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Black Like The Ancient Europeans: The Black (First) Europeans
Posted in Rastas, Articles by Don Jaide on April 1, 2006.


The first people of Europe were prehistoric Africans. They lived mostly in the southern parts of Europe, and created many paintings and cave art throughout the region.

Pretentious scholars struggling with their self-inflicted racist diseases attach ill-fitting names to the first peoples of Europe. They call them funny names like Neanderthals, Paleolithic men, Mesolithic or Neolithic, Cro-Magnons, Grimaldi, Aurignicians, in a desperate bid to hide the cultural and historical identity of those people.

It is generally conceded by those scholars however, that the African people were the bearers of the first substantive elements of culture into the European continent.

Many thousands of years before the rise of the current pale tribes of Europe, an Afrocoid people known as the Grimaldi people, established the Aurignacian cultures. These people were anatomically modern human beings of the West African typology. They brought the first indications of cultural thoughts and rites into Europe.

The Grimaldi were Black Africans with very little body hair, black and smooth skin; they had the facial features typical of West African forest dwellers. They had kinky hair too. They arrived in Europe 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

They ranged in height from tall to medium. Their culture had developed in Africa tens of thousands of years before they moved to Europe. It was called the Arugnician Culture. In 1994, scientists found corroborating evidence of stone and bone tools on the banks of the Semlike River in Zaire. They were finely crafted tools made between 75,000 to 100,000 years old long before modern humans migrated to Europe.

The Neanderthals non-modern human specie of man had left Africa early in time (80,000 years ago) and settled in central and southern Europe. It is speculated by bio-anthropologists that the genes of those Neanderthals are extensively sown in the modern European tribes of today.

The “Cro-Magnon,” people, late contemporaries and perhaps descendants of the Grimaldi people also existed in Central and Southern Europe many thousands of years after the Grimaldi Negroid had expanded to Europe but before the appearance of the pale version of Europe now known as Caucasians.

Actually, Caucasians as a race did not appear in Europe until about twenty to thirty thousand years after the arrival of the first Africans who by this very fact are the aboriginals of Europe.


There are many theories which seek to explain the reason for the switch in skin color of the Europeans. The theories proposed range from the Ice-Age effect theory, to those of miscegenation and others that suggest malnutrition. In all these theories lies the admission that the pale skin is a relatively recent genetic modification that occurred in originally Black Europe.

One of the more interesting propositions suggest that the change from black to pale Europe occurred as a result of miscegenation between the modern Africans arrivals in Europe and the primordial Neanderthal which had originally come from Africa. It should be noted that the primordial human Neanderthal (physiologically and intellectually) said to be among the ancestors of Europeans and Caucasians, also came from Africa to Europe about 80,000 years ago. Thus, the Neanderthal, which had apparently been forced to Eurpe from out of Africa, was also of the African genotype.

Some theories suggest that Neanderthals (who were originally black as all original Africans) later became pale-skinned and retained excessive body hair due to genetic selection responding to the need to adapt to the cold and darkness of Ice-Age Europe.

The modern day Europeans are the products of interbreeding between these mutated pale skin Neanderthals (i.e. mutated non modern-human Africa) and the later arriving modern black Africans of 40,000 -10,000 years ago i.e. the Grimaldis.

Warm blooded animals undergo de-pigmentation in the absence of light and warmth. If there were no Ice Age in Europe, the people would have remained Negroid/Black. Some of the darkest Africoid peoples still exist as the Australian Aborigines and Tasmanians. Their ancestors left Africa in the same waves as the Africans that went to Europe. It appears that of the anatomically modern human Africans who had migrated around the globe, those in the warmer southern climates retained their African pigmentation and those in the Northern climates lost theirs as a result of miscegenation with the pale skinned Neanderthals, who it should not be forgotten were originally of the African continent.

Ogu Eji Ofor Annu,

April 1, 2006

33 Responses “Black Like The Ancient Europeans: The Black (First) Europeans”
Tyree lindsley replied:

That was a great piece of my culture i knew nothing about thank you but my mind is still thristy

April 8th, 2006 at 9:34 am. Permalink.

