Dravidian, Mande and Elamite


Clyde Winters

In this Web page we learn about the linguistic relationship between the Dravdian, Mande, Elamite and Sumerian languages.




Clyde A. Winters

A genealogical relationship exist between the Black African, Dravidian, Elamite and Sumerian languages. This is not surprising because African languages were used by Rawlinson, to decipher the cuneiform script.

We must consider the historical link between languages assumed to possess a genealogical relationship, although they are separated by thousands of miles. The anthropological factors involved in determining a genealogical relationship is the scientific study of the cognate origin, and the physical, social and cultural development and behavior of related groups. This has already been done in the earlier chapters in regards to the

Black African, Puntite and Dravidian languages. We have already shown that there is a connection between the basic vocabularies and identical constituent structures and grammatical categories.

The Elamites, Dravidians, Sumerians and Manding are all of

Proto-Saharan origin . In the history of mankind they were called the Kushites . Testimony of the great heritage of the Kushites, resulted from their boldness in trade and seafaring expeditions. The authors of ancient Indian literature claimed that the Kushites ruled the world for 7000 years. According to Epiphanies, the age of the Kushites extended from the Flood to the age of Terah, the father of Abraham, the prophet of the Jews and Muslims.

In the ancient inscriptions of Africa and Asia the Kushites were called many names including Kush, and Ethiopian by the Greeks and Romans. In Sumerian inscriptions the Kushites were called Meluha=Kasi Books on this topic

There are several books that discuss the ancient Afrocentric world, including W.E.B.DuBois’: Negro and The World and Africa; John G. Jackson, Introduction to African Civilizations; and Chiekh Anta Diop’s : The African Origin of Civilization, and Civilization of Barbarism. All of these books can be obtained by ordering directly from:

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  1. Jo Fritz Says:

    Hi, I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school of healing. I have been a channeler for 25 years. I am able to “see” energy fields since birth. I have always “known” that these early races were black. MANY BLACK PEOPLE CARRY AN AURIC FIELD THAT EXPRESSES AN ANCIENT-NESS AROUND THEM.
    I am able to “hear” their words of wisdom. There is nothing empirical in my studies, although I have read ancient works all my life. Seeing your sight, I couldn’t resist talking to you.
    Once , during a channeling for a class, I did an imagery where the class was taken back in time to the time of Gilgamesh. I wanted them to experience this time of a surge of civilization. To experience the Eloheim. The first men were black because of course they had to be! I saw them. In this lifetime, I am not black. I carry the gene, yes! I also saw that we were once a binary planet with 2 suns. Oh well, thanks for your time. Light, Jo

  2. Planet X Nibiru Says:

    The Black race was genetically modified and used to mine gold in Africa by the Anunnaki of Nibiru. If you want to know about jews, jesus, etc, then do a search for Ralph Ellis.

  3. rasheed husayn Says:

    If the dravidians are indeed black how come they do not look black

    • MURUGAN Says:

      Do not look for African blacks in the northern parts of India and Pakistan as they already got mingled with many races. People should realize that there is a portion in South India and Sri Lanka where all these blacks live.

  4. rasheed husayn Says:

    well tell me why the indian dravidians are not having kinky hair and african features? If you go to the arabian gulf you will see many people looking like some of these people from dravidian background and how come they do not have any african features the hair is straight or wavy and the features are not like the black africans you people tell to many lies to suite yourselves i think some of these africans who claim this should take a visit to india and they will get a eye opener

    • amen khosmos Says:

      do you know anything about India, Genetics, or history? I assume you don’t based on your comment. First, Dravidian is not race or color, it’s a group of languages. second, straight hair doesn’t exclude blackness. many blacks have straight hair and thin noses and lips. Third, the indo-european arab thieves who occupy arabia, egypt, and other parts of africa, are not the original inhabitants of any of those places. yes, arabs aren’t the original arabians. learn something before you start yapping.

    • Thibodeaux Says:

      I think you and a host of white and other races other then Black Arican people that believe in the lies told in the white history books are sad and need to stop hateing.

      White anthopogist have discovered the “REAL HISTORY OF MAN” and it’s sure as hell did not start with the white people.

