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Date: Apr-1 11:35 PM
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Peace and Respect: Afrikans/Black folk

From: LCason

I Have a question for you is the White/European race a group of Devils?

We are going to look at this from an academic point of view. I have a passage from a book called Blacked Out Through Whitewash by Suzar. This sista asks the question of Eupreans and she does it through Eupreans way and actions/behavior. I would like to here your opinions on this topic. When you respond, do it through a eyes of a Afrikan/Black person! Peace

Are whites really a “race of devils” created by Yacub?

Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, taught that whites were ‘ grafted’ from the blackrace through a selective breeding process about 6000 years ago by yakub, a black god- like Scientist who created whites as a “race of devils” to be the enemy of people of color. Also , to rule earth for about 6000 years by deception and force while the Original (Black) people were “asleep” that is mentally dead and anesthetized immobilized by white False Christianity. In Making Of The Whiteman Paul Guthrie has assembled much astounding evidence. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians documented the Tamahu, meaning , created white people. (African Presence In Early Europe(p149). These whites were also called Children of Set and Devs or Divs , said to be the origin of the word devil. In fact, the devil of the Bible (Satan) is based on Set-en (or Set/Seth) of ancient Egypt, who is described whiteskinned with straight red hair in Larousse’s Encyclopedia of Mythology. He is also described as red (white people are all shades of Red). The “devils” of ancient cultures were usually depicted whiteskinned.

In his/her time of rule, the white man has fulfilled the prophetic warnings of what to expect of him.

Evil is the word LIVE spelled backwards. Evil is that which is anti-life. History bears witness that the white man has been continuing history of mass genocide against people of color on all continents, whites have collectively established themselves as the arch-enemy of all people they classify as nonwhite. That’s at least 90% of the world! The White Supremacist, secret world government plans to murder 3/4 of the world’s population of nonwhite people by the year 2000. They are making progress towards this goal through AIDS, a virus they created for this purpose. They have demonstrated they themselves are a deadly virus to the world of “hue-mans” and the Earth herself, even exploding nuclear weapons within the earth. No creature has demonstrated more anti-natural behavior then the White Man/Woman. All through his history he has done everything to ruin the balance in nature and has always been destructive to all civilization of people of color on all continents. Whether or not whites were created to BE devils, they have done and are doing a spectacular job of it!

Top record for”evil” & atrocities. whites have a history of committing horrible, murderous atrocities to their own kind especially during the Inquisition) so how dare we expect them to treat us humanely! Scalping was invented by White Men aggressing against Indians. Football originated from White Men kicking around the decapitated heads of Indians for sport. Columbus’ men hunted Indians for sport and used Indian Bodies (ESPECIALLY BABIES) as food for their hunting dogs! Romans fed the early Black Christians to the lions. Atrocities upon new African Slaves by the heartless slave makers were so horrible that the Slave Maker is never mentioned in history books. The Thousands of Black lynching were “executed with a bestiality unknown even in the most remote and uncivilized parts of the world” Black Men were tied down and castrated with knives or axes. In some cases, families of the intended victims were seized and delivered to the site to witness the atrocities in order for Whites to derive sadistic satisfaction. In the 1920s, lynching became popular cultural events like circuses. Hundreds of White Women and Children took part in the festivities. Finger, Ears and other Body Parts Of Black Victims were eagerly seized for Souvenirs. True, not all Whites are devils, just as not all Devils are White but WHITES HAVE OUT DONE ALL OTHER SPECIES!

“Ellijah Muhammad did not improperly refer to the White Man/Woman as the devil; he accurately and truthfully identified him for all to see” writes Dr. Dorothy Fardan (who is White) in her profound Message to the White Man and Woman in America: Yacub & the Origins of White Supremacy. ” if we follow the teaching of Elijah Muhammad o the making of the White Man we understand that the nature of the White Man has been ‘Grafted ” out of the original. It is, therefore , an aberrant genetic construct and thus lies at the base of the errant and malicious way of White rule… Therefore, on this most fundamental level, the ‘salvation’ of white people … lie in grafting back to originality (the righteous nature).. of Original Black People”

Can whites’ “evil” nature can be scientifically & spiritually explained? White skin is a form of Albinism a genetic aberration. As a result, most whites are unable to produce Melanin normally. Your body can’t operate without melanin the absorber of all wavelengths of energy. The biological basis for “evil” begins with deficiency in Melanin and Melatonin, the humanizing hormone produced by the Pineal Gland. Because 60-80% of white adults have Calcified Pineal Glands impairing their Melatonin production, they have a greater propensity for “evil”. A” White ” body does not make Glands Imparing their Melatonin production, they have a greater propensity for “Evil” A ” White body does not make Whites Evil. Rather, Inherently Evil Souls find their Ideal and most natural, comfortable expression in White bodies. Thus, the aberration of skin Whiteness appears to be an outer manifestation of a collective inner spiritual disease. Your body

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Date: Apr-1 11:42 PM
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Peace and Respect: Afrikan Family

From: LCason

I see the Racist Trolls along with their uncle toms some I had a run in with had this thread deleted. For what, I wish a Rep from Black Voices would explain to me why. I use sources very good sources this is suppose to be for black people. Two I pay a fee for aol services.

Look My position on White folk is this I belive about less than five percent are good white folk I belive it is safe to say less then three, I give less then five for the benift of the doubt. Yes I do agree with 90% of the content Suzar say in her book. So now my position is out their again like before.

Give your opinion if you have fact show and prove Peorid!