April 26th, 2006 at 4:21 pm. Permalink.

negro replied:

Main stream science, huh? Isn’t that the same one that defined blacks as having the brain of apes? We refuse to refer to mainstream education. And if that is what you call education, well it is hight time the Negro got miseducated.

Now, for serious remark and work on the movement of blacks from Africa to the north during pre-historic time, please check with Paul Rivet, René Verneau, Henri Breuil, and Marcelin Boule… they have produced, in the early 20th century amazing works that support what the brother says…. But, they speak French… oops…. Maybe you should get some form of education… Pale Brother….

June 8th, 2006 at 9:11 am. Permalink.

kebba replied:

Would you please be so kind and give book references for your argumentation? I would like read it up for myself and get more into detail.

Redirector replied:

There is another way to approach this subject of the original skin color of humanity. Biological Genetics. An internet search on the subject from any search engine will give you articles from many mainstream scientific publications. The Japanese seem to be doing most of the research. Even some of the more popular publicaitons such as NYTimes and Time magazine have carried articles on the subject of why some people are pigmented while others are not. Generally these articles do not comment on which came first melaninated or non-melanated people. It gives the facts, such as: Even the whitest of skin contains enough melanoocytes (epithellial cells able to produce melanin), that if activated; that white person would be as black as the blackest African. What is lacking in this white skinned person is a piece of genetic code that would enable the production of an enzyme that enables melanin production. Those cells are essentially switched off in the white-skinned individual. But they are there. Now, what does that say to the educated, mainstream individual?

And as far as Western power goes. Any lay-student of ancient history knows how cyclical these cultural-power reigns are. Look far enough back in history my friend and you will find that at one time, white skin was synonymous with the conditions of wretchedness, barbarism, ignorance, physical ugliness, and a host of other negatives.

June 21st, 2006 at 12:10 pm. Permalink.

Lauren Clark replied:

I am so glad that your website is doing this. I have taken great interest in studies such as this. I recently did a paper in one of my history classes on the African origins of China. I had so much genetic evidence. A lot of this evidence came from Chinese geneticists themselves who have proven that there is no way that early Chinese people looked the way they do now. Furthermore I also have citations and other evidence from Caucasian scholars from Harvard, Emory, and international schools in Russia, China and other places that I can not remember from the top of my head, but can supply upon request. I also would like to mention that Africa has been denied of the many contributions that it has given to the world, and ignorant racist people such as the skeptic are still trying to claim White supremacy. For him to say that the Egyptians are not Black shows his ignorance. I had an aunt who went to Egypt last summer to study. Not only did she find that the ancient Egyptians were Black, but when she went down to southern Eypt she saw the descendants of them. She even has pictures. The Blacks had been pushed down to the southern part where it is mainly a poor area. The genetic information has already proven that all races come from Black people, and that there was a migration from the African continent to other parts of the world that caused for the existance of other races. How do I know, well I am a sociology/anthropology, music, comparative women’s studies major, with a pre-med concentration. Yes I have three majors, in addition to three minors. I have been studying this area of history for many years. To your skeptic, I just want to say that there are many other people besides Runoko Rashidi who are acknowledging this-including prominent Caucaisian scholars such as the man who wrote the book Black Athena. I am not going to debate too long on this because many people in this society just don’t want to believe that Black people are a great people. As I stated before, if anyone would like to read my paper and the sources, e-mail me at Yes I am a young, Black woman and the true people of Israel-some who still live there today-were Black.

July 6th, 2006 at 3:12 pm. Permalink.

Jahdey replied:


I would love to read your paper and check out your references.

One Love


July 6th, 2006 at 5:09 pm. Permalink.

cwis replied:

Please don’t address any percentage of the black race. Black people aren’t envious. The only thing that would make us angry is the fact that an entire ancestrial race would attempt and enslave another race, a race that has nothing to do with them; never heard anything in history about Africans enslaving the entire white race all over the world. White skin is your skin and my brown/black skin is my skin. I think your people confuse the black communities’ anger for discourse of slavery with envy. You would be angry, if your people were suddenly snatched and enslaved against will. Don’t let the variety of skin color (really melanon in skin) boggle your mind. It shouldn’t be a mistery, if it is in you. If your cells that produce melanons were working or not dormant, you would be blacker than the blackest African and vise versa for other races. Wow, now isn’t that a fact?