      You “other people” want to be like the Black African People” in every way and form; yet you dont want to believe that Black African had any history except that of being slaves.

      A bit of advice to you (all of you) who have no real understanding
      of anything when it comes to history of even your own people; do your research before speaking the “HATRED” that has been breeded into your families for 100’s of years.

      Dont hate the black african race because it’s a true “FACT” not a myth that yes the black african race are the reason any other race are possible.

      Enlighten your self to “TRUTH” instead of what your herd and I dont care if your from Arabia or Europe claiming your white heritage, seek the truth; cause it sure as hell will set you free from an enslaved white washed mind; husayn


  5. husayn Says:

    No they were not the dark middle eastern race the elamites are related to the dark dravidians of india and in tamil elam means homeland! the elamites did not have kinky hair it was straight or wavy just like our people! the elamies are from elam son of shem son of NoahPBH not Ham whom the africans come from! Prophet Abraham was semitic a chaldean not african looking some of the africans are ignorant u are not the first race but a race that evolved along with other races the semitic and japhetic. you guys are claiming the elamites are from you but have you ever used your brains and thought how come the majority of them settled in india and in the middle east with a small population in africa only in certain areas particularly the coastal regions and not found further deep into afica where the kinky haired strong featured africans are dominant why do the ones who look like indians do not have african or negroid features? when any one sees a dark persian who have elamite background people never say oh he looks like african NO they say oh he looks like tamil or sri lankan or south indian never they say african Why the elamites are our people and we possess are the features of the elamites

  6. husayn Says:

    we possess the same features as them

  7. husayn Says:

    after some time i realized that there are many different hamitic races and the elamites were probably a altered hamitic race because of shem som elam henc the name elamites after thousands of years we have kept the features of straight to wavy hair and this is pure tamil

  8. Ishmael rush Says:

    Why, why was the truth not taught in our schools and churches? It is like black people did nothing.
    For 30 years I worked in a organization where I was the only black person. I have nothing against white people, but a lot of whites believe that blacks have done nothing for mankind.
    How do we fix the belief this divid between the Races?

  9. Lain Says:

    In the beginning, all roads lead to Sumer; until recently, it was the earliest recorded civilization (currently, the oldest extant documents are from Egypt). Sudan predated Egypt by thousands of years and Egyptian culture is an extension of Sudan. ALSO, there are other parts of AFRICA that share the same ritual practices. AFRICA is the richest continent on earth and much of the findings point there for the oldest human life!!!!

    Stop it with all this ALIEN RACE BS and genetically engineered garbage. History is staring you BLACK in the face!

  10. Lain Says:

    …and let me make another very important point. The Dogon of West Africa, Mali were able to locate a star system known as Sirius B without the use of a telescope. This legend was discovered by two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930’s. By the way, a documentary of this is still available. How did a people who lacked any kind of astronomical telescopes or devices know how to locate an invisible star? The star, which scientists call Sirius B, wasn’t even photographed until it was done by a high powered telescope in 1970.

  11. husayn Says:

    this is tamil dravidian
    tell how even though he is dark resembles ethiopian?i said we are from ham and shem

  12. husayn Says:
    when pic comes up click on image to enlarge the moroccan soccer in green resembles our people the dravidians ex tamil

  13. husayn Says:

    this is brahui dravidian they live in pakistan afghanistan and balochistan

    • Talk2meMan Says:

