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September 12, 2007

Author: Lester Holloway
Report Date: Monday, January 19, 2004

The African Hebrew Israelites: New black civilisation in the promised land
by Lester Holloway

People of the Hebrew Israelite ‘kingdom’ believe now is the time for African-Americans and black British to make their Exodus to Israel

Dr Avimelech Ben Israel
Preaching a return to the spiritual homeland of black people in the Holy Land of Israel, the African Hebrew Israelites have developed a thriving community in what they call Northeast Africa.

And returning to reclaim the land once home to black people before white Christian crusaders invaded Palestine in 70AD, people of the Hebrew Israelite ‘kingdom’ believe now is the time for African-Americans and black British to make their Exodus to Israel.

A highly-publicised visit of troubled soul songstress Whitney Houston and husband ‘Bad Boy’ Bobby Brown, in May last year raised the profile of the community which has also been visited by Stevie Wonder.

The Hebrew Israelites, led by their spiritual leader Ben Ammi Ben Israel, have built their own society and economy centred on their Village of Peace’ situated in Dimona, in the southern Negev desert.

African royalty

To his followers Ben Ammi is ‘the Messiah’ a saviour who has come to deliver black people from oppression and ill-health and lead them to a new dawn of revival in Eden, their term for Africa.

The movement has welded together a health-conscious lifestyle with Black Nationalism to create a spiritually and physically healthy community without guns, drugs, domestic violence and robbery. Where their leaders dress like African royalty and preach pride in the black race.

Front doors are left unlocked and children bow and say ‘Shalom’ (meaning peace) to every adult, and every adult takes responsibility to look out for and if necessary chastise the children. If it takes a village to raise a child, then this is the village.

Although American-dominated there are around 20 black British families in Dimona, and the relatively-new London branch, based in Brixton in south London meeting in the recreation centre, is attracting ever-greater interest.

Yahkhi Ben Israel, a 43 year old Rastafarian from Streatham in south London, has lived as a Black Israelite for the last six months with his wife. He said: ” I don’t lock my door when I go out. The only thing dividing us from others outside of here is fresh air.

“We as African people are people of God and there is a spiritual essence wherever we are. But the black man is always at the bottom of the pile. We’ve got to turn things around because we’ve tried everything else.”


The Hebrew Israelites have two ‘extensions’ in Britain, one meeting in Brixton in south London, the other in Birmingham. The community is in many ways fulfilling the dream of Marcus Garvey, of black self-organisation, separatism and community harmony.

Dr Martin Luther King, shortly before his assassination, talked of having “been to the mountain top and seen the promised land”. Looking out from a mountain top over the Sea of Galilee, a place Ben Ammi regularly visits and prays from, it felt like this might have been that vision.

When Dr King made that famous speech in 1968, Ben Ammi had already taken a band of 400 followers to Liberia, a country that was previously used to be a settling-point for freed American slaves, to ‘cleanse’ themselves of ingrained Western habits.

A year later with his followers ready for a return to the promised land but with Dr King dead, Ben Ammi arrived in Israel to claim the rightful inhabitants of the land had returned after almost 2,000 years.


Today, even though the Kingdom has only been in Israel for 36 years, and it is hard to imagine how such a sophisticated and apparently perfect community can have developed from scratch in such a short period of time.

It is community where every need has been thought about and many dozen mini-industries toil to produce as much as possible ‘in-house’.

A whole process, from farming to the manufacture of Soya and tofu products provides their vegan ultra-health conscious diet.

Several men previously trapped in American ghettos or British inner city estates have gone on to explore their horizons and potentials, becoming doctors and engineers. Machinery has been built and buildings constructed by people who were unskilled or unemployed in the West.

Work has started on a new ‘City of Hope’ in Dimona, which allows for expansion. The leaders are thinking big. Work has also started on a new Village of Peace in Benin and they have a farm and factory in Ghana.

One leader, Dr Avimelech Ben Israel said: “This is how civilisations were born. We’re at the birth if a new nation because the old Western civilisation is dying. This is only the beginning. People, our own people sometimes, will tell you that black people can’t run anything – but here we are.

“This is my home”

It is a message that gripped 70-year-old Atura Gioolatiyah. She arrived in Dimona from Detroit in 1976 to attend her sister’s wedding, parked her car at the airport and flew out. Her husband was expecting her back but she never returned.

Gioolatiyah said: “I was just planning to stay for ten days, but I never went back. I’ve never been back to America. When I got here I was just taken by the way of life. I didn’t know nothing about the philosophy, but I just had to stay. This is my home.”

The Hebrew Israelites have been wrongly labelled a ‘cult’ – including by another black British newspaper – but there was no evidence of this. Nobody was forced to be there, or forced to think in a certain way.

The movement is underpinned by a strong and unique mixture of religious spirituality and black consciousness but people had willingly self-selected into this, especially after seeing the benefits.