July 8th, 2006 at 8:23 pm. Permalink.

Barry replied:

Hi, Skeptic,
just to put you straight, no malice intended, Evonne Goolagong, Anthony Mundine, and Kiri te Kanawa have not reverted to being white as you have indicated, but actually have a european parent/grandparent.

Ras Kule replied:

Enough with history. Blacks once ruled the world but they do not any more. blacks let us unite, enslave and kill these pale genetic mistakes of nature.

November 3rd, 2006 at 3:58 am. Permalink.

black is first replied:

The problem is that white people would love to keep black folks mind captured with slavery, text book history for all public schools. We are the originators of all things such as religion. Which has been copied by white people. Any race of people who will kill little black kids, hang,slave,rape black women, cut thier stomachs open and kill a unborn black baby,take our god and promise land, and thats all because of a holy skin tone white people can’t have. The point i’m making is black people are waking up from the dead and no matter what any body says about our culture,which was lost, but is being found. Deal with those facts and or better yet just ask the pope who prays to the black jesus and the black madonna behind close doors.

November 13th, 2006 at 12:16 pm. Permalink.

Chara Nyashia Sanjo replied:

The best website ever check it out

Ray-St.Louis-FOPA_CC replied:

I think this is a great disscusion,I am a second year student who is a secondary ed history major. I plan on teaching in the public school system just because of myths and mistruths that I feel all people are learning in the U.S. This something I think all people should reasearch. It is said that blacks haven’t contributed many things to this country when in actuallity we have contributed almoast everything from the foundation of this country (be it through ancestry or slavery)to little things in everyday life like music. We as a people just want the truth to be told. Give credit were credit is due.

December 5th, 2006 at 8:28 am. Permalink.

Albert Guillory replied:

People of African descent, or better from ancient Kemet, just keep researching, and don’t mind those racist pigs. The truth will eventually overwhelm them, and they will wither away.


December 7th, 2006 at

CHARA replied:

There were actually statuettes found of the Grimaldi people. The statuetts gave physical features of Negroid type people. Pieces of this art are found in Russia and Siberia. You will not find many statuetts in the continent of Africa based of African History because most of them have been purchased or found by French or British scientist/archaeologist and have been moved to museums In their country. With this said, the old statuetts are no being replaced by statues they may reflect or show refabrication or as if the kings and queens were white instead of African, Egyptian, Nubian, and or Ethiopian. (IN OTHER WORDS BLACK). The Grimaldis disapeared around 12,000 bc. Their grave site however have been invaded and show some indication as well that these people were of Negroid type. Mark Hyman book Black Before America and a book by Graham Clarke Dawn of Civilization should help you out with citations.

April 5th, 2007 at 10:44 am. Permalink.

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  1. Reason Says:

    Black is beautiful and ignorance is bliss. So rejoice in these sayings for they describe you.

    Whether the first modern humans to populate the Earth were black is important (historically), but what is even more so is what their descendants have accomplished and what they might still accomplish.

    We all descended from ape-like creatures. We all descended, if we go further back in time, from single-cell organisms. These are facts. So, does that mean that single-cell organisms which have spread to all regions of the Earth are greater than their descendants, humans for one? I think few would agree with this. And if you do subscribe to this, then you should show more modesty and respect when you consider single cell organisms like cholera, typhoid, etc. The truth is that what matters is not the “glory” times of past , real or imagined, as much as we would like not to think otherwise, but the present and the future.

    Human beings exists today in a number of colors. Blacks of post-global migration that have adapted to their new environments, through no intrinsic fault of their own, and those of pre-global migration blacks that predominantly still reside in Africa are different not only in color. They are different not only in form either. They are most importantly different in kind of mind they possess. Arguably, the blacks the left our Mother country, Africa, were the explorers, the discoverers, the creative, the brave, and the wise. What was left behind was quite the opposite. One can even call it the world’s first great “brain drain”.

