Chapter 7

Albinos–The Origin of the Caucasian Race?

As new information comes down the pike, it is necessary to rethink theories that were once in place. The origin and labeling of the “so called” Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid Races by 19th Century scientists, started racial groupings based on skin color by naturalists and anthropologists like Johann F. Blumenbach, JA Gobineau and HS Chamberlain. These men also equated skin color to psychological value and importance to race. Blumenbach named whites after the Caucasus Mountains because he thought the purest white people originated there. He didn’t seem to realize the following:



12th Dynasty – Tour Egypt


Today The American Anthropological Association declares there is no such thing as race which is merely a “social construct.” If that is the new scientific principle, then….


There are plenty of scientific facts to back up this principle. According to The South African Institute for Medical Research in review – Journal of South African Science, THE HIGH FREQUENCY OF ALBINISM IN AFRICA provides more clues to early African history. The Department of Human Genetics at the SAIMR is currently involved with numerous research projects, most related to human genetic disorders and population origins–one of these, ‘Albinism in African peoples’ having received particular attention because it offers new insights into the historical movement of peoples in sub-Saharan Africa.

The albinism syndrome shows parallels with sickle cell anemia. The carrier of the sickle cell mutation is at an advantage in regions where malaria is hyperendemic, which includes large areas of Africa.

About one in 35 southern African blacks is a carrier of an albinism mutation, a surprisingly high prevalence for a genetic disorder where the homozygote is at a survival disadvantage. It is postulated that the albinism carrier may actually be at an advantage, possibly also with malaria as the selective agent. It has been suggested that mosquitoes are less likely to alight and take blood from a lighter-skinned person and thus the albinism carrier may be at an advantage over darker-skinned people. The testing of this hypothesis is opening up a new line of research into malaria studies, which may yet show some other selective agent may be responsible for the high frequency of albinism in Africa.
The new scientific genetic information derived from the Human Genome Project, an international effort to decode the information embedded in the human genome, confirmed to the world by scientists in the East Room of the White House (June, 2000). We all evolved in the last 100,000 years from the same small number of tribes that migrated out of Africa and colonized the world”. “All human beings are 99.99% the same at the DNA level and the remaining 0.1% genetic variation that exist seldom segregate in a manner that confirms to the racial boundaries constructed by social political means.”

Many years before the Human Genome’s Project announcement of its historical DNA findings on so called “race” (in June of 2000), historians have revealed that human beings, during the primitive era in ancient/antiquity Africa – The Origin of Humankind/Humanity states that due to the lack of knowledge about inbreeding (between closely related parents) they did not understand why their off spring were born with “white skin.” Scientists say “white skin” is a form of Albinism (a genetic defected offspring — lacking melanin).

Cystic Fibrosis was thought to be a disease that affects mostly Europeans, but there are studies that now confirm that the most likely origin of the mutation is the African Continent.

The CF studies also tie-in with population migration investigations. Since the common African mutation has also been found in Zambia and Cameroun, it too supports the Bantu Expansion Hypothesis. It is worth noting that the mutation has also been found in African-Americans, in Saudi Arabia and in Greece on the same chromosome background (haplotype), suggesting a single origin. The most likely origin of the mutation is indeed the African Continent.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) was first described in Europe in the late 1930s. It was later shown to be surprisingly common with, on average, one in 20 individuals of European origin carrying a CF mutation. It was widely believed to be absent or very rare in Black Africans and was taught as such to generations of medical students. Only a handful of cases were described in African Blacks in a period of over thirty years, although it was well documented among African-Americans. CF was originally thought to be present in the latter because of admixture with individuals of European descent.

Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a rare, genetically inherited condition passed on by both parents to their offspring, resulting in a significant reduction in or absence of pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes at birth. Individuals with albinism are very fair-skinned and fair-haired, with (most often) blue eyes that can take on tones of purple or red in bright lighting.

But due to such lack of knowledge as to why their “white skinned” off springs came about, African mothers and fathers became more and more fearful and suspicions and began to separate their growing number of “white skinned” off springs away from the “black skinned” (pigmented) population.

Eventually most of the “white skinned” off springs of “African” mothers and fathers formed several groups and began to migrate northward through Egypt to another area of Africa which is now called Europe, seeking a more hospitable living environment and to escape the intensity of the equatorial hot climate of the great river valleys and great lakes region of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa which was then and still is South of what is now called Egypt.

The “albino” group moved up in the mountainous area during the Ice Age or Glaciations period that lasted thousands of years further isolating themselves from their original parent population in Africa. And by being in such isolated living condition for such a prolonged period they also interbred (within the existing parent groups) thereby creating additional “albino” offspring from “albino” mothers and fathers who were then and still are direct descendents of African mothers and fathers.

A mutation results in a change of the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the parental type. There is blonde hair among the black Australian aborigines. That is an example of a mutation. Albinism is a good example of a mutation. Other examples of mutations are blondism or whiteness among monkeys, apes, and chimpanzees.

Biblical Evidence of White Skin

There are many cases of individuals turning white in Jewish biblical history. When God wanted to show Moses a miracle, he turned his hand “white as snow;” then God turned his hand back again to its original color of black. In ancient Israel when a man had a white spot on his skin or white or yellow hair, or white skin somewhat reddish, he was pronounced unclean. All people who were victims of this shameful disease were isolated outside of the camp or city and segregated.

Some theories equate Albinos with the origin of the Caucasian Race. This website has many validations for the origin of the Negroid Race, but what about the Caucasian Race? Certainly Frances Cress Welsing hit the nail on the head with her book, The Isis Papers (1991).

The White Race has the genetic inability and absence of melanin to produce the different skin pigments seen throughout the world. That absence of skin pigment creates the inability to produce colors. As a result, uncolored or white skin is produced. White Race genes are at a recessive global juncture. Recessive genes delineate body characteristics that are masked or not expressed when a contrasting dominant black or brown gene or trait is present. The black/brown genes create people who have curly hair and whose skin is easily tanned.

As the 8 per centers’ recessive gene disappears, anthropologists are rushing to reclassify the world’s Black and Brown Races. Through “Caucasian racial engineering” some Brown Races have become hypothetically “White.” It has increased the White Race totals with a lopsided apportionment numbering system. The system has been designed to expand and extend White Race counts, which only amount to 8 percent worldwide (United Nations Population Division, 1+).

In “Echoes of the Old Darkland” by Charles Finch III, MD by a doctor of medicine (Yale) the following is quoted: “We propose that the … population that survived the last glaciations in southwestern Eurasia was largely a group of albinoids who were better adapted to the ecology than their darker relatives who had originally colonized the area. These latter were gradually replaced by albinoids, though small groups of African aboriginal types long persisted on the North Atlantic seaboard because of the availability of Vitamin-D-rich salt-water fish. This “goodness-of-fit” of the albinoids in this northern environment was due to the more efficient Vitamin D production and utilization in the whitened skin in these sunlight-deficient latitudes and better cold resistance.

The Ice Age had the practical effect of isolating this marginal group from other populations for a prolonged period, promoting a consanguinity that would have allowed the recessive albinoid genes to express and propagate themselves. Creation of a new race via depigmentation is consistent with the tendency in nature of new species and subspecies to form out of marginal groups that have become isolated from their “parent” populations and subjected more or less abruptly to extreme environmental conditions, which generate intense selection pressure.” (Op. cit. p. 35) Albinoid mutation seems as good a speculation since the fossil data and genetic data both seem to rule in favor of a common, Black African ancestry for all mankind.

Read Blacked Out Through Whitewash. The book excerpts give more background on the origin of the White Race.

People with Natural Blonde Hair are Disappearing and will be Extinct in 200 Years.

New research suggests that people with blonde hair will be completely extinct in 200 years. Blonde hair occurs only in people from northern Europe. The blonde gene that causes blonde hair color must be on both sides of the family, and according to the World Health Organization, there is now too few people who carry it.

Professor Jonathan Rees from Edinburgh University is leading a two-year study into the genetics of blondes. Scientists say blondes will survive longest in Scandinavia where they are most concentrated, and they predict the last one alive will be from Finland.

Jonathan Rees
Grant Professor of Dermatology

The University of Edinburgh

RIE, 1st Floor, Lauriston Buildings

Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9YW

Tel: 44 (0)131 536 2041 – Fax 44 (0)131 229 8769

(Source: WDIV – Detroit Channel 4 – September 27, 2002)

Globally, the White Race risks “genetic color elimination.” Caucasians /8 per centers are rapidly presenting the world with a conjured-up system of so-called “statistical numbers of non-truth” as a way to implant new suppositions and beliefs. The non-truth firepower has the ability to deliver psyche-up, illusory gunfire amounting to numerical warheads on the target of more Caucasian deceit. The duplicity will end up fabricating a sort of actuality–statistical ballistic weaponry warfare to MAXIMIZE the dwindling White Race group numbers.

The original Indo-Europeans referred to, as Aryans were nomads who herded animals in the steppes north of the Black Sea, in what is now the Ukraine. Between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the Aryans migrated into Europe on horseback and conquered a series of cultures. The Encyclopedia Britannica concurs with British historians. When trying to trace pre-historic man to Europeans, it was found that Indo-Iranian languages make up a major branch of the Indo-European family of languages (Bower, 120+).

The Sinhalese Language is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan family. The earliest surviving specimens of the language are brief inscriptions on rocks in Brahmi Letters from 200 BC. The most considerable amount of dated Aryan language dates to about AD 1000 (Encyclopedia Britannica, 567).

Linguistics link the Iranian language to African languages. Iranian languages include the Arabic language. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group. Semitic includes Ethiopic and Hebrew–people who lived in one of Black Africa’s greatest civilizations. The implication being made is the following: Caucasians cannot validate their rudiment White civilization. It has been proven that civilization started in the great river valleys of Africa in the Fertile Crescent. The human race was born in Africa, and it is only logical that the evolution of White men started in Africa.

The Encyclopedia Britannia outlines the lack of or absence of historical sources to trace the process of Swedish Expansion and the Viking Era around AD 400. The same is true for Denmark. It is written–The first trustworthy written evidence of a kingdom of Denmark belongs to the early Viking Period. Roman knowledge of this country was fragmentary and unreliable. The same is said for the other Scandinavian countries.

Currently, the Smithsonian Museum is inviting people to examine the Atlantic Saga of the well-known culture of the Scandinavian Viking Age (AD750-1050) as they discover America. They landed in Newfoundland, Canada exactly 1,000 years ago. It is being hailed as a “discovery.” An endnote has been added that there is generous support from the Nordic Council and Ministers of Volvo.

The Caucasoid/8 per centers’ numerical deficiency has created a sort of numerical abundance because White groups now have psychologically increased their numbers with the many different White classifications of: German White Race, English White Race, French White Race, and Russian White Race. This justifiably amounts to many White Races even though theoretically there has been a three-race theory staunchly in place since the 19th Century.

The same psychological numerology works to minimize black/brown groups and forms the White “labeled minority classifications” geneticists refer to when “feeling their oats on the genetic highway to a White majority.” Dividing black/brown people into groups and referring to the groups as “non-white” or “people of color,” presents a purely natural tendency to think of black/brown people as lesser because of the fewest number of numerical classifications. Therefore, Black and Brown people have become minorities in the mastermind scheme when the statistical numbers of abundant craftiness are presented globally.

From sea-to-shining-sea. History shows that discrimination in this country occurs in all races that are not considered Caucasian. Asians, for example, have experienced a long history of discrimination even though the Asian Race is coined as the “Prototype Minority” worthy enough to grace the White American dominion. In 1854 the California Supreme Court ruled that Chinese citizens were not permitted to testify against Whites. In 1882 the Chinese Exclusion Act banned all immigration from China.

In 1913, California declared Asians ineligible for citizenship and prohibited property ownership. In 1924 the National Origins Act excluded most Asians from migrating to the US. With the outbreak of World War II one hundred and ten thousand (110,000) Japanese Americans were relocated to internment camps. It was only in 1952 that Asians born outside the US were permitted to become citizens–but now have been termed the “ideal minority.” Today most Blacks and Latinos continue to be subjected to extreme economic and social discrimination; whereas, most Asian Americans are not. Asian Americans have been labeled the “ideal minority.”

Asians in this country have higher household incomes, own more businesses, have had more success with higher education and hold more master’s degrees and doctorates than members of other ethnic groups. Their higher education numbers soared from 198,000 to 724,000 in colleges and universities from 1976 to 1993 (Marable, 7).

King James invented “discrimination of the divine” when he and his team of 47 European interpreters translated the King James Version of The Holy Bible. Purity, virtue, and goodness spew from every pictorial page of White European Biblical characters. The Bible reveals a blue-eyed White Jesus hanging on a cross, a golden-haired White Moses showing the “Tablets of Law to the People,” and praying at Mt. Sinai upon every turn of a page.

I am King James, and I proclaim “Ham, the youngest son of Noah, to be the father of the Black Race.”

Ham is the father of the Black Race because he was cursed and “condemned to Hell” states King James and his team of European Interpreters. In Gen. 9:18-29 Ham is the recipient of a curse–“Let Canaan be cursed.”

Hey, that means Canaanites were Black. What do ya know!!! Berber describes the indigenous Caucasoid people of Northern Africa in the scholarly White dictionary and encyclopedia, but Berber is defined as people who speak Hammitic/Semitic Languages. Hey, does that mean Berbers were Black? The Cushite (Ethiopian) and ancient Egyptian also spoke Semitic Languages.

Ham–the Originator of the Black Race “the accursed” and all of his descendants will be damned. Eurocentric church officials developed a mind-set of “heathen Blacks” to devise and formulate deceptive historical attitudes and viewpoints.

The Aryan Nation is the on-going work of Jesus the Christ re-gathering His people, calling His people to a state for their nation to ring in His Kingdom. The Aryan Nation believes that Adam, man of Genesis, is the placing of the White Race upon this earth. Not all races descend from Adam. Adam is the father of the White Race only. (Adam in the original Hebrew language is translated: “to show blood in the face; turn rosy.” Genesis 5:1).

The Book of Enoch Hamitic/Ethiopic Authorship: The Book of Enoch–which is considered to be the earliest biblical record of antiquity and the earliest book of Hamitic authorship is widely quoted throughout the King James Version of the Bible. The Book of Enoch was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of the Qumran. Enoch was Noah’s grandfather and Methuselah’s father. Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible living to be 969.

After reading the Book of Enoch, it is evident that the entire Creation of Heaven and Earth depicted by King James and his translators has not been taught in America’s churches. Why? Did King James and his translators use manipulatives to gain control and purposely hide Hamitic/Ethiopic authorship? If this book was written before the book of Genesis, and is Hamitic–aren’t we back-to-Black? Webster’s Warped Dictionary verifies that Ham was the Originator of the Black Race. (Brown, Ronald K. BOOK OF ENOCH, San Antonio, Texas 78210).

According to the Enoch–one of the Lost Books of the Bible, there were a Race of Angels numbering 200 who were sent to Earth to watch over mankind. The “Watchers” looked upon the women of the Earth and found them fair and pleasing to the eye. The women gave birth to what is known as (Nephilims) Giants of the Earth. The Book of Enoch comprises the following topics:

Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Judgment

Skills and Knowledge Taught by the Fallen Angels

Children of Angels to be destroyed

Disobedient Angels Incarcerated Till Judgment Day

Prophecy of A New Heaven and A New Earth



GOD Promises to Dwell with the Saints

The King James Version of the Bible starts with Genesis and the creation of Heaven and Earth. In Genesis 4:15 God orders Cain out of the Garden of Eden. Cain goes out from the presence of the LORD, and dwells in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden. There he knew his wife and conceived. “The Land of Nod” appears right there in the Fourth Chapter of Genesis. If Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, what was the Land of Nod? The word “Genesis” is be-rasheet in Hebrew, an African/Edenic language that Western philologists in the 18th Century classified as part of the family of languages. Be-rasheet means “in the beginning” in a time when God created all things. (African Heritage Bible, 1).

Leprosy among the Hebrews and Snow White Miriam

In 14th century B.C., plagues were endemic through the Middle East and Egypt. The Book of Numbers tells us that Miriam and Aaron, sister and brother to Moses, revolted against their brother’s leadership. Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because he had married an Ethiopian woman. And they said, Hath the Lord indeed spoken only to Moses? Hath eh not spoken also by us?” Their challenge to Moses angered God. As a punishment “Miriam became leprous, white as snow” (Greenberg, 197).