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To: LCason
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Date: Apr-2 12:19 AM
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Reply to 66099.2

I pay a fee for AOL services also. While I had nothing to do with having your rather ridiculous thread deleted, what does you having to pay for AOL have to do with it? Respect the rules of the board and stop starting threads that are absurd and I bet they will stay up. “To have a child is to spend our lives watching our heart walk around outside our body”
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To: LCason
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Date: Apr-2 12:29 AM
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Reply to 66099.1

Peace LCason

For those ‘atrocities’ you listed, I’m familiar with them. Could you provide a link with a further explanation? Certainly a touchy subject, but I like suspense, mysteries and sci-fi.

Too bad your other thread was deleted; I hadn’t even read all the responses.

Edited Apr-2 by mentalmarinade
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To: nanato3
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Date: Apr-2 12:31 AM
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Actually, some of the greatest threads ever posted are routinely deleted. This is because they contain the unadulterated truth.

Offensive Whites/non-blacks:

Whiteynohatey, AvgWhiteGuy,Stamfordrocks*, Nanato3, Aztec8888 Simlegree, Blueyeddiablo11, 13thTribe/, Nashiva Stoveguy2000 Eclecticasian Catstalker, Unlimitedvision/RealTing

Alternate Screennames of Offensive Whites:

Hotnjuicey35, Alexquiraga, Ericamarie309* Lebraat , , Ihfiannow, theafrocentrist, Bilyroby, Kasbrya, Rsantana, jexarianzarn, Notanotherepisode, Nijelone,
Poetic4justic/Latoya Kay blakzombie96 rebelangry nwwes twins4tammy nicole918409 raymaxz Rosetta or Rose qutkenia, DESTEE, KUNJUFU mymic1, deathdealer, immensestream

Perhaps (But Not Necessarily) White:

bigbowlla300x Khestfew tragedy7182 blackmantheobscure1969 Hov Johnshowcase gloryofagoddess tongkissdacat decipherx* cosmiccomic* 1BPM itsmeAWG LadySteele26 Realbrother

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To: nanato3
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Date: Apr-2 1:00 AM
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Reply to 66099.3

listen racist what I am saying is truth! I follow the rule on this board I have a right to defend myself from attack from racist like yourself! Now I have not done nonthing wrong you are proving my topic to be true so you need to take you half jaw behind on some where lmao!

yes you are being disrespectful

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To: mentalmarinade
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Date: Apr-2 1:08 AM
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Reply to 66099.4

Peace and Blessings: Mentalmarinade

From: LCason

Sista the afrikans on here were posting and I was responding to them. I put to you like this the weather was bad here so I stay in and responded to the afrikan who posted on my thread this weekend. That how many posted very good conversons came about! You had your haters Tolls who cryed to BV and had my thread deleted.

This is for black people this does not say white voices, what it is I been kicking thier azz since my return. All I ask is for Documentation they run and hide behind the modertor. Their is not a troll on here that can did prove my information not a one.

As for more evidence I will post it up tommrow. futher evidence of what I am saying no I will do it tonight!

Good hearing from you and I will email you soon! Peace and Blessing


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To: name7o7
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Date: Apr-2 1:09 AM
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Reply to 66099.5

much respect goes out to you name 707

and thank you for telling the truth

good to have you back


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Date: Apr-4 3:24 PM
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Here is another opinion of the origin of these maniacs:

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To: LCason
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Date: Apr-4 4:31 PM
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Reply to 66099.1





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To: nanato3
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Date: Apr-4 4:38 PM
Msg 66099.257
Reply to 66099.162

My point is that your list was directed at one race, so don’t act like it wasn’t. Other people here took the same way and that was your point. It was not to say that all races do crimes cause all the ones you posted were indeed black.

pointing out that serial killers are mostly white, does it do the same thing if I point out that gang members are mostly black?? But your not racist??That is what i mean. You are contradicting yourself. Is this tit for tat? Oh i said that most serial killers are white so therefore you say that most gang members are black(which in case you have not noticed the latinos are more than both races combined so what are you really talking about. And the reason why you had to post hear IS because of the racist connotation….

Edited Apr-4 by miss310elyse
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To: meninarmer
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Date: Apr-4 4:40 PM
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That particular person likes threads like this. SHe is always in the white people….race…..type of topic.

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To: LCason
Posts: 153

Date: Apr-4 5:08 PM
Msg 66099.259
Reply to 66099.207

There are innumerable, objective psychosocial and demographic markers of unprecedented racial integration and peaceful co-existence. Frienship patterns, inermarriage,business relations, mixed communities, etc. We may have problems to ovecome, but no serious person debates the fact that our country is the most successful, diverse and integrated country that has ever existed. Your interesting historical revisionism regarding MLK’s relationship with Farrakhan’s victim and his polygamist ex-associate is without foundation. I am not a scholar on the area, but I am aware of the fact that there is a large body of MLK’s published work as well as his wife’s work that quite clearly speaks to his rejection of the angry, irrational, separtist, divisive, and oppressive Islamic fundamentalist principles Malcolm and EM espoused.

Our nation and our community is in a more positive and stable place now, and we are continuing to work MLK’s dream. However well-intentioned the two you mention may have tried to be at one point in their lives, they were part of an unstable, unproductive, and failed political past.

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To: meninarmer
Posts: 153

Date: Apr-4 5:12 PM
Msg 66099.260
Reply to 66099.210

You are living in an America that no longer, thankfully exists. We may have problems as a nation and in our own community, but we have countless reasons to be positive, optimistic, and hopeful. It’s important to laern from the past, adapt, and move on stronger,-not ruminate on the past and let anger and victimization shackle you. This is one of the many reasons why so many are afraid to leave the false safety and security of the Democrat Plantation Party.
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To: bpq
Posts: 348

Date: Apr-4 5:34 PM
Msg 66099.261
Reply to 66099.260

You are living in an America that no longer, thankfully exists. We may have problems as a nation and in our own community, but we have countless reasons to be positive, optimistic, and hopeful. It’s important to laern from the past, adapt, and move on stronger,-not ruminate on the past and let anger and victimization shackle you. This is one of the many reasons why so many are afraid to leave the false safety and security of the Democrat Plantation Party.

