from Ebony Magazine,Feb. 2007,pages ll2-122

“In the l970″s and l980’s the late Richard Pryor tossed out “nigger” as often as his own name. According to Pryor, it was about owning the term, salving ourselves from any sting it might have had. However Pryor, whose albums included “That Nigger’s Crazy” and “Bicentennial Nigger”, said after a trip to Africa that he “didn’t see any niggers in Africa”. And he never used the word during a performance again.

“I was sitting by myself (in the Nairobi Hilton in Kenya) and I just looked around and it was like a voice said to me,”What do you see?” And I said,”People of all colors doing things together”.And another voice said “Do you see any niggers?” And I said,”No!”. And the voice said “Do you know why?”. And I said(whispering),”No”. And it said,”There aren’t any…”.

Brother Richard Pryor,l982 in an exclusive interview with Ebony Magazine,page l98,Feb. 2007

Black people should stop using the “nigger word” publically. It may take a longer time for some of us to stop using it privately and among ourselves,referring to ourselves, but it is a self-destroying word,demeaning ourselves to the level of our slavemasters’ concept of us as inferior and like animals. We should no longer accept this negative,anti-BLACK image of ourselves that was forced on us by the former slavemaster!
Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade,

5 Responses to “BROTHER RICHARD PRYOR ON THE “nigger” WORD!”

  1. Abdurrahman Nelson Says:

    The main purpose of the Front for the Unification and Development of Africa and Arabia is to organize a Constitutional Convetion for the United States of Africa and Arabia. But, this problem of confusion of identity has proven to be a major stumbling block. How can we hope to mobilize the scatterd citizens of Africa, when a maority of us think of ourselves as n-words, c-words, b-words, etc, etc, ad naseum.

    At we have embarked upon a campaign to get our people all over the world to recognize a very simple and obvious truth: We are Africans. Period.

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    […] personal conclusion that it was wrong to use the aforementioned word “nigga” until he famously visited Africa, later in his career. I could argue with that and say why’d he have to go across the world […]

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