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November 25, 2007


Ancient Egyptian ethnographic “mural of the races” found in the tomb of Rameses III – Monuments from Egypt and Ethiopia by Karl Richard Lepsius (German: “Denkmaler aus Agypten und Athiopian”). French Egyptologist Champollion found similar murals in other royal tombs.

Egyptian Semite Other Africans European


“One Picture is worth more than ten thousand words.” – Chinese Proverb

The hieroglyphics to the right of each figure labels each one:
(Ref: The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vols 1&2, E.A. Budge, Dover.)

Egyptian Ret (page 435a,b) = Men: We also have “ret na romé” or “We men above mankind.” This ideology allows us to understand that there are actually only three races represented here; Black, White, and Semitic since the Egyptians considered themselves in a class of their own, while still showing that they belonged to the Black racial group.

Semite Namu (page 373b) =Travelers or wanderers: We also have “Namu Sho” or “People who travel the sands”: Nomads or Bedu.

Other Africans Nahasu (pages 344a/386b) = Strangers or barbarians: In Wolof (Senegal), a language as close to the Ancient Egyptian language as modern Egyptian, “nahas” means “good for nothing; worthless.”

European Tamhu (page 855a) = Red people: Tamh = hematite; reddish iron ore; ochre or pale yellow to red.

The Black “Land” nonsense:

Catechism: “The Egyptians called their country Kemet or Black after the color of the soil.”

Western Egyptology contrived this deception from Herodotus, “Egypt is a land of black soil…We know that Libya is a redder earth.” (Herodotus, The History, book 2:12); conveniently ignoring the fact that he also mentioned that the Egyptian people were black as well. So, to anyone not familiar with the Ancient Egyptian language, this “Kemet = black soil” may seem plausible. It is not. Here’s what the Ancient Egyptian language has to say (Ref: EHD, page 787b.):

Note: words inside brackets are the determinatives or word classifiers along with their English meanings.

Kem, kame, kmi, kmem, kmom = to be black

Kememu = Black people (Ancient Egyptians) in both Ancient and modern Egyptian (Kmemou).

Kem [khet][wood] = extremely black, jet-black

Kemet = any black thing. Note: “t” is silent – pronounced Kemé

Kemet [nu][community, settlement, nation] = Black nation = Ancient Egypt.

Kemet [Romé][people] = Black people. Ancient Egyptians.

Kemit [Shoit][books] = Black books, Ancient Egyptian literature.

Kem wer [miri][large body of water] = The Great Black sea (The Red sea). This sea is neither black nor red, this is in reference to which nation, Black or Red, at a particular time, controlled this body of water.

Kemi fer = Black double house; seat of government. Note: by reference to Wolof again, we know that to make a plural of per or house, the “p” becomes an “f” or fer. Thus fero=great houses (double), it is not pero as Budge writes.

In Ancient Egyptian, the ordinary adjective always follows the noun it modifies, whereas a sanctified adjective usually comes before its noun. The sanctified adjectives are:

Kem — Black
Suten – Royal
Nter — Holy, Sacred


Kem ti = Black image, sacred image : ti oubash = white image

Kem ho = Black face/title of a god : ho oubash = white face

Kem ta = Black land, holy land : Ta deshret = Red land (also; Ta Sett)

This rule does not apply when Black is used as a noun-adjective of nationality:

Hompt Kemet = copper of Black; Egyptian copper : Hompt Sett = copper of the Red nations; Asiatic copper

Ro in Kemet (page 416a) = speech of Black; mute ro n Kemet = word of the mouth of Black; the Egyptian language

Kemet Deshret = Black and Red; good and evil; fertile and barren, etc.; Duality

Deshretu (page 554a,b) = red ones, red devils. Used also to refer to the Namu and Tamhu; not a complimentary label.

African Origins:

The following Ancient Egyptian words acknowledge the origins of Pharaonic Egyptian civilization;

Khentu Hon Nefer (page 554a) = founders of the Excellent Order. Budge: “peoples and tribes of Nubia and the Egyptian Sudan.” For “Hon” see page 586b.

Hon Nefer (page 1024b) = Excellent Order

Kenus (page1024b) = mighty; brave (from Kenu, page 772a)

Ta Khent (page 1051b/page 554b) = land of the beginning.

Eau (page 952b/page 17b) = the old country

Ancient Egyptian’s Worldview:

The Egyptian’s view of the world was the exact opposite of the current Western one. To the Egyptian, the top of the world was in the south (upper) towards the African interior, the bottom (lower) towards the north, hence upper and lower Egypt; upper and lower Syria.

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kem (t) + romé
Kemut = Black people
The Ancient Egyptians

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November 25, 2007



— In, lamar perryman

Shalom El Hetep and Greetings,
To The Mambos,
Queens and Princesses Of Traditional
Black Spirituality, To The Elders, Chiefs and Houngans Of Black
Spirituality, To All Group
Members United Here in Our Struggle and Quest For A Common Identity
and Union, and
To Bro Yao-Heru-Tehuti.

1. Semitic
2. The Anthropological and
Ethnological Evidence
3. Akan
4. The Habiru/Apiru
5. The Avrahamic Peoples
6. Kana Yisrael As A Pharoanic State
7. Israel’s Ontology
8. The Archaeological Evidence
9. Overview
10. The Conclusion

( foreword : Bro. Yao-Heru-Tehuti, It is my suggestion that you
read the evidentiary portions first and
then read Israel’s Ontology last. But Respecting
your sagacity that is only a suggestion. The
materials gathered here in our discussions and
elsewhere is to be the subject matter of a
larger volume entitled : The Egyptian And
Aramaic Origins Of West Africans And Black
Americans. )

In order to faciliate the interests of scholastic aptitude for
laypersons and academics alike I
shall set out what I believe to be The Philosophical Doctrine Of The
Base in the discussion between You and I seek to help the
understanding of all concerned.

I would like to start by addressing your present responses and also
some of the ones from
your earlier posts and highlight some issues that are of important
consideration even with
the present historical records and cast some light on the questions
(s) posed by scholars
as to Who Were The Canaanite/Israelite/Hyksos People instead of just
saying that it is not
known who they were. This, among some other things.
To get to the heart of your arguments again. In your first response
you state again that
“there is no historical archaeological evidence of an “Israel” that
matches up with the mythical writings found in religious text such
as the Bible. There is evidence of a people
that the Kemetic peoples called “ysri ri”….though the peoples of
Israel don’t have as many
interactions with any other people as they do with the Kemetic
peoples.” [Note: To High-
light Something, that is precisely my point in my response And I
might also add Sumer/
Chaldea as peoples that Ancient Canaan/Israel interacted with. End
Note]……You state
“There is absolutely no historical connection that can be shown
between any land or
people known as “Israel” and any people known as “Hebrew”
or “Habiru”. [Note: The words
Habiru/Apiru is still in serious contention among scholars and at
present simply means a
homeless person, a wanderer, a brigand, a street dweller or a
criminal of some sort without
regards to race.!!! End Note].
2. You hold to the view that all of the names given in the stele
and defeated by the Kemetics are foreign city-states ( meaning
foreign races to you, I suppose ) and that the
determinative for ‘Israel” is simply a foreign group of people (
also meaning a foreign race
or non-black peoples to you, I suppose ). You mention the punishment
of Yanoam in
comparison to Israel being just as severe… [Note: Yanoam and
Israel are Virtually Syn-
onomous as Canaanite People. End Note], and……The vast majority
of the inscriptions on
the stele is actually about invaders from Libya [ I Note that this
is True] ….They were the
most serious threat from the study of the inscriptions…[ Note:
With that last statement I
most fully disagree. These campaigns were not conducted at the same
time and Canaan’s
rebellion seems to have been put down first and still fresh/recent
in the minds of the
Kemetic inscribers from a reading of the inscriptions. End Note].
3&5. I have combined your responses in three and five for relation.
You disagree that the
Stele proves conclusively that “Israel” were native indigenous
Canaanites and that Israel/
Canaan as shown in the Stele is actually one single group of people
representing their
Country. You disagree that we can tell who they actually were or
are, to state: ……. we
cannot tell that they are an ethnic group from that one line….we
cannot tell if they are
Canaanites from that one line or a people who invaded and
assimulated Canaanite culture.
…. we cannot tell if they were black from that one line…..there
is not much at all in reality
that can be discerned from that one line as to who those peoples
were…… [ Note: All of
Canaan’s Towns and Peoples received a one liner from the Egyptian
inscribers of the
Stele. Also it has been noted and inferred by various scholars such
as Drs. J.J. Bimson,
M.G. Hasel, Sigmuend Freud, C.G. Jung and Profs. C.A. Diop,
Theophile Obenga, J.A.
Rogers, Frances Cress Welsing, Josef ben-Jochanan and others that it
takes a long, long
time to assimulate the language, science, art, technology and
customs of a foreign
superior culture and then make a appreciable contribution to it in
terms of mechanical
usage. End Note].
4. And No. 4, in response to my position about there being no
foreign racial groups that
were mentioned in regards to Canaan, period, You stated : “Actually
all of the people
mentioned, not only in “Canaan” but also in Libya are mentioned as
foreigners. Those
other city-states in Canaan that were mentioned all have the
determinative symbol indicating
foreign city-states and “ysri ri” has a determinative indicating a
foreign people…” [ Note:
WITH FOREIGN BY RACE!!! There were some White/Indo-Oriental
Foreigners mentioned
as Allies of Libya But No White/Indo-Oriental Foreigners SHOWN or
Mentioned in Canaan
on the Stele And That is Why The Kemetics REFERRED to Two Campaigns
in One Stele!
As I have said before, They KNEW who they were looking at and
Dealing With!!! More will
be said on this later, though.!!! End Note].

I have subsumed all of your responses and assertions into one so
that I may answer them all in toto.
My entire position on this matter is that The Black Peoples of
Canaan/Israel/Phoenicia were all One and the Same
and That it is These Black Peoples who were and are none other than
The Mysterious Hyksos that
have been called Semitics and Asiatics by Indocentric, Eurocentric
and some Afrocentric authors
and scholars.!!!
The first issue that I must address is the word Semitic.
Understanding this word and its usages is one
of the KEYS to understanding our subject matter. The Akkaddian
Inscriptions calls the Name of
Shem/Sem as Semu or Shu-Mu. it is the name of a Person, a Peoples
and a Country, Sumer.
We Have To Be Very Careful When We Use The Word “Semitic” because
it originally
applied to Black peoples in Mesopotamia, Sumeria and The Indus-
Valley of Asia. See The
Akkaddian Inscriptions,;
and This is for
your contention in an earlier
post that no historical person named “Shem” ever lived because of
the lack of a historical
inscription to that effect outside of the Bible. As to Sumer and
Shem, once again, from the
Mesopotamian view we look South. It is certain now that the peoples
of Mesopotamia called
themselves Sumerian because they descended from and venerated the
Person called SHU by the Egyptians. The very word means to derive
from, to proceed from,
without regards to politics or religion but RACE. It also means an
Act, An Event, A Social
Movement, such as the peopling of The Mesopotamia from Nile Valley
and Indus-Valley
populations. Going further as to originality we are told by Prof.
Amelineau and Prof. Cheikh
Anta Diop that the Orisha/Irunmole Ausar/Osiris was a True, Living
Person as well as the
other Orisha/Imoles and Prof. Diop notes that the “God’s” head and
other sacred parts were
found in four canopic jars at Abydos.!!! See The African Origin of
Civilization, Myth or Reality.
Among these Nile Valley groups were the Akan/Kanaan peoples whose
original home appears
to be Kenya as this Country still bears their ethnic name to this
day. The origination of these peoples
must then have been Southern and Western, Nubian and Dravidian,
which is to say South Africa
before many African/Asiatic Groups of Black Peoples assumed their
own Ethnic/Tribal
Identities, Lands and Regions.
I submit that the first group of Nile Valley and Indus Valley
peoples who settled the Mesopotamian
region ( Iraq, Canaan, Arabia ) were venerators of the Irumole,
Imole, Neter SHU and so
named the land, its peoples, language and culture after their Patron
Orisha. Even to this day
Black Hebrews refer to Black Jews as Shema Israel. The language of
Canaan is called Semitic
( meaning Sumerian, Akkaddic, Ugaritic, Hebrew and ARAMAIC ). It is
an Afro-Asiatic
language and is NOT Indo-Oriental or Nordic European. The language
system of Black Asia
( The Dravidian Indus-Valley ) is conclusively shown to be
Dravidian/Tamil/Kali/Dalit. The
Indo-Orientals/Indo-Aryans have no language system but that adopted
from the Tamil system
is Vedic, Sanscrit and Hindu. The Dravidian is the Original
Indigenous Asiatic Black Man and
Woman ( The South-East Asian Indian and Australian Aboriginal
Type! ).
The original language system of Caucasians is the Nordic,
Scandinavian, Teutonic, Celtic,
Germanic, Caucus and a corrupted bastardization of these tongues
called Slavic! We also
note that Semitic referred to the Blacks of Asia First and Their
Language and after that to
Japhetic Indo-Oriental and Caucasian peoples who adopted and spoke
the language afterwards
and that is the SOLE origin of the word, land and peoples called
See Semitic/Semitic Languages,
With this one single fact we can clearly begin to explain the times
of Canaan, its provincial
state periods under Egypt and Sumer, its Nationalistic periods of
Independence and Regional
Rule as Canaan, Israel, and Phoenicia, its rise and fall and the
reasons therefor. Also with this
one single fact we can begin to set straight the Confusion of the
Torah/Tanakh Records of
The Sumerian Hebrews and The Egyptian Yewes by the Western European
and American
State/Church Academic Establishments!

The Anthropological And Ethnological

For purposes of clarifications throughout this treatise ( and for
rebuttals, if any ) I will proceed
first to IDENTIFY the peoples now known to the World’s State and
Religious Academia as the
HAMITICS and the SHEMITICS. See Gen. 10: 6-32 ( The Western Torah,
miscalled The
Christian Holy Bible ). In the beginnings of Man’s Evolution on the
earth as the Human Life Form
we all know that there was only ONE Homogenous race of peoples. A
critical fact long over-
looked is that there was two (2) different groups of these peoples.
One group was dark-skinned
with Woolly-Hair and called Nubian. The other group was dark-skinned
with Straight-Hair and
called Dravidian! See An Authentic Anthropology, by Prof. Cheikh
Anta Diop, ;and Dravidian India, by Prof. T.R.
Sesha Iyengar, .
Both appear to have originated in Southern Africa. The Nubian is
The Biblical
Hamitic and The Dravidian is The Biblical Shemitic as well as The
Original Asiatic Black Man and
Woman. Eighty 80% percent of our Human History is the Story of These
Two (2) Groups of Black
INTERMIXTURES.!!! And now for The Paleontology of Ancient Israel.!!!