The original man can be linked directly to the “Neanderthal” and “Cro-Magnon” Man 10,000 years ago through archeological measurements in size and stature to the Bushmen-Hottentot population of South Africa. Any US or European research book or encyclopedia show the reader a White man who is half man and half animal. Charles Darwin (Mr. Charlie) and other evolutionists would rather have the world believe man evolved from apes than from a Black man.

As Europeans were busy labeling the entire Black Race as cursed and accursed, a fair-haired English physicist came up with the color spectrum in 1666 that disputes the “White European Hamitic Theory.” The theory clearly denotes that if Noah and his wife were Caucasoid, it would have been impossible to produce three different races of people. The Keys to the Colors Theory was proven by Newton over 300 years ago, but Warped Webster’s Dictionary still defines Ham as the “Father of the Black Race.”

Reference books will tell you the majestic Sir Isaac Newton was credited with the discovery of the color spectrum. The theory presents solid proof that black is the foundation or base for all colors. Newton was the celebrated White English physicist who took a glass prism and passed a beam of sunlight through it. When the light passed through the prism, it formed a rainbow he later called the color spectrum.

By mixing the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow together, the color black is produced. Black is the color from which all other colors are produced and is dominant. White, on the other hand, is the color of maximal lightness from which no other colors can be produced and is recessive. A little every day thing like the exalted Sir Isaac Newton’s so called discovery of the color spectrum shows more validity as it points to an African origin than the many years of research and long drawn out scientific theories to disparage and dismiss Black culture and history.

While scientists interpret, record, and test their theories, all they need is a small box of Crayola Crayons containing three crayons and a sheet of paper to prove the Keys to the colors.

Albinos occur in all races of mankind and in all animal groups. The albionotic condition arises from a distinct hereditary interference with the normal function of melanocytes. The enzyme tyrosinase is necessary for the formation of melanin and determines the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds.

White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically speaking, between the white skin of a Caucasoid person and the skin of a person designated as an Albino. Black people with albinism tend to have hair of a deep bright yellow, cream-colored skin, and green or hazel eyes. The social problems of Blacks are compounded if a child is born and is an Albino. In the Caucasian Race blonde hair, blue eyes, and alabaster skin are considered so highly desirable that brunettes often bleach their hair or wear colored contacts to look like Albinos.

One of the most glorious periods of English History was that of the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The Victorians wore white wigs and powdered their skin to a chalky white probably in awe of their ancestors. Similarly, the powdered white wig worn by American colonial era illuminati reflected the wearer’s ability to afford luxury items and identified him as one of the educated elite.

Fairy tale heroines are said to have skin white as snow–Snow White–for example or London Bridges Falling Down–the writer tells of “fair ladies.” The same physical Albino attributes in children of Black/Brown Races are taboo. Individuals in these races often are ostracized because of certain beliefs about people with white skin.

In Biblical times people with albinism were banished or thrown out, and forced to live in colonies just as people with leprosaria or Hansen’s Disease were forced to live in leper colonies and away from other people. The Black Race believed that God was delivering judgment on a family with albinism and that the individual with albinism is cursed or is the embodiment of sin.

White-skinned people came into existence thousands of years ago as the Albino mutant offspring of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizable number of these Black parents produced, rejected and then cast out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring to live away from the normal black skin-pigmented population. There were colonies of albinos formed which eventually migrated northward to Europe, to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere (Welsing, 23).

During Biblical times Albinos were ostracized. The same thing is happening today when Albinism occurs in society. Albinos are ostracized by their own families–especially in Black families where the difference in skin color is more distinct. The ostracizing of Albinos during Biblical times is the only logical explanation of how the White Race came into existence. The Albino colonies produced more and more Albinos until there was an Albino Race.

The Finnish, Swedish, and Danish people are “as White as pure driven show” with blonde hair that is almost White. The two groups of people show a strong evidence they were part of the composition of the Albinic/White Race that moved northward. White European geneticists that the union of two albinos will produce children that are affected with albinism have validated it. The parents of albinos are often consanguineous since it increases the likelihood that both will possess the same gene. The Albion tic condition creates an extreme sensitivity of eyes and skin to the sunlight.

There was a migration of the African Albinos northward to what the world recognizes as Europe. During Biblical times Europe was part of Africa. Europeans themselves designated and divided Africa into the regions of the “Middle East” and “Europe.”

Skin color is determined by melanin. The large molecule of the pigment melanin is formed in the skin cells from a much smaller molecule called tyrosine. Tyrosine is colorless and is present in all cells. In the skin cells of most human beings there is at least one gene whose job is to manufacture tyrosine. If the gene is of a type that can form considerable quantities of tyrosinase, the skin cell is like a well-staffed factory.

Considerable quantities of melanin are formed, and the person possessing that gene has dark-brown skin, black hair, and dark-brown eyes. If the gene were a type that manufactured only a small amount of tyrosinase, the reverse would be true. Little melanin would be formed, and the person would have fair skin, light hair, and light eyes.

An Albino’s genes do not form tyrosinase at all. No tyrosinase occurs in their cells and no melanin can be formed. Such people have very fair skin, white hair, and no pigment at all in their eyes. The eyes look reddish because small blood vessels can be seen through the transparent colorless iris of the eye (Boyd & Asimov, 72).

The Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland make up the Nordic people. Nordic traits include long slim bodies, long oval faces, White alabaster skin, straight blond hair, and blue or gray eyes. Nordic people have thick yellow-white eyebrows, and facial hair. The Nordic traits clearly distinguish and identify Albino traits or visa versa–take your pick.


African American Heritage Study Bible, Ed. Rev. Cain Hope Felder, Ph.D., Iowa Falls, IA: World Bible Publishers, Inc. 1993.

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M. Stewart


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    In being treated so poorly, they had a “come uppance” in the world. Poetic justice I suppose.

    • jackie Says: were banished because you were so diagreeable in nature and many still are. black problem is that they are too compasonate, that’s why the world is the way it is now. they never should have let you back in and mixed back in with have caused nothing but havoc and dispair every place you have gone. you disregard others and take and destroy, they knew your nature, that’s why you were banished

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    • jackie Says:

      if that is the case then why aren’t eskimos lighter in skin color. africana have thin lips and thin noses also, and slant eyes as asians. look at the variety of africans. yes, there most likely was a mutation in your lip, nose, etc. after thousands of years dna shows we are family, and why do so many lighter skin people get so upset when told that they have a recessive gene. every thing that is not melenin recessive is able to be under this sun with problem, but those melenin recessive can not, it a fact. It’s okay, we all have problem. also this article never speaks of the missing link in our dna, where it may have come from.

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      evidently you have not read numbers 12 -second kings -5 or even the bible that was translated

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      Well I all I know ii that when I read the Bible it ex plained who the Gentiles were, through Japheth sons, and all these are European nations. I lev-13 it tells how it all started with the plaque of leprosy. But if you don’t read anything and respond to statements, then who is reall the dummy. canaan was cursed and his descendants became the Greeks, a Syophenician. Matt15- Mark 7. Like I said I only read the Bible because I wanted to know the word and was amazed at what I read. So all you unbelievers who have not read even the Bible that was translated for a king, and left these scriptures in ther, maybe you should be upset with then.

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        I would encourage you to read the lost books of the bible. This king and his co-hearts at the neasean counsel purposely left out information in order to decieve future geneations. The Caanantes were black.

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        Even the Catholic Bible talks about leprosy

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        The gentiles are all people of none color. Since the people of none color multiplied an d was given control of the earth God took it from the people of color because they continued to disobey. The Bible as we have learned it was translated by people of none color who wanted to be the originals. Why is it that Revelations warns against those who take away from or add to the Bible.

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    XXX,well we are talking about what is now called albino. Tell us why you think there is no such thing.

  6. Kaizer Ashimolo Says:

    I heard that some red heads are actually a white version of albinism, and theres albinism in indians, chinese hell even with animals of all soughts. So I think that theory is a bit long winded. While it does make sense, its not true. White people are white because of the enviromental conditions in and around Europe(Which is why in colder regions like Russia or Scananavia you are more likely to find blonde, blue eyed people and in the warmer meditaranean regions like Italy or Spain you will find brunnette, brown eyed white folks.) Albinos in black people still have wooly hair, brown eyes and black features like thicker lips and bigger noses and also retain the vocal and psycological traits. Indian, Arabic and Chinese people are similarly built to people in parts of the Northan regions of Africa. People in the more Southern regions of Africa are built far more diffrently that Africans in the mid to northan regions. Enviroment is the only reason why whites are white and why black people are black people.

    • williie Says:

      I agree to dis-agree . Adaptation.

      • eddie Says:

        I’ve got an article from a national news paper from years ago about the oldest known bones ever to be found, were found in Africa, so if you are just guessing, why not do a little reading .

  7. Anastasia Says:

    LOL If white people are albinos, then why are there albino white people?

    • Anti-White Says:

      Bingo! The black people (and pretty much anyone else) who think white people come from albinos are absolute tools with no scientific knowledge on human genomes. Not to mention that this bullshit is offensive towards white folk. Yes, white people DO experience racism you ignoramuses.

  8. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    The origin is what we are discussing here I believe-how did white people first appear? Beni(yes) after whites moved to europe etc. climate changed their features to what they are now but originally they came out of albinism. Beni, albinos are now found in all races after these races developed by climate into their features that they have now and Beni each race now has it’s own albinos but the Sister here is talking about the beginning. Further quote from Sister Marsha Stewart:
    Albinos: Why do whites seek to hide their origins?
    Are whites the albino offspring of Black Africans? White skin is a form of albinism. It appears that whites have “come into being” through a number of ways: In The Isis Papers p123, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing states “whites are undoubtedly a genetic mutant albino population… from the original Black (hue-man) beings.” The story of ‘Snowflake’ dramatically illustrates how it is possible for whites to come into being from blacks: Born of coal black parents, this albino gorilla named “Snowflake” has platinum blond hair, white (pink) skin, and blue eyes! (National Geographic: Mar. 67, Oct. 70). Similarly in Panama, particularly among the San Blas Indians are albino natives that also have blond hair and blue eyes!
    They are often indistinguishable from blond Northen Europeans! In the Bible, Edomites are whites that descended from an albino named Esau who was born ruddy (red) & hairy. (Gen. 25:25) The Bible refers to white skin as leprosy (Num. 12:10-12, Lev. 13) and reports that a race of people (Gahazites) was born white due to being cursed! (II Kings 5:27) Bible scholars credit Japheth (a son of Noah) as fathering a (Black) people who settled in the north, ultimately becoming the Caucasian Race.
    Similarly, other scholars theorize that Africans who migrated to Europe and were caught in the Ice Age, gradually lightened until their genes mutated to adapt to the scant sunlight, thus producing a race of whites.
    Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians recorded the Tamahu, which means created white people. Egyptian writings also refer to whites as Typhonians or People of Seth, both meaning “the devils.” After these “white devils” were first released into the Black community of the Near East 6000 years ago, they caused sever strife, thus the Africans rounded them up, stripped them of everything and exiled them to the caves and hills of the Caucasus Mountains. This explains the sudden appearance of white people in this region. To prevent their escaping Africans installed a series of guarded walls blocking all exits along that area from one sea to the other!
    Thus “roping” them off (hence the word Europe). These walls have been witnessed and recorded by many European writers, including Pliny. Thus, totally cut off from civilization, the whites degenerated into uncivilized, nomadic savages. They remained this way for 2000 years until ‘Allah mercifully sent an Egyptian priest named Musa or Moses to civilize them.’
    This explains the otherwise unknown reason why suddenly about 2000 B.C., vast hordes of these white barbarians left the Caucasus region and stormed all the (Black) centers of civilizations throughout Mesopotamia, the Near East, Africa and India, destroying and usurping them. Thus, the Whiteman’s arrival signaled destruction for all these civilizations and the beginning of the Whiteman’s rise to power.
    Whites proclaim their origin is Greek. Whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a mutation and genetic deficiency state from the Black norm – the ‘hue-man’ norm’… Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is an awareness; of their origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their parents and that they (whites) were the offspring of Blacks who suffered from the skin condition of Albinism.”

    • eddie Says:

      Every knee shall bow. every one will have to account for ones self. Life has a way of making you humble.Look inside yourself, what do you see?. It already has been writen. Then why question tomorrow? Who are you accountable too The truth will set you free.

    • williie Says:

      Where are you today My Sister. Continue to share this knowledge.
      Yours in the struggle.
      Willi Bo

      • eddie Says:

        I say it again, if it was not so, why did the white man accidently forgot to omit these things in the Bible? Liviticus chapter 13 will tell you how it all began. Oh people with little knowledge, why do you respone and show your ignorance, read rather than answer or comment on something you are not enlightnened on. besides, if you see a wise man and a fool argueing, which one is the fool?

  9. Sarah Says:

    Your theory is interesting but doesn’t seem to have too much scripture wise to back it up.

  10. goch ssebunya Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh my, just off the record, whites claim blacks to be or look like monkeys but me and u know that the bible talks about the demons which were sent into pigs, now be truthful mr white, whats the difference between apigs skin and yours, so soft, full of yellow hair as “cursed” originally, in case if u still claim to be the real race from GOD, what talent have u got on ur own, its funny when some one claims to be so intelligent when he or she cant even follow just the rythm of a 4 minute song, be sure that this is true you were chased away from africa because every one would fear such adiseas “leprosy”, okay just in amanner of being polite, we are sorry for hiding u in the cacaus mountain but then be fair and know that we fear diseases which gat no cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!.accept the fact tht u r a genetic failure n a lose to the original black man n move on…………….

  11. prince Says:

    Persons afflicted with Albinism normally have blue-grey-brown eyes. Pink eyes are a misconception.

  12. Les Benton Says:

    Revelation 1;14 clearly describes Jesus as being albino. Albinism is 100% herititary. There fore all the precendants and decendants of Jesus were also albino all the way back to the space voyagers.
    The sons of god (Genesis 6)noticed thgat the daughters of man were “fair” (skinned). That would indicate the “men” were also fair-skinned albinos. The black race’s most definitive arguement would be that Revelation 1;14 is describing Jesus as a Negro albino. Which is not impossible except that Jesus and Augustus Octavian were the same man.
    The Caesars were for the most part 100% albino. That is why people called them angels and why they believed they were gods.
    The secret society of Illuminati “the enlightened ones” are all albino and believe they are direct decendents of Jesus and the righteous rulers of the world. They operate from within the Vatican. No one knows what powers they may control that have been handed down to them through the centuries.

    • eddie Says:

      Thanks, but no thanks, but in the old testament when the prieists would offer up sacrafices, they( the sacrafice) had to have been without spot and without blemish, so if leprosy/ albinoism was a spot and a b;emish, how could Jesus have it when he was a perfect sacrafice? also thats why he had to come through a vergin from Benjamins linage.

  13. Kai William Says:

    I have to agree with some of you. Its a possible theory, but in reality the only thing that sounds logical and is backed not only by biblical facts but also archological findings is when Rebecca had 2 children, Esau and Jacob. The two babies within her struggled so much that Rebecca sought a reason for this from God and was told that out of her belly will emerge 2 nations of people.

    On this entire planet, you have two types of people, those of whitish skin color and another people of brown dark skin color. When one checks geographic locations and archeological findings in connection with whats written in the Bible about the lineage of the people who inhabit this earth, it is quite clear without any doubt even to a layperson that the white race stems from the lineage of Esau/Edomites. One should also take note about what God said he feels about Esau. Outside of this, one has merely to use common sense and look at the entire list of curses that were put upon the hebrews by God. There is only one race of people that these curses fit like a glove and that is the Black inhabitants of this earth. Whether Brazil, Cuba, Africa, West Indies, Dominican Republic, The U.S. etc. Wherever you see Black people existing, they are living in poverty, they have the highest rate of any race whose children are locked behind bars, have the highest rate of disease out of any people etc. Blacks are the borrowers and not the lenders, they are the tail and not the head. There were so many curses put upon the hebrews for their disobedience to God, no other race can claim all these cureses except Blacks. Also using your common sense, the scriptures tell you that these curses from God will be a “Sign” and a “Wonder” on the hebrew people “Forever” until the Mesiah comes again and when this happens the Bible tells you that the hebrews shall be restored to the Kings, Priest and Leaders they once were.