      husayn first off the reason why nothing u say makes sense is beacuse you are basing all your knowledge on the quran which aint original it came from the bible which aint original either the bible came from hebrew scripts n where did hebrew scripts come from who invented paper it surely wasnt the arabs or muslims it was the egyptans with payprus so all dis hamitic this n semitic dat u aint saying nothin homie dat shit would of got you laughed at 300yrs ago tlkin bout who is hamitic n semitic especially in terms of race for when the city of Ur of chaldea was discovered and archaeologists exxcavated the site and found skeletons buried in graves they did research on the dna left in bones to determine racial compostion of the people and were quite flustered to find out that the Chaldea which is another name for Babylon was not aryan white as they hoped to perpetuate the blonde hair blue eyed civilizing man but was black or as they called it “negroid with mongoloid” affinities.So if Abraham came from Ur n married an ethiopean women which meant not a specific land back then but a race of people from a specific land called Alkebu lan or by the natives of the region or Afrika by later white romans he must of been black also with mogoloid affinities and was the forefather of Jacob n Moses an all the others which meant they 2 must of been black aint nothin new about history but the words n names homie get out chur fog sun worship was the first n only worship of the ancient times and the sun god or sky god or air god or watever u want to call it was the most important deity in ancient cultures for death happened in the night and security was available when the sun came up so in fact black people were thought in those times to be the chosen people of god due to the suns obvious affinity with the color of there skin those they spent the most time and were the most connected to the gods i could spend hours reschooling you but i have not hours to waste so post up replies to anythin i say or anything u wanna bring up i prolly know bout dat 2

  14. husayn Says:

    tamil soccer players

  15. husayn Says:
    sri lankan tamils

  16. husayn Says:

    these people are very different than ethiopians in features

  17. husayn Says:

    these people look nothing like ethiopians yes i agree we are unique hamitic race because of shem’s son elam but features we have is different the dravidians have looked this way for thousands of yrs they are hamitic in type but with straight hair

  18. husayn Says:

    this man is ethiopian yes does resemble us but majority of pics i have seen are nothing like us and why are there so very few like us in east africa?

  19. husayn Says:

    this is ethiopia not even close to the ethiopian man above !two different types of features! i have met many ethiopians but i found very few who resemble us also bare in mind the ethiopians do have a lot of semitic heritage this is the reason for the straight hair if they do have but these groups are in particular asrea and are not the majority

  20. husayn Says:


  21. husayn Says:

    tamil dravidians

  22. husayn Says:

    tamil dravidians

  23. husayn Says:


  24. husayn Says:


  25. husayn Says:


  26. husayn Says:


  27. husayn Says:

    tamil dravidians

  28. husayn Says:

    tamil muslim

  29. husayn Says:

    brahui dravidians back row

  30. husayn Says:

    muslim tamils

  31. husayn Says:

    tamil muslims

  32. husayn Says:

    tamils muslims

  33. husayn Says:

    tamil muslim i posting a lot of pics 4 you guys to show you the variety of the tamil people from super dark to fair the elamites before us were same and also when these straight haired hamitic also from shem mixed with the arabs and persians the children were probably very nice looking

  34. husayn Says:

    tamil muslims!scroll down the page to view pic

  35. husayn Says:

    tamil sayyid

  36. husayn Says:

    these two look like mix with nepalese one on right has asian eyes dravidians are dark but do not have this feature but the dravidians of bangladesh mixe with other people of that area

  37. husayn Says:

    dravidians of bangladesh the dark fellows in background many of the women in pic look asian not from our people

  38. husayn Says:

    these are munda dravidians

  39. husayn Says:

    these are ethiopians who are blessed but resemblance to our people nope i agree there are few like us there but not many after thousands of yrs in our purest form we still have straight hair not kinky and also a variety of brown colors

  40. tgrr1 Says:

    I think dravidians are closest to homo erectus.

  41. Tulsidas Says:

    sai baba is a dravidian who is phenotypically african/

    professor clyde winters makes a strong case for the afro/dravidian connection. please see the link to his paper

    we are all connected/ watch “the real eve” video, it shows the incredible trek of an african tribe who followed the food source which led them out of africa 150 million years ago and subequently populated the rest of the world/ all human mtDNA can be traced back to this common ancestor/simply mind blowing-

    one people- one love:-)

    • Minnesota Mom Says:

      Sorry, Indians haven’t been related to Africans for more than 60K years. Genetic distance between Indians and Africans is .33 whereas genetic distance between Africans and Iranians is .21, so Iranians are even genetically closer to Africans than Indians even though Indians are much darker than Iranians.

  42. Shivakumar Says:

    I am Tamil. And i agree that our ancestors were African. But to be associated with ‘AFrican’ or ‘black’ is a form of embarrasment as ‘black’ is portrayed as something negative thanks to Europeans brainwashing tactics.
    So i know many black tamils walking around denying they have any connection to black people of Africa.