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The African Hebrew Israelites (page two): Diet of the cursed
by Lester Holloway

“Spirituality needed to be matched with action, otherwise it led to death”

Continued from page one

Mount Massiyahu
The ‘Holy Father’ Ben Ammi, formerly Ben Carter, is an enigmatic man, both calming and unsettling. With a kindly smile and inquisitive hazel eyes, this fit 65 year-old said spirituality needed to be matched with action, otherwise it led to death.

He said: “In another ten years, looking at the predicament of the planet they [the next generation] won’t have a decision to make. We can’t afford to make the wrong decision. If we do not turn things around then your generations’ children will not have a chance. If things are not turned around in this generation, forget it.

“We are fooled into believing that the diet of the cursed is the diet of the blessed. When we grew up we could not wait until we could get a steak. Our people must go back to consuming of the soil in order to experience the blessings, because if not they will remain under the diet of the curse.”

Asked whether he was the Messiah, in good Biblical tradition he told a parable, ending it by adding: “Pray that I am and leave the rest to history.” The belief that Ben Ammi is the Messiah may well cause a problem for Christians. However some of those in Dimona have been raised in the Christians faith, but who see some of its’ ideals in action.

When Chicago metal worker Ben Carter claimed he had a 45 second vision from the Archangel Gabriel in 1966, many would have written him off as crazy. One close ally recalled how he opened up a map of Africa and, pointing at the West coast, said: “By 1967 we’re going to be here. I don’t know exactly where but somewhere around here, and we’ll be in Israel by 1970.”

As predictions go, this proved surprisingly accurate. Now called Ben Ammi Ben Israel, this unassuming man was not the obvious leader, but was nevertheless crowned spiritual leader.37 years after his vision, Ben Ammi now wants to become the spiritual leader of Israel, and is idolised by his 3,000 followers in Dimona.


The actual connection between African-Americans, black British and the land of Israel is quite a complicated one, but it is crucial to their whole philosophy. It hinges on where the original black people of Israel were dispersed to when the land suffered a series of invasions from the Crusaders to the Turkish Ottomans.

Research undertaken by the Hebrew Israelites points to black Jews travelling across Africa to the West, where as relative newcomers they were then sold into slavery by the more established tribes living in what is now Ghana and Nigeria.

It is a journey which Ben Ammi and the Hebrew Israelites have now made in reverse, and believe they have now paved the way for black people in Britain and America to join them.

They are also reaching out to the pockets of historically established black communities in Israel, who are on the margins of Israeli society but whose claim to the Holy Land is as strong as anybodys.

The poor run-down village of Segev Shalom, halfway between Dimona and the ancient city of Be’er Sheva, does not look unusual until you see the people.The Ishmaelites, descending from one of Abraham’s twelve sons, seem as old as the land itself but physically their features are indistinguishable from many in Sub Saharan Africa – living proof to the newly-settled Hebrew Israelites that that black people’s home is in Israel.


Yet the Ishmaelite community are a world apart from the well-organised and well-dressed Hebrew Israelites. The Ishmaelites appear to be the victims of ‘benign neglect’ by the Israeli government and are on the margins of society.

And even though they lived in what is now Israel long before many of the European Jews moved there, the jet-black people who inhabit villages like Segev Shalom are rarely, if ever, recognised internationally as part of the face of Israel.

There is also a historic black community of Ethiopians living in places like Jerusalem. But many are concentrated in an over-populated, poor, grubby, district called ‘Prison Gate’.The name could not be more apt as they live in a converted prison where their ancestors were under lock and key after being thrown in jail by the Ottoman Turks.

Today they live in poverty — just a stone throw from the Wailing Wall, where Orthodox Jews pray every day. There are also other black communities in Israel, with around 10,000 living in dire poverty on the outskirts of Jericho and work as farm labourers. Many Yemenite Jews live in villages outside Tel Aviv.

Television pictures may concentrate on the conflict between the ruling white Jews and the Arab Palestinians, but the history and colour of the land is far more diverse than much of the media would have us believe.

Great Hardship

The Hebrew Israelites certainly seem to recognise other faiths, believing that Jesus, or Yeshua, was a prophet for his times in the same way that Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, was. And the Israelites quote and preach regularly from the Old Testament Bible.

The story of the Hebrew Israelites hasn’t always been a success. When they first arrived in Liberia they suffered great hardship, of burying six people and not having enough money to buy food. Ben Ammi had difficulty persuading his supporters to give up smoking marijuana and adhere to a strict vegan diet.

Once in Israel the state made them to feel very unwelcome in the early years, even inflicted germ warfare against them by dropping clouds of dust from helicopters which resulted in serious outbreaks of illness. Some of their leaders, such as Prince Nasik Asiel, were deported only to return using false names and Ben Ammi had a machine gun pointed at his head by a soldier threatening to pull the trigger.

Today, relations between the Hebrew Israelites and the Israeli state are somewhat better, and received permanent status in 2002.

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The African Hebrew Israelites (page three): Black conciousness and health
“These are the future rulers not only of our community but also of the world”

continued from page 2

Sista Samakiyah
One of the daughters of the community, born in Dimona, is Samakiyah Baht Israel. A large black woman with a huge elaborate orange headwrap and matching outfit she looks dressed in her Sunday-best to attend an African church.