The Anthropological and Ethnic evidence will best be considered by
giving the four (4) Ethnic-Tribal
Groups and their societies which form the basis, origin,
developement and actual peoples called the
Canaanites, Hebrew Israelites and The Black Jews. They are:
1. The Sumerian Hebrews, The Igbo (Ibo)
2. The Egyptian Yewe, The Ewe
3. The Akan of Canaan, and
4. The Colchin of India, The Indus-Valley
Outside of biblical text the evidence shows that the Patriarch
Abraham and his Wife the Matriarch
Sarah were of Sumerian Dravidian descent. His Great-Great-Great
Grandfather is Eber. Eber is
nothing more or less than an Igbo/Ibo man. Whether Eber was a Nubian
Man or a Dravidian I
cannot tell but the record bears out the fact that there was much,
much intermixing between these
two black groups in the Middle East, Iraq and Arabian Peninsula for
long, long, long periods of
time before, during, and after Abraham’s migration. We ALL,
laypersons and scholars alike, appear
to forget sometimes that all of the groups mentioned in Nubia-Egypt
and Sumeria-India were ALL
Ethiopian Peoples. In other words and to be more specific, Nubians
and Dravidians.!!!
See ( Early Dynastic period, Dynasties I
and II; The “Ethiopians”
according to Diodorus Siculus; and a History of The Ancient Black
Races Including The Black
Hebrews, by Prof. Rudolph R. Windsor ,
Including/dp/0962088110 .
In all of my treatises in this Thesis I have presented the ONE VIEW
that the Canaanite Hebrew
Israelites and Black Jews were the product of the Intermixing of The
Nubian and Dravidian Black
Peoples, The Biblical Hamitics and Shemitics. As to the antiquity of
the four (4) tribes of peoples
in Sumeria, Egypt, Canaan, India and Mesopotamia See Chayah bayith
Elowahh,; and The Archaeology of The
Bible Lands, by Magnus
Magnusson, B.C.
Gods.htm; AND Ephramite
Forum-2, Other Peoples: Canaan, Ghana, Uganda. ; AND Igbo People,
The Egyptian Yewe, Ewe or IU are mentioned in Egyptian historical
texts and it is from this tribe
of Peoples that we get the very word JEW. It is well known now by
laypersons and scholars that
Hamitic and Shemitic language systems contain no letter “J”. The use
of the letter “j” came about
as a translation of hamitic and shemitic tongues into Caucasian
alphabet that uses the letter “J” such
as the English language. The word Iu, Iue, Yewe and EWE evolved into
the word Jew as a matter
of the translation of languages and That Alone is the Whole Matter
of the modern english word
Jew. It STILL MEANS the Yewe/Ewe peoples that the word describes and
comes from as these
peoples were and are the Original Jews to start with.!!! I also
submit that the very word HEBREW
is from the union of these peoples dialectical tongue from their
biological intermixture as a socio-
ethnic group. The word Ibo or Igbo as Eber and the word Iu, Yewe or
Ewe being conjoined to
form the Ethnic word : Hebrew as IBRI-EWE or IVRI-YEWE. I believe
this very, very, very strongly.
The Ewe/Yewe peoples as a whole describes their Origins as being
from the lands of EGYPT and
SAUDI ARABIA. I also Highly Note that Joseph I ( Yuyasof I of On )
was born in PADAN-ARAM
EWE.!!! He married ASENATH, the daughter of Potipherah, High Priest
of the fabled City of On,
later celebrated as the Greek Heliopolis. ON is the Fabled Egyptian
City of The Sun. The importance
of this will be seen later as we go on. He was buried in SHECHEM. I
believe the word Shechem has
hamitic and shemitic implication and derivation from the reasons
described herein. See The Ewe, ; The Africans Who Wrote The Bible, by Dr.
Nana Banchie Darwah, ; Ancient
Egyptians Wrote The
Holy Bible, by Dr. Kwame Nantambu,
bible ; Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, The Light of The World, pgs.
BUT SEE; in which Bro.
Keita presents the opposing


Because of its importance to our discussion here, the Land and
People of Canaan will be dealt with at
length. My point is that it is the Country that all four tribes
mentioned came into one as a Socio-Ethnic
Group and Nationality. I begin this by identifying the Geographical
Area of Ancient Canaaan from their
historical records and those of Egypt and Sumeria. To state: Modern
Day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria and Saudi Arabia. This region was called the Retennu, Sirion
and later on the Levant by Egypt and
Sumeria. The importance of this description will become clearer as
we move on. See Canaan, ; ; and ; and
Bro.Yao, to elaborate on what I will present in this treatise I
submit that the Hurru, Mittani, Hatti etc.,
WERE ALL Black Peoples of The Societies of Nubia, Libya, Egypt,
Sumeria and India, The Indus-
Valley. Going further on what Profs. Cheikh A. Diop, Ivan Van
Sertima and Josef ben-Jochanan has
said, until we see the societies of Nubia, Egypt, Libya, Canaan,
Sumeria, and India as RELATED
Nations and NOT Isolated Societies we will continue to be as
CONFUSED abour OUR Origins and
Ancestors as Caucasian and Indo-Oriental scholars are about THEIRS
and OURS. This, My Brother is
The Philosophical Doctrine Of The Base in our discussions and
Debate. To further illustrate what I am
saying here let us view a map of the Ancient Near East during these
times. See ; and Maps of The
Ancient Near East,
tm ;( Especially Asia, The Indus-Valley Civilization ).
Bro. Yao, in one of my prior treatises in this thesis I told you
that the conflict between Canaan, Egypt
and Sumer was not just Political, Religious and Ethnic but also
Scientific! I will state a list of Canaan’s
accomplishments and then I will proceed to show just who the
Canaanites/Hyksos/Israelites truly were.
The Archaeological record from about 3000 B.C. shows that :
1. The Canaanites were the first mercantile nation in the world, the
very first to use coins and paper money
(papyrus) as currency !!!
2. Their Political units were the very first Federated City-States
in the world ( Ugarit, Aradus, Tripoli,
Ursalima (Jurusalem), Batrun, Byblos, Beirut, Sidon, Tyre, Raphia (
the first one ) and others ).
3. They recorded much (not all) of their history and system on
papyrus (paper) which they also used in
the schools and business system.
4. Among the first to have a Merchant Marines and a Regional Navy
with sophisticated warships.
5. Introduced the War Chariot into Egypt, Sumeria, Libya and
surrounding Countries. The Canaanite
Chariots were made of Iron and equipped with Shields.
6. The Mortuary Science was sophisticated in both cremation,
mummification and burial techniques.
7.Among the first to found a Agricultural based food, textile,
chemical, clothing, industrial and medical
system from the land.
8. The first in the Art of Air Travel by way of the Gas Air Ballon
which later gave way to our modern
Airships called Derrigables.
9. The first peoples to fuse Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Sumerian
Cuneiform into one language to create
a Phonetic Alphabet (Aleph-Beth) and Mathematical system called
ARAMAIC on which all other Modern languages have been based upon
since then. This language system appears to be much, much
older than 5000 years.!!!

The name Amurru, Amorites, Amar, Aamu and Amu is synonomous with
Canaanite. According to
biblical archaeology Genesis 10:16 indicates that the “Amorites were
descended from Canaan but they
must have intermarried with Semitics at a very early age because
they appear as a SEMITIC people in Near
Eastern references to them. Their origin is something of a mystery,
but they probably arose not too far
from the Syro-Palestine region, perhaps in the northern euphrates
area. We know that Amorite mercen-
aries were used in overthrowing the Akkaddian empire of Sargon I,
about 2200 B.C. Thereafter they
invaded Mesopotamia and established themselves there; the Hammurabi
Dynasty (1830-1550) was
Amoritic. From certain artistic representations we may conclude that
they were entering Egypt as traders
by 1900 b.c. The Amorites occupied an area in Trans-jordan as well
as in Canaan. Numbers 21:21
speaks of Sihon, King of the Amorites, and Joshua 10:5 lists the
towns of the Amorite league: Jerusalem,
Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon. Probably they occupied the hill
country while the Canaanites lived
in the lowlands of Palestine. At one time the Amorites controlled an
extensive area in Mesopotamia, Syria
and Palestine”. Genesis and Archaeology, pgs. 88-89, by Dr. Howard
Frederic Vos.
Let us view some other matters that Dr. Vos comments on. On
Abraham’s Identity, Dr. Vos states that
recently the idea has been advanced that Abraham was not merely a
powerful Patriarch but a Merchant
Prince. In this Dr. Vos cites Cyrus Gordon who concludes ” the
patriarchal narratives, far from reflecting
Bedouin life, are highly international in their milieu, in a setting
where a world order enabled men to travel far and wide for business
enterprise…. Abraham comes from beyond the Euphrates, plies his
trade in Canaan, visits Egypt, deals with Hittites, makes treaties
with Philistines, forms military alliances with Amorites, fights
kinglets from as far off as Elam, marries the Egyptian Hagar, etc”
and simply admits that
this shows the Patriarch Abraham to be much more than the Bedouin
nomad that scholars a generation
ago thought him to be. pgs. 51-54. On the Garden of Eden, The Flood,
and their many similarities Dr. Vos states: ” That there was such a
place of perfection may be reflected in the Sumerian account of the
land of Dilmun. He cites both Pritchard, who believes Dilmun was the
Island of Bahrein in the Persian
Gulf, and Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer who locates Dilmun in the Indus-
Valley, p.19, as well as the view
that Sumeria’s Mesopotamia is the original home of the Hebrews”,
On Genesis 14 Dr. Vos writes : ” the assertion made formerly that
travel was not so extensive in the
patriarchal period and that Mesopotamian ( Sumerian ) Kings did not
control the area must now be
discarded. The expeditions of Kings of Elam and Babylonia appear in
different light when we learn, for
instance, that as early as 2300 b.c. Sargon of Akkad ( near
Babylon ) made raids on the Amorites of
Syria and Palestine. Hammurabi himself claimed that his empire
extended to the Mediterranean. Of
particular significance for the present study is the fact that prior
to Hammurabis’s rule in Babylon, Kudur-
Mabug, an Elamite King of Larsa ( north of Ur ), claimed to
be “prince of the land of Amurru” ( Palestine
and Syria ). Furthermore, a wagon contract found at Mari in the
Middle Euphrates region and dating to
the patriarchal period gives as one of its conditions of rental that
the wagon shall not be driven to the
Mediterranean coastlands, hundreds of miles away. Dr. Vos also
comments on the discovery by Albright
of a line of buried cities along the legendary Highway of Kings.
These cities dated to the Early Bronze
(3000-2000 B.C.) and Middle Bronze (2000-1500 b.c.) Ages. Also
identified was the town of eastern
Gilead, Ham, Ashteroth Karnaim in southern Syria, Kadesh-He ( along
with many others ) with Ain el
Qudeirat in the Sinai Peninsula. pgs. 66-73.
On Joseph ( Zaphnath-Paaneah; Yuyasof I of On ) as Prime Minister
or Pharoah Vizier of Egypt, Dr. Vos observes : ” First, it is clear
that the Egyptians did not consider the Hebrews to be part of the
movement. When the Egyptians drove out the foreign overlords in the
16th century b.c., the expulsion did
not involve the Hebrews”. Again : ” Critics used to doubt the
possibility of a Palestinian slave’s rising to
such high position in Egypt as scripture says Joseph did but
archaeological investigation has provided
several interesting parallels to this occurrence. A Canaanite, Meri-
Ra, became armor-bearer to Pharoah;
another Canaanite, Ben-Mat-Ana, was appointed to the high position
of interpreter; and a Semitic,
Yankhamu ( Jauhamu ), became deputy to Amonhotep III, with charge
over the granaries of the delta,…
In commenting on the position of Jauhamu, who some believe
officiated in the region of Goshen, Price
observes ” to him the Egyptian subjects in Canaan-Syria appealed in
case of necessity, as he was the
high official of the Egyptian Government for that foreign state. He
had all power to respond to the appeals
for grain in exchange for silver, wood, or even the sons and
daughters of the buyers. The position of
Joseph as Commissioner of graneries in Goshen ( Gen.47:13 ff ) and
his authority to retain the sons of
Jacob ( Yaa’kov ) as hostages remind one of the position of
Jauhamu”. pgs. 101-108. Genesis and
Archaeology, by Dr. Howard Frederic Vos, 1963.
Bro. Yao. I have reprinted some of the conclusions in this book to
Illustrate again the Truth and the
Modern Confusion on the subject here. Dr. Vos, a Caucasian scholar,
was at least truthful to what the
evidence showed and did not show and was sensitive in his comments
on race and religion in the book.
He also admitted the confusion of scholars on the Identity of The
Canaanites, Hyksos, Semitics and
Habiru!!! Of course Anthropology, Archaeological research and
Afrocentric Academia has shown and
proved much since then but to my knowledge has not said who the
groups mentioned truly were in a
definitive sense.
The Canaanites are SIMPLY the Akan Peoples of Egypt’s Nile Valley
and Sumeria’s Mesopotamia as
the many Tribal/Sub-Tribal groups throughout the region who
descended from them along with the Igbo
Colchin and Ewe as a common ethnic group and CALLED THEMSELVES and
their land KINAHHU.
The Hyksos and Semitics ( Amu, Aamu, Asiatics ) are SIMPLY The
Black Dravidian Peoples of Sumeria, India and Canaan among them The
Ibo ( Igbo), Ewe, Akan and Colchin.!!!


Because the meaning of the word Habiru is “still” in contention
among Scholars I will present my own
view of the Ethnicity and Race of the peoples called Hapiru. This
will digress from our earlier discussions
on the Hapiru. By all accounts it is certain now that the term
hapiru/apiru referred to peoples who were
homeless, outcasts and downtrodden at that time. In other words
street peoples. The same goes for
sag’gaz, a robber without regards to race.!!! The promblem is solved
in Sumeria and Egypt when we look
at where this underclass dwelt at. They erected large homeless camps
near the edges of forests, deserts,
lakes, streams and along the banks of The Rivers. It is certain now
that these peoples worshipped the Life
Giving Spirit of The Land, the River God HAPI. They, the lower class
of Hyksos, also dwelt at the Deltas and by the Red Sea, being
peasants, servants, prisoners and street peoples. This River, The
(Hapi) and its deltas also being the home of Apophys-Set-Typhon, the
Crocodile Gods, and Ipi. In
Sumeria the same is Enbil-Ulu. These peoples in the areas were no
Indo-Orientals or Caucasian foreigners
but the Egyptians and Sumerians OWN UNDERCLASS being mainly
Canaanites with poor Egyptians,
Libyans, Sumerians and Nubians included. It is also a known fact and
no secret that Egyptian/Sumerian
peoples and dynasties had many of these peoples as house servants
and field slaves. For all of the talk
about “crossing over the Rivers and Red Sea” these are the
Hapiru/Habiru so-called from their veneration
or worshipping at that time of the Spirit of The Nile, a favorite of
the oppressed and downtrodden, The
River God HAPI.


These are the peoples, the descendants of ABRAHAM, who produced
Isaac ( Yitzhak ), Jacob
( Yaa’Kov ), the 15th to 16th dynasties of Ancient Egypt, the Nation-
State of Kana Yisra’el, and its
connections to the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. I also note the
fact that their native presence was
attested to in Ancient Egypt as early as the 13th Dynasty.!!! In
order to explain the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt it is helpful if
we look at the 15th to 16th dynasties and the formation of Kana
as a socio-ethnic and political group. The names of the Hyksos Kings
are unquestionably Canaanitish.
As the Akan, Igbo, Yewe and Colchin groups began to coalease in the
region of Canaan, they all
originating from a common background and bond, along with the minor
substrata of other various small
tribal groups ( the mixed multitude of the Torah and Biblical
records ) we see the people of Canaan as
Israel finally take shape as a Nation. One of the reasons for this
is that the 15th to 16th Dynasties were
THESE CANAANITES themselves. It is important to note that the
timeline for Canaan/Egypt’s most
important events concerning Israel is from 1650 to 1150 b.c.e. It is
especially important to anaylyze the
time period for the 15-16th dynasties for this is when the Patriarch
Jacob ( Yaa’Kov, the Supplanter )
appears. Jacob is called Yaa’kov-Aru, Yaa’kov-Her and Yaa’kov-Baal.
The founder of the 15th Dynasty
was Salitis ( also called Shalik, Saites and May-Ebre Sheshi,
literally translated as MAH-IBRI-SHE-ISHI.!!!), and the last King
of this dynasty was Auserre Apophis I ( Ausar-Re Apophys I ). In
words these Canaanites were the Self-Styled Pharoahs of the Delta,
Canaanite and Arabian Peninsular
regions. It is said that Yaa’kov-Her had 12 sons by the Matriarchs
Rachel, Leah and the Matriarch
Mistresses Bilhah and Zilpah. It it also a fact that Canaan had 12
Tribes. The CONFUSION results from
modern scholars giving the family names of Each Son as the Tribal
names itself of each group. And these
were the 12 Sons of Yaa’kov that settled in each of the lands and
territories of the 12 Canaanite tribes.
The 12 Sons and their Wives were SIMPLY the heads of these 12
Canaanite families, clans, groups and
Tribes of peoples in Canaan. As time went on from the earliest
periods, their names and the Canaanite
tribal names became synonomous and identical. That is what happened
there. That is all.
On Joseph ( Zaphnath-Paaneah; Yuyasof I of On ) again, I believe
that Joseph was a Pharoah Vizier
under his Father Yaa’kov-Baal of the 16th Dynasty. When comparing
the historical records from the
ancient texts to modern theoretical interpretaions it is interesting
to note the similarities and differences as
told by academia of all schools. They make it so confusing,
perplexing and non-common sensical at times.
In my opinion it would seem to me that Joseph was not just “sold”
into slavery but was bartered, ransomed, captured and/or taken as a
political prisoner-of-war (after all, they were at war with the
southern dynasties and others in that day and time) and his release
was effected by BOTH Official
Diplomatic and Spiritual means. I also note that in the Book Joseph
And Asenath, Ase-Nath, his wife to
be, already a Queen Princess at this time looked MORE LIKE A
ISRAELITES ( Read : Canaanite/Hyksos/Israelite ) than any of the
other women belonging to the various
socio-ethnic tribes making up the population of Egypt in that day
and time. I submit that Joseph was a
Pharoah Vizier of the 16th Dynasty ( called Hyksos ) under his
Father Yaa’kov-Her and simply
ascended the throne after the death of the Partriarchal Pharoah.
Again, See Joseph and The Hyksos,, echoeing the
same conclusions reached by Dr. Vos
and others that the “expulsion of the foreign overlords” by the
Southern Theban Dynasty did not include
the Hebrews. However as Dr. Vos admits, western academic scholars
were labouring under the
“assumption” ( Academic Theory ) that the
Canaanites/Hyksos/Israelites were different ( non-black,
non-native ) groups of peoples or a foreign race of people
altogether which is the view that you presently
hold also Bro. Yao. Again I propound the fact that there is not a
shred of anthropological or archaeological evidence to support your
See Joseph In Egyptian Historical Records,; and
Jacob-Baal, ; and also
See Genesis, KJV : Chap. 44: 1-34 ; Chp. 45: 1-28 ; Chp. 47: 1-31 ;
andChp. 48: 1-22 ( Where The Land of Egypt and Canaan are VIRTUALLY
All of the anthropological, archaeological, ethnological and
linguistic evidence supports the fact that the four tribes mentioned
herein ARE the
peoples known as the Hebrew Israelites and Black Jews. After much
intermixing in the Nile Valley and Mesopotamia ( Egypt, Sumer,
Canaan )
Canaan is the land where these four groups, already ONE, merged into
a Nation as a Socio-Ethnic Group with a NATIONAL, INDEPENDENT,
NATION IS BORN!!! The evidence supports the fact that
these Indigenous Canaanites are indeed the peoples of the book.
Using this as our primary ideology here, let us approach the finding
identification of the Israelites from the Egyptians OWN words in
describing them and what they called them in the Middle Kingdom and
New Kingdom period and see just how easily we can find Israel in
Egypt again and again and at almost every single turn. They called
SYRIANS and referred to Canaan-Arabia as The RETENNU and LEVANT.
This as we can easily see was a RACIAL as well as a Geographical
Classification, Retennu meaning Blacks but not of Egypt but the
Akinahhu of The Land of Canaan. To put it plainly the Hyksos peoples
nothing but these peoples and the Rulers, Chieftains, Nobles and the
powers that be of Canaan ( along with the other small groups of
Sumerian, Nubian and Indus-Valley populations that were present
among them ) as evidenced and described by the SUMERIANS AND
EGYPTIANS THEMSELVES. !!! See Joseph, The Alignment of The
Chronological Records, .
They were also referred to as the WEARERS OF THE LOCKS ( you know,
as in plaits, braids, sidelocks, Dreadlocks ). The Merneptah
Stela clearly DEMYSTIFIES Ancient Israel rather than MYSTIFY them. (
I myself have always known that the Stele itself is the
Incontrovertible Proof of the Black Canaanites who were denoted as
Israel by none other than themselves and their Sister Nations,
Egypt and Sumer every since laypersons and scholars alike have tried
to use the Stele to Prove or Disprove the existence of Israel as a
Canaanite Ethnic Group for quite, quite, quite some time now !!!
heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ). See The Merneptah Stela,
Once again, for what a Native Canaanite looked like in the
fifteenth century b.c. to 70 A.D. to present, See Harpers Bible
Dictionary, pgs. 151-153, First Edition, 1985 ( Description :
Canaanite Dignitary
with arm raised in salute; Bronze Plaque from Hazor, Fifteenth
Century B.C. : The Canaanite Official in
this Stele is a very black person, extremely dark-complexioned. He
wears undergarments similar to our
modern day clothing over which there is a Robe. In the olden days
these Officials often wore a circular
ribbon about their upper body with Aramaic language and Adrinka
symbols inscribed thereon denoting the
rank, country, station and function of the dignitary. This clothing
is identical to West African Clothing today
called KENTE CLOTH. ), And, to further Drive The Point Home > See
Rabbi Mordecai Abi Serour,
History of The Jews of Bilad el-Sudan ( In Fact, Read The Whole
Article and The References in it ),
28West_Africa%29 ; and this one too, The
Igbo People :;
Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, pgs.
174-175, by Margaret Bunson. The Hyksos/Israelites were no “new race
and/or new people”. Egypt
called them SIRIONS, Sumerians called them ARAMEANS and Manetho
himself called them ARABS
and PHOENICIANS. These Canaanite peoples were indigenous to Canaan,
Sumer and Egypt. See
Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt, pgs. 87-89, by Rosalie David ;
Ancient Syria, ; And
Hyksos ; ;Hyksos, ; ; And Hyksos,