    • Rajan Das Says:

      The term ‘black people’ is not an indicator of skin color but of racial classification. This should not be confused with dark-skinned people that are found in several non-african parts of the globe. For instance, there are several dark-skinned non-african groups that can be found in Philipines (Ati tribe), in Malayasia (indigenous Malays), Gulf Arab countries, australasians, Fijians (indigenous Fijians),etc. In the same way the dark-skinned Dravidian people are not Black (Afros) but dark-skinned non-African people. When we use the term Black as a racial group, it refers to people with wooly hair, thick lips, besides very dark-skin.

  43. Rajan Das Says:

    Certain tribes in Kerala, like the Pulayas and Vedans share greater similiarity to Blacks (dark skin, thicker lips and curly hair), than the tribes in Tamil Nadu. The tribes in Tamil Nadu look closer to the Australian Aborigines. It’s interesting to note that the general dark Dravidians in Central Tamilnadu, do not have any Afro features except for their dark skin. They generally have delicate features more closely related to the caucasians. They could very well be the dark Mediterraneans. Another point of interest is SriLanka, where the Tamils are considered to be Dravidian and the Sinhalese considered to be Aryan. The former is clear, but the latter is confusing. The Sinhalese are culturally, because of their buddhist religion, closer to North Indians who are bracketed as Indo-Aryans. However, if you observe their physical traits, they are very similar to the Tamils. The Sinhalese (see their cricket players)are generally very dark and have very similar Dravidian features. They in all probability are Dravidians by race, but Indo-Aryan by culture. The final analysis is that there has been a lot of mix over the bygone centuries among different major racial groups, and this has left a lot of mixed racial traits especially among various groups of people in the Subcontinent, including Srilanka

  44. husayn Says:

    man in forefront
    this is true feature of afro asiatic people!

  45. husayn Says:
    this is tamil the sumerians and elamites were very similar to each other they were both in the indus valley

  46. husayn Says:
    moroccan player in green is like us

  47. husayn Says:

    2009-1103 Madurai-Sri Meenakshi (Holy Men)

  48. husayn Says:

    tamil muslims!

  49. husayn Says:
    yemeni men the three to the left are like us dark indians!

  50. Mr.T Says:

    dravidians are a mixture of australoids (like australian aborigines) & caucasoids (indo-aryan).

    • husayn Says:

      nope fool u are not from there so stop talking bull really the c5 ydna is found in low frequency in india and c4 y dna is not there buddy dravidians are L so any more bull to feed me?

  51. husayn Says:
    boy sitting with green and white bowl is from yemen same as us dark indian the people of phut also settled in yemen

  52. husayn Says:

    imam tabari ra said the people of phut settled in sind and india
    they were and are straight haired type we do not have any kinky haired or woolly haired type like some of ethiopians and somalis!

  53. husayn Says:

    southern indian

  54. husayn Says:

  55. husayn Says:

    we have sheedis who were brought to india through slavery and they have their own community and they still have their own african language and culture

  56. husayn Says:

  57. husayn Says:
    brahui dravidian!

  58. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslims

  59. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslim

  60. husayn Says:

  61. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslim

  62. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslims

  63. husayn Says:
    same as us dark indians

  64. husayn Says: yemen ]
    same as dark indians

  65. husayn Says:
    south arabian man is same as us he is wearing black turban
    the elamites as well as sumerians went india they were in southern arabia and they also crossed the red sea thats why there are some indian looking people in somalia and ethiopia hindu culture belonged to the dravidians/sumerians and and the elamites also straight dark type type adopted many things from the sumerians

  66. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslim singer and for some of you who tendd to be ignorant u should know the Pallavas who were the parthians (iranic) race ruled all of southern india google it u will see it is true and dravidians have fine features and many have very straight noses people write all kind of nonsense experts of nothing

  67. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslim singer the music is mediteranean sounding

  68. husayn Says:

    southern indian muslim singers

  69. husayn Says:

    muslim singers of southern india

  70. husayn Says:

    now it is clear i have dreamt 2 times dravidians are from the sumerians and 1 time dreamt they are from canaan

  71. husayn Says:

    this is dravidian language or a branch of it this is not aryan type dialect he is singing!