She teaches in their impressive Akvah school (meaning brotherhood). Watching her in action is an education in itself – the sort of teacher every parents wants – inspirational, uplifting and fearsome.

A positive bundle of fizzling energy, and as she talks of her passion for the children she teaches, her arms wave about as if in the throws of praising God as her class of 6-year-olds listen.

“These are the future rulers not only of our community but also of the world”, she says. “My job is dedicated to these children. We don’t call it education, we call it dedication! Dedication in respect to one another. The things that exalts the nation are consciousness and righteousness. We serve a living God.”

Then Sista Samakiyah asks a young boy to stand up and recite the line ‘know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ “Louder!” she booms, and the child turns up the volume. “Louder!” she repeats, and the boy is straining at the top of his voice.

Sista Samakiyah turns to me and said: “He didn’t say ‘know the computer and the computer will set you free’! But that’s what we’re taught today.”But there is no trace of fear on the boy’s face. He’s either so used to this he feels comfortable or he just believes what he’s saying. But you can’t help feeling that these children have self-respect and self-assurance in abundance.

The experience is partly a throw-back to Victorian values, partly an energetic faith-driven education system. A quite funky music tape is played and the class of six-year-olds sing at the top of their voices a song mainly revolving around the words ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’.


Some might consider this a bit cheesy but you can see where they are coming from, and what they are appealing to. Many of the families here come from cities like Chicago, Washington and London, taking the chance to break free from cycle of violence, fear and hopelessness.

Walking around Dimona you see evidence of communal working, of brotherhood and especially sisterhood. Whether it is cleaning the guest-houses or working in the clothes factory producing regal African garments made from natural products, you do not sense an air of typical work, but one of emotional support and fellowship.

They believe in polygamy, but not every man has a wife. Men are allowed up to seven, but generally have two or three. Women born in the west may sometimes find polygamy difficult however it is apparent the new generation born in Dimona are a lot more accepting. And polygamy, traditional in some African tribes, may actually keep the Hebrew Israelite community functioning because of the work done by women.

However another striking feature of their community is the observance of virginity until marriage. And with such a tight-knit community there are many elders to keep an eye on the youth to make sure temptation is resisted.

There was plenty of evidence of women also expressing themselves, including laying down tracks in their recording studio, which produces a wide variety of professional and Yah-inspired music.

Healthy community

Residents of all ages are expected to exercise three times a week, but many to so everyday. Early mornings in Dimona are notable for black Hebrews jogging or walking on the surrounding sandy hills.

The whole community seems fit and healthy, especially the older generation. Although black men and women sometimes appear younger-looking than their white counterparts, the difference amongst the African Hebrews was astonishing.

Men in their 50’s frequently boasted of holding their own against the younger generation in sports such as basketball. They claim not to have had a single case of diabetes, usually more common amongst people of African heritage, cancer or asthma, and just five strokes in 36 years.

Evidence of the community’s health appears not just in physical appearance. An average community of this size would normally have a full doctors surgery. Their medical centre, called Beit Kiem meaning House of Life, was completely empty.

The whole purpose of the Hebrew Israelite way of living was summed up by Elasah Ben Nasic Asiel, who used to be known as Coy Pugh when he was a Democratic legislator in the House of Representatives in Illinois from 1991 to 2000.


He said the movement gave many black people the chance to fulfil their potential in a way that was seemingly not possible in the inner cities due to racism, which ‘subordinates and dehumanises’ black people.

He said: “The formula that the Honourable Ben Ammi has afforded black men in our community is the opportunity to realise who we are, and as a result reach that latent potential which is suppressed by other so-called societies.

“Here we have created our own government that is ruled by men that are ruled by God. We have individuals who have had a very rudimentary education becoming doctors or a man of some kind of stature.”

Black separation movements are nothing new, from the Black Panthers to the Nation of Islam, but what seems to set the African Hebrew Israelites apart is that rather than just talk about the idea, they are actually busy constructing a sophisticated black society from scratch. And it is attracting increasing numbers of black families in Britain and America to Dimona.

Already marking themselves out an being of importance in black history, if the Hebrew Israelites continue to grow at the present rate we may be hearing a lot more of them in the future.


You can contact the African Hebrew Israelites by email:

and check out their website



September 12, 2007



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By Lee Tyler P.O. Box 620763, SanDiego, CA 92162-0763
(ruth#1 lee#2) = =weekends = Sunday afternoon thru Thurs

She is black, dark brown, dark reddish brown—so many
delicious shades. Her skin looks like the richest of soils and I
wonder, “Is she Mother Earth?” She moves gracefully with
strength and purpose in her steps, unaware of her awesome
beauty. She turns and looks me in the eye and then
smiles so radiantly I almost lose my breath. How I love her
eyes and her mouth, filled with kindness and gentleness—-
from which I never need fear hurt or unkindness. She
laughs and it sounds like music. We touch and my heart
soars. We embrace and I put my lips on her delicious skin.
As the Sun shines on her clean, soft and oiled skin I’m
fascinated by the tiny tints of red, orange, yellow and all the
browns that twinkle up at me. She is sooooo soft and firm,
so full of life! We look into each others eyes, hers sparkling-
—we look long and deep—and then a cloud of uncertainty,
self-doubt, personal fears, and haunting memories moves
across her face and the lovely pools of her eyes are troubled.
I kiss her passionately and hold her ever so close, wishing I
could pull right into my heart and soul. I look again and the
cloud has passed and her face is radiant. We two as one set
out together to face and deal with our world. She lives and
is loved in the deepest depths of my soul and my mind is
filled with wonderful memories of her and us—and my
heart rejoices.