    P.S. I strongly recommend that ALL of you see the movie, “Blood Diamonds”(2006). In it you might possibly come to realization that there just might be something fundamentally wrong with all those blacks who never explored beyond the next hill to find undiscovered worlds like those who left Africa did before them. In such an act they were eventually transformed into a higher state of existence. All humans alive today came from Africa. Africa belongs to all of us (Asians, Blacks, whites). And we will come back to claim all that is rightfully ours! Africa our ancestral homeland.

  2. Carolyn Wu Says:

    I have a question: how do we know that EVERYONE who originated from Africa was (skin-colored) black, e.g., “Neanderthals (who were originally black as all original Africans)”? Please give a reference with PROOF (I am sorry but merely stating that everyone came from Africa is NOT proof!).

    Could it not be that we are all descended from common ancestors who were (oh, I don’t know, PURPLE!) and that the variations in color and other appearance that begat the ‘so-called’ races are variations that occured AFTER the first emigration from Africa? Thus, maybe everyone actually started out WHITE but those who stayed in Africa became BLACK. Or maybe everyone was PURPLE and then turned WHITE and BLACK.

    Indeed, I would think that there is a BIG PROBLEM if the argument is that only those who moved to other continents changed. Clearly, genetic changes occurred in African populations too! Otherwise, you are arguing that, dare I say, Caucasians and Asians are more ‘EVOLVED’ than Blacks?!?! I mean that is the only LOGICAL conclusion from an argument that presuposses that whites and Asians are ‘descended’ from blacks. Are we not all simply branches from the same descendants–all EQUALLY EVOLVED?!?! I am sorry but your argument appears on the surface to be a very racist argument that you seem to be making without even realizing it.

    Furthermore, why is it that people in some parts of Africa do not become black again (such as Egypt)? Does your argument suggest that if Africans stay away from Africa for extended periods of time they will become less ‘Black’?!?

    Yes, Black is beautiful–but so are all colors in the rainbow. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, may we one day have a nation where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”

  3. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    To the argument of the above miss china? the Black Race is the only race that can produce all other colors. All races have been traced back to Black pygamies as their origin ancestors,so we are the Father/MOTHER OF ALL RACES-SIMPLE.

  4. Pharaoh Lee Says:

    Black is the beginning and the end. You don’t get black from white or anything else. You can’t gain an arm or leg once it is lost, such as melanin, that is scientifically correct. I can’t think of the Professors name at Georgia State University, but he has a video that shows how Africans migrated actually to the Americas dated long ago where there were fossils were found in Mexico and Northern America. He shows how the Egyptians opened up the first school which consisted of what God has made true which is Geometry, or Math I should say, and Science and that is what made Africans so mentally strong as one would say that they used Telekenesis(I hope I spelled it correctly) to acheive a great deal of creations. The guy is good man, he explained how white supremecists took Arican creations and re carved monuments like the sphinx and a lot of creations to have a European or Caucasian look by giving them smaller noses and things like that to give them more credibility towards them being involved in all of great things. Clearly Egyptians were black, they are actually blue black, that’s how black they were…lol! Kemet, was the first Pharaoh and that is where the term Chemistry comes from and he was a Nubian, Nubians were BLACK as Charcoal. Whites have de-africanized blacks through 1. Slavery and 2. media, they have white actors portraying roles as Pharaohs and such kings like that, for instance Cleo Patra was played by the white actress, I can’t think of her name, but com’on, Cleo Patra was as black and was actually not considered beautiful. They broke blacks down mentally and we still suffer to this day because of them and our own ignorance. Africans were granted a great deal of originality from God. We can enjoy the sunlight that God has given us with no problems and a lot more. We are God’s chosen people… the israelites, originally are Dark as Dark can get. Black is really beautiful I must admit and if we are so colored then why does everybody else that has less melanin turn various colors such as blue, red, green and such, they have to be buried asap, we at age 60 look 40 and others at age 40 look 60. Black is Great I tell ya, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  5. George Says:

    Ras Kass:
    You want to talk to God? God never sleeps.