I, and many others have abandoned the America you speak of, as well as the 2-party, single agenda political farce-land. The only real and effective solution to black america’s problem has been accurately identified and demonstrated by several dynamic historical figures to include, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Malcohm X, and Farrakhan. Any other alternative option is only a setup for future failure.

Why would one wish to set themselves up to fail, by emplying doomed strategies that have been proved wrong, time and time again? I guess, some of us are just slower then others, but hopefully you’ll catch up before the bus leaves you behind. That of course gives the benefit of doubt that you are actually black, which at this point is highly improbable.

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To: LCason
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Date: Apr-4 5:59 PM
Msg 66099.262
Reply to 66099.234

Brilliant post LCason yes the white man is a devil of Biblical proportions as a matter of fact in Aztec lore The Quetzlcoatl which was a winged serpent rising fromthe ashes was described in its human form as a whiote man with dark hair and a mustache consequently when Cortez and his men arrived in Tenochtitlan, Cortez embraced him as the Quetzlcoatl and did not attempt to thwart his destruction of The Aztecs.. Now another Aztec god is kukulcan which means “divination of the serpent.” Think about the similarities between this word and “ku klux clan.” and you will realize and recognize the origins of the white man, these are not a GOD-fearing people. THey hold GOD in the utmost contempt and pervert or destroy all that GOD has created. Every Empire they have created has been in obeisance to the one downstairs and yes you can watch historians(white) on television attempt to rationalise and explain why the white man is a blood-thirsty pschopath from the pitiful conclusion that The Caesers of Rome were eating bread and drinking wine infested with psylocybins to well they cannot even explain the behavior of white amerikkka towards the native and Black
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  1. ed Says:

    I guess peoples just wont smartins up! DUMB ASS

  2. Kinshasa Says:

    Whew, hmm, yeh all a them is baaad. Yep we is pure an’ sweet. Darfour, Somalia, Tutsi and Hutu. I think we outta look at the fingers pointing back at us. Everyone has evil. Chinese people, ugh, they can be so nasty, check their history. Japanese, they nearly annihilated everyone in Nanking. Not white or black folks in that mess. Arabs, hmm, they cut off parts that offend them like hands and heads. Listen folks, people is people, all have God and the Devil in ’em. The longer you let this fester inside you the more it hurts YOU.
    And, what do we do with our race that hs so much other in it? I mean think, the Masters had children with they slave girls. Them kids was half and half. Then they mixed up some more, so now what? Kill anyone with white in them. Does that mean that all Afircan American folks need to be wiped off the planet too, you got the devil in you? Come of folks, my family is half and half, do I commit suicide or what? Kill my white parent? Get a grip!!

  3. LCason Says:

    This is LCason

    I was the one who posted the question on Black Voices and I stand my statements. I when at this from an educational point of view. Any one who belive every one has evil in them is foolish! Two do not understand White Supremacy. Afikan People were the most peaceful people on the planet! Our nature is love not hate.

    If you look at the HISTORY OF WHITE PEOPLE, White Race as committed murder on every person of color. This is Historical however I raised the question and the people responded!

    So when people come up the the notion everyone is evil not everyone killed a race of people from the face of the earth, not everyone has inslaved a group of people murdered them. Not everyone has left people to die Kartrina! The problem is this Afrikan/Black people do not want to face the realization that White people do not like black people peorid!

    Not to say their are some good white people their are like I said before less then 5 percent! You ask yourself this question where are they at!

    For futher reference read the Isis Papers by Dr France Welsing! and

    this is to refresh your history or to learn about your true Afrikan History! For the Record I do not hate no one I hate what white people done to my Afrikan People peorid big difference!


  4. anonymous Says:

    good thread dude. Remember, anybody who hates human being (no matter what race he belongs to) is not human. White race might also be alien race. No other race can commit guantanamo holocaust other than the white race. The wonder is that God has left them unpunished. I think God is also a racist

  5. Jabli Zende Says:

    “True, not all Whites are devils, just as not all Devils are White”-LCason

    Let us not get too caught up in what skin color the devil has. The devil is the enemy of Afrikan people. If we spend our time saying he is white we miss the ones who are black or asian or any other ethnicity in appearance. The truth is white is a social class not an ethnicity. The devil has infiltrated the human species and it is true that more than likely he manifests as white we cannot forget he may manifest as one of us to destroy us from within. We must fight evil were ever it incarnates. The confusion of whites being an ethnicity and not a Race (race and species are not synonymous) is why people get confused and think that if a black tries to advance his species (not race) then he is a racist. A race is a competition of speed. their has never been a Black Race only The White Race which is a competition to see who can steel the most resources of the world which included the Black people of Afurkan linage. Their are Blacks who support this system and they are devils to.

  6. Andrew Says:

    the white sevages murdered an 80 year old man (saddam hussien) who was’nt a threat to anyone their women are raping man in their cuban prisons and they are starving and killling women and children through out the world if you dont think that they are evil than you must be evil as well.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with 99.9% of what the paragraphs say. It is unfair to what has happend to us people of color, If we look around, the entire world is based upon caucasianized ideas, Such as the clothing that we call “modest clothing” or “modest groming” all this crap is based upon European mentality that RULES THE ENTIRE WORLD

  8. ASIFAH Says:

    Greetings Family& Non-Family (White Race)

    The genetic make up of the black race of people are very different from caucasians white peole. Why can’t we use the same blood, we can nly transfer plasma? The blood lines are real different, based on science studies. White people are a grafted people from the original people.