    Also use your common sense and read, the Bible tells you that the hebrews migrated to the land of Canaan which we know is Africa, and this land was given to them as inheritance.
    Also, For anyone reading this blog who has wisdom, you should also take note, that Blacks are not Africans as America wants to categorize them. Remember the hebrews migrated to the land of Canaan which means their original birth place was not Africa. Check your geography and the Bible facts and you will see that Jerusalem was the original home of Blacks.
    Unfortunately, There is not enough space on this blog to explain so many things that need to be explained, but the Bible also supports this by telling you that when “Jesus” Yohoshua the savior comes again, he will cleanse the land Jerusalem of all the blood shed there and also of the strangers who have trampled and dirtied this land and will and restore the land to its rightful inhabitants, which tells us that the people currently inhabiting that land are not who they have claimed for generations to be.

    Also, another piece of information I will leave with you to find your common sense and figure it out for yourselves. Our savior….though whites insist on calling him “Jesus” lets you know in the Bible that there were two manner of people only, “Gentiles” “Hebrews” If you weren’t Hebrew, then you were considered a Gentile. Please note that if you have taken the time to read the entire Bible, you would have come across in the new testatment, where its written that the riches of the “Gentiles” its their time to enjoy it now and “When the Time of the Gentiles are Fulfilled”
    i.e., its for white people to enjoy their riches now, because when their time is fufilled, there time will be up!

    I could go on and on, but my suggestion is for those of you who want to know the truth, here is a selection of books for you to gain knowledge and understanding of who Black people really are and why Blacks in every corner of the earth are still suffering today. Also take note and use your common sense to see that there are no other people on the face of the earth who were taken out of their land in bondage and scattered to the four corners of the earth. Blacks are the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Read The website and books below and after you have done this, come back and post your opinion. It would most interesting to hear your perspective at that time. I have done what I can to enlighten those continuing to live in ignorance, what you do with this information given to you is up to you from here.
    My only other advice is hopefully those of you with understanding or who hopefully will gain understanding is to see why Blacks should not mix with the white race. This was also forbidden in God’s laws in the old testament as one has only to read the book of Efdras chapters 1 and 2.

    100 Amazing Facts About the Negro With Complete Proof: A Short Cut to the World History of the Negro by Author: J.A. Rogers

    Thirteenth Tribe (Paperback, 1986) by Author: Arthur Koestler

    What They Never Told You In History Class
    ISBN: 1883080088

    The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!
    by Steven M. Collins


  14. Joe Bo Says:

    Kai and many others are asserting that we should believe whats in the bible. I think the bible is bogus… so is jesus… so is santa.. and all of the other junk we are fed. When you look at the facts it is CLEAR that whites are simply African Albinos… not gods… not ancient decendants of space men… Like every other animal on this planet… they come in ALL colors. To think that white humans are more special that black humans because of the pigment of their skin is ridiculous. Like Albinos, whites literally fry in the sun… so they moved north…

    I’ve traveled all over the world… after a while one starts to realize there is more to life that the same old outdated aryan rhetoric, black power, religion… all of which are as ridiculous as the boogieman… all of which do a poor job at really defining the purpose of our lives. That same bs only gives people false idols and false hopes— it is ultimately divisive.

    Whites are nothing moe than genetic mutations… they are the descendants of the albinos from the African community that moved north because they would burn to death if they didnt. Those Albinos mixed with other dominate traits and as a result white ppl with brown and red hair were spawned.

  15. Where Whites Came From, and Why They are Racist Says:

    […] Where Whites Came From, and Why They are Racist Here’s scientific and genetic proof concerning where white people come from. This Article is just one of hundreds that can be found on the internet. There are also hundreds of books written about where white people come from, and also suggest that this is the real and main reason why white people are racist towards black people for no valid reason, and minorities, too. Read on! "Scientists have discovered a tiny genetic mutation that largely explains the first appearance of white skin in humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve one of biology’s most enduring mysteries and illuminates one of humanity’s greatest sources of strife. The work suggests that the skin-whitening mutation occurred by chance in a single individual after the first human exodus from Africa, when all people were brown-skinned. That person’s offspring apparently thrived as humans moved northward into what is now Europe, helping to give rise to the lightest of the world’s races. (This is not quit right, albinos started in Africa, and still exist in Africa today-and they come from two black parents, just like the first white people who lived in what is now called Europe-go to these websites and see pictures for yourself: Stichting Afrikaanse Albino’s (Article is called, "Stichting Afrikaanse Albino’s) and Stichting Afrikaanse Albino’s The findings show just how small a biological difference is reflected by skin color. the newly found mutation involves a change of just one letter of DNA Code out of the 3.1 billion letters of the human genome–the complete instructions for making a human being. The work raises a raft of new questions–not least of which is why white skin caught on so thoroughly in northern climates once it arose. Some scientists suggest that lighter skin offered a strong survival advantage for people who migrated out of Africa by boosting their levels of bone-strengthening Vitamin D. Even study leader Keith Cheng said he was at first uncomfortable talking about the new work, fearing that the finding of such a clear genetic difference between people of African and European ancestries might reawaken discredited assertions of other purported inborn differences between races. The discovery, described in the Journal Science, was an unexpected outgrowth of studies Cheng and his colleagues were conducting on the inch-long zebra fish, which are popular research tools for geneticists and developmental biologists. Having identified a gene that, when mutated, interferes with its ability to make its characteristic black stripes, the team scanned human DNA Databases to see if a similar gene resides in people. To their surprise, they found virtually identical pigment-building genes in humans, chickens, dogs, cows and many others species, an indication of its biological value. They got a bigger surprise when they looked in a new database comparing the genomes of four of the world’s major racial groups. It showed that whites with northern and western European ancestry have a mutated version of the gene. Skin color is a reflection of the amount and distribution of the pigment melanin, which in humans protects against damaging ultraviolet rays but in other species is also used for camouflage or other purposes. The mutation that deprives zebra fish of their stripes blocks the creation of a protein whose job is to move charged atoms across cell membranes, an obscure process that is crucial to the accumulation of melanin inside cells. Humans of European descent, Cheng’s team found, bear a slightly different mutation that hobbles the same protein with similar effect. The defect does not affect melanin deposition in other parts of the body, including the hair and eyes, whose tints are under the control of other genes. A few genes have previously been associated with human pigment disorders — most notably those that, when mutated, lead to albinism, an extreme form of pigment loss. But the newly found glitch is the first found to play a role in the formation of white skin. The Penn State team calculates that the gene, known as slc24a5, is responsible for about one-third of the pigment loss that made black skin white. A few other as-yet-unidentified mutated genes apparently account for the rest. Although precise dating is impossible, several scientists speculated on the basis of its spread and variation that the mutation arose between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago. That would be consistent with research showing that a wave of ancestral humans migrated northward and eastward out of Africa about 50,000 years ago. The finding’s most immediate impact may be an escalating debate about the meaning of race. Recent revelations that all people are more than 99.9 percent genetically identical has proved that race has almost no biological validity. Yet geneticists’ claims that race is a phony construct have not rung true to many nonscientists — and understandably so, said Vivian Ota Wang of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda. " — The Washington Post Company… White people are ashamed of themselves-but are in denial of this obvious fact of course, and so they try to project their own sense of shame onto black people specifically, and other darker minority groups, because it is white people who changed from the black norm, and it was white people who raped the black African race in order to try and make it white like themselves, and try to coverup the fact that they are a direct mutation from the black African Race-not a mixture of other ethnic groups. However, minorities came into existance first by the rape by the whites from the caucusus mountain of the black Africans they mutated from. These barbaric whites did this, because they thought they could create more whites by doing so. However, they only created more blacks, and minorities, because whites are genetically recessive to both blacks and minorities, whose genes are dominate, and because white people are nothing more than a lighter version of the blacks they mutated from. Now, because of all the raping whites did during slavery, and colonization of other people’s nations, the albino gene that they carry now exists in all so called races of people, so both black and minority races now have a mutation in their skin colors every now and then which results in a white skinned person. However, white people are not, and never where the original people, nor the creators of mankind. The original man was and still is black and brown skinned. For further references, here are just a few of thousands: 1. Origin of The White Race called the Devils: A history of the origin of the white race called the devils 2. National Organization for Albinism and Hyperpigmentation-"NOAH": NOAH – The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation’ 3. Where Did Whites Come From?– Where Did White People Come From? — Brotha Science Kicks tha knowledge 4. Only Two Races– 5. ALBINOS:THE ORIGIN OF THE WHITE RACE FROM STEWARTSYNOPSIS.COM BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! […]

  16. Pictorial Proof of Where White Skinned People Come From, and How They Evolved In Euro Says:

    […] Stichting Afrikaanse Albino’s NOAH – The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation ALBINOS:THE ORIGIN OF THE WHITE RACE FROM STEWARTSYNOPSIS.COM BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! Dermatology at the University of Edinburgh Albinism Fellowship UK and Ireland Albinism: Life as […]

  17. katie Says:

    How does this theory explain the DNA findings below?

    DNA Pioneer says Blacks are Genetically Less Smart: Tells UK newspaper whites are more intelligent.
    Posted by TheNewsMan Oct 19, 2007 |

    James Watson, the man who along with Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double-helix structure of DNA, is facing backlash in Britain after claiming that black people are genetically less intelligent than whites

    • eddie Says:

      The only reason for blacks supposely being less smart is because they came out of Egypt with Moses with a mixed multitude. They should have left them there with all the other Heathens

  18. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Katie, Always know that racism always makes up it’s own evidence to try to support the superiority of whites so you will always get people like Watson pretending to know the truth of so-called BLACK inferiority. They need to prove it,because they fear our actual superiority and first RACE position,Mother of all races! They are like hitler’s man-tell the lie enough times and it becomes the truth!We will get you some experts on Genetics and reprint how they expose these white racist actions!


    After taking all the previous responses into consideration, it makes one to still question:
    1. If the albino rejects were walled in the Caucaus mtns. how did they get out?
    2. These “albino rejects” that were walled off, couldn’t have numbered more than their original tribe? How could they have over taken and raped… Did they develop a higher intelligence (strategies…)?
    3. Who cares who was the “original race”, how does that affect people of any color or lack of color today?
    4. I don’t believe that albino rejects/the uncolored feel ashamed of being inferior or have the ability to project this shame on blacks. You are in control of your own sense of self worth and feelings!!! If this projection of shame is your belief, then you must already feel ashamed of yourself to begin with.
    5. None of the race issues/albino, reject theories/albino rapes…explain how albinism occurs in everything (mammals, reptiles, plants, insects, birds…) or how that the “uncolored” have albinism occuring and that still doesn’t explain the other different features/characteristics that exist between blacks and the “uncolored”. (nose, mouth, tongue, hair, body frame…)
    6. In the biblical references; why is it assumed that the cursed are black?
    In reference the facial flushing; blacks can have flushed faces.
    7. Here is a thought perhaps God created the “uncolored” and the blacks evolved or had a genetic alteration that either created apes or visa versa?!
    8. If the blacks are so “superior”, than why (generally) is their culture so less advanced? Why are the african black original clan not more advanced than anyone else? Why as a people do they proclaim that people of their own “race” whom are educated are, “acting white”?
    9. Usually with mutations, come other defects, those albinos sure advanced more than their parents ever did, why is that?
    10. It is by no moal consciousness that the “albino rejects” help out their original parents in africa with medical supplies, medical care..,education, food,… is purely that they are racist and are looking to help out their “original parents”, don’t you think?
    11. After all these years, why haven’t the “original superior black race” able to produce its own experts on anything for that matter to prove anything? After all they are the first race, “mother of all races”? Why have all the other races advanced so much more beyond their race? Oh, wait there is peanutbutter! Thanks, it is so ymmuy!
    12. After being defeated and crushed other races and cultures have overcome many more obstacles, weren’t given hand outs or help and still have become more successful in life. They didn’t want pity, expect to be taken care of, given to, sustained or claim to be victims of anything. They used shear strength, hard work, good work ethinic, honesty, and most of all education to get ahead and made sure their offspring did too! They didn’t go around thinking that anyone owed them anything. They didn’t just steal what they wanted, they acted civilized!
    13. How many riots have you seen other races start or participate in for any reason or for no reason, compare to that of the superior black race?
    14. The only thing holding the black race back in the 21st century is themselves! Get educated, yes you can even do it yourself, many other people do it, if they have to! The library is free to everyone, anywhere!
    Another thing holding the black race back is their own anger/resentment/grudges against others.
    15. Where is the all that “black pride” that is talked about? I think if any other race on earth was given special privileges such as extra credit just because of their skin color, allowed entrance into anything with standards lowered so that they could “qualify” they would not only reject it, but be outraged by the very thought. Enough time and generations have come and gone, you can’t blame anything on slavery or racism any more! They have played that trump card one to many times!!! If any race is being discriminated against in this day an age, it is the “uncolored man”!
    16. The superior race: why do they idolize ignorance? Why don’t they care for even their own (people, towns, cities, schools, houses)? Why do they idolize ignorant language (even read the other postings: lack or spelling, proper grammar). They like to think of it as their “own” language, but in actually it is “uneducated” ignorant use of the English language; and yet they promote it??? Because they idolize ignorance, it makes one agree with the commercial “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, so why waste it on such a culture, donate to another school! If another race were to have such a commercial, there would be riots for sure! Superior, I think not.
    17. If most the blacks are not indeed from Africa as noted many times in previous articles and sites, why do blacks in America insist on being called African Americans? We don’t call the “uncolored” German Americans, Jewish Americans, English Americans…we are just Americans. If they want to be American, then why African American and why celebrate African holidays???
    18. Other than the recent influx of Mexicans (ok and Cubans) other races/cultures (and America is made of many from all over the world!!!) have managed to blend in, participate and get along successfully in America without aide!
    19. Ok. one more…for now…the superior black race that is given preference on admittance to Universities and medical school and lowered scores accepted as passing on certain exams…would you want a black female physician caring for you? Wouldn’t you wonder if she obtained that degree on her own hard work, skill and knowledge or because of the special allowances because of the “superior” color of her skin?

    • eddie Says:

      Whoa, whew, I didn’t read it all, but scanning over it gave me some bad vibes, and all that writing! We have a lot of intelligant people around the world and like all that intelligence there is a ‘void’ I don’t mean no harm, but where some are smart in one area some miss being smart in another

    • hahawhitedevil Says:

      just face it white ppl are devils get over it sorry your feeling sorry about yourselves white people are soooo stupid you are the lawless man the bible speaks of sure you’ll put us down cover up the truth in any way possible even white ppl hate white ppl they say we blacks are way cooler 😉 so yeah we are superior an yal are inferior lmao

  20. Rex Says:

    I cant believe this was the only page on this topic through out the whole of google.

    White are ashamed, they have indian (hindu) genetics, the same way they bum suck and are a shamed of there own race, is the same way these whites (indian albinos) cant take the truth about there race.

  21. whats all the who-ha! Says:

    i dont understand all this stuff about race, albino this and that is it really important. Ignorance is ignorance is ignorance…and both sides can be just that ignorant! i am a individual no matter what you call me negroid, nigger, negro, black african american, african american etc etc. I am ME that is all. You are you…race and skin tone should not matter, the world is the way it is for a reason. It has not changed ever…racism exists in every form. So does prejudice. I dont care whether you are German, Jew, Europian, Asian or whatever you are who you were born to be and thats yourself!! not a race. We should not be judged by our skin tones, no matter how dark or light. when you cut the skin the blood still comes out red. and we are only one race THE HUMAN RACE. if all the biblical sayings and such is true…do you think GOD will choose a race to perish forever in hell? Why does it matter what race or skin tone GOD may have been. If he was so prejudice why create more then one race or nationality.

    • eddie Says:

      In ezk.36 it made a difference with God, so if it made a difference with him it should make a difference with man. He said that his people called the heathen the people of the lord, and (” profaned his Holly Name”)

  22. whats all the who-ha! Says:

    besides racism is just a excuse for people to use when they feel threatened or inferior to/by someone. some people were born hateful and just want a reason to be mean and hateful. alot of great people died in vain and we still have so much to learn. lets live for today and leave yesterday where it belongs. no matter the time, A.C, D.C, B.C, A.D or whatever today is the day to make a diffrence!

