one of your congregations.

    • James Li'lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr. Says:

      Antwan, man thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was on the verge of joining these Black Israelites (wanted to replace Israelites with expletive). When they denounced the divinity of Yahshua and transferred it ot David I literally cried sir. Not only that, I also begin to think I was alone in this thing. Yes I believe that Afro Americans are prophetically displaced Israelites but what they were saying made me believe they were responsible for preferring Barabus instead of the Messiah. However I was aware that another offshot of Black Israelites share the belief that one of their leaders is the true Messiah and that they eventually moved to Jerusalem. Tell me where I can locate one of your congregations.

      • Antwan Says:

        Thanks James, I know this may surprise you but, I don`t belong to any religious group at all. I am just seeking truth through research because the plot gets much more thicker than what you have learned so far. There is so many pieces to the puzzle that it can take a persons lifetime to find the truth. Part of the reason for this is greed and people wanting to be portrayed as superior to everyone else. If you look at Egypt you will see that the ancient Egyptians were the first known people to do a wide variety of things. They were performing surgery thousands of years before anyone else but who do we learn is the father of medicine? The Greeks! But the same Greek man who we are taught is the father of medicine wrote in his ancient writings that Imhotep is the father of medicine. Imhotep live about 1500-1000 yearbefore the the Greek So don`t get caught up in all of this until you see some real truth. The reason the Egyptians are a very important piece to the puzzle is because there are certain things that are in the bible that you can clearly see written on the walls of ancient Egypt and the Egyptian writings are much older than the bible or any writings in the bible.


        Black Africans of Rome have contributed greatly to the growth of Christianity and the development of the Roman Catholic doctrine. Three of the greatest scholars and founding theologians of Christianity were Black Roman Africans that included Tertullian, Cyperian, and St. Augustine, but the greatest contributions were clearly made by these three Black popes; Pope Victor I, Pope Miltiades, and Pope Gelasius I.
        Pope Victor I, the 14th pope, served from 189 AD – 199 AD. In 189 AD, there was major controversy regarding the date of Easter which was celebrated in Asia on the 14th day after the full moon. This fell on any day of the week and therefore meant that some Christians would have been celebrating Lent while others would have been celebrating the Resurrection, so Pope Victor I in a council held in Rome in 196, decreed that the Feast of Easter would be celebrated only on the Sunday after the 14th day of the moon of March, and any Asian Christians who defied this declaration would be excommunicated. From that point onwards, Easter was celebrated only on the Sunday.
        Also, under the influence of the Black theologian Tertullian, Pope Victor I, who is now celebrated as a saint with his feast day of July 28th, declared that Greek would be replaced by Latin as the official language of the Church of Rome. Pope Victor was therefore the first to celebrate Mass in Rome using Latin, the common language of the people.
        Pope Victor I also condemned and excommunicated Theodore of Byzantium for heresy after he enticed followers in Rome to deny the divinity of Jesus the Christ, preaching that Jesus was an ordinary man filled with supernatural powers through Baptism.
        When Black Romans were in control of the world religiously with Victor and Tertullian, the Black Romans gained political and military control of the world in 193 AD, through the Black Roman African, Septimius Severus, who became the Roman Emperor. He did not forget his roots however, and made hefty donations to the city’s poor, while also employing them in massive building projects. Septimius Severus, after whom the month of September was named, was seceded as emperor by his Black son Caracalla from 211 AD until 217 AD.
        Pope St. Miltiades or Mechiades, the second Black pope, served from 311 AD until 314 AD as the 32nd pope. Militiades decreed that none of the faithful should fast on Sunday or on the fifth day of the week, because this was the custom of the pagans. After taking office, Miltiades persecuted the Christians until he got an edict of toleration from Emperor Galerius to end such persecutions and allow the Christians to emerge from their underground caves. Pope Miltiades then convinced Emperor Maxentius to return all church buildings and possessions confiscated during the persecutions.
        It was also during the reign of Pope Miltiades that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity after receiving a vision of the cross. Constantine’s army marched into Rome in 312 AD and overthrew the oppressor Maxentius, and later made Christianity the authorized religion of the Roman Empire. Pope Miltiades was made a saint, and his feast was celebrated on December 10. The Black Roman theologian St. Augustine referred to Pope Miltiades as “an excellent pontiff, a true son of peace, and father of Christians.”
        Pope Gelasius I, the 49th pope, was the third Black pope who came to office in 492 AD, (1,000 years before America was supposedly discovered). Born in Rome of African parentage, he was a member of the Roman clergy from a youth. Gelasius I devoted himself to uplifting the poor and the weak, even instructing his bishops to donate a quarter of their income to charity, emphasising that “nothing is more becoming to the priestly office than the protection of the poor and the weak.”
        His contemporaries described him as “famous all over the world for his learning and holiness.”
        Pope Gelasius I was also credited with ending the pagan ritual of Lupercalia, a fertility rite celebration where young men would dress in skins and strike any woman they met with a whip, believing that it conferred fertility and chased away bad luck. He sternly asked why the gods they worshipped did not calm the seas so the ships transporting the grain could reach Rome in time for the winter. He replaced Lupercalia with the “feast of the purification of the blessed virgin” presently known as “Candlemas” and declared a day in honour of St Valentine.
        Gelasius also wrote to a wealthy woman of rank, Femina, asking her to have the lands of St. Peter which were taken by the barbarians and the Romans returned to the church, since the lands were needed for the poor who were assembling in Rome. Gelasius I became very famous through his firm letter to Emperor Anastasius regarding the need for independence of church and state. He told the emperor that the world is governed by two great powers; that of the popes and that of kings; but the authority of the popes is so much greater because on judgment day, popes will have to render an account to God for the soul of kings. Gelasius I was made a saint and his feast day is held on November 21.
        So, contrary to the belief held by many who refer to Christianity as a white man’s religion, the facts clearly demonstrate that Christianity was founded by the genius of three Black theologians, and further developed and propelled by devoted contributions made by three Black Roman African popes.


        The Bible was written by Africans about Africans, it is not about Europe or Europeans. In fact, Europe was not in existence 6,000 years ago. The Bible was translated not written by King James.
        In 325, Constantine becomes the first Christian Emperor of Rome and convenes the first council at Nicea, Turkey, where Christianity was declared as the official state religion (333), while attempting to settle the Arian dispute regarding the nature of Jesus Christ. It was there that the doctrine of the Trinity was declared to be the orthodox Christian belief.
        Christian Emperor Theodosius then bans the ancient religious systems of Egypt and orders the closing of all Egyptian temples. The last recorded date of Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions was in 394 B.C., and in 527 A.C. the Christian Emperor Justinian finally succeeded in closing the last Egyptian temple at Philae.
        It was at the Council of Nicea, in 325 AD that;
        • The Roman Sun-day or day of the Sun was declared to be the Christian Sabbath along with the worship of the sun being the official state religion.
        • The emblem of the Sun god, the cross of light, was adopted as the emblem of Christianity.
        • The date of Easter was established.
        • Rules were framed that defined the authority of bishops, thereby paving the way for a concentration of power in ecclesiastical hands.
        • By vote, Jesus was declared a god, not a mortal prophet.
        A year after the Council of Nicea, Constantine authorized the confiscation and destruction of all works that opposed orthodox teachings referring to Jesus, including works by heretical Christians. He also arranged a fixed income to be to be paid to the Church, and installed the bishop of Rome in the Lateran Palace. It was not until 384 that the bishop of Rome called himself Pope for the first time. Later in A.D. 331, he commissioned and sponsored new copies of the Bible.
        In A.D. 303, a quarter of a century earlier, the pagan emperor Diocletian had undertaken to destroy all Christian writings that could be found, and as a result Christian documents – especially in Rome – all but vanished. When Constantine commissioned new versions of these documents, it enabled the custodians of orthodoxy to revise, edit, and rewrite their material in accordance with their tenets as they saw fit.
        It was at this point that most of the crucial alterations in the New Testament were probably made. Of the five thousand extant early manuscript versions of the New Testament, none predates the fourth century, in other words, the New Testament as it exists today is essentially a product of fourth-century editors and writers.
        The following is an incomplete list of heathen, unscriptural practices that became part of the Roman Catholic doctrine over a period of seventeen centuries. In many cases, these heresies were even debated for years before being given the status of required beliefs.
        Note that some of the dates given are approximate.
        1. Prayers for the dead …..300 AD
        2. Making the sign of the cross …..300 AD
        3. Veneration of angels and dead saints …..375 A.D
        4. Use of images in worship …..375 A D.
        5. The Mass as a daily celebration …..394 AD
        6. Beginning of the exaltation of Mary; the term, Mother of God applied at Council of Ephesus..431 AD
        7. Extreme Unction (Last Rites) …..526 AD
        8. Doctrine of Purgatory-Gregory I …..593 AD
        9. Prayers to Mary and dead saints …..600 AD
        10. Worship of cross, images and relics …..786 AD
        11. Canonization of dead saints …..995 AD
        12. Celibacy of priesthood …..1079 AD
        13. The Rosary …..1090 AD
        14. Indulgences …..1190 AD
        15. Transubstantiation-Innocent III …..1215 AD
        16. Auricular Confession of sins to a priest …..1215 AD
        17. Adoration of the wafer (Host) …..1220 AD
        18. Cup forbidden to the people at communion …..1414 AD
        19. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma …..1439 AD
        20. The doctrine of the Seven Sacraments confirmed …..1439 AD
        21. Tradition declared of equal authority with Bible by Council of Trent …..1545 AD

      • Antwan Says:

        James Li’lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr., There is a group that really seems to be honest and have the correct teachings without all of the hatred towards others. What I heard from him really took away all the mystery that comes along with what we have been taught here by Christians. He breaks down the relationship that the ancient Hebrews had with other black people during those times. But he tells the truth. I can`t remember the name of the video right now but I have it on my youtube channel. I think you should watch this video series because it will bring you some clarity about the Israelites and who they were close with. You have to look at science,archeology, and DNA in order to really understand who is who in the ancient world. But I want you to watch those videos i`m referring to then let me know what you think about his teachings.


        One of the greatest challenges of the AFRIKKAN child is how decipher truth among religious teachings that are falsified, myths and fantasies. For most of our SCHOLARS had to conform to these lies myths and fantasies in order to find a position in society to be employed. So MALCOLM X in his search for truth was misled by his AFRIKKAN SCHOLARS and when he found truth they murdered him. As an AFRIKKAN remember how the children of GOD were taught they were taught by the MESSENGERS and the prophets for the spirit of GOD is in each of us we have to tap in to this consciousness and we can become united with the UNIVERSE. When we read the BIBLE do not be concerned with nothing else about JESUS but what is written in RED for the other words are twisted. JESUS purpose was to awaken man consciousness back to GOD for when he said I come to free JOHN he wanted JOHN to prepare the spirit in JOHN to go back to GOD this was JESUS purpose the prophets before him was preparing man kind for that day. So resurrection is a spiritual experience with you and ALMIGHTY ALLAH. ALMIGHTY ALLAH spirit is in every man so in you seek him in spirit and in truth he would guide you unto all truth you need not religion to attain this for the prophet MUHAMMAD was illiterate and we gave him the QURAN multitudes today have to be guided by this book. It is important to first acknowledge all the MESSENGERS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH who are KRISHNA, ABRAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, BAB, BAHAULLAH. If we spend our time arguing religion we are wasting our time for all religion is man made. When we read because we have the spirit of GOD within us you would discern what is truth from falsehood. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH guide you.

        THY WILL BE DONE. 11112011 – 11th NOVEMBER, 2929.


      James Li’lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr “I too have done some very extensive research on this topic and not all Black Hebrew Israelites in America believe that Yahoshua is not the redeemer. There are many different chapters of Black Hebrew Isralites but to me this only adds to the confusion. Some believe one thing and others believe something else…lol There is only one truth and I think that all should be striving to seek the truth. With truth there would be no need for all of the different lables”

      “Yes”. These are the messengers sent to earth by ALMIGHTY ALLAH. KRISHNA, ABRAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, BAB, BAHAULLAH. From these teachings man made religion. The same spirit manifested in all the messengers bodies. For when MUHAMMAD said he is JESUS he spoke the truth and when BAHAULLAH said he is the promised one spoken of by all the MESSENGERS before him he too spoke the truth for he is the return of JESUS in the station of the father, JESUS first coming was spiritual and so was his second coming. JESUS said to the people if you Knew MOSES you would have known me. We must only worship the spirit and not the BODIES of these messengers for their is but ONE ALMIGHTY ALLAH who spirit manifested in the bodies of the messengers. They are not to be worshipped as GOD that also include our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST

      THY WILL BE DONE. 11112011 – 11th NOVEMBER, 2929.


    As the AFRIKKAN begins to restore his true identity he must not only focus on the BLACKNESS of JESUS he must let the world know that although he may not remember the names : KRISHNA, ABRAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS all these messengers along with their followers were BLACK men for ALMIGHTY ALLAH spoke through the messengers and the prophets. EMPEROR CONSTANTINE only temporarily halted the progress of AFRIKKA when he murdered the three AFRIKKAN POPES and painted all the black saints white. While the AFRIKKAN can never be considered RACIST his progress depends on letting the world know where the origin of man began for it is from this truth man shall eradicate all form of RACISM and PREJUDICE against each other. O AFRIKKA and after the CATHOLICS corrupted the teachings of JESUS we sent you PROPHET MUHAMMAD and then the BAB and finally we sent you BAHAULLAH and the POPES and his CATHOLIC followers also corrupted these man made RELIGION. Therefore, turn towards what is documented in these HOLY BOOKS and grow your children not in the darkness of RELIGION but in the light of the MESSENGERS teaching. For out of these teachings ALMIGHTY ALLAH glory shall shine upon the earth. O LEADERS OF AFRIKKA remember ALMIGHTY ALLAH is a true and living GOD. O LEADERS OF AFRIKKA remember RELIGION without SCIENCE is but MYTHS & FANTASIES. O LEADERS OF AFRIKKA unite your people throughout the world and with CHINA develop my LAND. O leaders of AFRIKKA when you plant trees in your land you are manufacturing oil cultivate your land first with trees then you would bring back equilibrium on the earth. O LEADERS OF AFRIKKA worry not what was stolen out of AFRIKKA for all resources possess by man belongs to ALMIGHTY ALLAH the earth is the LORD’S and the FULLNESS THEREOF. O LEADERS OF AFRIKKA remember the TEACHINGS of JESUS and BAHAULLAH for we shall send no more messengers upon the face of this earth.

    THY WILL BE DONE. 11112011 – 11th NOVEMBER, 2929.

  138. James E Clipper Jr Says:

    I just came from and I am absolutely dumbfounded. At first I had doubts about the claim that caucasions are africans with leprosy. The main reason I doubted this claim is because of their features. My reasoning was based upon the thought that if their skin color changed that would not change their afrocentric features to european features i. e. the pointed noses, the slim chins, etc… However when I saw the picture with the albino ethiopians and noticed their features matched today’s caucasions my doubts quickly subsided. I’ve been convinced since childhood that the Christian orientation I received was flawed. This belief came in to view when I studied the scripture when Yashua stated that he would be in the grave three days and nights. At 14 yrs old I realized that modern christendom began their observation of his death and resurrection on Good Friday. Even if you count the whole day of Friday through early Sunday morning you won’t get three days. Either the church was lying or Yahshua was a liar. In fact, you can only get one day and a half from Friday eve to early Sunday morning. Now that I have come of age, I not only believe modern christendom is erroneous but they, America and Europe and errbodyelse claiming Christianity in the world are anti Messiah (christ). Listen people, it sickens me, I get absolutely indignant with preachers (male or female) that continue to spread false doctrine that stupifies and wraps us up in a cloak of ignorance. Why do I get so indignant you ask? Because I used to be one of those preachers who would die for what I believed.


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    The Bible was written by Africans about Africans, it is not about

    Europe or Europeans. In fact, Europe was not in existence 6,000 years ago. The Bible was translated not written by King James.

    In 325, Constantine becomes the first Christian Emperor of Rome and convenes the first council at Nicea, Turkey, where Christianity was declared as the official state religion (333), while attempting to settle the Arian dispute regarding the nature of Jesus Christ. It was there that the doctrine of the Trinity was declared to be the orthodox Christian belief.

    Christian Emperor Theodosius then bans the ancient religious systems of Egypt and orders the closing of all Egyptian temples. The last recorded date of Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions was in 394 B.C., and in 527 A.C. the Christian Emperor Justinian finally succeeded in closing the last Egyptian temple at Philae.

    It was at the Council of Nicea, in 325 AD that;.

    The Roman Sun-day or day of the Sun was declared to be the Christian Sabbath along with the worship of the sun being the official state religion.

    The emblem of the Sun god, the cross of light, was adopted as the emblem of Christianity.

    The date of Easter was established.

    Rules were framed that defined the authority of bishops, thereby paving the way for a concentration of power in ecclesiastical hands.

    By vote, Jesus was declared a god, not a mortal prophet.

    IS THIS THE WORK OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH OR MAN ” JESUS ” neither the MESSENGERS and prophets before him and after him they never claimed to be GOD but I say to you the SPIRIT OF GOD did manifest in the BODIES of these messengers for this is how ALMIGHTY ALLAH teaches all of HUMANITY.

    THY WILL BE DONE. 11112011 – 11th NOV EM BER, 2929.

    CONSTANTINE also murdered the three AFRIKKAN POPES.


    Our maturity as a CHILD of ALMIGHTY ALLAH would be to form groups and leave our comfort ZONE in AMERICA and go back to AFRIKKA and build modern societies. If your wives and children
    is against this cause you may have to separate yourself from them to elevate the status of the AFRIKKAN. The AFRIKKAN in AMERIKKA have to assess his contribution to building AMERICA and what was his return for his forced investment. All nations were built on faith and the exploitation of the AFRIKKAN, Karl Marx wrote ” there would be no AMERICA without the slave trade”. After contributing to building such a great nation the AFRIKKAN was rewarded with imprisonment and insults of RACISM. ALMIGHTY ALLAH have given AMERICA one thousand years to correct her atrocities and if she fails like other nations her walls shall come tumbling down. The AFRIKKAN have two choices 1. Correct what they are experiencing in America under RACISM or 2. Go back and rebuild in AFRIKKA. When the Europeans came to AMERICA it was faith and the knowledge of owning slaves to advance their material needs today the AMERICAN constitution has evolved into a freedom the whole world is envious of. You are able to take out the man made religious philosophy from your land and the society still operates in order to benefit the majority of her people, but still this system has a negative effect on the AFRIKKAN child. If the AFRIKKAN child can only reflect on the type of labor his forefathers executed in AMERICA from Agriculture to the Building Industry he would awaken from his slumber and be a productive soul to his mother land. We are created to serve ALMIGHTY ALLAH and enjoy the fruits of our labor. The time has come that under the present crisis in the world the AFRIKKAN can not experience these things. We have to rebuild and in rebuilding it must be in the borders of AFRIKKA. AFRIKKA have virgin lands for your people. We would not achieve anything in this world without sacrifice. Therefore I say to you gather your ACCOUNTANTS, ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, ATTORNEYS, YOUR QURAN, DEVELOPERS and move into AFRIKKA for the world and ALMIGHTY ALLAH would support your cause for without this action the world shall including EUROPE is on the verge of collapse.

    THY WILL BE DONE. 11112011 – 11th NOVEMBER, 2929.


    Every time we try to impose our religion on mankind we are promoting animosity and hatred among the human race for man try to use their religious beliefs to dominate and control those of lesser learning religion was never meant to be use for such a purpose if we cannot find ONE GOD, ONE RACE, and ONE RELIGION among our religious beliefs then we are serving LUCIFER and not ALMIGHTY ALLAH for all the RELIGIOUS teachings came from one source. Their is but ONE GOD.


    • James Li'lJimmy Edward Clipper Jr. Says:

      In a very delicate sense, the term religion is misused misunderstood. Scripturally, religion is not a movement, faith or concept. Pure religion and undefiled before Yah is to visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictions and to keep yourself unspotted from the world. If this is true the definition of religion is dramatacally transformed to imply a mode of philanthropic ventures and missionary work, opposed to bullying people with what you believe in. I noted that Mr. Tennerson stated that all religious teachings come from one source. This statement could be no further from factual than a beetle being the ancestor of a bee based on the fact that they both can fly. The scriptures are clear stating that the enemy has his own faith factions. One is the church of satan and the other is satan in the church. Surely we can’t conclude that any of these is a bi product of the theology or theocracy of the Creator. Furthermore, any faith that does not recognize the basic tenants of salvation regarding fallen mankind, a plan of redemption and hopes of eternal life, is a faith with pseudopromissory deception.


        “a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Krishna religion, Abraham religion, Buddha religion, Zoroaster religion, Moses religion, Jesus religion, Muhammad religion, Bab religion, Bahaullah religion”
        Definition of religion in the context of my statement.
        in response to TENNERSON KEITH FOX:
        Every time we try to impose our religion on mankind we are promoting animosity and hatred among the human race for man try to use their religious beliefs to dominate and control those of lesser learning religion was never meant to be use for such a purpose if we cannot find ONE GOD, ONE RACE, […]
        In a very delicate sense, the term religion is misused misunderstood. Scripturally, religion is not a movement, faith or concept. Pure religion and undefiled before Yah is to visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictions and to keep yourself unspotted from the world. If this is true the definition of religion is dramatacally transformed to imply a mode of philanthropic ventures and missionary work, opposed to bullying people with what you believe in. I noted that Mr. Tennerson stated that all religious teachings come from one source. This statement could be no further from factual than a beetle being the ancestor of a bee based on the fact that they both can fly. The scriptures are clear stating that the enemy has his own faith factions. One is the church of satan and the other is satan in the church. Surely we can’t conclude that any of these is a bi product of the theology or theocracy of the Creator. Furthermore, any faith that does not recognize the basic tenants of salvation regarding fallen mankind, a plan of redemption and hopes of eternal life, is a faith with pseudopromissory deception.
        I felt it was necessary to respond to your statement because I was uncertain if we were discussing all the MESSENGERS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH or we were discussing JESUS and the BIBLE. If we are discussing JESUS and the BIBLE, I want to correct my statement by saying all the teachings of the messengers of ALMIGHTY ALLAH came from one source and that means KRISHNA, ABRAHAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, BAB, BAHAULLAH. I am presently trying to correct the falsified, myths and fantasies that most followers of CHRISTIANITY inherited from CATHOLICISM so I am not really interested in debating man made religion for most of us have passed through a system where we were brainwashed by the false teachings of CHRISTIANITY and the continued dialog without an understanding that JESUS the CHRIST is not GOD he never said he was neither the MESSENGERS before nor the MESSENGERS after him, only leads to animosity among mankind.
        While today we can accept some of JESUS teachings it was not so easy for him in his time man kind could not understand how he claimed to have come from HEAVEN when he was born from the womb of a woman, so for this he was persecuted and crucified, and there is a pattern in history that every time ALMIGHTY ALLAH sends a MESSENGER on the face of the earth the followers and scholars of the one before him rejects the one that is sent after him. So the followers of Moses crucify JESUS, the followers of JESUS rejected MUHAMMAD, the followers of MUHAMMAD murdered the BAB and exiled BAHAULLAH in a prison for almost Twenty Four Years, but today I say to you the spirit of GOD manifested in all the bodies of the MESSENGERS, and there is but ONE GOD and for this reason all manmade religion that were created from the teachings of the MESSENGERS came from one source.

        in response to TENNERSON KEITH FOX:
        Every time we try to impose our religion on mankind we are promoting animosity and hatred among the human race for man try to use their religious beliefs to dominate and control those of lesser learning religion was never meant to be use for such a purpose if we cannot find ONE GOD, ONE RACE, […]
        In a very delicate sense, the term religion is misused misunderstood. Scripturally, religion is not a movement, faith or concept. Pure religion and undefiled before Yah is to visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictions and to keep yourself unspotted from the world. If this is true the definition of religion is dramatacally transformed to imply a mode of philanthropic ventures and missionary work, opposed to bullying people with what you believe in. I noted that Mr. Tennerson stated that all religious teachings come from one source. This statement could be no further from factual than a beetle being the ancestor of a bee based on the fact that they both can fly. The scriptures are clear stating that the enemy has his own faith factions. One is the church of satan and the other is satan in the church. Surely we can’t conclude that any of these is a bi product of the theology or theocracy of the Creator. Furthermore, any faith that does not recognize the basic tenants of salvation regarding fallen mankind, a plan of redemption and hopes of eternal life, is a faith with pseudopromissory deception.
        I felt it was necessary to respond to your statement because I was uncertain if we were discussing all the MESSENGERS of ALMIGHTY ALLAH or we were discussing JESUS and the BIBLE. If we are discussing JESUS and the BIBLE, I want to correct my statement by saying all the teachings of the messengers of ALMIGHTY ALLAH came from one source and that means KRISHNA, ABRAHAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, BAB, BAHAULLAH. I am presently trying to correct the falsified, myths and fantasies that most followers of CHRISTIANITY inherited from CATHOLICISM so I am not really interested in debating man made religion for most of us have passed through a system where we were brainwashed by the false teachings of CHRISTIANITY and the continued dialog without an understanding that JESUS the CHRIST is not GOD he never said he was neither the MESSENGERS before nor the MESSENGERS after him, only leads to animosity among mankind.
        While today we can accept some of JESUS teachings it was not so easy for him in his time man kind could not understand how he claimed to have come from HEAVEN when he was born from the womb of a woman, so for this he was persecuted and crucified, and there is a pattern in history that every time ALMIGHTY ALLAH sends a MESSENGER on the face of the earth the followers and scholars of the one before him rejects the one that is sent after him. So the followers of Moses crucify JESUS, the followers of JESUS rejected MUHAMMAD, the followers of MUHAMMAD murdered the BAB and exiled BAHAULLAH in a prison for almost Twenty Four Years, but today I say to you the spirit of GOD manifested in all the bodies of the MESSENGERS, and there is but ONE GOD and for this reason all manmade religion that were created from the teachings of the MESSENGERS came from one source.


        More Pictures Here

        Bahá’u’lláh (English pronunciation: /bɑːhɑːˈʊlə/; Arabic: بهاء الله‎, “Glory of God”; 12 November 1817 – 29 May 1892), born Mírzá Ḥusayn-`Alí Núrí (Persian: میرزا حسینعلی نوری), was the founder of the Bahá’í Faith. He claimed to be the prophetic fulfilment of Bábism, a 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism, but in a broader sense claimed to be a messenger from God referring to the fulfilment of the eschatological expectations of Islam, Christianity, and other major religions. Bahá’u’lláh taught that humanity is one single race and that the age has come for its unification in a global society. His claim to divine revelation resulted in persecution and imprisonment by the Persian and Ottoman authorities, and his eventual 24-year confinement in the prison city of `Akka, Palestine (present day Israel), where he died. He authored many religious works, most notably the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Kitáb-i-Íqán. There are two known photographs of Bahá’u’lláh. Outside of pilgrimage, Bahá’ís prefer…

        O SON of man seek first your beginning of your spiritual history in the QURAN for ALMIGHTY ALLAH preserved his teachings in the QURAN be not guided by the false propaganda of ISLAM for the true followers of the BOOK can redeem any nation out of DARKNESS. However, like all other religion there are the corrupted ones who seek fame and fortune out of ISLAM learn to read and ALMIGHTY ALLAH shall guide you.

        THY WILL BE DONE, 11112011 – 11th NOVEMBER, 2929.



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        ” Do not unto others what is injurious to yourself. ZOROASTRIAN, SHAYAST-NA-SHAYAST 13.29, about 1000 BCE The successes and losses of your neighbor will be to you as if they were your own. TAOIST, T’AI-SHANG KAN-YING P’IEN, about 600 BCE One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated. JAINIST, MAHAVIRA, SUTRAVITANGA, about 550 BCE Do not offend others as you would not want to be offended. BUDDHIST, UDANAVARGA 5:18, about 500 BCE Is there any rule that one should follow all of one’s life? Yes! The rule of the gentle goodness: That which we do not wish to be done to us, we do not do to others. CONFUCIANIST, ANALECTAS 15:23, about 500 BCE Everything you should do you will find in this: Do nothing to others that would hurt you if it were done to you. HINDU, MAHABARATA 5:1517, about 150 BCE Do not do harm to your fellow creature. This is the whole law; the rest is only commentary. JEWISH, TALMUD SHABBAT 31a, about 100 CE In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. CHRISTIAN, MATTHEW 7:12, 1st century CE None of you shall be true believers unless you wish for others the same that you wish for yourself. ISLAMIC, SUNNATT, 7th century CE I am a stranger to no one; and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all. SIKH, GURU GRANTH SAHIB 1299, 1600 CE Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things that you would not desire for yourself. BAHA’I, BAHA’U’LLAH GLEANINGS, 19th century CE We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part. UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST, 7TH PRINCIPLE, 19th century CE We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive. NATIVE AMERICAN, CHIEF DAN GEORGE, 20th century CE Whatever you send out returns to you threefold. PAGAN, THREEFOLD LAW, 20th century CE We each have obligations to present and future generations, and to the preservation, enhancement, and well-being of all life on the planet Earth. SECULAR HUMANIST, 21st century CE”
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        Donah Ortiz

        Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.The Hidden Words [Baha’u’llah
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        Edward S Harman

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        Know thou of a truth that the seeker must, at the beginning of his quest for God, enter the Garden of Search. In this journey it behoveth the wayfarer to detach himself from all save God and to close his eyes to all that is in the heavens and on the earth. There must not linger in his heart either the hate or the love of any soul, to the extent that they would hinder him from attaining the habitation of the celestial Beauty. He must sanctify his soul from the veils of glory and refrain from boasting of such worldly vanities, outward knowledge, or other gifts as God may have bestowed upon him. He must search after the truth to the utmost of his ability and exertion, that God may guide him in the paths of His favour and the ways of His mercy. For He, verily, is the best of helpers unto His servants. He saith, and He verily speaketh the truth: “Whoso maketh efforts for Us, in Our ways shall We assuredly guide him.” And furthermore: “Fear God and God will give you knowledge.” ~ Bahá’u’lláh


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    This is the Genealogy of Baha’u’llah,
    The HEIR to the THRONE OF DAVID,
    showing His lineage from Bostanai (the exilarch: exiled Davidic

    Jesus in the Qur’an
    Up God begets not… Is Jesus God? Jesus in the Qur’an Forgotten Sayings Jesus – God & Man? Explained Verses

    Jesus in the Glorious Qur’an


    The Qur’an tells us a lot of wonderful things about Jesus. As a result, believers in the Qur’an love Jesus, honour him, and believe in him. In fact, no Muslim can be a Muslim unless he or she believes in Jesus, on whom be peace.

    The Qur’an says that Jesus was born of a virgin, that he spoke while he was still only a baby, that he healed the blind and the leper by God’s leave, and that he raised the dead by God’s leave.

    What then is the significance of these miracles? First, the virgin birth. God demonstrates his power to create in every way. God created everyone we know from a man and a woman. But how about Adam, on whom be peace? God created him from neither a man nor a woman. And Eve from only a man, but not a woman. And, finally, to complete the picture, God created Jesus from a woman, but not a man.

    What about the other miracles? These were to show that Jesus was not acting on his own behalf, but that he was backed by God. The Qur’an specifies that these miracles were performed by God’s leave. This may be compared to the Book of Acts in the Bible, chapter 2, verse 22, where it says that the miracles were done by God to show that he approved of Jesus. Also, note that Jesus himself is recorded in the Gospel of John to have said, “I can do nothing of my own authority” (5:30). The miracles, therefore, were done not by his own authority, but by God’s authority.

    What did Jesus teach? The Qur’an tells us that Jesus came to teach the same basic message which was taught by previous prophets from God—that we must shun every false god and worship only the one true God. Jesus taught that he is the servant and messenger of that one true God, the God of Abraham. These Quranic teachings can be compared with the Bible ( Mark 10:18; Matthew 26:39; John 14:28, 17:3, and 20:17) where Jesus teaches that the one he worshipped is the only true God. See also Matthew 12:18; Acts 3:13, and 4:27 where we find that his disciples knew him as Servant of God.

    The Qur’an tells us that some of the Israelites rejected Jesus, and conspired to kill him, but Allah (God) rescued Jesus and raised him to Himself. Allah will cause Jesus to descend again, at which time Jesus will confirm his true teachings and everyone will believe in him as he is and as the Qur’an teaches about him.

    Jesus is the Messiah. He is a word from Allah, and a spirit from Him. He is honoured in this world and in the hereafter, and he is one of those brought nearest to Allah.

    Jesus was a man who spoke the truth which he heard from God. This can be compared with the Gospel According to John where Jesus says to the Israelites: “You are determined to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God” (John 8:40).

    The Virgin Birth of Jesus

    Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. When the angels announced to Mary (peace be upon her) about Allah’s promise that she will have a son, she was surprised, since she was a virgin. “How can this be?” she thought. She was reminded that it is easy for Allah to create whatever he wills.

    She said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (it will be). Allah createth what He will. If He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is (Qur’an 3:47).

    It is not difficult for Allah to do anything he wants. He can create a child with both human parents or only one. No miracle is beyond His power. After all, He had created Adam (peace be upon him) from neither a man nor a woman. He created the rest of us from both man and woman. What is so hard if Allah decides to create a human being from a woman only? He only commands “Be!” and it occurs.

    Some people think that since Jesus, peace be upon him, had no human father then God must be his father. The Qur’an rejects this view. The position of Jesus with Allah is comparable to the position of Adam with Allah. Just because Adam had no human parent does not mean we should call him the Son of God.

    Lo! the likeness of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then He said unto him: Be! and he is. (Qur’an 3:59).

    According to the Qur’an, everyone except Allah are His servants.

    And they say: the Beneficent hath taken unto Himself a Son. Assuredly ye utter a disastrous thing, whereby almost the heavens are torn, and the earth is split asunder and the mountains fall to ruins, that ye ascribe to the Beneficent a son, when it is not meet for (the Majesty of) the Beneficent that He should chose a son. There is none in the heavens and the earth but cometh unto the Beneficent as a slave. (Qur’an 19:88-93)

    The Miracles of Jesus

    According to the Qur’an, Jesus, on whom be peace, performed the following miracles by Allah’s leave:

    1. Spoke while he was only a baby.
    2. Healed those born blind.
    3. Healed the lepers.
    4. Revived the dead.
    5. Breathed life into a bird made of clay.

    In the Qur’an Allah quotes Jesus, peace be upon him, as saying:

    Lo! I come unto you with a sign from your Lord. Lo! I fashion for you out of clay the likeness of a bird, and I breathe into it and it is a bird by Allah’s leave. I heal him who was born blind, and the leper, and I raise the dead, by Allah’s leave. And I announce to you what you eat and what you store up in your houses. Lo! herein verily is a portent for you if you are to be believers.
    And (I come) confirming that which was before me of the Torah, and to make lawful some of that which was forbidden unto you. I come unto you with a sign from your Lord, so keep your duty to Allah and obey me. Lo! Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is a straight path. (Qur’an 3: 49-51).

    Again, in the Qur’an Allah tells us about the situation on the Day of Judgement:

    In the day when Allah gathers together the messengers and says: What was your response (from mankind)? they say: We have no knowledge. Lo! Thou, only Thou art the Knower of Things Hidden.
    When Allah says: O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My favour unto you and unto your mother; how I strengthened you with the holy Spirit, so that you spoke unto mankind in the cradle as in maturity; and how I taught you the Scripture and Wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel; and how you did shape of clay as it were the likeness of a bird by My permission, and did blow upon it and it was a bird by My permission, and you did heal him who was born blind and the leper by My permission . . . (Qur’an 5:109-110)

    Not all of these miracles are recorded in the canonical gospels, the four gospels contained in the Christian Bible.

    The fact that Jesus spoke while he was yet a baby is not written anywhere in the Bible. This should not be surprising, because none of the Gospels can claim to recover every single event in the life of Jesus. Instead, the gospel According to John seeks to emphasize that the events were too many to record.

    Similarly, the miracle of breathing life into a bird made of clay is not attested by the Christian Bible. This too should not make us wonder. It is obvious that the writers of the gospels could write down only the tradition that was available to them. Furthermore, they could not write down everything they knew about Jesus for they were writing on papyrus material that were very limited in length.

    What is worthy to notice here is that the Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, was honest enough to promulgate this information about Jesus. The religion taught by God through Muhammad would deny the divinity of Jesus. Any human being, therefore, who wished to deny the divinity of Jesus would have tried to belittle Jesus. Since Christians looked upon the miracles of Jesus as a proof of his divinity, we might expect that any human being who tries to deny the divinity of Jesus would not have informed people of miracles not previously known to them. He might have even tried to deny some of the miracles recorded in the canonical gospels. On the other hand, the prophet Muhammad honestly conveyed the message delivered to him from Allah. (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.)

    Allah tells us the truth without fear. Human beings trying to win followers tell us only what is conducive to winning us over. They usually withhold information that could lead to opposite conclusions. On the other hand, Allah informs us about the miracles of Jesus even if people use this information to support their prior commitment to the doctrine of the divinity of Jesus. Allah does not need to win worshippers. Those who worship Allah does so for their own good. And those who worship false gods do so to their own detriment.

    What Allah emphasizes, though, is that the miracles of Jesus do not prove he was divine. The miracles he performed were a sign, a proof, that he was God’s messenger. He performed them with God’s help and permission. Those who use his miracles as proof of his divinity would choose to forget the following sayings of Jesus:

    I can of my own authority do nothing. (John 5:30)

    They also forget the declaration of Peter:

    Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves know. (Acts 2:22 KJV).

    These passages suggest that Jesus did not do miracles on his own. These, rather were accomplished by God’s leave. Allah reminds us of this. Jesus also constantly repeated to his audience that the miracles he performed were by God’s leave.


    QURANIC STORIES: The Story of Moses

    A hundred years after the passing away of the Prophet Joseph, the rulers of Egypt passed a decree that a son born to an Israelite parent would be put to death; only daughters would be spared to serve the followers of Pharaoh. This was a [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘dreadful torment’ inflicted on Israelites. During this dreaded era, Moses was born; his mother was, however, commanded by God [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘not to cast the child into the river on birth, but to suckle it’ till such time as she felt that there was real danger to his life. For about three months she reared him and then she put him in a box and lay it in the river. God promised her that her child would be safe, that he would soon be restored to her, and that he would be made [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘one of our apostles’.

    The box was carried by the river Nile to the banks close to the palace of Pharaoh. A servant of Pharaoh who was passing by picked up the box and took the child to the Queen. Pharaoh was informed, and he ordered that the child be put to death. But the Queen, who was childless, was enchanted by the baby, for, she said, God had made him [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘such a lovely child that the beholder could not but love him’. She beseeched Pharaoh to spare his life. ‘Let us adopt him. He will be raised in our palace and would never know that he was an Israelite. He will be one of us and will, in fact, be useful in our fight against the Israelites.’

    Pharaoh relented. The Queen took to Moses as a mother would to her own new-born son. But the baby was restless and cried incessantly; no nurse was able to feed him.

    Moses’ mother, who felt utterly bereft without her child, had asked ten-year-old daughter to follow the course of her brother’s journey in the box, and to keep a watch on him. The little girl did as she was told. She entered the palace after the baby was taken there and managed to get close to the Queen, eventually gaining her confidence. As the child became weak through lack of nourishment, she talked to the Queen of a [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘particular’ nurse who might be able to suckle the child, to feed him with great affection and to bring him up. [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Thus’, says Allah in the Quran, ‘We restored Moses to his mother, so that her eyes might be cooled and she would cease to grieve and would know that Allah’s promise was fulfilled.’

    Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s household under the benevolent care of the Queen. When he reached manhood, Allah [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘gave him the power of knowledge and judgement’. Once, while on a visit to the city, he saw two men fighting; one was an Israelite, the other an Egyptian. The Israelite asked Moses for help, so Moses came to the rescue and struck the Egyptian forcefully. The Egyptian collapsed and died instantly. Moses was most perturbed and asked God for forgiveness, saying, [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘I shall never come to the help of those committing wrong.’ The next morning, the man he had helped again called out for assistance. Moses realized that he was a quarrelsome person and rushed to lay his hands on him. [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Do you intend to kill me as you had killed the man yesterday?’ the man shouted. ‘Do you wish to become a tyrant in the land?’