    Look at the cloning process, that is not a new knowledge to the orginal people of this earth (the Black man and Woman).

    So white people should pay respect to their Fathers and Mothers for their days may be long! or cut Short!

    peace be to the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth!

  9. muski27 Says:

    White people can be develish. But the question is does this evil stem from europe adopting christianity or were they just as devlish when they were pagans? Since pagans are more favourable towards syncretism I doubt they would be as racist if any, as their christian counterparts.
    If you look at global history, it is the europeans who have colonised other civilisations, much more advanced than their own, slaughtered the local population, robbed the country of its natural resources and pit one group of people against another when they were done on false ethnic classifactions so that they could be safe from any backlash.

    Its funny and ironic that the white people who have settled countries like Australia have the nerve to determine who can and cant stay despite the fact they murdered and poisoned the indigenous population. Now they are worried that coloured people are taking over these countries, the only difference will be that we did it with our hard work, industriousness, and economic power.

  10. Silver Says:

    Nice posts, everyone.

    May I add?

    All of you make your points. People who don’t like the topic should take an hour out of each day and research world history, Origins African Spirituality, TAMAHU, and Kemet.

    To the person with choice words about Elijah Muhammad and his So called “victim”.
    Do your research beyond what the media has chosen to put in your face (SCANDAL/DISTRACTION).

    Malcom X NOR Muhammad Ali….EVER…DENOUNCED their teacher. Ali still has his name to this day and has visited Mosque Maryam(NOI) many times.

    There is an FBI tape online of Malcom refusing a bribe to speak against Elijah. They talked him up to 250k. Yes….250k. That was the 60’s.

    Malcom stopped the game and said….oh yeah this was AFTER his house got firebombed and then he said…”IF THE NATION DID THIS THEY HAD HELP…I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF…I TRAINED THE FOI..”

    This is what he said to FBI the day of the bribe….
    “okay fellaz…we can stop right there….I just wanted to see how far you would go…but you can stop now. let me tell you like this…..THERE IS NOT ENUFF MONEY, LET ALONE COULD YOU PRINT ENUFF MONEY TO MAKE ME TURN AGAINST THE MAN WHO TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING I KNOW…”

    When I heard him say that I almost cried. The media makes you think Ali and Malcom denounced Elijah.

    Bottomline…is they agreed to disagree. Malcom was given an order, disobeyed it, and didn’t like his punishment.

    Ali’s manager, ELIJAHS SON was a crook. The real problem was with Herbert Muhammad, who hid as a crook under his dads authority.

    It get’s really deep. Cuz I know next you wanna know about the polygamy?

    All I’mma say is this.
    WHO GAVE ABRAHAM AUTHORITY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE WIFE (if that were truly the case with Elijah, i’m just using this to make a point.)??????

    You say God right?
    Well who is God? A spook or a man, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood?
    Elijah CLEARLY TAUGHT the blackman/woman is the only God the earth has ever known. The original man/woman.


    GO READ GENESIS 6:3, and if that isn’t enuff, GO READ GENESIS chapter 18. Spooks and spirits DO NOT exibit the characteristics of a man!!!!
    However, The LORD sure seems like a man to me (Gen 18).

    There are ALOT of places in The Bible that point to what color the prophets are. Solomon tell you straight up “my skin is black”.
    Genesis is THE GENE OF ISIS, explaining what the US & WE(black people) made, and as a result of that making(whiteman), fell from grace of THE CREATOR, who NEVER created Us(black gods) to make other gods).

    We were to serve Him/Her only. I can get into how SHE got lost in the process of White Supremacy first started by The Aryan Hindus, then brought to their children, the lighter races of the world to practices.

    The hindu genetically came out of the original ptah man (pigmies of africa), THEN the rest of the races followed from the hindu. all by genetic selection(grafting).
    Blackman/Woman made Hindu.
    200 years from Hindu(black carbon copy) came the brown races
    200 years from brown brought the red races
    200 years from red brought yellow races
    66 more years made blonde haired blue eyed people who were melanin reccessive and predesposed to disease and had alikeness to evil, being it there are the final end of human evolution that started RIGHTEOUS with the original man.

    This is why his number is 666, man-kind.
    This is the harsh reality NONE of the world is ready to hear. AND IT GETS DEEPER.

    Enuff on the past. Look it up if you think i’m coo coo for cocoa puffs.
    Google TAMAHU and see how far back this “fabled TRUTH” goes.
    It’s carved on the wall of FOUR TEMPLES IN KEMET/egipt.

    Thats the past.

    Need PRESENT evidence that will confirm the wacky past I just presented?


    That’s coming from GENETIC SCIENCE. The math in the article match Elijah Muhammad’s lessons to the digit. They don’t mention him OR his Teacher MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD, to whom praises are due forever.

    The character played in The Day The Earth Stood Still….IS MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD. The old movie and current one display the power Elijah said he poccesses. He Is another discussion altogether, but HE IS THE FIRST to teach and say OPENLY, WITH SURE CONVICTION….

    That the whiteman is THE devil, and the blackman made him to be one.
    He told Us in the lessons to study genetics.

    But most black muslims and followers of Elijah COMPLETELY miss the point and stay GLUED to the fact the white man is the devil and WON’T MOVE ON TO IMPROVE THEMSELVES….mind and soul. They’d rather focus on who ain’t doin this and that, and keep damning the whiteman.