  23. whats all the who-ha! Says:






  24. Baxter M. Sichone Says:

    I have observed that logical facts have been presented about the origin of man. Well I stand to be corrected; there is only one instance when a reference was strongly made to colour in the Bible: Jeremiah 13:23 “Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? There is also an aspect of Moses being black as already highlighted in your wonderful presentation. This means there has been people of colour all along which should not make some people to look superior.

    Simple minds always find it easier to deal with race in terms of skin colour and yet it has always been clear from the beginnings that there is distinctiveness about the black skin or race and indeed the origin of man and finally the truth about Jesus Christ who was westernised by greedy white researchers. Discovering the truth about black race is probably a clue or key to discovering the real truth about humanity and indeed his salvation. If whites have evolved from albinos, then indeed Jesus Christ was black person and the man who helped to carry his cross could have been a Negroid due to one reason or another. There must have been alot of black race covering Ethiopia to Mesopotamia which makes Abraham to likely be black. I dont think Abraham could have been white going by the Albino argument as well as closenes to the cradle area. Those who probably left the first original territory much earlier are more likely to have been exposed to different weather resulting in development of white colour than those who left much later such as Africans thereby making colour an insignificant issue.

    Therefore, it should just be a matter of common sense that God is not a God of colour but Tribes and apportioned responsibilities accordingly. That is why the Bible explains the history of man in terms of tribes as this is the only logical approach to distinguish between races but without disregarding the issue of racial marriage which haas always existed from time immemorial. It is clear noe that children fron inter-racial marriages are of mild skin and this is particulary so between whites and Negroes. Black people are not really black but just nearly so except for the black hair which has been used as a distinctive description of the Negroids.

  25. Baxter M. Sichone Says:

    The writter put up a very commendable research in an attempt to get us thinking straight following irresponsible so called discoveries of 1900 about mankind. Thats the way it ought to be, keep it up. ‘Buffalo soldier, stolen from African…..fighting on arrival….’
    Its always the best thing to discover yourselves so that you know exactly what you are and where you are going? Some people are still in pain and slavery in one form or another.

  26. Tshepo Says:

    I am suprised to actually find out and know that a race with white skinned people. People that are considered to be more intelligent, more powerfull and more rich were actually a curse. This is also a race that originates from another race that they consider inferior. ( the black race).

  27. Shashank Rai Says:

    I read the whole article (which took a whole lot of time!!!) but it was a good read. I also read all the comments on this page, but people….regardless of whether race should matter or not (and in my opinion it shouldn’t)….it is still a discussion of the origins of all races.

    From the “facts” presented on this page by the writer, it is clear that his / her research is incomplete. Albinos may occur in the sub-Saharan Africans, but that doesn’t mean that their hair suddently becomes straight, or that their noses suddenly become pointed, or that their lips suddenly become thin. Those are things that we have seen in the White race, and also in the East Indians. How did they develop those? Simple magic, I suppose?

    The Mongoloid people (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/etc etc) have very little body hair and they are not wide eyed. Their hair is also very straight and they are shorter in stature etc. Those cant be “environment related variations”. So far nothing on this page is talking about HOW those particular things came to be.

    The existence of the White race or it’s descendance from Black “Albino” rejects is something that cannot be proven simply by showing a picture of an Albino kid in Tanzania. The White race is not white only by skin color, but also in their facial features, etc. How did that come about??

    Other physical characteristics, such as bone structure, genitalia size, body hair……..all of this cannot be explained by “Albinoism”.

    Until then, the author’s findings are incomplete and therefore even flawed.

  28. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    Shashank Rai, environmental factors have long been sited as what is responsible for the physical differences now. If thousands of years is involved skin color,nose,hair,must be affected! Climate must have it
    ‘s effect. Even if you are Black and go to a cold climate it will effect your shade of Black making you lighter so what more thousands of years! No, you must look at scientific evidence that shows that the climate made the differences in Asians and Europeans,not to talk of Africans!

    • eddie Says:

      for thousands of years the bible says that God turned Miriam white with a leprosy and also gehazi turned white with a leprosy. Are we all missing the point here? Who are we to argue with the bible that has been circulating for thousands of years, and why is it so important to keep black oeople from reading the old testament?

  29. TERRELL Says:


    2:8 And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive;

    2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    2:10 Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

  30. lol Says:

    i always knew they were albinos

  31. MMMMM Says:

    Additionally, the so-called mongoloid race was orginated due to a recessive gene in offspring of albinos that causes Mongoloidism…the distinctive features of slanted eye….

    Albino was a recessive gene that mutated in addition to a mutated gene that causes MONGOLOIDISM that resulted the so-called mongoloid race.

  32. john Says:

    I think all you stupid people need to get a life and worry about something else. I think most of this is just Black Superiority propoganda and is just racist as Whitey’s propaganda. Dumbfucks..

    • eddie Says:

      So all of us dumbfucks that have read the bible wonder why God said that “If her father had but spit in hre face should she not be ashamed 7 days” and she went out a leper as white as snow. { Speaking of Moses sister) {num.12)

      • Jay Says:

        How exactly would you know that your so called God said this? A man wrote the bible, not a God!

  33. Enderase Epa Says:

    First there is good and bad in all mankind lets start there. Culture is most time dictated by environment your environment dictates your means of survival which creates norms customs and rituals to find a sustainable balance in that environment. With this being said European culture has been and is predicated on the conquering war model, this is not a question of morality as so much a question of necessity given environmental requirements. Europe is not a agricultural friendly place limiting a Farm based society. Which tends to be more peaceful as there is a more even distribution of resources. This can be seen in Chinese and interior African cultures where war and conflict was more internal for control and regulation of resources then exported for acquisition of resources. My point being here is you have conflicts but less frequent and less aggressive as then someone conducting a war of acquisition. Other cultures that have followed a similar European model are the Japanese , Arabs and Mongols, study them and you’ll fine a militaristic society developed from a limiting environment. However what is unique to whites is their desire to convert and assimilate (which is similar to their cousins the Arab) this comes from as far back as Greece and Sparta where the conquered would pay a tax or a levee to fore go war (vassal state) this is nothing new to the world it was done every where however Europeans like Arabs required submission to their religions and deities this guaranteed people would see them as God and assure obedience; I reference Alexanders of Macedonia and the oracle of Delphi (Serapis) and the Essence rebellion at Qumran (all ingredients for the start of Christianity) Most conquering society didn’t require this Japan, Mongols, Burmese’, required you to pay your taxes or be wiped out. But from the Hindus, Semitics, Europeans you will find a root language and a culture of forced religion and institutionalized racism and classism. Please don’t take me as naive all cultures practice a degree of classism and racism; but the fore mentioned societies existence is reliant on them and that is unique. To tie this back in to the topic at hand; you can derive whites from Albinism a genetic malformation and nature does dictate a large degree of genetic characteristics however similar climates are fond throughout the earth but whites are only fond to congregate in Arabia, Europe and originate in the Caucasus mountain region. I sight language migration and root words to further validate this observation English and Hindi or related as well as variants of Semitic languages and Farsi let it be said Arabic and Aramaic where widely influenced by various regions due to extensive trade relations much like modern day American English. I digress back to my earlier point that climate has limited required effects on features. Seattle Washington is very similar in climate as western Europe (England) however the native American population was not blond haired and blue eyed. The same can be said of Chile and Patagonia as they are near the south pole there climate is similar to north pole climates of Green land and Iceland yet no indigenous blond hair faired skinned people have been fond there. The Asians in the mountains of Tibet have been there thousands of years but show no signs of European genetic adaptation. As well you can still find pale Arabs in the hottest deserts covered head to toe to shield them from the sun three thousand years later their skin is not Nigerian ebony which climate is not as hot as Iraq or Saudi Arabia. All these points can be gleamed from science, observation and common sense. Blacks, Kemetics, Nubians, Dravidian’s, Lo, Suds, Olmecs, Polynesians, or what ever name you wish to address us buy are the root race for planet earth this is scientifically and historically provenand we can be found on every continent in current and prehistory varying in color hue but never pale or white. In some form or another all races descended from us, However it is said we do not all originate from the same place the Book of Enoch (and other oral and written texts) states multiple extraterrestrial influences throughout our history. Before you say I’m venturing off the deep end consider genetics and the mapping of the human genome, missing chromosomes, racial specifics disease and conditions. In nature even as animals migrate and adapt to their surroundings there is still a lay over from the original model. Cheetah’s leapoerd’s lions and Tigers share a common ancestor genetically they are not that dissimilar and some times can be successfully cross breed in the case of a liger. (Tiger lion mix) But this is normally human induced nature tends to maintain the status quo unless it is forced to adapt . Plainly put Lions won’t mate with Tigers unless forced by humans or necessity such as a African lion is trapped in India and normally it will be killed by other tigers as a potential competitor or oddity. Nature seeks to maintain a balance in all creation from micro bacteria to whales; ants to elephants a species tends to be tailored to an environment. It could be called genetic culture. Humans do not completely follow this; Judaic religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) would like to make us feel we are special so natural rules don’t apply to us. But this is arrogance and ignorance not science or common sense for the matter. Most blacks shouldn’t eat high salt,sugar,and fat diets (similar to Native Americans) it is mostly deadly to us in large amounts of a period of time. Whites do not suffer the same elements this is because of genetics and environment; like a car built for premium shouldn’t be running on unleaded. In conclusion what I’m saying is evolution is inaccurate as a theory, nature builds the model right the first time efficient and in balance as the environment changes it creates adaptations because the world is always changing sometimes quick and profound sometimes slow and minute. Evolution does not fit in the world model evolution is the processes of going from one point to another. But life is not linear it is constant. Consistency is change to balance change requires adaptations this is why animals have species not evolutes. There are different species of humans with in and with out races past and present I believe historically and genetically we have been breed like dogs or cats for specific characteristic that go outside natural creation; this has been attempted throughout our history; such as slave breeding, blue blooding too modern gene therapy. We have been tampered with by other intelligent beings in our history and our races reflect that. I leave you with this one simple point. If you wanted to colonies another planet you just couldn’t land there and set up camp you’d be dead the moment you took you spacesuit off for various reasons. Much like if your from Texas and ate food and water in the Jungles of Borneo there’s a good chance you’d die from Dysentery. We can’t live in water with out scuba gear for 5 minutes for lack of adaptation and the earth is 73% water. The only sure way is genetic manipulation fusing Human genes with a host there by bridging the gap and praying nature will do the rest. This is done every day by a virus called the common cold it leaves one host and adapts to a new one via genetic manipulation one body environment is not the same as another and so the virus must adapt to it; this is why you can’t eradicate the cold virus it is constintenly adapting.
    Whites, Asians, and Others are a adaptation of Africans on one level or another I believe more from genetic breeding as well as environment. You decide what you believe.

  34. des Says:

    This is interesting. As I see it I don’t see a difference between being white and being an Albino. The visual observations apart, there are identical, medical and biological research results of the two.

    Yes the original theory of Environmental conditions is truly challenged, not only because Advanced research techniques but also the general popularity of the field of studying the origin of human beings.
    The original people of Northern Europe must must have been of an Albino lineage where they moved there to avoid the dangerous Sun Rays of Africa, middle east and Southern Europe.

    • eddie Says:

      Boy I am really enjoying this, If you read in ( your Bible) leviticus 13 it will explain this for you, that is if you believe in the word. PS I’ ve got to get prayed up, because I know the devil is going to be mad at me.

  35. des Says:

    Check this out.. God bless her heart.

  36. Michael Says:

    i think alot of people made some good points, i think its important we discover the truth so we can teach our children the truth. I have one theory im prtty sure most people would agree

    1. we came from the earth
    2. we were born from the earth
    3. we spread out accross the earth
    4. we live on earth
    5. we are a house of many colors like the rainbow
    6. our creator loves us all despite our stupidity.
    7. no race is better then another, because its clear we lack true intellect minds if we can’t look past racial issues.

  37. Sharda Says:

    wow, i have got to stop reading now. i have read three books today, which actually are responsible for me comming across the site. May be some of you people have read it too. Children of The Matrix… by david icke. and man let me tell you im tripping of a knowledge over load. between this site and the books.I KNOW ONE THING , i am a goddess of MY SELF. LOVE TO ALL U.

  38. DR. Lg Says:

    Some of the white people here are missing the point on purposely as a denial complex. Of course the first albino off spring from blue black Africans isn’t going to come out with modern day “white features”, like a thin nose, straight hair, a flat ass, health benefits, and a 401k plan at first.. All these traits would have to take place over time while living in a cold climate. This is why Kemet is such an important prize to white supremacist. ‘The facts have to be covered to hide the truth.’ This is why the so called jewish holocaust is so in-your-face, and black slavery’s ancient history.

    There’s a lot of new information from white/jewish propagandist scholars who are now calling themselves space aliens from the planet Nibreau, who came to earth, and settled in Samaria thousands of years ago, and created black people to be their slave workers to mind gold for them. Look at the work of Zecharia Sitchien, and you will see a wicked scenario to re-enslave blacks worldwide being orchestrated to come about in 2012 or shortly after.

    It’s strange how some white people try and make it seem like black people are inferior to the technology of aryan race. You silly white fools sound like children trying to measure everyone else according to your european civilization standards by how many toys it has instead of the length of time your civilization has lasted. I’m not surprised that some whites will go out of their way to try and blame their failing economy on blacks.

    Now when you hear you hear blacks say that Jesus was black, we’re only saying that all attributes of a jesus christ originated from black people and was attached to a white image.

    But it’s all to the good. In the end the truth will be made known.

  39. Strawberry Blonde Says:

    My Great Grandmother, Sweet William, always taught her children to honor all their bloodlines. Being a beautiful intelligent ivory colored mulatto, she stood firm in these beliefs. Her husband, John Lorenzo, of germanic nordic lineage always agreed. I am a fair skinned strawberry blonde who looks very nordic. On my Daddy’s side I am native american, irish, french andwelsh. I believe the realization of our old african roots is quite shocking to many people. This needs to be approached with reason and thought.

    There are radical black supremacist who would despise me because I am so fair skinned, blonde and green-eyed! On the other hand, there are white supremacists who would hate me because I have Sweet William’s
    african genetics. I also have her straight hair! It has taken many long years to coalesce my heritage into a whole. I often had dreams, as a child, of being very snow white, and being amongst very black people. In this recurring dream, we ‘snow white’ ones were ostracized, killed, enslaved, sexually abused, and, at times, tortured. We were put in cages and I can remember some of the mother’s coming and crying over us. I remember I would always wake up, sobbing in horror, not understanding the unfathomable pain gripping my soul!?

    This dream has haunted me all my life until I began to find out about the african albino people. Some have said, here, that present day europeans still carry these horrid memories, causing a suppressed rage of “never again!”. Strangely, when I, myself, look at the YouTubes and pictures of these albinos I feel a kinship with them…more than with the blacks? Yet, underneath, in my heart and soul, I know there were blacks who did love us…like in my recurring dream. I absolutely feel our black mothers were trapped, too, by a system they fought, as best they could. I believe a few of the fathers cared, too, but only a few!!

    I look at the world and see that my kind are a minority…we are the anomaly…the ones who developed a “fire in our guts” to survive. I am determined to honor my mixed albino bloodline and secure a future for my children and grandchildren. I know that there are those who want to destroy all people like me. It is as though, if we weren’t here, everything would transform. My Aunt Zelma, who had the pale blonde, but coarse hair, often said, “We are the ‘white lightenin’ of God…something happened in our blood, long long ago, the thunder crackled and we changed” She, too, had the same dream or nightmare that I did and we talked about it, sometimes. Maybe that’s why I have always had an affinity for Thor, the powerful nordic God of thunder and lightening, of the tribe, and, of power. He did not allow human sacrifice and was the most beloved and favorite of the people!