  72. husayn Says:

    southern indian singer

    • Maria Says:

      Hi Husayn,
      I am really impressed at the way you are explaining the facts to some people on this page who clearly do not know why black people are called black.
      I have no hatred for the black race and I respect the fact that all races at the end of the day descended from them.But, for some reason, some people and certain blacks seem to want to associate themselves with Dark skinned people just because they are dark.

      Ganging up with people in a room or city is fine. But trying to ride on the back on the lost found glory of Tamil culture and roots to Sumeria just goes to show how ignorant people are, not to mention their immaturity.
      It displays a lack of understanding of lingusitics, genetics, and most importantly history or even a shred of logic.
      I study at Oxford, I am into medical research. But, if you are interested you should contact scholars at Cambridge who work on this particular topic, it maybe of interest to you. This is because Cambridge has a Centre for Tamil research.

      Btw to the rest of you, it is a Tamil research centre, not a black research centre. If you want to gloat about your civilization, go back research about Africa and tell us something about it. We would love to hear about it and will always back you up. But, don’t tell us twisted things just to make you feel better. You have lots of things to be proud of, try to speak about that. We do not want to be called as ‘you’ because for a simple reason , tamilians and malayalees belong to the M20 subgroup, while the african blacks, belong to the L group which is very different from the rest of the world. The problem is since you are not proud of yourself, you want to try and be someone else. Find something of your own, I am sure there is a lot to be proud of. But, let it be your own,not borrowed.

  73. husayn Says:

    this is southern indian muslim singer

  74. husayn Says:
    tamil actress some of u people are the biggest joke south indians have different shades of brown to black and many that are fair and also dusky

  75. husayn Says:
    tamil guys

  76. husayn Says:

  77. Tamilnadu Business Says:

    Tamil Recipe…


  78. rACHI Says:


    • husayn Says:

      actually no i dreamt of the Prophet PBh 8times and i have dreamt a explanation of the dravidians i dreamt they are negroid (hamitic) in type with straight and were also egyptians some of u donkeys are so stupid there are many different hamitic types! not all hamitic types look like afro american wake up fellow your mind is very small and i think alot of u are jealous because of our hair texture and we do not have negroid features like u do too funny
      for thousands and thousands of yrs there are dark people with straght hair two dark cultures of ancient iraq are the sumerians=dravidians and the elamites=afro asiatic
      sumerians are not ethiopians this is a lie!!!!!!!!!! i have dreamt 2 times the sumerians are the dravidians and 1 time the dravidians are from canaan son ham

  79. jaivanth Says:

    hello my dear friends.. happy to c some humans here discussing about where we came from n who were we are.. lemurian civilization has the answer for it.. manuscripts stolen by dutch in 17th century which is now in Vatican library has t answer.. even old testament have t answer.. garuda purana in sanskrit has t answer.. clay tablets of sumerians has its answer.. hello my dear friends.. happy to c some humans here discussing about where we came from n who were we are.. lemurian civilization has the answer for it.. manuscripts stolen by dutch in 17th century which is now in Vatican library has t answer.. even old testament have t answer.. garuda purana in sanskrit has t answer.. clay tablets of sumerians has its answer..

  80. JohnathanRegal Says:

    To Hasyn- Due to climatology and diet different genes can be expressed while others can be suppressed. It is through the homogenization process that you can take an African with very Africoid features and reinvent those features through the climate and diet. Ex. If one were to take 500 Black Africans from Senegal and keep them within borders over the course of about 1000 years, their bodies would conform to the environment and diet. However, what should be mentioned is that if those Africans were to mix outside of their group after the millenium is completed then of course you’ll have a breed of mixtures. This is the case with many peoples of the Earth, vis. Arabs. What I believe is that you subconsciously don’t want to acknowledge these current Dravidians as historically black because you suffer from colonial mentality, as it were. Which means you idolize the Caucasian, so as to reject anything African about the Dravidian. The first Dravidians were what you deem African. However, using today’s Dravidians as examples isn’t just myopic, but foolish.