    Moses prayed to the Lord. [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Oh, my Lord, saave me from such people who are given to wrongdoing.’ Then a man came running and informed Moses that Pharaoh’s chiefs were planning to hang Moses and advised him to run away.

    So Moses left Egypt in the direction of Madyan, praying to the Lord to guide him to the right path. On reaching the waters of Madyan, he saw a number of men drawing water for their animals, while two women stood by quietly, holding back their animals. Moses asked them why they were waiting. They replied, [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘We cannot water our animals until the men have left; that is our misfortune. Our father could not come to draw water for our animals as he is too old.’ Moses drew water for both of them, and the women were grateful for his help. One of them went home and informed her father of what Moses had done. The father asked her to fetch Moses so that he might pay him the wages for the work.

    Moses told the old man the circumstances under which he had had to leave Egypt. [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Have no fear any more,’ he assured Moses, ‘It is good you have escaped from those wicked people.’ He was impressed by Moses and offered one of his daughters in marriage, provided Moses promised to live with them for eight years, or even longer if he so wished. Moses agreed and started his life in Madyan.

    After eight years, Moses left with his wife and family. On their journey he saw a fire in the direction of Mount Tur. He made his family halt there, while he ran towards the fire hoping to obtain some information about the neighborhood, or at least get a burning firebrand to keep his family warm. When Moses reached the spot he heard a voice from above the trees on the right side of the sacred valley.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘What have you in your right hand?’ the voice said. Bewildered, Moses replied: ‘It is my staff, with which I bring down the leaves for my sheep and do many other things.’ The voice spoke again:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] O Moses, I am the Lord of the Universe. Cast down your staff and listen to me. [20:19]

    Moses threw it down, and there before his eyes it became a writhing serpent. The Lord spoke again:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Draw near it and fear not: now seize the serpent and do not be afraid. It will become a staff again. [20:21]

    Moses did as he was told. God then asked him to place his right hand into his bosom and to bring it out again; it was shinging white and without any stain. God then blessed him with supreme revelations and commanded him to go to Pharaoh and his people and to preach to them the Oneness of God and the glory of righteous conduct. Moses prayed to God:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Oh my Lord, enlarge my heart and strengthen me by curing my speech so that people may understand what I say. Also lighten my burden by assigning Aaron, my brother, to assist me. [20:25-32]

    The Lord granted his prayer and asked him to proceed with His Signs:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Go, you, O Moses and your brother, with Our Signs to Pharaoh. Speak gently to him but make him see the truth and fear Us. [20:43-44]

    Moses and Aaron told the Lord that Pharaoh might subject them to violence, as Moses was wanted by his chiefs for killing one of their men. The Lord assured them not to have any fear in their hearts:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] I am with you; I hear and see everything. Tell Pharaoh that you are My messengers. Ask him to let the Israelites be with you, and to torture them no more. [20:46-47]

    Armed with the divine mission and the Book that was sent down to him which was to be the [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘means of enlightenment to the people and a guidance and mercy to mankind’, Moses left for Egypt with Aaron. They first went to the people and asked them to worship the true God. Moses showed them His Signs, but the people dismissed these as [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘nothing but false magic’ and laughed at him. He asked them to sacrifice a cow as an offering to God.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘What sort of cow?’ they asked him in jest. Moses told them that God wanted a cow which was neither young nor old but of middle age.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘What about its color?’ they asked. Moses said it should be deep and bright yellow. There were several cows of this color, they told Moses. He clarified that it should be a cow that was neither yoked nor had ploughed any field; further, it was to be of sound mind and wholesome body. The people then realized what Moses meant; he wanted them to kill the golden cow that they and their forefathers had been worshipping. They asked Moses first to approach Pharaoh, their King, and if he agreed, they too would follow him. Moses approached Pharaoh and appealed to him to give up his arrogance and high and mighty ways and to bow before the Lord, who was indeed the ruler of the world.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Purify yourself, O Pharaoh, so that I may guide you to the right path. [29:18]

    Pharaoh was furious and asked Moses who was this God of his, whose messenger he claimed to be. Moses replied:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Our Lord is the one who creates all things; He gives them form and then guides them. [20:50]

    Pharoah enquired about the generations that had passed away. Knowledge of them, Moses said, was with God alone. He then asked Pharaoh to look around and see the variety of God’s creations — the rain, the wind, the cattle and the plants, all were the signs of His supremacy. Pharaoh asked Moses whether he had any proof of his prophethood. Moses threw down his staff and it became a live serpent. He then drew his hand out of the pocket of his cloak, and it shone with dazzling brightness.

    Pharaoh’s chiefs said Moses was no more than a magician; they told Pharaoh: [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Call the best of magicians from our cities to counter his magic’. Moses agreed to face them, and the Festival Day was fixed for the event. Two of the best magicians confronted Moses. They threw their ropes and staves at Moses, which turned into serpents and coiled around him. Moses prayed to his Lord for help. The Lord told him not to lose nerve, and commanded:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] Throw your staff down and it will swallow everything which they have faked here; theirs are only magic tricks, what you have is real. No magician ever thrives, whatever he may do or wherever he may go. [20:69]

    Moses threw his staff on the ground and it turned into a bigger serpent which swallowed all the other serpents. The magicians were wonderstruck and at once prostrated themselves, declaring that they believed in the God of Moses and Aaron. Pharaoh thundered with rage: [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘How dare you do so without my leave?’ He warned them that he would cut off their hands and feet on alternate sides and crucify them on the trunks of palm trees if they did not desist from following Moses. The magicians showed no fear and told Pharaoh that he could do what he liked with them but they would not retract from the clear path shown by Moses.

    They believed that his God was superior to Pharaoh. They asked for the forgiveness of the Lord for the sins of sorcery that Pharaoh had compelled them to commit.

    Pharaoh grew more furious, and decided to wipe out every trace of the teachings of Moses. He issued a proclamation:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] O my people, I am the sovereign of Egypt; even rivers flow beneath my feet. Are you to listen to a man who cannot even speak properly? If he is really the Almighty’s messenger, why is he not loaded with gold or attended upon by angels? [43:51-53]

    Moses warned him that, if he disobeyed his call, [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘we have been told by Allah that a grievous punishment awaits you.’ But Pharaoh and his men paid no heed to Moses’ warning. Thus they were struck by the plague and other diseases; they begged Moses to save them from the scourge. But no sooner were they cured than they went back to the worship of Pharaoh. Two of Pharaoh’s chiefs, Qaran and Haman, behaved particularly abominably; greed for wealth and lust for power blinded their vision.

    With the passage of time, the attitude of Pharaoh towards Moses worsened: he denounced him publicly and tortured his followers. He declared that there was no other god except he. He told Haman: [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Build me a high tower, so that I may go to the top and find out who this God of Moses is.’ He ordered his chiefs to show no mercy to Israelites; they should be driven out of Egypt. A reign of terror was unleashed. As a result, many of Moses’ people left him, while only a few remained as his followers. But Moses was not dismayed; he remained steadfast in the pursuit of his faith.

    Then God came to Moses’ rescue. He was told to gather his followers and take them through the midst of the seas, on a path that would be specially carved for them by God. Pharaoh and his men, fully armed, attempted to pursue them along the same path. As soon as Pharaoh and his men set foot on the path, however, it vanished, and they were drowned in the raging seas.

    Israelites then settled in a secure habitation provided with all amenities and comforts. After some time, Moses, accompanied by seventy of his followers, ascended to the heavens to see God, leaving his people in the charge of his brother, Aaron. He bade Aaron to have no dealings with evil-doers and to perform his task with [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘an honest heart’. Moses had what the Quran describes as [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘a communion with God for thirty nights’. Subsequently, ten more nights were added, to make forty nights in all, which was the appointed time of communication with the Lord.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] When Moses came to the appointed place, the Lord blessed him. Moses prayed: ‘O my Lord, let me look at You.’ The Lord said, ‘You cannot see Me when I manifest My glory. But look upon the mountain; if it stays firm in its place, then you shall see Me. Now turn towards it.’ And in an instant the mountain crumbled and became dust. Seeing this, Moses fell down in a swoon. [7:143]

    When Moses recovered, God enquired: [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Why have you come in such haste to Us?’ ‘My people have taken to the path shown by You, my Lord,’ he replied. ‘I have come to seek Your blessings.’ ‘In your absence your people have gone astray,’ God told him. ‘They have been misled by a person calaled al-Samiri.’

    Moses was grief-stricken. He begged God to forgive his followers and not to destroy them for their betrayal. God granted his wish and gave him tablets of stone bearing precepts that his people were to follow in order to achievet he best, both on earth and in the hereafter.

    Moses returned to earth with a heavy heart and found that, under the guidance of al-Samiri, his followers had begin to worship the image of a calf made out of their ornaments. More in sorrow than in anger, he chided them and asked why they had broken their pledge to him. They said that al-Samiri had asked them to throw their ornaments into a fire, out of which had an effigy of a golden calf which made a lowing sound. They were misled by this and began to worship the calf, believing that it was the God of Moses. Moses asked them if they were so naive to think that the calf had life? It could neither hear nor speak, nor do any good or harm to them. Aaron had warned them of the wrong they were doing, but they had insisted that until Moses returned they would continue to worship the calf.

    Moses threw down the tablets, telling his people that they were not worthy of them. He dragged Aaron by the hair and asked him why he had flouted his command and not prevented his people from being misled. Aaron replied that the people had become so rebellious that they would have killed him had he tried to restrain them. Besides, he did not want to create a division in their ranks.

    Moses asked God to forgive Aaron, and then turned to al-Samiri. [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘Begone,’ said Moses. ‘You will remain an untouchable all your life, and hell shall be your destination.’

    Taking the effigy of the calf in his hands, Moses consigned it to the fire, which soon reduced it to ashes. He told the Israelites that he had been chosen as the messenger; God had said to him:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] O Moses! I have chosen you in preferrence to others, and entrusted you with the mission to convey My words as contained in My revelations to all the people around, and to join the ranks of these who are grateful to Me. [7:144]

    God imparted knowledge to Moses for the good of Israelites, and inscribed on the tablets [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘detailed precepts’ of faith in His oneness and the code of righteous conduct.

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] In the tablets We have ordained laws concerning all matters, and We command you to hold to them firmly and be among those who are faithful to the best of the precepts they contain. [7:145]

    Moses warned his people that those who repudiated God’s Signs and the judgement to come were bound to meet their doom; no one would be able to save them then. He also asked them to remember the grace of God, because of which prophets were raised among them and were made rulers. No other people in the world had had such benevolence from the Lord. God had assigned Palestine to them, and so Moses called on his followers to enter this holy land. They hesitated and told Moses: [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] ‘How can we? The land is inhabited by a mighty people. Until they leave, we cannot possibly enter it.’ However, two among them, who were brave and God-fearing, volunteered. Moses asked God for his direction. He answered:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] To those who have defied your command, O Moses! this land is proscribed for forty years. They will wander around the world but will have no home of their own. You need not sorrow over them, for that is the fate of rebellious people. [5:29]

    The Israelites were divided into twelve tribes:

    [Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim] The Lord commanded Moses to strike the rock with his staff. No sooner was this done than twelve springs gushed forth. Each group then took its own spring to drink, and to each the Lord gave shades of cloud as cover and manna and quail to eat, and all other good things. But the unbelievers rebelled and did not follow the command; they only harmed themselves. The Lord is, indeed, above all harm. [7:160]

    [Sadaqa allahu alazim]


    More Pictures Here

    Bahá’u’lláh (English pronunciation: /bɑːhɑːˈʊlə/; Arabic: بهاء الله‎, “Glory of God”; 12 November 1817 – 29 May 1892), born Mírzá Ḥusayn-`Alí Núrí (Persian: میرزا حسینعلی نوری), was the founder of the Bahá’í Faith. He claimed to be the prophetic fulfilment of Bábism, a 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism, but in a broader sense claimed to be a messenger from God referring to the fulfilment of the eschatological expectations of Islam, Christianity, and other major religions. Bahá’u’lláh taught that humanity is one single race and that the age has come for its unification in a global society. His claim to divine revelation resulted in persecution and imprisonment by the Persian and Ottoman authorities, and his eventual 24-year confinement in the prison city of `Akka, Palestine (present day Israel), where he died. He authored many religious works, most notably the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Kitáb-i-Íqán. There are two known photographs of Bahá’u’lláh. Outside of pilgrimage, Bahá’ís prefer…


    If the Afrikkan would stop pay Tithes and Offerings to the Euro-Centric Christian Churches and establish a Movement for the Promotion of Reconstructing their History that was re-written by the Europeans, then the Afrikkan would be able to free his Children Mind from Euro-Centric Christian Mental Enslavement. Some may think this is an easy Process but it is not, and since this was done to Man Kind over 2000 years and the Races are now mixed it makes it even more difficult. The world cannot continue believing that the Body of Jesus would be descending from the sky to redeem man kind while the actions of the European Jews is to control the world. The payments of Tithes and Offerings should be Channelled towards Printing and Disseminate intellectual material on African Teachings of the Bible and the African story of JESUS.

    Euro-Centric Christianity belongs to Europe and let it Remain in Europe and the European Jews.

    Set up the Fund and the Trustees.

  146. Jessica Aku Dosoo Wycherley Says:

    Really loved your piece on African Jews…
    Wondering how I can find out more. Been thinking along these lines for a long time and your artical has fit some pieces together in my mind.
    I am 23 years and am of mixed Ghanian and Scottish decent. And am interested in building a foundation of knowledge that will lead me to understand why my beliefs & instincts are so contrasting for my friends and society today…
    Thank-you for your piece
    Kind Regards
    Ps. Have you read a book called Indaba by Credo Mutwa? Recommend it, think you will really like it. I live by it.


    Tennerson Fox
    Tennerson • Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago • a second agoRemove

    When your future Generations Become Muslims, there shall be Space Ships in America, and Nations from all over the world shall send their People to explore the Heavens from your Nation. This shall be your Reward for Peace, but Israel shall seize to exist.For she was the Deceiver of the World and not AMERICA, for the
    Hypocrites in ignorance are awaiting the Number 666 But cannot find a Name among men to give the Name for I created the UNIVERSE and I AM an ATHEIST, but very sly.

    Each Letter represents a number and I sent Nine (9) Messengers before Me.My name ends in the third Row for I rule the Universe. I am the head of the Two stars, When you gaze to the Heaven you would see Jesus as a Star and Muhammad as another Star and the Moon.

    I am closest to JESUS in this world and in the next, but do not worship me like how the Christians worship JESUS for I am but a Slave of Allah for though all the messengers of GOD may have different Mothers their Religion Remains, but “ONE” and the Same….Prophet Muhammad.

    All Religion is “ONE”….Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-111129

    I AM THE GREATEST SCIENTIST for I am an “ATHEIST” I created 1 from ZERO so there is none GREATER than me in the EARTH below or the HEAVENS above. I can bring
    everlasting JOY or everlasting SORROW, but I am Merciful for I am Dead yet I Live I have no beginning and no end.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929


    Dom Henrique offered the Pope two black slaves, and the Pope granted the Portuguese permission for the slave trade on the West African coast.

    The Pope issued in advance complete absolution to those who would fall in the battle on the African west coast. Such ended Arab monopoly of the slave trade through the Sahara. In 1448 for the first time, leaders of Mali and Songhay exchanged almost a thousand slaves with the Portuguese against horses, silk and

    silver. The first black slaves were used as domestics and for the sugar culture around the Mediterranean Sea, the Azores and on Madeira. Black slaves were also sold to Spain and Italy.

    In 1481 the Portuguese built their first fort on the Gold Coast, the notorious d’El Mina, the mine. Thus the first stone was laid for an enormous and forbidding enterprise, ‘The Transatlantic Slave Trade.”
    Slavery helped finance the Industrial Revolution in England. Plantation owners, shipbuilders, and merchants connected with the slave trade accumulated vast fortunes that established banks and heavy industry in Europe and expanded the reach of capitalism worldwide.
    Eric Williams advanced these powerful ideas in Capitalism and Slavery, published in 1944. Years ahead of its time, his profound critique became the foundation for studies of imperialism and economic development. Binding an economic view of history with strong moral argument, Williams’s study of the role of slavery in financing the Industrial Revolution refuted traditional ideas of economic and moral progress and firmly established the centrality of the African slave trade in European economic development. He also showed that mature industrial capitalism in turn helped destroy the slave system. Establishing the exploitation of commercial capitalism and its link to racial attitudes, Williams employed a historicist vision that set the tone for future studies. In a new introduction, Colin Palmer assesses the lasting impact of Williams’s groundbreaking work and analyzes the heated scholarly debates it generated when it first appeared.

    African Americans played a major role in their own conversion, and for their own reasons. Africans brought to America initially resisted giving up the religions of their forefathers, but over the years, and with the birth of new generations on American soil, accepting Christianity became part of accepting America as home. Over time, large numbers of slaves found the biblical message of spiritual equality before God appealing and found comfort in the biblical theme of deliverance

    Religion and Slavery

    This was not a distant, far-away God in some kind of institutional church, but it was a God, said the evangelicals, involved in the daily lives of people, involved in every thought and every deed of your life.

    …There had never been anything like it. Here’s a meeting of 3,000 people out in a field, blacks and whites together, listening to a preacher who says, “Here in my message is a new life for you, here’s a new chance for you. Here’s a God who had your interest at heart. Here’s a God who may deliver you.
    – David Blight, historian

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.
    And I saw a New Jurusalem Descending From Heaven. Take your Christian Jesus and Put it where the SUN do not SHINE. The SUN has RISEN in the west. These are the Messengers of ISLAM we sent to Earth: Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah. Aka return of Jesus.

    absolution :
    Main Entry: Absolution.
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: forgiveness
    Synonyms: acquittal, amnesty, compurgation, exculpation, forgiveness, mercy, pardon, release.

    Africans cannot afford to allow other Races to Teach them about Religion. The Blue Black Children Placed upon the Earth From Heaven were Placed in Africa to Teach. Africans were taught everything about Heaven until your Forefathers Violated the Laws by which they should Live. However, since we are in the age of enlightenment, call upon the Spirits of your forefathers and remove the mental Slavery among you for you are Gods on earth to serve the Creator Almighty Allah and teach Humanity. I hope you understand why you are hated by those who are not of the Light, and it has nothing to do with the Color of your Skin, but those who are ignorant. For they Prophesy the end of the World, but the world has no beginning and no end.
    Adam : Represents the Spiritual World.
    Eve: Represents the Material World.

    Engage in Science and Technology and Put Aside Euro-Centric Christianity.


  149. Jason Trotter Says:

    Dear;(to whom it may concern),:-) Hi, my name is Jason Trotter. I love the way you preach the everlasting word of God the way it was intended to be preached. I am from Albuquerque NM. And currently reside here. The lord has put it on my heart to share with you these dreams / visions that he gave me. I trust that you will read them with an open mind And heart to understand them. God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Oh and Please feel free to respond. I would really like to talk with anyone who wishes to converse about The dreams or anything else that concerns what Gods word has to say about the times in general. It is time for all people to wake up and to be made aware about the times we live in.
    These are things he showed me when I was younger. And all of my life up to this point (31 years old), I never thought that I would be seeing these things unfold in my life time, but they are. They are more than just your average everyday type of dreams. I feel like God wants us to do something about every thing that is going on. And that we are running out of time. But go ahead and check these dreams out and get back to me when you can. Hopefully soon. ThanksJ
    P.S: (My contact info is at the bottom of the letter).
    I believe That God is calling his people to wake up and become wise to the events that are taking place around us and right under our noses because Jesus is coming really soon.
    I also believe that it is time now to be louder than ever about Jesus love. And about His coming. And that I am being called by God to take the biggest, loudest, stand for Jesus Christ.

    I deeply and sincerely believe that the lord is calling me to do something for him in the mere future that involves meeting certain people Through Christian churches and sharing my experiences with them. So with that being said. And with out any further delay I will go straight to the point.J First things first; I would like to acknowledge that I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I became born again in the blood of the lamb in 1984 when I was about 4 or so. How ever I came to a more deeper understanding of just what and who it was that I believed in when I turned 11 in 1991. and I still believe in him because he has been with me all of these years and he will continue to do so. Because that’s what he said he would do; Matthew 28:18-20 and I believe in him.
    And now down to business.J I have had some visions {and or} dreams of some pretty unusual stuff when I was younger. I am not sure of the specific or exact times and moments in which I had them. Please be informed that I have had a series of life threatening head injuries at different times in my life. (At least five) that may have effected a little bit of my memory But I will do the best I can to recall as much of the detail of the visions as I can.

    I’ve met Jesus in the spirit off and on as I was growing up. I remember standing by a beautiful river while I was in the spirit. And His face was so bright that I had to ask Him to stand about 20 feet or so away and behind the mist that was there because I could not look upon him directly. But even though we stood so far apart from each other it still felt as if He was embracing me from way over there, Because I am His son and He is my Father.

    Jesus told me to tell you these dreams. And something inside of me is telling me that you must hear about them now. In the book of Acts 2:17-18 It states that In the last days the Lord will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and that young men, young woman, old men and handmaidens will dream and prophesy. Joel 2:28-29 states the same thing. So it is my conclusion that these dreams and visions are definitely of major importance and should be explored, shared, compared, and due to their content, studied in direct comparison to the word of God. Because He (Jesus) both gave me and told me to tell His Church and the world These Dreams. And with that being said here it goes: I can say that I remember having dream # 1 in between the ages of 2-4.

    I do not think that this particular incident took place in a dream. I’m pretty sure that it happened during the day:
    I was in the back seat of my Parents car. It was about to rain outside. We were headed to K-Mart, and while we were driving a lightning bolt struck down. Because someone or something got cast out of Heaven. Then I felt a sense of great terror and great anger, coming from the entity or thing that got kicked out of heaven. And I knew that terrible things were going to take place on earth. As for the lightning bolt, It did not disappear, Instead it stayed lit in the sky. And I watched it stay stuck their until we entered the store.

    Here is dream #1:

    When I was about 2-4 years old and I’m not sure but maybe fall of 1983 or 1984, I was either out of my body or simply asleep when I had these dreams. I was either taken to these high places By an 13-14 foot tall, Blonde Headed Caucasian Blue eyed, muscular angel or I traveled to them alone. I cannot recall exactly. During the evening time of the day I was reaching into a chain link fence to pickup a toy that I had found, it was a small version of the Trolley that came running around the track on a TV show called; “Mr. Rodgers.“ and when I reached in and took hold of the toy suddenly a bolt of lightning stuck the fence. And though I can feel the heat of the Lightning bolt discharge, and hear it’s Electrical humming, I was not being electrocuted by it. And the sky turned orange with lava fire and I looked up and I saw a Dragon. The Dragon was trapped inside of a glass orb. He started spinning around and broke out of the glass orb. Then he went to all the corners of the earth and gathered all of his demons. And I watched as the Dragon and his angels and the holy angels of Heaven rushed towards each other like two waves of water. They were fighting for the souls of men. And There was a trumpet describing the whole story to me. And strangely enough that same horn resembles the horn that my great Grandpa wore. The horn that is still sitting above the alter at Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Then I let go of the fence and suddenly it all went away. And when I went to sleep that night I fell into a deep sleep, but I could not dream. Then I was before God in the spirit. He was talking to me. And all through that late summer early fall season I kept having visions of a forest of mostly dead trees and swamps and lakes. And there were evil spirits lingering around the forest who were each assigned to a group of people, so as to cause them to do evil deeds so that they can finish doing what their master Satan had started. Then at some point I saw a woman in a secluded meadow or space of the forest. She had long brown hair, She wore a burgundy gown. But she was dressed like a Whore. She had a golden crown on her head. The crown had some kind of strange writing on it. It said something like; “America The Queen Of Nations.” Her skin and her hair sparkled with diamonds and pearls. Her eyes were an empty black, that is until I looked deeply into them. And when I looked into them I saw a city with big mansions built on the sides of the beach fronts, and big tall buildings with people that love their money and them selves more than God. And I saw a huge group of mid class people and poor people and children killing each other for food and money. They were left abandoned and with no hope or a reason to live. The Woman had several mountains around her, and little ponds and lakes of water. I think she was some kind of queen. She was in some way linked to all the evil that was going on there in the city, and of all of the lands and in the forest of dead trees. I looked at her and the mountains with great curiosity. There was one point when I came upon a huge city. I remember standing on a grassy hill with someone talking to me. I think it was the same Angel. We were observing this big city. I think there was a tall man in a white robe showing me these things at certain times. Rather it was evening or day time I would always be searching for the sun but for some reason I could not find it. I mean I could see the impression of light but there seemed to be no sun in sight. The air was full of pollution. Real brown and smoggy.
    The city was full of sin and evil. There were animals running around the place, Lots of graffiti on the walls, Shoes hanging on the wires, Drunks walking the streets hurting, (ETC). (Really filthy). And I was shown how during the night time the people would go out and commit fornication, murder and rob and kill each other, and in the morning they tried to pretend that nothing happened the night before, because of their pride. The tall man was telling me that it was too late for them (The people in the big city) and that they were headed faster and faster for destruction because of the evil cycle of filth that was present there. He said that they were greedy. And because of their greed and lust they were headed faster and faster towards destruction. I was shown different parts of the city. There were Huge bridges with thousands of cars, I think there were some flying Corvettes, machines and things and Tall buildings. I remember walking amongst the people observing how they went on living their lives without a care in the world. like nothing was going on. Real prideful about their sin as if no one would ever punish them for it. Then there was one point when I was standing at a certain place with bridges around me. I remember myself trying to warn two of my family members as adults to get out of the city. At that time I could not figure out who they were but I still knew that I had a blood relation with them. I think it was California. And now (today) as an adult I have been warning my brother and sister who had not been born yet at that time to get the heck out of there. What a strange coincidence huh? But they won’t listen. Just like in my dream. Then I heard a woman cry out. And she said; “look to the west! Here it comes from the west!” and so everybody turned and looked to the west and there was this enormous Tidal wave coming!!! I mean this wave was so huge! It was over the clouds. It spread all over the west coast line. It was so big that it made the tallest buildings along the coast line look like ants (or) fleas. I think something really big must have hit the water. Like a meteor or a star or something. And my stomach just dropped. And I watched as every one in that city (California) and the (Las Vegas) area area died. And so I wept, then the tall man commanded me not to cry, because they all had their chances to repent of their ungodliness.

    Here is dream #2:

    Now I don’t recall if I saw this next part take place before or after the big city scenario. I was in the spirit and I came to this football stadium shaped grass filled valley surrounded by foggy clouds. I remember while I was on my way to the valley I was continuously looking for the sun. But again there was no sun. And instead of there being a field in the middle, there was a lake in it‘s place. This place was spiritually the stomach of the whore that I’d seen. The lake had a bunch of dead trees in it with fog rising up out of it. And so I went down to get a better look. And when I came close enough to the lake I saw a lot of frogs and I saw a lot of flies. And the frogs would start off as Tadpoles. Then after they became Frogs they would eat the flies stuffing themselves with gluttony and greed until they grew up and got so stuffed with flies that they would flip over on their back’s and die. Then their bodies still floating in the water would burst open and their flesh was exposed, then a thousand flies would come to consume and eat the frogs and lay eggs and make maggots and more flies. And I was told that the disgusting filthy vicious cycle of evil and filth that I had just witnessed was to be compared to what was going on in the big city. A continuous vicious cycle of filth with no end. And that’s the reason why they were headed faster and faster towards destruction. And that‘s why they had to be destroyed. And the whore that I saw was the city that got destroyed by the huge wave of water. (And also for the reason that they rejected Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior their fate was already sealed). And so I left that place and found myself in another place. It had Three big grassy lands kind of hill in shape separated by three rivers. All in the formation of a round “peace symbol” except they were all the same (or) equal in size. And where the rivers were joined there was a whirlpool Or something. And along the rivers their were more frogs and flies consuming each other. And the whole place was surrounded by foggy clouds And it looked like it was evening time but I looked and again but I could not find the sun. I think I had some weapons in my hands. Like a sword and a shield So I started walking towards the center were the point of the three lands met. And as I was approaching I noticed that there were Three beings (or spirits) standing on the points of their lands of which they governed. I think They had some kind of pot in the middle of the three of them. At that time I did not know who or what they were, but as I looked at them I got their names and the evil traits of each of them shown to me in my mind in the order in which I looked at them. The first one Had a pitch black Klu-Klux-Klan occult looking hooded robe on with a blood red tie wrapped around it’s waist. This one was in charge of the land that I was walking towards them on. And it’s names and evils were; Death, Satanism, witchcraft, sorceries, false doctrines, Astrology, demon possession, The occult, fear, spell casting, voodoo, hatred, violence And murder. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. The second one had full control of it’s land and was wearing a cleaner looking brown Klu-Klux-Klan occult hooded robe with a green striped tie around it’s waist and it’s names were; Greed, pride, conceit, covetousness, it was a thief, it was a liar, it was a cheater, a con, it was also blasphemy against God and all profane words and lust. it really thought highly of itself. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. And the third one had control of it’s land and wore this ugly disgusting pale white kind of torn and dirty looking Klu-Klux-Klan like occult hooded robe with a orange tie around it’s waist. And it’s evils were; all sickness, disease, illness, poverty, famine, and all pestilences, and all filth. It was close to death, it could bring a man close to death but it could not kill him because that power belonged to the demon spirit in black. And those were it’s evils and it’s name. And when I got about 50 meters or so from them I overheard the one in the pale white conversing to the others in a really evil sounding voice saying; “NOooo, no,no!!!! you can’t do it like that!” “You’ve got to do it like this“… And then I snapped. Because I realized that they weren’t human and that they were plotting to do something big evil and bad. (whatever it was). Then I became just a little frightened of the entire scene. I started asking myself; who are these spirits? What are they doing? What am I doing here in this strange place? (ETC). And as soon as I had even the slightest bit of fright I felt that some kind of hedge of protection had just lifted up from around me, and that I was exposed. Indicating that had I not become even the slightest bit afraid they would not have even known that I was there. And that I would have been able to go over and see just what it was that they were doing and what was in their pot. But it was too late for that. And so the spirit in the black sensed me first (because it was the spirit of witchcraft). It turned around and looked at me in great fear (because it was also the spirit of fear). Then it spun around lifted up off of the ground about 1 foot and started flying away from me and up it‘s land. It accelerated from 0 to about 80 miles an hour (just by looking at it and giving a “guest-imation” if you will of how fast it was going). It’s hood kept falling off of it’s head while it would glance back to see if I was in pursuit of it. And it got away. But only because I had a slight doubt of being able to catch it. It went into it’s land. Then I was beginning to realize that every thing in this strange spirit realm place was controlled (or) operated by fear, doubt, will, and belief. Then I looked at the one in the brown and it looked at me and swung it’s arms up. Like as if to say; What? What do you want? Like gesturing with great pride (because it was the spirit of pride). And so I started to give chase to it, Then it started to kind of jog of towards the center of it’s land pretending to not be afraid and so I sped up and only then did it accelerate to top speed. And so I was like; ah… forget em.’ Then the one in the white started casting some kind of spell on the pot that had their evil work in it. It was trying to put it away so that I would not be able to see what they were up to, because they had been planning to do some thing big and evil to our world. Then it looked at me spun around and started to fly/run. So I picked up my self and started to pursue it. And I intercepted it, and right as I was about to jump over the river with the frogs and flies in it to get to the other side so I could strike it down with my sword, it stopped while floating in the air turned around. And as it turned around it grabbed it’s filthy robe and covered itself (because it knew that it was in-pure and filthy and full of disease ). Then I got a better view at this thing. I was wondering what it was because It was around 11 feet tall, Really bony, Like a skeleton covered with skin. It had a blue-ish/gray colored skin, It had no color in its eyes. And I was studying it trying to figure out what it was. It was neither male or female. It was an evil spirit. And it started talking to me with it’s mind. It was saying; “You don’t want to chase me little boy,…. “Your Scared that I might kill you“(etc). But then I spoke with my mind and I said; No you wont and I am not afraid because Look at the light of Jesus In side of my heart!!!!!! (I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in… I think 1984 When I was about four years old). Then it looked at the light in my heart and became very afraid and it let out a scream. It said; “Whooooo!!!!!” And when it did that it startled me and by startleling me it had made me frightened just enough to get a head start on me. And so I was chasing it up it’s land. we were swaying from right to left like a rabbit running from it‘s predator. And while we were flying it took it’s finger and pointed to the ground. And when it did that the ground started to open up. It was really weird man!!! Because one minute I’d look at the ground and it was grass. And the next minute I looked and it looked like a big trencher just ripped the ground up making a kind of maze out of the dirt, and a way of escape.
    And when it opened the ground I could see that same big city again. And so eventually it got away and then it started closing up the ground in the same manner that it had opened it. I kept looking for a way in to go in after it but the ground would appear to be open one minute and closed the other. Then I just stood there holding the weapons and looked over towards the first spirits land (The one in the Black), and all I could see was it’s head sticking up out of the ground in fear just waiting for me to leave. Then I looked over to the second spirits land, (The one in the Brown), and saw it standing there in kind of a prideful pose with it’s arms crossed tapping it’s foot. As if to say ;When are you going to leave so we can get back to working on our evil plot?” And that’s when I was taken away from there.
    That was one of the dreams that I can recall almost in full detail. There were a few other ones that I cannot recall in full detail. Like this one I had in 1983.
    Here is dream#3:

    There was this red orange sky and out of this red orange sky there were signs of a golden temple and angels and something to do with an really ugly dragon. And they were fighting. It was a great war. But you see I cant recall this particular dream in full detail so I just tell the parts that I can remember. I would leave my body quite often. I would go traveling to strange and different places and see many different things throughout the spirit world. My mom always said that it was satanic and of the devil but I told her numerous times that I was not doing any thing evil to make that happen to me that it just kind of happened to on it’s own. I would travel a lot. I think I can remember a really tall 13 or more foot blonde hair – blue eyed angel taking me around and stuff.

    Here is dream # 4:

    I woke up in what was like shack in a desolate dessert made of trash sticks of wood and clothes to the voices of many people screaming in a panic about something. They all must have been slaves. They wore brown colored slave gowns. They were saying something along the lines of; “Hurry, Hurry!“ lets get back to work! Their back!“ and so I went outside to see what all the commotion was about. I looked up to the starry evening sky just in time to see a flying disc or flying saucer enter the atmosphere as if to be checking on the people of the village of slaves, because they were enslaving the people. and then it left so I followed the people to another place in the dessert to were they work hard and vigorously for these creatures. Then I found myself on a high cliff in the dessert. And the people were working in slavery under the flying saucer aliens (and or) Demons. And the sky was full of strange colored clouds kind of burning with a pinkish kind of fire. and I saw a huge pyramid and a big bright fiery eye over the top of it. And as it came to a landing it’s impact was so intense that it made a big earthquake that caused me to fall off of the cliff. And something about it being on the top of the pyramid was disturbing me in my spirit. It was incorrect like it did not belong up there on top like that. And I was just hanging there for my dear life all mad at it. That was one of the dreams that I can recall.

    Hear is Dream # 5:

    I remember a dream in which I was driving. I was driving on this pretty big, Five lane high way. I was headed up to a northern city from were I lived. I did not understand at that time why the high way had five lanes. Because at that time the freeways and roads in Little Albuquerque were only two lanes. Anyway, I was driving up a hill heading into the city. And while I was driving I saw a billboard and a live broadcast of a colored man coming into power. He and a few others beside him (Caucasian gentlemen were deceiving the people. He caused civil war to happen. Their were some curtains behind him. He was leading them one by one up the stairs and behind the curtains. And when the people got passed the curtains he was killing them one by one. And he was promoting and initializing the death of Christians. Because they would not follow him. And I was compelled to do something involved with helping the Believers in Jesus Christ.
    And all of the oppression that He bought on all the people caused them to hate him. Then I saw civil war on our streets (all of America), people were throwing beer bottles lit up with fire at cops and officials and there was complete chaos and confusion everywhere.
    And there was Military on our streets. They were not there to defend us but in stead to help our adversaries to gain full control and manipulation over us. As if we were the criminals. It was really weird to see the streets so empty of cars and life and of free people. I strongly feel that the colored man in my dream was Barak Husseign Obama. And that because of that man we in this country are destined to completely loose our freedom and our rights as Americans.
    Here is dream # 6:

    Here is another experience that I had when I was much younger before all of these things. I remember being in this place. It is by far The most beautiful place in the universe. It was always morning time there. It would never change to the afternoon or evening time. The light there was so powerful. If you were to try to look into it with fear and evil in your heart, it would destroy you. There were Mountains and beautiful forests and animals and birds of every kind. There were rivers flowing forever full of life and beauty. The sky had numerous different colors all arraying from the rainbow that was coming from the light around the throne. There were other places Like a city with big beautiful houses but there were no fences to divide them. The streets were made of gold and were crystal clean. And there were beautiful green fields and there were some like over cast clouds over the fields. Nobody had to work for anything because it was given to them. No one was in a hurry. And there was this one spot. (It was my favorite), where there was fields of nothing but flowers. I mean every kind of flower you can imagine or that exist were in these fields. And I remember being called out to go. Like it was my turn to do something. to go and complete some kind of mission that I was to complete. And so I acknowledged that I agreed to do it. I also met some people from days before. I was also shown all of the different tribes of the kingdom of Heaven. In all their orders.

    I think I had this next one when I was 4 years old in 1984.

    Here is dream # 7:

    Me and my family were out at this park one evening. The sun had just gone down and while we were hanging out there, I looked to the south and noticed this dark rain cloud forming. It was like a miniature thunder storm forming. Then it started to form a tornado underneath it. The tornado had light in it. It glowed with kind of an evenly distributed whitish gray light from within. The tornado started heading straight toward us. So then instinctively I jumped in front of my family and I started to command that it go away in the name of Jesus. But it kept on coming. So I did it again and still it kept on coming. Then it came over us and took us up and our bodies were transformed. They were changing colors and we went to be with the Lord. Kind of strange huh?

    This vision experience took place in 1986;

    Experience or vision # 8:

    This took place in real life again just like when I was two years old. Me and my brothers and sisters were playing on the swings in a playground that was just across the street from where I lived. Where I lived was directly on the corner where the street “Moon” ends. Right across from a Playground/ Elementary School, which is right across the street from the Golf coarse, Right over there on Eubank & I – 40. It was getting cloudy like it was about to rain. It was about 6:30 PM or so. We had some visitors over and my mom was cooking dinner. My mom’s visitor sent her son outside to tell us that dinner was ready. So we jumped off from the swings one last time and started heading back to the house to eat. Along the way I ran up by a tree and touched it with my left hand. And as I touched the tree Lightning struck it at about the same Time I touched it. And I know it was real because it made a very loud Electrical humming noise, and it was very bright and warm. And the next thing that took place probably only lasted about two – four seconds. But suddenly this bright orange beam of light shot down and formed a wall of protection around my body. It was sooooooo cool man!!!!! It looked like a glowing orange chain link fence in appearance. And I remember watching the lightning trying to penetrate it but it was to powerful to let that happen. And then the whole thing went away. So I tried touching the tree again just to see if it would happen a second time because I thought that it was sooooooo cool!! but it didn’t work. So I continued running towards the house and immediately a large branch fell to the ground. Funny I don’t remember hearing much of any kind of thunder after the strike but im not sure about that.