    Ras Kass: Now what came first, the chicken or the egg?
    God: Armageddon.
    Ras Kass: A arm a leg a leg a arm a head.
    Headin in your direction.
    The riddle was the answer to the question.
    Born of the flesh, what is perfection

    Ras Kass:
    Inside my mother’s womb,doomed to return to the tomb.
    Or was it from the dead I was raised?
    All too soon to pay, on judgement day,
    Is this beginning or the ending,
    Died sinning, still winning, still grinning.
    This ending, verdict still pending, born pretending,
    Three-hundred billion men, women, and children.
    Deja vu, could be I’m dreaming,
    But we all ask for divine reason,
    While still breathing, and until leaving.
    Who?, What?, When? Where?, How?
    But most of all why?

    Why what?

    Ras Kass:
    Do we live just to die?

    The Book was written.
    Way before the apple got bitten.
    There’s no God but me, mathematically, in division.
    My decision was all inventions.
    I need not mention infinite dementions.
    But the human mind’s flaw was limited comprehension.
    So while you try to travel to Mars and the stars,
    The God manifests through the entire universe.
    >From the Sun, Moon, the Earth.
    I created man in my image and the black man was first.
    The scientific explanation, yea I made man out of dirt.

    Ras Kass:
    But how can a man be first, when its the woman that’s giving birth?

    Listen, single-celled organisms.
    The homosapien, the albanein

    Ras Kass:
    What’s that?

    White people.

    Ras Kass:
    They keep the world seperate and unequal.

    The teach you, right is wrong, wrong is right.
    Up is down.
    Teaches King Arthur’s throne, is the planets that are round

    Ras Kass:
    Can we really time travel, and is there life in outer space?

    Wait, you knew all this in the first place.
    You tryin to get to God.

    Ras Kass:
    But, I’ve fallen from your grace.
    A billion paths to take, but which one is truly straight?


    Ras Kass:
    Can you walk across water or rise from the dead?
    I heard he said he lived, in the son of man’s legs.

    Its a process, shit dont just happen, I create it.
    Everything you see, and shit you dont, son I made it, and weighed it.
    I’m the big bang theory and evolution.
    Been there, done that, from revolution to prostitution.
    The first and final solution.
    The quaran, bible, and vedas, is only tools,
    dont be confused when the medula oblagada do

    Ras Kass:
    Oh, so revelations is Genesis.

    Three-sixty degrees are limitless.

    Shit, my motherfuckin nemesis.

    Ras Kass:
    Who is you?

    Son, I thought you knew.
    Who else? Lucifer, the lie bearer stupid, the devil himself.
    He the creator, we all the creations, guess i’m eternal damnation.
    Got you bitches seaking your own salvation.
    Who taught you how to pray?
    You read it in the book, look, your bear witness to Amen Ray.
    Every day when you say Amen, and then turn around and preach worshipin false
    Is an unforgettable sin.
    Yea the good book is like comic books,
    You take ’em too literal,
    I tricked you in to believin’ the power to reason,
    Makes you able to live infinitely, in the physical.
    Guess I’m the pawn com lyrical.
    Basically I tell true lies in general, the yin and the yang
    The player with a trillion years of game.

    He got you sellin your spiritual, for power, monery, and fame,
    I came out of triple stage darkness, gave mortals my attributes.
    But even you may be a mystery God like the Lockness,
    And use science to prove or disprove my existence.
    Tryin to unlock this, artificial intelligence, cloned in a space station,
    Tryin to build the tower of babylon.
    But you sadly mistaken, when I start erasin homosapiens.
    You lookin for an angel with wings,
    I’m ‘a bring young niggas with a ak, fuck a alien.

    Ras Kass:
    So what you sayin then, you the one that created sin.

    What you call mother nature, was the nature of me.
    What you call evil, ultimately, was the force inside of me.
    Matter cant be created or destroyed it just changes shape.
    One God, many people, and many faiths.
    And this is how I wanted it done.

    Ras Kass:
    Wait, wait, hold up.
    Father tell me, who is God’s son?