    NEVER FORGET…..(speaking to my peers doin Knowledge of Self)
    There is a devine purpose in the evil devils do!!!
    Think on that.
    We made them. Elijah said on day “the pot will look up at the potmaker one day and ask WHY DID YOU MAKE ME THIS WAY…”

    There is a difference between The Creator and God. Know this.

    The Creator is The Most High spoken of in scripture/spirituality, who created man to be God/gods. The Creator is far beyond God.

    There are many gods. The bible says this CLEARLY in Psalms 82.
    I suggest the oldest King James version you can find when dealing with the bible. The smarter we get, the more translations come out to twist Us up.

    With ALL THAT said, I conclude and concur with the woman who spoke about the mixing of all the blood and black folk got white in them, so what do we do, kill them or should she or anyone else kill their white parent.

    That made me laugh hard, and made me think back to the fact we made them. They are our bad ass kids.
    Think on that.

    Now my offsping/kids(3) are WELL behaved. However, if their melanin dominant selves rebelled against their righteous nature I wouldn’t kill them.

    I would just tell them “look, follow my rules or you gotz to get the phuck from around me. You gone make me put my hands on you, or worse. Leave while there is still love…”.

    THAT is what I would do. Seriusly.

    And it’s also what We said to them about 5300+ years ago.
    We made them walk from Mecca to damn near Turkey, to the hills of Europe, and ROPED them off.

    Some off the walls are still standing to this day. THEY ARE HUGE. I’ve seen pics in my past studies of world history.

    I can in due time provide links or book titles. Just ask.

    Peace Be With You All,
    Tariq Shabazz Rahman Hotep Allah

  11. TRUTH Says:

    Jesus is colored.

    The angels that white’s put in your face are a representation of the fallen angels that came here to earth with satan, whites also take on the image of their fallen father.

    Its funny how some people choose to lump whites in with all other colored people. They are different period. Whites are not even part of the HU-MAN race (HU mean color) (hu/man is colored man). Whites still have alot of colored people fooled and those that are not willing to wake up will perish with them. They know their time is about up. The truth about them will be known worldwide in every language. Why don’t you research them and their real history, not their textbook history.

    The Truth

    Ceseare Borgias


  12. race Says:

    it’s not so much about race but the types of characteristics a certain race may have more so than others or the subtle differences.

    i’ve noticed a certain type of coldness with whites, a very calculating type of coldness. though there are whites who are genuinely good people, a lot of them do not seem to have very genuine emotions. a lot of them seem rather hypocritical. for instance, i see them be very into pets etc but they don’t have the emotional honesty and humility that they pretend to have. some do of course.

    as far as evil though, i’ve seen it in every race so it may be something that is a trait that is beyond race but is a definite problem. have you noticed that evil people seem in cohorts or alike no matter what race they are? that’s what i’ve noticed, i think it’s a nature thing. there is a lot of deception and evil tries to infiltrate into any gene pool or mutate itself to survive in any lifeform.

    but as far as whites in general, i have instinctively known to not get close to them and never felt comfortable doing that. it’s audacious that a lot of them come up with really bizarre things to stereotype others and paint themselves as these angels when so many of them have souls liken to pigs or not seem to have a human soul at all. ugh. i simply don’t like them on a personal level though more impersonal interaction is fine.

  13. WHITE DEVIL Says:

    IT IS 2009


    • blackkills Says:

      past history wil not be forgotten for what white have done no matter how things have changes a devil is adevil

  14. francesca Says:

    The Caucasian races ARE Evil; i actually think ALL non- blacks are the Tamahu, and the Original black ”hu”man race are in ”REAL” trouble, because all these NON- blacks are Anti-black ; i also think the Tamahu bloodline IS a deadly virus to blacks, so their destroying our race by race mixing with blacks who don’t know this; i think this virus is passed to the biracial off=spring, because the Tamahus DNA is negatively charged, so they can’t produce melanin ; anyone mixed with the Tamahus blood displays this same calculating kind of coldness, biracials cannot produce melanin, and i notice their VERY anti-black , most seem to really dislike blacks and display identity issues; i think biracials are Tamahu as well;
    if the Tamahu were created to be the deadly enemy of the black race, then race mixing with them will create an even deadlier enemy for blacks; its interesting how the White man created the one drop rule, when its ordinary black African humanity who should create a 1 drop of Tamahu blood Rule; the white man ”reversed” the standard; biracials are a lighter hue; lighter Hue = Tamahu, biracials display ALL the traits of the white man and white woman; i think thats why whites are calling a biracial president, black, because they know the off-spring of a black who mixes with white is Tamahu, but the little bit of melanin in the biracials skin means the Tamahu can claim its a light skinned black ,when really biracials are Tamahu. The dangerous thing about this Tamahu is that they can reproduce and race mixing with blacks is deadly to blacks, because they could breed us out , and take over the world; a Tamahu is any non-black; this white and lightskinned ”hue” is the Tamahu.

  15. Brian Says:

    Actually, Tamahu was the Egyptian name for a powerful ancient Libyan tribe. It refers to Berbers, not whites, and is just a name, not a derogatory term. And the word human comes from the Latin word Humanus, which comes from the Germanic word Humas. It has nothing to do with colour.

    And whites do produce melanin. In fact, we’re more adaptable because our bodies produce melanin when we need it, and we lose it when we don’t need it. It doesn’t matter though because melanin is nothing but a chemical in your skin that acts as natural sunblock.

    And what makes whites evil, exactly? Last I checked, just about every race was responsible for slavery and genocide, including African blacks. It’s nothing special.