    Dream # 9;

    Now This dream came to me some time in between 1986-1987.
    During the same season that I had that lightning strike experience. I think it was either that same night or it might have been up to a week later. We (my family) were on our way to bed. We always prayed to Jesus as a family before we went to bed. So after we prayed I went to sleep. However I fell into a weird dreamless kind of sleep. Then I woke up in my bed which was the top bunk bed. And immediately I noticed that the room walls were lit up with orange light that was coming from the outside. Instead of being the usual bright bluish color that it usually is. Being a young 6 – 7 year old boy with a strong interest and fascination in science and physics I quickly concluded that it must have been some thing big like a child sized plastic swimming pool or some kind of toy that was reflecting the sun light causing a glare to shine through the window. WOW!!! What a theory right? At least that’s what I thought was happening until I got down from the bed. And looked to see that my brothers weren’t in their beds, and that the house looked kind of the same way as it usually looked in the normal world, (and or) Time frame.
    There were cockroaches and mice running around the place like as if it had been abandoned or something. Then I went to the hallway. And only then did I realize that the entire house was lit up orange in the same way. The house still looked like we stayed there but that it had been vacant for a while. My family was not there, only me. We were home schooled So our school desks were lined up in the hallway. as it was in real life or I should say our Dimension. It was like as if I was seeing the future but for some odd reason I was still in the present. But in the spirit.
    So I walked over to the front door and slowly cracked it open. I was so shocked by the deep rumbling noise and the sound of many voices screaming in agony and horror I heard outside that I paused and froze with the door just cracked open.
    Then upon opening the door all the way I was stunned to see the entire sky lit up with fire!!!!!!! It was the most crazy, bizarre, and frightening thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I had a gut wrenching feeling like; “oh my gosh!!!!!” “This???!!!!!!!” And I remember thinking; Man!!!!! these people must have really messed up with God in order for this fire to have to come down upon them! As for the sky it had the same kind of patterns and moved as the surface of the sun does except smaller in size. And as for the fire, It was Kind of wavy looking. And it was coming from the upper hemisphere,
    It dimmed in the distance. So much to where you could not see past a certain point. There were people running all around and screaming at the top of their lungs for fear. They were ditching their cars and leaving their houses just to go running around in a panic. And while observing all of this I made my way down to the right side of the side walk were normally a mail box would be posted. And as I stood there I saw a crying baby boy in a diaper Who’s mother had left him sitting in the street to die. And I remember feeling sorry for him because it wasn’t his fault that he was born in this horrible time.
    And as for the next part of the dream…. I am not sure if I saw it during this exact time or if I was seeing it simultaneously at the same time with this one. But similar to how my little brother Spencer trotter described it in his dream; There was a sign that appeared in the mist of the fiery sky. (Keep in mind that I’m not sure if this is when I saw the sign. But I think I remember seeing it some time earlier in my life. I’m not sure if I even saw the same exact thing as my little brother Spencer did in His dream). A golden temple appeared with several sticks with some kind of hand shaped objects on top of them on the sides of it. The temple had two big doors and a set of stairs coming out in front of the doors. And a platform going off to the side of it. And this ugly beast was sitting on the top of the temple. It was like a Dragon, a Goat, and a man all together. And he was speaking blasphemy and deceiving the people with a (false almost believable truth). and a false sense of hope and promise of escape from all the horror that was taking place. And the people started listening to him. And were becoming convinced that the things he was saying were true because he made them sound so convincing. Then there came a nice looking ram and He started to speak. And the things he was speaking of were true. He was saying things like; “Worship God and follow his ways (ETC). And I knew in my heart that every thing that he said was the truth. And that it was of God. And after he spoke the two big doors opened up and out of the doors came 7 angels With white robes. And on their robes they wore golden scarf’s.
    And they marched down the stairs without touching them. And I heard a beautiful song coming from the temple. This song was and still is the most beautiful song
    that I have ever heard in my entire life.
    The song was soooo beautiful!!!!!!! It had harps, trumpets, flutes, and many other instruments, and the voices of a huge multitude of people. They were singing about God and all of his works, About the wonderful things he has done, the wonderful things he is doing, and the wonderful things he was going to do. It was a new song like no other. The song was so complicated that only those who sung it could learn the song. It had a drum line that no one could figure out. It sounded like all of the different drum beat’s in the world blended into one beautifully orchestrated beat. I am a musician. And I could not even contemplate how the song was put together. But every now and then it plays in my head in my sleep. And as for the seven angels, They marched down the stairs and to the edge of the platform and then they tipped their trumpets over as if to be pouring something out of them. And they did all that while the music kept playing. And they marched back into the temple. And then the sign went back into the sky, and the sky continued to burn with fire. Then I looked away and noticed a man running by. He was giving me a funny stair as he ran by. My eyes followed him as he went. And while turning my head to watch him run by I noticed two men standing in the park that was across the street from where I lived. (It’s the same park where I had the lightning bolt experience just a few days earlier). There was a tall man to the right, and one shorter man to the left. They had light around them. They both had wooden staffs in their hands. They were dressed in some kind of nice, clean brown striped garments with hoods on them. And so I felt compelled to go over and talk to these two gentlemen. So I started walking towards them, and while I was walking towards them, I got their names in the order that I looked at them. And their names were; Moses and Elijah. And while I was walking towards them that same man that had given me that look earlier passed by me again then just kept on running. And as I got closer to the two men they turned to greet me.
    The taller one (Moses) greeted me first. He greeted me in some kind of biblical Hebrew tongue. And so I greeted him back’ (Only in English). Then the shorter one (Elijah greeted me in the same manner and I greeted him back also. And so we all started fellowshipping. They started asking me questions concerning what god was going to do with certain churches and for some reason I would give them an answer. I don’t know how I knew the answers being only 6 turning seven years old, but somehow I did. And I would also ask them questions about churches and such and they would answer me in return. They said that God was going to destroy the earth with fire. They also told me that they were there to preach Gods word to all races of people. We three conversed and fellowshipped about many things.
    And while we fellowshipped that same man who kept looking at me with curiosity came up to us. He approached us from the east. And he asked us; Why aren’t you people afraid? And the tall man (Moses) answered him and explained to him that we were not afraid because we all had been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, And that because of His promise of eternal life we had no reason to fear or be afraid. And he started to minister to him and compelled him to become born again. And to have his sins washed away by the blood of the Lamb which is Jesus Christ. And the man agreed. And immediately after he agreed, Two young woman who had been near by just hanging out followed his example. And then they agreed. So we all held hands in kind of a bear hug and The tall guy (Moses) led the sinners prayer. And when we all said; “AMEN”, The sky having been burning with fire this whole time transformed in the split of a second to a dark cloudy sky. And there was a fierce strong Tornado grade wind and lightning and thunder.
    And that concludes that dream.

    I had another vision in 2004 and this was the vision.

    Vision # 10:

    I was doing some tile work at a house. Because that is my occupation.
    I went on a little break. And I looked outside and I saw a quick glimpse of Jesus Christ
    Sitting on a hoarse Coming on a cloud. And he had heaven following with him. He was bringing His Kingdom here to earth,

    Vision # 11:
    On February 18 2011, I dreamt that big brown rocks were falling out of the sky. And all the people in the huge city were hiding under the big car parking ports because they were built strong. And immediately after that I looked to the eastern sky and saw a huge number of Star wars looking Space ships of all shapes and sizes coming into our atmosphere. They were parading in a line one after the other. They were trying to bring glory and honor to themselves like as if they’re return was long awaited by men. Then I looked to the south and saw a man dressed in a white robe. He was walking in the sky trying to imitate Jesus. He was trying to get the entire world to worship him.

    Vision # 12;

    Sometime back in November of 2010 I dreamt that there was this big mountain. On the top of the mountain was the Kingdom of God. Their were people up ahead of me and people below. And the spirit of the Lord spoke to me and urged me to help the people below to make it up the mountain before it would be too late.

    Vision # 13;

    I also had a strange experience happen to me when I was young about 1-2 years old.
    I believe that I was being shown what kind of deception the devil is using to deceive certain famous and successful people in this world.
    I remember Being in a brown room lying down on a table with a bright light hanging over me. And there were four beings off to my right, three of them were slightly shorter than the leader. He was taller than they were. They were calm and peaceful. At the time I didn’t sense anything wrong about their character at all. Their skin was kind of a pale banana yellowish color. Their heads were balled and shaped like an upside down pear. They had eyes just like ours but except they were a lot bigger than ours. They had really small and frail bodies. And on their faces they had no lips, no ears, no eyebrows, and no noses and yet they were still smiling at me with those tiny little mouths. They had only four fingers with no thumb. They had some kind of uniforms on. Prior to this and or after I remember being in a kind of hallway with a lot of bluish white light. But anyway, I was on this table looking around and at each one of them. And then one of them started speaking to me with his mind with out moving his mouth. And he said; “Are you ready to go and read the golden scroll that’s on the alter at the end of the room?” And I answered with my mind and said; “yes.” And so they moved back to make a path for me and gestured with their hands for me to walk along this red carpet with some kind of Egyptian writing on it. And so I sat up, turned to my side and stood up on my feet. I walked over to the end of the room, As I was walking I was reading the writings on the red carpet. At the time I understood what the writing was saying but now I can’t recall what it was saying. And when I got to the alter I picked up the scroll and read it. Again it was in like Egyptian writing but I still remember mostly what it said. It was an agreement to go and complete some kind of mission that they wanted me to complete. I believe now that they were workers of Satan, and that they were trying to get me to help them in their evil plot. But they tried very hard to deceive me and make it seem like it was a good plot. And that’s all that I remember about that one. I think that the so called “Extra Terrestrials” are going to play a major role in initiating the great delusion that God Said that he would send the unbelievers.

    And those are the dreams. Thanks for reading them.
    I Have been told by God to tell all people through my music, gifts, and my voice about these things. Because it is time.
    My contact info is: (505) 234-4792
    I only give this info to people that I trust and also people that I feel it important to stay in contact with.
    I hope to hear from you soon. May God bless you and your family and the entire congregation.J
    My Brothers and Sisters in the Lord; Let us not be sad that these are the last days of the current age. And that the end of the world is upon us, but rather let us rejoice because this means that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is coming for us. And He is bringing His everlasting kingdom down to earth with Him.:-) Praise the lord!!!!


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      KRISHNA : BLACK Descendant Of the Hebrews

      ABRAHAM : FATHER Descendent Of the Hebrews

      BUDDHA : AWAKENED ONE Descendent Of the Hebrews

      ZOROASTER : GOLDEN CAMEL Descendent Of the Hebrews

      MOSES :DRAWN OUT OF WATER Descendent Of the Hebrews.

      JESUS : THE ANNOINTED Descendent Of the Hebrews

      MUHAMMAD : PRAISED ONE Descendent Of the Hebrews

      BAB : THE GATE Descendent Of the Hebrews

      BAHAULLAH : GLORY OF GOD Descendent Of the Hebrews.aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS.

      I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

      The SUN has risen in the WEST.

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      In studying the Bible Baha’is must bear two.

      principles in mind. The first is that many passages in Sacred Scriptures are intended to be taken metaphorically, not literally, and some of the paradoxes and apparent contradictions which appear are intended to indicate this. The second is the fact that the text of the early Scriptures, such as the Bible, is not wholly authentic.

      (28 May 1984 to an individual believer).
      The Baha’is believe what is in the Bible to be true in substance. This does not mean that every word recorded in that Book is to be taken literally and treated as the authentic saying of a Prophet. A striking example is given in the account of the sacrifice which Abraham was called upon to make. The Guardian of the Faith confirms that the record in the Qur’an and the Writings of Baha’u’llah, namely that it was Ishmael, and not Isaac as stated in the Old Testament, whom Abraham was to sacrifice, is to be upheld. In one of His Tablets ‘Abdu’l-Baha refers to this discrepancy, and explains that, from a spiritual point of view, it is irrelevant which son was involved. The essential part of the story is that Abraham was willing to obey God’s command to sacrifice His son. Thus, although the account in the Torah is inaccurate in detail, it is true in substance…….The Baha’is believe that God’s Revelation is under His care and protection and that the essence, or essential elements, of what His Manifestations intended to convey has been recorded and preserved in Their Holy Books. However, as the sayings of the ancient Prophets were written down some time later, we cannot categorically state, as we do in the case of the Writings of Baha’u’llah, that the words and phrases attributed to Them are Their exact words.

      (9 August 1984 to an individual believer).
      Letters from the Universal House of Justice.

      I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

      The SUN has risen in the WEST.

      The world has no beginning and no end. There were many Civilization and Religious Teachings upon the Face of the Earth all evolved into Religion.

      These were the Messengers sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God):Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad last Messenger Of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS. All are Descendants of the HEBREWS.


      Dr. Donald Mbosowo Says:
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      The Bible is the record of tortue, lamentation, killings, domination, and punishment meted out to the Africans by the Jews, Arabs and the Europeans. It is sad that Africans are still reading and praying on the evil record about them not knowing that they are emphasising the evil upon them created by the Gods of the Jews, Arabs and the Eeuropeans. It is our responsibility to rewrite the
      Bible that had been tampered with so that we can create a link with the Great I AM, the Creator who is waiting for us to know the truth so that the continent can be set free fron spiritual and physical enslavement of the western and eastern worlds. Our minds must be free from the evil spiritual influence so that we can see and act. The present God is Lucifer who became the God of this world and he is not for us because he was the one who helped others to

      I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929

      The SUN has risen in the WEST.


      RELIGION Minus SCIENCE = Fraud, Myth & Fantasy called Catholicism and Euro-Centric Christianity.

      After the Europeans Corrupted the Teachings in the “BIBLE” Almighty Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad and concealed the Teachings in the QURAN. However, Catholicism Corrupted the Scholars of ISLAM but they could not Corrupt the Book. They corrupted the Scholars by getting them to Preach the Physical Body Of Jesus Ascended to Heaven and would return. All this did was to create a Spiritual War between Muslims and Christians. For the Jesus, Isa, Horus first coming was Spiritual and so was his Second Coming in the Body of Bahaullah. Jesus was the only Messenger of Almighty Allah who knew of Reincarnation when he walked the Face of the Earth. The Spirit of Man cannot Die. When it becomes enlightened it comes back to Earth in another Human Body to Teach Humanity.

      If a SCHOLAR of religion do not understand this then RELIGION shall continue to be a tool to enslave HUMANITY. Pope Gelasius mentioned that the SPIRITUAL WORLD is superior to the Material world, but could not provide facts why?. Only JESUS knew about Reincarnation. No one can get to the father but through Me. Before JESUS was born he was ZOROASTER so he knew who he was.

      Africans outside the cities of Africa became so lost that Almighty Allah had to send Bob Marley to teach them with Music for all their Ancestors Teachings were taken away from Agriculture to Medicine and Science.

      I am closest to JESUS in this world and in the NEXT, but do not worship me like how the CHRISTIANS worship JESUS for I am but a Slave of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) for although the Messengers and the Prophets may have different Mothers their Religion Remains but “ONE” and the “SAME”.Prophet..MUHAMMAD.

      All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”
      Bahaullah…aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS……JESUS was always with you the problem is they made him “Almighty Allah” (Almighty God) in the Council Of Nicea on the 19th June 325. and Africans have bought into to this Fraud Myth and Fantasy.


      The Challenge before the Africans sons and daughters of JACOB which means ISRAEL is whether they want to occupy the Cities of AMERICA or if they want to go back to Africa and Unite with JACOB’S People. The Geographical Location of ISRAEL is not the meaning all NATIONS shall be blessed through ISRAEL it means where ever the Descendants of the Black Hebrews of JACOB goes though they may be persecuted they shall be Blessed.

      The secret that JESUS held was the Knowledge of REINCARNATION. He said I came to “FREE JOHN”

      These were the Messengers sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God): Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA in the QURAN aka return of HORUS recorded in AFRICAN oral Tradition.

      I AM THAT I AM: 11111929-11112929.

      The SUN has risen in the WEST.

      What ever the Africans choose with respect to America a Massive Earth Quake is coming. For America is fast becoming a NATION OF CHRISTIAN BU**LL**ERS.


    RELIGION Minus SCIENCE = Fraud, Myth and Fantasy called Catholicism and Euro-Centric Christianity.

    These were the Messenger sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God) : Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad the Last Messenger of Almighty Allah, Bab the Gate to the Teachings of the return of Jesus, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of Horus.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.



    In studying the Bible Baha’is must bear two.

    principles in mind. The first is that many passages in Sacred Scriptures are intended to be taken metaphorically, not literally, and
    some of the paradoxes and apparent contradictions which appear are intended to indicate this. The second is the fact that the text of the early Scriptures, such as the Bible, is not wholly authentic.

    (28 May 1984 to an individual believer).
    The Baha’is believe what is in the Bible to be true in substance. This does not mean that every word recorded in that Book is to be taken literally and treated as the authentic saying of a Prophet. A striking example is given in the account of the sacrifice which Abraham was called upon to make. The Guardian of the Faith confirms that the record in the Qur’an and the Writings of Baha’u’llah, namely that it was Ishmael, and not Isaac as stated in the Old Testament, whom Abraham was to sacrifice, is to be upheld. In one of His Tablets ‘Abdu’l-Baha refers to this discrepancy, and explains that, from a spiritual point of view, it is irrelevant which son was involved. The essential part of the story is that Abraham was willing to obey God’s command to sacrifice His son. Thus, although the account in the Torah is inaccurate in detail, it is true in substance…….The Baha’is believe that God’s Revelation is under His care and protection and that the essence, or essential elements, of what His Manifestations intended to convey has been recorded and preserved in Their Holy Books. However, as the sayings of the ancient Prophets were written down some time later, we cannot categorically state, as we do in the case of the Writings of Baha’u’llah, that the words and phrases attributed to Them are Their exact words.

    (9 August 1984 to an individual believer).
    Letters from the Universal House of Justice.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    The world has no beginning and no end. There were many Civilization and Religious Teachings upon the Face of the Earth all evolved into Religion.

    These were the Messengers sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God):Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad last Messenger Of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS. All the Messengers are Descendants of the HEBREWS.

    Some of the History Stories were handed down Orally from Generation to Generation.




    In studying the Bible Baha’is must bear two.

    principles in mind. The first is that many passages in Sacred Scriptures are intended to be taken metaphorically, not literally, and some of the paradoxes and apparent contradictions which appear are intended to indicate this. The second is the fact that the text of the early Scriptures, such as the Bible, is not wholly authentic.

    (28 May 1984 to an individual believer).
    The Baha’is believe what is in the Bible to be true in substance. This does not mean that every word recorded in that Book is to be taken literally and treated as the authentic saying of a Prophet. A striking example is given in the account of the sacrifice which Abraham was called upon to make. The Guardian of the Faith confirms that the record in the Qur’an and the Writings of Baha’u’llah, namely that it was Ishmael, and not Isaac as stated in the Old Testament, whom Abraham was to sacrifice, is to be upheld. In one of His Tablets ‘Abdu’l-Baha refers to this discrepancy, and explains that, from a spiritual point of view, it is irrelevant which son was involved. The essential part of the story is that Abraham was willing to obey God’s command to sacrifice His son. Thus, although the account in the Torah is inaccurate in detail, it is true in substance…….The Baha’is believe that God’s Revelation is under His care and protection and that the essence, or essential elements, of what His Manifestations intended to convey has been recorded and preserved in Their Holy Books. However, as the sayings of the ancient Prophets were written down some time later, we cannot categorically state, as we do in the case of the Writings of Baha’u’llah, that the words and phrases attributed to Them are Their exact words.

    (9 August 1984 to an individual believer).
    Letters from the Universal House of Justice.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    The world has no beginning and no end. There were many Civilization and Religious Teachings upon the Face of the Earth all evolved into Religion.

    These were the Messengers sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God):Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad last Messenger Of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS. All the Messengers are Descendants of the HEBREWS.


    Anaise Hokafonu Zeigler.

    Likes: Array

    Somewhere in the hills of Medina, there is a tomb holding the body of Muhammad. Somewhere dispersed throughout the countries of Asia are temples that hold the divided remains of Buddha. Somewhere in the recesses of Bahji there is a grave that holds the
    bones of Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of Ba’hai. BUT… In Jerusalem, there is a tomb that COULD NOT hold the body of Jesus the
    Christ. He is NOT THERE for He has risen AS HE SAID!
    Created time: 2012-04-05T16:02:05+0000 Update time: 2012-04-05T22:11:36+0000.


    Thursday, April 5, 2012 11:27 PM.
    Did King James Translate The Teachings of Jesus To Satisfy His Homo-Sexual Desires.

    Tennerson Keith Fox : Phd Religion & Science.

    The Secret Life of King James.

    by Brad Johnson.
    George Villiers

    As one can imagine, many have tried to cover up the truth about King James VI & I. Since he is such an important historic figure, they thought his being gay would have marred the image of the British monarchy. Although James’ gay relationships were extramarital, political leaders having affairs was nothing new, not even back then. Besides, he would have certainly divorced Queen Anne if they had lived in the present day.
    One question remains, however. Is it the penultimate irony that a gay man has indirectly brought Christianity to the same bigots (of whom consist of only part of Christian thought today) who have oppressed homosexuals throughout the past 400 years and continue to do so? In 1617, James gave a daring address to the Privy Council, affirming his right to love men once and for all:
    “I, James, am neither a god nor an angel, but a man, like any other. Therefore I act like a man and confess to loving those dear to me more than other men. You may be sure that I love the Earl of Buckingham more than anyone else, and more than you who are here assembled. I wish to speak in my own behalf and not to have it thought to be a defect, for Jesus Christ did the same, and therefore I cannot be blamed. Christ had John, and I have George.”
    If one were to translate this address into modern English, it would roughly sound like, “This is who I am, this is who I love. Get over it.”
    Bergeron, David M. King James & Letters of Homoerotic Desire. (p. 32-143).
    Bingham, Carolyn. The Making of a King: The Early Years of James VI and I. (p. 129).
    Harris, William. An Historical & Critical Account of the Life and Writings of James the First. (p. 73).
    McElwee, WIlliam. The Wisest Fool in Christendom: The Reign of James I and VI. (p. 178).
    Norton, Richtor. “Queen James and His Courtiers”, The Great Queens of History, updated 8 January 200. (p. 129).
    Stevenson, Joseph. The Correspondence of Robert Bowes, ed. (p. 185)

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.
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    Scientific PROOF of the Existence of God

    Myself and other scientific researchers, physicists, and mathematicians believe that recent breaktthroughs in theoretical physics PROVE the existence of GOD.
    The proof presented here will give you a lot to think about.
    The proof I will present here is based on starting with a definition of “God” and simply demonstrating the properties that define God exists. Q.E.D.
    Definition of God: God is an entity that has the following properties:

    1) Omniscient. God must be All Knowing and have instantaneous knowledge of all things.

    2) Omnipresent. God must be present everywhere. Here on earth and in a galaxy a million light years away.

    3) Omnipotent. God must have unlimited power which we can define as the spontaneous ability to create unlimited amounts of energy or matter in any form.

    4) Self-Aware. God must be “self-aware.” This property may or may not be necessary.If we can show scientifically that some entity exists that posses these properties, then, by simple definition we have PROVEN the existence of God. it is that simple.
    I was raised as a Baptist and the minister in our church was Reverend Andrews. I remember when I was young he said to me that God was “All Knowing” and that God knew everything that was happening everywhere in the universe and that Good was present everywhere. Being a snotty, wise guy of a kid I told him he was crazy that there was no way God could know what I was thinking and what a person in China was thinking at teh same time! Ad God couldn’t be in Brooklyn and China at the same time! It was at this point in my life that I became an atheist and I put God in the same category as Santa Clause.
    Let’s examine each of these properties.
    Omniscient. When I got to college and took Quantum Physics 101 we proved a theorem called “Bell’s Theorem” and the conclusions of that theorem (not an axiom or postulate but a theorem) were that for teh math to work, that everything in the universe had to have instaneous knowledge of everything else that exists. At that point I remembered my conversation with Reverend Andrews when I was a boy and realized that he was right!

    Omnipresent. In Bell’s Theorem information in quantum mechnaics must travel not only faster than the speed of light but instaneously. How is this possible? For a period of time physicists were baffled how to interpret some of the results that came from the mathematics of Quantum Physics. For example, the math showed that everything that exists in the univese like an electron must has INSTANTANEOUS know of everything else in the universe, even if it is a million light years away! The math showed that information about anything must travel faser than light but it was not clear how this occured until recent developments have led physicists to proofs from string theory that the universe as it exists today has 26 dimensions and at least 3 of these dimensions are of ZERO “length” (technically it isn’t length but that is beyond this discussion). The implications of this are mind blowing. For the math and equations to be valid mean sthat everything in the Universe is connected at least one point of ZERO LENGTH and that means everything is connected to everything else those dimensions of zero length and that explains how information is instantaneously transmitted about everything to everything satisfying the property that God must be Omniscient and also gives the Universe the property of being Omnipresent since everything, ourselves included, is connect to and a part of everything else as eastern religion has stated for centuries.
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    Omnipotent. And finally, several other theorems in theoretical physics have proven that from any point in time and space an unlimited amount of matter and energy can appear or disappear–don’t confuse this with conservation of mementum which is something completelty different.

    Self-Aware. Several recent proofs in theoretical physics have shown that the Universe must be “self-aware.”
    In quantum mechanics it has already been proven that the Universe has ALL of these properties that are part of the definition of God, and therefore, the Universe satisfies this definition of God and is, therefore, God. All things that exist are literally connected to everything else that exists through the collapsed dimensions of zero “length.” That means that everything touches everything that exists and that the universe is actually a single entity.

    We are God and God is us and we are connected to all that exists.
    Religion was historically science and man’s early attempt to explain the Universe around him that we now know is a part of each of us. The FACT that science has proven we live in a Universe where everything is physically touching everything else at a single point means that the appearance that objects are far away is an illusion and that all things we see are in fact touching us and a part of us as we are a part of all that exists.
    In the first five books of Mosses written 5,000 years before Christ, we have writings of God’s causing effects even before the beginning of time and these writings declare the existence of dimensions beyond our time and space, extra dimensions in which God exists and operates. These extra dimensions are now verified by numerous scientific discoveries and proofs. It is well established among physicists that virtual particles can pop into existence from nothingness through quantum tunneling. And recent breakthroughs by physicists have shown that powerful evidence exists that there is something going on behind it all as Einstein believed.
    Why Prayer Really Works

    Over 600 good scientific studies have demonstrated that prayer can heal sick persons. Indouble-blind, clincal cross-over study after study it has beendemonstrated that a group of people praying for a total stranger can affect the health outcome of that sick person thousands of miles away. Now that we know that all things in the Universe are connected through serveral dimensions of ZEO “length.” These are referred to as “Collapsed Dimensions.” it is easy to understand how prayer or thought can be instantly trasmitted to a person thousnads of miles away or millions of light-years away.
    I am planning to launch a new TV series to provide discussions by well-known scientists and physicists to explore these topics more fully. Please feel free to contact me

    • Ronald Says:

      hat God put us in bondage men and woman because we did not obey his commandments
      God says to the people

      I will put my people in Egypt again the Israelite which is us, in which manbond and womanbond will be sold because you have disobeyed my commandments

      Now i will put my people in Egypt again which means in the( USA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ).

      We can rest assure that we have seen this and our family before us has been through.

      And God also said we will be sent here but also not be sold again




    One of the proofs and demonstrations of the existence of God is
    the fact that man did not create himself: nay, his creator and designer is another than himself.
    It is certain and indisputable that the creator of man is not like man because a powerless creature cannot create another being. The maker, the creator, has to possess all perfections in order that he may create.
    Can the creation be perfect and the creator imperfect? Can a picture be a masterpiece and the painter imperfect in his art? For it is his art and his creation. Moreover, the picture cannot be like the painter; otherwise, the painting would have created itself. However perfect the picture may be, in comparison with the painter it is in the utmost degree of imperfection.
    The contingent world is the source of imperfections: God is the origin of perfections. The imperfections of the contingent world are in themselves a proof of the perfections of God.
    For example, when you look at man, you see that he is weak. This very weakness of the creature is a proof of the power of the Eternal Almighty One, because, if there were no power, weakness could not be imagined. Then the weakness of the creature is a proof of the power of God; for if there were no power, there could be no weakness; so from this weakness it becomes evident that there is power in the world. Again, in the contingent world there is poverty; then necessarily wealth exists, since poverty is 6 apparent in the world. In the contingent world there is ignorance; necessarily knowledge exists, because ignorance is found; for if there were no knowledge, neither would there be ignorance. Ignorance is the nonexistence of knowledge, and if there were no existence, nonexistence could not be realized.
    It is certain that the whole contingent world is subjected to a law and rule which it can never disobey; even man is forced to submit to death, to sleep and to other conditions—that is to say, man in certain particulars is governed, and necessarily this state of being governed implies the existence of a governor. Because a characteristic of contingent beings is dependency, and this dependency is an essential necessity, therefore, there must be an independent being whose independence is essential.
    In the same way it is understood from the man who is sick that there must be one who is in health; for if there were no health, his sickness could not be proved.
    Therefore, it becomes evident that there is an Eternal Almighty One, Who is the possessor of all perfections, because unless He possessed all perfections He would be like His creation.
    Throughout the world of existence it is the same; the smallest created thing proves that there is a creator. For instance, this piece of bread proves that it has a maker.
    Praise be to God! the least change produced in the form of the smallest thing proves the existence of a creator: then can this great universe, which is endless, be self-created and come into existence from the action of matter and the elements? How self-evidently wrong is such a supposition!
    These obvious arguments are adduced for weak souls; but if the inner perception be open, a hundred thousand clear proofs become visible. Thus, when man feels the indwelling spirit, he is in no need of arguments for its existence; but for those who are deprived of the bounty of the spirit, it is necessary to establish external arguments.


    The Báb.


    Shoghi Effendi.

    Universal House of Justice.



    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    These were the Messengers sent to Earth by Almighty Allah (Almighty God):Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS


    AFRICA NEEDS to plant many trees on her LANDS & PROTECT all her natural Water Courses. Donot develop the LANDS with Tall Buildings and Make Agriculture And Medicine their CORE RELIGION. 33% of the Land must be used for Human Development and 67% Agriculture, Landscaping and Forestry. No Flooding would Occur.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    “When you see a likeness of yourself, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before you, and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will be able to tolerate!” – Jesus Christ, Gospel of Thomas


    The Reincarnation of Jesus

    “Who do people say I am?” This was the question that Jesus asked his disciples. Their reply was that people were saying he was one of the Old Testament prophets “raised from the dead.” Considering that the Last Judgment and the Resurrection of the Dead had not occurred, this begs the question, “What did they mean by “raised from the dead?” They were not talking about resurrection because the orthodox Christian doctrine of resurrection originated with the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism and this doctrine holds that corpses do not crawl out of their graves until the Last Judgment and the End of Days. And considering the fact that reincarnation was an orthodox teaching in Jesus’ day (see Flavius Josephus) then the answer becomes crystal clear. They were talking about reincarnation. Even the Bible is filled with teachings of reincarnation including those taught by Jesus.
    The early Christian sect known as the Ebionites taught that the Holy Spirit had come as Adam and later reincarnated as Jesus. Other Jewish Christian groups such as the Elkasaites and Nazarites also believed this. The Clementine Homilies, an early Christian document, also taught many incarnations of Jesus. The Samaritans believed that Adam had reincarnated as Seth, then Noah, Abraham, and even Moses.


    KRISHNA: He who goes returns…
    He who has never left never needs to return…
    he is present everywhere and like the maakhanchor that he is he looks at us and hides before we get the chance to look at him…
    with faith bhaktas see his form…
    why wait for him to assume a human form… for the form neither increases nor decrases his stature…
    he is what he is and to a bhakta he shall be loved irrespective whether he has a human form or not…
    BUDDHA: ‘ I will tell you, Sariputta
    Pray lend your ears, for I will speak.
    In this auspicious aeon
    ‘ Three leaders have already lived
    Kakusandha, Konagamana
    And also the leader Kassapa.


    Matthew 24:36 (NIV) “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
    Matthew 24:42-44 (NIV) “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”
    THY WILL BE DONE: Jesus describes himself as the Son of Man and not the Son Of “GOD”, at no time in the Bible Jesus said he was “GOD”, but man sat at the first Council of Nicea.
    Fearing unrest in his otherwise peaceful territory, Constantine summoned the bishops to his lake house in Nicea on June 19, 325.
    Savvy move
    In a savvy move that would put today’s shrewd politicians to shame, the compromise proffered by Constantine was vague, but blandly pleasing: Jesus and God were of the same “substance,” he suggested, without delving too much into the nature of that relationship. A majority of the bishops agreed on the compromise and voted to pass the language into doctrine.
    PROPHET MUHAMMAD: I am closest to Jesus in this world and the next, and do not worship me like how the Christians worship Jesus for I am a slave of ALLAH (GOD) for though the prophets and Messengers of GOD have different mothers the Religion remains but ONE and the same.
    BAHA-U-LLAH: All Religion is one.
    THY WILL BE DONE:11112011-11th NOVEMBER, 2929.
    Most of all Religious Scholars of KRISHNA, ABRAHAM, BUDDHA, ZOROASTER, MOSES, JESUS, MUHAMMAD, BAB, BAHAULLAH have been deceived after the Council of Nicea. For while the spirit of GOD manifested in all the bodies of the Messengers, their bodies are buried under the earth never to return including JESUS. However, their Spirit lives on forever and ever.


    ZOROASTER: Zoroaster prophecied to the Persians, that He would return in exactly 1000 years. He said, “In a thousand years look to the western sky. You will see a great star, follow it and you will find me, there, in a manger. That is who the three Magi were, they were Zoroastian king-priests looking for the return of Zoroaster and they found him in the baby Jesus.


    Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah aka as return of ISA aka return of HORUS.

    There were many more civilizations before these but none can Lead mankind back to the CREATOR so we say the World has no Beginning nor End. However, Civilizations are Punished when they violated the Laws of the UNIVERSE.


    RELIGION Minus SCIENCE = Fraud, Myth and Fantasy called Catholicism and Euro-centric Christianity.

    AFRICA can afford to pay her Black Scholars in the WEST to bring back her SCIENCE. AFRICA cannot afford to divide her nation with a Fraud, Myth and Fantasy called Catholicism & Euro-Centric Christianity for the JESUS who all await to return his BODY is buried under the Earth never to return and his spirit lives forever.

    I AM THAT I AM: 11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    There shall always be two Teachings upon the face of the Earth one of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) and one of men. For with knowledge they exalt themselves to Doctors of Religion, Priests and Pastors but the Lowest of Degrees Almighty Allah can make the most Wise. Where RELIGION is taught from the Doctrines of Men wars and Poverty shall increase. Where RELIGION is taught from the Messengers of Almighty Allah (Almighty God) Peace and Prosperity shall evolve.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.



    Hinduism’s early history is the subject of much debate for a number of reasons.
    Firstly, in a strict sense there was no ‘Hinduism’ before modern times, although the sources of Hindu traditions are very ancient.
    Secondly, Hinduism is not a single religion but embraces many traditions.
    At the end of the millennium, the Hindu communities became well established abroad, excelling socially, economically and academically. They built many magnificent temples, such has the Swaminarayan Temple in London.
    Hindus in diaspora were particularly concerned about the perpetuation of their tradition and felt obliged to respond to Hindu youth, who sought a rational basis for practices previously passed down by family custom. They are now particularly concerned about how to deal with contentious issues such as caste, intermarriage and the position of women. In many ways, Hindus in the West are turning back to their roots.

    Search results
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    “and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and He gave them continually into the hand of Hazael king of Syria.”
    2 Kings 19:17
    These were the Messengers Sent to Earth by Almighty Allah:Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.
    Without the Computer Age there was no way AFRICANS could of come out of the BONDAGE than Catholicism and Euro-centric Christianity placed on the AFRICANS.
    The Liberation of AFRICA is not based on BUILDING CHURCES and UNIVERSITIES. The Liberation of AFRICA would come when every Home and in some cases villages when a computer enters the HOME.
    The SCHOLARS have to construct their Websites. Everytime the People allow others to control their thoughts in Churches, Mosque and Temples nothing is achieved but disunity among the People.
    The AFICAN CHILD must start making their own choices after age Twelve. AFRICA cannot solve its Prob lem from the King James Bible for JESUS is not your GOD neither any of the Messengers that was sent to Earth.
    I am closest to Jesus in this WORLD and in the NEXT, but do not worship me like how the CHRISTIANS worship Jesus for I am but a slave of ALLAH (GOD) for though all the Prophets and Messengers may have different MOTHERS their RELIGION remains but “ONE” and the SAME……Prophet Muhammad.
    All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”….Bahaullah…aka return of JESUS aka return of ISA aka return of HORUS.
    RELIGION Minus SCIENCE = Fraud, Myth and Fantasy called Catholicism and Euro-Centric Christianity.
    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112011
    THY WILL BE DONE:11112011-11112929.
    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    • Velma Says:

      I taught History for years and I always had the forethought to uncover as much as I could to understand my walk with God and Jesus. Have you ever seen a person over come with demons that people have ran from and even laughed at and the only long term help they got through Jesus. No medication or any other icon in all religions or denominations. My friend you write well and seems to be very knowledgeable. Those of us who are Christians cannot help, but has to forgive the Priest who asked the Pope for permission to put our people as Africans in slavery. We must understand that it was many of our Africans who sold us into slavery. Two of the most notorious men in the History of Slavery, were two African Men Sebehr Pasca of Uganda who the most ruthless slave holder and trader. There was Cha-Cha of Brazil, who was just as ruthless as Sebehr. The Whites purchased slaves from them. Slavery in Brazil did not end until 1894, one year before my father was born. The Catholic Faith covered so much of our history, as well as the White Jews, but we held on. It is no by chance we have a Black President today. Jesus is my rock, he took my feet out of the mirry clay and placed them on solid rock. Continue to preach my brother and know that forgiveness is the key through Christ. Reincarnation, which King James had removed from the King James Bible, is a plausible probability. After all Jesus told the Pharisees and Saducees that before Abraham, was he the high priest Melchizedek. I have an original book of slaves giving their voices to their experiences written by Paul Lawrence Dunbar in 1892. One of the slaves had the wisdom to say,” if we don’t forgive White Folks, we may come back just as evil, full of hate, in White skin, treating Blacks just like they treated Blacks, because the soul is colorless. This says alot!!!!!

      • aNTWAN Says:

        Auntie, I agree with most of what you have written in this last message to Tennerson. But the most high of the bible is a forgiving God and he is also a God of war. And the bible also speaks of a people who are not of the most high. In Deuteronomy one of the curses put on Yah`s people was because they did not observe the most high`s laws and commandments. These people were to be taken into slavery by way of ship to a land their fathers knew not. And they were to forget who they were. And they would become a by word amongst everyone else. This and more would be the punishment for not obeying the most high`s commandments and laws. But the most high said he would destroy the people who did these bad things to his people. We are the only people on the planet who fit these biblical punishments. Not only that, but it is known now that the Hebrews fled their homeland in 70 AD to escape persecution by the Romans. It is said that at least a million Hebrews fled to Africa and a lot of them ended up in West Africa. There are quite a few tribes that have Hebrerw names and also many villages,cities and countries as well. These tribes were and are referred to as the people of the book by Arabs. I just saw a very informative video a couple of days ago breaking down how the Moors, after being ran out of Spain, showed the Europeans where we were in West Africa. And assisted in the capture of our ancestors. All of the very oldest images of Hebrews show them depicted as black people with dreads and very beaded beards. It`s even said that they have found documents that were hidden in the vatican of the slavery of the Hebrews. The African heads were selling prisoners of war and people who did not belong to their tribes first. They also sold their own people as well. This is why Jesus, Moses and Joseph could blend in with the ancient Egyptians. Mary and Joseph would have never been able to hide Jesus in Egypt if he looked like the so called Jews of today…lol And Joseph`s brothers would have recognized him if he look different than the Egyptians that he lived among and ruled. I know you know this already but I just wanted to put it out there…lol There is an old map that shows that from west to east Africa was called sudan…aka Yahoodee!