    I be the Jesus to your Buddah, the Chrishna at your Junah,
    The big kahauna, Jehova Witnesses, suede pumas.
    Zues, Pharoah, Eloheim, Saturn, Yaweh, Jah,
    Rastafari, Allah, the most high.
    A being, only that I’m not.
    I’m the oceans, the trees, a bumble bee, and a glock.
    Earthquakes, how much money you ever take.
    The reason behind every mistake mankind continually makes.

    Ras Kass:
    Did God create man, or did man need to create God?

    The answer is both, cause how mortals look at God is odd.

    You try to customize me to be comfortable.
    For what you want to do, and how you choose to act.
    The Pope and Christians will tell you God aint black.
    But to get something from nothing is physically impossible, thats a fact.

    Black is the combination of all colors

    Ras Kass:
    White is the lack thereof.

    Darkness is beneath the ground, and in the skies up above.
    The clue, is that the true illumination is me, not illuminati.
    Cause I alone discriminate, and eliminate
    Any who be believing they can rationalize our out reason he.
    Who created your creature, the student can never be greater than the teacher.
    Whether its Adam and Eve, or atomic chemistry.
    I’m the one true source of all energy.
    Who will eventually destroy every enemy when I see fit.
    I cant blaspheme my own name so when Goddamnit, so be it.

    Thats called the wrath of God, but we gotta deal, I can chill
    Fuck up the whole world, and in the end,
    He’ll still fulfill his plan, to return man to his original position.
    Nigga gave me some hooks, and said I gets to go fishin.

    I gave man doiminion over the Earth, to master the wealth.
    But most of my children dont have dominion over theyself.

    Thats where I come in.
    Call it original sin.
    Well, who really gives a flying fuck?
    I taught you how to blood suck, and ultimately self destruct.

    Know the ledge, wise the dome, do the data.
    I’m the alpha.

    I’m the beta.

    Ras Kass:
    And I’m omega.
    To be or not to be was man’s question since conception.
    I think therefore I am, was man’s preception.
    But the birth is the ressurection.
    The son of God, or God’s son, that lights our entire spectrum.
    You got everlasting life, long as you got day and night.
    Illumination, not education, to bring the blind sight.
    And what you need to know is that you’ll never know it all.
    I’m a lowercase g, son of the ever-living God.