    I remember reading how *Malcolm X* hated his red hair, how he wanted to pull it out and make his skin blacker!! Yet, he came back from Mecca as a transformed man. He seemed to accept the whiteness in him, better, and no longer wanted to pull out his red hair. At that time he began to believe that there were some whites who were not racists. It must have been shocking to realize that all the “hounds of hades” could not rid him of his white blood! It is an abyss he walked that caused his assassination, I believe, because he had touched another dimension of God? Two worlds had awakened, in his blood, which took him into the wilderness of identity! Blood is “thicker than water” as it streams from our racial ancestors! Only within, can we begin to bring them together, honoring them all, in peace and harmony. The longest journey begins with a single step.

  40. Niral Mundu;India Says:

    Yes its true that Human beings present today have all started their journey from Africa and migrated around the world.The indigenous people of south Asia, Munda People also were of dark complexion.The original migrants were Blacks.The features and colour of human beings changed only to survive on those conditions.Folic acid necessary for s baby in mother’s womb decide the colour and geographic conditions decided features and hence genetic change which transferred to next generation.

  41. des Says:

    White is Albino.

  42. 2012 saya Says:

    the human race is a cancer on this planet! .all race of beings have raped murderd inslaved ect. if there is a creator please end our suffering never to rise again. religon is superstition which is ignorance. god cursed this world when our ancestors slumberd from the is time

    • Do You know who I am? Says:

      Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You. I just can’t say it enough, Saya 2012 who ever you are, it has been 2yrs. since you blessed Us with this wisdom, almost like a prayer, a mantra, this short paragraph of yours, Your words heals me, I swear by creation. By Your wisdom and belief I pray also that I enter the many mansions of existence after this life is over as a humanoid. You have balanced this whole conflict. The ancient Egyptians used to weigh the heart with a feather. just think a feather, this was no religion but a way to live, the heart being light, free of sin, free of confusion and Yes all races have sinned it has balanced itself to the last days. It is time.

  43. azizur Says:

    black ppl from east africa came to india 60to80 thousand yrs ago and they still are pure some of them alot of rape happened in india white ppl raped the dravida indian women and killed men but there are still alot of pure dravida ppl in india 20% in genetic studys are austroloid in india ,any ways us dravida ppl like black africans have alot of albinos with blond hair one of my relative is albino with blond hair and she looks swedish us dravidian ppl have more or less the same features as europeans so it was out albinos who went up north to persia and caucasian mountians 10 women and 8 men albinos and from there they inbred,and thats ho you get the white ppl.

  44. AnuWoman Says:

    You make a good point and I have theorized as such. First, European have your features, not the other way around.
    The human genome project says of course we all are essential African, but that white people were genetically 60% Asian and 40 percent African. Which could indeed resemble some Indian populations. Take away the melanin and you can see a clue to the white mans roots. This is a theory among many others.

  45. Rob Says:

    2012 Saya, peace and love You are so right the human serves no purpose on this planet. Think? Every animal in the animal kingdom is in accord with nature and serves a purpose in the ecological, birds eat incects, worms help the soil, leaves on treees purify the air etc. etc. even inanimate things in a dormate state contribute to the order of things such as rocks as weights on the planet but man, he dosen’t do a f…..king thing but take take take, shed blood, man been on the planet for millions of years and he can’t get it right, he can’t love, he can’t share, he can’t even come to a natural belief in the oneness of hiself with creation. I too will be glad when this sh..t is over. I am not sad or suicidal but I realise mankind was a damm mistake, there is nothing divine about humankind, the white black thing this is and was a test for the two, it has balanced itself to the last days. The blacks did the albinos(caucasians) wrong in their infancy but were merciful and let them live, the caucasians and yes the albinos(caucasians) are a great great people who turned things around and perpetrated the worst forms of hatred and racisim that has ever been seen in the universe. Yes it is time for this sh…t to shut down and no one should ever want to manifest as a human again, because we know energy is never destroyed. All a person at this stage in this year 2009 should do is treat people the way they want to be treated and be nice to the planet our temporary home. I pray like hell that this sh…t comes to an end. And yes we do come from one origin, thats why it hurts and we feel each others pain, and joy. Mankind is so much one family that its mind boggling to think of what he can do, if he didn’t have eye sight, just this one sense that he distingushes other humans forms with. White people deny so much truth its pathetic and it puts the world in a vacum of nothingness, Blacks are so ignorant and hatefull of each other it sickning. Example…… in Somalia these motherf…kers can’ even feed themselves but they got weapons, done tore up the beautiful Puntland, where are they getting this endless supply of weapons from when they highjack the ships they turn around and buy weapons, from what White European concern do they buy these weapons from. Im looking at the white pope in White Israel on TV. Where are the black people, who lived in caanan before 1900 B.C. even before Abraham migrated. White people just deny and lie so damm much so much that it takes a toll on dimensions and states of existense, thats why we don’t see many miricles in this plane of life. Im not bashing white people, look at basheer of the Sudan this evil man has been responsible for the murder and displacing some the oldest african people on the planet, there is nothing in the world I hate more than a black despot leader. See how I got off on a tangent. Saya 2012 I hope these poles shift or some well deserved catastrophy hits us so this energy(human) changes into something else maybe a space rock or something inanimate…. LOL

  46. Rob Says:

    Oh I forgot, look at this Dravidian thing, please all look at what is going on in Sri lanka these beautiful black original Indians are being slaughtered by the lighter skinned sinhelese. Before the tsunami hit the world and ignorant white people, light skinned latinos didn’t even know what a original black Indian looked like, these are beautiful people being being erased off the the planet, their land, like the Australians were. Where does this evil come from? Who is behind this thing. I know Tamils wants independance but where does this endless suply of weapons come from, for both sides. These people are the mothers and fathers of the white race no doubt, That 20,000 cro. mag. man comes from these Dravidian people, so how can the caucasian(albino) hate his very existence. White people wouldn’t have no joys, no pleasures, no thoughts or none of the sh..t they covet, no sex orgasms, no nothing if it weren’t for the people they originate from, this says someting about the soul of this breed of people. I don’t know if its karma why darker people massacre each other or there is someone or something that I(we) can’t put our finger on. We got stop this sh…t in Sri lanka or these beautiful people are gonna into extinction. Somebody wants this, so we the world wont Know what an original blackman harappan/Indian looks like. We know what the caste system did and is doing. As a black american I know we were experimented on and breeded indescrimintly and all forms of diseases were put in us. Soloman studied the ants and how they work together, they naturaly recognise each other and work to do enormous jobs.

  47. light Says:

    All life began in Africa, for food was plentiful and conditions right.
    on the topic of who gave the world cilivization, it was not the white race.
    A cilivzation is where jails and poverty does not exsist. Many tribes around the world can claim that prize. Tecnology is not cilization.

    To know one self is to be cilized. There are three primary colours; red, blue and yellow mix the three together and you get black. Nature its self tells of who was here first. The sun is the key to life on earth , it does not try to kill coloured people………!

    The reason why white people are in power now is because of fear, fear makes people dangerous. They plundered the world’s people, now they’re plundering themsleves.( wall street & federal reserve)

    As dr.king said,” they’re our sick brothers .” They have lost touch with nature for lack of spirit.
    As for inventions, blacks are up there….( google black inventors)
    Black people are strong and full of spirit, go to any black church versus a white one, and you will see who god has given spirit to. Black people was born in recession yet thrive. How many blacks kill themselves because they lost their jobs or house? No matter where you live, rich or poor, you have to live with yourself, without a strong spirit you will fall into depression.

    The so called civilization we live in now was found on theft, murder and rape. If that is how the white race is superior, then I wish to stay black and primative!

    Sorry about gramma, written from iPhone. Could not go back to proof read.

  48. Akosua Says:

    No one seems to have mentioned the fact that if two Black/African albinos have children, that child will not necessarily be an albino so this, as well as other points made, convinces me that more research is needed on the subject, it’s not enough to just roll out the ‘white people are albinos’ argument again without any new research. Besides, does it really matter where white folks came from? We Afrikans have more important issues to deal with like liberating ourselves from oppression and White Supremacy, rescuing our land from the hands of non-Afrikans and re-learning the teachings of our Ancestors so we will never be exposed to such evil again.

  49. Kim Says:

    SekemetKaliMaha Great Mother Goddess of us all says no true son shall turn against his Mother.

  50. Shahzad Says:

    ……..and these guys (white race) say of white supremacy…when in fact they are an inferiorly mutated albino race……..its funny how the wrongs claim to be the right………..

    Personally i dont even think that white is even a beautiful race as when i see their real face in real life (as in media they do makeup) they look very obnoxious to the eyes, the color is lacking sensationalisim or stimulation to the eye…….bt on the other hand no one wants to say themselves as diseased so they say we mutated are the most best looking race………

    PS without doubt the most beautiful and sensational colored race is that of the Arabs, Persia and Semites as mostly they are a race of light brown colored race, the color of the normal original humans w/o any disease as of hyper/hypo pigmentation………………….

  51. jimmy dean Says:

    AfriKan people world wide stop using the white(neandetals)bible,torah,quaran etc. all religious books being used as a reference for fact is assinine because anyone with half a brain knows it is man made B.S. .A AFRIKAN MAN AIN’T GOT NO DAMN BUSSINESS USING THE EUROPEANS FAIRYTALE BOOKS WHEN WE CAN REFER TO THE ORIGIN OF ALL SPIRITUAL BELEIFS FROM OUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD ANCIENT RELATIVES IN THE ANCIENT NILE VALLEY!!!ANY AFRIKAN THAT DOSEN’T USE THIS A THE TRUE REFERENCE POINT IS NOTHING BUT A DAMN TRAITOR OR WORST YET IGNORANT!!!

  52. PETE Says:

    What a ridiculous article. So many wholes can be picked in it.


    no, this absolutely not true, all people also evolved from sludge in the sea or beyond that from apes, but to say ‘all mankind are apes’ would perhaps highlight what a cretin this writer is.

    You can tell it was written by a black person, not because of its obvious bias, but because it’s fucking stupid.

  53. jimmy dean Says:

    Now is has been proven by your own scientist what afroKentics was saying all along that europeans and asians have neanderthal bloodlines!! AND AFRIKANS ARE PROVEN NOT TO HAVE ANY GENETIC LINK TO NEANDERTHALS!!! We AfriKans all ways knew you savages are not human!

  54. anna cherfils Says:

    thank you and keep up the good have answered my prayers

  55. david a hughey Says:

    these white folks are very intelligent and very destuctive bad genetics,hitler,mousalin,stahlin, einstien , there history is is death and wars they are the devil no doubt, the black man and red and brown man will rise soon from the east ,

    • Mitch Says:

      ok, so the rwanda massacre, not to mention the way black people massacre each other in Africa, South Central LA, etc, was that also the white man’s fault?

  56. jimmy dean Says:

    Come on!?! That old white trick of talking morality while raping murdering and stealing everything You crackers can get your hands on!! Where was your love for 400 years of slavery,500 years of slaughtering the natives in america,afrika and asia. All the while making up bibles (cracker made up fairytale bull shit that has no physical proof what so ever proof what so ever) Everybody knows the biggest weapon the white man has is not guns and bombs .It’s his bullshit religion and fake morality!!!

  57. Mystic Queen Says:

    The wounds of the past in case you haven’t noticed are continuing to this very present day.

  58. Ed Says:

    In ancient writings Noah is described abeing Albino, if you were to accept that Noah was a real person and that allhumans come from Noah then albinism would be a very common mutation to be carried in all humans. I have always believed that all people were originally black but many of us lost that with Noah being albino. With htree sons I envision one being black, one being white skinned and one of intermediate skin. Combine this with three black women and go from there in three directions. If the biblical and historical acoounts are correct then it is very obvious that we were all originally black skinned in nature. Noahs son Ham was the one that was sent south to colonise Africa, then later the twelve tribes of Judah come from Hams line, the original Isrealites would have almost certainly been black in nature or at the very least a mix. I happen to be mostly white, I look white anyway, but it even pisses me off that they portray all important people in history as being white when it so obviously unlikely.

  59. africanblackmilitant Says:

    Black people were the first people on the planet. Everybody, including White people, come from Black people. White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state [which] is what causes skin to be White. The Caucasian has not been chosen to lead the world. The original template for all human beings was the black man. We are the HEAD. Everybody, including White people, come from Black people. White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state which is what causes skin to be White. The color of white people is the result of leprosy and genetic inferiority, and that the ancestors of white people are the sexual partners of dogs and jackals. It took 600 years to breed them, part man and part beast. Hence is it any wonder that whites lack true emotions in their creation ? Is it any wonder that white people are never peaceful ? Whites were only created to fight other invading races, to protect the God race of the black man.

    The black man has melanin, the white man does not.

    Melanin is responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, science, religion, truth, justice, and righteousness. Read Pythagoras where got his theorem from ? Read Herodotus, read Julius Ceasar read where they went to get their learning, they went to the black man in Africa. Whites have low levels of Melanin thus will behave in a barbaric manner. Melanin gives humans the ability to feel because it is the absorber of all frequencies of energy. Since whites have the least amount of melanin, this is why they are perceived by us as generally being rigid and unfeeling. Whites have no melanin, this is why they have an obsession with tanning, with tattoos anything to get some colour into them because they know they are inferior to the black men. White men give there women chocolate with nuts on mothers day, so they can feel sexual equal to the black man. You notice the way so many white males are homos ? It’s because through anal intercourse, the sick self-debasing white male may fantasize that he can produce a product of color, albeit that the product of color is S**T.

    History shows black people lack the violent nature whites have. Indeed read a book by a white man called Ice Man Cometh, he exposes this fact about his own race. The black man built the first civilizations and the mightiest the world has ever seen, which stretched over the entire earth, thousands of years ago, before planes and modern technology which makes it a greater feat then than now. Everywhere the white man went he found black people. Indeed the oldest civilization in Mexico is called Olmec.

    The Olmecs were the fathers of the Mayan and Aztec, thus, they are from black people too. Europe is cold, desolate and lacks natural resources. White people just recently took over the world (via Britain) and learned about the other parts of the earth like the ‘discovery’ of America when we were already there. The oldest people in India are blacks called Dravidans. The original Australians (aborigines) are black people. Even the original BRITISH and IRISH were black…they were called the GRIMALDIES…the first people in Britain…were BLACK PEOPLE!

    The Greeks, the first white men to become civilized, were educated by blacks for centuries. After the Greco/Roman Empire fell, whites went back into their original normal culture of savagery, ignorance, superstition, murder, lewdness, etc. It’s called the dark ages, because whites were in the dark. They thought the world was flat, were scared to take baths. This is where the black plague almost killed all of white Europe in the 13th, due to unsanitary conditions. During that same time, in Spain, the Moors had over 300 public baths. While 1% of Europe was literate, there were over 90 universities in the Moorish Empire!

    The oldest university in the world today is in timbuctoo which is in Africa. The Moors, a great black people who are the ones who reawakened the white Europeans. These blacks are responsible for the white boy ‘renaissance’ where you had to refocus on science, learning and math. Black men are the ones who inspired this reawakening. We gave the world the alphabet (Phoenicians were black Moorish people from Africa…the word PHONICS comes from them!) and numbers (Numbers are 0-9 as opposed to Roman numerals which don’t have a zero making higher math impossible). Blacks taught whites in the ancient days, and then when you started acting stupid again, then moors re-educated whites. Now whites have got the nerve to call blacks stupid ?

    Anyway, as for the intelligence

    Blacks were called animals and property in America and the U.K, denied being recognized as a human being and all the normal things humans get like school, communities, families, marriages…all DENIED during slavery. People have SYSTEMATICALLY denied us any access to anything just because we were black. Since whites theorize blacks are subhuman, then why should you give civil rights to a monkey ? That is the devils logic, and if they never let blacks get into anything, your logic is ‘safe’.

    So the white mindset works like this :

    1) Supremacy which is a drive is for superiority and domination based on feelings of inadequacy and inferiority
    2) Whites source of inferiority is due to their genetic inability to produce melanin
    3) European whiteness makes them the world minority, and they are paranoid, because of real likelihood that they could be genetically wiped out by dark skinned phenotype. There was reason why the white man used to cut off a black man penis…there was a reason for that
    4) Thus hostility and aggression toward dark skinned people develops as a defense mechanism.


    some people say why does this even matter? of course this matters. Its all about giving credit where its due. Technically there shouldn’t be any division in races because last I checked the only race was the human race but its obviously much too late for that. racial oppression went on for a long time and didnt stop until the late 60’s. It went on for 100’s of years and for someone to say stop playing the race card is bullshit in my opinion because just 50 years ago we had LAWS preventing people of color to get anywhere in life. Countries all over the world were founded on racist principles and thats never going to change. Racism will never go away. No matter how successful I become im still going to deal with the same problems as any other black man. Last I checked people still suffer from racial profiling. anyone that thinks different is either naive, white, or has yet to receive there “wake up call” yet.

    as for the dummy that said what good came out of africa, you have calculus, mummification which is used to help preserve bodies to this day, and man (if you count that as a good thing). There are other things of course, but those were top 3.