      • Velma Says:

        Nephew I agree and in the Black Catholic Churches, the Josephites were created to honor the Blackness of Joseph. There are so many more. I heard this White Woman give a testimony regarding her dream. She said the church she was a member of was really wanting to move, because too many Blacks and Hispanics were joining. One night she said she dreamed that her three year old daughter had come running into her room, telling her to come see the people coming down their street. She said as she got to the front of her home a man was being carried and people were all crying and praising God. The people were of all races. When he got even with her, he looked at her and said I am Jesus, does my color matter?. She said she knew immediately he was Jesus, dressed in a white robe with long dredlocks. She felt guilty, regarding the problem with most of the Whites wanting to start another church because of the increased membership of the minorities. She fell on her knees and asked for forgiveness. From that point own she knew Jesus was Black and began to welcome all new members to the church irregardless to their race or culture.. Auntie is “old school” and Jesus is my rock…..

      • ANTWAN Says:

        I see your point Auntie. And it`s the only logical way. Because I can`t be mad at one because of their color when another from my own color was just as much involved. Sometimes it`s hard to look past this but it`s the truth. Even the chiefs of Hebrew tribes sold us into slavery. This was the will of the most high and the prophecy must be fulfilled. Like he said…Vengeance is mine! And not for me to be vengeful but to know thine enemies. And they come in all colors. Thanks for the enlightenment Auntie!

      • Velma Says:

        Nephew, when we realize that Sammiel, the shinning star which Satan was referred to by God, who was closer to God than any of the other Supra Angels and he became prideful, puffed up and wanted to take God’s Place as the Creator, we know if God’s own creation did it to him, what do we expect from those who stole our historical truths? We know that so much of our history has been covered up from the Black Jews History, to Jesus, and of course our African American History. What we have to do is tell the truth to as many as will listen. In my collection of books from the 1850’s there were Black Writers who told our history, but at that time, many of the Northern Blacks looked down on those who were slaves, even though many Northern Blacks helped to stabilize the Underground Railroad. Today, I see that same scenario playing out here in the South. I am positive and speak to everyone. The young and old Southern Blacks speak and engage momentarily in conversation. The Northern Blacks who have recently moved here, will look at me like “why are you speaking to me.” Does the White Man have anything to do with their actions? History continues to repeat itself, if we don’t figure out way to keep our knowledge and history alive, 1000 years from now President OBama will be White or Arab, with no reference to his Nubain Father.

      • ANTWAN Says:

        Auntie, what you say is the truth. I was born and raised in Chicago but my mother was born in the south and moved up north at a very young age. I would hear certain things about the south while I was living in Chicago but now have found out that the same exact things were also true about the north. To me the only difference I see is the different accents and the north seems to be a little more violent. Racism is just as rampant in the north and they have the house negro syndrome running a lot more rampant in my opinion. It is nothing for a brother to take the life of another brother with no remorse. They brag and boast about killing another brother up north. I have witnessed so called brothers joining with the police to do harm to another brother. And you are right about northerners whop move to the south. I was one who moved here to the south with the wrong attitude. People would drive or walk pass me and wave and I used to look at them like they were crazy or something. Now i`m the first to wave and speak. In Chicago you might be asking for trouble when you speak to someone you don`t know. I think that more brothers and sisters need to move back to the south and learn manners…lol And while they are here they need to learn about their true history and throw away all of the street garbage they worship so dearly. Kids up there are looking up to gang leaders and drug dealers. And I see it happening down here as well. There should be a sense of urgency to teach the youth about their history and not just learn about their enslavers history. That`s where the low self esteem and low self worth comes into play at.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        What is going on Nephew? Just found an article that stated that President Hardin was Black, also Lyndon B. Johnson, Thomas Jefferson, Grant, and Andrew Jackson, along with Lincoln. I will send you more of the details. I heard this years ago, who had been verified by a Mr. Rogers who had worked with another Black to create the Museum of Blacks in NY. I never got into it. Now, this is some deep discussion. Was Jesus their ultimate choice? Take care, Auntie!!!

      • Andtwan Says:

        Thanks Auntie! I have heard a little about those presidents being part black. I have also heard about the black presidents before George Washington too. Let me know what you find out on this. I will also do some research on this tonight. I wanted to make a comment on one of your comments about when they turned Jesus white. I just saw something on this but I can`t remember which one of our scholars it was. But they said that it was Leonardo Davinci who was commissioned to paint Christ and other biblical characters white. And Davinci said that there was no European paintings to go by so he used his family as the models. This is where the Borgias come in at. They made a movie about the Borgias. I believe the Borgias was Davinci`s relatives and he used some of them in the first European white paintings of Christ and others from the bible. Please correct me if i`m wrong. Because if it was Constantine then that would mean the white image of Jesus is older then the Borgia`s and Davinci`s era.


        Home Essays & Reviews Political Conflict The Black Presidents of United States of America
        The Black Presidents of United States of America
        Wednesday, 05 November 2008 07:39 Africa

        Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, served between 1861 and 1865. Lincoln was said to have been the illegitimate son of an African man, according to Leroy’s findings. Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse hair and his mother allegedly came from an Ethiopian tribe. His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.

        Tomorrow the 4th of November 2008, Obama will be elected the 44th President of the United States. Some say this makes him the first Black President of the United States others say no. Obama Wouldn’t Be First Black President [EDITOR’S NOTE]

        By Aysha Hussain

        Were there other “black” presidents? Some historians have reason to believe people don’t really understand the genealogy of past U.S. Presidents. Research shows at least five U.S. presidents had black ancestors and Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president, was considered the first black president, according to historian Leroy Vaughn, author of Black People and Their Place in World History.

        Vaughn’s research shows Jefferson was not the only former black U.S. president. Who were the others? Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. But why was this unknown? How were they elected president? All five of these presidents never acknowledged their black ancestry.

        Jefferson, who served two terms between 1801 and 1809, was described as the “son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father,” as stated in Vaughn’s findings. Jefferson also was said to have destroyed all documentation attached to his mother, even going to extremes to seize letters written by his mother to other people.

        President Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, was in office between 1829 and 1837. Vaughn cites an article written in The Virginia Magazine of History that Jackson was the son of an Irish woman who married a black man. The magazine also stated that Jackson’s oldest brother had been sold as a slave.

        Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, served between 1861 and 1865. Lincoln was said to have been the illegitimate son of an African man, according to Leroy’s findings. Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse hair and his mother allegedly came from an Ethiopian tribe. His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.

        President Warren Harding, the 29th president, in office between 1921 and 1923, apparently never denied his ancestry. According to Vaughn, William Chancellor, a professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy. Evidently, Harding had black ancestors between both sets of parents. Chancellor also said that Harding attended Iberia College, a school founded to educate fugitive slaves.

        Coolidge, the nation’s 30th president, served between 1923 and 1929 and supposedly was proud of his heritage. He claimed his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. Coolidge’s mother’s maiden name was “Moor” and in Europe the name “Moor” was given to all blacks just as “Negro” was used in America. It later was concluded that Coolidge was part black.

        The only difference between Obama and these former presidents is that none of their family histories were fully acknowledged by others.

        Originally appeared in Diversity Inc

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        My Nephews, Antwan and Fox, young men you have just blown my mind with this Black President’s information. I have an old History Book that states that Jefferson was a Jew, Harding was Native American, along with Coolidge, and Abraham Lincoln’s skin tone was also from a Spanish/Portuguese side. I also have a book that declares that Lyndon B. Johnson’s mother was like my mother, a mixed woman who could have passed. His mother passed and it is said that the KKK visited their property often. I thank God my mom did not pass. Her mom was also mixed, but her sisters and brothers were encouraged by their father to go North and become White. He was White, but for the love they shared, they refused. When I was a kid and wanted sand tone stockings, my White looking Auntie went in the stores that Blacks were not allowed in and purchased for us whatever we needed. My mom was well known, as the wife of my Reverend Dad, but on occasion she would too enter into a store to get for us what we wanted. But we were in a small rural area. These Men of Status, somehow knew that there were those who knew their heritage. In another old book Andrew Jackson and Lincoln were listed as Mulatto. I have books that Professor Calvin Williams, a graduate of Oberlin, brought to Texas the South to teach newly freed Blacks Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Only a few mentions of Science were included in these old books, along with History, which I assume that the three R’s are what we needed first. The oldest book was written in 1860. I am so grateful and thankful to God that I was in a position to hold onto these items that our first freed People of Colour used to get their first taste of Education in the South.Thanks again Nephews and continue on your Paths of Enlightenment to enlighten others young and old. We need this…

      • Antwan Says:

        You are very welcome Auntie. I don`t belong to any religious group because I take the stand of finding out what the real deal is and making my own decision on what`s real and what`s made up. I first had to research the origins of the bible in order to find out the time frame that it was written. It took a very long time for it to be completed which made me leery. I then saw that the ten commandments came from Egypt`s 42 negative confessions. I saw that Moses was supposed to have gotten the ten commandments from God on the mountain top. But Moses studied in Egypt and was considered an Egyptian among the other Egyptians. I also have seen where that painting of Jesus on his mother Mary`s lap was copied from Horus sitting in his mother Isis`s lap. Then I saw the Jesus the shepard statue. I first saw the white image of the statue. Then I saw the brother Ashra Kwesi in one of his videos he shot at the museum in London. He was showing how the ancient Egyptian statues that people could clearly see that the ancient Egyptians were black have been disappearing since the time when he first visited the museum years earlier. The noses and lips were chizzled off of a lot of the statues purposely to attempt to fool everyone…lol Ashra Kwesi saw a brother who was a custodian working in the museum and asked the brother where are our people in this museum. And the brother told Ashra to follow him. He unlocked a door to a room where he showed Ashra the older and black image of Jesus the good Shepard. This was the original statue where they copied the white one and locked the black original statue in the room. But displayed the white copy…lol So now i`m very very careful of what I follow and believe in. There is more stories in the bible that came from Egypt and other African stories that have been passed down from generation to generation until someone decided to change the names and write it down. As we all know, the females in all species are the ones who can give birth to man and woman. Well the very first Gods that were worshipped all over the world was the black woman. This is what`s real, true and living. But when peoiple want to be in control they will find a way to write and teach their version of history. And after so many generations of this it becomes second nature to those who just believe because they were taught by their parents, grandparents and so on. It`s a very deep subject but this is the area where I started my research in. And there is hardly anything in the book that can be certain. I can`t be lead blindly and the heads of religion in the old days knew that people would kill or do anything to be in the good grace of God whom they can`t see or talk to. So I have given up on all religions. There can`t be 15 versions of one religion…lol Which one is right and which is wrong? And how do you know that one is not following the wrong one. Everyone thinks that their version is the truth and will bring up some good arguements too…lol I had a very deep conversation with one of my best friends about which is the true spirituality. And we came to the conclusion that it would have had to be whatever was taught by the most high to the original people. Because we are witnesses of how something passed from one person to the next will be a totally different story by the time it gets back around to you…lol And that I know for sure. But I think that if something is really working for you then stay with it.

      • Velma Says:

        Good Morning Nephew, Antwan! Thanks for sharing your religious decision. We know that so much of our History has been over-layered in multiple lies that is hard for some to decipher the truth. Napoleon shot the Spinx to remove the Negro Features it displayed. Dr. Henry Clark said until White America apologizes for the horrors of slavery, America would suffer in the years to come going further in decadence than the 1929 Economical collapse. This was said in the nineties and Dr. Clark has made his journey to the North Star. All the European Countries that participated in the African Slave Trade, must apologize for the most long running horror in human history. The racial hate now is growing inwhich Whites are hating Blacks just as they were 200 years ago. The economy was not put into this sit-uation because of Blacks, but the un-controlled greed of the White World, but it is laid on the shoulders of President OBama. There are many mixed couples, with Black everyday working men suffering in ways that the average person never think of, if he is married to an educated White woman. Our White World has lied, stole, murdered, and robbed so many cultures of what they cherished most. I honestly think the White World is afraid of the approaching Day of Justice. There are Whites who have stood and will stand for the rights for all cultures of people. Only God can dispense equal justice that seems so long overdue. Jesus will be the Great Equalizer.

      • Antwan Says:

        If this is true then I wish he would come on and do it…lol Dr. Clark also had some very interesting things to say about Christianity as well. The bible was used to keep us forgiving whites for the way they treat us. I think that it humbles us too much. I`m a true rebel in my heart and I believe the only way these atrocities will stop is when we finally put down all religions and become the ZULU and African warriors we were in the past before the white man came to Africa with his so called better religions and ideas. We are all Europeanized over here. And it`s very sad for me to see how we have totally thrown away our culture for a culture that keeps us in mental and physical slavery. The killing of our great men and women who stood up for us has frightened the majority of us. But we are not afraid to kill, rob and steal from one another. This was a great and well thought out plan by our enemies. They study us very well by using the worlds top psychologist. This is happening to us in every continent, country and city on the planet. But I do believe in the most high but not the one by the wrong name of God. It goes back much further than Judaism, Christianity and any other religious beliefs created by man. Belive me Auntie, I have spent my entire life with these questions in my head about God. And when I finally had a chance to research and study it for myself I learned where the origins of them all came from. We are taught to give credit to something we can`t see or hear. Instead of giving ourselves the credit. It`s funny because when we do something wrong or bad we blame the drvil. And when something good happens in our lives we credit an unseen God. Well if I create a song that goes to number one on the charts and I win a grammy I have no one to thank but me for coming up with the music and words to the song. This is a result of my creative abilities to word the song in a certain way that is appealing to the majority. There are certain chemicals that are released in our brains to make us react in a certain way during different situations. And this falls true for religion. When we hear certain things that are said or read to us certain chemicals are released to make us react a certain way. But then you have some of us who can control these reactions and emotions better than others. To me if it doesn`t make sense then I can`t follow. If I can`t see or feel it I can`t go along with it. Now, some religious freaks will say that i`m evil or I am not a child of God…lol But what gives them the right to say such a thing. There is a connection that I have within myself that knows right from wrong and it`s my decision to follow one or the other. Right can never be wrong and wrong can never be right. I don`t judge others for their beliefs, but I do know right from wrong. I do know the flaws of religion. People wopuld murder others if they didn`t believe in their religions. Christians murdered many in the beginning. The king James version of the bible was completed in 1611 and a year later King James sactioned our slavery along with the Pope…lol I know that my anmcestors would be outraged if I went along with theirs and my enemies. Just food for thought Auntie.

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, have you noticed how there`s a church and a liquor store on most corners of black neighborhoods? I grew up on the south side of Chicago in one of the worst areas in the country. Englewood! We always have one of the highest murder rates in the country. And there`s a church and a liquor store on almost every main street corner. But the churches out number anything else. You will see 3 or 4 churches on one block in some cases. Yet these are some of the worst streets for drug dealing and gang banging. And the church members out number the gangs but do nothing to stop it. Where is God and Jesus when an innocent kid gets hit by a stray bullet? Why aren`t the church members going out and putting a stop to this so that the kids and other church members can be safe when they go to worship? Not to mention the safety of their own black people who live in the very neighborhood the preachers church is in…lol That`s because the ch7urch is there to make money and that`s it. No more and no less. All of these things are being revealed to me. Look at these mega churches like the ones T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar has. I`ve seen Creflo`s church and it`s the size of a shopping mall….lol All of these preachers know how to get into our psychy to make us give money. There`s an older rap song that started to wake me up on these type of things. The rapper say …The preachers got us all putting money in the pan and for the rest of the week got me eating out a soup can. He has a home. drive a caddy through town….Anyway, you see where i`m going with this…lol We have to get up and stop making excuses and force a change. Because if we keep being meek and humble we will always be on the bottom of society. We first must throw away the white mans criminal mentalty that has been taught to us. We were never like this before slavery. West Africa was the safest place you could be on earth before slavery. The first jails in Africa was holding cells they kept the slaves in to wait for the ships to come and get us. Therew`s a saying I go by and that is…If you keep doing what you have been doing you WILL get the same results. We have been lulled to sleep with these religions. It pits one against the other. Which is another form of dividing us.


        AMERICA is presently under JUDGEMENT, and this shall exist for 1000Years until a next UNIVERSAL TEACHER comes whom you all call JESUS. 1929-2929. What happens in the spiritual world is not known by men. However, when nature starts to punish HUMANITY “PRAY” for the spirit of GOD is upon the Earth. Almighty Allah (Almighty God) controls nature and do not wash SINS in JESUS blood. He punishes up to the third and fourth GENERATIONS.

        I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

        The SUN has risen in the WEST.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew Fox, thank you for your clearer explanation of the times that are rapidly approaching. I applaud your infinite wisdom and
        by all means keep the words of wisdom flowing to benefit the many. Auntie

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew, Satan is a real entity, a fallen angel who deceives, and destroys those he can to prevent them from reuniting with the God Head. What most people fail to realize is the many births, deaths, and rebirths are brought to us due to our own choices. When Jesus was the helper of Micheal to kick Satan out of Heaven, his whole focus is to take as many souls as he can into eternal damnation. Jesus, the only begotten son of God, by the power of the purity of his Blood is Satan made to stand down. Sure the White world used what we cherished most against us, but karma is a mother. Maybe, we are in such unjust situation world wide, because the Whites who did terrible things to Blacks may have had to come back as Blacks and live the hard life, that they imposed upon Blacks, when they were Whites. The life I lived before now, I was an old southern White Woman, who felt the need to help Black Women, but was in a situation, whereas she was limited. Today, the women I helped then, have returned to me the respect, love, and graciousness that I bestowed upon them, when slavery was in its boom. I have had to rethink and reapply much of life’s causes and effects in this life in understanding the many I have lived before. We have two choices regarding everything, which is the same as Good and Evil. I choose Good, 98% of the time, but that mere 2% keeps me praying and asking for Forgiveness so the 2% will not be held against my soul when I migrate to the Judgement Seat. I think of the many terrible trials and tribulations my father experienced. The degradation that the average Black Woman endured. The hurt my great grandmom endured, when she learned that on their trip from MS to TX her oldest of two sons was being sold at the Forks of the Road in MS. He was sold to a plantation in SC. I have found his descendants. The same old one who lost her oldest son to the auction block, whe sge was a young female slave, went back to MS in 1866 to find her surviving family members and her inlaws. They were allowed to marry as slaves in TX. They walked at night and found places to hid during the day to sleep. They walked from TX to MS and she wanted to go onto SC. G grandfather had to step up and say we cannot go no further. This child was his child also, but the harm that may or could have happened to the many, the sacrifice of not going to SC for Benjamin she had to accept. To set on the porch on Sunday afternoons hearing my people speak of these pains, gave me the reality that the only help they had was Blind Faith. On our property to day, there is an old tree that has to be 250 plus years old, was honored during slave days as the Spirit Tree. Another ancestor, g-g Lou was full African and detested the Whites Man’s religion so badly, that she tried to burn her mixed daughter at three months in the kitchen fire place. She died rooted in her African Religion as an old woman who never wavered. She and her son in law came to an agreement that he could worship his Cherokee Spirits, while she would worship her African Gods and Spirits, and they would not impose on the slaves who wanted to worship the White Man’s God. Very few Blacks have documented proof that their ancestors both Black and White have occupied a portion of the same land for almost 200 years. The church that the Christians built still stands and so does the Spirit Tree. On these grounds there were three types of worship services. Lou and those who still held onto their worship styles from Africa, would meet with Jon-Jon the 3/4’s Cherokee and 1/4 Black overseer and those who worshiped as he did, along with those who were converted Christians, worshiped together late evenings and early Sunday Mornings under the Spirit Tree. My family chose the Christian Way that aided them during those times when they were no more than cattle, referred to as chattel. Our government finally gave the slaves a human percentage of 3/5’s of a man. So Nephew, do not let Satan rob you of any of your Godly Rights and your Godly Love.

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, i`m in no way being robbed of love at all. I don`t hate anyone just because of the color of their skin. As a matter of fact, I can`t name anyone that i`ve ever really hated. I just can`t believe how so far removed we have become with nature. Everything in our lives today is something that is man made. And by us living in this fake world that has been created for us we have lost our natural abilities to be able to do the things our ancestors did without machines. And the pyramids is a perfect example of what i`m talking about. They still can`t duplicate the great pyramid with all of the so called advanced technology that has been created. But I do understand how one can get so wrapped up into believing certain things that has been passed down from generation to generation. I myself listen to what is being relayed to me as long as it`s righteous. As I said before. Right can never be wrong and wrong can never be right. I was born with a brain to think for myself and that`s how i`m living my life from now on. I will no longer follow man because man will get you in a lot of trouble or even killed…lol I don`t know what it`s gonna take for us to get rid of all of the blinders that have been psychologically placed upon us but today I feel more free than I ever have been. And that`s because I think for myself. Auntie, I think one must learn how easy it really is for people to become dependent on someone or something. A perfect example is how a pimp can have control of the minds of ten different women at the same time. There are certain things that has to be done in order for this to happen. First the pimp must gain the trust of these women. Another is to instill fear. And the third is to make the women dependent on the pimp. Does this sound familiar to you? Because these tactics have and are being used on us every single day of the week and In all aspects of our lives. In most cases it starts when we are kids. We are taught by someone we trust that there is this fat white guy with a white beard and red suit. Who has elves and reindeer that fly…lol At one point in my child hood no one could have told me that Santa Clause didn`t exist…lol Until I woke up late at night and saw my parents putting toys underneath the Christmas tree. We as humans love to believe in something outside of ourselves. We are very superstitious people. In today`s time we should know better than to let ourselves be conned. We should know as a people that something went wrong somewhere in the past. And Christianity and Islam played a very big part in it. The Arabs went into Africa and converted some of our people and look what happened next. The African Muslims helped the Arabs to enslave our people. Then the Arabs told the Europeans. And our own people started to sell us to the Europeans…lol The Arabs and Europeans gave our people their bibles and Korans and we gave them our land and sold our people to them…lol I find this funny because I read where some white so called scholar said we are like children. Referring to African people in general. And the way things went down shows that our mentality had to be child like. Our people sold us for liquor, mirrors and all kinds of petty things…lol And look what the Europeans gained…lol They have control of the planet…lol And they made sure the majority of us didn`t rebel because of God, Jesus and the bible…lol We are being taught that God and Jesus is going to save us. We better stop waiting around for some fictitious characters to save us and take our total freedom. I`m not afraid to die for what is right. And if we value our descendents future then we need to start right now. But we are so caught up in another mans creations. If you look at the time period that we have been on this earth without interference from outsiders compared to the time period that we have been manipulated by outsiders you will see that it hasn`t been that long that we have been changed into the lowest people on the planet. And we gave life to these people who are doing us totally wrong. But people can only do to you what you allow them to do to you.

      • Velma Says:

        Good Morning Nephew Antwan, I have finished looking at Our African Journey and the Dr. Vernon John’s story. I see some changes that people died to bring into effect, but indirect racism is still interwoven into the fabric of our society. This means that all the stories regarding what our trials and tribulations are now, are the numbers. Our numbers have us the highest with HIV, Blood Pressure and kidney failure, certain types of cancer, Aide from government sources, southern prisons have so many of our men, and women, with our children being the highest in foster care. The indirect racism has replaced the Old Nigger Syndrome. Now, the average person accepts the numbers and say poor us or poor Blacks. In fact these are lies compiled according to the percentages of Blacks compared to other races based on the number of other races with the same problems oriheith


        1.Where you see DRY BONES in the BIBLE that is what they call AIDS.
        2.Africans stopped preparing their own food.
        3.Racism was created to enrich one class of people. According to Karl Marx “There would be no Europe or America without the slave trade”.

        Religion without Science is a Fraud, Myth and a Fantasy.

        Nations rise and nations fall and some are shattered unannounced.

        29th July 2012.


    When men of RELIGION realize there are no monetary gains in the Teachings of True Religion they then go Sell their Souls and Teach the DOCTRINES OF MEN making JESUS GOD. For with that Fraud, Myth and Fantasies Many are led astray while they become Rich on the Face of the Earth. However, it is written “What does it gain a man to gain the World and then lose his own soul” and it is also written “fear ye that can destroy both BODY and SPIRIT”. For the SPIRIT moves the BODY, but the BODY do not move the SPIRIT.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    results Search
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    King Jehu and Israel. Text on the Black Obelisk. Biblical History. Assyrian History. Kings of Israel and Judah. List of Assyrian Kings. Chart of Hebrew Prophets – Cached

    Teachings of Lord Krishna

    Lord Krishna, is the one of the most loved MESSENGERS of the Hindu religion. His teachings on various aspects of human life to Arjuna during the epic battle of Mahabharata are world famous. His teachings were written in form of a book by famously known as Bhagwad Gita. Bhagwad Gita literally means divine songs of Lord. Teachings of the lord, are relevant even in the present age. They are being promoted by number of spiritual gurus. Few of his important teachings are as follows:

    • Four Kinds Of actions : According to Lord Krishna there are four kind of Actions or karma that a human can perform they are, Kamya Karma- Actions performed for selfish gains, Nishiddha Karma- Actions that are forbidden but holy texts and scriptures, Nitya Karma- Actions that must be performed daily and finally Naimittika Karma-Actions that must be performed on certain special occasions. Lord Krishna clearly forbade his devotees to perform the first two kinds of Karmas as they lead to rebirth and laid stress on the performance of the latter two as they help in getting Moksha or Nirvana, in other words, salvation.

    • Liberation and Bondage : Lord Krishna emphasised on being free from all kinds of negative and positive emotions like, joy, sorrow, grief, happiness, jealousy, as they are all illusions or maya. These emotions are ephemeral. All the beings are bonded due to lack of knowledge but they get free and achieve liberation once they realize that the world is nothing but illusion. All the souls taking birth on the Earth must surrender to Lord, be free form attachments to living and non living objects. should not be conditioned One by body or the worldly things around.

    • Glory Of Satsanga : Lord Krishna described, ‘satsanga’ as the fastest means to be closer to him and please him. Satsanga literally means being in the company of Sadhus or the knowledgeable one, as it helps in reducing and finally putting an end to attachment of all kinds.
    • Withdrawal from Sense-Objects : Lord Krishna preached withdrawal from all the sensory- objects as a means to avoid delusion. All the objects of desire ultimately lead to misery. One must control his senses and not run after the pursuit of desires. As soon as one of the desire is fulfilled, another desire takes its place thus creating a vicious circle. One shoul give up ahmkara or Ego and identify only with God.

    • Withdrawal from Sense-Objects : Lord Krishna preached withdrawal from all the sensory- objects as a means to avoid delusion. All the objects of desire ultimately lead to misery. One must control his senses and not run after the pursuit of desires. As soon as one of the desire is fulfilled, another desire takes its place thus creating a vicious circle. One shoul give up ahmkara or Ego and identify only with God.

    • Path to Life Long Happiness : Lord Krishna describes, Karma(action) Jnana(Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion) as the three fold way to attain Lord and please him. This is sure shot way to achieve happiness and Moksha. Being knowledgeable will help perform the right Karma and not worry about the fruit of the action. Devotion to God helps introspect and remove from the worldly desires. The three paths lead to removal of illusion or maya.

    • I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.
    • ALPHA & OMEGA.
    • THY WILL BE DONE:11112011-11112929.


    Following the Buddha’s Footsteps
    Instilling Goodness School
    City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    Talmage, CA 95481

    As a child, Siddhartha the Buddha, was troubled by some of the same thoughts that children today have. They wonder about birth and death. They wonder why they get sick and why grandfather died. They wonder why their wishes do not come true. Children also wonder about happiness and the beauty in nature.
    Because the Buddha knew what was in the hearts of children and human kind, he taught everyone how to live a happy and peaceful life. Buddhism is not learning about strange beliefs from faraway lands. It is about looking at and thinking about our own lives. It shows us how to understand ourselves and how to cope with our daily problems.
    UNIT 1
    Life in the Palace
    Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhartha Gautama discovered how to bring happiness into the world. He was born around 566 BC, in the small kingdom of Kapilavastu. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya.
    Soon after Prince Siddhartha was born, the wise men predicted that he would become a Buddha. When the king heard this, he was deeply disturbed, for he wanted his son to become a mighty ruler. He told Queen Maya, “I will make life in the palace so pleasant that our son will never want to leave.”
    At the age of sixteen, Prince Siddhartha married a beautiful princess, Yasodhara. The king built them three palaces, one for each season, and lavished them with luxuries. They passed their days in enjoyment and never thought about life outside the palace.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929

    Following the Buddha’s Footsteps
    Instilling Goodness School
    City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    Talmage, CA 95481

    As a child, Siddhartha the Buddha, was troubled by some of the same thoughts that children today have. They wonder about birth and death. They wonder why they get sick and why grandfather died. They wonder why their wishes do not come true. Children also wonder about happiness and the beauty in nature.
    Because the Buddha knew what was in the hearts of children and human kind, he taught everyone how to live a happy and peaceful life. Buddhism is not learning about strange beliefs from faraway lands. It is about looking at and thinking about our own lives. It shows us how to understand ourselves and how to cope with our daily problems.
    UNIT 1
    Life in the Palace
    Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhartha Gautama discovered how to bring happiness into the world. He was born around 566 BC, in the small kingdom of Kapilavastu. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya.
    Soon after Prince Siddhartha was born, the wise men predicted that he would become a Buddha. When the king heard this, he was deeply disturbed, for he wanted his son to become a mighty ruler. He told Queen Maya, “I will make life in the palace so pleasant that our son will never want to leave.”
    At the age of sixteen, Prince Siddhartha married a beautiful princess, Yasodhara. The king built them three palaces, one for each season, and lavished them with luxuries. They passed their days in enjoyment and never thought about life outside the palace.

    Following the Buddha’s Footsteps
    Instilling Goodness School
    City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    Talmage, CA 95481

    As a child, Siddhartha the Buddha, was troubled by some of the same thoughts that children today have. They wonder about birth and death. They wonder why they get sick and why grandfather died. They wonder why their wishes do not come true. Children also wonder about happiness and the beauty in nature.
    Because the Buddha knew what was in the hearts of children and human kind, he taught everyone how to live a happy and peaceful life. Buddhism is not learning about strange beliefs from faraway lands. It is about looking at and thinking about our own lives. It shows us how to understand ourselves and how to cope with our daily problems.
    UNIT 1
    Life in the Palace
    Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhartha Gautama discovered how to bring happiness into the world. He was born around 566 BC, in the small kingdom of Kapilavastu. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya.
    Soon after Prince Siddhartha was born, the wise men predicted that he would become a Buddha. When the king heard this, he was deeply disturbed, for he wanted his son to become a mighty ruler. He told Queen Maya, “I will make life in the palace so pleasant that our son will never want to leave.”
    At the age of sixteen, Prince Siddhartha married a beautiful princess, Yasodhara. The king built them three palaces, one for each season, and lavished them with luxuries. They passed their days in enjoyment and never thought about life outside the palace.

    Following the Buddha’s Footsteps
    Instilling Goodness School
    City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    Talmage, CA 95481

    As a child, Siddhartha the Buddha, was troubled by some of the same thoughts that children today have. They wonder about birth and death. They wonder why they get sick and why grandfather died. They wonder why their wishes do not come true. Children also wonder about happiness and the beauty in nature.
    Because the Buddha knew what was in the hearts of children and human kind, he taught everyone how to live a happy and peaceful life. Buddhism is not learning about strange beliefs from faraway lands. It is about looking at and thinking about our own lives. It shows us how to understand ourselves and how to cope with our daily problems.
    UNIT 1
    Life in the Palace
    Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhartha Gautama discovered how to bring happiness into the world. He was born around 566 BC, in the small kingdom of Kapilavastu. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Maya.
    Soon after Prince Siddhartha was born, the wise men predicted that he would become a Buddha. When the king heard this, he was deeply disturbed, for he wanted his son to become a mighty ruler. He told Queen Maya, “I will make life in the palace so pleasant that our son will never want to leave.”
    At the age of sixteen, Prince Siddhartha married a beautiful princess, Yasodhara. The king built them three palaces, one for each season, and lavished them with luxuries. They passed their days in enjoyment and never thought about life outside the palace.


    The SON of Man can now construct his own spiritual teachings for the AFRICAN child.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.



    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.


    Yes. India was once part of the Gondwanaland which consisted of the whole of Africa

    Throughout most of geologic time there were only two primordial continents: Laurasia in the north and Gondwanaland in the south
    , separated by the Sea of Tethys. Gondwanaland consisted of Africa, peninsular India, Australia, South America, Antarctica and Eurasian regions south of the Alpine-Himalayan chain. About 265 million years ago, this continental togetherness began to split. For 200 million years, India, Arabia, and Apulia (consisting of parts of Italy, the Balkan states, Greece, and Turkey) drifted across the ocean, and finally collided with the rest of Eurasia 65 million years ago. The collision uplifted the Alpine-Himalayan mountain ranges extending from Spain (the Pyrenees) and northwest Africa (the Atlas) along the northern margin of the Mediterranean Sea (the Alps, Carpathians) into southern Asia (the Himalayas) to reach Indonesia.

    3 years ago


    Modimo was the creator. He distributed good things, appeared in the east and belonged to the element water. At the same time he was a destroyer, a terrifying creature responsible for drought, hail,
    cyclones and earthquakes. When these things happened he appeared in the west and was part of the element fire. Modimo was also sky and light, earth and root. He was unique and singular. He had no ancestors, no past or future. He pervaded the whole of creation. His name was taboo and could be spoken only by priests and seers.

    The Ancient One, known as Unkulunkulu, is the Zulu creator. He came from the reeds (uthlanga, means source) and from them he brought forth the people and the cattle. He created everything that is: mountains, streams, snakes, etc. He taught the Zulu how to hunt, how to make fire, and how to grow food. He is considered to be the First Man and is in everything that he created.


    Yoruba Mythology
    The Yoruba religion comprises the original religious beliefs and practices of the Yoruba people. Its homeland is in Southwestern Nigeria and the adjoining parts of Benin and Togo, a region that
    has come to be known as Yorubaland. During the Atlantic slave trade it was exported to the Americas, where it has influenced or given birth to thriving ways of life such as Lucumi, Umbanda and Candomble. Yoruba religious beliefs are part of itan, the total complex of songs, histories, stories and other cultural concepts which make up the Yoruba society.
    According to Yoruba mythology, the first Yoruba kings were the offspring of the creator, Oduduwa (oh-doo-doo-wah). A Yoruba king’s crown identifies the status of its wearer and gives the king the power to interact with the spirit world in order to benefit his people. A veil, a large face, and a group of birds are commonly appear on a Yoruba king’s crown.
    Long, long ago, Olorun (OH-low-run), the sky god, lowered a great chain from the heavens to the ancient waters. Down this chain climbed Oduduwa, Olorun’s son. Oduduwa brought with him a handful of dirt, a special five-toed chicken, and a palm nut. He threw the dirt upon the ancient waters and set the chicken on the dirt. The chicken busily scratched and scattered the dirt until it formed the first dry earth. In the center of this new world, Oduduwa created the magnificent Ife (EE-fay) kingdom. He planted the palm nut, which grew into a proud tree with 16 branches, symbolizing the 16 sons and grandsons of Oduduwa.
    Oduduwa was the first ruler of the kingdom and the father of all Yoruba. Over time he crowned his 16 sons and grandsons and sent them off to establish their own great Yoruba kingdoms. As descendants of the sky god, these first Yoruba rulers and their direct descendants were divine kings. Only they could wear special veiled crowns that symbolized their sacred power.
    Yoruba Wikipedia


    A Rhodesian peoples Maori created the first man, Mwuetsi, who became the moon. Maori gave him a ngona horn filled with ngona oil and told him he would live at the bottom of the waters. Mwuetsi objected and said he wished to live on the land. Maori reluctantly agreed, but said Mwuetsi would give up immortality if he did. After a while Mwuetsi complained of loneliness, so Maori sent him a woman, Massassi (the morning star), to keep him company for two years. Each night they slept on opposite sides of a campfire, until one night Mwuetsi jumped over the flame and touched Massassi with a finger he had moistened with the ngona oil. In the moning Massassi was huge, and soon gave birth to plants and trees until the whole earth was covered by them.
    At the end of two years Maori took Massassi away. Mwuetsi wept for eight years, at which time Maori sent him another woman, Morongo (the evening star), saying that she could stay for two years. On the first night Mwuetsi touched her with his oiled finger, but she said she was different than Massassi, and that they would have to oil their loins and have intercourse. This they did, this night, and every night thereafter.
    Every morning Morongo gave birth to the animals of creation. Then she gave birth to human boys and girls, who became full-grown by that very same evening. Maori voiced his displeasure with a fierce storm, and told Mwuetsi he was hastening his death with all this procreation. Morongo, ever the temptress, instructed Mwuetsi to build a door to their habitat so that Maori could not see what they were doing. He did this, and again they slept together. Now in the morning Morongo gave birth to violent animals; snakes, scorpions, lions, etc. One night Morongo told Mwuetsi to have intercourse with his daughters, which he did, thereby fathering the human race.


    Unkulunkulu is the creator god in the language of the Zulu people. Unkulunkulu is believed to be father of Jesus and the term “Nkulunkulu” simply means “God”. Other names include uMdali
    “Creator”, uMvelinqandi “Before everything” also is uMvelinqangi in isiXhosa language. In the isiZulu language, the name means “the very great/high one”. According to other myths, it is said that he came down from the sky to fight an Evil Demon and won against the Demon on a No Moon Day.
    His kingdom is heaven or Xenos “The land of angels and gods of protection”. He is said to have created Primus angels Litu and his wife to be guardian angels of Jesus when he was born. He is also said to have created the archangels, including Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel. He also created Eden and Eva with Adam. His first angel was Lucifer, the “Devil,” whom later wanted to take the kingdom but was banished from heaven with a few other angels.
    The creation stories of uNkulunkulu tell that he came from the reeds, and from them he brought forth the people and the cattle. He created everything, from land and water to man and the animals. He is considered the first man as well as the parent of all people. He taught the Zulu how to hunt, how to make fire, and how to grow food.[


    The Shilluks of the Nile region, for example, tell a story in which humankind is fashioned out of clay. In each region of the world in which the creator traveled, he created humans from the materials available, making some white, others red or brown, and the Shilluk black. He then took a piece of earth and gave them arms, eyes, etc. This story says much about their values and culture. In distributing the characteristics to man, he chose first to give them the ability to do work through the use of their arms and legs.
    They were then given the ability to see and taste their food. Finally, they were given speech and hearing with which to entertain oneself (“An African Story”). This shows the value system at work among the Shilluk, that work comes above all else. It also attempts to explain the differences between men of various races by telling of how they came about.
    A West African creation tale explains how two spirit people were accidentally sent down to earth by the sky god. Lonely, the people decided to create children from clay, but feel they must hide them when the sky god comes down. Because they are hidden in fire, the children soon turn to various shades based on how long they had been exposed to the heat. Over time, these clay children grow up and move to various regions of the earth, ultimately populating it (Fader). Much like that of the Shilluk people, this story serves a two-fold purpose: it explains both the creation of man as well as accounts for the differences among him. This tale shows the West Africans value these differences because they feel that all men are created equal and should be treated as such.


    Ngai (Enkai, En-kai, Engai, Eng-ai, Mweai, Mwiai) is the supreme God in the religions of the Kamba, Kikuyu and Maasai nationalities of Kenya. According to the Kikuyu beliefs, he lives on the holy mountain Kirinyaga (Mount Kenya). According to the Kamba, he lives somewhere in a hiding place and no one knows where.
    The Maasai of Kenya in their creation narrative recount the origin of humanity to be fashioned by the Creator Enkai from a single tree or leg which split into three pieces. To the first father of the Maasai, he gave a stick. To the first father of the Kikuyu, he gave a hoe. To the first father of the Kamba, he gave a bow and arrow. Each son survived in the wild. The first father of the Maasai used his stick to herd animals. The first father of the Kikuyu used his hoe to cultivate the ground. The first father of the Kamba used his bow and arrow to hunt.
    Although Maasai people have also converted to Christianity, many still practice their traditional religion. The Maasai believe that he is the god of the sun, love and was the creator of the world; in another one of their traditions, this god married Olapa (the goddess of the moon).



    Religion without Science is a Fraud, Myth and a Fantasy.


    Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS. UNIVERSAL teachers for all of HUMANITY.


    Your UNHOLY BOOK comprise some of these Myth stories with different NAMES.


    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.



    • JAMAAL Says:


      What about the misleading Eurocentric science?? Aren’t both the ‘creation’ story and the ‘evolution’ theory both lies??