  6. Art Says:

    Let freedom ring with a buckshot, but not just yet
    First we need to truly understand the nature of the threat
    And a pale man walks in the threshold of darkness
    Roughly 20,000 years ago the first humans evolved
    with the phenotypical trait, genetic recessive
    Blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin
    Albinism apparently was a sin to the original man, Africans
    So the mutants traveled North of the equator
    Called Europeans later, the first race haters
    So here’s the Devil’s alpha to the beta
    Cause history’s best qualified to teach one
    Quoting German philosopher Schopenhauer
    “Every white man is a faded or a bleached one”
    Migration created further mutation
    Genetic drifts, evolution through recombination
    Adaptation to the climate
    As the Caucus Mountain man reverted to that of a primate
    Savage Neanderthals, until the late Paleolithic age
    That’s when the Black Grimaldi man came
    With the symbol of the dragon, fire and art
    Check cave paintings in France and Spain to the Venus of Willendorf
    Around 2000 B.C. Southern Russians migrate in small units
    Those who travel West populated Europe
    Those who went East settled in Iran, known as Aryans
    1500 B.C. some crossed the Khyber Pass into India and
    created Hinduism, the first caste system, the origins of racism
    A white dot on the forehead meant elite
    The black dot – defeat; untrustable, untouchables
    They wrote the holy Vedas in Sanskrit
    That’s the language that created Greek, German, Latin and English
    Now the Minoans around 2000 B.C.
    Starts on the island of Crete, in the Agean Sea
    The Greek culture begins Western Civilization
    But “Western Civilization” means “White Domination”
    Myceneans learned from Kemet, called Egypt in Greek
    It existed since at least 3000 B.C.
    Creatin geometry and astronomy
    This knowledge influenced Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates
    Cause Imhotep, the real real father of medicine
    Was worshiped in Greece and Rome in the form of a Black African
    The word Africa comes from the Greek “Aphrike”
    meaning “without cold”; the word philosophy means “love of knowledge”
    Stole from first man, Greek power expands
    The first Greek fraternities band
    The word gymnasium is Greek for “naked”
    This was the place where adolescent boys were educated, and molested
    This was accepted because Greek culture was homosexual
    For example, Sappho trained girls on the island of Lesbos
    Hence, the word lesbian (Ay let these dumb motherfuckers know)
    December 25th, the birth of Saturn
    A homosexual god, now check the historical pattern
    December 25, now thought the birth of Christ
    Was Saturnalia, when men got drunk,
    fucked each other then beat their wife
    Fact is, it was still practiced, til they called it Christmas
    So put a gerbil on your Christmas list
    The Hellenistic Era, Alexander the Great
    Conquers all the way to India leavin four successor states
    By the Fifth century B.C., R.O.M.E.
    succeeds to be the conqueror of Egypt and Greece
    But had the threat of the Black Phoenicians in Sicily
    The Punic Wars began 264 B.C.
    The Black general Hannibal and Carthaginian Peace
    In 146 B.C. Carthage fell after a six-month siege
    Rome sold every citizen to slavery
    The first genocide of history
    And more bisexuality in sight; Julius Caesar was known as
    “every woman’s husband and every man’s wife” (BEOTCH!)
    Spartacus Revolt, a slave rebellion that lost
    Where 6,000 slaves was nailed on a cross
    Cross? Aw, shit! Jesus Christ! Time for some-act-right
    Christians get your facts right
    Cause Christ was not his name
    That’s Greek for “One who is anointed”
    Yahshua Ben Yosef was his name, do Christians know this?
    So who do you praise, do you know his name?
    Or do you do this in vain?
    Accepting the religion they gave slaves to behave
    Peep the description of historian Josephus
    “Short, dark, with an underdeveloped beard was Jesus”
    He had the Romans fearing revolution
    The solution was to take him to court and falsely accuse him
    After being murdered by Pilate how can it be
    these same white Romans established Christianity
    Constantine would later see the cross in a dream
    In his vision, it read “En Hawk Signo Wonka”:
    “In this sign we conquer” – Manifest Destiny
    In 325 he convened the Nicean Creed
    And separated god into three
    Decided Jesus was born on December 25th
    and raised then on the third day is a myth
    Plus to deceive us
    Commissioned Michelangelo to paint white pictures of Jesus
    He used his aunt, uncle, and nephew
    Subconsciously that affects you
    It makes you put white people closer to God
    (Yo, ‘The Man’ got game like a motherfucker!)
    True indeed, fuck it, Jihad
    In the eight century Muslims conquered
    Spain, Portugal and France and controlled it for 700 years
    They never mention this in history class
    cause o’fays are threatened when you get the real lesson
    Moors from Baghdad, Turkey threatened European Christians
    Meaning, the white way of life; hence the Crusades for Christ
    On November 25th, 1491
    Santiago defeats the last Muslim stronghold, Grenada
    King Ferdinand gave thanks to God for victory
    And the Pope of Rome and declared this date to forever be
    A day of “Thanksgiving” for all European Christians

    .. Now listen, when you celebrate “Thanksgiving”
    What you are actually celebratin
    is the proclamation of the Pope of Rome
    Who later, in league with Queen Isabella
    sent Cardinal Ximenos to Spain
    to murder any blacks that resisted Christianity
    These Moors, these black men and women
    were from Baghdad, Turkey
    And today, you eat the turkey, for your “Thanksgiving” day
    as the European Powers destroyed the Turkeys
    Who were the forefathers of your mothers and fathers
    Now fight the power, you bitch-ass niggaz!