    You do realize that sitting here insulting other people that you don’t even know makes you a racist, right?

    • frenzhelpfrenz Says:

      Never fails a “disillusioned white” But what race has gone outside their race and wiped out a race of people…Wiped out the peaceful Arawaks,brainwashed and trying to wipe out blacks and always waging wars for things that don’t belong to them.Uh m whites.To this day I get cold when a white person says they are jealous of something I have.Disturbing.

  16. i beez coo Says:

    what a load of shit

  17. MASON Says:

    What happened to “We The People”, people meaning everyone? A black man says he’s proud of who he is,and we say “right on”, but if a white man says he is proud, he is called a racist. It is so bad now that the young white people are afraid to say they are proud of who they are and where they come from, without being called a racist. If it doesn’t change, I am afraid we will be looking at another civil war. The same ignorance that some white people had toward black people, caused the black to prevail, using violence and other methods to be heard and respected. In today’s world, the same ignorance is being used by ignorant people of a different race. It may have to take extreme measures on behalf of the white culture to stand up and get the respect that they deserve, just like the other races have done and will do

  18. Michael Freeman Says:

    The black populace is in a state of unconsciousness White supremacy has been generationally woven in the minds of those who adopt the American ideology it has no basis of reality. Blacks have not let go of the psychological damage that white supremacy has done. The results of such a cruel system are false exterior identities. The system was design to create great division among the masses. This is done by creating a corrupt monetary system that only serves the wealthy. There are many examples of blacks desperate to emulate their oppressors. A people who are so loyal to a system that despises their mere existence. Yet the slave is happy to give all of his or her wealth to those who exploit them. Yet the slave Complains and protest because of the lack of resources in their communities they spend millions on European style hair weaves, timberland boots, wearing clothes that gives their exploiters free advertising .This gives them a feeling of importance in a impoverished environment. The root of this mass insanity is white supremacy.

  19. gt1085 Says:

    You`d have too get rid of romans and the vaticans bot are ruled by Satan or Lucifer,i don`t see you europeans removing them,it take all.

  20. Amie212 Says:

    This is ridiculous. Anyone with even a sub-standard education should be able to understand the fact that no race is inferior, in the same way that no race is superior. Every race is guilty of having committed genocide at some point throughout history, so you can’t use that to brand an individual race as “evil” or you would be forced to classify every other as the same. Similarly, you cannot blame today’s generation on their ancestors mistakes, so don’t make personal comments towards a person who has played no part in the racial troubles of history. Racism is Racism regardless of whether it is directed at a Caucasian, Asian or Afro Carabbean, so unless you pride yourself on hypocrysy, do not call another race evil. Racism will be a problem as long as there are people to uphold it, and theories like this will to nothing to end the racial rift that exists today. Rather than trying to make your own race, whatever that is, appear superior by demeaning others, secure its reputation by having the integrity to realise that you are no better, nor inferior to anyone of another race.

  21. Thaqueitha Says:

    I agree with this article. It is very well researched. Ther eis only one solution to the problem of the white race. Black brothas and sistas must unite and destroy every single white person, man woman or child until the very last remntant only then will there be peace on earth. We must cleanse the world of these devils.

  22. LoStranger Says:

    Whites are very psychotic…..evil destructive sickos

  23. John Tomlinson Says:


    How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can’t even spell ?

    Oh, by the way, you’re not only ignorant, you’re racist.

  24. Rayshard Wallace Says:

    This is a big secret. But white people want to eat your children. Beware! This is how they stay alive without melanin.

    • Hadiyah S. Muhammad Says:

      I know that you’re attempting to be sarcastic, however; after every other vile thing the caucs have done I want you to know that I choose to take you seriously and spread the word around. This is now added to my arsenal of weaponry against the your kind(?) OR against them. You sound like one of them and thanks for the useful information. This will spread like wildfire I can assure you. Know Who I AM.

  25. Rayshard Wallace Says:

    There is a factory in Johnson City, Tennessee that grinds black children into a powder substance. They sell the powder to other white devils to sprinkle on their food. Since whites are not human, this is the only way they can survive. There is a second factory in Ogden, Utah. If you will investigate these claims, you will find them to be true. It is too dangerous for me to post the information openly.

  26. world book online Says:

    world book online…


  27. Samuel Muhammad Says:

    as salaam alaykum. i have studied the teachings of the messenger for about 20 years. no one has prevailed over me in an argument-and i’m just a baby. 1st-devil is a theological term. without studying the scripture we will never properly understand this subject. this leads to confusion. just look at all the replies,we’re all over the board. here’s a man that the book calls ‘the arch deciever.’all people are capable of deception,but here is an entire people that are charged with being the very personification of evil. thus, the definite article is used”the.”the problem is(one of them)we have been taught all our lives that god and the devil are forces we can’t see until we die-while the enemy rules us while we are alive. this is revelation-it can’t be found in a book. if it was,trust me,the whiteman would have burned it by now(like the egyptian libraries and priests)don’t you think?i could write volumes on the subject,as it is,to me the second most important knowledge that one can possess-the first i believe,is who we closing, the book says a remnant of pharoah’s were saved with moses,aaron,and the children of isreal(us).look up the word remnant-this is all there will left of the white race.brothers and sisters,our enemy’s doom will not come until we are in agreement that the whiteman is indeed the devil.i love you(and my righteous white brothers-i met a few)peace.