  61. Blacksareplainugly Says:

    February 29, 2008 at 1:54 am | Reply
    After taking all the previous responses into consideration, it makes one to still question:
    1. If the albino rejects were walled in the Caucaus mtns. how did they get out?
    2. These “albino rejects” that were walled off, couldn’t have numbered more than their original tribe? How could they have over taken and raped… Did they develop a higher intelligence (strategies…)?
    3. Who cares who was the “original race”, how does that affect people of any color or lack of color today?
    4. I don’t believe that albino rejects/the uncolored feel ashamed of being inferior or have the ability to project this shame on blacks. You are in control of your own sense of self worth and feelings!!! If this projection of shame is your belief, then you must already feel ashamed of yourself to begin with.
    5. None of the race issues/albino, reject theories/albino rapes…explain how albinism occurs in everything (mammals, reptiles, plants, insects, birds…) or how that the “uncolored” have albinism occuring and that still doesn’t explain the other different features/characteristics that exist between blacks and the “uncolored”. (nose, mouth, tongue, hair, body frame…)
    6. In the biblical references; why is it assumed that the cursed are black?
    In reference the facial flushing; blacks can have flushed faces.
    7. Here is a thought perhaps God created the “uncolored” and the blacks evolved or had a genetic alteration that either created apes or visa versa?!
    8. If the blacks are so “superior”, than why (generally) is their culture so less advanced? Why are the african black original clan not more advanced than anyone else? Why as a people do they proclaim that people of their own “race” whom are educated are, “acting white”?
    9. Usually with mutations, come other defects, those albinos sure advanced more than their parents ever did, why is that?
    10. It is by no moal consciousness that the “albino rejects” help out their original parents in africa with medical supplies, medical care..,education, food,… is purely that they are racist and are looking to help out their “original parents”, don’t you think?
    11. After all these years, why haven’t the “original superior black race” able to produce its own experts on anything for that matter to prove anything? After all they are the first race, “mother of all races”? Why have all the other races advanced so much more beyond their race? Oh, wait there is peanutbutter! Thanks, it is so ymmuy!
    12. After being defeated and crushed other races and cultures have overcome many more obstacles, weren’t given hand outs or help and still have become more successful in life. They didn’t want pity, expect to be taken care of, given to, sustained or claim to be victims of anything. They used shear strength, hard work, good work ethinic, honesty, and most of all education to get ahead and made sure their offspring did too! They didn’t go around thinking that anyone owed them anything. They didn’t just steal what they wanted, they acted civilized!
    13. How many riots have you seen other races start or participate in for any reason or for no reason, compare to that of the superior black race?
    14. The only thing holding the black race back in the 21st century is themselves! Get educated, yes you can even do it yourself, many other people do it, if they have to! The library is free to everyone, anywhere!
    Another thing holding the black race back is their own anger/resentment/grudges against others.
    15. Where is the all that “black pride” that is talked about? I think if any other race on earth was given special privileges such as extra credit just because of their skin color, allowed entrance into anything with standards lowered so that they could “qualify” they would not only reject it, but be outraged by the very thought. Enough time and generations have come and gone, you can’t blame anything on slavery or racism any more! They have played that trump card one to many times!!! If any race is being discriminated against in this day an age, it is the “uncolored man”!
    16. The superior race: why do they idolize ignorance? Why don’t they care for even their own (people, towns, cities, schools, houses)? Why do they idolize ignorant language (even read the other postings: lack or spelling, proper grammar). They like to think of it as their “own” language, but in actually it is “uneducated” ignorant use of the English language; and yet they promote it??? Because they idolize ignorance, it makes one agree with the commercial “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, so why waste it on such a culture, donate to another school! If another race were to have such a commercial, there would be riots for sure! Superior, I think not.
    17. If most the blacks are not indeed from Africa as noted many times in previous articles and sites, why do blacks in America insist on being called African Americans? We don’t call the “uncolored” German Americans, Jewish Americans, English Americans…we are just Americans. If they want to be American, then why African American and why celebrate African holidays???
    18. Other than the recent influx of Mexicans (ok and Cubans) other races/cultures (and America is made of many from all over the world!!!) have managed to blend in, participate and get along successfully in America without aide!
    19. Ok. one more…for now…the superior black race that is given preference on admittance to Universities and medical school and lowered scores accepted as passing on certain exams…would you want a black female physician caring for you? Wouldn’t you wonder if she obtained that degree on her own hard work, skill and knowledge or because of the special allowances because of the “superior” color of her skin?

  62. Robin Says:




  63. Robin Says:

    If most the blacks are not indeed from Africa as noted many times in previous articles and sites, why do blacks in America insist on being called African Americans? We don’t call the “uncolored” German Americans, Jewish Americans, English Americans…we are just Americans. If they want to be American, then why African American and why celebrate African holidays???
    18. Other than the recent influx of Mexicans (ok and Cubans) other races/cultures

    If you asks a white person, what race are you? They say I’m German, English and I’m half Jewish: I have a little France in me – My mother is France and my father is German and Jewish – Get my points????

  64. africanblackmilitant Says:

    Originally Posted By Robin

    We don’t call the “uncolored” German Americans, Jewish Americans, English Americans…we are just Americans.

    Because all the groups you just mentioned forgot about their traditions and customs and wanted all to become WHITE. They all wanted to join the WHITE CLUB.

    To JOIN :

    Be born white or look enough like a white person to pass as one :

    DUTIES :

    1) Accept White American culture as your guide to life. Practise it and do not question it. Your aim is to speak, dress and act like a middle-class White American with a good education.

    2) Speak English and speak it with one of the accepted club accents.

    3) Do not seriously question or challenge white racism.

    4) Do not make common cause with blacks or other people of colour.

    5) Have mostly white friends.

    6) Marry a white person. Back in the 1940s breaking this rule would get you kicked out, no questions asked. Even now it is still a strike against you. Not so for white men who marry Asian women.


    1) Living in better neighbourhoods with better schools and safer streets.
    Lower unemployment.

    2) Higher pay.

    3) Longer life.

    4) Not being seen as a threat by the police or security guards.

    5) Being seen as more fully human.

    6) Having whites take your ideas and experiences seriously

    7) Listening to racist jokes (does not seem like a privilege, but it functions as one.

    When the Irish, Italians and Jews came to America they were not seen as white at first even though they pretty much looked it. Only when they showed themselves willing to carry out club duties were they admitted and were able to enjoy its privileges. Had they kept their culture, married blacks or made common cause with us, they would have stayed at the bottom and would be regarded much as Latinos are now. It is the threat of losing club privileges or even membership that keeps those in the club from rocking the boat, from standing up to its racism.

    Originally Posted By Robin

    If you asks a white person, what race are you? They say I’m German, English and I’m half Jewish: I have a little France in me – My mother is France and my father is German and Jewish – Get my points ?

    It’s white people who draw the line between themselves and everyone else. You are the ones who apply the colour line and all the injustice that goes with it. You are making yourselves white – and yet you do not want to be seen as white.

    • jimmy dean Says:

      Their is no caucasion upper class their ALL part neandertal!!! They are rejected by nature (THE SUN). After centuries of mass slaughter,plunder and stealing other people’s history they are now broke and begging all the people they slaughtered and looted for help! China “the opium wars” Japan “bombed twice with nuclear weapons,And must have african resources to even survive!!! My how far the cracker has fallen.

  65. King Sun Says:

    Alot of this makes sense, im not with all the religion, but as far as the rest of the thread goes i can definately say that it makes perfect sense, oh, and for the record, ” KWAMI A. KILPATIC ” and “blacksareplainugly” need to take thier white trash, racist asses back to ” stormfront” where they belong, their in panic mode because the truth of their pathetic existence is coming to the light ” what’s done in darkness will always come to the light” and now that light is exposing these fuckers for the worthless losers that they really are…

  66. King Sun Says:

    Knowledge is a wonderful thing, Damn it’s good to be of African Ancestory…

  67. constant Says:

    wow, you are all fools. even the ones that try not to sound racist are pathetic. There are asses in all races and this just proves it. White people can’t comprehend fathom being created from black. Black paople cant comprehend that they created white. Hello?? Do you still disown your child if he/she is born autistic/deaf/blind/purple/onelegged/…etc? Do you look down on your children if they are “different” than the majority where you reside? Africanblackmilitant…your name says it all so does Blacksareplainugly. You are both the reason why people killl in the first place. Yea its important ot know our roots…but why is it so important to know? It is important to you all so one of hte races can claim inferiority over another. So you can show proof. Proof of who gives a shit. Black and White and all races are here becasue we all survived in some way in spread different places . Isnt that awesome? Now here we all are fighting about who the fuk was here first or are whites from albinos? I’ll tell you what whites come from, they come from GOd. Blacks come from God. We all did. WHatever theory can relate. God made it. ANd if your a responder in this blog that doesnt believe in God the answer still remains the same…we are all made from 2 beings that had sex. Black people stop blaming your white neighbors for the past, it is the past and your neighbors didnt do it. White people stop blaming black people for poverty and crime when it was all invented by the same being…You and I. We all have prejudices but we don’t have to be mean, hurtful, ignorant, or inferior to any other. What is there to be inferior over? We are the same bunch of idiots no matter what color we are. Has not all races raped, killed, sodomised, cheated, stolen? Has not all races given birth, celebrated, lost a loved one, suffered in some way? Is there not abortion in the world? Statistics show..blah blah blahbidy blah. Does sit matter which color did more of what and what the media publishes. We all should know evil people are evil no matter what they look like. DO you not know or dislike someone of your own race? Im sure you do. Black Militants and White supremists you have a lot in common you are both the same full of anger and resentment, power and domination, so many personality traits the same that if you wore paint on your bodies and masks on your faces you would probably fuk eachother happily. I am not trying to be angry but I am. Genomes, scientific findings, traits, yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…this proves what exactly? Oh no, or Oh yes whites are actually from albinos! whhheeehaw! Now I can forget about going to my fukin job everyday, raising my kids to be decent and kind, or anything else all becasue I FOUND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT how a color changed over time? This cant only seem stupid to me. Noses big, thin , small, wide WHatever, it all came from one place. Seriously AGAIN 2 beings having some sex, migrated around, climate, survival, disease, war many more,(not in exact order) thus ended up with all of these mixtures of human BEINGS. NO ONE can prove without a DOUBT, absolute DOUBT 100% that any one color was first. There is evidence to the contrary in both. THIS is how it should be shouldnt it? Yet we fight to know so we can be more powerful in some way that will change our daily lives to what? Be more respected, more honest, more kind, more intelligent, more loving, more rich? No. We are curious human beings, we are sinners, we are good and bad and the skin we wear wont hide the person inside us. Black haters, White haters, this is why we cant even have a civilised conversation about race. Some race is saying crackers or niggers. after all these years. I am ashamed that I have to have this conversation some day with my young childen when they start asking about skin color.

  68. constant Says:

    King Sun, we are all of the SAME ancestry. You say pathetic existence regarding the white folk? This is your ancestry too my friend. Be kind to those dissimilar to you.

  69. Mrs. Jones Says:

    What a great find…I have NEVER read anything so interesting as it pertains to the white race and it’s origin. I believe what I read. In the beginning there were only two people, and we all know they were indeed black. However, getting the majority of the “white race” to accept this information…yeah right! …but as long as I know the truth that’s all that matters…

  70. Fatcha Says:

    You poor fools, albino thats a hoot, how about the bone density and structure, the hair, the thin lips , pointy nose what about the hispanic his hair is also differnt from the black man. What did the Hispanics not quiet turn albino?not quiet rejected by his black family? perhaps he was stoped in limbo?
    It is not just the skin, the body structure of Black and white is differnt if you were to see two men in shadow from behind with both their heads shaved then watched them walk you could tell the black man, from their gate and their manarisms, and i am not just talking about them grabbing their crotch!.

    You affirimitive Action Cornel West parrots are less intelligent after a education.

  71. keopinion Says:


  72. elmer Says:

    this pathedic the balck was never men’t to live this long excep’t from grace of the white race/ european race that fed and nurtured them when they were on the brink of destruction the negroid /black race has always been a whining peoples laying all there toubles at the door step of others instead of excepting responsibility for there actions thus it,s made unwelcome and un wanted where ever the settle Note – and when they do find a place to live what do they do in return . do riots/steal/ drugs ect ect ring a bell.

    • eddie Says:

      Well now why don’t we all just go out and build a golden calf or make us a Idol out of wood,or even better lets just worship a tree every year about this time,and fantacize about coming down a chimney or flying thru the skies with reindeer pulling a sleigh, or just make believe about anything, and tell our children little white lies, so they can become liers themselves, should I go on with all the fantacies or do you get the picture?

      • eddie Says:

        Oh yeah I am black and proud of it, and always have been, but I am not a racist, and have never been, I have always had white friends, and some of them were closer than some of my best friends. But the fact still remains, the truth is still the truth, there are bad seeds in all of the human race,but the chosen ones will prevail.

  73. Les Benton Says:

    Black is the absence of all color. White is the source of all colors. Jesus is the continuance of ancient myths about angelic albinos. Albinos were thought to be angels. Octavian, the man whose name is a number (8) played out the myth of the virgin, god and the Christ child. All the Caesars were albino “angels”. Revelation 1;14 plainly describes Octavian as being albino. A sword coming out of his mouth means his sword was being withdrawn from his sword scabbard. The opening is a scabbard is called a mouth. His feet were wearing Roman militaqry boots called sabbatons that are made of brass and are designed to look like bears feet. Revelation 13 says the beast (Octavian) was like unto a lion (liar), a leopard (lepor) Albinos sometimes look like a lepor. Feet of a bear = sabbatons.

  74. Les Benton Says:

    The foundation of the Christian religion is Julius Caesar, Cleopatra vii and Caesars adopted son Octavian whose real father was Marc Antony. Cleopatra (virgin) was a virgin because Caesar said she was. No one would question that then and Christian do not question it now. Julius Caesar was celebrant though he tried to sire a son several times. Cleopatra thought that if she could bear a son she could end up controlling the Roman empire through her son. All this for just a little one night stand. The number 666 came from Pope Sixtus whose assassination was believed by Jews to end the cult of Caesar which became Christianity and the Church Roman Catholic.

  75. jimmy dean Says:

    Melanoma,psoriasis,severe dandruff,rosaisia, beastial hair similar to a dog!?! DEAL with natural (scientific) realities!!! black people are the only natural people to this planet ask your scientific community.Stop dealing with fairy tails.stand out in the sun and see who side nature is on!

  76. White people are fucked. World's worst religion, endless list. Says:

    Their role throughout history is to communicate the god’s wisdom so the entire family can progress when reincarnated. Effectively acomplishing this task may buy them a quality opportunity to ascend in their next life.

    Your job as a future mother is to learn the god’s ways and to help your child understand despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today’s society. Without consciousous parents the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their disfavor by becoming corrupted in today’s environment.
    Your ultimate goal is to fix your relationship wiith the gods and move on. You don’t want to be comfortable here, and the changes in Western society in the last 100 years has achieved just that.
    1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don’t be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

    Much like the other prophets Mohhamed (polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny) and Jesus (forgiveness/savior), the gods use me for temptation as well. In today’s modern society they feel people are most weak for popular culture/sensationalism, and the clues date back to WorldWarII and Unit731:TSUSHOGO, the Chinese Holocaust. They used this Situation to bury Japanese atrocities. And since the gods never committed despite tens of billions in mass media, product development and natural disasters/tragedy they will employ the freedom they positioned into the Situation and CHEAT me out of everything.
    It has been discussed that, similar to the Matrix concept, the gods will offer a REAL “Second Coming of Christ”, while the “fake” Second Coming will come at the end and follow New Testiment scripture and their xtian positioning. I may be that real Second Coming.
    What I teach is the god’s true way. It is what is expected of people, and only those who follow this truth will be eligible to ascend into heaven as children in a future life. They offered this event because the masses have just enough time to work on and fix their relationship with the gods and ascend, to move and grow past Planet Earth, before the obligatory xtian “consolation prize” of “1000 years with Jesus on Earth” begins.