The 15th to 16th Israel dynasties were the basis, origin and
developement of the Canaanite State of
Israel as a Independent, Sovereign Pharoanic State. After their
expulsion from North Egypt in 1567 by
the Southern Pharoah Ahmose I ( Kamoses ) they withdrew again to
Canaan. Still Canaanites continued
to play a large role in the Egyptian dynasties and society. In
continuing the socio-political drama this leads
us up to the famous 18th dynasty of Pharoah Akenaton and his Vizier,
The Priest-King Osarseph ( The
Tetmoses Osarseph or Tetmosi Osar-Yuyasof II of On ) better known as
the biblical King Moses.
Yes, Bro. Yao. What I am saying is that the Chief Dynasties of The
Canaanites were the Amurru and
the 15th to 16th Dynasties of Egypt were the Proto-Israelite and
Israelite Dynasties who sat on the Thrones of Ancient Egypt as they
sat on the Thrones of Mesopotamia also.!!! To understand this better
See The Prophecy To The Avrahamic ( Abrahamic ) Peoples. Western
Torah, Gen. Chap. 17: 1-27 ;
Chaps. 16-17 ; and Chap. 25: 1-23.
However we are concerned now with the Administration of Akenaton (
Amonhotep IV ). It seems that
after the Theban southerners drove the Canaanites back into Canaan
they oppressed the Hebrews still in
Egypt and made frequent incursions into the Land of Kanaan. But
again, a Canaanite family rose to power
in the 18th dynasty of Egypt in the person of Pharoah Tetmoses
Osarseph. [ Note: To explain the Pharoah/Pharoah Vizier King
Tetmoses Osarseph ( also known as Yuyasof II of On, Damoses and
Tamoses ) the name SEPH or SOF MEANS descendant of Joseph, (
Yuyasof I of On, Zaphnath-Paaneah ), Ephraim, Manesseh, Benjamin and
Judah whom the Levites lived among and intermarried with in Goshen,
North Egypt. A practice which Pharoah Tetmoses discontinued as he
assigned the Levite-Zadoks a special status when he withdrew ALL
Hebrew Canaanites back into their own native land within their own
national borders, named it Kana Yisrael, and established himself as
the First and Founding Pharoah of Kana Yisra’el’s First Dynasty with
Joshua as the Pharoah Vizier or Prime Minister. This was The Second
Exodus. A voluntary one. The first dynasties were A COLONIZATION OF
expulsion of the last Kings of the Israelite 16th Dynasty in North
Egypt and the attempt by southern Kemetics to REMOVE ALL TRACES of
the CANAANITE presence WAS because that was the first and only time
in its native history that KEMET
had been COLONIZED, albeit an INTERNAL ONE.!!! Phr. Tetmoses, in
founding a Independent Canaanite State, had to deal with native
elements loyal to the southern dynasties, Sumeria, and selfish ones
out for their own power, resettle the 12 Canaanite Tribes, and write
The First Democratic Constitution.The Constitution of Man and Woman,
The Torah.!
This is the BASE of the stories about Phr. Tetmoses and Joshua’s
wars with the Egyptians and hostile
elements in native Canaan. He and Joshua oversaw all of this along
with the High Priest Aaron and Matriarch Queen Miriam. Pharoah
Tetmoses also lived for 120 years beginning his work at the age of
40 !!! End Note ]. He made the final break with the southern Theban
dynasties after Akenaten’s death,
re-established Canaan as a Independent State as Kana Yisrael and
begin Judaism according to the
Patriarchal Command as the Native Culture.This is the Whole Story of
the Exodus and The Mosaic-Joshua Dynasty of Ancient Kana Yisra’el in
Canaan, more or less. This is ALSO for the unleavened,
half-leavened, half-mixed, half-baked Hebrew Israelites in CERTAIN
GROUPS and Individuals with
street level, race-based so-called “Knowledge” who are teaching the
Lie that Judaism ( YAHUDAISM )
is a Japheth Russian/Caucasian Ashkenazi “invention”. There are
Hebrew Israelites, that just like other
Black peoples, are not prepared to accept and face the Facts of
Israel and its True History. Having been
De-Culturized for so long they do not understand the real and true
meaning of what it means to be the Hebrew Israelites. That will be
addressed in Israel’s Ontology. See The Moses Mystery, The African
Origins Of The Jewish People, by Gary Greenberg ,
Jewish/dp/customer-reviews/15597223 ( Go To: Look Inside Another
Edition Of This Book for an Academic Introduction ); Ahmed Osman, ; Moses In History,
Hyksos, ; ; Osarseph ; Breaking News: Man Named
Moses Declares “Set My People Free!” Leads Gang Of Hoodlums Into
Wilderness, ; The
Origin of the Jewish People and the Land of Canaan, by David
Storobin, ;
And, ; AND
Genetic Evidence : West African/SubSaharan Peoples Are The Original
Canaanites, Israelites And Arabs, ; And The Israelites
Were Pharoahs of Egypt, page1, Ralph Ellis,

Also See
The Original And Only Amorites Were Black Canaanites, The Mount Zion
Assembly Of Yah, ; And,

To begin with I will give the definition of Ontology : The branch
of metaphysics that deals with the nature
of being ; a particular theory about the nature of beings or the
kinds of existents. I have heard it said by modern Caucasian Greek
scholars, Indo-Arabs and Black Egyptologists the Hebrew
Israelites/Black Jews worship a Demiurge. Scholastic conjecture
COULD NOT be better than this. Let a layman person
enter the FRAY here. I will give you the old magical Hebrew formula
for determining “a God” and THE
GOD. Let us apply this formula Right Here! The first one is
Linguistics with its ETYMOLOGY ( Etymology MUST be applied because
languages can be corrupted, badly Translated and falsely
Transliterated ! ). The other two (2) are FUNCTION and PLACE.
YAH/YAA, the Sole and Supreme
Creator God has descended down to us as OM-YAH, AMYN-YAH, and EL YAH
from Nubia-Kush
( Nubi-Yah, Nabi-Yah ), Indus-Kish ( Indi-Yah, Indu-Yah ) and
Sumeria ( Semeri-Yah, Shemi-Yah )
from Time immemorial. YAH was known in Egypt ( Kemet, Kemi-Yah ) as
LAH ), in India as OYM/OM, YAA/YOM/YAM, Sumeria as ELYON ELYON EL,
meaning The God,
The God, The Great God, in Nubia as AMYN, AYM, AMN and AM, The AMEN,
and in Canaan as
EL YAH, The God who is Known but Unknown. This is why YAH was and
still is taught by word and
thought only, The Sacred Three/Four Letter Word of The Ancestors!!!
YAH is not Interchangeable and
Transliterable with Lah.!!! ( The “Y” is only transliterable as
O,A,U,I BUT is equivalent to the First Three
Only as “O”, the SYMBOL of the Cosmos, All in All, The ALL ONE ).
The LAH of Egypt directly
descends to us today as identically Lah, meaning the MOON and el-El
or al-Al, meaning “a God”,
literally translated as AL-LAH, The Moon God. Also See ALLAH, The
Moon God in the form of a
person as DUMUZI, The Sumerian Messiah, Shepherd King and Shepherd
of Men equal to the Egyptian
Tehuti ( All the Kings and Priests were called Shepherds of Men by
The Ancestral Nations, NOT just
Egyptians and Hebrews ! These Are Facts Without Emotion, Hate or
Sacrilege Also. Just THE FACTS ). .
No such translation exists for YAH and IAH is a corruption of LAH,
NOT YAH !!! If IAH is proposed
or theorized as a corruption of YAH it is a badly disconfigured
one.Now, even PTAH is a form of YAH
as PTYH, PTHY, and PTYAH.!!! YAH is the Hebrew Israelite word for
Supreme Being and Creator
God. That is All ! ( Compare Meroitic-Egyptian Hieroglyph, Tamil-
Sumerian Cuneiform and Aramaic
Ugaritic Hebrew !!! ) .
2. Place : YAH could not be a form of Tehuti or he a form of YAH
because YAH is First and Tehuti was
merely a messenger, teacher, guide and initiator into the various
Religio-Spiritual systems of that day and
time. Second of all, YAH is the Aramaic Hebrew word for Ideal,
Divine, Cosmic, Transcendental, The
Universal One. The same meaning as YAH has Today for YAH changes
not. Third of all, YAH can not
be a “Moon God” or “a Tehuti” for YAH has no Images or
Representations. It is said and taught that YAH
dwells in the Thick, Thick, Thick Darkness. A Ontological term for
The Melanated Essence of the Cosmos
and ALL. Even today Israelites have no artistic representations and
images of YAH and no else does either !!!
Fourth of All, YAH was known and worshipped in the Secret Societies
by the High Initiates Only and Only
By The 3 Letter and 4 Letter Sacred Secret Word of The Ancient
3. Function : The Supremacy of YAH as EL YAH in the Canaanite
Pantheon is well illustrated in several,
numerous instances where the Orishas, Neters, Anunaki, the BAALIM of
Israel , the “lesser Gods, Lords
Deities or SPIRITS” Have to go to YAH to get permission for to do
just about almost anything, whether it
be good, evil, or to bestow a favor, curse, or impreesion upon
someone especially if that person ( Man,
Woman, Child ) be loyal and beholden to YAH or be given a destiny by
YAH or Not bothered at all.!
I will give 3 instances from the Torah/Tanakh and bring this part
to a close about YAH’S Supremacy in
Hebrew and World Ontology !!! See Holy Tanakh/Bible, Book of Job (
Iyyob ), Chap. 1: 1-22 ; Numbers,
Chapters 22, 23 and 24 ; and I Kings, Chap. 22: 1-53.

And Now for the HARD Part. Hard because Indigenous Black
Spiritualists and those of Organized
Religions Do Not Want to Accept WHAT IS AND IS A FACT !!! Now, to
explain The ROOT AND
BASE of ANCESTRAL JUDAISM. In Israel, the word for Yoruba-Dogon-
Kemet and Dravidian Tamil
Indian Orishas, Anunakis, and Loas IS BAALIM AND ELOAS. The basis of
Judaism in its origins and
and developements is nothing but Traditional Black Spirituality of
Africa and Asia known as VODUN.!!!
And Black Evolutionary Science known as ANIMISM. Our Ancestors Have
Always Taught us that
this World Of Nature is Just AS Important, Alive and Diverse as is
The World of Spirit. This System of
FIRST. !!!
The Teaching of Judaism comes from The School of MELCHIZEDEK, THE
OF KANAAN BENE YISRAEL, Just as Osiris is The Ancestral Spirit of
Egypt/Kemet and Enlil The
Ancestral Spirit of Sumer, This MELCHIZEDEK, A CANAANITE KING AND
MOST HIGH GOD ( El Yah ; Yah The El; Elyon Elyon El ) whom Our
Patriarchal Father Abraham Met and gave Tithes, Supplication and
Ancestral Veneration to. This was before The Patriarchal Father
married his Matriarchal Mistress, Mother Hagar, Our Mother Also.
Matriarch Hagar is Agar, A Agaritic or Ugaritic Woman, A CANAANITE!
And that is Also why Patriarchal Father Abraham ( ABBA’ HAM ) is
ALSO called The Father Of Ham.!!! There also goes out the Door and
of Truth “The Lie of The Mythical Curse On Canaan” INSERTED into
Our Torah/Tanakh
Records by Roman, English, Indo-Arab and Russian Ashkenazi “White
Jews” Academia!!!
To Illustrate on BAALIM again : The Neter SHU in Egypt, The
Anunaki SHU in Sumeria, is
to the Canaanite Hebrew Israelites : The BAAL SHEM or BAAL SHU-MU. A
word that HEBREWS still use today to refer To Our Origins. He is the
Brother of Ham ( Who is OSIRIS ), Anu,
Enki, Enlil and others. The word Baal in Hebrew means a Lord of The
Land .
Because This Treatise is to Promote Unity, Love, Peace and Harmony
I will set out how Black Hebrewism and its Culture Judaism is to be
viewed and defined by. Judaism has No Law of Coercion
whether by Force or Guile!!! The Most Critical Fact, LONG OVERLOKED,
is That ALL Black
Spiritual Systems SHARE a Creator-God Concept surrounded by a host
of lesser Spirits. Judasim should be seen as ALL African Religions
and Spiritualities such as Egyptian Amenism, Sumerian Anuism, Indian
Brahmanism and Buddhism, Orisha-Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, Sectarian
Christianity and Sectarian
Theocratic Islam PURIFIED and STRIPPED of The Multiplicities. The
multiplicities that causes conflicts
and DIVISIONS. We believe that YAH, through Pharoah Tetmoses,
preserved YAH’S name through all
Hebrew Spirituality and Mystical Judaism should be viewed as a
UNITY system. In commenting above on the relation that we all SHARE
of a Creator-God and lesser Orishas, Loas, Deities and Spirits
Hebraic Spirituality and Mystical Judaism teaches that the SPIRITS,
if they be True and Real, are all a part of and function of God
(YAH) and not SEPARATE from YAH. Just as one Cannot separate a Ray
of Sunlight from its Source, The Sun. For this reason these
functions of God (YAH) are called ELOHEEM. This is the context that
Hebrew Spirituality and Mystical Judaism should be viewed in by
Traditional Spirituality and Orthodox Religions.
For Messianic Hebrew Israelites who look to a Messiah, the belief,
veneration and practice of a Divine
Virgin Mother who gives Birth to a Son who IS THE MESSIAH coming to
SAVE His People for Their
Asiatic Peoples in the World to this day. I am a practicing Mosaic
Messianic Hebrew Israelite because I KNOW that there is No DIVISION
in Our Scriptures and that BOTH Moses and Yashua lead to the same
For Hebrew Israelites in this Age of Increased Knowledge, The
Scientific Technological Age, when
beset on all sides by psychological and material coercions, made to
feel that Hebrewism and its Culture
is borrowed, or made to think that Judaism is a Inferior
Hebrewism and its Judaism is quite the contrary and its
Effectiveness has been Time-Tested through our
ANCESTORS and US! In The Darkest And Finest Hour That Is When YAH
is There.
And that, My Bro.Yao-Heru-Tehuti, and all others concerned is The
Ontology of Israel!
See Biblical Beginnings In Ancient Egypt, ( A Very, Very Good and
Interesting Site When One Knows How To Read It, Whether Black
Egyptologist, Sumerianist or Hebrew ; Scroll To Jehovah and
Read The Portion About HUHI=IHVH=YAH and then Go To RE HPRW NEB
translated as the GOD
OF ALL HEBREWS. The Text Never Gets Away From The ETERNITY and
HUHI=IHVH=:YAH No Matter how Many Persons, Moon Images and Human
Beings That YAH is
Associated With !!! In Fact Hebrews and All Others Should Read
This. As For Languages ALL of The
TAMIL SCRIPTS ….. !!!!!!!! . See : ; And The Names Of
God In Judaism,