Song of Solomon
1:1* ¦ The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.

[ The Black Shulamite to her friends]
2. He should kiss me with the kisses of his mouth;

[The Black Shulamite to King Solomon]
For your lovemaking is better than wine.
Your ointments smell sweetly;
Your name is an ointment poured forth:
Therefore do the virgins love you.
4. Draw me [to you],

[Her friends, the Daughters of Jerusalem ]
–we will run after you!

[The Shulamite to her friends]
The king has brought me into his chambers*—

[Solomon’s concubines/wives to Solomon]
-We will be glad and rejoice in you,
We will remember* your* lovemaking more than wine.

[ The Shulamite to Solomon]
They love you uprightly.*
5 I am black [as the raven*] , but comely, daughters of
As the tents of Kedar,
As the curtains of Solomon.
6* Look not upon me, because I am black [as the raven*];
Because the sun has looked upon me.
My mother’s children were angry with me:
They made me keeper of the vineyards;
Mine own vineyard have I not kept.
7* ¦ Tell me, you whom my soul loves,
Where you feed [your flock],
Where you make it to rest at noon;
For why should I be as one veiled
Beside the flocks of your companions?

[ Solomon,the shepherd lover ]
8* If you know not, you fairest among women,
Go out your way by the footsteps of the flock,
And feed your kids* beside the shepherds’ booths.

[The Shulamite]
12* ¦ While the king is at* his table,
My spikenard sends forth its fragrance.
13* A bundle of myrrh is my beloved unto me;
He* shall pass the night between my breasts.
14 My beloved is unto me a cluster of henna-flowers
In the vineyards of Engedi.

[ Solomon]
15* Behold, you are fair, my loving friend;
Behold, you are fair: your* eyes are [as] doves.

[The Shulamite ]
16* Behold, you are fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant;

2:2* As the lily among thorns,
So is my loving friend among the daughters.

[The Shulamite ]
3* ¦ As the apple-tree among the trees of the wood,
So is my beloved among the sons:
In his shadow* have I [ecstatic] rapture* and sit down;
And his fruit is sweet to my taste.

[The Shulamite to her friends, the Daughters
of Jerusalem]
4* He has brought me to the banqueting house*,
And his banner over me is [affectionate] love*.
5* Sustain me with raisin-cakes,
Refresh me with apples;
For I am weak* from [affectionate] love*.
6 His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me.
7* I charge you, daughters of Jerusalem,
By the gazelles, or by the hinds of the field,
That you stir not up, nor awake [romantic] love*,
Till it* please.


It was 1995 and the Black women living in Bosnia,
Rawanda, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and in Black
inner city ghettos are all facing the same critical shortage of
marriagable males in a patriarchal society where most of
them want no part of lesbianism. In 1990, it was found that
33% of all black males aged 20 – 29 were either incarcerated,
on parole, or on probation.>1a. I got more information
from a local newspaper>1b. 1.) Approximately 1 out of
every 25 black males is in prison; 2.) Between prison and
death, there are significantly more Black females available
for marriage than Black males; 3.) The vast majority of the
Black males in prison range in age from 20 – 40, with most in
the 25-35 age group; 4.) Most of the imprisoned Black males
will return to prison. Just this week (12/1/Õ95) it was on
national TV news and in the local paper that 6.8% of all
Black males are in prison. This means a very significant
number of Black males are unavailable for marriage or
parenting their children during the normally most
productive years (20-40) due to imprisonment or death.
Perhaps that is why only 30% of married Black females
have their spouse present in their homes, half the
Caucasian/white rate (57%); while 9% of the married Black
females have spouses that are absent from the home (four
times the Caucasian/White 2% rate); and 39% of the Black
females never married >1c.
[Footnote: >1a The San Diego Union-Tribune, 10/5/’95,
page A-5, quoting from The Center on Juvenile and
Criminal Justice in San Francisco. >1b Parade 8/13/’95;
Parade Publications, 711 Third Ave., NY NY 10017. >1c
Census Bureau/World Almanac. ]