    The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
    It is the gods who have created this environment and led people into Damnation with temptation. The god’s positioning proves they work to prevent people’s understanding.
    How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
    The fallen god, fighting for justice for the disfavored, banished to Earth as the fallen angel?
    I believe much as the Noah’s Flood event, the end of the world will be initiated by revelry among the people. It will be positioned to be sanctioned by the gods and led for “1000 years with Jesus on Earth”.
    In light of modern developments this can entail many pleasures:::Medicine “cures” aging, the “manufacture” of incredible beauty via cloning as sex slaves, free cocaine (space coke), etc.
    Somewhere during the 1000 years the party will start to “die off”, literally. Only those who maintain chaste, pure lifestyles, resisting these temptations, will survive the 1000 years. Condemned to experience another epoch of history for their ignorant pursuit of xtianity, they will be the candidates used to (re)colonize (the next) Planet Earth, condemned to relive the misery experienced by the peasantry throughout the course of history due to their failure to ascend into heaven before the Apocalypse.
    Never forget:::It is not a house of Jesus.
    If this concept of Lucifer is true another role of this individual may be to initiate disfavor and temptation among this new colonist poulation, the proverbial “apple” of this Garden of Eden. A crucial figure in the history of any planet, he begins the process of deterioration and decay that leads civilizations to where Planet Earth remains today.

    Consistant with “reverse positioning” understand the REAL Second Coming would equate with The Matrix’s Anti-Christ, the fake battle of good and evil which will come at the end.
    Understanding how they use the political environment to redefine people’s value system, realize anyone who speaks of the old world and its ways will envoke hatred. So when/if the Anti-Christ comes along speaking of reverting back to what liberalism would consider regressive and unfair, it may be the only hope to salvage the god’s favor and buy more time rather than begin the 1000 year clock. The fake Second Coming will feed into this political enviornment.
    Also consistant with “reverse positioning” recognize the gods will offer a REAL Anti-Christ, also known as The Beast. I have addressed these issues in years past::::
    The gods will offer clues throughout every dynamic of life. Geographical features on the world map is yet another.
    The Beast is not a person, as the xtian Bible would suggest. It is a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. And it refers to the socio-political poison the region exuded in the latter 20th century which promoted indecent behavior among the people and caused rapid deterioration of their favor among the gods. This decay spread to other states and countries, fulfilling the region’s role as The Beast of the Apocalypse.
    Another feature which the Gods offer as a clue is very foreboading. Mt. Zion is a mountain to the north of the eye of The Beast Diablo and one which has a working quarry at its base. Consistant with the decay we experience in society, Mt. Zion is being eaten away, slowly stripped of its resources, until one day paradise will be gone forever.

    The Dark Side of the Moon isn’t the side which is hidden from us. The benevolent “Man in the Moon” is the one we never see.
    We experience the wickedness of the dark side daily through their positioning, midleading the disfavored into Damnation by selling them on “earning”.

    AIDS in Africa was a clue from the gods regarding their sexual behavior, as was female genitile mutilation. Their positioning says Italian revenge.

    For thousands of years the gods have utilized birth defects to punish those who have been wicked in prior lives. In the 20th century, in an attempt to minimize their culpability the gods shifted responsibility to mothers willing to injest biotechnology products.
    The gods used these products throughout the economy as a way for fund managers to subsidize dismal returns, maintaining their employment and keeping the investors at bay:::
    Biotechnology wild profits used to prop up mutual fund returns, condemning common man who has 401k or retirement.

    The gods have no sexual organs. The reproduce via cloning. They don’t respect sex. You can understand this clue with how the most disfavored around us behave sexually.
    The gods take children because of their innocence and purity. When a child ascends into heaven AI relieves them of this temptation that is their sexual organs.

    The gods sent a powerful clue corraberating what I have said about Civil Rights in years past when Irene cancelled the MLK Jr. Memorial dedication.

    Don’t forget:::Whether slavery, torture, any holocaust, crack babies, drive by shootings, AIDS or any other msery inflicted on mankind throughout history know the gods did this to you for evil of your past lives.

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    jimmy dean your an idiot! Im white as snow when i spend my season in Chicago…but when i go back to Hawaii for 6 months i turn dark as can be…people think im actually Hawaiian!!!! so…nature is obviously on my side in terms of sun exposure. If nature is not on the side of the white people (Asians\cauc-asians) then what fueled their exponential growth and pretty much world wide take over? urrrr aaaaa dummy… Asians and Caucasians dominate. end of discussion. the only black people that stand even a slight chance in a dominate position is because of white people. sorry but its true. so stop ranting utter garbage. ex. Chicago was built by white folk…then the slaves came because none of us here care much for slavery, they knew it was safe here. We built them houses, gave them jobs, and almost 100 years later they still cant get their shit together….maybe 20% pull it off. The other 80% of the black population in chicago is just destroying the place like rabid animals. I see with my own eyes. We all see with our own eyes. Im not racist, i just dont like to hear black people going on and on and on about how the white people are the infestation of the earth, and the devils, and this and that…come on,,,really? We will never get along if we dont stop pointing fingers. We are all people of different tribes just trying to survive, the blacks from the south joined “OUR” tribe here to the north, and we help, and they hate us, because white people appear to have so much….but while u were doing nothing…we were building skyscrapers…get it? work son, work!! sometimes i think the black people would be happier in their own country…Africa? Maybe a mass exodus to the most beautiful land in the world, combined with modern education, and a purpose, you could turn that country into a black country, for black people, and go and save all your dying brothers and sisters.. You know…while im on topic,,,mexicans, europeans, indians, asians, come here make american money and go and feed their families back home..(lame but justified) black people make american money and buy a diamond ring. get it?How many blacks go back to africa to buy a farm?

    We survive..and dont say ohhh poor me the black man is keep me down..? how does that sound? its almost true..i worked for a corporation that had to hire x amount of black people per year by law! silly. black universities, black tv, black this and that, wellfare, kickbacks, entire prisons full of black people. blacks commit 70% of the crime in the united states, yet only consist of what..30% of total population…silly….but white people arent allowed to have any pride?Go fuck yourself! Even, after all of our accomplishments? Okay so. a group of shit head english fucks enslaved ur ppl…well guess what…75% of white people hate that same group of evil white ppl as well. So fuck u , fuck me, fuck everyone. love all. Im out.

    • D.A White Says:

      Dude, your about as full of shit as a Christmas turkey, your ranting and raving about things that your so obviously clueless about, and, as is the case with all white people, you try to pose your statements as fact, the fact of the matter is that Asians came from the African genesis and even THEIR scholars are confirming this as fact, as for whites, the name ” caucasian” comes from the ” caucasius ” mountains from which the first recorded examples of your race originated, and yes, whites are mutated versions of blacks, and that fact is coming from YOUR scientists not ours or anybody else, so looks like you have no choice but to embrace the fact that your basically an albino nigga, or, if that’s too much for you to handle you can always shoot yourself in the face, but at the end of the day fact is fact.

      • Rob Says:

        D.A White thank you brother, I don’t why an intelligent white person would even come to this website and to say to least respond to what he believes is non-sense and not the truth but what it does shows is a longing for something void in themselves which is knowledge of where they really come from, how they were breeded,, but with innate hatred of that origin like a prodigal son but with great deal of psychosis, but its cool,, the 2 million yrs that blacks have been on the planet has definitely left us with a lot of solutions/answers in our systems. Its just a matter of recall and maybe this is a first dealing with a humanoid that there is no exchange between it and the Sun, it doesn’t feed of the Sun. In the south blacks used to have an expression and word studden, they’d say you “studden me boy” it kind of ment to study or be interested in something. this man,,,, rantinglikenotommorow,,, comes out the gate insulting people like Jimmy dean and addressing him by his name affected by his comments, as opposed to contributing to this very scientific forum. To make a long story short albinos, some have poor eyesight even though we all are born basically blind, this guy refuses to open his eyes and is blind to the truth as most white people are, a mental blindness or can’t see either thru denial and that all accomplishments he boast’s of, of the caucasoids have had a precedence in a people of color that were not authored by this genome of white caucasoids, so he maligns black due to the systemic genocide and handicapping of a people by his historic white caucasian counterparts thru time, which have yes reduced blacks to being something studied, monitored, oppressed and after the fact demeaned. There is a lesson a great lesson in why this mutation of an humanoid came about and it only creates in me compassion, pity, and sorrow for white people and non-melonated humanoids that the Sun cannot find a place biologically, chemically in their beings and what kind of warped thinking and reciprocity for creation they have to live with. It’s really humbling. Maybe they are embodiment of the Karmaic punishment of how we are not to act and treat each other, and again Thank You for responding this sick Dude.

    • jlmmy dean Says:

      we blacks are scientifially proven to have been on this earth for 2 mllion years and was operating a paint factory in africa 100,000 years ago !!! lOOK IT UP. YOU WHITES ARE TEMPOARY FREAKS.So until you stay on this earth for at least 2 million years just shut up because we blacks no unatural flash in the pan neandertal temporarys.

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  85. JaceMace Says:

    From what i’ve seen so far ( I plan on researching furthur), it is more accurate to say that whites are albino Hindus. The term Caucasion actually refers to the traits seen in both Hindus and Asians also and can refer to people of white to light brown/brown skin. The origins of the Aryan race stem from Albinos in from the region now known as India.

  86. gp1 Says:

    I often wondered why the so called white people have made a b-line for African people all the time. What is the problem? What is the beef? Are African people the only people on earth? It just doesn’t make sense. Did we do something to you, white people? Until you can explain sensibly without swearing (limited vocabulary) the atrocities you inflicted on the Africans, then we will always be speaking about it. However, I know why you whites did it. You were the lowest of lows. You had nothing, no resources, no riches, so you raped and plundered Africa and the Caribbean to build up your own countries. You did this out of fear, jealousy and greed. Genetically you are weak, you know the African is stronger than you. You were and are still frighten that you can be wiped out genetically. Hence you used to cut off the African’s penis and carried it around in your pocket. You ripped out the babies from the womb of the African mothers. Who are the savages? Who are the sub-humans? It proves that you the so-called whites are the savages, sub-humans, barbarians…

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  88. Vicky Rogers Burks Says:

    We will REIGN again,Watch out! J.K.I.R.

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  90. David Says:

    Well I can say this,im what you call black and I have A redhair son with fair skin A neice the same my Grandmother was a blonde and white was the cursed and was hated by God by the the White man with his money changed the bible to thry and justify his miss deeds but dont know he is still hell bound and his own good said he was a devil

  91. eddie Says:

    Eze. 36 17-

  92. Les Benton Says:

    Send me yor email. I have information on albinism. I will email my boo k to you. It will give you lots to consider.

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  95. Jake Says:

    If you’re Christian you really should ask yourself this question, “Would a perfect God create two perfect people that were pigmentally challenged and place them butt ass naked in the Garden of Eden to burn?” NO…and HELL NO!

    God created two brown or black skinned people…all universities in America now teach that East Africa is the “Cradle of Civilization.” Why? Because the first Homosapiens were found there and their bones date back 150,000 to 195,000 years old. Since we’re Homosapiens, no other upright “Homo” matters, in my opinion, since they haven’t been proven to be exclusively human, whereas Homosapiens have!

    Another point, we were created where the air temperature was most likely around 98.6 F , which would have to be somewhat close if not on the equator. So let’s not quibble, the truth is, we’re all family and that’s what is truly important.

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  99. The Jay Ay Says:

    Michael Tellinger has interesting theories in his book Slave Species of God . “” The so – called white man is directly linked to being descendants of the gods who interbred with the dark beings which they had cloned on earth in order to mine gold for them in Africa.I believe that black people are just as racistic as whites, due to an inferiority complex which has been with them since the beginning of time. They were earth beings all along, whilst the lighter race had evolved from “godly” connections – hence the superiority / inferiority complexes. All this racism is a pain in the butt – maybe one day all humans will learn to survive together – perhaps when the earth is under threat from other beings. In this vast universe there has to be other life. Mankind still has much evolving to do as far as their brains are concerned – but then it has been proved that man has been genetically “hampered” and that we only use about 1 % of our intelligence.

  100. jimmy dean Says:

    Whites interbreading with dark beings from outer space! WOW do you need some proffessional help and medication!You needs are beyound our capabilities to assist you from the internet!!

  101. The Jay Ay Says:

    OMG – you missed the boat totally jimmy – try reading Tellingers book. It could enlighten you a little.

  102. eddie Says:

    Well jimmy since you like to read, why not try and read something more closer to the truth, like the old testament, and theorize that.

  103. The Jay Ay Says:

    And dear African friends …. whilst you are so busy worrying about the white threat ( which is in the past, by the way,) a new threat emerges on the African continent – a yellow race who are avidly after your gold and resources, food supplies and land. One day you will complain about the new oppressor and wonder what you were doing, when they infiltrated your land,under your noses, pretending to help you. Oh, and as far as cruelty to humans is concerned, I suppose black on black violence and mass murder like in Rwanda doesn’t count ? And of course the old complaint about slavery, when in fact, your own chiefs actually SOLD the slaves to the foreigners ?

    • eddie Says:

      Again I say, “It is writen” All that is happening was told that it would happen to the people if they did not obey the word of the lord and go unto the the heathen.

  104. jimmy dean Says:

    You “europeans” had 500 years in africa of slavery,slaughter,plunder of resorces !! Do you ever listen to yourself. What the hell planet do you live on. Your kidding right if not then you are on either on dope or dukie!!!

  105. George Wilson Says:

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  109. Lola S. Says:

    Eddie, my dear, please come down. In time God will reveal to us the full blown truth. There is no reason to get upset. Everyone has their own translation of the Bible. In all honesty, we all are over the who is what color, from where ever, and did what ever wrong in past history. Our society is blend of everyone. Albino or not, we all are human, and when the time comes, ALL WILL ANSWER TO GOD. So be patient, with sincerity, bended knee, and a contrite heart, Heavenly Father will reveal unto you the truth. Please try not to harbor anger in your heart. To all, I love you no matter what. God bless and have a wonderful day.

  110. eddie Says:

    IT it written, and the truth has been revealed to me, and what about today, and why are we still suffering by the hands of the heathen,and even by our own people, I will not come back with an evil report about the gaints in the land, I will believe that we can possess the land on the other side of jordan,not so much as saying it literally, but spiritually, also it is written that we will become angry, and even more, but I stand on the Word of God and not man,or woman.I feel blessed for even knowing the truth, and I know that no one but God revealed it to me. thank you though.

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  113. Matthew Says:

    Oh come on now you dont have the picture of the beautiful brazilian black albinos .The little girl estaphany caroline is so cute .Of course i may think they are beautiful because im white .Anyway your website is incomplete without there picture.And ps explain why people from the south east united states are beginning to have a darker skin tone.

  114. eddie Says:

    Read Liviticus 13 for your answer!

  115. JR Says:

    this is dumb, bs, black nigger propaganda

  116. JR Says:
    here you go. here is a link to an article that actually makes sense and isn’t told by a black hitler bigot

  117. eddie Says:

    again we have lepors who have not read the Bible which was translated by a caucasion. read that link.

  118. eddie Says:

    hunkies originated propaganda, hitler was a hunkie peckerwood, and thats being nice about it.

  119. JR Says:

    so if the white man were cast aways from the black people then………

    how in the hell can you explain to me the creation of the chinese?

    were they the people that got put in dark dungeons and never saw the light of day, so eventually their eyes got smaller and smaller? riddle me that one, dill-rod.

    how did the latino race come about?

    did one of these cast away “albino’s” come back and bang your little sister and the kid came out not black, not white, but tan??

    my advice to you……. if i were you, i’d worry about getting your mother and aunt off welfare instead of fantacizing about ‘where the white man came from?’ I mean…. don’t you have real life problems?