      • christi love Says:


      • Antwan Says:

        Yes , they are lies. But more importantly is the fact that it started in ancient Egypt and every religion stole from the stories on the walls of Egypt. The information is out for all to see now. From what I have learned the earliest for of worship was the worship of the African woman. Because we are the oldest on the planet and the woman can give life to woman and man. I no longer believe in the fairy tales created to put money in others pockets and bank accounts. If a preacher wants money then I suggest he goes to work just like everybody else. They give the same exact sermon every sunday…lol They are all the same. In our neighborhoods there`s a church,mosque, kingdom hall or a liquor store on almost every corner. Yet these members never do anything to stop the drug dealing and gang banging going on right in front of these places of religion…lol This is one of our biggest downfalls. It keeps us all separated. They never preach about how young black men are targeted and gunned down by police in the very neighborhoods these churches are in. That is a very big sign that it`s all BULL!!!

  183. JAMAAL Says:


    • Antwan Says:

      That is very true Jamal. I get sick in the stomach anytime I see black people defending our enemies. Or even joining the military to help our enemies kill other people of color. Desert storm was my awakening to this fact. When I saw the Iraqi soldiers surrendering to U.S. military and most of the Iraqi soldiers were black skinned people it rang a bell in my head. I then started to do research on the people who inhabited those lands and found out they were there from very ancient times. They migrated out of Africa a very long time ago. But in the news they only show the Arab looking people in those lands. I`m constantly defending our people from the lies being spread by white so called historians who have maligned our people. Public enemy said it best. Every brother ain`t a brother because of color. The slavery of our ancestors is a great testament to that statement.


    a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.
    systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
    any of the branches of natural or physical science.
    systematized knowledge in general.
    knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.


    a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
    a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
    the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions.
    the life or state of a monk, nun, etc.: to enter religion.
    the practice of religious beliefs; ritual observance of faith

  186. check it out Says:

    Hello to all, the contents present at this site are genuinely awesome for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.


    CHRISTIANITY AND AFRICA | History | African Christians …
    Africa Before Slavery; African Influence in … serve three aims: (a) to provide information about Christianity … Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with …



  189. Shon Says:

    When i actually read the bible from front to back in 2005 something told me that the prophets were black. when i started doing research on the ancient names and tribes they were from the bloodline of ham and shem who were the African and African Hebrews. i know we be lied to about our history and rich culture. we can not trust a white man to teach us about us when he enslaved us sold us lied to us and gave us a European Jesus(yashua) to warship. they say what difference do it make what color he was? it do because if it didn’t why did they describe him as being black. the ancient Hebrews knew how yashua looked with that said the white Jesus that’s in the churches and around the world are anti Christs what was talked about in the bible. the book of Deuteronomy describes who the Hebrews were and the curses that were put upon us. i know i am a Hebrew from the 12 tribes of Jacob from the tribe of Judah DNA don’t lie. The more research i do the more truth i find in our history our ansesters built yisrael and america(babalon).


    Euro-Centric Christianity condemns the ISLAMIC prophet Muhammad because he was a black man like JESUS. They have already painted all the Black saints and prophets white to advance their white supremacy agenda. All the prophets and saints were black people. All AFRICANS need to do is to stay away from those so called Christian Churches that says JESUS is the SON OF GOD. GOD has no only begotten SON.



    The King James translation of the BIBLE is a Fraud.


    A Few Translations

    These translations, while only three in number, will change your whole way of thinking about what is being presented in your Bible.

    Son of Man: In all three major Semitic languages (Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic) the term barnasha means “human being”. Jesus often referred to himself as a human being (28 times in the Gospels). Barnasha comes from bar (son) and nasha (man). The meaning of barnasha has created a lot of confusion in the Gospels. It is impossible to translate the Aramaic term of barnasha literally as “son of man” – and yet most biblical translators have and still do just that to this day. In the Aramaic language the word bar is combined with many other words to create different meanings – most specifically is means a “likeness.” For example barabba means “resembles his father”. Barhila translated literally would mean “son of power” but in reality it means “soldier”. So when we read in the Gospels the phrase “son of man” it should be read correctly as “human being”.

    Son of God: The word bar means a likeness or resemblance to the suffix word. The Aramaic term that Son of God comes from is bardalaha. Translated literally as “son of God” it does not mean this. Bardalaha in reality means “like God” or “God-like”. So when Jesus is referred to as the “Son of God” we should read this correctly as “God-like” or “like God”. So what does that tell you about the translation we read in today’s Bibles? It tells you that Jesus was not the Son of God – but that he was “God-like”. There is a big difference. Jesus himself repeatedly referred to himself as a “human being”. The Aramaic reference does not mean one is physically divine – it means there is an important spiritual relationship between God and the man whom is bestowed that phraseology. In addition, don’t forget that the Council of Nicea in 325 CE voted to change the human Jesus to a supernatural being. It wasn’t until that time that any church thought of Jesus as such.

    Only Begotten Son: The world ehedaya is Aramaic. It is very important to understand its meaning when hearing that phrase being bantered about. When we read that Jesus was God’s “only begotten son” – it is an incorrect translation of the Aramaic word. The term is found exclusively in the Gospel of John. The phrase we read in English was translated from a Greek word, monogenes. Monos means “single” or “one” and genos means “kind”. So the Greek translation originally was with “one-of-a-kind”. So where does ‘begotten’ come from? The Greek word genos is distantly related to the verb gennan which means “to beget”. Thus, to translate monogenes as “only begotten” is improper and incorrect–which is an indication of an ill-trained translator being involved with the text. The actual translation should be “unique son” or “one-of-a-kind”. The Aramaic word ehedaya means “sole heir” and “the beloved”. So when we combine monogenes ehedaya we get “one-of-a-kind, beloved son”. That’s considerably different from ‘only begotten son’.


    What is Pious Fraud?

    Pious fraud was a common technique employed by early Christian writers to make a point. Their intention was to convert anyone and everyone by any means available. One of the more persuasive methods was to write a text and falsely tell others that it was written in first person. For example, the four canonized gospel tales were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. That has been a well known fact for about 200 years. And to this day, no one knows who the gospel stories were written by. These texts are perfect examples of pious fraud. Pious fraud is the foundation of the deception known as Christianity and it continues to this day.

    During the first couple of centuries of the Common Era the early Christian priestcraft, which would eventually become the early Catholic fathers, were in the process of assimilating religions from all over Europe. Ultimately the new religion become known as the Christian religion, or more accurately The Catholic Church. The Bible was put together by hundreds of people who were either at the head of the fraud or were pawns in its assembly. Once the original languages were translated into Latin, it was only a matter of time before the original language nuances could be discarded. Ever wonder why it was punishable by death to read the Bible during the Middle Ages? Punishable by death by the common folk to read it, that is. Well, the reason was that the priestcraft was well aware of the errors, inconsistencies and flat-out lies that riddled the Bible. If the common man found out, it could have been the death of the Church’s authority, power and control over the masses. And since the original languages are rarely, if ever, used by those who read the Bible (well, those who actually READ it), the fraud is perpetuated.

    • Shon Says:

      correct me if im wrong. i read when the angels fell from the heavens the sinned against the fowels of the air, beast of the sea and the people of the earth. and they created the nempiliam the giants that walked the earth. the reptilians alians are all demons. is thats why yahweh flooded the earth.



    When a pious fraud is knowingly perpetuated in the name of power and money, you have deception. Remember, 1700-2000 years ago, when these texts were being assembled into a ‘new testament’, the vast majority of humanity was illiterate. Science was not known. Demons rules the world. Anything could be put forth and said to be ‘absolute truth’ when it was in fact, completely fraudulent.

    What is the implication of this? The implication is self-evident. The story of Genesis, that Christian proselytizers love to advance (altho it is part of the much older Jewist texts), is a complete and utter forgery. In that story we are led to believe that there was a single god who created the earth, etc. in 6 days. Not only has science proven the timeline to be completely false, the religious aspect is a complete fabrication. At the time that the Genesis story was supposed to have been written the Hewbrew people were not monotheistic. That’s history. They believed in many gods and Genesis proves The story actually goes back to before the Hebrews were a distinct people-it is not Hebrew it. in origin.

    ***Also note that the word Jew is an invented European name. Where ever you read the word Jew replace it with “Hebrew”


    @Shon if you are seeking this information for your spiritual development I suggest you get a translated copy of the Quran. If you are into history then there are Black Scholars who can guide you.


    @Shon we are now in the Scientific age or age of enlightenment. Some stories are Mythology and some were written to teach man kind a lesson. If you are seeking to develop a spiritual base then these were the Messengers or Universal Teachers:Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

  198. TheBlackPope Says:

    Blessings to All of God’s Children!

    Is there any connection between (or research on) the evolutionary roots of humanity (Out-of-Africa) and the Biblical (Out-of-Eden) correlate? This would be very good to know as a Christian because if the Africans are the real Jews, then the geography in the bible (and Eden) would comfortably and rightfully be seated in Africa. AND I as a near-eastern American have NO problem with that. Thank you for your efforts in this website…we have yet to do the research but as many of you have said: God will reveal the truth.

    • Antwan Says:

      My brother, the research has been done but there are certain people who are in control that won`t allow a widespread of this research. You have to go to the origins in order to know the truth. I have researched this subject for years now and I always end up in Africa. The truth is that the biblical stories are taken from the walls of ancient Egypt. I can show you many sources that prove this point. Before Abraham was born the ancient Egyptians already had their pyramids and temples built. You can see where the holy trinity originated from on the walls of ancient Egypt. There are many clues written in the bible telling us where the bible got it`s information from. You have to understand that certain people gained control of the scriptures and changed, removed and mistranslated on purpose. The King James version was finished in 1611 and a year later the pope and the king who were christians, ok`d slavery. And now we have our people so far removed from spirituality and are all now religious…lol We were the first people on this planet and we were also the first spiritual people. So why would we listen and read books that were written by people who enslaved and murdered our people? You must go back to the original if you want to know the truth. I tell you, look at the preachers and the church goers. They are doing nothing at all to help our people. There`s enough churches and preachers who are filthy rich but are doing nothing to build better schools for our children to learn. They are not starting up businesses in our own neighborhoods so that we can hire our own people. Look around you. I don`t see anything but foreign people with stores and gas stations in our neighborhoods. And these people won`t even speak and say hello to us in some cases. I had that happen to me today. We are so quick to pick up someone elses fake religions and not finding out about our own spirituality from where we come from.

      • TheBlackPope Says:

        I agree wholeheartedly that we MUST know. Why Christians won’t study Christian origins is a mystery to me. I am writing a novel and I am interested in these concepts for my main character. As it is fiction, I tread a dangerous territory of making the Black Jews seem like a fiction. How can I approach this with knowledge and truly do justice to this essential question which could revolutionize man’s will toward the most oppressed?

      • Antwan Says:

        Well my brother, I would start with a book called…From Babylon to Timbuktu, written by Rudolph R. Windsor. He tells who is who in the bible. He tells where the ancient Hebrews went after the Romans conquered Israel in 70 AD. His findings were astonishing to me. If you read Deuteronomy 28 it will tell you about what the most high did to the Hebrews for not obeying his laws and commandments. And you will find there is only one people who went through and are still going through his punishment for not obeying his commandments. I will give you my email address so I can send you a link so you can see the oldest images of the ancient Hebrews as well. I will also lead you to the oldest images of Yahoshua (Jesus Christ) as well. All of the oldest paintings of Jesus and mother Mary are black as well. I can show you them as well. But when all is said and done I can show you where the paintings of Jesus sitting in his mothers lap were copied from. And the original is thousands of years older than Jesus and Mary. It`s all in ancient Egypt. Notice how all of the very main people in the bible went to Egypt. Joseph and Mary fled with baby Jesus into Egypt to escape Jesus being killed. Now if Jesus looked like the so called Jew of today, how could he hide among all of those black Egyptians?…lol The same for Moses and Joseph, the son of Jacob…lol It`s all right there in front of us but preachers never tell us these things. Hit me up by email because there`s too many agents around here…lol My email is …….I will be waiting for your message…Peace!!!!


    @The Black Pope when you write for Black People and they read it they would know what is false hood from truth. However, When the three African Popes Victor, Mechiades and Gelasius shared this with the White man they simply changed the appearances of all the black Prophets and Saints and made a white JESUS and called him GOD. There have never been a white Prophet or saint upon the face of this earth. If you are writing write for the Black Child not for the white man approval of what you write.


    The responsibility of the enlightened African is to write to re-educate the Black Child. Black people have been buying their Black Spiritual History form Europeans for the last 2100Years. All that the Europeans did was to modify the stories and put white portraits in those stories. Once the African people align back the teachings of JESUS all the other religions would make sense for those messengers and prophets are all Black People. When white JESUS became GOD all the spiritual teachings of the African Vanished. CATHOLICISM & EURO-CENTRIC CHRISTIANITY is one of the biggest Fraud, Myths and Fantasies that was placed on African People world wide.

  201. Michael Says:

    Well this is a very nice report. And you know what? you’re right something has always made me question the christian bible, i was raised a christian yet still i always had my doubts about certain things.
    I’m white although from blood.. im a huge mix haha. i got puerto rican blood which should be black taino and spanish blood, plus my grandma is black, and she married my grandad whos greek o_O So thats like 4 different blood types?
    Thing is that i would always say i was just greek and spanish and never really admitted to having black blood. This is true the last thing you said. Atleast my eyes are open now and never again will i reject my black blood.
    I’d rather admit i have black bloodline than deny it and be scum.

    • Antwan Says:

      Michael I commend you on your turn around. But don`t do it just because you`ve found out the truth. You must have it within your heart regardless of anything else. It`s all about being righteous and true. We are all contributors of the human civilization but some of us have done a lot to others that just wasn`t right. And some of the wrong doers will never admit to their wrong doing. Which is sad. Good luck my friend!!!!

  202. Velma Says:

    It is great that Micheal has a change of heart. My father was a minister for 62 years and we had some very deep discussions about the Bible, even collected and discussed the lost books of the Bible that had indications that the Jewish Religion was founded by ancient Africans. Once I learned that the Ten Commandments were Pharaoh Mene’s first ten rules of life that were the Pharaoh’s 99 Negatives I knew it was more to be uncovered. So Moses was already aware of the One God, that Akenaton had identified as Amen Ra. Moses father in law was practicing a form of Judaism, which enabled him to aide Moses in selecting the elders who were to assist Moses in governing his people. I am sharing this, because more of us should know our history and that includes our religion and its origins.. Edgar Cayce stated in his altered state of mind that the first Egyptians were Nubian Africans who enabled the Atlantians to settle in their land of the Sun, when the Atlantian’s land sunk.. In doing so, the technical knowledge of the Atlantians was passed onto the Africans and civilization came forth. The true Atlantians were of the Red Race. Cayce also gives a magnificent explanation regarding Jesus, Moses, and the Bible.

    • Antwan Says:

      Velma, you are correct about the origins of the ten commandments and where Moses got his spirituality from if he really did exist. But as far as the Atlantean thing is concerned I would have to disagree. I`m not sure if you know this or not but they have found an African site that is over 200,000 years old. And this site is supposed to be larger than ancient Egypt was. They were mining gold and building at this site as well. They have the worlds oldest calender at this site. It`s called Adam`s calender and it`s in south Africa. There is the winged disc and also the worlds oldest Sphinx that was found there. There i9s also a statue of Horus there as well. They have been keeping this very quiet and they are also trying to credit others for this site instead of the rightful owners, the Africans. Anytime something is found in Africa they always attempt to credit someone else instead of the Black Africans who really created it…lol I see through every attempt they make…lol

      • Velma Says:

        Antwan, I admire your knowledge and I have studied Cayce’s work for over 50 years. He is the only person in recorded History that has been able to give some insight on Africa regarding Atlantis, whose civilization was at its peak 200,000 years ago, with the last destruction occurring before they came to Egypt by way of flying ships. The Africans who were in Egypt, were advanced and the knowledge that the Atlantians had, was that of technical knowledge from lazer beams to destroy dinasaurs to medical options that included surgery. Since there is no proof of Atlantis and their is proof of the Egyptian rise in civilization, the 200,000 year old site maybe the site that ties in with Atlantis. However, Africans had been in contact with the natives of this land more than 3,000 years before the Knight’s Templars, Lief Erickson, Americus Vespuceous, and Columbus. I teach our kids this information, and we have seen an improvement in their overall attitude and respect for what our ancestors have done. Even the Biblical Characters that are also Black have given them a new interest in the Bible and Religion. Keep your wonderful work and knowledge flowing. There has been some information that Cayce’s secretary was afraid to record as he said it, fearing what the consequences would be regarding White America.

      • Antwan Says:

        Yes Velma, I know about the Africans connection to these lands. As a matter of fact, I have seen a video where a researcher was reading the letters written by some of the early European explorers who came over here and described the people they saw here. And they described them as being just like Africans. There was also another civilization that sank under water and the people were living here in the California region. The name of the civilization escapes me right now at this moment but there is a drawing of the people and they were black people. It`s said that they were taken into slavery and mixed with the other black tribes taken from Africa. There is so much evidence out here now and it`s amazing to finally be able to see proof of what we were told were myths…lol I find new information every single day. But i`m very careful of where I get my information from as well. There`s too many people out here who have a certain agenda and are purposely giving the wrong information. Velma, I have an old photo of my great grandfather and my great grand mother. I`ve never met either of them because they both died before I was born. But my great grandmother was half black and half Cherokee. And she looks like any other black woman without admixture. I`ve also seen old photos of natives from here and they had very coarse hair and were darker than I am. And there`s no mistaking that i`m African descent…lol I`ve also seen one of the only existing photos of an Aztec couple and they were very dark with hair like mine…lol There`s tons of evidence out here that wasn`t available before. I mean, they are much easier to find with the internet. Before you had to know what book to get in order to see these types of things. But thanks for your reply and I want to one day be able to do what you do. And that`s teach our youth about who they really are and who they came from in the past. I research all black history no matter what the geography is. I envy you because it is my dream to teach what I have found out from my research. I don`t think I could be happier doing anything else. I would like to know how I could make this my job…lol

      • Velma Says:

        Antwan, my husband and I were teaching within a charter school and I was the Dean of Instruction. I having taught History for years, asked the board if I could teach a class on our heritage from Africa to the then, since our students knew hardly any of the information referencing their culture, from Martin Luther King to Jesse Jackson. I got the approval and I think my class, all the students loved. I did one for pre school, elementary, junior,and high school. The high school class(es) were viewed by other faculty and staff from other schools, public and private. The whole program became known. My husband took sick so we are retired, but I still go to schools, day cares, and churches and present classes. I am given a donation. You may go to various educational facilities and speak with the lead person(s) in regards to creating their curriculum, especially private schools, along with churches, get their interest and then set your fees for teaching the class or classes. I did our family history from 1580 Ndunga Africa to the New Netherlands Colony. Listening to my parents who were born in 1895 and 1906, I gleaned all I could. I knew Qui or Ai was the first ancestor who came here. In the process, I learned that there were 34 Original Colonies of all races. A Jesuit Priest said in 1649 that the new world was a Rainbow of People, with all different races and many different languages. They lived in peace, Jan Rodrigueze was the first businessman here. He was Portuguese and African. He was hired by the East India Company, to build settlements for the Belgium Natives who were coming via the E.I.C. From Lisbon, he brought 25 Africans to help build the settlements and they were free men who had acted as emissaries for the Portugueze. The first settlement of Amsterdam was build and the street that they build was today’s Wall Street. They placed oak logs side by side along the area that created mud slides. It was called the walled street, that to day is Wall Street. I had to do the research on the New Netherlands Colony and some Portugueze Records to validate this. Of the twenty five Africans, three purchased three African Women, instead of marrying Native American Women or White Women. Due to the men laying out the settlements and roads, they were given 500 acres of land each. Qui, his sons, grandsons and great grandsons remained free,but one of the great grandsons was stolen from Maine and sold as a slave. I found his son on a plantation in Mason Neck, VA. Tommy and his son Will Phlegm helped to build the Gunston Hall Manor that Mr. Madison owned and he wrote the Virgina Bill of Rights and her Constitution. When America won her Independence, it was these documents that were used to create the National Constitution and Bill of Rights. When George was struggling to clothe and feed his soldiers, it was Mr. Martin an African Man who came here from England. He gave George the funds to save and support his soldiers. I have a painting of this man, but in Washington he is shown as an Arab. Again, the truth was hidden by a lie. What I want to do, is get the real truth out of all our people did to make this country, that we love. It was slavery that gave most of us high blood pressure, because our ancestors who lived and did the hard work were not given the proper amount of fluids to flush their kidneys. Now 65% of us have high blood pressure problems and kidney problems. It is in our genes, the medical establishment has determined this. As you can see I do get carried away, when sharing our history. My cousin came to meet us for the very first time last week and her grandson is the eighteenth generation from Qui to T. J. This is what research will do. She was adopted and now she knows her family, because I took the time to put our tree on We must continue to aide each other in finding our stories, our history, and our families. I’ll help you as much as possible to teach our children their history. As of today, not one of our students have been jailed or caught into negatives situations. Some are ministers and they all help each other. Good Luck, Lil Brother.

      • Antwan Says:

        WOW!!! That was very informative. I am very proud of your works. You are the first i`ve heard of in these days and times that has taken a real action towards making a difference in our children’s lives. I feel that it must start with the children before they are indoctrinated with lies. This is definitely what I want to do with the rest of my life. I was one who followed the wrong people and made wrong decisions in the first half of my life. But I noticed that something was missing. I never laid eyes on my father and have heard that he has passed away now. I knew that that part of my life was missing but there was even more missing from my life. So now I want to give back to my people by teaching the truth about who we were in the past and how we ended up the way we are today. That way possibly one of our students will be responsible for correcting and guiding our culture in the direction it was meant to go in. I am also thinking of writing a book that will use my life as a guide to what our youth should and should not do. Because I made some bad decisions that ultimately lead me to the frame of mind I have today. But if my story can help other to not make those bad decisions then that would make me very happy. When i`m ready to start on this journey of teaching the truth I will appreciate any help you can give. I thank you very much for you time and knowledge Velma. I will definitely keep in touch with you. Peace my Sister!!!!

    • Antwan Says:

      Auntie, I sent you an email today. It was sent to me by my mother who is a Christian. They are trying to take all of the Christian television services off the air. I might not be a Christian but I believe in freedom of religion. Our government is playing the role of the most high and anything I can do to stop this I will do.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew Antwan, thanks so much for the email….Auntie


        The AMERICAN constitution guarantees freedom of Religion but while Americans were sleeping the BANDITS in Israel were planning their conquer. The JEWS controls the media, international finance and the politics, but we have the internet. In time ISRAEL would no longer exist. Why worry about the Christianity that has divided AFRICANS.

        30th July 2012.

  203. Velma Phlegm Watson Says:

    Lil Brother, I’ll help you plan your lessons and presentations. I just thought I would add that most people do not know that Ethiopians and Somalians, entered India over a thousand years ago to aide the King and work as paid soldiers. Times got so extremely difficult that the king allowed his people to starve. Death and hunger were constant. The King’s Ethiopian Body Guard, arranged a coup, and the Ethiopian became the African King of India, He was the first in recorded History to establish a system, where by all the citizens were granted food, land, with the instructions on how they could make their land produce. He was the first in History to create a system that today Americans call “Wellfare.” The people loved him and because he was who he was and had done so much for the people more Ethiopians and Somalians went to India. As the lighter skinned people of the North, who were mixed with Europeans, they implemented the Caste System, in a somewhat retaliation against the Ethiopian Kings. There Caste System, was similar to the Old and New Jim Crow System of the South. Black Africans carried rice to China, Cocaine to Egypt for Ramses, whose mummified remains scientifically showed extremely large amounts of cocaine. His cocaine high carried him onto the other world. They even brought the peppers of all types, bananas, water melon, and other food stuffs to the Americas. There was a skeleton, in African atire, found in the mountains of the Caribean Islands. His remains were scientifically tested and his remains had been where it was found over 2000 years, which was before the time of Christ. They were navigators, scientists, as the true Father of Medicine was a Nubian Egyptian who had identified 5000 diseases, their symtoms, and cures. Now, we all know the lying Greek who claimed he was the “Father of Medicine.” Imhotep not only did the medicine thing, he was an architect that used pi to aide in building the first pyramid. When we came as slaves to the Southern States, it was the slaves who knew how to raise crops of rice, tobacco, cotton, and other agricultural items. When we look at the type of bread the Hispanics make, it is identical to the Mdindka’s flat breat, who now are identified as the tribe that the huge heads in Honduras are estimated to be almost 1,000 years old. It is written that the pharaoh’s navy got lost on the ocean and ended up in the Americas. When they carried back to him their new findings that included cocaine, he and his immediate group used the cocaine and was so into the highs it produced, that he sent them back time and time again for the Pharaoh’s Powder. We know now that many of them under Ramses were addicted. What do you think????

    • Antwan Says:

      I agree totally in what you have just written to me my sister. I have researched this and what you just wrote is what I have found out. You know exactly what you are talking about…lol WOW!, I wish there was a way I could study under you. I`m not a very young man right now. I am in my mid 40`s and this information has just come to me in recent years. But i`m soaking up as much as I can so I can get ready to teach our youth. I believe this is one of the most important keys to our children’s future. I am driven by this society that we live in and how if one isn`t careful one can really destroy their life. But with the right knowledge you have already proven what can be achieved. Your statistics of your students is proof of what knowing ones true history can do. I get a lot of negative responses from my people when I tell them what I want to do. This just shows how brainwashed and indoctrinated our people are. But this pattern has to be stopped on a large scale if we want our people to get totally free. I want to be able to contact you so we can maybe talk. I have my mind made up on what I want to do and that`s make sure our youth have a fair chance in life. And it starts with knowledge of self and not with just knowledge of others.

      • Velma Phlegm Watson Says:

        Lil Brother, my email address is We can exchange telephone numbers. I am working with a Rev. and he is also a Junior High Teacher and Coach in organizing ministers to visit the schools weekly and sit with the students and discuss family and family history, along with what we have accomplished as a people. I’ll share his number with you. I have been trying to get more women involved, but my young and old brothers are talking to our youth. I am sorry your family does not embrace your calling, but brainwashing was a tool in the 1500’s on up to now. Divide and Conquer is what the English did to the 21 colonies that were recycled into the 13. Keep your focus and your faith and all will move for you. My nephews are in your age group and we are in some deep conversations weekly. Know that you are appreciated and encouraged to seek your goal in teaching our youth…Auntie!!!

      • Antwan Says:

        Thanks you very much Auntie! I embrace you and all that you stand for. I will be in touch with you very shortly. This is very important to me and I will follow any advice you have to give. Thanks again!!!!


    @Antwan “Muhammad” was called to Prophethood at age 40 and the life span of the HUMAN RACE is increasing.

    • Antwan Says:

      This is true because I get confused as being much younger than I really am. I still look like i`m in my late 20`s- early 30`s.

  205. velma Says:

    This is in response to an older email regarding the Blacks within the Roman Catholic Religion. When Constantine became a Christian, little did he know that his son would have himself portrayed as Jesus was the beginning of Jesus being seen as White. He influenced his mother, to be portrayed as Mary. She went in search of Jesus’ relics. It was her who designated the burial tomb of Jesus, that she claimed some one had declared to her it was the true burial place of Jesus from which he rose. Until then, Jesus and Mary had been fashioned as Black. This is why a few European Churches have a few of the original statues and Paintings that reflects Jesus and Mary as Black today. Mary and her Baby Jesus were seen as Black. Mr. Hansberry learned Latin, a young Black Man and was allowed to go to the Vatican to translate some of the many books there. He found the only image of Jesus as a little boy, with thick curly hair, and Black skin. Also there was an image of Jeremiah. The prophet was Black and wore dredlocks. He found these items that had been stored in a room that was filled with writings regarding Biblical Figures that were Black and the deeds they had done. The room had no door and Mr. Hansberry found it only by inspecting a crack in the wall after a volcanic shock. This room was in the Vatican. He is responsible for giving us the true likeness of those that are depicted in the Bible. He found it written that Simon of Cyrene was ordered to carry the cross for Jesus due to him being Black like Jesus. This really made sense.One of the most powerful demonstrations of a true Black Christian was that of St. Maurice. He was head of a Legion of 3,000. His owner, as he was a Black slave of the Roman Soldier who pierced Jesus in the side. The fluids that came out of the body of Jesus fell upon the soldier’s helmet, uniform, and spear. He became converted at that moment, but the Bible does not tell us that. Maurice was given his helmet, uniform and spear upon his Master’s death, along with his freedom. This strong Christian Black Man, was ordered by his superior to go to Gaul and destroy the heathens. The 3,000 men destroyed many of the heathens before, St. Maurice discovered that many of them wore crosses. As they check those slain they saw that they wore crosses, also. One of the fallen ones told St. Maurice that he was a Christian. Those who could be helped the Legion of 3,000 aided them in their recovery. Upon their return,to Rome, he told his Superior what had occurred and he at that moment told the Ceazar that he would not lift his hand against another Christian, who was not a Heathen or Pagan, but a believer of Jesus. The Ceazar told him that he would be beheaded if he disobeyed him. He did kneel at the feet of his Superior and bowed his head and said I would rather die than destroy another Christian. Every man of his Legion, did knee and bowed their head. They were all beheaded. St. Maurice had never lost a battle, due to the bodily fluids of Jesus spilling onto his Master’s clothing. His Master, using those same clothing had never lost a battle, either. Our children must know these stories. and know that this man, like so many of our Black Men, was a truly a Man of God.


    The Black Presidents of United States of America
    Wednesday, 05 November 2008 07:39 Africa

    Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, served between 1861 and
    1865. Lincoln was said to have been the illegitimate son of an African man, according to Leroy’s findings. Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse hair and his mother allegedly came from an Ethiopian tribe. His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.

    Tomorrow the 4th of November 2008, Obama will be elected the 44th President of the United States. Some say this makes him the first Black President of the United States others say no. Obama Wouldn’t Be First Black President [EDITOR’S NOTE]

    By Aysha Hussain

    Were there other “black” presidents? Some historians have reason to believe people don’t really understand the genealogy of past U.S. Presidents. Research shows at least five U.S. presidents had black ancestors and Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president, was considered the first black president, according to historian Leroy Vaughn, author of Black People and Their Place in World History.

    Vaughn’s research shows Jefferson was not the only former black U.S. president. Who were the others? Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. But why was this unknown? How were they elected president? All five of these presidents never acknowledged their black ancestry.

    Jefferson, who served two terms between 1801 and 1809, was described as the “son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father,” as stated in Vaughn’s findings. Jefferson also was said to have destroyed all documentation attached to his mother, even going to extremes to seize letters written by his mother to other people.

    President Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, was in office between 1829 and 1837. Vaughn cites an article written in The Virginia Magazine of History that Jackson was the son of an Irish woman who married a black man. The magazine also stated that Jackson’s oldest brother had been sold as a slave.

    Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, served between 1861 and 1865. Lincoln was said to have been the illegitimate son of an African man, according to Leroy’s findings. Lincoln had very dark skin and coarse hair and his mother allegedly came from an Ethiopian tribe. His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.

    President Warren Harding, the 29th president, in office between 1921 and 1923, apparently never denied his ancestry. According to Vaughn, William Chancellor, a professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy. Evidently, Harding had black ancestors between both sets of parents. Chancellor also said that Harding attended Iberia College, a school founded to educate fugitive slaves.

    Coolidge, the nation’s 30th president, served between 1923 and 1929 and supposedly was proud of his heritage. He claimed his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. Coolidge’s mother’s maiden name was “Moor” and in Europe the name “Moor” was given to all blacks just as “Negro” was used in America. It later was concluded that Coolidge was part black.

    The only difference between Obama and these former presidents is that none of their family histories were fully acknowledged by others.

    Originally appeared in Diversity Inc

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Thanks, brother Fox and I do have a picture of Harding’s mother’s brother, who is Nubian African. Coolidge’s mother was an African-White woman who passed herself off as a Native American. She was from the Carolina’s, but it is all good now, because we do have a Black Man, even though his mother is White, he is technically the first president who looks like me, my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and of course my children. Thanks again!!!!


    1. ONE GOD.
    2. ONE RACE.
    Makes you an AFRICAN.

    I AM THAT I AM. 11111929-11112929.


    CATHOLICISM took the AFRICANS TEACHINGS to rule the world with a UNIVERSAL CHURCH.

    AFRICANS must understand that all the prophets of GOD were Black UNIVERSAL TEACHERS if you lose your spirituality you lose control of the UNIVERSE.

    I am closest to JESUS in this world and in the next but do not worship me like how the CHRISTIANS worship JESUS for I am but a slave of ALLAH (GOD) for although the prophets and messengers of GOD may have different mothers their religion remains but one and the same. Prophet MUHAMMAD.

    All RELIGION is one and came from the same source,,Bahaullah aka return of JESUS.

    I AM THAT I AM : 11111929-11112929.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Alright brother Fox, I do appreciate your explanations and do agree with some of your findings that you share, but Jesus is the MAN!!


    These were the Messengers of GOD that was sent to Earth and “GOD SPIRIT” manifested in their bodies to teach HUMANITY. Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah aka return of JESUS.

    I AM THAT I AM :11111929-11112929.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Mr. Fox, the world is too full of hate and chaos that the children of NOD brought to mankind. God plainly spoke to the Black Jews telling them to not to intermingle with the children of NOD. That was long before my time, but the devils from NOD are still raising hell all over the world. When the BLACK JESUS comes in a whirlwind, with dredlocks that will be looking like Black Wool, then all religions will know that Jesus was the only begotten son of God, died on the Cross, was buried, and on the third day he arose. No White, Black, Yellow, Brown, or Red Man will ever take away from mankind, who and what Jesus is. No matter who and what non Christians think Jesus is, I know him. When he comes, you too will be falling on your knees crying for him to forgive you for saying he was not the Savior, but only a mere profit. You are warned my brother!!!



    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    NATIONS can be healed when they find their GOD. No Human being would ever see the creator but for those whom Almighty Allah Choose the Sign of ISLAM becomes visible in the HEAVENS.


    I am responding to all those in Religion who claim JESUS shall make another physical appearance on the face of the Earth. The name HUMANITY has come to know as JESUS took these HUMAN forms. He was once Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah. Most men of Religion think they knew or know JESUS most do not for in each dispensation JESUS appeared on the face of the Earth he was persecuted. I am not going to discuss the BIBLE for it would take HUMANITY great strength to burn that UNHOLY BOOK. GOD has no begotten son. The creator cannot be perfect and the creation imperfect. For those who practice the Christian Religion JESUS first coming was spiritual and so was his second coming. For those who practice ISLAM and wait on a physical body of JESUS to descend from HEAVEN JESUS body is buried under the Earth never to return. For those who practice all the Religions before CHRISTIANITY yes reincarnation is real but the return is never in the same body.

    i and the father is “ONE” I dwelleth in the father and the father dwelleth in me….JESUS.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    The secrets of the spiritual world was never revealed to HUMANITY so unless a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Nephew Fox, you know that King James had all references to reincarnation and homosexuality removed from his translated version of the Bible. Chapter 1 and 2 of Romans has some response to homosexuality and John has Jesus explaining to the Sadducees and Pharisees that before Abraham was he, Jesus as Melchizedek. I know reincarnation is factual in my life, only speaking of my life, as I have had out of body experiences and deep meditative experiences that allowed me to see myself in many lives. I know now that when I cross over, there will be no returning in the physical, because this is my 756 life experience. I have earned my wings and will only return if God appoints me to help some other soul meet its requirements to earn his or her wings. My angel has appeared to me many times. Now, Jesus is in the heart of the believer. I am a believer, as only my faith in him, praying to him as God’s only begotten son, saved me from the three encounters I had as a young female with three different murderers. The signs of the times are moving toward’s his return. The true Black Jews who still have the original writings and rituals of the Jewish Faith, brought Jesus into the realms of spiritual development, with him being a prophet. He truly was a prophet and also became our Savior. You or no one else can remove this from me, as it was Good for my Old Father, it was Good for my Old Mother, and thank God it was Good enough for me and mine. For those who have had no encounter with the Living Lord, I assume it is difficult to grasp the idea that he is my Savior. Oh yes Nephew Fox he is coming again, much sooner than anyone thinks or believe. Those who have called themselves and were not chosen to bring forth the truth, but have focused on the money, whether in tithes, in minister salaries and not focused on the saving of the souls will meet their just rewards in due seasons. May all of you be Blessed and God and Jesus are Real….

  213. Velma E. Watson Says:

    Nephew Fox, several bodies of antiquity have proven to contain the HIV Virus. Our ancestors’ way of cooking was beneficial to the body, mind, and soul as archaeological evidence just reported shows where 7,000 years ago in Central Africa our ancestors were creating ways to make our bodies accept some form of natural cows milk, since lactose problems within the digestive system were present then and now. Their holy men and women knew what types of herbs to eat and then fast, with prayer to give them insight into the future. Carl was part Negro and knew that everything in America and Europe had been predicated on the African Slave Trade, had there been no slave trade these countries would not have risen to the point of world dominance. Karma still holds a tight grip on these countries. Science plays an important role in validation of religious history. We as humans were descended from one group of the hominids that came up from the miry clay and became who we are today. Science has proven this, no matter how many disagree and that first group were pure African. We are the begetters of mankind and implemented all facets of human existence, even Adam and Eve were real African People. Through Science these facts cannot be stolen from us. Sixty thousand years ago, a Black man rose up out of Central Africa, stood at 6’4” and weighed in excess of 200 pounds. His DNA we all carry. These evidences are being challenged but no one has disproved this.
    It is said that we as Blacks in the USA have difficulties in establishing our Native American Ancestry. We were here thousands of years before Columbus and our men placed their DNA throughout the Native American Tribes, so how can one woman, from Grapeland, TX be the only Black that indicates her Native American Ancestry by her DNA. This is not her doing, but just another ploy to keep those of us whose grandmothers and grandfathers were Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, and Chickasaw from being recognized. Recognition would mean more Blacks could utilize their link to have access to the benefits. However, I know for a fact that a White Neighbor’s great grand father was an Indian Agent for the government. He was none Native American. She and her children have Choctaw Benefits that I was denied, when I am by blood, due to my grandmother being Choctaw. We have given and embraced all cultures of people all over the world, as we were the first world travelers, but none wants to embrace us, unless it is to use us. Auntie

  214. Velma E. Watson Says:

    Nephew Antwan, we must get back to the business of teaching our youth their history. Dr. Vernon Johns and so many others helped to lay down this path for us to walk in becoming full recognized citizens of these states that make up America. Our young people know nothing or little of him and the multitude of those such as Vassey, Jemmy, and others that include Whites who were sincere in helping us become fully equal as human beings in the eyes of the world. Auntie


    And I saw a new JERUSALEM descending from Heaven.

    30th July 2012.

  216. Little Known Processes To Rule Together With online games Says:

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    Anderson Fox,




    Origin of the Word Jew
    In fact, during Christ’s Mission and Passion no such people existed called “Jews” nor indeed did the word “Jew.” In short: Jesus was NOT a “Jew” nor was he “King of the …

    > Therefore in the 1st decade of the 21st century, the prospect is, of an Israeli Government decision to even allow the Palestinian
    Authority Government to have one of their major claims!
    > Perhaps this will be the ‘payment’ Israel has to make for destroying Iran’s power over Hamas, Hizballah, Syria and Lebanon… as Jeremiah 49: 37 suggests in a severe war against IRAN and it’s Proxies, in 2010/11?

    Many people suffer under the misapprehension that Jesus was a “Jew,” moreover, that he was “King of the Jews.” Thus, by inference, that the “Jews” were the “Chosen People” of the Holy Bible and so ancient possessors and modern inheritors of the Bible Covenants gifted by Yahweh to their forebears Abraham, Jacob and Judah. However, this is not the case. In fact, during Christ’s Mission and Passion no such people existed called “Jews” nor indeed did the word “Jew.” In short: Jesus was NOT a “Jew” nor was he “King of the Jews.”