One out of every thousand Black people is dying of
AIDS>1d making it the number one killer of Blacks in
America. The AIDS virus is currently responsible for
approximately on third of all deaths of all deaths of Black
men aged 25 to 44, and for approximately one fifth of
deaths of Black females aged 25 to 44, according to the
CDC.>1e In terms of numbers that means a death rate of
177.9 deaths per 100,000 Black men (18 per 10,000; 2 per
1000), and a death rate of 51.2 deaths per 100,000 Black
females (5 per 10,000; one per 1000).>1e That means
approximately 30,000 Blacks will be dying each year from
HIV/AIDS, a horrendous slaughter far worse than Viet
Nam or WWII! Condoms fail 30% of the time [see the book
by Doctor Lorraine Day, MD], and then on stationary
artificial genitals according to federal test results, so they
give very little protection. But when you add crack or speed
or other mind altering drugs to the equation, so the users
canÕt even think straight to appraise their risk or use them
carefully and correctly, then condoms canÕt even give their
miserable little 60% protection. One official in the AIDS
office of the County Health Dept. told me that condoms
have a documented 17% user-failure-rate (failed to protect
the user). And the AIDS rolls on through the urban Black
communities like the plague.
[Footnote: >.1d San Diego Union Tribune, ll/25/’95 page A-
8, quoting the US Center Disease for Control and
Prevention. >1e Associated Press in the San Diego Union

The second major killer of Blacks in America, especially the
males, is Black-on-Black homicide. The third major killer of
blacks in America today is abortion, where almost as many
Black babies are being killed/aborted as are being born.
According to Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women for
America, the original founder of Planned Parenthood had as
her original purpose the use of government funded abortion
to keep the minority populations small, especially the Black

The Black population in America has increased very little in
the last twenty years, one % in twenty years, to the delight
of the bigots. Tragically all of the facts cited above (AIDS,
Gangs, drugs, abortion) mean that Blacks are killing more
Blacks per year now than the number of Blacks killed by
Caucasian bigots and the KKK during any one year from
1800 to 1940, to the delight of the bigots. In 1880,
to the census bureau, Blacks accounted for 13.1% of the total
population, whereas today Blacks account only for 12.5% of
the total population. One hundred ten years later and the
Black community has not yet recovered from the 1880Õs
13.1% (of the total USA pop.) drop to the 1895Õs 9.5% (of the
total USA pop.) that lynchings, Jim Crow, and Western-
Canadian-Mexican migrations caused in the Black
community. More than a fourth of the Black population just
dropped off the census charts during that time and the Black
community has never made it back up to 13.1% of the total
USA population. Not much chance given the present

This means a very significant number of Black males are
unavailable for marriage or parenting their children during
the normally most productive years (20-40) due to
imprisonment or death. This results in significantly more
Black females than males being available for marriage and
parenting children, many of whom are single parents
raising a family without a present or stable father figure.
According to the Census Bureau and Focus on the Family
radio program, 39% of Black women never marry, and 46%
of Black men never marry>.1f On 11/26/’95, Focus on the
Family’s Michelle said that the Essence magazine gave the
figure of 40% of Black women never marrying>.1f. We still
live in a racist society 20 years after the death of M.L.King.
Black females are not sought for as wives by a significant
number of Black males and non-Black males in America.
[Footnote: >.1f Focus on the Family (American On Line) ]

This leaves a significant number of marriagable Black
females with no suitable male to marry and help raise their
children. Normal young, Black females with affectionate
and passionate needs do not have enough suitable and
marriageable males for monogynous marriages so that
leaves neurotic frustration, celibacy, promiscuity,
lesbianism or bisexuality for many Black women. Through
ignorance, bigotry, fear of society, and bad taste the
wonderful grace, beauty, deliciousness, elegance, wit,
strength, charm and intelligence of most Black women is
NOT appropriately esteemed or appreciated, so you do not
find most white, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish males seeking
them as wives.

Most white, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish males would seek
white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or Jewish wives before they
would consider seeking a Black wife. Black women are, for
the society as a whole, seen a lovers and sex objects far
more than they are seen as wives and mothers. A saying in
the white community about Black Americans is, “Look,
dream, or fantasize but DON’T TOUCH! If you touch,
DON’T MARRY! Take them to bed but never bring one
home for dinner!” It hasn’t changed much since slavery.
The Black woman interested in marrying has a 40% chance
of never marrying, and the older they get, the more children
they have, the deeper their poverty, the less chance they
have of ever marrying.

Many single Black mother on welfare would rather have
her own independent welfare income with independence
from males, rather than have a man around who could
mess up her dependable welfare check. Lastly, many single
Black mothers never learned at home or in the community
how fragile the male ego is, and the last thing they want to
do is to show a Black male honor and respect as the man of
the their house. Many Black mothers, bitter and resentful
towards the men in their lives who they feel have wronged
them, with barbed tongues shred the souls of their men,
dominate them, belittle them etc. Of course the verbally
inferior Black male responds to her superior verbal violence
with his superior physical and inferior verbal violence.

What about that whole generation who grew up without a
positive and nurturing dad? They saw that their mother’s
men were transients without any lasting commitment to
them or their mother. They learned that men were not,
therefore are not, necessary to raising a family—-or at
least to surviving as a family. Many single mothers are so
bitter against the men who they feel have wronged or failed
them that the proclaim “Men! Who needs them!” and their
sons hear them and learn that men are not necessary, at
least not to women and mothers. They grow into men who
believe that they are not necessary to the women in their
lives and act accordingly, some even turning from women
to men to feel needed and desired, homosexuality.