Bro. Yao, When You Are Finished With That, NOW SEE : CHILDREN OF
FIRST !!!!!!!!
See ; ; ; ; ; Then See : Afrocentrism, 4.
African as a race, ; I Rest My Case on The
Universality of Hebrew Israelites and


Bro Yao, I also note that the crown jewels, diadems, signets,
rings, uraeuses, scarabs, ankhs, figurines,
architecture and insignia of the palace, crown authorities and
family households in Canaan are in their own
images and likenesses the same as those of Egypt and Mesopotamia and
are too numerous to mention in
this short treatise. The Archaeological Evidence is :

1. The Merneptah Stele
2. The Moabite Stone ( The Mesha
Stele ), showing the victories
of Kings Ahab and Omri against
Moab and Moab’s later defeat
of Israel and Judah in Canaan.
3. The Black Obelisk of King
Shalmaneser III : Shows the defeats of
Tyre, Sidon and Canaan under
Jehu, King of Israel, Son of Omri.
4. The Tel Dan Inscription : Shows
the Inscription of The House of David,
King of Judah, Israel and
5. The Shishak Relief : Shows
Egypt’s victory over King Rehoboam of
Israel in Canaan in circa 925
6. The Lachish Relief : Shows the
Assyrian deportation of Judahite
Captives by King Sennacherib of
7. Ancient Egyptian Chariots Found
In Red Sea : A Commemorative Inscription
erected by King Solomon, Son of
David, King of Judah, Israel and Canaan.
sea-crossing-05.htm .
8. The Ipuwer Papyrus : Raises even
more evidence of the presence of Israel
in Egypt as early as the late
12th dynasty through to the 13th dynasty of Egypt.
For further Archeological and Linguistic Evidence as to the
Antiqiuity of Modern Hebrew Israelites See
Evidence of African Tribal Names In The Bible, ;
The Ancient Jews Were Black
and Africans Wrote The Bible,
black/ ; and
Black Jews and Hebrews, By John R. Moore,

And finally Bro. Yao. I leave you with the Pictorial and
Archaeological evidence of The Hebrews at their
Main Camp, Tel El Yehudiyeh ( just down the River from On, The City
of The Sun in Ancient Egypt,
later on The Greek Heliopolis ). This should bring to an end the
debate between You, I and anyone else
as to Race and Ethnicity of The Hebrew Israelite Jews of Egypt’s
Nile Valley, Sumeria’s Mesopotamia,
and Canaan. See Tell El Yehudiyeh,
tes1.pdf ( Some of the pictures
showing the clear black-skinned features of the peoples during the
Hyksos Dynasties have been removed
but enough Iconography remains to clearly identify who they were
during The Hyksos Age! ).

The Ibo ( Igbo ), Colchin, Akan and Ewe of Egypt’s Nile Valley,
Sumeria’s Mesopotamia and The Land
of Canaan ARE The Hebrew Israelites of The Matriarch’s Sarah, Hagar
and Keturah. These are THE
Periods, The Igbo
being THE BASE and The Akan, Colchi, Ewe and other small groups that
they intermarried and intermixed with being the peoples. The
Children of The Children of The Peoples of Abraham known as
Kana Bene Yisrael from whom ALL of The other Hebrew Israelite Jews
descended from.


Promblem Number One is TIME : The records of the Ancestors (
Torah/Tanakh, Turin Papyrus, etc. ),
Historical have come down to us THOUSANDS OF YEARS AFTER THE
FACTS!!! The records are
incomplete due to being lost, missing, destroyed or even stolen for
some reasons or another. Add to this
the Internal Wars between Black Powers ( with no Whites or Indo-
Orientals around ! ) with destruction
of Tribal and Ethnic Records because of Ethnic Imperialism and the
loss of Civil Administration in the
regions mentioned by a Stable Black Power for many, many, many
centuries as a primary cause.
Promblem Number Two is SUPERIMPOSITIONS : The superimpositions made
over the original records by and for Political, Religious,
Scientific, Ethnic, Tribal and RACIAL groups and organizations
for their own purposes and reasons while still keeping the original
story as a outline, base or model for
their pretended submissions.!!! And then on Top of All the
distortions and misrepresentations Bro Yao,
MOST, Not All, of the stories and records of our Ancestors are Still
There. It is just that the front part is
in the back, the back part is in the middle and the middle part is
in the front!
Promblem Number three is RACIAL DISTORTIONS : The distortions to
the records that have been
made mainly and mostly by White and Indo-Arab Academia by inserting
and placing their names,
languages, barbaric warlike customs, savage tribal ways, Ancestors
and themselves into Lands, Countries,
and places that they know they do not belong and were not there in
the sense of originations and developements. This is further
compounded by inserting any non-black peoples into those same places
further confuse and conceal their own lack of evidence for their
racially based claims.!!! [ To illustrate
what I mean Bro. Yao, review this Website. Black History being re-
cast as Nordic Caucasian and this
is called “Indo-Aryan History”??? !!! Hittite Treaties, Annals and
other documents from Anatolia to Egypt,
relating to Indo-European rites, ].

Invitation To Bro. Kael
To Bro. Kael 1 of Moorish American Nationals, , in an earlier
exchange between You and I you told me that I did not know how to
prove that the Hebrew Israelites were Black Peoples and Canaanites.
I told you that as a purely Islamic Scholar you might be a “little
Bit” out of your league.
Forgive if you misunderstood the context of the matter. The entire
debate between Bro. Yao-Heru-Tehuti
and myself was to prove the existence of Israel and a Black Israel
TEXT such as The Holy Bible and Holy Koran by Anthropological and
Archaeological means only.
You told me to plug you in on this debate when I finished my
response to Bro. Yao so now I am plugging
you in. Go To Yoruba Spirituality, and see the Posts
Numbers 184,185,186,187,188,189,191,192,193,200,222 and the present
one and join in.
Also Bro. Kael, The Patriarchs of The Moabites are Father Abraham,
Lot and Ishmael. From all their
descendants we get Obed, Naomi, Ruth and Jesse, The Father of The
Canaanite King of Canaan Bene
Israel, King David. The Children of Abraham, The Black Ishmaelites
and Israelites have long since been
REUNITED in West Africa, Moorish Spain and Black America and many
don’t even know it! I will also
answer You, Bros. Tyrese, M. Bey, El Saadi and Sheik Nadir Bey on
Atlantis, The Moors and Islam
being Older Than Ancestral Judaism in much the same way as I have
answered Bro.Yao-Heru-Tehuti
of The Afurukaat Nation In North America. See Moab/Moabites, .


A Native TRANSLITERATION of Judaism is in order here. Hebrewism and
Judaism is NOT a
Religion but a CULTURE. This This Culture embraces ALL aspects of
Life. The Politics, The Sciences,
Industry, Economics, Gender, Education, Healthcare, Welfare,
Spirituality, Materialism and NATIONALISM. Judaism is NOT
Theocratic. Judaism is the Foundation of Democracy and embraces
Human Development and Self-Determination in its Highest Apect, the
upholding of YAH in doing so and
a CULTURE BASED upon such a system. Very, very plain, very, very
In identifying the Fourth Promblem Bro. Yao I state again as Profs.
Jochanan, I.V.Sertima, C.G. Woodson, J.H. Clarke, C.A. Diop, J.A.
Rogers, A.G. Hilliard and C. Williams have opined we have
Black Theologians who are laboring without a Black Theology be they
Christians, Judaism, Nation of
Islam, Moorish Islam, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Methodist and a very,
very, very Incomplete one
where it is at.!!! The Same goes for Black Politicians, Scientists,
Industrialists and Capitalists too.!
See Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without A Black Theology,
The Need For A Black Bible,
fthesel?dev-t= and
We The Black Jews: Witness to the :”White Jewish Race” Myth, by
Prof. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, .

The Pharoanic Origins and developments of Nubia, Libya, Egypt,
Sumeria, India and Canaan has been
glossed over for far too long now but it can no longer be denied by
anyone and for any reasons.!!!
As trua scholars have stated, In a World Order where the Office of
Pharoah wore nothing but the girdle of
the Blacks, THE WHOLE TRUTH and the stories told from it, ALL BOILS
that in a world order where The Office of The Pharoah was the
office of the day in Civil Administration
like the contemporary Presidencies and Prime Ministers of today for
the Political, State, Scientific,
Industrial, Economic and Religious Powers in Nubia, Egypt, Libya,
Sumeria, India and Canaan, the
Indigenous Canaanites, THE HEBREW ISRAELITES, simply Founded and
Established in the Kinnahu/
Canaan, Their own
Also See : Jesus, The Last Of The Pharoahs : The Tempest Stele, .

And that My Bro. Yao is the whole entire GIST of the matter. Once
again, Judaism, like its forebears,
is a Egyptian Nile Valley, Sumerian Mesopotamian and CANAANITE way
of Life, Culture and System
of Human and Social Development. That is all it was, is, and ever
shall be. Nothing is Ever going to change that Fact.!!!
And So, We see now why The Pharoah King Tetmoses Osarseph, the
Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and
others told The Hebrew Israelites that Thy Birth, Blood, and
Nativity is of The Land of Canaan.
See Deut.Chap. 26:5 : Thy Father was a Syrian, an Aramean about to
perish But the Hand of His God was Heavily upon Him.
See Book of Isaiah, Chap. 19 ; Book of Ezekiel, Chap. 16 ( Esp.
16:3 ).

As for those who are still Doubters at this point I can only give
the old Ancient Hebrew adage :
Hapi is The Nile River BUT DE-NIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT. !!!

Shalom El Hetep!
Mr. Marion Lamar Perryman ; Bro. Hebrew-32-Kush ; Pharoah King Kamin
Yahuda Ur’Amoz
( Order Of The Light In The West ).

Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:10 pm

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November 24, 2007


Dr. Charles S. Finch, III, M.D.

Every year about this time one comes out of the wood work, a self-appointed “defender of the faith” of European cultural values, and both the popular and academic media dutifully supply maximum exposure. Last year we endured Charles Murray and The Bell Curve; this year it is Mary Lefkowitz of Wellesley College with her Not Out Of Africa. It seems that the surest way for an academic, seeking to break out of ivory tower obscurity, to get a manuscript accepted by a major publishing house is to write a book belittling the intelligence or integrity of some segment of the Black community. The phenomenon is so reliable that even non- white writers, covering the spectrum from Dinesh D’Souza to Henry Louis Gates, have adopted the ploy to obtain media exposure, enhance academic status and augment bank balances. Afrophobic books of every description represent an industry-within-an- industry and there always seems to be a ready market.

The anti-Afrocentric premises of Mary Lefkowitz are patently absurd. One does not even have to be a classicist to find abundant evidence that the influence of northeast Africa, i.e., Egypt and Ethiopia, on Greece was as formative as that of Greece on Europe. The number of Greeks who lived and learned in Egypt reads like a “Who’s Who” of Greek Philosophy. Solon, Thales, Pythagoras, Eudoxus, Anaximander, Anaxagoras, Democritus, Plato, Archimedes, Hipparchus, Ptolemy, Herophilus, Galen and others too numerous to mention pursued their higher studies in the Nile Valley. As a classicist, Lefkowitz has to know these historical facts because the Greeks themselves recorded them! If she doesn’t know, then her bona fides as a classicist is spurious. However, it is more reasonable to assume that she does, so her deep aversion to any kind of an African influence on early Greek culture has to spring from a fundamental Afrophobia that informs her whole thought.

It is possible to discredit Ms. Lefkowitz’s reasoning on numerous counts. Concerning Aristotle, to insist that Aristotle never visited Egypt nor was under any significant Egyptian intellectual influence suggests strongly that she heeds to refamiliarize herself with the literature in her own field. Theophile Obenga shows in an article entitled “Aristotle and Ancient Egypt” (ANKH, vol. 2, 1993) that Aristotle, in his Meteorology, describes the topology of the Nile in a manner that leaves little doubt that he had seen in person what he was describing. Moreover, in his Metaphysics, Aristotle states in a completely unambiguous manner that “Egypt was the cradle of the art of mathematics.” In his On The Heavens, Aristotle states furthermore that the Egyptians and Babylonians were the founders of the science of astronomy. In particular, Aristotle was admiring of the Egyptian’s exceptional knowledge of the planetary conjunctions and the nature of comets. Here we find the words of Aristotle himself baldly refuting the contention of Ms. Lefkowitz that Aristotle had never visited Egypt nor had been influenced by Egypt’s learning.

After about 600 B.C., when selected students such as Thales and Pythagoras began to trickle into Egypt thirsting for knowledge, the temple learning of the Nile Valley began to flow toward the northern Mediterranean in increasing volume. As Cheikh Anta Diop said, there is no Greek mathematics, philosophy, or science until after the prolonged contact with Egypt. Even the term “philosopher,” meaning “lover of wisdom,” was coined by Pythagoras as a consequence of the 22 years he spent studying in the Temple of Amon at Waset (Thebes). According to Theophile Obenga (Ancient Egypt and Black Africa, 1992), the term sophos, meaning “learning” or “wisdom” has no root in the Indoeuropean language family from which Greek sprang. But Pythagoras would have studied under learned men in Egypt called sbau, from the Egyptian sba meaning “to teach” or “to instruct.” The word sba became in Greek sophos, from which the term “philosophy” derives.

Of the 28 dialogues of Plato, 12 deal extensively with Egypt and Egyptian thought. Laws, Republic, and Timaecus, to name but three, all betray an incalculable debt to Egypt, an outgrowth of the 13 years Plato spent there. Plato’s “philosopher king” in Republic, for example, clearly derives from the Nilotic pharaonocracy, i.e., the sacred ruler who was, by definition, priest, king, and philosopher. Also, the concept of the logos or “creative word,” a central pillar of Platonic philosophy and one that would immeasurably influence Christianity, is taken bodily from Egyptian thought. The world came into being, according to the pre-Platonic priests of Egypt, by virtue of the “divine word” (Thoth) activating the forces of creation. It should be pointed out also that Plato’s original teacher, Socrates, also credited Egypt with inventing the mathematical and astronomical sciences (dialogue of Phaedrus).

Another facet of the profound Egyptian impact on the Greek world can be seen in the career of Alexander. Before embarking on his campaign of world conquest, Alexander first wrested Egypt away from the Persians. Having accomplished that, he then took an unprecedented step: he embarked on a perilous 10-day journey across the Libyan desert to the Oasis of Siwa, sacred to Amon, where he was invested with the crown and authority of pharaoh. Following that, he proceeded to build his imperial capital Alexandria not in Macedonia or Greece, but in Egypt. In effect, when Alexander launched his campaign of empire-building in the East, he did so as an Egyptian pharaoh.

The Greeks regularly and forthrightly acknowledged their debt both to Egypt and to Ethiopia. An Apocryphal story by Pseudo- Callisthenes has Alexander sailing up the Nile to do homage to Candace, Queen of Ethiopia (Meroe). The veracity of this story is not nearly so important as the manner in which it shows the profound Hellenic respect for Ethiopia. It only added to Alexander’s legend — whether true or not — that he had won an audience with the Candace of Ethiopia. Homer, in the Iliad, begins the epic by having the Olympian gods, led by Zeus, descend from their heavenly abode to feast among mortals, but not with Greek mortals, as would be expected, but “the blameless Ethiopians.” As we’ve already noted, in the realm of empirical knowledge, the major Greek thinkers, virtually to a man, deferred to Egypt (some to Ethiopia) as the original home of philosophy, geometry, medicine, astronomy and religion.

A careful investigation of Greek mythology and religion reveals a pronounced African presence. The goddesses Melainis, Libya, Artemis, Hera, Aphrodite, and Eos were unquestionably of African provenance. Mythic human figures such as Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Circe, Aeetes, Medea, Belos, Aegyptos, Phaeton, Delphos, and at least one of many Herculeses were also from Africa. The two most important oracle centers, Dodona, and Delphi, were founded by African priestesses and an African demi- god (Delphos) respectively. Zeus was considered to be a form of the Nilotic Amon, Dionysus a form of Osiris, Hermes a form of Djehuti (Thoth), ad Asclepios a form of Imhotep. No wonder Herodotus concluded that the Greeks received their gods from northeast Africa.

Greek traditions also speak consistently of early African emigrants to the Hellenic mainland. Perseus, considered a founding Greek ancestor, married the Ethiopian princess Andromeda, making her a Greek ancestress. Moreover, the myth of the 50 daughters of Danaus and the 50 sons of Aegyptus who emigrated to Greece from the Nile Valley clearly reveals an important African ethnocultural element in early Hellenic history.