    Edomites are therefore descended from Edom (Esau) whose descendants later intermarried with the Turks to produce a Turco-
    Edomite mixture which later became known as Khazars. That is, most of today’s Jews are descendants of this interbreeding that produced a race called Khazars who had once governed an empire called Khazaria. Furthermore, this hybrid race Edomite/Turk/Khazar who created the Khazar kingdom and who between the seventh and ninth centuries AD, adopted the religion of Judaism. And, it is these Khazar Jews who are the ancestors of the vast majority of today’s Jewish people. That is, Edomite/Turk/Khazars are the ancestors of the modern “Jews” including the Torah-true and Zionist Jews who spuriously claim right to the land of Palestine claiming it it is theirs by biblical demands and ancestral rights.
    Consequently, the majority of today’s Jewish people are known as “Jews” not because they are Judahites and descended from Jacob/Israel but because their Edomite/Turk/Khazar ancestors in their Kingdom of Khazaria adopted the religion of Judaism, called themselves “Jews” and arrogated the Birthright Promises and Bible Covenants belonging to the Israelites, but especially those belonging to the Judahites.
    Thus, “Jews” are not Israelites and certainly they are not Judahites. Hence, modern Jews are not heir to the Bible Covenants nor to the ancient Nation of Israel given by Yahweh to the Israelites and the Judahites and so have no Divine Right or biblical mandate to the modern Land of Palestine.
    Similarly, Jesus of Nazareth was not a “Jew” he was a Judahite, and Jesus Christ was not “King of the Jews.”

    LET US JOIN TODAY 19th August 2012 in Prayer for the People in AMERICA.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    THE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY records that in 1909 Jacob Schiff gave an ultimatum to President William Howard Taft. The conversation is related by Benjamin Freedman, (a Jewish
    to Roman Catholicism), whose wealthy Zionist father worked closely with Washington insiders:
    Schiff: “We want you to cancel the Most Favored Nation Treaty with Tzarist Russia.”
    Taft: “I will not submit to your demands.”
    Schiff: “We will put a President in Washington to whom we can dictate what he should do.”
    (See: Benjamin Freedman On The Jews)
    Benjamin Freedman tells the rest of the story:
    ——- “Jacob Schiff then came back to New York, (He was at that time head of The American Jewish Committee), and in my father’s home, in the presence of many prominent men, they decided to get rid of President Taft. They also made plans to get rid of the Republican Party and put in their own party and their own President.
    They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth Avenue and Henry Morgenthau Sr. was made chairman of the Finance Committee. I was made his assistant. I saw everything that went on because I handled all the books. Jacob Schiff and the Jews started looking around for a man to put up as President. They got Woodrow Wilson, a rascal who wasn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell!
    Now you find in politics, every time they pick a candidate and put him out in front, the behind-the-scenes guys have the goods on him. And Mr. Schiff sure had the goods on Mr. Wilson! He had been sleeping with the wife of a fellow professor at Princeton whose name was Peck. And they used to call Wilson at Princeton, “Peck’s bad boy.”
    When Mrs. Peck got a divorce she heard of the Jew Samuel Untermeyer of the firm, Googenheim, Untermeyer and Marshall, who supplied much money to the newly-formed Democratic party. She went to him with a big package of love letters which I read, (Wilson was a great letter writer. He knew his vocabulary when it came to making love!) So they got the idea of blackmailing Wilson for $40,000, the amount of her son’s debt that he had run up. She got Samuel Untermeyer to go to see Wilson as a lawyer.
    Mr. Untermeyer told President Wilson, “I’ll advance that money if you will do one favor for me. The next opening on the Supreme Court, I want to name the man.” So Wilson said, ”It’s a deal!” and they paid the $40,000. When a vacancy appeared on the Supreme Court, Mr. Untermeyer recommended Mr. Brandeis. Mr. Brandeis was the number one Zionist in the United States and knew how to use a “friendship” with Mr. Wilson.
    To make a long story short, when World War I broke out, it didn’t take long for the Germans to get the upper hand and in 1916 they offered a Peace Treaty to England. When the offer was made, the Zionists in London went to the British War Cabinet, (according to their own record now archived in the British Museum), and made a counter offer. Their offer went something like this, “You don’t have to lose this war,” said the Jews. “We’ll bring in America but you’ve got to guarantee us Palestine.” That’s how the Balfour Declaration of 1919 came about.” ——
    JEWS MANIPULATE American politics through their financial power and control. The above is just one example of how the Jewish bankers are calling the shots in America and around the globe. Jewish money is behind the Jewish neocons like Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz who are dictating America’s foreign policy to President Bush and the Senate.
    1. Jews must be told that America is a Christian nation and that we do not like their meddling and control of our nation’s affairs.
    2. Jews must be told that they must repent of their sins and become Christians.
    3. Jews must be told that we will no longer tolerate their agenda to destroy Christianity in America. (This will scare them for Jews are cowards at heart).

    AMERICA DAY OF PRAYER & FAST September 1st 2012.

    • Velma Says:

      Nephew Fox, thanks for this informative piece. It brought to my mind, the article I read recently that stated that the Old Red Sash
      Group of the South were instrumental in creating the Civil War. They held more seats in Congress and the Senate, due to them
      giving slaves the 3/5’s of a Man recognition, which helped them to continue to rule in Washington. They created the Civil War. In 1909
      they removed themselves from the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party and by 1910 the Old Red Sash Haters of the Democratic Party became Republican. They did not let the change be known, so they could continue to use the hate they demonstrated in the Democratic Party against Blacks in the New Republican Party. This is why over time the Democratic Party did more for Blacks and Republican did less for us. Those Whites in the South continued to hate Blacks and most of them became
      Republican. In the mean time some of the Jews played one party against the other. Those Jews who were into these activities did control America’s Politics and everything else that was Powerful. It was the Republican Party who viewed Blacks as welfare users, who wanted hand outs instead of looking for work. If every Black knew how the Red Sash Group implemented the hate that the Republican Party demonstrated to us, Cain and others who joined the Republican Party should have studied the Party’s History. We know what the Democratic Party was about and after the real hate was replaced with the intent to do Good for All People, the Republicans began to aid the rich. What is Romney and his chosen partner looking to do. The Jews intent for America was not implemented, but Americans have suffered and continue to suffer, because of their involvement with creating a Jewish Nation. Cayce says the Jews that were killed under Hitler suffered their own karma that they experienced for calling for the crucifixion of Jesus.

  222. Eugene Akannam Says:

    It is said that people are lost because they have no knowledge of their past or true culture. Another big problem is that a lot of African or black skinned people are still suffering from the after effects of slavery and colonialism. This is worse among the so-called born again Christians who believe that Europeans brought the idea of God to them. Another is found among the highly educated class who are no longer Africans culturally but are imitation Europeans in black skin. For such people saying that Igbo race found all over the African continent and around the world are the ancient people of God (Hebrews) is like telling them that a snake can work. I just published a book from a research that found these three facts:

    1 I traced Abraham the Hebrew to the town of Agukwu in Anambra State, Nigeria to a temple in his maternal grandfather compound called the Temple of Ezi Kanabo. His maternal grandfather is Kanabo.
    2. I found out Abraham’s ancestors were driven out from a land they called Aladinma because they chose to worship the God of Heaven over the goods of their land, and they fled to Mesopotamia and established a city which they named after the God they had known from Aladinma which is Igboland. Hence, they called the city Ur of Chaldea/Chaldim (Ora Chialadinma or “people of God of the Good land”.
    3. I estalished that Igbo language is the original Hebrew language as well as the language that God spoke during creation – a language that is older than the universe.

    These are based, not on probabilities or maybes, but on verifiable facts that can be confimed today. And no scholar Jew or otherwise can disprove these findings. I am a Public Speaker.

    The title of my book is BEFORE THE COVENANTS: Tracing Abraham the Hebrew to the Temple at Ezi Kanabo. It is available at and can be checked out in my Website I thank you. Blessed is the Holy One of Israel,

    • Velma Says:

      This is deep and more of us should know this. Some of us who are Christians, know our deep spiritual connection to the Black Hebrews and that Abraham was Black. When I was teaching to young Blacks that many of the characters of the Old Testament were Black, a minister told me to stop. God did not look at color, but the positive
      response I got was so great, I kept on. I even found a wooden statue of Jeremiah, that showed him wearing dredlocks. It was in the Vatican and a visitor took a picture of it and shared it. We were the first people, we migrated around the world, changing skin color and hair texture, but we are still of the Original Race, I got to get this
      book and teach some of the information to our young boys and girls.

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, I was surprised when I read Eugene`s comment too. I always knew Abraham was a black man but never knew that this proof he has brought forth existed. I knew Abraham was black because Nimrod settled those lands and built the first cities according to the bible. The truth is really coming to the light very quickly. After doing the research i`ve done already I have to dig a little deeper to get a better understanding as to if these people mentioned in the bible really existed. Because there`s no remains of them found anywhere as far as I know of.

      • Velma Says:

        Hello Nephew, I just wanted to say that my husband’s oldest male relative did the ancestry DNA thing, and the results were his maternal ancestors came from Gabon and the tribe was Fang. Mine was Ndunga, which is now Angola, from the Imbangala Tribe. The majority of all the tribes of Africa were originally descended from the Igbo, as you said. I have an old book that is called How Black is the World and it states that 1500 BC we were in the Americas. All that the Native American Population has was built on the three Black Nations that were here, thousands of years before the Europeans came. We, the African Blacks traveled the world giving the ideology of God, Worship,Medicine, and the various foods from tomatoes, peppers, bananas, rice, and so much more. The indwelling Spirit of God in the soul of each living being gives us truth. We have to decipher it. We must seek the, deciphering tools to aide us knowing the truth. Then we must share it. Many will say you are foolish to say what is truth, when you have found it. This is why so many of us accept the lies regarding our origins and accomplishments. We as a people have done so much and received so little recognition. I have to agree that we shared our knowledge regarding God and worship, along with creation with the sons of Nod and we were punished. We should know that we are all one of the Igbo Tribe, inspite of the years of separation and degradation.
        Thanks for the information regarding those who want to take preaching from the airways. Auntie got on it. It gives my husband and I great joy to read what you, Fox, Eugene and others gives us in the information arena of our Blackness…….

      • Antwan Says:

        Yes Auntie! I have been researching our people being here in the Americas before anyone else. They have all kinds of artifacts that are definitely African. Not only that, but at one time all the lands were connected and if you look at it like a puzzle you can see where the Americas fit right with west Africa. This is always overlooked by people. I have also seen letters written by European explorers who tell about when they fist came over here and saw black people. They hide the artifacts they find of African people but pictures have been taken and put into books. This is the reason why everywhere you go you will find pyramids. There are many pyramids here in this country as well. Also, there are still black native tribes over here right now. When they tell the story about all of the tribes that were murdered or died from the diseases that the Europeans brought over I have no doubt that these natives were of the black race. They have found remains of black people in New York that are before slavery times as well. They have found Egyptian artifacts right here in this country as well. Memphis is a place where they have found artifacts and Illinois as well. There`s been a lot of coverups and I feel that we are just at the tip of the iceberg.

      • Velma Says:

        Nephew, the truths of our origins have been coming forth for some time, but many of our ancestors did not embrace these truths. This book I have of my father’s that was written in the twenties clearly tells its readers that the Christian Religion was created by Blacks, who modeled it on the Egyptian Gods of Horus and Isis. The whole idea of the Black Mother and Child, with the child being the giver of peace was based on the Egyptian Religion, with the father Osiris being added which gave the idea of the Trinity. It has pictures of statues of the Gods of antiquity and they are all Black with Woolly Hair. The oldest statues of Zues, Apollo, Osiris, Isis, Budda, Horus, Fuhi, Zaha, Quetzalzoatl, and Krishna all had hair styles of African Tribes. Not only were they Black, with woolly hair, with styles of various African Tribes, they had a full nose and thick lips. Even the statue of Jesus was Black, thick lips, woolly hair and full nose nostrils. It also states that the first images of Mary and Jesus were taken from the walls of the Pyramids of Horus, Isis, with Osiris and they were first presented to the world as Black. We the Black Race gave the world the idea of Religion and worship, along with so much more. Enoch the first perfect man was also depicted in a statue as Black, just as Jeremiah was who had the dredlocks. Mohammad’s mother was full African and his grandfather was Abd el Mottalib, who was also Nubian Black. Now, we had Christianity as the new religion, which Blacks created, as Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were all Black, but when the Constantinople Regime came under Constantine, all that had been depicted as Black, became White. Justin, his mother, and others began to transform the true likeness of all the characters of the Christian Religion that were Black to White. This book is 90 years old. So why we did not more Black embrace this information? I am so glad that as an older Black Woman, I can say my father and his minister relatives and friends told us what Blacks had brought forth. Just think most of these statues are hidden away or destroyed so the White Race can continue to keep the lies going. Tell everyone who will listen what we have done and the iceberg or truth is about to come forth. In the book also is a true painting of John Hanson, the first acting president of the US, who George Washington begged for funds to aid the Continental Army. He is shown as a Mulatto in DC, another lie but this painting shows him as a Black man married to an African Indian Woman that our history depicts as a European woman. He created the Great Seal of the US and George Washington had to read and study everything that Pres. John Hanson put in place, before he could take the Oath. Nephew I will scan the pages I discussed here and send them to you. I need your email address. So ninety years ago this book came forward and the author was a comrade of Mr. Rogers.

      • Antwan Says:

        Which Mr. Rogers are you referring to Auntie? My email is Thanks for this information Auntie. I already knew about Isis and Horus being the first Mary and Jesus. You can see the influence of Egypt all over the world. I also believe Egypt is a lot older than they tell us it is…lol And back to what you said in another post about our history. I have learned that it is our ancestors who keep us knowing our true history. Because every time I find something out about our people it`s as though I already knew. Everything I questioned or knew was false information has come to light already. And I already had the information stored in my memory from ancient times. I`ve never told anyone about this before. But it is as though I have lived through the past and forgot certain things. But when I hear a lie about our history the memories come back to me. I don`t know what that is called but it happens to me all the time. Maybe it`s dejavu…lol

      • Velma Says:

        Nephew, my Jesus Christ Book by Cayce has a reference to the Sphinx being already three thousand years old, when the Old Pharaoh Arraffatt allowed the Caucasians to enter his domain, after their many times of knocking at his gate, 10,000 years ago. The gift of the Caucasian was his young daughter that was given to the old Pharaoh and she took control of his empire. This was the beginning of the karma of hate between the Black and White Races.Today, Black men allow White Women to bring them down, no matter how great they are, they shy away from Black Women. When they are down and out, they seek the comfort of a Black Woman. Sammie Davis was a prime example. and so was Tiger. If two people love each other, no matter what culture they are. they are free to court and marry. However, it seems that the Arraffatt syndrome is still alive. I think I had spoken of this before, but this pharaoh is not mentioned in any of the materials, because it was before recorded history. Reincarnation is and will always be the basis for our soul development. So, you were probably a record keeper of the various civilizations of Africa. Egypt was not the only one, just the oldest. I have my father’s and grandfather’s book collections and will go tomorrow to secure another relative’s books, who was also a minister. I was so pained to see his collection left in his old home that is about to be demolished by the city. We must appreciate what the older ones sacrificed to pass onto us. I have my great grand fathers. both maternal and paternal, old tools that they used to build everything that they had. Houses, furniture, and even their cow bells. When others walked away and laughed at the fact that I chose to keep them, some have become envious. Few of us think about holding items that four or five generations before us they were held and used by our ancestors. The book bugs have taken their toll on my old books, but I will have them rebound These are some of the books that I used to teach my students and will consider doing a reprint. I also have one that discusses the old ancient African civilizations and their contributions to mankind. It also speaks of the first recorded murders of those who died for Christ. They were three African Women and Ethiopia still has the oldest Christian Church in the world. It also said that the Ethiopians still have the Ark of the Covenant. Israel only allowed the Black Jews from Ethiopia into their country due to their knowledge and practice of original Jewish rituals that those in Israel had no knowledge of how to present nor participate in. Be Blessed my nephew, Auntie……..

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, that book needs to be put back into circulation again. By that book being as old as it is i`m sure there`s some very good information in it.

    • Antwan Says:

      My brother, this is very interesting. I will definitely research the findings you have made. Most of the slaves brought over here were of Igbo descent. There are others on and from the west of Africa that are from the Hebrews as well. This is why our full history hasn`t been taught or told to us. They knew exactly who they were taking as slaves and in order for others to claim the heritage, name and the land we had to be stripped of our history.


    Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me.

    John 12:44

  224. Bee Says:

    The information I have read here have not only been a very interesting read but very educative. Most of my life, I always been interested in black history for many reasons not only to educate myself but because of my descent.
    In Nigeria, we are told that two version of the Yoruba history, the more popular was mentioned above and the less popular one says that we were people who came from the middle east.
    I came “accidentally” across a book in 1993 called “World’s Great Men of Colour” which confirmed some of what was mentioned here such as Queen of Sheba who is also known as Makeda as being black, had picture of the Madonna as black, it goes into detail about the Egyptians and various dynasties and that Cleopatra was a black woman who complexion was “subfusco” and was highly intelligent, articulate, multilingual spoke Arabic and many African languages including Hausa. I, then as a 18 year old was fascinated by all this but did not know what to make of it.
    I am Christian but have recently discovered the Book of Enoch which has not been included into the bible because it was part of the Ethiopian scriptures. It would be nice if someone could please shed more light on the book of Enoch and why “Rome” would discount/ remove it as well as some other books so did not make it into our bible today. I would be extremely grateful for a response. Thank you and God bless.

    • Antwan Says:

      Bee, I have been researching black history for around 8 years now. I started out with information I was hearing about the bible and our people. I have read on a number of occasions that certain books were taken out because of the European agenda of slavery and getting control of parts of Africa`s resources. Things have been changed in the bible and also removed or added to make things look different than they were. European Christians were killing anyone who didn`t go along with their program. There are many things in the bible that was taken directly from the walls of ancient Egypt. The ten commandments, the Cain and Abel story, The holy trinity and even the image of Jesus siting in his mothers lap was taken from Heru(Horus) sitting in Aset(Isis) lap feeding. These Egyptian images and stories precede the bible by hundreds of years. The Europeans had no spirituality so they stole our African stories and made their religions. The first churches are still in Africa today. I would suggest you check online for the correct information about the bible. Youtube has a vast array of videos where you can find a lot of information on this subject. But be advised. You have to watch out for false information. For me the key was the fact that Moses and Paul were both mistaken for Egyptians. We all know that the Ancient Egyptians were black African people so the Hebrews had to be black. At least 7 ancient Greek scholars have all described the ancient Egyptians as being black skinned with wooly hair. One even said that the blacker the skin the more cowardly they are and used the Egyptians and Ethiopians as an example of being cowardly. This was because the Greeks had conquered Egypt. If you need any help on where to start just send me a message and I can lead you in the right direction. Always remember, history has been written by Europeans who most were racist and felt as though they were superior to us. But there were some of them who told the truth. The truthful ones were shunned by the powerful racist elite Europeans who had an agenda. One more thing to remember is that when the king James version of the bible was written in 1611 slavery was ok`d by King James and the pope at that time. This is part of the agenda I am talking about.

    • Antwan Says:

      And Bee, if you read some of the comments you will see some very good information on this topic. Some of us have done some very extensive research and have good information to offer.


    Most people who practice Euro-Centric Christianity seem unwillingly to research the Fraud, Myths and Fantasies associated with the translation of the UNHOLY BIBLE by a BULLER called King James. The UNHOLY BIBLE was deliberately corrupted so that the European Jewish and by extension European people could rule the Earth. Once JESUS was made G_D in the council of nicea, all the scriptures had to be corrupted to align with this Fraud, Myth and Fantasy. If a true believer of the teachings of JESUS were to research the spiritual teachings of :Krishna, Abraham, Buudha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah. All the spiritual Teachings are the same. The confusion in Religion starts when we make JESUS G_D.

    One of the solutions for AFRICAN people to emancipate their mind from the corruption of the BIBLE is to read the BIBLE with a translated QURAN, then start researching all the Teachings of all the other MESSENGERS.

    It is almost impossible to reconstruct the true scriptures in the UNHOLY BIBLE for by age 12 most of HUMANITY is already brained wash

    The Messengers and the Prophets of G_D who descended from the Black Hebrew Race are:1. Adam. The covenant was corrupted and the name 2. Krishna was sent and a religion called Hinduism emergeged. The people corrupted Krishna Teachings and then 3.Abraham made a new covenant with G_D. Then the people corrupted the Teachings and 4.Zoroaster was sent and when these Teachings became corrupted 5.Moses was sent and after corrupting the teachings of Moses 6.Jesus was sent and after the Teachings of Jesus was corrupted. 7. Muhammad the last prophet and Messenger of G_D was sent and all of HUMANITY awaits the return of Jesus.8. The Bab was sent to inform HUMANITY about the return of Jesus and was murdered by Muslims because all Muslims believe no more prophet shall come after Muhammad thus with Catholicism they too corrupted “ISLAM” for it was clearly revealed to the prophet Muhammad that 9.Jesus would return. However, because of the corruption of all Religion when the spirit of Jesus returned in the Body of Bahaullah again the Muslims rejected Jesus and exiled him for 24Years. The body of JESUS Humanity awaits to descend from heaven is buried under the Earth never to return and his spirit returned in the Body of “BAHAULLAH”.

    1.JESUS first coming was spiritual and so was his second coming. For when the spirit reincarnates it reincarnates into a new birth from the Woman’s Womb.
    2. The UNHOLY BIBLE was corrupted.
    3. Most men of Religion prefer the Wealth and Power associated with Religion and not spiritual truth.
    4. The Physical Body of JESUS is buried under the Earth never to return and like all enlightened souls his Spirit lives forever.
    5. Religion without Science is a Fraud, Myth and Fantasy.
    6. The main reason why AFRICANS are poor is that they murdered and rejected all the Messengers and Prophets of G_D. AFRICANS have no G_D for the JESUS whom you worship is neither G_D nor the Son of G_D and like the children in the days of Abraham you have created your own G_D called JESUS, and many other G_DS which are false.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST>

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Nephew Fox, we all know that everything that was Black, became White at some point in History, except the African Slaves. After collecting and reading many of the lost books of the Bible, I had to stand back and take another look at what my grandfather born 1867, grandmother born 1878 and my father born 1894 taught us as Christians. In the process we separated, gained, and processed that which was truth, which made us strong, determined, honest, people. I refuse to let the Devil pit me against the Muslims, Jews, the Baha’s or whatever Religion or Faith People are apart of today, because atleast they believe in God. I believe in Jesus, but there are so many who are non-believers in God, certainly not Jesus, which opens their souls and minds to Satan and they are used to win souls for Satan. Jesus said he would take babes from their mother’s wombs, before he allowed Satan to gather more souls than he in the fight of winning souls for God. I am requesting that you keep the thunder of knowledge flowing. Auntie……….

  226. Eugene Akannam Says:

    My sister, Velma:

    When I read such things as you have said from Africans in America, it brings a cold chill up my spine. I do not need your DNA to tell you that the Gabon are Igbo slaves taken from Igboland by the spaniards to work their plantations, and some of the Angolans are Igbo as we have Ibo City in Angola as well as in Mozambique to this day. The Igbo, most of whom are Israelites are scattered to the entire Sub-Saharan Africa, with the largest and most concentrated population in the Igboland of Southern, Nigeria the ancient home land of the ancient people established by God from which these Israelites were enslaved to be scattered both in Africa and the entire Western Hemesphere. I thank the Holy One for the awakening. Blessed is He.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Eugene, for hundreds of years, as African Americans we knew not what tribes we were descended from. To say that my husband’s family is traced to Gabon and the Fang tribe, and my family DNA will validate what our ancestors said about us being of the Imbangala Tribe gives me great satisfaction. Just to know the connection has been made scientifically for my husband’s family gives them great joy. At this point we are just happy to know this. In my memory, as a child most of all the old folks who were born in the late 1880’s to early 1900’s that came to visit with my parents, wanted to know what tribe they were connected to in Africa. Many were mixed with Europeans and Native Americans, but their interest was always on who are my African People. I remember hearing them talk about those in their families who had walked like my great grandparents to distant places to reconnect with those they lost in the days of us being bought and sold like cattle. They worked hard to reconnect with mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and many made the connection. unfortunately they were not able to reconnect with those from the land that their ancestors came from. Now, that we can I celebrate in the joy of knowing that African Americans can reconnect with those from the distant past that slavery separated them from each other. I think you had in a past post discussed the Igbo People and they were those who were the Black Israelites. To know this even chills me, because I know deep in my spirit that what the Igbo People brought forth in Religion, was the foundation for the Christian Religion and the many faiths within it. Thus, our Igbo People gave us not only the Jewish Religion, but also the Christian Religion. Thanks and keep your well of information coming forth, Brother.

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, Igbo were the majority taken from the mother land. There was a majority of Igbo brought here in the slave trade. I read a book that said Arabs were taking Europeans through Africa before the trans Atlantic slave trade. They came across Igbo people and the Arabs told the Europeans that the Igbo were the people of the book. Meaning the bible. It is also said that African leaders during the slave trade were selling the Hebrews first because they were so called strangers of the land. I have done some pretty extensive research on this subject. And this really makes sense. You can look at old maps and see portions of Africa called Yahoude and many more Hebrew names. There`s a video on youtube explaining all of the names of certain tribes and lands that have Hebrew names.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew, thanks so much and I read where the Arabs were taking warriors from African Tribes, who had been at war with each other and those who were taken as captives and sold to other Arabs, as slaves, before the slave trade began among Europeans. The Romans took the Slavic people into slavery, which is so say where the term slavery came from. It is so much being presented now, that the younger generations are reading and listening to, which the older past Black Generations did not, due to fear. I don’t think it was ignorance as projected on our ancestors, but more FEAR than ignorance, even though many were able to read or write. But they knew truth and enlightenment as it came. If the wrong persons learned that they were apart of something to better themselves, pain and death came. In the Great Debate, when Professor Bullock, explained the need for Blacks to learn to gain land and to best use Agriculture to increase food production, those who participated were beaten. He was a professor at Prairie View College, that is now Prairie View A&M University. The person, who encouraged this was Professor Redding, who because of his ideas in helping Blacks improve themselves to create a better living for their children and the generations to come, he was fired from Southern University. He had helped the Debate Professor of Wiley College groom his group of Debators. Southern’s President was encouraged to fire him, by the President of a Prestigious White University who immediately hired Professor Redding to teach their young White law students how to argue their cases, once they became attorneys. The Igbo were so enlighten that they were used as emissaries by Arabs and then by the Europeans. They would go on behalf of the Arabs and Europeans to present the mission of each group. They Came Before Columbus is an old book written by Professor Redding and it is priceless. If you can get your hands on one get it. It was published in the late 40’s early 50’s. It has so much information regarding our discussions.

      • Antwan Says:

        Thanks for that information Auntie. I also want to point out that I met this white guy who worked as a teacher in an all black school for so called bad kids. He told me that the school had some Igbo Christians come to there school from Africa. And when the Igbo saw the black people of this country they said they could look at our black people and tell that most are from the Igbo tribe. So I went online to see Igbo people today and I must say that a lot of us are definitely from the Igbo. And with all of the breeding that was done to us during slavery i`m pretty sure that most of us do have Igbo blood running through our veins as well as Ashanti and other Hebrew tribes. I also saw a sign for the sale of slaves during slavery times that showed how the whites wrote on the sign, Ibo`s for sale. Then it went to heebo`s for sale. I am thoroughly convinced that the Europeans knew all along who they were taking as slaves. There`s no doubt in my mind about this fact. I am one who knows how when stories are passed around and down for generations the story changes. It`s the same as if you tell someone something as a secret and by the time it gets back to you it`s a totally different story. One thing I noticed about the Igbo that is the same as us is that the Igbo come in different shades just like we do. Although I know that a lot of us are mixed with other races. But I see people here who still look exactly like the Igbo as well as many other tribes of Africa.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Oh yes nephew, so many of us no matter how much our blood was diluted still carry the dominant features of the Igbo People. The genes are still within us. When I think of my ancestor being born in 1580 in Ndungo and our DNA after 432 years is saying your people are Igbo is joy to me. I have met many Africans of various tribes and was accepted by all and was told that my body movements, dance, even speech displayed my African Roots. I wish there was a way we could help those in Igboland where women are second class citizens and some of the men or in situations similar to slavery, but here in this country Blacks are still considered second class citizens. I was called to sub, but decided not to due to the challenges in the classroom today. When corporeal punishment was taken out of the classroom, due to White Parents not wanting their children to be paddled by Black Teachers, this opened the door in education for the Devil to move in, especially after Prayer was taken from the classroom. I finished high school in the sixties and all students respected all the teachers and Veteran Men held most of the positions as Principals and Asst. Principals. If you showed any disrespect or sassed any of them, or jumped on another student, one’s ass got BEATEN. There was no trauma or brutality, but respect was a small price to pay in place of an Ass Beating. There were few fights, and we had no special education. All students sat together and learned together. We helped those who were slow or needed assistance and they were apart of the whole classroom. The terrible language I hear the students are using in PreK just floored me. So being old school, I can go do a presentation, but to hear and see what has been released on our children is painful and I will not subject myself to it. The Bible tells us to spare the rod, the child is somewhat ruined. To see our Blacks come so far and now return to what public schools offer now, is disgraceful. I wanted to do the Prison Ministry, but to go there and see so many of our young men, that out number the females is just heart wrenching. So many are there for 25 to 30 plus years and when they are freed, what options do they have? 80% are in the system due to drugs. The majority of the remaining 20% is there for murder. We have to keep praying and asking for God’s Mercy, Forgiveness, and to give us his Instructions and Guidance in trying to help our youth, especially our Black Youth. I am going to incorporate the Igbo information with my presentations and make a list of some of our special features to share with our young Black Students. It is important that all cultures of children learn, but again it seems that our children are in great need of assistance and guidance. Take care and stay on top of the vital information you are supplying. Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Now Auntie, I don`t agree with everything this guy is saying. Especially when it comes to his feelings towards Africans. I feel he is taking certain things out of context. But in the first 2 parts of his video where he is reading information out of those books he is dead on.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew, I enjoy reading and listening to all this. You know when Willie Lynch, implemented among the Masters the divide and conquer concept, it still lingers deep in the souls of many Blacks. Many African American Blacks do impose some negative feelings upon the shoulders of Africans and this to must stop. Slavery that affected our people was in place in Africa, before the Romans came. But the difference was those who were taken as slaves, who were warriors of the opposing tribe, were allowed to live among the new tribes 3-5-and 7 years. If they married within their new tribe they were treated as one of the tribesmen. If they stayed 7 years and never married they were set free. The European indentured servant system was based on African Slavery Rules, just as the Confederation of American Colonies were based on the Confederation Principles of the Native American Tribes who implemented Confederation among their tribes. So just about everything in our culture feeds back to Africa. The Africans that were here, three nations of them documented to have been here in 1500 BC, mayhave given the Confederation ideas to the Native Americans. In the University of Texas anthropology department lies the remains of an African Man, who was found in the Pecos Valley in the early 70’s here in TX. At the time his skeleton was found, it was over 5000 years old and little was said. However, when the European Man’s remains were found in the Alps, who was clothed in skins and rags, the news spread rapidly around the world. Books and papers have been presented. Just as little has been said of those Africans who joined together to defeat the White Slavers and those who gave them aid. They traveled at night raided the slave pens and they were so powerful the Portuguese, Spaniards, and English all vied for there assistance and they refused. It was their teachings that inspired the right fight for those who fought to become independent nations in Africa. I am going to listen to this guy again, so far what he is saying is so real. Several years ago, I read where a whole group of early Biblical Writings had been found in Sudan and were on the Black Market. Some were six thousand years old and they were referencing the Jewish Faith, with Rituals and other Jewish information that the Jews of today that are White knew nothing of. Inspite of all the negatives that have come to us as a People of the first Race, we still have so much to be proud of. That which was suppressed for so long is gradually being brought to the light. God is a giving God………Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, in regards to Africans being here 6,000 years ago this is very true. But we were here much earlier than that. There is a land that sank in the ocean like Atlantis but the name of it escapes me right now. I saw a lecture from this white man who was a known neo nazi in Chicago and he was telling how there was black people here already and showing artifacts. He said that in California there was black people here prior to the colonization of these lands. He showed a drawing that was made by whites who saw them and they were wearing the same things that we know the natives wore. He said they were killed and taken into slavery and mixed with our ancestors from the slave trade. People don`t understand why we are the way we are today. The slave mentality has been passed down from generation to generation. And then you have those who think they are rebelling against the system by doing crimes and they don`t realize they are helping this racist system. I always said that if every black person in this country doesn`t go to work for a day or two this country would fall apart…lol And that`s the truth. Yet, if someone were to attempt this that slave mentality of our people will have the majority of us going to work out of fear. They teach us about Nat Turner but there were other brothers who rebelled. And those other brothers who rebelled were killed because of brothers being faithful to their masters by telling on their own brothers. We are in a terrible situation today. Everybody has conformed to the European culture and most don`t want to know about their own true culture. I listen to what is being conveyed to me by the spirits. The spirits of those who suffered by the hands of everyone who underminded, enslaved and murdered us. I was having a debate with a white female on youtube and I mentioned slavery and she said i`m wining over my people being forced to do some household chores. She better be glad that she wasn`t in arms length of me…lol Because I do not play when it comes to what was done, and what is still being done to my people. Yet, she says she`s not a racist…lol They try to run that same old game on us all the time. I will never forgive them for what they have done. And I won`t forgive them for trying to make lite of what they have done either. This is racism in the worst form. I have lived in all white neighborhoods and had white friends. I know when a white person is racist. And 90% of them are. Some are just more sutle then others. Some will smile and joke with you but hate you on the inside. Auntie, there is a brother named Ashra Kwesi who is doing some good work as far as teaching our African history. When I heard him speak it made me feel good inside. He has videos on youtube. His main focus is Ancient Egypt. And he shows where the bible got some of it`s things from. And I mean these things predate the bible by at least a thousand years. This is what I need my people to know. That almost everything started with us. When it comes to the bible you have to look at where it came from. Because you just might be being lead in the wrong direction. In my opinion the bible is a corrupted version of things that predate it`s existance. Things that were carved on the walls of Nubia and Egypt thousands of years before Abraham was even born. But we will never know this if we don`t do our research. Thank you for the information you have shared with me Auntie. I look forward to hearing your reply.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew Antwan, I found that there were three groups of Blacks who were here around 1400-1500 BC and they were here when those who were Asians that became the base group for the various Native American Tribes of today. In the process, they shared their culture and means of domestication with others. Today, one of those three groups of Blacks, who were here long before the Europeans has taken control of their land that is apart of N. Louisiana, N. Texas, and W. Mississippi. It is said in the Bible that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Oh yes, we know how not only the Bible, but so much of our knowledge, wisdom, inventions, etc. were over-layered with lies upon lies. We, no matter how old or young, we must continue to uncover and share this information. It is suppose to be a newly found 6,000 year old burial ground here in TX and I am anxious to know the culture. The Pecos Valley skeleton has not been commented on in the last forty years, but we know it was that of an African Black. If that fact could have been hidden, it would have. Thanks to young men like yourself and Fox, along with others who make comments on Black is Beautiful, eventually not only will the true stories be told, but the evidence will be right there. The first governor of CA was Nubian Black and a mixed Spanish and Black was the first mayor of Los Angeles. Mexico was freed from Spanish Rule by Vicente Guerrero, who was also mixed. He abolished slavery in Mexico, when Texas as Tejas was apart of Mexico. From 1820 to 1835 Southern Slaves ran to this territory. However, when we look at the History of Tejas we are always shown as slaves, not free men and women who aspired to be all they could be. There were Black Natives, who the Europeans labeled as Native Americans, living along the Pacific Coastline and they were Nubian, not Pacific Islanders. I want get into the Emily West information, but WE must keep searching and sharing!!!!!

  227. Bee Says:

    I wish to thank everyone for their responses:

    @ Auntie Velma, thank you for your wise words. We have to get out of the empire of false religion that has infiltrated all religions (whose traits include deceit, greed, glutton, lovers of what is bad, misleading those seeking the truth). Those who seek the truth and do get out of this disgusting system/ false religious practices will be saved. “We know we originate with GOD but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”-(1John5:19)

    @ Antwan, I totally agree about being cautious on You Tube. It is sickening is so much is still being hidden from us (the human family as a whole) but for black folk it is to a much greater degree.
    A BBC documentary showed the Dogon of Mali (West Africa) believe that the world was populated by eight people (very similar to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark survivors). I think they also had their own writing system but their understanding of astronomy baffled Europeans.
    I would definitely appreciate if you could please point me in the right direction especially more on Christendom’s role in the history of Africa & Africans. My next mission is to read the actual autobiography of Olaudah Equiano. Thank you once again.

    @ Keith, thank you for your contribution on the matter. In 1993, I was given a copy of the Quran with English translations. I read some accounts of stories present both in the Christian and Islamic scriptures such as the story of Mary’s conception and that of Jesus. A lot has happened in the last few years and realising that some of what I dismissed in the past as myths and legends are probably not. The origin of the Igbo, Yoruba and many others in and around Africa, religions mainly Judaism, Islam and Christianity are topics I would definitely like to revisit/ research.

    • Antwan Says:

      Bee, I will send you some videos to watch that will show you many things that have been covered up about the Hebrews. There was even an Egyptian president by the name of Nassir during the 1950`s that said, ” Israel will never have peace because they left Israel black and came back white” He knew that the Europeans that was given the land of Israel were not the descendents of the biblical Hebrews. In 1946 or 47 the so called Jews were given an option to where they wanted to settle. Well Israel wasn`t their first choice. They chose Uganda before they even considered Israel. A true Hebrew would have said Israel first because it is the land given to them by the most high. It`s really sad that people would use trickery to discredit the original people of this planet. Especially after all of the things we have done for them. Me myself, I am totally for going against this evil regime that is killing our people all over the world. I don`t get into religion because that separates us from one another. And separation is the last thing we needed. But now it`s too late because religion is something that we are born into and it`s hard to get our people out of this way of thinking. We must go back to a time before slavery and regain our true history. While at the same time unite and fight for what`s rightfully ours. With all of the resources in Africa there`s no reason we can`t build our continent up so that all our people scattered around the world can have a safe haven for ourselves. When I see our people working for Europeans on our own land it makes me sick to my stomach. We gave them power.

  228. Velma E. Watson Says:

    Bee, i know exactly what you are saying. My people never took a salary, nor asked for tithes. As a matter of fact, the city preachers laughed at my father, grand father, and grandmother because they were not paid. Their mission was saving souls through Christ, because as true preachers of the Faith, they knew that God would make away for them to survive. So many times prayers were answered in ways that most younger people could not grasp today. They would be upset at the things that the Christian Churches are displaying. It is disgusting to see so many of the Christians giving to the beggars or preachers that beg for money, to increase their salaries so they can purchase larger homes, bentleys, and do all types of outrageous things. The problem here is the congregation begans to worship the preacher. I remember seeing how people worshiped Father Devine in Chicago, when I was a kid and it was like what is going on today. No mortal man is to be worshiped, but Satan has implanted the confusion in the minds of those who are not strong in Christ. From adultery to molestation, along with thievery are all in today’s churches. When the Pope approved the request for Blacks to be enslaved, as a Christian this was wrong. Once again, the church was looking at the amount of money that the church could hold via slavery by way of Spain. We can see many wrongs that the Catholic Church committed, just as the Baptist, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, the Non Denomination and others are committing to day. I cannot uphold wrong doing and it is not written that one must stay within a church that is demonstrating corruption. One must seek the right church and it becomes corrupt, seek another. The wickedness does not take away my faith, joy, and worship of God and Jesus. Each person has to be responsible for seeking their own soul salvation. This is my mission, as I do believe in reincarnation, that the Christian Church condemns, but I want to return to the God Head and not have to take another journey down here on Earth.