  120. eddie Says:

    Yes! and it is the Gentiles,let him that is without sin cast the first stone.

  121. eddie Says:

    Also. let the bible explain it to you, if you are able to understand it.

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  125. jacqueline mario Says:

    i an african-native american-caucasoid female mated with a male of african dissent, we bore a child with white skin, black hair, brown phalis, sickle cell trait… i believe the correct wording is luecism, being luecism people have white skin; whereby albinos skin color
    is not white. luecism…maybe spelled differently…smile…
    the malaria theory may be correct/incest/or just a mutated gene…
    hallelujah… we are all multi-racial stock in the 21st century…

  126. TRUTH Says:


    1. IF A NIGGER BITCH HAD A WHITE BABY….A WHITE MAN WAS FUCKIN THAT NIGGER PUSSY. PERIOD (EWWWWW) you niggers are seriously pathetic. how convient that you niggers bred white people and we were your outcast ….even in those times you “STUCK IT TO THE WHITE MAN” HAAAAAAAAAAA. too funny.


    3. blamed white people for being on welfare and living in the projects (EVER NIGGER I EVER MET WAS CONTENT TO LIVE IN THE PROJECTS AND RECIEVE FOOD STAMPS)

    …..and now you niggers have convinced yourself that a white man was born in the womb of a nigger bitch?!? you nigger primates have truely smoked to much crack( HAHA YOU NIGGERS BLAME THE CIA FOR BEING ADDICTED TO CRACK)


    hey educated niggers… tell me this, how many black people did NASA put on the moon? how many niggers have been president of ANY successful nation? dont you dare say AFRICA, ive been there and its a place you PUSSY ASS AMERICAN NIGGERS WOULD NEVER SURIVE…. EVEN AFRICANS HATE AMERICAN NIGGERS

    long story short. you niggers are delusional. lol

    • jimmy dean Says:

      I a african black person in amerrica which my family has been since the early 1600’s don’t care what you caucus montain asians say. I use the u.s. flag as a doormat on the porch of my house !!! If there is another way that I can tell you that I don’t give a damn if the arabs blow the country up please let me know.

      • eddie Says:

        What is pathetic, is a peckerwood hunkie translated the Bible, and was ignorant enough to think that we would not read it and understand it, now you got ignorant ass hunkies who don’t even know where they came from. better check out leprosy, bro.

      • williie Says:

        True dat

  127. Tanya E. Partin Lawton Says:

    You are absolutely wrong. I am 48 years old and black. My family is from North Carolina and Kentucky. We have indian in our blood and caucasian from three generations back. There are all kinds of races. If it weren’t so, the Lord would have made it clear. You must need to read the Bible about all the races there were that God created because of the Tower of Babel. You need to come out of the descrimination age because it happens to be the millenium. Children and Grown-ups don’t even play the race card anymore. It is an excuse not to deal with the real problem in this life. The Devil and the sin that currupts absolutely and absolutely currupts. You will find alot of people could care less about race. Most people would just like to find out how to deal with life. Making excuses that someone, because of race, is trying to do something to us must stop. It is Satan not white people. Satan lies and schemes so that we don’t detect that it is him. He wants us to blame each other for the problem we have in life. He does not want us to know it is him. You must believe me or you will never ever be happy in this world. I promise you. I want you to know that I care about your life and everyone’s on this earth. I just want all of us to be happy and love living life, and the only way to do this is to remember that Satan is the one and he doesn’t want you to know it. So, take it from me, there is an evil being called Satan and there is a being called God, (not necessarily in that order) and Satan wants to be God and of course that was out of the question and Satan was cast out of Heaven and he wants God and everyone to pay for his humiliation and shame. He doesn’t want to pay for it himself.

    Tanya E. Partin Lawton
    Minister of Women of Faith

    • eddie Says:

      It is unbelievable how many ministers we have in the world today, and they haven’t read the old testament, I am 67 years old and I used to amen everything that the Bishop said until I wanted to know God for myself, and after reading the Bible two times and had so many people in authority, say,”what difference does it make”, never answering the questions I had, mainly about being Gentiles, No one ever even knew the truth. Yet they can get up in front of countless congregations and preach, even though they have never read the entire Bible, and speaking of satan, who do you think is keeping the children of Isreal from reading the whole Bible? And who is putting in the mind of people that it not neccessary to read the old testament, it is so much that I can say on that topic, but my suggestion to all ministers who are leading the people astray is to seek knowledge and not to forsake it

    • eddie Says:

      After rereading your comments, it reminded me of Numbers 12 when Miriam spake against Moses, talking about the race card. let him that has an ear, hear the word of the lord. or even Gahazi and his seed, forever! We can go on and on about the word, but until you get a revelation from God, you will be in the number of unbelievers. Why do you think Jesus really came to be. and why was he sent by God. come on now, lets look at this realistically, if the truth don’t set you free, what will? Every says, and I Quote, “thats history”, thats right, and if you don’t know where yuo have been , then you won’t know where you are going. Stumbling blocks have been put before us time and time again, yet we are still here, and I admit if it had’nt been for good harded white people we would not be here today, thats where the new covenant came into play. Ezekiel 36 is where the first new covenant began. God has tried to get our attention for so long that I dread to know the out come of man when all Sheol breaks loose. We as a people have given in to adultery fornication spilling his seed on the ground killing babies in the wound,man with man woman with woman, so on and so on, yet we as a people stand back and go along with the majority. It was a mixed mulitude that came out of Egypt with Moses, need I say more or if it does not ring a bell, remember the golden calf. Wake up people, do you see whats happening to the children, do you see whats happening to the world? or are you in your own little world that only the christians understand? God has been speeking but no one has been listening. Hold your ear to the heavens, can you hear anything? or are you just listing to man. excuse me, man and woman. I am not a hater, I just got a word from the lord–God and I just can’t sit still, its like FIRE shut up in my bones. I love people, but I despise the devil, and more often than ever he is in man. So in closing some call it albinos, the blble calls it leprosy, Lev 13 -gentiles Gen 10-5. all of a sudden this has become humorous.

      • jimmy dean Says:

        Stop with the religious fairy tale bullcrap !!! We are not children here!!!

      • eddie Says:

        evidently jimmy you are livingin a fairy tale world if you haven’t realized what is happening in the world to day, and have not took a good look at what is transpiring and has transpired, I don’t claim to be a saint but far from it, I have been the devil at one point in my life and have done some things that most people don’t even amagine doing, I have been up and I have been down,and when I look back at my life,thats when I realized that I was living in a fairy tale, So if you haven’t been there and have not read what has transpired and what is transpiring then you will never know the difference between a fairy tale and reality, I also thought that freedom of speech was granted years ago. I know people similar to you who can stand to hear people discuss the word, besides who are you to tell people what to discuss. you can always not read what is said or just not respond. furthermore I was waiting for a respond from someone else more knowledge of the topic than you. Thank you very much. do you know what dipping is? No offence besides I know children that understand better than you I will be waiting for your response

      • eddie Says:


  128. Tanya E. Partin Lawton Says:

    What do you think I am speaking of? Everyone needs to seek the Lord and find out who the enemy is and fight him. The devil.

    I have read the Old and the New Testaments and I continue to read them daily. The Bible says to meditate on these words night and day. Also you said that Ministers are leading people astray but what about those that are not leading them astray? Don’t you have encouragement for them as the Bible says to spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Are you doing that? If you are only criticising everything people do or do not do you are not helping any situation here on this earth just like alot of people.

    You also should never say amen to anything you have no conviction of. If you read the Bible you would know this.

    If no one answers your questions dear, move on and read your Bible. That is where the answers are. You can also pray to God to help you understand the word so that you can divide them rightly.

    You say, “No on knew the truth”? Well here is the Truth. Jesus Christ died at the hands of sinful men for the forgiveness of our sins so that we could be forgiven in baptism and raised to live a new life as new creations for God’s purpose. So that when we repent with a full heart the Lord will forgive us fully and we may not perish but have eternal life.

    You are also speaking very broadly about people and groups and others who you have not even studied.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding. Get yourself some fear of God and you will not worry or say these things again in life.

    The Scripture tells us to love one another and that this is the way people will no that we belong to him. Your not loving one another. You are complaining abou things. The scripture also says to do everything without complaining and arguing so that you may shine like stars in this crooked and currupt generation.

    I write these things to remind you that reading your Bible 2 times is good but you are suppose to read and meditate on it day and night.

    You would know these things if you belonged to Christ and you are blessed if you do them.

    Tanya E. Partin Lawton,
    Minister of Women of Faith

    • eddie Says:

      No disrespect, Tanya, but I have done all the things you suggest, and i believe that I am standing on the word of God. and what he has revieled to me is that I am not a gentile Gen 10 -5 he also said not to go in the way of the gentiles. to day the world has gone pass being gentiles, translated Heathen, and are evey thing but god. Jesus said, “I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Isael” matt.15-24 and in Mark 7 he said let the children first be filled, for it is not meet to take the children’s bread and cast it to the dogs. but it had been so long since the people had heard from the lord that they did not know who the were. In Ezekiel 36 God said that they profaned his Holly Name when they went to the heathen and called them the people of the lord. the same as today. and you say that you have read the Bible, that’s what they all say, well maybe God has’nt revieled to you what he has revieled to others. His spirit came to me in church when I was amening to what the Pastor was saying, and from that day I have believed that he has a purpose for me. My second son is a minister, he and almost everyone I’ve talked to think I am wrong, but I believe in every word that the Lord has spoken, So I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe, and when Jesus returns we will see who will know him,keep plenty of oil for your lantern. (ps) I have sit up under some of the most prominent Pastors- Bishops in the country, but I don”t agree with the things they are teaching, are they afraid to teach the truth or the Lord has”nt revielled to them the truth. We are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Can you truthfully say that you have read the entire Bible, and have understood it. Go back to Genesis and look at chapter 10.I know that who so ever is prevelent, but some one has to be on the Lords side. Now I can go and become a preacher and put on a good act get paid, and ect., but I choose to stand on the Word of God if I have to it alone, But thanks for your input minister.

    • eddie Says:

      Please excuse my spelling

    • williie Says:

      Becausei respect the LORD/CREATOR i see no need to fear.

  129. Tanya E. Partin Lawton Says:

    You haven’t done all I suggested or you wouldn’t feel as you do. You haven’t meditated on the word day and night and the way you speak is proof possitive. Look no amount of talking will change the fact that the world need to be about God’s business and if we all were about that we wouldn’t be worried about everything else because it would all fall into place. You continue to ask, ask , ask but you do not do, do, do. The things you speak of, find help to make them come to light and the do what ever the Lord says to do with them. Stop complaining and down grading things and criticising. It doesn’t help. Get your own answers about God and learn to live by what He says. I know you haven’t done that yet. Your job on earth is to make disciples. Concentrate on that.

    • eddie Says:

      well I guess I’m beating a dead horse, if you had read the scriptures I suggested you read, you would respond differently, by the way, stewarts synopsis is wrong I’m wrong, no one is right but you, oh I’m sorry for even trying to get to your level. i did not know you were a mind reader also,judge not is what the bible says is that not trough, I’m begining to form my own opinion. sorry jimmy I couldn’t help it

      • Tanya E. Partin Lawton Says:

        You know, I didn’t know that this site was not in favor of helping people to live spiritual lives. You all seem to want to argue and not in the spiritual way. It was nice to check you out though.

      • eddie Says:


      • eddie Says:

        Devil You are a lier and the Truth is not in you! your days are numbered, and nothing you can do! will stop your fate!

    • eddie Says:

      PS/ Its all scripture, your are not debating me you are debating God

  130. eddie Says:

    Are there any real scholars out there that can add any light to this contraversy?

  131. williie Says:

    i have enjoyed the conversation a fire has been relit. It’s a pleasure
    to know that their are others who share simular enlightment.

  132. shegzy Says:

    i dont have anything to say know

  133. chewbacca Says:

    if this is proven to be true then that would be great! my only question is if white people are a genetic mutation of black people and white people where sent away to live in a less harsh climate where they would have lost the knowledge and teachings of there elders then how did they become so much more evolved and civilized?

  134. Casey?? Says:

    Plainand simple the black negroid chose seperation and violent detestation. Then rode the white mans advances in culture and intelligent progress and now act as though they were mistreated. Hence the reason they are treated like the mongrul mud creatures they are. Nigger filth will kill themselves off anyway

    • eddie Says:

      I would respond ignorantly, to ignorance, but this asshole needs to read liviticus 13 and Numbers 12 to find who is the scum of the earth, and he would not even open his dumb ass mouth ever again, stupid leper./ gentile

    • Cb2345 Says:

      The first shall be the last. The whites in thus world are dwindling rapidly. While the black population is increasing. By 2060 the whites world wide will be 8 percent of the population. Down from 25 percent in 1950. while the black population will increase by 133 percent in that time frame. Whites are disappearing from Earth. Even though the whites have done everything in their power to try and depopulate blacks world wide. Check out the you tube video maafa 21. You will see the extent that whites have went to try to erase blacks from this planet and are failing to do so. In that documentary it’s not only blacks discussing the facts if things that’s going on even till this day. Their also whites in the documentary confirming every fact of what’s happening. Theirs evidence and even statements and recordings from presidents from Nixon to Johnson, Carter and george bush senior. If blacks are as worthless and unworthy as whites say we are then why do whites try so hard to keep our history from us. If we are as dumb and feebleminded as the whites say we are then wouldn’t you be quick to show us our true history to prove what you say. Why is it that whites want to erase the inferior race from the planet. If we are so inferior, then were not a threat, right. So why do whites try so hard to try and hide who we really are. When a black mentions his history’s achievements, whites are quick to say forget the past and that’s not true, but you embrace your history with holidays like Columbus day, independence day and whatever else you celebrate. The moors of Africa ruled over every nation on earth for thousands of years. The first president of this country you call your own was a black moor from Africa. George Washington is really the seventh president of this country. So white people of the world enjoy what you have while you have it, but you are quickly disappearing at an alarming rate and what was once ours will be ours again. But when we are at our rightfully place as kings and queens of this world, we will treat you whites with respect and dignity. We will recognize you ax out brothers and sisters and forgive you for the wrongs your people did to the black race. It’s in our nature to forgive. We are not perfect we have our flaws also. But we do have hearts. No matter if we poor living in the ghetto with nothing or rich with everything blacks have love for who they consider to be family. We our strong willed and were not going any where. So get use to it.

  135. me Says:

    I find it interesting comments i read one pointing the finger t the other. Ignorants isour slavery and destruction. We are all Gods Children if we all lov ed eachother n obey God then thngs would be different. We r all sinners white r black neither is mor e vauled by God then the othere our knowledge is nothing compared to his there is a reason we dont know everything about our history no one really knows anything about the past except what God wants us to know so let God tell us when it is time

  136. Kaz Says:

    Lots of ignorant, hateful, socially engineered people on this blog. A tiny group of people control this earth.. wreaking havoc on the rest of us. They are not black or white. You fools are playing into their hands. Keep it up.

  137. yasmine V Says:

    I truly believe that our creator has put us on this earth to learn to coexist with one another in a loving way; humanity must learn of its orgins and past failures to evolve into our purpose. It is obvious we are all trying to secure our existence. So it is evident that our lack of knowledge has contributed to segregation, racism, and prejiduces. Unfortunately, humanity is greedy and polluting the earth in such a profound way that we are destroying humanity. Our self distructive principles will cause the human race and life itself to become extinct; our creator will need to save us from ourselves because we have failed to embrace all of who we are as his creation. It is sad that don’t take our knowledge and educate humanity so that we do not repeat the same behavior. Love Yasmine V.

  138. meatloaf Says:

    Hahaha nice try though, do you know that archeologists have recently found human footprints that date back millions of years? I think that humans may already be spread out across the universe, and this will be revealed to us whehe time is right.

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  140. kent Says:

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  145. jack Says:

    how does ydna and mtdna fit into this theory … I believe white people are white due to mixing with Neanderthals , not albinos … however im from northern England and as white as white can be , I tested my direct paternal dna father to son etc and also my direct maternal dna mother to daughter and was shocked to find both lines came from the levant … j2 ydna and j* maternal … very strange results as I expected to be R1b … which haplogroups do u consider “albino” ??

  146. voyance sans cb Says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Bless you!

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