There is simply no valid argument that can be brought forward to disclaim the influence of African civilization on ancient Greece. The transmigration controversy involving a statement of Herodotus is not credible because Greeks such as he, and later Plutarch, who visited and wrote about Egypt had access to information that did not necessarily survive in the documentary record of the Nile Valley. Much was communicated to certain Greeks that had not been written down and was not supposed to be discussed publicly. Time and again, in his chapter on Egypt, Herodotus refuses to continue his discourse on certain topics because it is about to touch on sacred things that demanded secrecy. Because the available Egyptian records do not specifically mention transmigration, i.e., the doctrine of reincarnation, doesn’t mean that the Egyptians didn’t believe in it. Indeed, everything points to the existence of this belief among them.

Lefkowitz employs an entirely specious mode of argument because she pins her critique on peripheral issues far away from the heart of the matter. The trivial controversy over the race of Cleopatra, for example, is a case in point. It is irrelevant whether Cleopatra was, wholly or in part, of Macedonian ancestry. The African civilization of Egypt that decisively impacted the growth and development of Greek culture long antedated her. Thus her “true” ethnicity has no relevance at all to the question of Egyptian influence on Greece.

In this short survey, sufficient evidence has been brought forward to show that the overarching thesis of Not Out Of Africa — that there was no significant Egyptian/African influence on the formation of Greek civilization — is simply groundless. What is striking is that there is so much evidence to the contrary that her thesis calls into question Ms. Lefkowitz’s qualifications as a classicist. Either she doesn’t know her job or she is engaging in deliberate falsification. Either way, it is the unseemly haste with which national publications and pundits have embraced her book that truly testifies to the polarized state of contemporary American race relations in a way the much vilified Million Man March never could. Not Out Of Africa, and the smug commentary it has inspired, is high-level race-baiting at its most insidious. From where African-Americans sit, there doesn’t seem to be any end to it in sight.

Dr, Charles F. Finch III, M.D.
Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA
February 17, 1996

Copyright Dr. Charles S. Finch III, M.D., 1996. All rights reserved by the author.


* Legrand H. Clegg II is an attorney, historian and producer of the award-winning videotape, “When Black Men Ruled The World: Egypt During The Golden Age.”

(To order the videotape, please call 1-800-788-CLEGG)

© 1996, The Clegg Series. The use of graphics, text, source code, or any other information from this site in any way is prohibited without permission.


November 24, 2007



Legrand H. Clegg II, Editor & Publisher *

Volume I, Edition III, February 1997

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There was and is wide mingling of the
blood of all races in Africa, but this
is consistent with the general thesis
that Africa is predominantly the land of
the Negroes and Negroid peoples, just as
Europe is a land of Caucasoids and Asia
of Mongoloids. We may give up entirely,
if we wish, the whole attempt to delimit
races, but we cannot, if we are sane,
divide the world into whites, yellows,
and blacks, and then call blacks white.

W.E.B. DuBois, The world and Africa:
An Inquiry into the part which Africa
has played in world history.
International Publishers, New York, 1961, p. 119

We would like to inform our readers that a remarkable discovery has taken place in the “Queen’s Chamber” of the Great Pyramid! According to a report published on the Internet on December 1, 1996, by Robert Hancock, British author of the best selling books, “The Sign and the Seal” and “Fingerprints of the Gods,” the Gantenbrink experiment1 was conducted in the Great Pyramid on October 20, 1996. This project entailed an exploration of the narrow passage leading up from the southern shaft of the “Queen’s Chamber” in the Great Pyramid. For several years, Egyptologists have known that a door exists at the upper end of the “Queen’s Chamber,” but until October 20, no one had penetrated it. Here, then, are the words of Hancock regarding the events of that date:

“At the end of the ascending passage, 8
inches square, leading from inside the
Great Pyramid’s ‘Queen’s Chamber’ is a
small ‘door’ with two metal ‘handles.’
On October 20, 1996, Dr. El Bas and two
assistants sent a fiber optic camera lens
through a flaw in this door. What was
allegedly found was a 2 meter by 1.5
meter chamber inside of which was a statue.
The statue seemed to be in the image of
a black male, holding an ankh in one hand. On the opposing wall of this chamber was
a round shaped passage leading out.”2
(Emphasis added)

While citing three reliable sources for this report, Hancock nonetheless cautions that it has not been completely verified. Less restrained is American author and astronomer Richard Hoagland. Speaking on Art Bell’s early morning nationwide talk show (KABC radio) on December 20, 1996, Hoagland devoted a considerable amount of time to a discussion of the same report and defended it with confidence. He also noted that, after the information leaked out, one of the sources was immediately fired and subjected to other severe discipline.3

We cite this report because, if true, it is an example, among many, of a revolutionary discovery made in secrecy by a group of specialists who may or may not reveal the total truth about what they have found. Fortunately, because a number of laymen, academicians and scientists have been closely following developments on the Giza plateau for several years, it was difficult for officials to suppress this experiment. Nevertheless, as of this writing no major media have published information on this discovery.

As Afrocentrists we stand in awe wondering how many other statues of Black males, and females for that matter, have been found in Egyptian archaeological sites and then hidden from public view?

This recent discovery serves as a perfect segue into our topic for February, Black History Month: “The ‘racial’ origin of the Ancient Egyptian people.” As we noted in the December issue of MAAT, every major newspaper and magazine in the nation and much of academe have attacked Africentrists as pseudoscientists. Especially scorned have been those scholars who claim that the Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans.

Since the overwhelming majority of the critics of Africentrism have engaged in nothing more than shadow boxing (never providing their opponents with an opportunity to respond to their assaults), we think a true debate is long overdue. Therefore this issue of MAAT has been exclusively devoted to a reprinting of an article written by the late Senegalese nuclear physicist, anthropologist, Egyptologist, linguist and historian, Cheikh Anta Diop. Entitled “Origin of The Ancient Egyptians,” the article was first published in UNESCO, General History of Africa, vol 2, Ancient Civilizations of Africa. Edited/translated by G. Mokhtar. Copyright (c) 1980 UNESCO.4 This article provides a comprehensive summary of the Africentric position on the race of the Ancient Egyptians.

While the MAAT newsletter invites a full spectrum of responses to this subject, we are nevertheless setting two ground rules as fundamental requirements for a serious, civil and objective discussion or debate:

It must be recognized that Egypt is and always
has been on the continent of Africa. References
to this country as a part of the Middle East,
Near East, Mediterranean or even the Fertile
Crescent, to the exclusion of its location in
Africa, is a blatant, racist distortion.

The color black cannot be defined as white.
The only reasonable definition of the Black
race is the following provided by Diop:
“There are two variants of the black race:
(a) straight-haired, represented in Asia by
the Dravidians and in Africa by the Nubians
and the Tubbou or Tedda, all three with jet-
black skins; (b) the kinky-haired blacks of
the Equatorial regions.”5
We flatly reject the specious reasoning of the early Egyptologist J. J. Champollion-Figeac and modern anthropologists, who insist that “[t]he two physical traits of black skin and kinky hair are not enough to stamp a race as negro. . .”6 They then proceed to transfer some of the blackest people in the world to the white race, if the blacks in question are the progenitors of an advanced civilization. If black skin is insufficient to qualify one for inclusion in the black race, then, what on earth is!?

The brilliant African American historian W.E.B. DuBois, recognized the contempt that the Western academic establishment has had for Black people and addressed it nearly 60 years ago:

“The Negro has long been the clown of history;
the football of anthropology; and the slave of
industry. I am trying to show here why these
attitudes can no longer be maintained. I
realize that the truth of history lies not in
the mouths of partisans but rather in the calm
Science that sits between. Her cause I seek to
serve, and wherever I fail, I am at least paying
Truth the respect of earnest effort.”7

We welcome you to join us as truth seekers.

The feature article in the March issue of MAAT will be “New Discoveries On The Giza Plateau: What are the Implications For Black People?”

*Legrand H. Clegg II is an attorney, historian and producer of the award-winning videotape, “When Black Men Ruled The World: Egypt During The Golden Age.”

(To order the videotape, please call 1-800-788-CLEGG)


Rudolf Gantenbrink, a German robotics engineer, built a robot to climb the southern shaft of the “Queen’s Chamber.” Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of The Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization, Crown Publishers, Inc., 1995, p. 321.
Graham Hancock, “Newsflash from Giza as of December 1, 1996,”
Permission for reprinting the article was granted by the University of California Press.
Quoted in “Origin of The Ancient Egyptians,” MAAT Newsletter, February, 1977, p. 12.
Ibid,p. 18.
W.E.B. DuBois, Black Folk: Then and Now, New York [First edition, 1939] Kraus-Thomson Organization Limited, Millwood, N,Y. 1975, p. IX.



by Cheikh Anta Diop

The general acceptance, as a sequel to the work of Professor [Louis B.] Leakey, of the hypothesis of mankind’s monogenetic and African origin, makes it possible to pose the question of the peopling of Egypt and even of the world in completely new terms. More than 150,000 years ago, beings morphologically identical with the man of today were living in the region of the great lakes at the sources of the Nile and nowhere else. This notion, and others which it would take too long to recapitulate here, form the substance of the last report presented by the late Dr. Leakey at the Seventh Pan-African Congress of Pre-History in Addis Ababa in 1971.1 It means that the whole human race had its origin, just as the ancients had guessed, at the foot of the mountains of the Moon. Against all expectations and in defiance of recent hypotheses it was from this place that men moved out to people the rest of the world. From this two facts of capital importance result:

(a) of necessity the earliest men were ethnically
homogeneous and negroid. Gloger’s law, which
would also appear to be applicable to human
beings, lays it down that warm-blooded
animals evolving in a warm humid climate will
secrete a black pigment (eumelanin).2 Hence
if mankind originated in the tropics around
the latitude of the great lakes, he was bound
to have brown pigmentation from the start and
and it was by differentiation in other climates
that the original stock later split into
different races;

(b) there were only two routes available by which
these early men could move out to people
the other continents, namely, the Sahara and
the Nile valley. It is the latter region which
will be discussed here.

From the Upper Palaeolithic to the dynastic epoch, the whole of the river’s basin was taken over progressively by these negroid peoples.

Evidence of Physical Anthropology on the Race of the Ancient Egyptians

It might have been thought that, working on physiological evidence, the findings of the anthropologists would dissipate all doubts by providing reliable and definitive truths. This is by no means so: the arbitrary nature of the criteria used, to go no farther, as well as abolishing any notion of a conclusion acceptable without qualification, introduces so much scientific hair-splitting that there are times when one wonders whether the solution of the problem would not have been nearer if we had not had the ill luck to approach it from this angle.

Nevertheless, although the conclusions of these anthropological studies stop short of the full truth, they still speak unanimously of the existence of a negro race from the most distant ages of prehistory down to the dynastic period. It is not possible in this paper to cite all these conclusions: they will be found summarized in Chapter X of Dr. Emile Massoulard’s Histoire et protohistoire d’ Egypt (Institut d’Ethnologix, Paris, 1949). We shall quote selected items only.

Miss Fawcett considers that the Negadah
skulls form a sufficiently homogeneous
collection to warrant the assumption of
a Negadah race. In the total height of
the skull, the auricular height, the
length and breadth of the face, nasal
length, cephalic index and facial index
this race would seem to approximate to
the negro; in nasal breadth, height of
orbit, length of palate and nasal index
it would seem closed to the Germanic
peoples; accordingly the Pre-Dynastic
Negadians are likely to have resembled
the negroes in certain of their
characteristics and the white race in

It is worth noting that the nasal indices of Ethiopians and Dravidians would seem to approximate them to the Germanic peoples, though both are black races.

These measurements, which would leave an open choice between the two extremes represented by the negro and the Germanic races, give an idea of the elasticity of the criteria employed. A sample follows:

An attempt was made by Thompson and
Randall MacIver to determine more
precisely the importance of the negroid
element in the series of skulls from
El’Amrah, Abydos and Hou. They divided
them into three groups: (1) negroid
skulls (those with a facial index below
54 and a nasal index above 50, i.e.
Short broad face and broad nose);
(2) non-negroid skulls (facial index
above 54 and nasal index below 50, long
narrow face and narrow nose), (3) inter-
mediate skulls (assignable to one of
the two previous groups on the basis of
either the facial index or on the
evidence of the nasal index, plus
individuals marginal to either group).
The proportion of negroids would seem to
have 24% of men and 19% of women in the
early Pre-Dynastic and 25% and 28%
respectively in the late Pre-Dynastic.

Kieth has disputed the value of the
criterion selected by Thompson and
Randall MacIver to distinguish the
negroid from the non-negroid skulls.
His opinion is that if the same
criteria were applied to the study of
any series of contemporary English
skulls, the sample would be found to
contain approximately 30% of negroid
types. (pp. 420-1)

The converse of Kieth’s proposition could also be asserted, namely, that if the criterion were applied to the 140 million negroes now alive in black Africa a minimum of 100 million negroes would emerge whitewashed.

It may also be remarked that the distinction between negroid, non-negroid and intermediary is unclear; the fact is that ‘non-negroid’ does not mean of white race and ‘intermediary’ still less so.

‘Falkenburger reopened the anthropological study of the Egyptian population in a recent work in which he discusses 1,787 male skulls varying in date from the old, Pre-Dynastic to our own day. He distinguishes four main groups’ (p. 421). The sorting of the predynastic skulls into these four groups gives the following results for the whole predynastic period: “36% negroid, 33% Mediterranean, 11% Cro-Magnoid and 20% of individuals not falling in any of these groups but approximating either to the Cro-Magnoid or to the negroid’. The proportion of negroids is definitely higher than that suggested by Thomson and Randall MacIver, though Kieth considers the latter too high.

‘Do Falkenburger’s figures reflect the reality? It is not our task to decide this. If they are accurate, the Pre-Dynastic population far from representing a pure bred race, as Elliott-Smith has said, comprised at least three distinct racial elements – over a third of negroids, a third of Mediterraneans, a tenth of Cro-Magnoids and a fifth of individuals crossbred – to varying degrees’ (p. 422).

The point about all these conclusions is that despite their discrepancies the degree to which they converge proves that the basis of the Egyptian population was negro in the Pre-Dynastic epoch. Thus they are all incompatible with the theories that the negro element only infiltrated into Egypt at a late stage. Far otherwise, the facts prove that it was preponderant from the beginning to the end of Egyptian history, particularly when we note once more that ‘Mediterranean’ is not a synonym for ‘white’, Elliott-Smith’s ‘brown’ or Mediterranean race being nearer to the mark’. ‘Elliott Smith classes these Proto-Egyptians as a branch of what he calls the brown race”.’ The term ‘brown’ in this context refers to skin colour and is simply a euphemism for negro.3 it is thus clear that it was the whole of the Egyptian population which was negro, barring an infiltration of white nomads in the proto-dynastic epoch

In Petrie’s study of the Egyptian race we are introduced to a possible classification element in great abundance which cannot fail to surprise the reader.

Petrie . . . published a study of the races
of Egypt in the Pre-Dynastic and Proto-
Dynastic periods working only on portrayals
of them. Apart from the steatopygian race,
he distinguishes six separate types: an
aquiline type representative of a white-
skinned Libyan race; a ‘plaited beard’ type
belonging to an invading race coming perhaps
from the shores of the Red Sea, a ‘sharp-nosed’
type almost certainly from the Arabian Desert:
a ’tilted-nose’ type from Middle Egypt; a
‘jutting beard’ type from Lower Egypt; and a
‘narrow-nose’ type from Upper Egypt. Going
on the images, there would thus have been
seven different racial types in Egypt during
the epochs we are considering. In the pages
which follow we shall see that study of the
skeletons seems to provide little authority
for these conclusions. (p.391)

The above mode of classification gives an idea of the arbitrary nature of the criteria used to define the Egyptian races. Be that as it may, it is clear that anthropology is far from having established the existence of a white Egyptian race and would indeed tend rather to suggest the opposite.

Nevertheless, in current textbooks the question is suppressed: in most cases it is simply and flatly asserted that the Egyptians were white and the honest layman is left with the impression that any such assertion must necessarily have a prior basis of solid research. But there is no such basis, as this chapter has shown. And so generation after generation has been misled. Many authorities skate around the difficulty today by speaking of red-skinned and black-skinned whites without their sense of common logic being in the least upset. ‘The Greeks call Africa “Libya”, a misnomer au initio since Africa contains many other peoples besides the so-called Libyans, who belong among the whites of the northern or Mediterranean periphery and hence are many steps removed from the brown (or red) skinned whites (Egyptians).’4

In a textbook intended for the middle secondary school we find the following sentence: ‘A Black is distinguished less by the colour of his skin (for there are black-skinned “whites”) than by his features: thick lips, flattened nose . . .’5 It is only through these twistings of the basic definitions that it has been possible to bleach the Egyptian race.

It is worthwhile calling to mind the exaggerations of the theorists of anthropo-sociology in the last century and the beginnings of the present one whose minute physiognomical analyses discovered racial stratifications even in Europe, and particularly in France, when in fact there was really a single and by now practically homogeneous people.6 Today Occidentals who value their national cohesion are careful to avoid examining their own societies on so divisive a hypothesis, but continue unthinkingly to apply the old methods to the non-European societies.

Human Images of the Protohistoric Period: Their Anthropological Value

The study of human images made by Flinders Petrie on another plane shows that the ethnic type was black: according to Petrie these people were the Anu whose name, known to us since the protohistoric epoch, is always ‘written’ with three pillars on the few inscriptions extant from the end of the fourth millennium before our era. The natives of the country are always represented with unmistakable chiefly emblems for which one looks in vain among the infrequent portrayals of other races, who are all shown as servile foreign elements having reached the valley by infiltration (cf. Tera Neter7 and the Scorpion king whom Petrie groups together; ‘The Scorpion King . . . belonged to the preceding race of Anu, moreover he worshipped Min and Set.’).8

As we shall see later Min, like the chief gods of Egypt, was called by the tradition of Egypt itself ‘the great negro’.