    Now around this time, Whites started callings us Negroes
    That’s Spanish for black object meaning we’re not really people
    but property, and the triangle trade begins – they seize us
    Queen Elizabeth sends the first slaves on a ship named Jesus
    Stealin land from the indigenous natives
    Gave them alcohol to keep the Red Man intoxicated
    Whites claim they had to civilize these pagan animals
    But up until 1848 there’s documented cases
    of whites bein the savage cannibals, eatin Indians
    In 1992, it’s Jeffery Dahmer
    They slaughtered a whole race with guns
    Drugs, priests and nuns
    1763, the first demonic tactic of biological warfare
    As tokens of peace, Sir Jeffery Amherst
    passed out clothin and blankets to the Indian community
    Infested with small pox, knowin they had no immunity
    Today it’s AIDS, you best believe it’s man made
    Cause ain’t a damn thing changed.. let me explain
    Now since people of color are genetically dominant
    and Caucasoids are genetically recessive
    and Whites expect to be predominant, meaning survive as a race then
    they simply must, take precautions
    That’s why they’re worried about their future now
    Cuz by 2050, almost all the Earth’s population
    will be brown, then black, so understandin that, whites counterreact
    (I’m sayin.. man.. them fools
    ain’t nothin but a teaspoon of milk in the world color majority)
    So they created a system
    to force blacks into an unnatural position
    That re-enforces the position of natural inferiority
    In addition, created guns and developed the ethnocentric view
    that God justifies every fuckin thing they do
    Condition people to perceive whites’ culture as civilized
    and every other culture considered primitive – not true!
    Racism is the system of racial subjugation against nonwhites
    in every areas of human relation
    Entertainment, education, labor, politics
    Law, religion, sex, war and economics
    See blacks were 3/5ths of a man with tax purposes intended
    You think you’re Afro-American?
    You’re a 14th amendment and a good nigga
    Jews don’t salute the fuckin swastika
    but niggaz pledge allegiance to the flag that accosted ya
    They never teach about the break of islands like Jamaica
    But before slaves came here whites would take a
    pregnant women, hang her from a tree by her toes
    Slice her stomach with a knife
    and let the unborn baby fall to the flo’
    And stop an unborn child in front of all the slaves
    to inbreed fear, so they’d be scared and behave
    and not rebel more
    Understand all whites must be perceived as potential predators
    I paraphrase historian Ishakamusa Barashango
    “Understand that regardless of the lofty ideas ingraved on paper
    in such documents as the Constitution or Declaration
    the basic nature.. of the European American white man
    remains virtually unchanged”.. so check
    This is the nature of the threat

  7. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

    On this BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL site we honor African and southern BLACK manners-NO PROFANITY! So clean up your language or you will get deleted here!

  8. richard scott Says:

    one factor is that most young blacks as well as older black whom have not tryed to to study our ancient history find it hard to believe the extend that the revisionist have gone to efface black ancient history . i know i did until i starting my own humble investigation. it became apparant that the energy they have invested in destroying the black images on the temple around the world is enormous.every ancient culture WAS A BLACK CULTURE PEROID ; THIS LITTLE KNOWN FACT IS OBCURED BY THE RELENTLESS ATTACK ON THE BLACK IMAGES AROUND THE WORLD.there method is to muddle ,etch out , sand over, fill in , in large , distort, litterally make over with plaster or cement. these attacks have gone without any rebutal from the black community WORLD WIDE . i am sugestting that we petition the world court ; those of us who have goverment position need to stand up and bring this matter to to media . any one who would be willing to start this movement should write back on this site . lets see how much feed back we can get and start from there.

  9. cedric dalton Says:

    I would like to leave my email address to the person named art who wrote that beautiful spoken word. (Art Says:
    June 5, 2007 at 2:32 am)

    Let freedom ring with a buckshot, but not just yet
    First we need to truly understand the nature of the threat.

    I love that message and want to use it. but i need his permission as he is the originator. thanks

  10. eemperor neutral Says:

    African and all black skinned folks should belief and know that Black is the genesis of creation.can the Ethiopian change his color?If you are black and still doubt your color then you need mental healing,black will forever remain black”MY SKIN IS BLACK AND COMELY,ASTONISHMENT HAS TAKEN HOLD OF ME.Jah is real,black race will never die.
    black WORLD,

  11. the big bang theory free streaming Says:

    Hey, do you know where I can purchase the full seasons’ dvd set? Me and my wife have been looking for this since forever lol. Thanks in advance.

  12. Aalex Nimporta Says:

    Los primeros europeos fueron melanodermos, fin.

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