  28. Hadiyah Shabazz Muhammad Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY know that the Red-fur covered-hooved footed sulfur smelling so-named “white” race IS the spawn of satan. Anyone who disagrees is in total survival-mode DENIAL. It is my fervent prayer that the sun will burn HOT for as long as it takes to close every pore on their hides and cause them to cook internally until they are ALL dead. This should take about 6 months. Their time is up (6000 years) they are overdue. As for the “half ones”–go with your family because there cannot ever be one genetic drop of devil dna left on this earth. There will be NO peace on earth until they are removed. The earth cannot heal or breathe until they are removed. BTW “racist and racism” are made up words by the devil–who is The Accuser Of The Brethren”. They can call me what they want… I don’t care and I have nothing in me that responds to their Satanic mindset. I don’t care..I just want them GONE. Brothers and Sisters please meditate daily on their swift removal and imagaine how wonderful our earthly lives will be without their EVIL presence. The ONLY reason evil exists or manifests in ANY people, place or thing is because of their existence. Know that the Caucasoid is the living root of ALL evil. Do not respond to their nonsense about the evil doers in our race because it is only because of them that anyone learns evil.As far as wondering “what about the mixed ones” etc. etc. We are not beholden to them..All evil looks the same..and they are the begotten products of disobedience to the Laws and Commandments of OUR FATHER. “THE LORD HAS HATED edom..AND HAS LOVED JACOB. I also pray that anyone who has a problem with their removal will be removed right along with them. Amen.

  29. patrick Says:

    I’ve had a lot of run ins with the police recently that has made me open my eyes as a black man. I was laying on my couch a couple of days ago only to have a group of 4 white officers break into my apartment, demanding that I show them identification that I live there. It was so rediculous. I honestly do believe that whites are devils. This world is scary.

  30. Đời Sống Says:

    Đời Sống…


  31. a Wildcat Says:

    They were born/developed in a place where their was very little no sunlight. Melatonin needs sunlight to produce properly and develop the fully functioning brain.These people (tamahu) never received that light, so wouldn’t that make their brains naturally defunct? And don’t they have problems with absorbing vitamins from the sun, and easily produce cancer and other types of diseases?

    I’ve always wondered why arabs, anglos, jews, Indians, aboriginal Americans, and the rest of peoples inhabiting the European continent have straight hair and strikingly similarities in features. Most of these groups have pale skin, if you don’t count the Indians, Native Americans included, who vary in complexion. Chimpanzees have very pale skin, to pink complexions and are very rarely melaninated, and even then produce uneven complexions with pink and white discoloration. These population all have distinctive so called caucasoid features. Like apes they all produce straight hair though some have somewhat kinky textures, obviously produced by black African migrants and the Indus slave trade as well as the Saharan trade, the later which is said to have not allowed Black slaves to produce children… but Black Africans have gone about this earth mingling their blood with tamahu for centuries, as you point out. They all produce lice, which blacks are immune to because of their hair type, and can become excessively hairy I noticed most in arab’s and jews but is present in all other groups. I’ll sum it up; they look like chimpanzees. Blacks have been associated with this image for quite some time, but so were the Irish when they ‘came’ to America, and you can still find so posters. Only, they like their caucasoid brothers actually resemble it. Black Africans have existed all over this planet, history shows them popping everywhere from Italy to China, Guatemala to the Solomon Islands, and if everyone in America can be traced to a dead president (as a yahoo article and many others have alluded) many of us are indeed related. They, have our DNA, but that does not mean they are naturally related to us. Again history and science proves we are the first ‘earthlings’ and those to populate the globe. But another thing I noticed is that the Black African population is the only that has an ear size that is extremely small, consistently, while others vary and are significantly larger. I’m talking about the actual size of the ear and not if they stick out or no. We, from my observations, we have the tiniest ears and they are entirely consistent in their small size.

    Now let me throw a few random things out there…

    The queen of Sheba reigned over the territories of Meroe, Kemet, Thebes, and Kush synonymously, and were given her name. Which translates, land of the wildcats in an ancient Nubian or Kushite language. The Egyptians revered cats, they were mummified with them, and the price for killing them was death. African history has been being re written by colonizers for centuries; Until the lion has his own historian tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.- Igbo proverb. The Chinese practice a lion dance and call themselves the descendants of lions, which eventually became the dragon. Asians look awfully “negroid”. The sphinx was traditionally depicted as a female lioness, the oldest monument in ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the great sphinx of which all early depictions (1500-1800) were female, and the less primitive Eurocentric, obviously in the likeness of Bantu women of South Africa who are said to be founders of that once great civilization. They migrated from South Africa where remnants of a massive two hundred thousand year old calender modeled after the equinox and solstice can still be seen from aerial view; deemed Adam’s calender by its discoverer. It is undoubtedly the work of the bushmen/bantu. The Horus hawk was implemented as it was thousands of years later in Kemet where the head of a Bantu (in my opinion Khoisan woman) still sticks out of the sand. My ears twitch when I hear things in the distance. I hated Avatar but love the Masai people of Kenya, they have their own lion dance. I perfer Sundiata to simba. Praise Ra.


  32. Carandiru Says:

    The Devil not care of your color… he have white, black, yellow, mixed and even native american peons.
    Who says whites are Devil is the personification of the Devil as well!!!

  33. Tonya Says:

    Interesting article; very informative with much truthful and factual information. Those who do not agree are blinded by falsehood.