After a glance at the various foreign types of humanity who disputed the valley with the indigenous blacks, Petrie describes the latter, the Anu, in the following terms: Besides these types, belonging to the North and East, there is the aboriginal race of the Anu, or Annu, people (written with three pillars) who became a part of the historic inhabitants. The subject ramifies too doubtfully if we include all single pillar names, but looking for the Annu written, with the three pillars, we find that they occupied southern Egypt and Nubia, and the name is also applied in Sinai and Libya. As to the southern Egyptians, we have the most essential document, one portrait of a chief, Tera Neter, roughly modelled in relief in green glazed faience, found in the early temple at Abydos. Preceding his name his address is given on this earliest of visiting cards, ‘Palace of the Anu in Hemen city, Tera Neter’. Hemen was the name of the god of Tuphium, Erment, opposite to it, was the palace of Annu of the south, Annu Menti. The next place in the south is Aunti (Gefeleyn), and beyond that Aunyt-Seni (Esneh).”

Amelineau lists in geographical order the fortified towns built along the length of the Nile valley by the Annu blacks.

[Hieroglyphics] =Ant=(Esneh)

[Hieroglyphics] =An =the southern ‘On’
(now Hermonthis)

[Hieroglyphics] =Denderah, the traditional
birthplace of Isis

[Hieroglyphics] = A town also called ‘On’ in the
name of Tinis

[Hieroglyphics] =The town called the northern
‘On’, the renowned city of

The common ancestor of the Annu settled along the Nile was Ani or An, a name determined by the word [hieroglyphics] (khet) and which, dating from the earliest versions of the “Book of the Dead” onwards, is given to the god Orisis.

The wife of [hieroglyphics] the god Ani is the goddess Anet [hieroglyphics] who is also his sister, just as Isis is the sister of Osiris.

The identity of the god An with Osiris has been demonstrated by Pleyte;10 we should, indeed recall that is also surnamed by (?) the Anou; ‘Osiris Ani’. The god Anu is represented alternately by the symbol [hieroglyphics] and the symbol [hieroglyphics]. Are the Aunak tribes now inhabiting the upper Nile related to the ancient Annu? Future research will provide the answer to this question.

Petrie thinks it possible to make a distinction between the predynastic people represented by Tera Neter and the Scorpion King (who is himself a Pharaoh even at that date as his head-dress shows) and a dynastic people worshipping the falcion and probably represented by the Pharaoh’s Narmer,14 Khasekhem, Sanekhei and Zoser.12 By reference to the faces reproduced in the figure it is easily perceived that there is no ethnic difference between the two lots, and both belong to the black race.

The mural in tomb SD 63 (Sequence Date 63) of Hierakonopolis shows the native-born blacks subjugating the foreign intruders into the valley if we accept Petrie’s interpretation: ‘Below is the black ship at Hierakonpolis belonging to the black men who are shown as conquering the red men.’13

The Gebel-el-Arak knife haft shows similar scenes: ‘There are also combats of black men overcoming red men.’13 However, the archaeological value of this object, which was not found in situ but in the possession of a merchant, is less than that of the preceding items.

What the above shows is that the images of men of the protohistoric and even of the dynastic period in no way square with the idea of the Egyptian race popular with Western anthropologists. Wherever the autochthonous racial type is represented with any degree of clearness, it is evidently negroid. Nowhere are the Indo-European and Semitic elements shown even as ordinary freeman serving a local chief, but invariably as conquered foreigners. The rare portrayals found are always shown with the distinctive marks of captivity, hands tied behind the back or strained over the shoulders.14 A protodynastic figurine represents an Indo-European prisoner with a long plait on his knees, with his hands bound tight to his body. The characteristics of the object itself show that it was intended as the foot of a piece of furniture and represented a conquered race.15 Often the portrayal is deliberately grotesque as with other proto-dynastic figures showing individuals with their hair plaited in what Petrie calls pigtails.16

In the tomb of King Ka (first dynasty) at Abydos, Petrie found a plaque showing an Indo-European captive in chains with his hands behind his back.17 Elliott-Smith considers that the individual represented is a Semite. The dynastic epoch has also yielded the documents illustrated in Pls 1.9. and 1.14 showing Indo-European and Semitic prisoners. In contrast, the typically negroid features of the pharaohs (Narmer, first dynasty, the actual founder of the Pharaonic line; Zoser, third dynasty, by whose time all the technological elements of the Egyptian civilization were already in evidence; Cheops, the builder of the Great Pyramid, a Cameroon type,18 Menthuhotep, founder of the eleventh dynasty, very black,19 Sesostris 1; Queen Ahmosis Nefertari; and Amenhophis I) show that all classes of Egyptian society belong to the same black race.

Pls 1.15 and 1.16, showing the Indo-European and Semitic types, have been included deliberately to contrast them with the quite dissimilar physiognomies of the black pharaohs and to demonstrate clearly that there is no trace of either of the first two types in the whole line of Pharaohs if we exclude the foreign Libyan and Ptolemaic dynasties.

It is usual to contrast the negresses on the tomb of Horemheb with the Egyptian type also shown. This contrast is surely a false one; it is social and not ethnic and there is as much difference between an aristocratic Senegalese lady from Dakar and those antique African peasant women with their horny hands and splay feet as between the latter and an Egyptian lady of the cities of antiquity.

There are two variants of the black race: (a) straight-haired, represented in Asia by the Dravidians and in Africa by the Nubians and the Tubbou or Tedda, all three with jet-black skins; (b) the kinky-haired blacks of the Equatorial regions. Both types entered into the composition of the Egyptian population.

Melanin Dosage Test

In practice it is possible to determine directly the skin colour and hence the ethnic affiliations of the ancient Egyptians by microscopic analysis in the laboratory; I doubt if the sagacity of the researchers who have studied the question has overlooked the possibility.

Melanin (eumelanin), the chemical body responsible for skin pigmentation, is, broadly speaking, insoluble and is preserved for millions of years in the skins of fossil animals.20 There is thus all the more reason for it to be readily recoverable in the skins of Egyptian mummies, despite a tenacious legend that the skin of mummies, tainted by the embalming material, is no longer susceptible of any analysis.21 Although the epidermis is the main site of the melanin, the melanocytes penetrating the derm at the boundary between it and the epidermis, even where the latter has mostly been destroyed by the embalming materials, show a melanin level which is non-existent in the white-skinned races. The samples I myself analyzed were taken in the physical anthropology laboratory of the Mus’ee de l’Homme in Paris off the mummies from the Marietta excavations in Egypt.22 The same method is perfectly suitable for use on the royal mummies of Thutmoses III, Seti I and Ramses II in the Cairo Museum, which are in an excel state of preservation. For two years past I have been vainly begging the curator of the Cairo Museum for similar samples to analyze. No more than a few square millimetres of skin would be required to mount a specimen, the preparations being a few um in thickness and lightened with ethyl benzoate. They can be studied by natural light or with ultra-violet lighting which renders the melanin grains fluorescent.

Either way let us simply say that the evaluation of melanin level by microscopic examination is a laboratory method which enables us to classify the ancient Egyptians unquestionably among the black races.

Osteological Measurements

Among the criteria accepted in physical anthropology for classifying races, the osteological measurements are perhaps the least misleading (in contrast to craniometry) for distinguishing a black man from a white man. By this criterion, also, the Egyptians belong among the black races. This study was made by the distinguished German savant Lepsius at the end of the nineteenth century and his conclusions remain valid; subsequent methodological progress in the domain of physical anthropology in no way undermines what is called the ‘Lepsius canon’ which, in round figures, gives the bodily proportions of the ideal Egyptian, short-armed and of negroid or negrito physical type.23

Blood Groups

It is a notable fact that even today Egyptians, particularly in Upper Egypt, belong to the same Group B as the populations of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 group characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding.24 It would be interesting to study the extent of Group A2 distribution in Egyptian mummies, which present-day techniques make possible.

The Egyptian Race According to the Classical Authors of Antiquity

To the Greek and Latin writers contemporary with the ancient Egyptians the latter’s physical classification posed no problems: the Egyptians were negroes, thick-lipped, kinky-haired and thin-legged; the unanimity of the author’s evidence on a physical fact as salient as a people’s race will be difficult to minimize or pass over. Some of the following evidence drives home the point.

(a) Herodotus, ‘the father of history’, -480(?) to -425. With regard to the origins of the Colchians25 he writes:

it is in fact manifest that the Colchidians are
Egyptian by race … several Egyptians told me
that in their opinion the Colchidians were
descended from soldiers of Sesostris. I had
conjectured as much myself from two pointers,
firstly because they have black skins and
kinky hair (to tell the truth this proves
nothing for other peoples have them too) and
secondly, and more reliably for the reason that
alone among mankind the Egyptians and the
Ethiopians have practiced circumcision since
time immemorial. The Phoenicians and Syrians
of Palestine themselves admit that they learnt
the practice from the Egyptians while the
Syrians in the river Thermodon and Pathenios
region and their neighbors the Macrons say
they learnt it recently from the Colchidians.
These are the only races which practice
circumcision and it is observable that they do
it in the same way as the Egyptians. As
between the Egyptians themselves and the
Ethiopians I could not say which taught the
other the practice for among them it is
quite clearly a custom of great antiquity.
As to the custom having been learnt through
their Egyptian connections, a further strong
proof to my mind is that all those Phoenicians
trading to Greece cease to treat the pudenda
after the Egyptian manner and do not subject
their offspring to circumcision.26

Herodotus reverts several times to the negroid character of the Egyptians and each time uses it as a fact of observation to argue more or less complex theses. Thus to prove that the Greek oracle at Dondona in Epirus was of Egyptian origin, one of his arguments is the following: ‘. . . and when they add that the dove was black they give us to understand that the woman was Egyptian.’27 The doves in question – actually there were two according to the text – symbolize two Egyptian women who are said to have BEEN carried off from the Egyptian Thebes to found the oracles in Greece at Dodona and in Libya (Oasis of Jupiter Amon) respectively. Herodotus did not share the opinion of Anaxagoras that the melting of the snows on the mountains of Ethiopia was the source of the Nile floods.28 He relied on the fact that it neither rains or snows in Ethiopia ‘and the heat there turns men black’.29

(b) Aristotle, -389 to -332, scientist, philosopher and tutor of Alexander the Great.

In one of his minor works, Aristotle attempts, with unexpected naivete’, to establish a correlation between the physical and moral natures of living beings and leaves us evidence on the Egyptian-Ethiopian race which confirms what Herodotus says. According to him, ‘Those who are too black are cowards, like for instance, the Egyptians and Ethiopians. But those who are excessively white are also cowards as we can see from the example of women, the complexion of courage is between the two.’30

(c) Lucian, Greek writer, +125(?) to +190.

The evidence of Lucian is as explicit as that of the two previous writers. He introduces two Greeks, Lycinus and Timolaus, who start a conversation.

Lycinus (describing a young Egyptian):
‘This boy is not merely black; he has
thick lips and his legs are too thin. . .
his hair worn in a plait behind shows
that he is not a freeman.’

Timolaus: ‘But that is a sign of really
distinguished birth in Egypt, Lycinus.
All freeborn children plait their hair
until they reach manhood. It is the
exact opposite of the custom of our ances-
tors who thought it seemly for old men to
secure their hair with a gold brooch to
keep it in place.’31

(d) Apollodorus, first century before our
era, Greek philosopher.
‘Aegyptos conquered the country of the black-
footed ones and called it Egypt after himself.’32

(e) Aeschylus, -525(?) to -456, tragic poet and
creator of Greek tragedy.
In The Suppliants, Danaos, fleeing with his daughters, the Danaids, and pursued by his brother Aegyptos with his sons, the Aegyptiads, who seek to wed their cousins by force, climbs a hillock, looks out to sea and describes the Aegyptiads at the oars afar off in these terms: ‘I can see the crew with their black limbs and white tunics.’33

A similar description of the Egyptian type of man recurs a few lines later in verse 745.

(f) Achilles Tatius of Alexandria.

He compares the herdsmen of the Delta to the Ethiopians and explains that they are blackish, like half-castes.

(g) Strabo, -58 to about +25.

Strabo visited Egypt and almost all the countries of the Roman empire. He concurs in the theory that the Egyptians and the Colchoi are of the same race but holds that the migrations to Ethiopia and Colchoi had been from Egypt only

‘Egyptians settled in Ethiopia and in Colchoi.’34 There is no doubt whatever as to Strabo’s notion of the Egyptian’s race for he seeks elsewhere to explain why the Egyptians are darker than the Hindus, a circumstance which would permit the refutation, if needed, of any attempt at confusing ‘the Hindu and Egyptian races’.

(h) Diodorus of Sicily, about -63 to +14, Greek historian and contemporary of Caesar Augustus.

According to Diodorus it was probably Ethiopia which colonized Egypt (in the Athenian sense of the term, signifying that, with overpopulation, a proportion of the people emigrate to new territory).

The Ethiopians say that the Egyptians
`are one of their colonies,35 which was
led into Egypt by Osiris. They claim that
at the beginning of the world Egypt was
simply a sea but that the Nile, carrying
down vast quantities of loam from Ethiopia
in its flood waters, finally filled it in
and made it part of the continent. . . They
add that the Egyptians have received from
them, as from authors and their ancestors,
the greater part of their laws.36

(i) Diogenes Laertius.

He wrote the following about Zeno, founder of the stoic School (-333 to -261): ‘Zeno son of Mnaseas or Demeas was a native of Citium in Cyprus, a Greek city which has taken in some Phoenician colonists.’ In his Lives, Timotheus of Athens describes Zeno as having a twisted neck. Apollonius of Tyre says of him that he was gaunt, very tall and black, hence the fact that, according to Chrysippus in the First Book of his Proverbs, certain people called him an Egyptian vine-shoot.37

(j) Ammianus Marcellinus, about +33 to +100, Latin historian and friend of the Emperor Julian.

With him we reach the sunset of the Roman empire and the end of classical antiquity. There are about nine centuries between the birth of Aeschylus and Herodotus and the death of Ammianus Marcellinus, nine centuries during which the Egyptians, amid a sea of white races, steadily crossbred. It can be said without exaggeration that in Egypt one household in ten included a white Asiatic or Indo-European slave.39

It is remarkable that, despite its intensity, all this crossbreeding should not have succeeded in upsetting the racial constants. Indeed Ammianus Marcellinus writes: “. . .the men of Egypt are mostly brown and black with a skinny and desiccated look.”39 He also confirms the evidence already cited about the Colchoi: ‘Beyond these lands are the heartlands of the Camaritae40 and the Phasis with its swifter stream borders the country of the Colchoi, an ancient race of Egyptian origin.’41

This cursory review of the evidence of the ancient Graeco-Latin writers on the Egyptians’ race shows that the extent of agreement between them is impressive and is an objective fact difficult to minimize or conceal, the two alternatives between which present-day Egyptology constantly oscillates.

An exception is the evidence of an honest savant. Volney, who travelled in Egypt between +1783 and +1785, i.e. at the peak period of negro slavery, and made the following observations on the true Egyptian race, the same which produced the Pharaohs, namely the Copts:

All of them are puffy-faced, heavy eyed and
thick-lipped, in a word, real mulatto faces.
I was tempted to attribute this to the climate
until, on visiting the Sphinx, the look of it
gave me the clue to the egnima. Beholding
that head characteristically Negro in all
its features, I recalled the well-known passage
of Herodotus which reads: ‘For my part I
consider the Colchoi are a colony of the Egyptians

because, like them, they are black skinned
and kinky-haired.’ In other words the
ancient Egyptians were true negroes of the same
stock as all the autochthonous peoples of Africa
and from that datum one sees how their race,
after some centuries of mixing with the blood
of Romans and Greeks, must have lost the full
blackness of its original colour but retained
the impress of its original mould. It is even
possible to apply this observation very widely
and posit in principle that physiognomy is a
kind of record usable in many cases for disputing
or elucidating the evidence of history on the
origins of the peoples . . .

After illustrating this proposition citing the case of the Normans, who 900 years after the conquest of Normandy still look like Danes, Volney adds:

but reverting to Egypt, its contributions
to history afford many subjects for philosophic reflection. What a subject for meditation is
the present-day barbarity and ignorance of the
Copts who were considered, born of the alliance
of the deep genius of the Egyptians and the
brilliance of the Greeks, that this race of
blacks who nowadays are slaves and the objects
of our scorn is the very one to which we owe our
arts, our sciences, and even the use of spoken word;
and finally recollect that it is in the midst of the peoples claiming to be the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that the most barbarous of enslavements
has been sanctioned and the question raised whether

black men have brains of the same quality as those of white men!42

To this testimony of Volney, Champollion-Figeac, brother of Champollion the Younger, was to reply in the following terms: ‘The two physical traits of black skin and kinky hair are not enough to stamp a race as negro and Volney’s conclusion as to the negro origin of the ancient population of Egypt is glaringly forced and inadmissible.’43

Being black from head to foot and having kinky hair is not enough to make a man a negro! This shows us the kind of specious argumentation to which Egyptology has had to resort since its birth as a science. Some scholars maintain that Volney was seeking to shift the discussion to a philisophic plane. But we have only to re-read Volney: he is simply drawing the inferences from crude material facts forcing themselves on his eyes and his conscience as proofs.