  229. Eugene Akannam Says:

    Velma, my dear:

    If you have the full knowledge of what it means to be a Hebrew or an Israelite, you will not care what the world says. This is because that heritage says you are a relative of the Most High, a daughter in this case. No one can take this away from you but only you through your behaviour. As children of God we must behave as such to show other people how good our Father is. Overlooking this small aspect of being the children of the Holy One is the major reason we were scattered to the ends of the earth. The Book I have now in will shade more light on this issue of being a Hebrew and what it means to be one. But the next book is witten to silence anyone who doubts the filial relationship of God to Israel. Thanks.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Eugene, I solute you and give me the name of your book. One never is too old to read wise knowledge. We need young people bringing to the forefront knowledge regarding Religious, as well as other needed information for us as, as knowledge is the KEY.

      • Antwan Says:

        Hello Auntie! How are you? I have a video I want you and anyone else who wants to watch. The video shows how the white slavers knew they were taking Hebrews as slaves. The brother in the video has a book about the Igbo`s or Ibo`s that was written around the 1930`s. I would like to hear your feedback on this video. I find it to be true and amazing myself. Because this wealth of knowledge is known throughout the world but remained hidden purposely. The video can be found on youtube and it`s called PT1 THE WHITE MAN KNEW THE SLAVES WERE ISRAELITES clip3

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew Antwan, finally got a chance to review all parts of the presentation on you tube. I am still absorbing, separating, and reunifying this information and most of the knowledge is accurate. It verifies that all we have accomplished was layered over, subjected to verification that at the time no tools were available for the verification processing, but now we know. As loud as I yelled ” I Am Black and I Am Proud, during the old school days, I am saying now that I Am Black and I Am Proud of all we have accomplished, no matter how our ancestors prints were erased from volumes of work they learned, deciphered, wrote, and published. No matter how deep the Thieves Buried our Unique Treasures, they are still surfacing. When my husband awoke from his surgery, he asked me about the Black Man who had a shining glow around him with a beautiful smile, as he looked at us from the hall way. I did not see him, but once I told my husband he was his angel he began to cry, call out to God, give thanks and praise. He even had African Clothing on. His healing was amazing and I am so thankful that as he described the angel, the health team could only smile and acknowledge something was greater than their hands were working for my husband. So the Thieves could not shield the shining of this
        Angel who was Black and who God sent to us to let us know all would be good. So we must continue to integrate the past, with the present to eventually get to a Future of Truths!!!! Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, I just read your two messages you sent me. I think it`s real sad of one person from one religion to attempt to malign another. If all would do what the scriptures tell them these types of things wouldn`t be happening today. All religions are about love but there is always a few idiots in the bunch. As for the video I sent to you the most important thing for me is the facts that are being shown as to how they attempted to cover up our history. There`s another video that says there`s a document in the Vatican that speaks about the Europeans, including the Popes, knew they were targeting the descendents of the biblical Hebrews for slavery. The reason this topic is important to me is because I started out my research on who the ancient biblical Hebrews were. And now everything is out in the open. I`ve accomplished what I set out to do and also found out a lot more about our people. I`ve noticed a pattern which brings me back to what you said about the remains found in Texas. Whenever these so called scientist and historians say they don`t know who an ancient people were nine times out of ten it is our people. This is a pattern that is still being practiced today. We all know that they have the technology to find out almost anything. They are the ones who take it upon themselves to be the first to investigate these so called mysteries. While at the same time excluding people of color from doing any investigating on site of our own. This was done with ancient Egypt and also ancient Israel as well as many other sites. Thank the most high for the few white scientist who are truthful. Because if it wasn`t for the books they wrote we would still be in the dark about our history. Even though people have been trying to keep these books hidden by not talking about them. Also, how the elite in the scientific world try to cover up the findings of white scientist who tell the truth. They would force some of these scientist to change the true results of their findings to something false in order to be able to continue working as a scientist. I found this out when they found human remains in Israel that they named the Natufians. The scientist who made the discovery did measurements and found that the remains were that of Africans. To be more specific he said they were almost identical to west African people. But his racist colleagues made him change his findings…lol Well Auntie, I have to get back to work now. Let me know what you think about my reply.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew Antwan, years ago I had the occasion to meet this young man at a book signing inwhich he had written about books he had found hidden in the Vatican. His grand mother had saved for his education and he learned Hebrew and was sent to the Vatican to research and translate Religious Texts. In the process, he discovered after a ground shock created a crack in a wall in the Vatican that concealed many documents, referencing Africans who were Hebrews and the various historical Biblical Characters who were indeed Black. There was so much there that he was able to take pictures of the only surviving drawings of Jesus as a Little Black Boy and Jeremiah with dredlocks. What hurts is when we are talking about the cover up, there are those who still tries to reduce the importance of our true historical significance. In his findings, there was a Priest requesting to the Pope that Blacks should be enslaved, as the Native Indians of the Caribean Islands were not suitable. This was after, they had been decimated with European Diseases that Columbus’ men exposed them to. The third ship that Columbus had in his fleet was piloted by a Black. It was this man, that the Black Seafarers returning to Africa, leaving Central America and Mexico who received instructions from them as to how to navigate to Hispaniola. They had brought to parts of the New World so much and had they not saw the Black Captain and spoke with him, chances are Columbus and all three of his ships would have sank. When we look at the drawings and artifacts of Mexico, Central America, and South America we are looking at African Tribal Art, Gods, and so much more that the Africans brought to North America, Central America, and South America. We freely shared all we knew and had, but the seekers were thieves and thought that the deception would last. God is so good, because he does uncover truths that have been hidden so long. Keep the knowledge and wisdom flowing. You-Tube was mind blowing… Take care and May God Continue to Bless and Guide You!!!!Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Wow!!! What you just mentioned about the crack in the wall of the Vatican is exactly what I was talking about. This was told in that video I mentioned in my last message. It`s amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The brother on here by the name of Eugene has plenty of information as well. I`m going to support this brother by buying his book. I checked him out on facebook. With the knowledge I already have and the knowledge you, Keith and Eugene and also Carol have given me I have a much clearer picture of our history now. I thank you all for being such great sources of information to us all.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Nephew, I have and had so many old books and loan some out that I never received back. But so much information has been granted to those of us who know that the term Black or Niger or Nigger had sacred references to the Almighty. The two books that I really hate I loaned to various people are How Black is the Gospel and the Ancient Black Hebrews. From Jezebell to Jesus, those who were Black were listed and just how the Romans took control of our historical accomplishments. I need your direct email again so I can send you excerpts of some of those books I still hold dear…..Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie I really look forward to reading what you send to me. This is one of the things on the top of my list of things to do. My email is Make sure you save my address because anytime you have some info for me you can just email me.. I have saved your email address already…lol

      • Velma Watson Says:

        Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, and Nephews!!!!!!

        Good Morning, the situation within the world regarding the film about Mohammed has grown deadly and will get deadlier, unless
        the responsible parties are held accountable. If these men had been African American Blacks, they would have already been jailed and awaiting their exile to the countries where they would become
        DEAD by all means necessary.

        Romney says the 47% of people living off entitlements should get up and find jobs. The FOOL does not even remember or recog- nize that he was apart of the joblessness in America. Who remembers the guy Denzel Washington played in trying to seek aid in getting his son a heart? That company was a BAIN experience.
        Americans we must look for the total benefits for all Americans and not just the rich. I know more than a few people who were middle class working people, saving for their children’s education, had their dream homes and good paying jobs that just flew off to India, Mexico, and other countries. They pay these people less than a dollar to make whatever tool, dress, etc. but bring the goods here and sell them at outrageous prices. My people, we may need to consider the Rummage Sales again. Who remembers when we refused to buy from White Stores and WE created the outside sales market that is now FLEA Markets and we purchased from each other. Some idea from the soul has to be implemented into the physical, so we may prosper instead of being viewed as the majority of the 47% who receives entitlements. I say this because I have been in more than a few arguments where Blacks were viewed as the entitlement takers. Today, we are less in numbers on the entitlement circuit. So let no one fool you into believing that as
        Blacks we are the recipients of so much Government Entitlements.
        We should be for the labor our slave ancestors were forced to do in the building of America, from planting and picking cotton in the South to building Washington D.C., because Mr. Banneker took on the responsibility, after the Frenchman left. Benjamin Franklin was a contemporary of Mr. Banneker and he stole some of Bannekers ideas and passed them off as his.


        Again, I am so sorry for the defamation of Mohammed in this awful film and our Muslim Brothers and Sisters know we had nothing to do with this DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!! Auntie

        What about the labor that our fore father’s did free

      • Antwan Says:

        That was very well said Auntie!!!!


        World Peace and Prosperity are dependent on Barrack Obama being re-elected. However, Barrack Obama made one mistake and that was to openly support male Homo-Sexuality. The mothers in America have to decide if they can correct this error. “From the womb of the woman both male and female evolve”. May Almighty G_D continue to bless you Mrs Velma E. Watson.

        18th September 2012.

      • Velma Watson Says:

        Nephew Fox, they to must vote. This reminds me of a joke my father told to those of us who had joined church at a very early
        age. ” The preacher was up preaching and all of a sudden, the congregation was notified by the Church Mother that SATAN was
        coming into the church. Everyone lost their Jesus Fortitude and began scrambling to got out the church. When the Church Mother,
        could not find her way out of the church as she was too big to jump from a window and the doors were jammed; she kindly, raised the
        window and yelled to SATAN to come on in. I been raising hell in this church for fifty years, come in here now.” Sin is Sin, whether
        it is homosexuality, lying, stealing, adultery, gambling or whatever.
        We can only judge ourselves from the standpoint of righteousness,
        as we know not the prayers of Sinners or the Righteous, when they to are praying to God. President OBama was in a situation, inwhich he had to show support or not show support. He chose to show support. I have seen so many young men and women caught up in
        the homo thing and what most of them have gone through, breaks
        the heart. Most did not awake one day and say I want to be GAY. So for them to I pray that when all is said and done, God
        may forgive them to. Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        And please watch all parts of this video to see it in it`s entirety.

      • Velma E. Watson Says:

        Will do nephew, thanks much uncle just had a 26 pound desmoid, sarcoma tumor removed. Will watch all parts and thanks, Auntie….


        I still believe that Eugene has more to offer!!!!

  230. Purple man from mars Says:

    Who cares if you are black or white, or purple maybe? Nowhere in the Bible it says that people of a certain colour are the chosen people. It’s a matter of faith. People like you just make people of different colours think they are different from each other. You make people angry. Its only a matter of what is inside, not what is outside.

    • Antwan Says:

      You got this all wrong. It`s the fact that we were told lies created by whites. We thought at one time that Jesus and the Hebrews were white people but after seeing the worlds oldest images and finding books that tell different I find that it is people like you who are hypocritical. It was all good as long as those false images of white Jesus weren`t known about. But now that people are finding out that it was all lies you have a problem with it. This is racism at it`s purest form. You need to learn right from wrong. And stop being on the side that`s wrong. The most high wants his people to know who they are. And not believe people who are trying to pull the wool over the true Hebrew`s eyes.


    Who cares if you are black or white, or purple maybe? Nowhere in the Bible it says that people of a certain colour are the chosen people. It’s a matter of faith. People like you just make people of different colours think they are different from each other. You make people angry. Its only a matter of what is inside, not what is outside.

    As long as Black people continue to worship in Churches that have images diferrent to their Black ancestors they are not serving G_D.

    When Europeans decided to write over a Bible for the Descendants of the HEBREWS it was deliberately done to rule and take away the wealth of the AFRICAN people. BLACK KRISHNA became an indian with many arms. BLACK BUUDDHA became a big belly man of another ethnicity something different to his original Black Hebrew descendant. BLACK JESUS became white JESUS. Once the corruption of the UNHOLY BIBLE was established. HUMANITY was told to focus on JESUS. However once you reject Krishna, Abraham, Buudha, Zoroaster, Moses, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah, you reject the true YESHUA for the Spirit of G_D is the same spirit that manifested in all those bodies. For this reason Almighty G_D gave to HUMANITY the QURAN. HUMANITY should care and also fear for G_D covenant is with Abraham. With a corrupted Bible the teachings of the other Prophets cannot make sense to the African, so Religion becomes the source of confusion, for they say in ignorance my Religion is better than yours.

    All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”….Bahaullah.

    I am closest to ISSA (JESUS THE MAN MADE GOD) in this world and in the next, but do not worship me like how the Christians worship JESUS for I am but a slave of Allah (G_D) for although the Prophets and Messengers of G_D may have different mothers their “RELIGION” remains but “ONE” and the “SAME”…..Prophet Muhammad.

    Europeans white JESUS violates all the Principles of the HEBREWS covenant with G_D for they tell the people there is no way man can be saved except true their G_D “JESUS.

    Today I say to you these were the UNIVERSAL HEBREW MESSENGERS from the Descenants of ADAM that was sent to Earth to teach all of HUMANITY.

    Krishna, Abraham, Buuddha, Zoroaster, Moses, (ISSA, YESHUA, JESUS) Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah. And each time a new Messenger comes the Spirit of G_D manifest in the Body to teach HUMANITY.

    There were and are many other Prophets and Messengers on Earth but they were not from the GENEALOGY of ADAM.

    When the Spirit of G_D is upon the Body of the Messenger they can say I and the father are one. For Almighty G_D speaks through the Messengers and the Prophets.

    “And it was written Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee:

    But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves. For thou shall worship no other G_D for the Lord, whose name is a Jealous G_D.

    The ORIGINAL HEBREWS were a race of BLACK PEOPLE therefore if we put images of white saints and other ethnicity in Churches and temples the teachings are not the true teachings of G_D messengers Krishna, Abraham, Buuddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

    In 2012 most Christians worship the Anti-Christ Teachings.

    In concluding reverence your Black ancestors and the Prophets for in those Bodies Almighty Allah (Almighty G_D) Spirit roamed the Earth and was persecuted by those who needed enlightenment.

    I AM THAT I AM: 11111929 – 11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    • Velma E. Watson Says:

      Nephew Fox, keep up the informative explanation for those who are not ready to grasp the “Ideal Enlightenment”


    And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.



    For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God to salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

    11th September 2012.

  234. Velma E. Watson Says:

    All my Brothers, Sisters, Nephews and Nieces, we have been discussing our Faith and Religions in a most unique way, we as Christians, Muslims, and Jews. This morning I was so disturb that a movie, depicting Mohammed in such sinfulness is bringing so much turmoil. The Preacher who supported this film, previously wanted to burn the Muslim Quran, is nothing more than an instigator of Hellishness, instead of a peace maker in Christ. Let us all pray this morning for the Muslims who are hurting, because of this mess. Then we wonder why there was a 9/11. When Understanding,Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, and Obedience are denied regarding a Conflict, it becomes too Great for a few to resolve. On behalf of my true Christian Brothers and Sisters, I apologize for the insult that came in the form of a movie that portrayed a Man of God, Mohammed as an idol sinful man instead of the True Man of God and founder of the Muslim Religion and Faith that he was and is. Please accept this small token of Peace, Love, and Friendship, in asking you to forgive the FOOLS that projected so much pain to you all, my Muslim Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, and Nephews!!! Auntie


    May Almighty G_D continue to bless your Generations Velma E. Watson in this world and in the next and may your ancestors enter paradise.

    … … Tennerson Fox
    … … O lord, Enable all the peoples of the earth to gain admittance into Paradise of thy faith, so that no created being may remain beyond the bounds of thy good pleasure. from time immemorial thou hast been potent to do what pleaseth thee and transcendenth above whatsoever thou desirest.
    … … … ……
    … … … THE BAB


  236. Eugene Akannam Says:

    Sister, Velma:

    The name of my book is BEFORE THE COVENANTS: Tracing Abraham “the Hebrew” to the Temple at Ezi Kanabo.” This book is priceless and no scholar, Hebrew or Gentile knows enough to disprove tmy research findings. Followme on Twitter Eugene Akannam and Facebook at beforethecovenants. Thank you.


    The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang
    The Original Meaning of the “N” Word

    By: Pianke Nubiyang
    27, January 02, at 12:50 p.m.


    The word “nig…” used to be the most revered and sacred word in the universe. It was the “devine epithet,” and the people who began using the mother of all words that originated from this word which was sullied by the British, were the ancient Egyptians or better, the Khemites, who called their land, “Khemet” or “The Black Land,” and also used the name, “Ta-merri” or “The Beloved Land.”


    The father of the “n” word was the word used by the ancient Egyptians for “God.” That word was “N-g-r” and as one can see, there are no vowels in this word. In the ancient African and even the present African languages (the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family) vowels such as “a,e,i,o,u” are not found in many translations, particularly of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian languages.

    In the translation of ancient Egyptian and Hebrew (which is heavily influenced by Egyptian), one will not always find vowels, therefore, very few people will realize that the word for God, which is “N-g-r” pronounced “en-ger” was the Egyptian word for God. In fact, the Egyptian word for “nature,” is also the word used for God. That word is “ntyr,” (pronounced net-jer.” Now prounce the word “nigg..” and the word “net-jer,” and one sees the clear connection.


    In many African languages particularly the Niger-Congo language family. Words that connects with people, Gods, and groups begin with “n” and that word is always the first word. For instance, the word “Nkosi” in Xhosa is “God.” The word “Ndaba,” in another South African language is “counsil” (or gathering of elders). Many common names also begin with “N”.


    N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God
    N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God, Devine
    Negash (Ethiopia; ne-gash) = King
    Negus (Ethiopia; ne-goos) = Emperor
    Nkosi (Xhosa; en-kosi) = God
    Ndaba (Zulu; en-daba) = Counsil/Officials,
    Naga (East Indian, Nubian = People
    Nugarmarta (West African = People (See the writings of Ibn Buttata’s journey to West Africa)


    The Romans are probably the first Europeans to misrepresent the word for God, which was “N-g-r”

    About the early part of the First Century, Romans tried to invade Ethiopia. (see BLACK HISTORY CHART or go here for a list of Nubian Pharaohs and Queens.

    The Romans who were speakers of Latin always knew of Blacks, there were Blacks in Rome, Italy had an ancient Black presence long before the Latins migrated from Central Asia and North Eastern Europe during the ‘Aryan’ migrations. In fact, the Latin ethnic groups is still in existance in the northern part of Italy even today. This part of Italy still grips about Hannibal’s invasion which happened about two thousand two hundred years ago!!!!

    The Romans had a name for Blacks, it was “Niger” and it meant Black or people of African origins. Thus, Septimus Niger would have meant, Septimus the Negro. Yet, how did the Romans connect the word “Niger” to Black.

    In ancient times, Blacks were worshipped as Gods. The Gods of Greece came from Egypt. The worship of the Black Madonna is connected with the worship of Isis, the Egyptian Goddes. Moreover, Blacks in Egypt called their Pharaohs “En-ger” or “N-g-r” he was literally referred to as “THE GOD.”

    It is very possible that when the Romans tried to invade Nubia, they asked for the name of the God and the term “N-g-r” was probably used in place of “leader” or “king”. In Angola, the same also happened during the 1600′s when the word “N-gola” which means “King” (notice the “N” and the “g” in this word as well), came to be “Angola,’ the name of a kingdom in south western Africa.
    (Read more on Nubian, Egyptian, West African and ancient American trade and commercial connections in ancient times; see the book, “Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth,” published by 1stBooks Library, also see


    A Roman general invading Nubia from Egypt would probably have used the Egyptian term for Pharaoh, which was “N-g-r” (God). This term then was used to refer to all Blacks and as time went by, the word N-g-r became Niger. In Fact, the Romans also classified their Emperors as “Gods,” to follow the Egyptian style. Moreover, as the History Channel poointed out, “Rome was a collection of villages before the Egyptians built it up.”(paraphrased).
    The word “em-peror” sounds very close to the word “en-jer.” That is not a coincidental connection


    As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day

    14th September 2012.

    • Bee Says:

      There were and are many other Prophets and Messengers on Earth but they were not from the GENEALOGY of ADAM.

      I was wondering if you could kindly elaborate on this statement as I always believed we were all ultimately descendants of Adam.

      Many Thanks, Bee


    O Thou kind Lord!
    This gathering is turning to Thee.
    These hearts are radiant with Thy love.
    These minds and spirits are exhilarated
    by the message of Thy glad-tidings.
    O God! Let this American democracy
    become glorious in spiritual degrees
    even as it has aspired to material degrees,

    and render this just government victorious.
    Confirm this revered nation to upraise
    the standard of the oneness of humanity,
    to promulgate the Most Great Peace,
    to become thereby most glorious and praise-
    worthy among all the nations of the world.
    O God! This American nation is worthy
    of Thy favors and is deserving of Thy mercy.
    Make it precious and near to Thee
    through Thy bounty and bestowal.
    ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

    • Velma Watson Says:

      Nephew Fox, excellent are their many scriptural texts. I had this spiritual experience, as I was in deep meditation; when a wise man dressed in blue, being carried by four men on blue carpet and they, also dressed in blue. His name started with a P which I wrote down, but at this moment cannot put my hands on it, but his message to me was, I was on the right spiritual path and let no one make me stray. He said he had taught many the sacred path to God, but few had succeeded. He said Jesus was his pupil and he too did extremely well. Then this woman, dressed in yellow, riding on a donkey told me to listen to what the wise man said, because only a few he appeared to and one was Special in the heart of God if he appeared to him or her. Their dress, mannerisms, ways of speaking were more like the Hindu Religion, but I have stayed the course, sometimes getting weary, which inspires me to keep on the Sacred Path, because once the soul reunites with the God Head, their is no rebirth, unless specifically demanded to for the Good of all Mankind. Years later I was reading an old text I found at a garage sale and it contained the name of the man who had appeared to me and it was said he was one of Jesus’ favorite teachers, when he was a pupil in Egypt. Being a Christian, I had no previous connections with those who were Hindu or Muslim. This experience was a clear and I remember each detail most vividly.


    “Happy the days that have been consecrated to the remembrance of God, and blessed the hours which have been spent in praise of Him Who is the All-Wise.” —Bahá’u’lláh


    1 Dispel my grief by Thy bounty and Thy generosity, O God, my God, and banish mine anguish through Thy sovereignty and Thy might. Thou seest me, O my God, with my face set towards Thee at a time when sorrows have compassed me on every side. I implore Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord of all being, and overshadowest all things visible and invisible, by Thy Name whereby Thou hast
    subdued the hearts and the souls of men, and by the billows of the Ocean of Thy mercy and the splendors of the Daystar of Thy bounty, to number me with them whom nothing whatsoever hath deterred from setting their faces toward Thee, O Thou Lord of all names and Maker of the heavens!

    2 Thou beholdest, O my Lord, the things which have befallen me in Thy days. I entreat Thee, by Him Who is the Dayspring of Thy names and the Dawning-Place of Thine attributes, to ordain for me what will enable me to arise to serve Thee and to extol Thy virtues. Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the Most Powerful, Who art wont to answer the prayers of all men!

    3 And, finally, I beg of Thee by the light of Thy countenance to bless my affairs, and redeem my debts, and satisfy my needs. Thou art He to Whose power and to Whose dominion every tongue hath testified, and Whose majesty and Whose sovereignty every understanding heart hath acknowledged. No God is there but Thee, Who hearest and art ready to answer.

    – Bahá’u’lláh



    O Lord! Verily we are weak, but Thou art mighty. Verily, we are poor, but Thou art rich, We are the seekers, and Thou art the One sought. O Lord! Have compassion upon us to forgive us; bestow upon us such capacity and the receptiveness that we may be worthy of Thy favours and become attracted to Thy kingdom, that we may drink deep of the water of life, may be enkindled by the fire of Thy love, and be resuscitated through the breaths of the Holy Spirit in this radiant century.


    19th September 2012.


    “There were and are many other Prophets and Messengers on Earth but they were not from the GENEALOGY of ADAM. I was wondering if you could kindly elaborate on this statement as I always believed we were all ultimately descendants of Adam”.
    Thanks, Bee

    There are two existing world in the UNIVERSE one visible to man which we call the material world and represents EVE.

    The other is invisible to man which we call the Spiritual world and represents ADAM.

    In the material world all men are the descendants of ADAM. In the spiritual world we are all servants of GOD there is no GENEALOGY.

    19th September 2012.


    “but I have stayed the course, sometimes getting weary, which inspires me to keep on the Sacred Path, because once the soul reunites with the God Head, their is no rebirth, unless specifically demanded to for the Good of all Mankind”.

    1. The days of your life are far spent, O people, and your end is fast approaching. Put away, therefore, the things ye have
    and to which ye cleave, and take firm hold on the precepts of God, that haply ye may attain that which He hath purposed for you, and be of them that pursue a right course. Delight not yourselves in the things of the world and its vain ornaments, neither set your hopes on them. Let your reliance be on the remembrance of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great. He will, erelong, bring to naught all the things ye possess. Let Him be your fear, and forget not His covenant with you, and be not of them that are shut out as by a veil from Him.”……Bahaullah

    19th September 2012.


    “but his message to me was, I was on the right spiritual path and let no one make me stray”.

    “The door of the knowledge of the Ancient Being hath ever been,
    and will continue for ever to be, closed in the face of men. No man’s understanding shall ever gain access unto His holy court. As a token of His mercy, however, and as a proof of His loving-kindness, He hath manifested unto men the Day Stars of His divine guidance, the Symbols of His divine unity, and hath ordained the
    knowledge of these sanctified Beings to be identical with the knowledge of His own Self. Whoso recognizeth them hath recognized God. Whoso hearkeneth to their call, hath hearkened to the Voice of God, and whoso testifieth to the truth of their Revelation, hath testified to the truth of God Himself. Whoso turneth away from them, hath turned away from God, and whoso disbelieveth in them, hath disbelieved in God. Every one of them is the Way of God that connecteth this world with the realms above, and the Standard of His Truth unto every one in the kingdoms of earth and heaven. They are the Manifestations of God amidst men, the evidences of His Truth, and the signs of His glory.”……Bahaullah

    A believing HINDU is a CHRISTIAN and a believing CHRISTIAN is a MUSLIM and a believing MUSLIM is a BAHAI.

    “All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”…Bahaullah.

    Krishna, Abraham, Buudha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

    Every one of them is the Way of God that connecteth this world with the realms above, and the Standard of His Truth unto every one in the kingdoms of earth and heaven. They are the Manifestations of God amidst men, and the signs of His glory

    20th September 2012.

  246. perms gone bad Says:

    I will right away clutch your rss as I can’t in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me realize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  247. Owen Says:

    Hello there, I do believe your website might be having internet browser compatibility issues.

    Whenever I take a look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in I.

    E., it’s got some overlapping issues. I merely wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Aside from that, excellent site!

  248. Eugene Akannam Says:

    In my book, “Before the Covenants,” I presented my research findings that says:
    1. That I traced Abraham to Igboland of Nigeria through his maternal grandfather, Kanabo, in whose name a temple exists in Igboland today for the world to go and see – not fairy tales as Western scholars do.
    2. That Abraham’s ancestors were originally banished from a land called Ora Aladinma (Ur of Chaldim broken as Ur of Ch Aldim or people of the God of God land). And this land is indisputably, the Igboland of Nigeria through linguistic analysis – the only place where the original Hebrew language of God Himself is spoken to this day.
    3. I confirmed through research that Igbo (Hebrew) people of Nigeria is the only people in the whole world that speak the original Hebrew language of God – the first language of the universe. The language spoen in Israel today and the language that people learn today in Universities and colleges around the world are not the original Hebrew,, but a generic language in the mode of Aramaic. The Jewish leaders know what I am talking about and no scholar, Hebrew or non-Hebrew is “intelligeng” enough to disprove what I am saying. In fact, a citizen of the present day nation of Israel cannot pronounce even the Hebrew vowels, not to talk of the words, except those of them that lives in Igboland today.

    Now, I know that there are still skeptic out there. And for such skeptics, I make this challenge to the world: That Is, no Jew, Arab (Moslem), Europeans (Christians), scholar or non-scholar is “INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO TELL THE WORLD the meaning of the words “Muslim/Moslem and Muhammad. People on this Website, please help me to broadcast this challenge tp any and every where. I made this challenge to teach those people who look down on black people and Africans that any skin color of any race can approach the quality of black skin,, naturally and otherwise, but not better. I also challenge any scientist to prove me wrong. Thank you.

  249. Eugene Akannam Says:

    Sorry, I forgot a few things. Both the words “Muslim/Moslem” and”Muhammad” are Igbo (Hebrew) words and not Arabic as these names have no true meaning in Arabic. My Website address is Thank you.

    • Velma Watson Says:

      Eugene, Aramaic was suppose to have been the Hebrew dialect that Jesus spoke, so say several books I read. Why
      is there always something, someone, someplace that always
      has a reference to Jesus that indicates he was not Black. Same for
      Mohammed, and others who bared their spiritual journeys to help others find that Solace for the Soul, which is GOD? Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, please excuse me for butting in your question for Eugene. But I have seen the oldest images of so called Jesus and they all portrayed him as being a black man. I can show you all kinds of the earliest images of the Hebrews and they all are black as well. There came a point in time when the Europeans changed the image of so called Jesus along with changing his name and also what we believe in so much known as the bible. As a people we must go back to our original spirituality in order to know the truth. We created spirituality and this is what we need to get back. Not something created by our oppressors that has one thinking all of the main characters in the bible story were white. This is one of the worst forms of slavery ever created. It`s pimping at it`s best. For example. If You know your name is Velma and someone was calling out Greta, would you answer to that name? No, i`m pretty sure you wouldn`t. In Africa you will find the oldest of any and everything. This is where man was created and not in the middle east. We have let our sons and daughters twist and then regurgitate what we created back to us in a very wrong manner. This is why our prayers are not being answered. We have accepted the watered down version of our own creation. And have forgotten the true and real spirituality our ancestors created. In all reality we have become comfortable trying to become accepted into a society that will never accept us. Just look at the stupid things our ancestors did just to satisfy whites. I think back to a movie clip I saw from back in the 30`s or 40`s where there was a bunch of our people in a watermelon eating contest. This was done just so whites could have a good laugh. I know times were hard for us back then but after the shooting of this film times were still hard for us. And they probably didn`t get paid nothing for filming it. The watermelon was probably their pay. Our thinking must change. Why do you think they try to hide so much of Africa from us? Because there lies the secret we desperately need to get ourselves back to good form. This is where we came from and this is where we need to be. Home is where the heart is. Yes, we were born over here but we have no land and no army so we will always be on the bottom as long as we remain out numbered by the white man. Willie Lynch was a true demon. Us as a whole are far too removed from how we were meant to be. Right now we are Africans that have been turned European in our thinking. We should have all put our money together years ago and built ships to get our asses out of here and back home. That`s where we are needed the most. That`s the reason we were taken in such large amounts and spread all over the world in smaller amounts. We must learn to love ourselves more than we love the white man. This is the only way you will be able to see through the clever trickery that has been done to us. I mean, if there are brothers and sisters who spend their lives going back to our homeland and studying our history and showing us proof of where the bible ripped off many of it`s contents then we shouldn`t be trying to get too deep into false and twisted teachings. I started my research with the bible and once I found out the Hebrews were black people I knew that the most high was moving me into a different direction. I knew Africa was behind it all. Every human being can trace his DNA back to Africa. Not the middle east…lol That alone should tell you that someone either lied or didn`t know what they were talking about…lol Auntie, one day I prayed to be shown the truth about the bible. That next morning I found a national geographic magazine with the Falasha`s on the cover. It said Beta Israel. I would have never known that there was black Hebrews if it wasn`t for that magazine. That was the first time I saw it for myself. I had heard from a Hebrew Israelite brother that the biblical Hebrews were black people. After seeing that issue of NatGeo the very next morning I saw another one that had the Lemba on the cover…lol This was no coincidence. You see, in order to get to the truth you have to step out of what you are trying to find the truth about and check out other sources. After seeing where and how African spirituality had been taken and corrupted there`s no way i`m ever going to put anyone else before my people. All African people share a portion of DNA that is only exclusive to ourselves. With that said, I will let everyone be the judge for themselves. I will say the most important thing you can do is not put some European made so called God before your very own people who created spirituality.

      • Velma Watson Says:

        Oh Nephew, this was so well explained. In thinking about your explanation, my father and all of our relatives, even those who were more Native American, than Black, and those who were Mulattoes always told us that the God that we speak to, guide us, deliver us, and Bless us was in our minds a Black Man, with a very distinct voice. They would not allow pictures of White Jesus that were attached to calenders to be in there homes. In 1970 I purchased the first Bible, that was based on Black Research and it listed so many of the Biblical Characters as Black. My father was passed on, but he said that with all the work being done by Blacks, the truth of the Bible should come out and how it was stolen from us, the Black Hebrews.
        There was an old Nigerian man, who was named Dr. Michediai. He was a true medical doctor and he, now that I think about his visits, he would say that we must not shame our people and our Black God, by worshiping a White Demigod. He said his people were the true Hebrews and some of the words he used to explain his Hebrew Heritage, were so vivid. His last visit, before he passed was dedicated to making us accept God, Jesus, and many of the Bible characters as Black. He explained all this in ways that my people who were ministers I think accepted his knowledge and his request as a vow to never see Jesus as or God as White, Golden haired Men, but the image he begged them to see were of Black Men. We understood that God was not a Man, as he is presented, but in order to visualize this spiritual man, we had to see him as Black, as well as Jesus. Then he was the first to tell us about Jeremiah and the dredlocks and then Hansberry wrote his book and there the image of a little Black boy with big ears, think curly hair came forward and he was Jesus. Hansberry also present the image of Jeremiah. You know how I feel about Jesus and God, but from my earliest memories, they were Black.I remember an older lady asking why did Jesus and God allow us to suffer so and Dr. Michediai told her, not to Blame God and Jesus, but we must suffer as a people, because we let our true nature of the divine within be stolen, reshaped, and presented to us in the form of lies.
        When Black Adam’s remains were found, which showed this African was 6’5 and weighed 200, lived 60,000 years ago and we all carry his DNA. His is just above the San People. I have an old book that states that this beautiful African Woman had the perfect body in measurements of 40-24-40. She was from South Africa and due to her beauty and body she was carried to England as a slave, where she was prostituted, was infected with syphilis and died. It was her body that the small waist and large butt were created for white women, by the wiring that was called bussiers. Before this woman was caught and carried to England, English women had no specific form of clothing to emphasize the female body. Her people protested for years to have her remains returned to her homeland. I think, after it was finally released she was reburied in her homeland after dying in the 1830’s. I have old soul stirs religious music, many other singers, Professor Alex Bradford, Joe May, and Carlo Turner who all inspires the soul in such manner when they sung, that we had to have a natural connection to God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. No other group of people has been able to copy our religious or spiritual style of praying, singing, and even shouting. When I listen to this music, it carries me back to the days of Dr. Michediai and the Sunday Afternoons of old Blacks having their say. It was those sessions that prompt me to learn all I could about our people and more importantly, how could our singing no matter who, when, or where this music brought people to their feet and oral praying was so deep, it truly pulled on the heart strings, as the old saying goes.The churches were alive then, with ministers like Rev. John speaking of the Blackness of Jesus and the bigotry of the Whites. We had come so far, but still had so far to still go. We are not where we should be today and when I hear Blacks fussing against President OBama, I have to think let us rejoice in the moment, because as a kid, I never thought of the possibility of a Black President. My grands ask about my days growing up and how could we live with the anger, hatred, bitterness and murders. I had to say, it was by the Grace of God and my Black Savior, Jesus Christ who showed the whole world that the number one country in the world, elected a Black Man. It took so much, it took so long, and he President OBama has had a strong arm of haters blocking all he has tried to do and did. Take care Nephew, this is bringing forth too many unpleasant memories. Auntie

      • Antwan Says:

        Auntie, it`s very rare to find brothers and sisters who were taught the truth by their own relatives. In most cases we go to church and the preacher is teaching the wrong things. The most emphasis is put on tithing…lol As in Creflo Dollar…lol How canm you even trust a man who`s last name is Dollar?. He probably gave himself that last name…lol Please don`t misunderstand what I am saying Auntie. And I know it upsets you to rehear our history. But for a brother like me I have to keep reinforcing this information on a daily basis because I was once just like everyone else in the black community. I used to sell drugs, gangbang and any other illegal activity I could do to make money on the south side of Chicago. It was because of me getting arrested that I had a chance to meet brothers who knew things that I didn`t. Things about religion and history that were not being taught in our schools. And now I know why. We need to have a sense of urgency about correcting our thinking because as we gain more knowledge about different parts of our history this knowledge is being used to separate us. One is for the bible and one for the Koran and others are for ancient Egypt. Well i`ve been trying my best to find this video series on youtube where a brother is teaching the bible and our history as it pertains to the bible and all other spirituality. How all of the religions coincide with each other. They were all taken from the motherland Africa. But they have also been altered and corrupted. Auntie, try to control your anger about what happened to us. Know that we will never let it happen again to us. But we do have a lot of our people who love the enemy more than they love themselves. These are the ones who we can do without.


    “BEFORE THE COVENANTS” is a book containing three major findings of historical and religious importance to the world, which the author believes to be part of end-time divine revelations. These priceless findings are:

    1. Tracing Abraham, the spiritual father to the Jews, Christians, and Moslems to a temple named after his maternal grandfather, Kanabo, in Igboland, Nigeria.

    2. Uncovering through ancient people’s research that the ancestors of Abraham were originally banished from a land they called Aladinma, which turned out to be the Igboland of Nigeria, the land of the kingless race.

    3. Confirming through the Bible, other sacred Hebrew scriptures, and the various writings of many Jewish scholars and Rabbis that Igbo language is the original Hebrew language and the first language of the universe – a language that is older than the universe.

    The book is easy to read and resonates with people from all walks of life.

    25th September 2012.


    “There were and are many other Prophets and Messengers on Earth but they were not from the GENEALOGY of ADAM. I was wondering if you could kindly elaborate on this statement as I always believed we were all ultimately descendants of Adam”.
    Thanks, Bee

    There are two existing world in the UNIVERSE one visible to man which we call the material world and represents EVE.

    The other is invisible to man which we call the Spiritual world and represents ADAM.

    In the material world all men are the descendants of ADAM. In the spiritual world we are all servants of GOD there is no GENEALOGY.

    19th September 2012


    When a spirit manifest into an enlightened soul the person can do many things impossible to men.

    In some cases when the spirit manifest into an unenlightened soul Doctors say that person is Bi-Polar and ordinary people say that person is mad. an example: The Prophet Muhammad was an illiterate. However, when the Spirit manifest upon his body he would go into a trance with a new personality, because many were not aware of this in the HEBREW tradition some write that he was a mad man. “AISHA” Muhammad’s wife was the only one allowed to experience those events.

    When a soul becomes enlightened they can heal another being of diseases that Science cannot. This is called miracles only because humanity refuse to understand and learn the invisible or spiritual world. There is no disease that cannot be cured by Almighty G_D (Almighty Allah). While we sleep we are in the spiritual world. Those who pray before bedtime GOD sometimes communicate to them through Dreams.

    Life does not end with EVE.

    25th September 2012.


  253. Eugene Akannam Says:

    My Sister, Velma:

    Aramaic is a generic language that contains Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages. This was the language that people in Judea were speaking during the life of Jesus. So, Jesus did not speak Hebrew, he spoke Aramaic and his name Yehoshua is also Aramaic. This is why the question you should be asking is, if the Jews at the time of Jesus did not speak Hebrew, where then did the Jewish leaders of today learn the language they established in Universities as Hebrew? Where did the people living in Israel today learn the language they are speaking which they call Hebrew. In Europe? I don’t think so. Any person, Jew or Gentile that teaches that the language people learn in Universities today or spoken in Israel today is Hebrew language is both a liar and a deciever of the world. I speak the original Hebrew and know the various dialects of Hebrew. The Jews today cannot even sound a vowel in Hebrew let alone pronounce the word correctly. THIS IS WHY I URGE ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN THE TRUE HISTORY TO GET MY BOOK “BEFORE THE COVENANTS” AND YOU WILL ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTIONS.