Mothers are supposed to be natural nurturers, comforters
and supporters of their male children, but many single Black
mothers, filled with bitterness and resentment at the men in
their lives who have wronged them, dump this frustration
and rage on their sons using their superior verbal skills to
intimidate and guilt trip them when their sons are small,
and then bruise and batter their souls/egos when they are
big in their teens. So many of these women, frustrated and
irritated with their sons, day-in and day-out stay locked
into this angry mode and rarely if ever hug their sons, look
them in their eyes smiling and say “Son, I love you!” They
seem to be afraid that if they do this it will be taken as a
of weakness and make it harder for them to control this
little man of theirs. Their sons grow up into men who feel
unloved with no real reason to live, and/or unloved by
women so when men offer them love and acceptance that
they need so desperately, they accept it, homosexuality.

Many learned from their single mothers that sex outside of
marriage is the norm——that personal freedom and love-
without-commitment is better than love with commitment
to and responsibility for a marital relationship. So what
role model did they have? The uncommitted, irresponsible,
selfish, self-centered transient lover-boys that many of their
mothers accepted. What motivation would such a male
have to feel morally and financially responsible for his
women or his children? Little to none. Is there any hope?

Some suggest finding support groups (churches,
fellowships, 12 step etc.) to help the single parent cope, and
for some that works so they can carry on a meaningful life.
Some find significant help from counselors. Some take
James Dobson’s advice by single mothers finding acceptable
male role models for their sons, or by single fathers finding
acceptable female role models for their daughters. Some of
these role models can be found on a volunteer or token pay
basis through one’s extended family, one’s church, one’s
support groups, local schools or etc. But these substitutes
lack the sense of permanent commitment, “I’m here for you
for life”, that real parents can give. Sometimes these
substitutes work, but many times they are just better than
nothing. Sometimes these part-time substitutes don’t cure
the empty bed blues, the absent parent blues. Even God said
it wasn’t good for people to be alone. There is another way
where there is lifetime commitment both for the single
parent and for their children. Please consider the following

My Islamic and polygynist friend Rafiq shared that the
Quran states:
“….Several times in recent years the subject of marriage
was brought up in the International Shura (Consultative
Assembly) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The
reason was that most Communities faced the problem of
having a surplus of girls unable to find husbands. The
problem is/was of course more serious with widows and
divorcees but also exists even with unmarried virgin girls.
The fact that this subject was brought up for consultation
again and again proves that in this respect the health of the
society could be/needed to be improved. During the
Assembly the Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community had inquired from various delegates whether
this problem existed in their local communities. All
representatives had to agree, with the exception of the
African representatives. As Polygamy is practiced in Africa
the communities there did not face any problems in this

“As many Hadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohammad
(peace be on him) show it is of course a great blessing to
marry widows and divorcees.. . .”
“And if you fear that you will not be fair in dealing with the
orphans, then marry of women as may be agreeable to you,
two, or three, or four; and if you fear you will not be able to
deal justly, then marry only one or what your right hands
possess. That is the nearest way for you to avoid injustice.”
(Sura 4 verse 4).”
Rafiq continues:”Sura 4:4 mentions the welfare of orphans.
To elaborate a bit further we can say that Sura 4:4 deals
with the welfare of the society. Polygamy therefore should
be encouraged when the welfare of the society demands it.Ó

“Another aspect of Sura 4:4 is that it mentions polygamy as
a natural way of life. It does NOT start with ‘marry ONE,
or two, or three or four’ but it already starts with ‘marry
two…’ From this fact it can be clearly deducted that
polygamy is considered rather the norm and not the
exception. One reason therefore to seek to practice
polygamy may be to fulfill the personal purposes of
marriage as mentioned above. However, another aspect
would be to contribute to the health of the society as a

“Most of the prophets of the bible have several wives
[Abraham, Jacob, Jacob’s sons, Moses, Gideon, David,
Solomon, King Joash]. Islam is in fact the only religion who
has LIMITED polygamy to only four permitted wives. This
in order to facilitate the first rule of polygamy in Islam: the
equal treatment of all wives.”

Most single Black mothers/women would not choose this
polygyny option, preferring to remain unmarried all of their
lives —- having recreational sex, not providing a stable
male role model for their son, and not modeling a loving
husband-wife relationship for their daughters. But if a
woman’s situation necessitates it, if circumstances in the
Black community (as described above) require it, why not in
America too? In Paris France they have over 100,000
practicing polygynists, according to the New York Times.
So why not America? The Bible and the history of the
Christian movement show that you don’t have to be Islamic
to choose and practice such an option . In America, bigamy
and polygyny are illegal. Why shouldn’t ethically moral and
Biblically acceptable Christian concubinage be a viable
option for such a population (30 million Blacks in l990,
12.1% of the total USA pop.) with an obvious shortage of
marriageable stable and successful males, even in America?