The Egyptians as They Saw Themselves

It is no waste of time to get the views of those principally concerned. How did the ancient Egyptians see themselves? Into which ethnic category did they put themselves? What did they call themselves? The language and literature left to us by the Egyptians of the Pharaonic epoch supply explicit answers to these questions which the scholars cannot refrain from minimizing, twisting or ‘interpreting.’

The Egyptians had only one term to designate themselves: [hieroglyphics]=kmt=the negroes (literally).44 This is the strongest term existing in the Pharaonic tongue to indicate blackness; it is accordingly written with a hieroglyph representing a length of wood charred at the end and not crocodile scales.45 This word is the etymological origin of the well-known root Kamit which has proliferated in modern anthropological literature. The biblical root kam is probably derived from it and it has therefore been necessary to distort the facts to enable this root today to mean ‘white’ in Egyptological terms whereas, in the Pharaonic mother tongue which gave it birth, it meant ‘coal black.’

In the Egyptian language, a word of assembly is formed from an adjective or a noun by putting it in the feminine singular. ‘kmt’ from the adjective [hieroglyphics] =km=black; it therefore means strictly negroes or at the very least black men. The term is a collective noun which thus described the whole people of Pharaonic Egypt as a black people.

In other words, on the purely grammatical plane, if one wishes to indicate negroes in the Pharaonic tongue, one cannot use any other word than the very one which the Egyptians used of themselves. Furthermore, the language offers us another term, [hieroglyphics] kmtjw=the negroes, the black men (literally)=the Egyptians, as opposed to ‘foreigners’ which comes from the same root km and which the Egyptians also used to describe themselves as a people as distinguished from all foreign peoples.46 These are the only adjectives of nationality used by the Egyptians to designate themselves and both mean ‘negro’ or ‘black’ in the Pharonic language. Scholars hardly ever mention them or when they do it is to translate them by euphemisms such as the ‘Egyptians’ while remaining completely silent about their etymological sense.47 They prefer the expression [hieroglyphics] Rmt kmt=the men of the country of the black men or the men of the black country.

In Egyptian, words are normally followed by a determinative which indicates their exact sense, and for this particuar expression Egyptologists suggest that [heiroglyphics] km=black and that the colour qualifies the determinative which follows it and which signifies ‘country’. Accordingly, they claim, the translation should be ‘the black earth’ from the colour of the loam, or the ‘black country’, and not ‘the country of the black men’ as we should be inclined to render it today with black Africa and white Africa in mind. Perhaps so, but if we apply this rule rigorously to [hieroglyphics] =kmit, we are forced to ‘concede that here the adjective “black” qualifies the determinative which signifies the whole people of Egypt shown by the two symbols for “man” and “woman” and the three strokes below them which indicate the plural’. Thus, if it is possible to voice a doubt as regards the expression [hieroglyphics] =Kme, it is not possible to do so in the case of the two adjectives of nationality [hieroglyphics] kmt and kmtjw unless one is picking one’s arguments completely at random.

It is a remarkable circumstance that the ancient Egyptians should never have had the idea of applying these qualificatives to the Nubians and other populations of Africa to distinguish them from themselves; any more than a Roman at the apogee of the empire could use a ‘colour’ adjective to distinguish himself from the Germani on the other bank of the Danube, of the same stock but still in the prehistoric age of development.

In either case both sides were of the same world in terms of physical anthropology, and accordingly the distinguishing terms used related to level of civilization or moral sense. For the civilized Romans, the Germans, of the same stock, were barbarians. The Egyptians used the expression [hieroglyphics] =na-has to designate the Nubians; and nahas48 is the name of a people, with no colour connotation in Egyptian. it is a deliberate mistranslation to render it as negro as is done in almost all present-day publications.

The Divine Epithets

Finally, black or negro is the divine epithet invariably

used for the chief beneficent gods of Egypt, whereas all the malevolent spirits are qualified as desret=red; we also know that to Africans this form applies to the white nations; it is practically certain that this held good for Egypt too but I want in this chapter to keep to the least debatable facts.

The surnames of the gods are these:

[hieroglyphics] =kmwr=the ‘Great Negro’ for Osiris49

[hieroglyphics] =km=the black + the name of the god50

[hieroglyphics] =kmt=the black + the name of the goddess51

The km (black) [hieroglyphics] qualificative is applied to Hathor, Apis, Min, Thoth, etc52 [hieroglyphics] set kmt=the black woman=Isis53 On the other hand ‘seth’, the sterile desert, is qualified by the term desret=red. 54 The wild animals which Horus fought to create civilization are qualified as desret=red, especially the hippopotamus.55 Similarly the maleficent beings wiped out by Thoth are Des= [hieroglyphics] =desrtjw=thr red ones; this term is the grammatical converse of Kmtjw and its construction follows the same rule for the formation of ‘nisbes’.

Witness of the Bible

The Bible tells us. ‘ . . .the sons of Ham [were] Cush, and Mizraim [i.e. Egypt], and Phut, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtechah.56

Generally speaking all Semitic tradition (Jewish and Arab) classes ancient Egypt with the countries of the blacks.

The importance of these depositions cannot be ignored, for these are peoples (the Jews) which lived side by side with the ancient Egyptians and sometimes in symbiosis with them and have nothing to gain by presenting a false ethnic picture of them. Nor is the notion of an erroneous interpretation of the facts any more tenable.57

Cultural Data

Among the innumerable identical cultural traits recorded in Egypt and in present-day black Africa, it is proposed to refer only to circumcision and totemism.

According to the extract from Herodotus quoted earlier, circumcision is of African origin. Archaeology has confirmed the judgment of the Father of History for Elliott-Smith was able to determine from the examination of well-preserved mummies that circumcision was the rule among the Egyptians as long ago as the protohistoric era,58 i.e. earlier than -4000.

Egyptian totemism retained its vitality down to the Roman period59 and Plutarch also mentions it. The researches of Amelineau6,60 Loret, Moret and Adolphe Reinach have clearly demonstrated the existence of an Egyptian totemic system, in refutation of the champions of the zoolatric thesis.

If we reduce the notion of the totem to that
of a fetish, usually representing an animal
of a species with which the tribe believes
it has special ties formally renewed at
fixed intervals, and which is carried into
battle like a standard; if we accept this
minimal but adequate definition of a totem,
it can be said that there was no country
where totemism had a more brilliant reign
than in Egypt and certainly nowhere where
it could be better studied.61

Linguistic Affinity

Walaf,62 a Senegalese language spoken in the extreme west of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, is perhaps as close to ancient Egyptian as Coptic. An exhaustive study of this question has recently been carried out.63 In this chapter enough is presented to show that the kinship between ancient Egyptian and the languages of Africa is not hypothetical but a demonstrable fact which it is impossible for modern scholarship to thrust aside.

As we shall see, the kinship is genealogical in nature.

Egyptian Coptic Walaf

=kef=to grasp, (Saidique dialect) kef=seize a prey
to take a strip keh=to tame 65
(of something)64


kef i keh kef na
kef ek keh ek kef nga
kef et keh ere kef na
kef ef kef ef

kef es keh es kef ef na
kef es

kef n keh en kef nanu
kef ton keh etetu kef ngen
kef sen keh ey kef nanu


kef ni keh nei kef (on) na
kef (o) nek keh nek kef (on) nga
kef (o) net keh nere kef (on) na

kef (o) nef keh nef kef (on) ef na
kef (o) nes keh nes kef (on) es

kef (o) nen keh nen kef (on) nanu
kef (o) n ten keh netsten kef (on) ngen
kef (o) n sen67 keh ney68 kef (on) nanu


(symbol) =feh=go away feh=rush off

We have the following correspondences between the verb forms,
with identity of similarity of meaning: all the Egyptian verb
forms, except for two, are also recorded in Walaf.


feh-ef feh-ef
feh-es feh-es
feh-n-ef feh-on-ef
feh-n-es feh-ones

feh-w feh-w

feh-wef feh-w-ef
feh-w-es feh-w-es

feh-w-a-ef feh-il-ef
feh-w-n-es feh-w-on-es

feh-in-ef feh-il-ef
feh-in-es fen-il-es
feh-t-ef feh-t-ef
feh-t-es feh-es
feh-tyfy feh-ati-fy
feh-tysy feh-at-ef

feh-tw-ef mar-tw-ef
feh-tw-es mar-tw-es

feh-kw(i) fahi-kw

feh-n-tw-ef feh-an-tw-ef
feh-a-tw-es feh-an-tw-es

feh-y-ef feh-y-ef
feh-y-es fey-y-es


[symbol] =mer=love mar=lick (symbol)
mer-ef mar-ef
mer-es mar-es
mer-n-el mar-on-ef
mer-n-es mar-on-es

mer-w mar-w

mer-w-ef mar-w-ef

mer-w-n-f mar-w-on-ef
mer-w-n-es mar-w-on-es

mer-in-ef mar-il-ef
mer-in-es mar-il-es

mer-t-ef mar-t-ef
mer-t-es mar-t-es

mer-tw-ef mar-tw-ef
mer-tw-es mar-tw-es

mer-tyfy mar-at-ef
mer-t-tysy mar-aty-es

mar-kwi mari-kw
mer-y-ef mar-y-ef
mer-y-es mar-y-es
mer-n-tw-ef mar-an-tw-ef
mer-n-tw-es mar-antw-es

Egyptian and Walaf Demonstratives

There are the following phonetic correspondents between Egyptian and Walaf demonstratives;

[This section was omitted because of the difficulty of reproducing the symbols on the Internet]

These phonetic correspondences are not ascriable either to elementary affinity or to the general laws of the human mind for they are regular correspondences on outstanding points extending through an entire system, that of the demonstratives in the two languages and that of the verbal languages. It is through the application of such laws that it was possible to demonstrate the existence of the Indo-European linguistic family.

The comparison could be carried to show that the majority of the phonemes remain unchanged between the two languages. The few changes which are of great interest are the following:

[This section was omitted because of the difficulty of reproducing the symbols on the Internet]

It is still early to talk with precision of the vocalic accompaniment of the Egyptian phonemes. But the way is open for the rediscovery of the vocalics of ancient Egyptian from comparative studies with the languages of Africa.


The structure of African royalty, with the king put to death, either really or symbolically, after a reign which varied in length but was in the region of eight years, recalls the ceremony of the Pharaoh’s regeneration through the Sed feast. Also reminiscent of Egypt are the circumcision rites mentioned earlier and the totemism, cosmogonies, architecture, musical instruments, etc., of Africa.71 Egyptian antiquity is to African culture what Graceo-Roman antiquity is to Western culture. The building up of a corpus of African humanities should be based on this fact.

It will be understood how difficult it is to write such a chapter in a work of this kind, where euphemism and compromise are the rule. In an attempt to avoid sacrificing scientific truth, therefore, we made a point of suggesting three preliminaries to the preparation of this volume, all of which were agreed to at the plenary session held in 1971. 72 The first two led to the holding of the Cairo Symposium from 28 January to 3 February 1974. 73 In this connection I should like to refer to certain passages in the report of that symposium. Professor Vercoutter, who had been commissioned by Unesco to write the introductory report, acknowledged after a thorough discussion that the conventional idea that the Egyptian population was equally divided between blacks, whites and half-castes could not be upheld.. ‘Professor Vercoutter agreed that no attempt should be made to estimate percentages, which meant nothing, as it was impossible to establish them without reliable statistical data’. On the subject of Egyptian culture: ‘Professor Vercoutter remarked that, in his view, Egypt was African in its way of writing, in its cullture and in its way of thinking’.

Professor Lecant, for his part, ‘recognized the same African character in the Egyptian temperament and way of thinking’.

In regard to linguistics, it is stated in the report that ‘this item, in contrast to those previously discussed, revealed a large measure of agreement among the participants. The outline by Professor Diop and the report by Professor Obenga were regarded as being very constructive’.

Similarly, the symposium rejected the idea that Pharaonic Egyptian was a Semitic language. ‘Turning to wider issues, Professor Sauneron drew attention to the interest of the method suggested by Professor Obenga following Professor Diop. Egyptian remained a stable language for a period of at least 4500 years. Egypt was situated at the point of convergence of outside influences and it was to be expected that borrowing had been made from foreign languages, but the Semitic roots numbered only a few hundred as compared with a total of several thousand words. The Egyptian language could not be isolated from its African context and its origin could not be fully explained in terms of Semitic, it was thus quite normal to expect to find related languages in Africa’.

The genetic, that is, non-accidental relationship between Egyptian and the African languages was recognized: ‘Professor Sauneron noted that the method which had been used was of considerable interest, since it could not be purely fortuitous that there was a similarity between the third person singular suffixed pronouns in Ancient Egyptian and in Wolof, he hoped that an attempt would be made to reconstitute a palaeo-African language, using present-day languages as a starting point’.

In the general conclusion to the report it was stated that: ‘Although the preparatory working paper sent out by Unesco gave particulars of what was desired, not all participants had prepared communications comparable with the painstakingly researched contributions of Professors Cheikh Anta Diop and Obenga. There was consequently a real lack of balance in the discussions’.

A new page of African historiography was accordingly written in Cairo. The symposium recommended that further studies be made on the concept of race. Such studies have since been carried out, but they have not contributed anything new to the historical discussion. They tell us that molecular biology and genetics recognize the existence of populations alone, the concept of race being no longer meaningful. Yet whenever there is any question of the transmission of a hereditary taint, the concept of race in the most classic sense of the term comes into its own again, for genetics tells us that ‘sickle-cell anaemia occurs only in negroes’. The truth is that all these ‘anthropologists’ have already in their own minds drawn the conclusions deriving from the triumph of the monogenetic theory of mankind without venturing to put them into explicit terms, for if mankind originated in Africa, it was necessarily negroid becoming white through mutation and adaptation at the end of the last glaciation in Europe in the Upper Palaeolithic; and is not more understandable why the Grimaldian negroids first occupied Europe for 10,000 years before Cro-Magnon Man-the prototype of the white race-appeared (around -2,000).

The idealogical standpoint is also evident in apparently objective studies. In history and in social relations, it is the phenotype, that is, the individual or the people as that individual or people is perceived, which is the dominant factor, as opposed to the genotype. For present-day genetics, a Zulu with the ‘same’ genotype as Vorster is not impossible. Does this mean that the history we are witnessing will put the two phenotypes, that is, the two individuals, on the same footing in all their national and social activities? Certainly not — the opposition will remain not social but ethnic.

This study makes it necessary to rewrite world history from a more scientific standpoint, taking into account the Negro-African component which was for a long time preponderant. It means that it is now possible to build up a corpus of Negro-African humanities resting on a sound historical basis instead of being suspended in mid-air. Finally, if it is true that only truth is revolutionary, it may be added that only rapprochement brought about on a basis of truth can endure. The cause of human progress is not well served by casting a veil over the fact.

The rediscovery of the true past of the African peoples should not be a divisive factor but should contribute to uniting them, each and all, binding them together from the north to the south of the continent so as to enable them to carry out together a new historical mission for the greater good of mankind; and that is in keeping with the ideal of Unesco.


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The scholars of antiquity wondered about this people’s origins and Herodotus in “Euterpe’, the second book of his history on Egypt, tries to prove that the Colchians were Egyptians, whence the arguments we quote. Herodotus, on the strength of commemorative stelae, erected by Sesostris in conquered countries, asserts that this monarch had got as far as Thrace and Seythia, where stelae would seem to have been still standing in his day (Book II, 103).

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November 24, 2007


Ma Sholmcha, Brother
Black Hebrews find the way to their Biblical homeland

STA Travel/1999
By Adrienne Sanders
Abshalom ben Shlomo adjusts his saxophone reed, clears his throat and blasts a soulful jazz riff. On the stage behind him, twenty robed men and women thunder gospel tunes. Members of the audience sway, sing the impassioned spirituals and clap hands.

“You play it brother! Sing for the Lord! ” some shout.

Ben Shlomo and the New World Choir aren’t performing in a Southern Baptist church or a cavernous Harlem jazz club, but in the heart of Israel’s Negev desert. Their music is jazzy gospel, but it makes no reference to Christ and focuses on the prophets, places and heroes of Israel.

Ben Shlomo and the members of the New World Choir are some of the 2,000 African-American ex-patriates living in Israel. These Black Hebrew Israelites believe they are descendants of the biblical tribe of Judah, one of the twelve tribes of Israel mentioned in the Old Testament. Jews in the “tribal sense,” their beliefs and practices combine elements of Judaism, African traditions, and customs from their own experiences in the US.

The Black Hebrews have been in Israel for three decades–but not by invitation. Like other groups seeking rights to the Holy Land, the Israeli government and Orthodox Rabbinate refuse to grant them legitimacy. The Black Hebrews seek permanent residence under Israel’s Law of Return, which grants automatic citizenship to Jews that are born to a Jewish mother or who have converted.

“If they say they’re Jewish, they have to prove it (with proper documentation) or convert,” said assistant to Israel’s chief religious authority, Rabbi Raphael Dayan in an interview.