    As for Jesus, He is a black man. And when he was on this world in flesh, he was one of my own because his mother is born of the Livite priestly family. I am not just an Israelite, I am a Semite of the first rank because I am a Livite High Priest by birth and can provide the chromosomal evidence of my Livite priestly lineage. Moreoever, the European culture is the exact opposite of the Hebrew culture. So, it is impossible that Jesus is an European, uncircumcised Gentiles whose ancestors are enemies of God and their culture keeps God’s law away from their lives. THank you.


    Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

    30th September 2012.


    Let not Religion be the source of division among you. All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    • Antwan Says:

      Keith, you have a wealth of knowledge. And what you just said is one of the keys to a peaceful life for everyone.


    but know ye verily also that the existence of the God really lives in the Sun.

    2nd October 2012.


    Only those who follow and practice the teachings of the Messengers and the Prophets shall unite with the G_D Head.

    I AM THAT I AM: 11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.


    Tennerson Fox
    Tennerson Fox
    Tennerson Fox
    … …
    O lord, Enable all the peoples of the earth to gain admittance into Paradise of thy faith, so that no created being may remain beyond the bounds of thy good pleasure. from time immemorial thou hast been potent to do what pleaseth thee and transcendenth above whatsoever thou desirest.
    … … … ..
    … … … THE BAB



    Voodoo Teachings: The Great Sun – By- Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo

    The Sun

    Anya-anwu na agbala
    Eze-enu, Okasi akasi
    That is to hail him by his true names being:
    the light and the spirit,
    the king of the heavens, the Almighty
    the omniscience and omnipotent
    African traditional cosmogony recognizes the potency of the Sun, as the creator force that is seen in the material form.
    Just like its earlier expression in Egypt, the Sun is the symbol of life and the God. In Khemit, the Sun was know by various names notably Ra. Voodoo as is found in modern Africa venerates the Sun by several praise names some of which are listed above.
    In this solar system, African spirituality recognizes the planets as the original gods and goddesses. The earth is a goddess; the mother of all that lives and thrives on its surface. Existence was originally made for the benefit of the planets, humans and animals are secondary to this main objective.
    The Sun is the essence of life. It is the chief of this solar system. It is the head god that is seen with the naked eyes. The Sun is the giver of life. It is also the giver of warmth and light. There could be no life on earth except for the light and warmth of the sun.
    Before a seed can come to life there must be the following forces: light, warmth, earth, and water. When these four forces penetrate the seed and combine with each other inside that very seed then live sprouts. Thus life can be defined as a combination of matter (seed), and the four forces of existence light, warmth, earth and water.
    Those forces are not “non-living beings” as we have been taught as elementary school students. These forces are the fount of life. Therefore they must be alive.
    A devotee that seeks with humility will learn the wisdom of life. Wisdom reveals the true reality of life to the mind. A humble and sincere liver of life must then give thanks and praises to the forces that giveth him life and delightful experiences.
    A true scientist will honour that which by factual verification is directly responsible for his nourishment and his joy.
    The planet earth gives rise to humans. The planet earth provides nourishment and joy for its children. The planet earth fills our daily experience with beauty and activity. Upon expiration the planet earth receives our bodies and regenerates our substance.
    The Sun is the originator of the solar system. It is the father and the mother of the earth and all the other solar system planets which it holds in its magnetic and loving embrace. The Sun sheds the energy and the solar radiation which keep the planets existing forever in this spatial reality.
    The Sun blows the wind that we breath, the Sun makes the waters to come and to go, the Sun shines the light that gives life and joy, the Sun sends the warmth that gives love and all comforts, the Sun is the creator and the sustainer of all life.
    If one can express true and simple gratitude for life and love, one must express gratitude to the causes and the sources of life and love – the Sun and its planets. As Akhenaten the King of Khemit chanted to Aten, the Sun saying:
    Hymn to the Aten
    Your dawning is beautiful in the horizon of heaven,
    O living Sun, creator of life!
    When you set in the western horizon,
    Earth falls into a deathly darkness.
    People sleep in chambers, heads covered,
    oblivious of the world,
    the possessions in their head stolen.
    Every lion comes forth from its den,
    the serpents sting.
    Darkness reigns,
    earth is silent,
    as their maker rests in heavens.
    Earth brightens when you rise in the horizon,
    when you shine as Aten of daytime.
    As you cast your rays,
    the Two Lands are in festivity.
    Awake, the people are on their feet.
    Cleansed and clothed,
    their arms adore your appearance.
    The entire land sets out to work,
    The beasts browse on their herbs,
    trees and plants nourish.
    The birds fly from their nests,
    their wings greeting you,
    as the sheep frisk on their feet,
    and the insects utter.
    All live when you dawn for them.
    Boats travel north and south,
    and roads lie open when you dawn.
    The fish in the river leap up before you,
    your rays are in the midst of the sea.
    You are the one who makes the seed in men,
    who feeds the son in the mother’s womb,
    who soothes him that he may not weep,
    a nurse even in the womb.
    You give him breath when he is born,
    you open his mouth in speech.
    When the chick in the egg cries in the shell,
    you give him breath to sustain him.
    You have perfected him
    to break out from the egg,
    chirp and run around on his two feet.
    Your works are manifold,
    though hidden from sight,
    O One Aten, beside whom there is no other.
    You created the world as you wished,
    you alone
    all people, herds, flying creatures,
    the reckoning of their days.
    You make the heavens
    to see your creation.
    You make the beauty of form,
    through yourself, alone.
    You are in my heart,
    there is no other who knows you.
    Save your son, Akhenaten.
    You have taught him your ways,
    your might.
    The world is in your hand,
    you are duration,
    beyond mere limbs.
    Man lives by you,
    and eyes look upon your beauty.
    You established this world
    for your Son,
    who came from your body,
    the King, the Lord of the Two Lands,
    and Nefertiti, chief wife,
    living and youthful forever.
    See also, Psalm 19 and 104 of the Old Testament.
    In other philosophies, one hears how this avatar brought light, or how this saviour showed enlightenment. Yet, we all know that the Sun is the only source of true light and enlightenment literally speaking. Due to the other dimensions and radiations of the energy waves of the Sun, we are also aware that it is the true giver of mystical enlightenment.
    When one sees the Sun above, one sees the Almighty. Ye have all heard about the existence of “the God” above the Sun, but know ye verily also that the existence of the God really lives in the Sun. Beauty, bliss, and brilliance are the transcedental qualities attributable to God shinning in the Sun.
    African spirituality teaches that we all live in the palace of the Almighty. We all exist in the temple of the Lord. When this is clear to the mind, much reverence is directed to the true One.
    When due reverence and love is given to the true father and the mother, true love and grace will descend. When one calls on the One that is true, real and almighty, one ascends from the level of childish ignorance and foolish ideology to the heights of true realistic existence.
    When one calls on the true and living Sun, one gets an instant answer.
    Blessed is she who calls on the Sun, for she will get all that she seeks.
    This is why the Psalmist sang in Psalm 19th (edited):
    1 The heavens declare the glory of the Sun;
    the firmaments proclaim his handiworks.
    2 Day after day they uttereth speech;
    night after night sheweth knowledge.
    3 There is no speech or language
    where their voice is not heard.
    4 Their voice goeth out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world proclaiming that:
    In the heavens the Sun has pitched a tent for the light.
    The Sun:
    5 The Sun is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion,
    it is the Lord rejoicing in its works.
    6 It rises at one end of the heavens
    and makes its circuit to the other;
    nothing is hidden from its heat.
    7 The law of the LORD is perfect,
    reviving the soul.
    The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy,
    making wise the simple.
    8 The precepts of the LORD are right,
    giving joy to the heart.
    The commands of the LORD are radiant,
    giving light to the eyes.
    9 The love of the LORD is pure,
    enduring forever.
    The ordinances of the LORD are sure
    and altogether righteous.
    10 They are more precious than gold,
    than much pure gold;
    they are sweeter than honey,
    than honey from the comb.
    11 By them is your servant warned;
    in keeping them there is great reward.
    12 Who can discern his errors?
    Forgive my hidden faults.
    13 Keep your servant also from willful sins;
    may they not rule over me.
    Then will I be blameless,
    innocent of great transgression.
    14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my Sun, my light, my Rock and my Redeemer.
    May we all chant the most sacred name of the Sun, as was given to us by our African ancestors, in Kush, in Khem and in Guinea…Amen-Ra!!! For whosoever loves the Sun and chants the name of Amen-Ra on a daily basis, with love and reverence, shall witness the light in his/her life.
    Stay Blessed. Amen-Ra!!!
    Nwa-Amadi Omeife Jideofo

    • Antwan Says:

      Keith, scientist and other west African researchers have found out that ancient Kemet and everyone else got their language and religions from Nigeria. The people of Kemet weren`t always in north east Africa. They came from the interior first. I can give you a link where you can see these studies and research. My spirit always knew this so once I started to see scientific proof I wasn`t all that surprised. Even today we are the most followed people on the planet. We set trends that everyone else follows. I was just chatting with a Mexican woman today and she sent me some videos of latin singers she likes. I quickly noticed how they dressed, danced and styled themselves after us. This has been going on since I could remember. Even in Africa we are setting trends among our own people. Notice how if you turn on the tv you will see everyone using our street terms and dress…lol These are the things we need to look at because it`s been going on since the beginning of man. The ancient Sumerian and Egyptian language came from the Igbo people of Nigeria. There is a reason why we didn`t know this. The scientist who did this research studied the Igbo for over 20 years. And for some strange reason the Europeans want to claim ancient Egypt as theirs…lol Even though we can plainly see our people painted and carved all over the ancient walls of Kemet. That just goes to show the lengths people will go to spread lies. And by them taking a large amount of Igbo and relatives of the Igbo into the slave trade, there was no way they could let us know the truth about ourselves. But there are people from the Igbo who are doing studies on their own. I`m starting to see more and more information on this topic coming to the light now. When it comes to our history we must be very careful of who we get this information from.


    Islam means “Surrender to Almighty” i.e., a person will be no more dependent on his own desires and passions.. but he will be totally dependent on Almighty’s pleasure…

    surrendering to God comes through following the messengers teaches, they all preached monotheism and righteous actions.

    “Islam” and “peace” share the same root letters “slm”.

    Muslims’s religion is Islam. Islam religion is that religion per God (Allah) revelation of Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril) started in year 610 AD. Refer to the related question below for more information.

    == Answer ==

    Muslims religion is Islam
    Muslims practice the religion of Islam. The word Islam means “submission” and Muslim means “one who is in a state of submission.” It is understood that this submission is to the will of God. It is stated in the Quran that all of the prophets including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were in this state of submission and thus Muslims.
    God has given human beings free choice and the choices are to follow the way that God chose for the human being and the other choice is to reject and follow your own way. and god promised whoever follows god’s way he will live in paradise forever. and the one who live his own life god will open for him all the doors of happiness all the bless of this world and he will live life the fullest. but in the hear after he will be one of the loosers and will live in hell forever. so Islam is a way which god chose for human being for the prophets and everything that exists.


    BAHAI means Children of the Light.

    Living as Children of Light: A Scriptural Understanding
    Ephesians 4:17-32

    What does it mean to be a child of light? More importantly, what does it mean to live as a child of light? The Bible is chock full of lessons on how God’s children are to conduct their lives. A guideline for living as “children of light” is found in the book of Ephesians, chapter 4. The Bible text outlines the sinful ways we should avoid and turn from. It also calls us to put off our old selves and take on the virtuous ways of the lord. Finally, we see specific sins that keep us from becoming these “children of light” that we are called to be.

    In Ephesians 4:17-19, we see our first call to action. We are instructed against living as the Gentiles and in their way of thinking. But how were they living and thinking? Verse 18 tells us they were “darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.” When I read this, I see a chain reaction happening. How often do we harden our hearts to the will of God? It happens every time we disobey the Lord and choose our own, selfish ways over the ways of the Lord. We do not submit to the Lord, thus we harden our hearts to Him. As a result, we become ignorant, and from ignorance comes this darkening of understanding, which inevitably separates us from God. Talk about a bad reaction! I don’t think anyone claiming to love God would wish to be separated from Him. But many of us are separated from Him without even realizing it.

    We are also told in verse 19 that they were indulgent in “every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.” All too often, we become willing victims of this lust for impurity. It’s really an addiction. Even small tastes of impurity have us craving more and more until we are completely conformed to the ways of the sinful world. But we are given a second call: put off your old selves! Verses 20-24 says:

    “You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. Surely you heard of him and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

    Our call is not just to obey rules, but also to turn from our old ways. A true conversion experience involves a rebirth in Christ and letting your old self die. When your old self dies, you are turning from your old ways and choosing to follow God. This describes the experience of true baptism. I say true baptism, because anyone can claim to be a follower of Christ and have a converted soul, but God knows your heart. True baptism involves this genuine rebirth in Christ and the total dismissal of our old ways. Some people struggle with letting go of the old ways and as a result, they never truly experience conversion. In the text above it mentions “deceitful desires.” This is the way of our lives we must be whole-heartedly willing to give up, and with out that, we are separated from God. But by putting on “the new self” we are choosing to be like God in “righteousness and holiness.”

    Verses 25-28 give some specifics on what we are to be cleansed of. We are instructed to “put off falsehood (and instead) speak truthfully to his neighbor.” Deceit is an ugly bug that seems to find its way into everything. But we are instructed to become equipped with truth and to forsake falsehood. An interesting statement follows, revealing we are all “members of one body.” We are one in Christ! To dishonor any of the body of Christ is to dishonor the entire body of Christ. We must, therefore, make every effort to take on the virtue of truth. We are also instructed about anger and stealing as part of the old, sinful self. It is not a sin to be angry, but we are, however, told “in your anger do not sin.” Holding a grudge is an excellent way to continue in sin; it is one of Satan’s personal favorites, a weapon of choice. In His instruction about stealing, God tells us to “steal no longer.” Then he tells us to do just the opposite so that we may “have something to share with those in need.”

    From verse 29-32, we are instructed on two polar opposites: malice and forgiveness. If we are to be like Christ, we will not let “unwholesome talk” come from our mouths. “Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man unclean (Matthew 15:17,18) If you heard a campaign presentation in favor of a particular political candidate, and then immediately after you find the speaker engaging in defamatory talk against the same candidate, you are going to seriously reconsider that speaker’s credibility. The same is true for Christians. If we claim to walk in the light of God and teach others to do the same, but then let words of hate and filth flow from our lips, we are doing our Lord a great disservice. We are to let everything that proceeds from our mouths be to the Glory of God. We are told the very malice we are to rid ourselves of: bitterness, rage, anger, brawling and slander. We, again, are told to do just the opposite: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God Forgave you.” Can you imagine God holding a grudge and deciding, “No, I’m not ready to forgive yet”? “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” (Mark 11:25) We see a conditional statement here: “…forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive…” How can we be forgiven of our sins if we are unable to forgive others?

    So we are called to become “Children of Light.” We have seen the sinful ways of our inner selves that we must turn from. We have also seen that we are not to simply turn from our old lives, but to also walk forward toward God. Turning is the hardest step; continuing in His light then comes naturally. We remove the burden and replace it with delight.


    These were the Messengers of G_D sent to Earth as UNIVERSAL teachers. Krishna, Abraham, Buuddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

    Today 2nd November 2012 we shall delete all the Messengers teachings among you that were corrupted by men for material benefit and power.

    Krishna…………Man made the Religion of Hinduism and corrupted the Teachings.

    Buuddhism……No longer necessary to practice since parts of Hinduism is in the Buuddha Rituals.

    Zoroasterism… No longer necessary for the Reincarnated Body of Jesus was Zoroaster.

    We leave among you the Teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

    The most Holy Writings among you are in the QURAN and the KITABI -I- AQDAS.

    Preserve these teachings and make none of these Messengers equal to Almighty Allah (Almighty G_D).

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    Research these writings and correct all that which was corrupted in the UNHOLY BIBLE so the AFRICAN child can re-unite with his creator. The journey was long and hard may the Mercy of Almighty Allah (Almighty G_D) be upon AFRICA and with Almighty Allah (Almighty G_D) wealth in CHINA be used to develop and enrich the material Wealth in AFRICA greater than any NATION upon the face of this Earth. May all in AFRICA unite and let spiritual enlightenment surface among her people. All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

  263. Velma Watson Says:

    I salute all of you, especially Nephews Antwan and T. Fox for sharing so much of our African History with all of us. We have to keep the candle light burning with all the knowledge that God has blessed us to have and to continue to share with those who will listen for their own enlightenment. Until our young ones start to listen, grasp, and understand what we are all saying, the enemies will continue to distort and lie about our many truths. Let us share this knowledge with the young and help them to embody this knowledge, so at some point at God’s Will, when the full knowledge comes forth, they can and will embrace our historical truths and began to introduce African Truths to the world, with proof, as so many of you have done through research. The Nubian Egyptian, Imhotep gave to humankind the identity of 5000 diseases, their symptoms, and cures, Hippocrates, who labeled himself the Father of Medicine, stole this information from Imhotep’s Wall of accomplishments, which is the process of how so much of our history has been taken and passed off as European. To correct these lies we must know the truth and share the truth with our young and pray that someday God will lay out the many truths in His Divine Plan that will be given for all men to accept and follow to correct the millions of wrongs and lies that we have suffered.

    • Antwan Says:

      Thank you Auntie. That was very well said. I like that you mentioned Imhotep and how the Greeks stole his works and claimed them for themselves. Imhotep was the first known multigenius. But i`m sure that even he got information from the interior of Africa where his people came from. As I mentioned in a previous message, they have found a 200,000 year old settlement in south Africa where they were mining gold. They also found millions of stone circles at this site as well. The only thing that bothers me is that they have white scientist and also African scientist studying this site. But the white scientist are the only ones i`ve seen giving information on the site. And they are already trying to give credit of this site to aliens…lol It`s just sad to me that a people can be so jealous of others that they make up things just so a certain people won`t get credit for their accomplishments. I`m going to make it my business to try and get there to study this site for myself. This site is said to be much larger than even ancient Egypt was. I must tell you Auntie. Once I started to find out all of this information about our people it made me feel much better about myself and my people as well. That`s why I give this information to all my brothers and sisters in hopes they will persue further studies.


    Velma E. Watson your faith shall lead multitudes to the creator. For all those who work for the benefit of humanity are rewarded in this world and in the next. Mr Antwan you have enough information to start teaching all of Humanity and may Almighty Allah (Almighty G_D) continue to bless both you and Velma in this world and in the next. Until we meet again.

    I AM THAT I AM:11111929-11112929.

    The SUN has risen in the WEST.

    All Religion is “ONE” and came from the “SAME SOURCE”.

    Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab, Bahaullah.

    • Antwan Says:

      Thank you my brother Keith. I have learned a wealth of knowledge from you, Auntie and Carol. Keep it coming my brother.


    1.ABRAHAM Almighty Allah (Almighty G_d has an everlasting covenant never to leave his people alone.

    2.MOSES Almighty Allah (Almighty G_d) commandments guides all of humanity.

    3.JESUS “I am the way the truth and the light no one comes unto the father but through me”

    4.MUHAMMAD the last Messenger of Almighty Allah (Almighty G_d) “I am closest to JESUS in this world and in the next but do not worship me like how the Christians worship JESUS for i am but a slave of Allah (G_d) for although the prophets and Messengers of G_d may have different mothers their Religion remains but one and the same.

    5.BAB the Gate to the Glory of G_d.

    6.Bahaullah the Glory of G_d. aka return of JESUS “All Religion is one and came from the same source”.

    TENNERSON KEITH FOX : Phd Religion & Science.
    Sandra Lewis
    Carol Lewis
    Adanna Lewis.
    Anderson Keron Fox.
    Jehoshua Perkins.
    Jameka Lewis.

    In my fathers house there are many mansions if it were not so i would have told you, i go to prepare a place for you and if i go to prepare a place for you i shall come again and receive you unto myself for where i am there ye may be also.


    Parallels suggested between Jesus & Horus
    Alleged comparisons between
    Jesus’ and Horus’ life events.

    Sponsored link.

    What do similarities between Jesus and Horus mean?

    There are an amazing number of identical or very similar life events, characteristics, and teachings shared by Horus and Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ). Horus was considered a god in ancient Egypt. Jesus was considered:
    bullet A Jewish prophet by Jewish Christians in the first century CE,
    bullet As a man-god by later Christians, and
    bullet As history’s second greatest prophet by Muslims.

    If these points of similarity were between Horus and any other historical Jewish individual — for example Pilate, the Procurator of Judea — then there would be universal agreement that someone in ancient times had simply copied elements of Horus’ story and falsely attributed them to Pilate. That is, both life stories would be myths — events that never happened but which have great spiritual significance.

    But Pilate was not involved. The first century CE individual was Yeshua of Nazareth! His story is found documented in in the Christian Scriptures — the New Testament of the Bible.

    How these points of coincidence are interpreted depends upon one’s view of the Bible:
    bullet If it is viewed as an inerrant book, free of error, whose authors were inspired by God, then one would suspect that a massive fraud must have taken place. The events really formed part of Jesus’ life because the Bible is free of error. Somehow the events were also attributed to Horus in Egypt for many centuries before Jesus’ birth through fraudulent means.

    bullet If the Bible is viewed as a historical document, like other cultures’ holy books, then it is obvious that events in Jesus’ life were copied from stories that had been associated with Horus for many centuries before Jesus’ birth. The events are fictional. Probably none actually happened in reality.

    After removing these myths from the Gospel, there would be not much left of the stories other than an an account of:
    bullet An exceptional Jewish itinerate preacher and native healer who had an uneventful birth,
    bullet Who, at the age of about 35 gathered a small group of followers and toured the Galilee,
    bullet Spread a type of reform Judaism that matched the teachings of Hillel from the first century BCE,
    bullet Was convicted of aggravated assault in the Jerusalem temple, and
    bullet Was routinely executed for treason by the occupying Roman army, along with thousands of others in the first century CE.

    In short, Jesus’ story would be very similar to that promoted by the Jesus Seminar today.

    Life events allegedly shared by Horus and Yeshua (a.k.a. Jesus)

    There is a near consensus that Yeshua was born circa 4 to 7 BCE. By that time, stories from the life of Horus had been circulating for a few centuries. If any copying occurred by the writers of the Egyptian or Christian religions, it was the myths and legends of Horus that were incorporated into Jesus’ biography, not vice-versa.

    Tom Harpur, an author, journalist, Anglican priest, and theologian, studied the works of three authors specialized in ancient Egyptian religion: Godfrey Higgins (1771-1834), Gerald Massey (1828-1907) and Alvin Boyd Kuhn (1880-1963). Harpur incorporated some of their findings into his book “Pagan Christ.” 1 He argued that all of the essential ideas of both Judaism and Christianity came primarily from Egyptian religion.

    Harpur writes, in his book:

    “[Author Gerald] Massey discovered nearly two hundred instances of immediate correspondence between the mythical Egyptian material and the allegedly historical Christian writings about Jesus. Horus indeed was the archetypal Pagan Christ.” 2

    One problem with comparing events in the life of Horus and Yeshua relates to time. Horus was a leading figure in Egyptian mythology for millennia. Folklore about him naturally proliferated during this interval. So, for example, there is more than one story about the method by which he died. Thus, if the writers of the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) did copy events from Horus’ life, they would have had multiple options from which to choose. Further, one cannot compare crucifixion in 1st century CE Judah, with a simlar procedure in ancient Egypt. Roman crucifixion followed a specific procedure by which the victim was made to carry the crosspiece through the city, clothing was stripped from him, his limbs were tied — or in rare instances, nailed — to the cross, etc. Nothing precisely like this existed in ancient Egypt. So, one cannot strictly call Horus’ execution a crucifixion, even if he was tied to a tree and died of exposure.

    Comparison of some life events of Horus and Jesus:
    Event Horus Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus
    Conception: By a virgin. There is some doubt about this matter By a virgin. 3
    Father: Only begotten son of the God Osiris. Only begotten son of Yehovah (in the form of the Holy Spirit).
    Mother: Isis-Meri. 4 Miriam (now often referred to as Mary).
    Foster father: Seb, (a.k.a. Jo-Seph). 4 Joseph.
    Foster father’s ancestry: Of royal descent. Of royal descent.
    Birth location: In a cave. In a cave or stable.
    Annunciation: By an angel to Isis, his mother. By an angel to Miriam, his mother. 3
    Birth heralded by: The star Sirius, the morning star. An unidentified “star in the East.”
    Birth date: Ancient Egyptians paraded a manger and child representing Horus through the streets at the time of the winter solstice (about DEC-21). In reality, he had no birth date; he was not a human. Born during the fall. However, his birth date is now celebrated on DEC-25. The date was chosen to occur on the same date as the birth of Mithra, Dionysus and the Sol Invictus (unconquerable Sun), etc.
    Birth announcement: By angels. By angels. 3
    Birth witnesses: Shepherds. Shepherds. 3
    Later witnesses to birth: Three solar deities. An unknown number of wise men. 3 They are said to have brought three gifts; thus the legend grew that there were three men.
    Death threat during infancy: Herut tried to have Horus murdered. He was not successful. Herod tried to have Jesus murdered. He was not successful.
    Handling the threat: The God That tells Horus’ mother “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.” An angel tells Jesus’ father to: “Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.”
    Rite of passage ritual: Horus came of age with a special ritual, when his eye was restored. Taken by parents to the temple for what is today called a bar mitzvah ritual.
    Age at the ritual: 12 12
    Break in life history: No data between ages of 12 & 30. No data between ages of 12 & 30.
    Baptism location: In the river Eridanus. In the river Jordan.
    Age at baptism: 30. 30.
    Baptized by: Anup the Baptiser. John the Baptist, a.k.a. John the Baptist.
    Subsequent fate of the baptiser: Beheaded. Beheaded.

    This list is continued in another essay

    References used:

    The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

    Tom Harpur, “The Pagan Christ; Recovering the Lost Light,” Thomas Allen, (2004), Page 5. Read reviews or order this book. A Canadian Broadcasting Corp. documentary based on this book won the Platinium Award at the WorldFest Remi Awards in 2008.
    Ibid, Page 85.
    Ibid, Page 80. Items as seen in the Temple of Luxor, built by Amenhotep III, a pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, before 1700 BCE.

    • Antwan Says:

      Keith, these are very good comparisons. There is also the fact that if you read the 42 negative confessions you will see where the ten commandments came from. It`s also said in the bible that Moses brought the ten commandments from the mountain. Well if Moses was in Egypt since a child then he would definitely have studied the 42 negative confessions. Because in ancient Egypt someone with the status that Moses had had to study for 40 years. So there is no way that Moses didn`t learn those ten commandments from the 42 negative confessions. There are also many more things carved on the walls of ancient Egypt that you can plainly see where the bible got it`s ideas from. But where i`m at in my research and studies i`m seeing things that point to Nigeria as the source for even the ancient Egyptian language and spirituality. I was on a website where scientist have been studying the Igbo people of Nigeria for over 20 years now. And they are showing proof that language began with the Igbo people. This includes the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Sumerians. Which goes back to what the brother Eugene on here has written about in his book Before the Covenant. Eugene has traced Abraham`s lineage back to Nigeria and back to the Igbo people. I have read that the Igbo were described by the Arabs as the people of the book. Meaning the Bible or Torah. There is also documentation saying that the Europeans knew all along whom they were taking as slaves in the trans Atlantic slave trade. These things were all written about in early books. When I set out to do my research and found this vast amount of information it amazed me because my spirit was telling me this all along. Every single thing I set out to find I found in these early books and watching videos from people who had did these studies already. And this information is coming from a vast variety of people from very different backgrounds and races. I try to find as much information as I can on these topics to see how similar they are. And this puzzle is just about finished for me. The bible was written over a long time period of about 1500 years. It didn`t take that long to write any other spiritual book. And we have ask ourselves why that is. It`s because a certain group of people got a hold of the spiritual writings and added what they wanted to add to instill fear in the masses. Since I was very young I would here things like if you say or do certain things God will strike you down…lol Well, we have witnessed many people do horrendous things and they are still here breathing. This tells me that someone really wanted to instill fear for they`re own gain of wealth and power. This all started when the European gained control of the holy scriptures. They were killing anyone who didn`t conform to their form of Christianity. And it stuck until we have what we have today. Which in my opinion is nothing but a way for people to gain financially. Look at most Christian preachers. They all preach the same sermons and use the same tone of voice when they preach…lol But they never preach what they should be preaching. Such as who the book is really referring to. Like where are these Hebrew people that are talked about in this book. They know that not many are going to actually study this book and do research. They never deal with things such as I know thy works and tribulations. I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not. But are of the synagogue of Satan. This says a lot if people would open their minds. Who call themselves Jews? Who worship in synagogues? That tells it all right there. But our people are puppets when it comes to these religions. They take everything literally and they also follow anything the preacher preaches. But since the first day I went to church I knew something wasn`t right about it. Then I started to notice how all of the churches I went to preached the same exact things. So I decided to do my own research and found out that there is so much more to the book than what is being taught and preached in church. There is even a line in the bible where God says he is the God of Egypt. Or he came from Egypt. Something to that affect. Then I noticed how the Egyptians are portrayed as bad people in the bible yet if you really study Egypt you will find that the ancient Egyptians had a knowledge unlike anyone else who walked the earth. The things they did have never been duplicated til this day. And the proof is still here for the world to see. Then I found out they were black people yet the scientist would have us believe different. This is the reason why they wouldn`t allow black people to go study in ancient Egypt until the 1940`s or 50`s…lol It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to realize what went on…lol

  267. TENNERSON KEITH FOX. Says: Behind The Bible Fraud – What Was The Church Trying To Hide? By Robert Adams New Dawn 6-21-5 Be sure to reload this page for the latest comments! When I first spoke to a close Christian friend of mine about the publishing of Tony Bushby’s The Bible Fraud, her reaction was one that many Christians have expressed, and one that made me aghast. She didn’t want the book available because it would “persuade them away from the Bible and the word of God.” Further discussions with her and many other Christians around the world about The Bible Fraud all result in the Bible being quoted as the ultimate reference for the apparent “words of God,” and therefore the basis for their arguments. The problem lies in that they believe the Bible is infallible. If we examine the oldest known Bible to date, the “Sinai Bible” housed in the British Museum (I believe that, during his many years of research, Tony had a private viewing of this priceless book), we find a staggering 14,800 differences from today’s Bible and yet it still remains the word of God? As Tony points out, the history of our ‘genuine’ Bibles is a convoluted one. Firstly we cannot be sure that we have the full version as it was originally intended. In 1415 the Church of Rome took an extraordinary step to destroy all knowledge of two second century Jewish books that it said contained the true name of Jesus Christ. The Antipope Benedict XIII firstly singled out for condemnation a secret Latin treatise called “Mar Yesu” and then issued instructions to destroy all copies of the book of Elxai. The Rabbinic fraternity once held the destroyed manuscripts with great reverence for they were comprehensive original records reporting the life of Rabbi Jesus. Later, Pope Alexander VI ordered all copies of the Talmud destroyed, with the Spanish Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada (1420-98) responsible for the elimination of 6,000 volumes at Salamanca alone. Solomon Romano (1554) also burnt many thousands of Hebrew scrolls and, in 1559, every Hebrew book in the city of Prague was confiscated. The mass destruction of Jewish books included hundreds of copies of the Old Testament and caused the irretrievable loss of many original handwritten documents. The oldest text of the Old Testament that survived, before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls” was said to be the Bodleian Codex (Oxford), which was dated to circa 1100 AD. In an attempt by the church to remove damaging Rabbinic information about Jesus Christ from the face of the earth, the Inquisition burnt 12,000 volumes of the Talmud. In 1607, forty-seven men (some records say fifty four) took two years and nine months to re-write the Bible and make it ready for press. It was, by the order of King James, issued with a set of personal ‘rules’ the translators were to follow. Upon its completion in 1609, it was handed over to the King James for his final approval. However, “It was self evident that James was not competent to check their work and edit it, so he passed the manuscripts onto the greatest genius of all time… Sir Francis Bacon” The first English language manuscripts of the Bible remained in Bacon’s possession for nearly a year. During that time … “he hammered the various styles of the translators into the unity, rhythm, and music of Shakespearean prose, wrote the prefaces and created the whole scheme of the Authorized Version. At the completion of the editing, King James ordered a ‘dedication to the King’ to be drawn up and included in the opening pages. He also wanted the phrase ‘Appointed to be read in the churches’ to appear on the title page. The King James Bible is considered by many today to be the ‘original’ Bible and therefore ‘genuine’ and all later revisions simply counterfeits forged by ‘higher critics’. Others think the King James Bible is ‘authentic’ and ‘authorized’ and presents the original words of the authors as translated into English from the ‘original’ Greek texts. However, as Tony points out, the ‘original’ Greek text was not written until around the mid fourth century and was a revised edition of writings compiled decades earlier in Aramaic and Hebrew. Those earlier documents no longer exist and the Bibles we have today are five linguistic removes from the first bibles written. What was written in the ‘original originals’ is quite unknown. It is important to remember that the words ‘authorized’ and ‘original’, as applied to the Bible do not mean ‘genuine’, ‘authentic’ or ‘true’. By the early third century, it became well noted that a problem was occurring . politics! In 251AD, the number of Presbyter’s (roving orator or priest) writings had increased dramatically and bitter arguments raged between opposing factions about their conflicting stories. According to Presbyter Albius Theodoret (circa 255), there were “more than two hundred” variant gospels in use in his time. In 313, groups of Presbyters and Biscops (Bishops) violently clashed over the variations in their writings and “altar was set against altar” in competing for an audience and territory. When Emperor Constantine conquered the East in 324, he sent his Spanish religious advisor, Osius of Cordoba, to Alexandria with letters to several Biscops exhorting them to make peace among their own. But the mission failed and Constantine, probably at the suggestions of Osius, then issued a decree commanding all Presbyters and their subordinates “be mounted on asses, mules and horses belonging to the public and travel to the city of Nicaea” in the Roman province of Bithymia, the country of Asia. The Presbyters were instructed by the Emperor to bring with them the manuscripts from which they orated to the rabble (that’s us!) “wrapped and bound in leather”. Constantine saw in this developing system of belief the opportunity to make a combined state religion and protect it by law. The first general church council was thus convened and the year was 325. On 21 June, the day of the Summer Solstice, (and under those cult conditions) a total of 2048 “presbyters, deacons, sub-deacons, acolytes and exorcists” gathered at Nicaea to decide what Christianity really was, what it would be, what writings were to be used and who was to be it’s God. Ancient church evidence established that a new ‘god’ was to be approved by the Roman Emperor and an earlier attempt (circa 210) to deify either Judas Khrestus or his twin brother Rabbi Jesus (or somebody else) had been ‘declined’. Therefore, as late as 325, the Christian religion did not have an official god. After a long and bitter debate, a vote was finally taken and it was with a majority show of hands that Judas Khrestus and Rabbi Jesus both became God (161votes for and 157 votes against). The Emperor effectively joined elements of the two individual life stories of the twin brothers into a singular creation. The doctrine of the Celtic / British church of the west was democratically attached to the Presbyters stories of the east. A deification ceremony was then performed ‘Apotheosis’. Thus the deified ones were then called ‘saviours’ and looked upon as gods. Temples, altars, and images with attributes of divinity were then erected and public holidays proclaimed on their birthdays. Following the original example set by the deification of Caesar, their funerals were dramatized as the scene of their resurrection and immortality. All these godly attributes passed as a legal right to Emperor Constantine’s new deity, Jesus Christ. The Emperor then instructed Bishop Eusebius to compile a uniform collection of new writings “bound together as one” using the stories from the large collection of Presbyters as his reference source. Eusebius was to arrange for the production of “fifty sumptuous copies … to be written on parchment in a legible manner, and in a convenient portable form, by professional scribes thoroughly accomplished in the art”. This was the first mention of finished copies of a Christian ‘New Testament’ in the history of mankind. As one can imagine, to condense the real life of the Jesus Christ, the Church and His teachings with supporting evidence into a short article is very difficult. It is therefore wise for those who wish to have supportable evidence to read and study Tony Bushby’s epic work, The Bible Fraud, along with it’s detailed blood lines (family trees) and over 869 references. (see However, attempting to summarize what Tony has written….. in 325 AD, the first Christian council was called at Nicaea to bring the stories of twin brothers, Jesus ‘the Rabbi’ and Judas Khrestus into one deity that we now know as Jesus Christ. Tony says they were not born of virgin birth but to Nabatean Arab Mariamne Herod (now known as the Virgin Mary) and fathered by Tiberius ben Panthera, a Roman Centurion. The brothers were raised in the Essene community and became Khrists of their faith. Rabbi Jesus later was initiated in Egypt at the highest of levels similar to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry of which many Prime ministers and Presidents around the world today are members. He then later married three wives, one of whom we know as a Mary Magdalene, a Druidic Princess, stole the Torah from the temple and moved to Lud, now London. Tony believes the reason Jesus stole the Torah was that he said it contained “a very special secret”, which he was going to reveal that secret to the world. He was stoned to death and the Torah taken from him before he could. The elder brother, Judas Khrestus, with his “Khrestian” followers conspired to take the throne of Rome, his royal birthright, and was captured, tried, and was sentenced to be crucified. (The “Khrestians” and the Essenic army, the Nazarenes, would today be likened to terrorists.) At the trial, Judas exercised his royal birthright to have a replacement in Simon of Cyrene (Luke 23:41) and then was sold as a slave to live out his days as a carpenter in India. Rabbi Jesus spent a considerable amount of time at the Palace of the British in Rome and sometime around 48 AD, he left for Egypt to pursue his greatest esoteric goal. The spiritual knowledge from his secret education in the Essene and Druid movements was soon to be elevated to the highest level possible – initiation into the innermost rite of the Egyptian temples. It was probable that Rabbi Jesus’ earlier initiation into both the Essene and Druid schools played a major part in his acceptance into the Egyptian school. The Druids could claim a very early origin and the essence of their wisdom was also that of the Essenes. In the case of the Essenes, it is possible to show that their movement was specifically established to preserve secret information, for they knew and used the sacred writing of the Initiates. The full meaning of the point being made by Bushby is that in the case of all Secret Schools, the inner and ultimate Mystery was revealed only to a High Initiate. Those who were initiated into the Ancient mysteries took a solemn oath never to reveal what had passed within the sacred walls. Every year only a comparatively few Egyptian initiations were conducted, and the number of persons who knew their secrets was never at any time large. The initiations always took place with the onset of darkness and the candidate was entranced for periods of varying length, depending upon the level of the degree for which he had entered. The first initiatory step involved a forty-day procedure that basically involved purification, not only in physical form, but dissolving all tendencies to evil thoughts, purifying the mind as well. It appears that he would have fasted, alternatively on vegetables, juices and very special herbal concoctions. The New Testament recorded that this happened to Rabbi Jesus who “was led into the desert…. and he fasted forty days and forty nights” (Matt. 4:1-2). This trial period involved more than just fasting. During the forty days and nights’ ordeal, Tony says the candidate was required to study astronomical charts to supplement his skills in astronomy and memorize charts of the heavens. They were also given a particular ritual from which to memorize certain passwords, secret signs and handclasps, skills that are still practiced to this day in Freemasonry. These initiations were not limited to Egypt. The ancient civilizations inherited these Mysteries from a remote antiquity and they constituted part of a primitive revelation from the gods to the human race. Almost every people of pre-Christian times possessed its institution and tradition of the mysteries. The Romans, the Druids of Britain, the Greeks, the Cretans, the Syrians, the Hindus, the Persians, the Maya and the American Indians, among others, had corresponding temples and rites with a system of graduated illuminations for the initiates. The modern world knows little of these ancient rites yet they were conducted in a huge variety of buildings the world over. The ‘Towers’ that are found throughout the East in Asia were directly connected with the Mystery-initiations. The candidates for initiation were placed in them for three days and three nights, whenever there was no temple with a subterranean crypt close at hand. In this aspect of the initiatory procedure, Tony points out a direct Gospel parallel with Rabbi Jesus saying, “After three days I shall rise again”, for he knew the finishing process he was to undertake would take three days being a symbol of the period of time required to complete a condition of development. The ancient Egyptian hierogly