  81. bond paper Says:

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  86. pam Says:

    First off there is no such thing as a white race.People just don’t use their minds.Just like to say you are black there is no such thing.Caucasin afican american.Why does no one ever think what it means.Dna test I am not so sure of as with anything else they could be munipulated if in the wrong hands.As things have been done all through history.Many various languages are now extinct.If your language is extinct,your lands no longer,as years pass so does everything else.People become confused as to the truth.God did not play favorites so lets get off playing race cards.It is more about believing in God and his son Jesus.We all have the power of choice for a reason it is to chose in what you believe.One must not forget all the pagen rituals and idolatry of every group in years ago.So that God had to come to a group of peoples in order to reviel the truths and to take away the pagenism.In the bible I do not believe it speaks of race it speaks of people from various areas.It started form Noah and his three sons here on earth.Yet I will also point out in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.God was standing somewhere,The devil was already here on earth.He tempted eve with the apple.The devil had people here also which are the nephillium.They mated with the humans which are mortal which means die and the devils which are immortal which was never to have occured also a reason for the flooding of the earth.Noah and his family belived in good and thus were saved.Life began agin starting with his three sons.The evil immortals were not all destroyed as they could not all die at that time.Where do you think the pagen worship comes from?There was a mixing of the people always.The chosen will be the ones who chose to believe in God and the son Jesus and uphold good.You shall not go around destroying earth,animals ro hating anyone based on race etc.. As to hate based on race is stupid to begin with.Why would you not like based on color of skin.Did any of us chose before we were born who our parents would be.Thus you could have been any race!The beginning race was not black or white as anyone wants to claim!Sorry but husayn does have valid points.By the way my skin is a shade of white and according to governments standards I must put caucasion.However without dna I can tell you that my direct decendants are cherokee and irish.Therefore you makeup has nothing to do with your color and your language during this day and time could have came from anywhere.I would also like to point out that in biblical times when they battled and overthrew a town,city whatever they enslaved or converted the people there at the time .So at any given time any race of peoples could have been enslaved.If you will look at todays world true we do not wear shackles in most places anyway.We are enslaved to our governments.We work for them,recieve a pay check.Pay whatever taxes they require of us and go by their laws.We are not a free people.

  87. Anas Himedan Says:

    From the kushite derived a few empires including the nubians, nubians ruled egypt for over 100s of years they were pushed out by the assyrian empire as they were blocking its trade routes. But kushite empire was not Ethiopia its Sudan read before you write there even archaeological building of the kushite empire in sudan, coz its much older than nubian empire most of its record cannot be found as it was an empire that used mud technology and it was very advance during its time. and the pyramids in sudan are a result of nubia which was more recent. Greeks and both byzantine ruled well tried to rule sudan (nubia and kushite)




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    Why are some Sumerian words same as the Turkish words?
    First word is Sumerian, second are Turkish (same or similar across all Turkish languages.
    Gadun ———— Hatun
    Assinu ———– Asena
    Gig-Anu ———- Göktanrı (Gök ana)
    Tammuzi ——— Temmuz
    Domuzi ———- Domız
    Ginç ——— Genç
    Auşk ——– — Aşk
    Tar- kus-u ——– Talih kuşu
    Ungar ———- Uygar
    Altun ———– Altın
    Anu ———- Ana
    Tengiz———- Deniz
    Gozam-Ozam —— Ozan
    En-gur-ra ——— Ankara
    Tamga ——— Damga
    Me-en ———- Men-Ben
    Agıl ———– Akıl
    Bar ———– Var
    Er-Eş ———— Erkek-Kadın
    Rakibu ——- Rakip
    Aga ————— Ağa
    Balag-ba ——– Balaban
    Kes-da ———— Kesmek
    Bira ————- Bira
    Tagga ———— Takke
    Ge —————– Gel
    İlig ———- İlik
    Et —————– Et
    Mum ————- Mum
    Huma-kus-a ———– huma Kuşu
    Sin ————- Sin(e)
    Karra ———— Kara
    Batu ———– Batı
    Sar ———— Sar(ı)
    Heak———- Hak
    Mesu ———- Meşe
    Engin ———– Engin

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