Why couldn’t a wife, of any race, whose best female friend
is a Black single mom, approach her husband with the
request that they as a couple include her best friend + kids
as part of their family, with her husband becoming the
adoptive father of the kids of the single mom and becoming
husband to the single mom in concubinage (she becomes his
concubine by informal covenant and contract, in a ceremony
of their own design with the exchange of their covenants
with his wife as witness, instead of by civil or formal legal
means, since bigamy and polygamy are illegal in America).
The kids of the single mom get a committed and already
successful father figure, and the single mom gets a husband
with whom she can soul-bond and count on, plus she gets to
see her best friend a whole lot more. Real love can
overcome jealousy and envy, if they selflessly work at the
marriage, as you would have to in any marriage.

A compassionately cherishing husband, who consistently
compassionately cherishes his own wife, thus making her
very secure with him, should be able to come to his
compassionate and generous wife and ask her to
thoughtfully consider such a controversial proposal as the
following: “Darling, I’m very concerned about our Black
sister who is struggling as a single mom and having a very
hard time. I believe that the conditions in our own family
would allow us to be of considerable help to her in her crisis.
Please think about us accepting her and her kids as part of
our family, with me as father-figure to her kids, with me as
husband to her and her as concubine to me—-with lifelong
commitments for the sake of both her and her children.” Of
course this would follow the husband and wife having
thoroughly discussing and considering the issue in general
before any specific action is taken. It would take a very
secure wife to share her husband, but compassion has
moved people to heroic and selfless actions throughout
history. The real needs of the fatherless children would be
met. The real needs of an adult female would be met, who
had been sexually loved and who may have a genuine
sexual appetite with no one to meet it in a context of soul-
bonding, commitment and genuine caring about her as a
whole person.

*You can never persuade me the single mother lifestyles
described above are better than first, a one-honorable-man-
one-wife loving and committed relationship; or second, (if
there are no honorable unmarried men willing to commit
and cherish) a one-honorable-man-one wife-one-concubine
loving and committed relationship. My Black play-sister
Elaine told me the easiest thing to get, for her as a Black
female, is a hard dick and a panting male. I asked how easy
it was to find a male who would commit maritally and
honorably to her and her well being, for life. She got real
quiet and acknowledged how rare it was to find such an
honorable man. Given the choices of no sex, lesbianism, sex
without commitment and polygyny, she said it was
something to seriously consider.

*Since we, as humans, are basically selfish, most of us would
not be inclined to
participate in a polygynous marriage, especially today’s
modern woman. Most of the 40% of Black women who
never marry don’t want to marry unless they can have it
their own way, which would not include sharing a husband.
Broad is the way that leads to family self-destruction and
many there be that go that way; but narrow is the way to
family-salvation and a remnant few that are willing to do
almost anything to save their children (especially their
sons), their moral integrity and their feminine virtue will
make the hard decisions necessary. Some will find other
ways (support groups, counseling, a benevolent male
friend) to be the firm but loving and supportive mothers
they need to be, a few will be open to the polygyny option,
whether Christian, Jew or Moslem.

My large file below explores and discusses the way that this
polygyny, or concubinage, can be legally practiced in
America today.
For the documentation that this polygyny option is a Judeo-
Christian option in line with fundamental, evangelical,
orthodox and dispensational Christianity please obtain the
older document from
name: ftp
password: your email address
location: pub/Politics/Essays
location: pub/politics/polyamory
title: divorce.remarriage.concubines.jesus
or request the newer/larger/revised file from

Here are summaries of some articles dealing with the
subjects of blacks and polygamy.
TITLE: Can Mr. Mombasa Keep All his Wives?
AUTHOR: Tim Stafford
SOURCE: Christianity Today, 35:33-34 Feb 11, 1991
This article deals with a conflict in the Christian church in
Kenya, wheremany blacks who are converted have several
wives. Originally the churchwould not baptize them, but
allowed them to participate in the church.Later, the church
and some members broke away from their leadership and
began baptizing black polygamous men.

TITLE: Thinking the unthinkable: man-sharing: a startling
report from those who do, don’t, will, won’t.
AUTHOR: Laura B. Randolph
SOURCE: Ebony 46:136+, Jan 1991
The book Man Sharing: Dilemma or Choice, by Audrey
Chapman, says that man sharing is common in the black
community. This article discusses the emotional impact of
man-sharing on black women, and says that many black
women do chose this life-style because of the shortage of
black men.
TITLE: Shortage of Black Men may Force Alternative to
Traditional Family
SOURCE: Jet 69:33, Feb 3, 1986
This article discusses the shortage of single, employed black
men, and suggests that women may have to consider
polygamy as an alternative.
TITLE: Woman Leader Sparks Furor about Polygamy
Saving Black Families
SOURCE: Jet 69: 38-39 Feb 17, 1986
Hortense G. Canady, who is the leader of Sigma Theta
Sorority, has created a controversy by stating that black
women may have to live polygamy because of the shortage
of marriagable black men in the community.
olygamy.html Lanove Homepage /Web Searchers