  34. Trevor Says:

    This is the stupidest article I have ever read. Here’s the reality: Whites have never had more power than from the 1800’s up until 1960’s. During that period, global poverty, (Including African poverty) went down, WAY down. Global deaths due to disease, (This too includes Africans.) Went down, WAY down. Global levels of slavery, (Including African slavery) went down, WAY down. Also, no one ever enslaved blacks more than Arabs, Who are not whites. Most slaves that white people had were already slaves in Africa; enslaved by other Africans. (I do however, feel that it should be noted that chattel slavery is mostly from whites). Oh, and Columbus never did anything bad to native Americans, (Though he certainly claimed they were inferior, an idea that would lead to their near genocide.) By the way, only about 0.2% of white people ever had slaves, and only about 4% of white people would even have known the African slave trade even existed when it did, (This is because most people knew virtually nothing outside of their community.) Slavery is something that been perpetrated by basically all ethnic groups at some point, and just about every group has been enslaved at some point. Why you think whites are the source of AIDS astounds me, since it is already known that aids is an old disease that can be found in chimps in Africa; which means- AIDS came from monkeys, got passed onto some guy in Africa, then that guy unknowingly passed onto a bunch of other people. The main reason that Aids is so bad in Africa is largely due to the lack of information about AIDS and AIDS prevention. For example: For a long time in Africa, some guys thought that having sex with a young virgin would cure them of AIDS. Obviously, it didn’t work, and would only spread it further. Also, there is absolutely no bio-chemical cause for evil. Evil is only a subjective cultural concept. To some, sacrificing animals to the Gods is good; like India. To others, killing animals is evil and wrong; like PETA. If you have any regard for Biology, you would know that your idea’s are non-sense. Race itself is based on skin pigments. That’s it. Race is literally skin deep. Race only matters to those who make it matter, it’s all in your head.

  35. They Don't Fool Me Says:

    I enjoyed the article and the responses. Shows some people are aware and thinking. Though I must chuckle because it’s so easy to tell which commentors are white. Whites are funny when they are feeling good and strong they will tell you they are the light of the world WE did this, We built that. But when they are feeling insecure then it’s Can’t we all just get along? Stay strong get wise and as any Elder black, red or brown or yellow will tell you watch your back…and your front and all sides. Take anything they say with a grain a salt and for gods sake don’t trust them. When they want to be your best friend that’s when you should worry. But it’s it’s also an oppurtunity. Stay sharp.

  36. Johan Says:

    I did NOT read the hole text and I’m a black guy. I have no problems whit white guy until they become racist. They in school call me and my friends the N word and say ugly things about out
    people. But if they really are devils is god black?

  37. Hans Wolf Says:

    I just got an email.stating my son subscribe to comments on this site but he is only 14 years old & I am his father and need for you to unsubcribe him and delete thiat comment by him ASAP! HIS name Atticus. I do apolize. thanks.

  38. Black Deviling Says:

    This article forget about Rwanda & Darfour genocide praticed by blacks, the mongol and chinese

  39. thats righT Says:

    YES whites are the demons and need to be vaccinated very soon they probably wot want it but its for their own good as they have diseases we should gather all whites and give them vaccine then fly them off to pluto! as they are not human at all.

  40. thats righT Says:

    typo wont whites are not blacks the climate theory got debunked as inuits are brown and they have been in the cold for centuries

  41. thats righT Says:

    we must capture all whites and send them to the cryogenic chamber and run some tests on them as they show no empathy I know they are not human at all im serious! they will lie and even if they are caught redhanded they stick to lying more condemning themselves further .wemust gather up all whites and if they fight kill them if they obey then have them tied up only until they get tested and then eradicated.HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  42. João Adécio Says:

    @thats righT Inuits and Esquimos get high amout of vitamin D from Seal’s bladder and those two are more newer to colder climates than whites!

  43. Zaina Says:

    Why whenever a discussion like this is had? White always deflect and go and bring about a list of atrocities or acts of terror by PoC. We KNOW that evil comes in all hues, but we are talking about those who take the lead when it comes such destructive, hell bent blood-thirsty sociopathy and that would be white people.

    • frenzhelpfrenz Says:

      They always come with the same lame old “every race committed genocide blah,blah ” we’re not talking about other races we’re talking about you and your evils that are too many to mention

  44. Eugene Thomas Says:

    the red man”white man”are only here for 1 reason,the israelites asked Moses for a King to rule over them,that angered God so he said He would set a foolish people over us.Esua took he four wife in to the land of the philistines,and slepted with the Fallen Angels “Nephilim”its is true you are like your father the devil.If they would search thier own history they`ll find out who and what they are in this human form.

  45. matthew Says:

    take a look at the following article by ‘professor jimbo bimbbo junior’ to see very clearly on a christian level (as noted even in their version of the bible) and on a scientific (biological) level and moral and many other levels why ‘the white race’ are the devil

    maybe i’m ignorant but i’ve never heard or seen anything like what he talks about on the entire internet before and we suspect they will remove it or attempt to somehow modify and misrepresent it in favour of themselves because of the profound implications when it is read and understood properly; so may i ask you to now “duplicate and recycle and spread” his words to your friends on “social networks etc” as he asked me to do (except he and all of us are out in a remote place and don’t have the best opportunity to do this)

    it is not really meant for good people of colour ; but rather good but corrupted people of colour who are more likely to currently be ‘scientific atheists’ and similar (following them) who will appreciate the bad humour etc rather than mockingly laughing with them at those talking about nephilims and giant humanoids etc (and “you can’t neutralize a glass half full of something alkaline by filling the other half with tap water ; rather the salt of the earth from the ends of the earth”)

    you are encouraged to copy everything in its entirety and use his conceptual phrases such as “bimbbo” etc instead of irrelevant and self-defeating words like “cracker” for example

    thanks for the link to noted above it is a good and selfless message as well for all people of colour including black people


  46. jose Says:

    Most are demons.. in any race…tbere are a tiny few who are good. Very rare..

    See You Tube: SWINE NOT MEN

    The Anglo German …that is a demon. English Germanic….

    Have faith this demons end is near. Joel 3

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