My problem is that this site has grown so fast and I don’t yet have the money to get a laptop and internet connection which is expensive here in Nigeria- about 2,000dollars in all to keep up with servicing this site and posting and answering on time etc. Any BROTHERS/SISTERS who want to send me your widow’s mite toward this can contact me at:
I am praying about it and I know that Olodumare(GOD) will provide so I can give you the BLACK RACE the service you deserve!
Your SISTER, BLACK for the RACE,
Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

Oluwa ba wa se o . ASE! (God will work it out! in Yoruba. ASE=let it be so!)


  1. Randall Carter Gray Says:

    Hope you can use this. I believe you are 100 percent on the money. Let’s exchange links.

    God bless … RCG

    Scriptures, Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ Reveal Apparent Racist Strategy To Obscure African Scholar, “Whom Jesus Loved.”

    Randall Carter Gray FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    (423) 886-5071

    OCTOBER 29, 2007 — African scholar John Mark (or St. Mark), of Cyrene (Libya), and not John, the son of Zebedee, a fisherman from Capernaum, wrote the Gospel of John in addition to the Gospel of Mark, according to the research findings of a Tennessee writer. Randall Carter Gray asserts that the “erroneous” Da Vinci Code has likely grown out of a “botched repainting job” to eliminate “super apostle” John Mark, “the true disciple whom Jesus loved,” from Leonardo’s painting “The Last Supper.”

    Gray, a former newspaper religion editor, advertising executive and published ghost writer, is writing both a documentary script and articles to support his hypothesis, which he says New Testament scholars have toyed with, but have lacked the revelations of the “true code” associated with “The Last Supper,” which he calls “The Moor’s Code.” In addition to scriptural evidence, Gray points to two central facts which the Da Vinci Code has ignored: that the Passover meal Jesus shared with his disciples was held in an African home, owned by John Mark’s mother Mary, and that Leonardo was commissioned to paint “The Last Supper” in the 15th century by an African, the Duke of Milan, who was nicknamed “The Moor” because of his African heritage and dark skin.

    The writer and Bible researcher says the African Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, was William Shakespeare’s inspiration for the character and tragic play “Othello.”

    Gray supports his claim that “The Last Supper” was repainted to obscure John Mark by alluding to the painting’s most glaring error — “a hand gripping a knife behind the back of Judas and next to Peter without an arm or a body attached to it.” The additional fact that Zebedee’s John is missing from among the 12 disciples, if the feminine figure is Mary Magdalene, would appear to further support Gray’s hypothesis. Two additional points in Gray’s hypothesis would seem to confirm that not only has Leonardo’s “Last Supper” been tampered with to obscure John Mark, but so have the gospels of Mark and John, the latter with regard to the John and Mary who stand at the foot of Jesus’ cross whom Jesus tells, in effect, “to lean on one another as mother and son after I’m gone.” Also, he says “while much has been made of the missionary efforts of Paul, very little has ever been said that John Mark evangelized his native Africa, including Ethiopia, Cyrene and Egypt, where in Alexandria John Mark founded the “very devout” Coptic Christian church. To this day, Gray adds, because of John Mark’s ministry in Ethiopia, where Gray once lived, Ethiopia remains Africa’s only Christian nation.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Iwas wondering if this is only for african americans , black ect.. ? I am not , but i am a daughter of YEMAYA all the same . I love reading your works,also am intrested in any classes or workshops ect.. you may have going on, coming up. Please email , I would love to attend , learn , listen in person . THANK-YOU ASHE !

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