She is black, dark brown, dark reddish brown—so many
delicious shades. Her skin looks like the richest of soils and I
wonder, “Is she Mother Earth?” She moves gracefully with
strength and purpose in her steps, unaware of her awesome
beauty. I call out her precious name, almost to make sure
she’s real and not a dream. She turns and looks me in the
eye and then suddenly smiles so radiantly I almost lose my
breath. It seems as if she glows! I drink her in as she flows
towards me with her arms open wide. The face I see is
How I love her eyes and her mouth, filled with
kindness and gentleness—-from which I never need fear
hurt or unkindness. She laughs and it sounds like music. We
touch and my heart soars. We embrace and I put my lips on
her delicious skin. She is so delicious it is hard to keep my
mouth off of her. As the Sun shines on her clean, soft and
oiled skin I’m fascinated by the tiny tints of red, orange,
yellow and all the browns that twinkle up at me. She is
sooooo soft and firm, so full of life!
We look into each others’ eyes, hers sparkling-
—we look long and deep and our souls touch—and then
suddenly it seems a cloud of uncertainty, self-doubt,
personal fears, or haunting memories moves across her face
and the lovely pools of her eyes are troubled. I kiss her
passionately and hold her ever so close, wishing I
could pull right into my heart and soul and bathe her in my
love, wanting to make it all right for her. Hesitantly I look
again hoping her radiance has returned and Yes! the
cloud has passed and her face is radiant again. What I see
in her face fills my heart. All is well. We two as one set
out together to face and deal with our world.
She lives and is loved in the deepest depths of my soul
and my mind is filled with wonderful memories of her and
us—and my Scotch-Irish-Welsh heart rejoices over my dark
But then the memory comes slaps me back to the
reality that my beloved, wonderful, awesome, brilliant and
delicious Lynn is dead; my sweet, gentle, peaceful, and
darling little Beverly is gone; my radiant, super-mom,
wonder career woman, and precious Diane has closed the
door and locked me out; and my affectionate, generous,
kind, sweet, empoverished and three-kids-weary Paula
can’t make up her mind about us. My dark Queens are
scattered and distant. My heart aches, but, as with
Camelot, there was a time of sweet loving that gave me the
priceless wealth of those wonderful memories. But the
memories don’t glow, they aren’t soft and warm, I can’t
hold them, the voices are silent and their touch is gone………
……and I am sooooooooo alone without my dark Queens.


>>The Shulamite
“He should kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—-
for your loving is better than wine! . . . .
I am BLACK [AS A RAVEN], but lovely . . .
because the sun has looked upon me. . . .”
Behold, you are fair, my beloved companion!
Behold, you are fair!
You have dove’s eyes.
>>The Shulamite
Behold, you are handsome, my beloved!
Yes, pleasant! . . . .
His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me. . . .
How fair is your loving,
My sister, my spouse!
How much better than wine is your loving,
And the fragrance of your perfumes
Than all spices!
Your lips, O my spouse,
Drip as the honeycomb;
Honey and milk are under your tongue;
And the fragrance of your garments
Is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
A garden* enclosed
Is my sister, my spouse, . . . .
>>The Shulamite
My beloved should come to his garden*
And eat its pleasant fruits.
I have come to my garden*,
my sister, my spouse . . .
>> The Shulamite
My beloved is WHITE AND RUDDY,
Chief among ten thousand.
His head is like the fines gold;
His locks wavy,
How fair and how pleasant you are,
O love, with your delights!
This stature of yours is like a palm tree
And your breasts like its clusters.
I said ‘I will go up to the palm tree,
I will take hold of its branches.’
Your breasts should be like clusters of the vine,
The fragrance of your breath like apples,
And the roof of your mouth like the best wine.
>>The Shulamite
I am my beloved’s
And his desire is toward me.
Come, my beloved,
We should get up early to the vineyards;
There I will give you my loving. . . .
His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me. . .
[Beloved], set me as a seal upon your heart,
As a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death, . . . .
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.
If a man would give for love
All the wealth of his house,
It would be utterly despised. . . .
I am a wall,
And my breasts like towers;
Then I became in his eyes
As one who found peace. . . ” Song of Solomon

“Your fountain should be blessed, and rejoice with the wife
of your youth. As a loving deer and a graceful doe, her
breasts should satisfy you at all times; and always be
intoxicated-orgasmic-enraptured with her loving. Proverbs
“Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a
merry heart; For God has already accepted your works. Let
your garments always be white, and let your head lack no
oil. All the days of your vain life which He has given you
under the sun live joyfully with the wife whom you love, all
your days of vanity; for that is your portion in life, and in
the labor which you perform under the sun.” Ecclesiastes
“Wives, [if you don’t want to go along with something your
husbands ask, and going along with them would not be
morally wrong or spiritually an error, then deny yourselves
and] submit [yourselves] to your own husbands, as [you
often deny yourselves to submit yourselves] to the
Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as also Christ
is head of the church . . . Husbands, compassionately cherish
your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave
Himself for it . . . each one of you in particular should so
compassionately cherish his own wife as h imself, and let
the wife see that she respects her husband.”Ephesians 5:22-

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