In 1969, the Black Hebrews entered Israel with conditional temporary status. After this status expired, they remained in Israel illegally for two decades. During that time the Israeli government refrained from deporting them for fear of being charged with racism, according to US Embassy officials. Only in the late 1980’s did Interior Minister Arieh Deri finally review their case. Now, the Interior Ministry declares that, as long as their status is under review, the Black Hebrews are legal in Israel.

Like Moses did with his tribesman ages ago, spiritual leader Ben Ammi ben Israel led his loyal flock from the steel factories and autoplants of Detroit and Chicago to the land of milk and honey. Then a 26-year-old metal worker, Ben Carter says that a vision of the Angel Gabriel instructed him to lead his community back to their biblical homeland. Altogether some 300 devotees departed with him during the race riots of the late sixties.

“America was our Babylon, our place of bondage,” says Ben Shlomo, jazz musician, and community leader of external affairs. “Black people in the States are still wandering in the desert. They’re living with the leftovers of slavery.”

The Black Hebrews view their slavery in the Americas as divine chastisement for their ancestors’ breaking the Ten Commandments. And like the ancient Israelites, their return to Israel is their deliverance from bondage. They even celebrate a New World Passover, commemorating their exodus out of America.

On their journey to Israel, which they consider to be in Northeast Africa, the group settled in the Liberian bush for two years of lifestyle cleansing.

“We had to rid ourselves of bad habits and adjust to a more natural lifestyle–eat food that didn’t come from cans,” says Ben Shlom.” Some of us had to quit cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.”

Harsh conditions in the West African bush forced more than three-quarters of the original settlers back to the US. The remaining group of some 40 tenacious souls finally emigrated to Israel in 1969. The community, which has since spawned three generations and thousands of followers, is believed to be the largest organized settlement of African-Americans outside the United States.

The former urbanites are concentrated in Israel’s southern desert town of Dimona, also home to a nuclear reactor. Though their box houses are flimsy and the surrounding town is an industrial eyesore, the settlement fosters a fairytale feeling. Women are wrapped in the indigo cloth and headdresses of African royalty. Sandaled men stroll with staffs. Aside from their Hebrew names, practically everyone has a regal title denoting their place in the administrative hierarchy– holy princes, divine ministers, divine orders of the crowned brothers and sisters. Smiling children greet adults with a polite “Shalom.” Photos of bearded spiritual leader Ben Ammi decorate the walls.

Another part of the mystical atmosphere in Dimona is that people look much younger than their years — eyes sparkle, skin is smooth. They exercise often in their gym facilities, don’t smoke or use drugs and are strictly vegetarian.

“You get no nutrition from what is dead,” said Ben Shlomo.

According to Ben Shlomo, in the near 30 years that they have lived in Israel, no one has died of disease. Indeed, the Black Hebrews seem to have escaped the ills that haunt many communities. They say crime and drug use within the community are non-existent. Streets are safe.

“My sister back in East Orange, New Jersey, her kids can’t even play outside because it’s so dangerous,” said sister Bahtiyah.

Like Israel’s socialist kibbutzniks, Black Hebrews function communally. Food and supplies are distributed in a central cantina. Ninety-percent of their clothing is hand-sewn in tiny workshops. They share profits from their vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv and outside jobs.

Their community is also known for their music. Israeli and international audiences love their upbeat jazz. Proceeds from their world tours are evenly distributed. Ashalom ben Shlomo sharpens his sounds in a modest studio attached to his house, where posters of 1960s jazz idols cover the walls. John Coltrane is his favorite.

Black Hebrews eat, pray and party together in community centers. Children study mainstream and spiritual lessons together in the newly constructed “Brotherhood School” funded in part by the US embassy in Israel. According to a Jerusalem Report article, “American Embassy officials are almost effusive in their praise for the group.”

As for their relationship to traditional Judaism, Black Hebrews follow the Old Testament or Torah, but ignore all commentaries on the law. Most are fluent in Hebrew and English. Their unique mixture of cultures creates rhythmic sentences like, “Ma sholm cha brother?” (How are you brother?)

They observe the Jewish holy days mentioned directly in the Torah such as Passover, Yom Kippur and Succoth. They follow the laws of circumcision and traditional cleanliness. For instance, women are separated from their husbands during menstruation and undergo a bathing purification process.

Like the patriarchs in the Torah, the men are polygamous. Spiritual leader Ben Ammi has four wives and 15 children. Women married to the same man are called “sister wives.” A family unit, typically comprised of a husband, two or three wives and many children, lives in the same house. Sister wives help deliver each other’s children in the “House of Life,” a natural-childbirth center. When one sister wife is ritually separated from her husband during menstruation, the other attends the household and husband’s needs.

Women in the community actually applaud male polygamy. “It works out well. I really respect my sister wife. Also, the monthly separation is for our benefit, believe me,” said Sister Shamiyah, as she shifts the toddler she’s holding from one hip to another.

Ben Shlomo added, “It’s not about being with many women. We denounce sexual promiscuity. As men, we have a moral responsibility to respect, honor and care for our wives. In our community, you have to be emotionally and financially equipped to get married.”

Women aren’t polygamous because, as Sister Shamiyah puts it, “You don’t go around planting all different seeds in the same place. That would be chaos. One man’s seed per egg, that’s the natural order of things. And besides, there are many more women in our community than men.”

For all their apparent harmony and settlement successes, the Black Hebrews have had their share of problems. Restless and curious about life outside the insular community, some young people have left the community. A few say they had been victims of physical abuse. “We support the authority of the parents. Families are not democracies,” said Ben Shlomo. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a phrase frequently echoed in Black Hebrew circles.

The Black Hebrews are perceived as violent and undesirable by many Israelis. “What are we going to do, let everyone who wants to come to Israel just come in?” said Yoel Parnasa, a resident of a neighboring desert town.

Their biggest problem, however, remains with the Israeli government and the assertion of Jewishness.

Claims to Judaism are a touchy issue in Israel, dividing even mainstream Jews. Debates over “Who is a Jew” have caused conflicts between Israelis and Diaspora Jews. (A bill is currently pending that would grant Orthodox Jews rabbinical courts exclusive jurisdiction over those seeking to convert. Non-orthodox conversions and religious status have already begun to be challenged in the parliament.)

In any case, the Black Hebrews won’t convert. “It’s a matter of principal,” Ben Shlomo explained with the peculiar logic typical of his group. “We’re our own spiritual community. We’re not a religion. Religion has nothing to do with God.”


November 24, 2007


Black Hebrews hope Eurovision attention will improve their plight
The Jerusalem Post/May 28, 1999
By Michael S. Arnold
Dimona — Ben-Ammi Ben-Israel, the spiritual leader of the Black Hebrew community in Dimona, said the participation of Black Hebrews Gabriel and Eddi Butler on Israel’s Eurovision Song Contest team tomorrow night will help focus attention on the plight of the community.

Ben-Ammi, as he is referred to in the community, spoke to The Jerusalem Post at a festival for New World Passover, which marks the exodus of the community’s founders from the US to Liberia 32 years ago and then, two years later, to Dimona. Some 2,000 Black Hebrews live in Israel today.

The group claims descent from the ancient Israelites, some of whom, they contend, wandered through West Africa after the biblical expulsions. Many American blacks are descended from West African slaves.

Despite their claims of Jewish descent, the Black Hebrews – or the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, as they call themselves – have been denied citizenship by the Interior Ministry and restricted to temporary-resident status.

Thus, when the Butlers take the stage tomorrow night, along with sabra partners Doron Oren and Raphael Dahan, half of Israel’s representation at the Eurovision technically will not even be Israeli.

“It’s a great sense of pride,” Ben-Ammi said of the Butlers’ participation, “but the next feeling is, after 30 years, they’re not even citizens, they’re not even recognized… after 30 years, our dedication to the State of Israel should be unquestionable.”

The singers’ father, Prince Gavriel Butler said: “We’re just bursting out with pride, the whole community, because the whole community helped to raise these boys.”

Butler, whose five sons all are entertainers, said Gabriel started performing at age nine. Eddi was a naughty child, and when his parents would stand him in the corner as punishment, he would spend the time singing.

“If [Eddi and Gabriel] were now in the United States, it’s questionable that they would still be with us,” Butler said. “We’re a strong family, but the environment would swallow us. They could have become addicts, gangsters.”

When they take the stage tomorrow night, the Butlers will not only be trying to repeat the success of last year’s Eurovision winner Dana International, they will be making an important statement for their community.

“Individuals will be appalled when they find out” that the Butlers can’t become citizens, Ben-Ammi said. “We’ll get a few more letters, a few more allies, and it’s going to give us a stronger hand. It’s going to help us.”


November 24, 2007


Black Hebrews to receive permanent home in Negev agricultural villa
Israel Insider/November 26, 2002
By Ellis Shuman
After years of living in Israel but lacking Israeli citizenship, the Black Hebrew community of Dimona will be awarded a permanent home in a Negev agricultural village based on principles of organic farming.

“The time has come for our cry to be heard,” said Ben-Ammi Carter in Hebrew marked by distinctly Biblical tones. “What more do we need to do be recognized as people of this land and entitled to the rights granted to all citizens? Thank the Lord that the government heard our outcry and now we are moving in the right direction.”

The new village, approved by the Ministry of Housing and supported by the United Kibbutz Movement, will be built in the Halutza Sands region of the western Negev Desert, near Israel’s border with Egypt. Yediot Aharonot reported that Black leaders from the United States helped lobby for a practical solution to the stateless status of the Black Hebrews and that the American Congress was donating $1 million to the project.

Carter, 63, who goes by the name Ben-Ammi Ben Israel, is the leader of the 1,500-member Black Hebrew community that first arrived in Israel from Chicago and Liberia in 1969 under the belief they were descendents of one of the lost ten tribes of Israel. Israeli authorities rejected claims that Black Hebrews were authentic Jews and insisted in vain that they convert to Judaism so they could be recognized as full citizens.

“Our identity is here in Israel. We are Hebrew Israelites, not Americans, and I think the Israeli government hasn’t known what to do with us,” said Yaffa Bat-Gavriel, 44, who came to Dimona in 1976.

In the 1980s a special government committee headed by MK David Glass (National Religious Party) recommended that Israel establish a farming community for the Black Hebrews in the Negev or Arava. But for the most part, Israeli leaders ignored the growing community and their lack of citizenship.

Seven years ago a school was built in Dimona for the Black Hebrews, donated by the American government. Over the years, the community opened up to Israeli society, and its colorful singing troupes and softball teams made their mark on the local cultural scene. In 1999, community members Eddi and Gabriel Butler were part of the singing quartet that represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest. In January this year, singer Aharon Ben-Yisrael Alis, 32, was gunned down and killed when a terrorist stormed a Bat Mitzvah celebration in Hadera.

Even so, Israelis have regarded the practices of the Black Hebrew community, which include strict veganism, holistic medicine, and bigamy, as odd and subservient to the whims of Carter’s charismatic and cult-like leadership.

“Just because you live by certain rules, it does not mean you are a cult,” Bat-Gavriel said, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In addition to the agricultural village, the Ministry of Housing is developing plans for a new neighborhood for the Black Hebrews in Dimona which will resolve their severe housing shortage. The new homes will take into consideration the fact that the Black Hebrews’ family unit is based on one adult man, several wives and many children, Yediot Aharonot reported.

In his short term as Interior Minister, MK Haim Ramon (Labor) said he saw no reason why the Black Hebrews shouldn’t be awarded Israeli citizenship. But Ramon’s replacement, MK Eli Yishai (Shas), blocked previously-prepared plans and has not worked towards resolving the status of Israel’s Black Hebrew community, the paper said.



November 24, 2007


(From the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website)
The Hebrew Israelite Community
29 Sep 2006

A phenomenon in a land full of phenomena is the story of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel. Labeled over the years as “the Black Hebrews,” community members began arriving in Israel in 1969. Led by Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, they came from the United States via Liberia stating they are descendants of the tribe of Judah. In the nearly 40 years since, the community has moved from being unknown, to become kibbutz Shomrei Hashalom (Guardians of Peace), one of the largest urban kibbutzim in Israel. They presently number about 2000 in Dimona, with additional families in Arad, Mitzpe Ramon and the Tiberias area.

As with other communal settlements, the Hebrew Israelites maintain an ordered structure, with Ben Ammi sitting at the head of a council of 12 princes, who oversee the spiritual development of the kibbutz. Another 12 “ministers,” or the community management council, officiate the daily affairs in economics, education, sports and recreation, information and more. The community priesthood officiates weddings, Sabbath services and circumcisions for male children on the 8th day (according to Hebraic law). The Hebrews derive their income from their ever-popular music groups, as well as a soy foods product factory, specializing in the production of tofu, soy milk and ice cream. They also produce a varied line of cultural clothing from natural fibers which they market primarily abroad.

The community has become most noted for its healthy holistic lifestyle. All members are vegans, eating no meat, dairy products nor foods with chemical additives. Adult members exercise three times a week and are advised to have at least one full-body massage each month for its health benefits. They do not smoke or drink alcohol, except for naturally fermented wines they produce themselves. The health practices and organic agriculture program of the community have drawn visitors from around the world, especially government officials from Africa.

Today, community spokespersons are effective contributors to the national public relations effort, speaking to audiences on behalf of the State of Israel. The road to this position was not a simple one. Shortly after their arrival, the Chief Rabbinate decided not to recognize community members as Jews according to the Law of Return as they desired. For years the question of their status was a lingering issue. Legal status came about in May 1990 with first B/1 visas, followed by temporary residency a year later. That status was extended until August 2003 when the Ministry of Interior granted them permanent residency.

Since then, their activity and visibility have grown. Presently, more than 100 of their youth are serving in the Israeli Defense Forces in regular units; they operate a vegan eatery in Tel Aviv; their musicians perform across Israel and around the world, touring the US, Europe and Africa either solely with their own members or as a parts of other Israeli groups. They have created their own music genre which they call Songs of Deliverance producing CDs.

In sports they have represented the nation at home and in Europe in track and field and national softball events, including the Maccabiah games. Their students have represented Israel in international academic competitions. Twice they have represented Israel in Eurovision, the international music competition.

In February 2005 in conjunction with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the civil rights organization established by civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Hebrews opened the Dr. Martin Luther King/SCLC – Ben Ammi Institute for a New Humanity, a conflict resolution center in Dimona to teach holistic non-violence and reconciliation to families, communities, faiths and nations. Their story is a testimony of the great growth and maturity of the State of Israel and its people.

Taken from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website:


November 20, 2007


“The Destruction of Black Civilization” BY: Chancellor Williams—This is the FIRST book EVERYONE should read conscerning black history!!!

MELANET UnCut Chat and Discussion: When Black Men Ruled The World (On Africentrism): “The Destruction of Black Civilization” BY: Chancellor Williams—This is the FIRST book EVERYONE should read conscerning black history!!!
By MartinCruse on Friday, March 10, 2000 – 04:31 am:
This is the definitive book to read if you want to
know the truth about black history!!

yeah yeah i know you have heard that before but
take my word for it this time trust me. I thought
I knew pretty much everthing (or at least the jist
of it) about black history till i read this!!

I know alot about our history but their were still
unanswered questions that most black history books
were not addressing. I’ve found them in this book.

This book contains all the information Henry Louis
Gates Jr. didn’t have the courage to say in his
Eurocentic black history tv series that was on
television!!! Many afrocentric scholars demanded
that they show and “honest” version of black
history instead of the farce that Gates displaid
for the world to see.


1. We know that the Egyptians were not caucasion
or “white”…thats been established. But were
they….ARAB? Thats what the people look like
there now anyways. So they weren’t white or black
but ARAB. But the Arabs invaded Africa just like
the Europeans did didn’t they.
Arabs even started the invasion (i think) and
were MAJOR holders in the intercontinental slave
trade weren’t they!?!?!


2. There is a huge dessert that currently
separates North and South Africa. Its called the
Sahara. Eurocentric scholars have used the desert
as a means of saying that the Egyptians were a
separate people and culture from the rest of
Africa. “Sub-Saharan” is the term that they use i

But evidence has been found that the Sahara was
once rich with plant life and water making it
perfectly inhabitable for people to inhabit it.
And by doing so connecting the imaginary barrier
between Egypt and the rest of Africa.

So was the Sahara ALWAYS a desert? And how did it
become a desert in the first place?…


All these questions and more are answered in this

NEAREST BOOKSTORE: 0 883 780 305

“The Destruction of Black Civilization”= by:
Chancellor Williams

and once again, the ISBN number: 0 883 780 305

Write the number down and give it to them. It’ll
make it easier to find the book

Knowledge is Power!!!!!!

By White Boy on Thursday, March 16, 2000 – 09:55 am:
Afrocentrism is a joke!

Black africans haven’t established ONE advanced civilization on their own. Egyptians are NOT black, they are more Arab than anything so blacks cannot take credit for that civilization either.

Let’s face it Blacks are infirior to all other races. How? Well simply put, Black Africans are the only race that cannot succeed in Ameria on their own. Even with Affirmative Action, Africans struggle to succeed in a country where all other races have been tremendously prosperous.

Anyone who supports Afrocentrism is a fool. You need to realize that Africans should stop their complaining and start adopting Western ideals in order to succeed in this world. If you do not, blacks will just be what they always have been: poor and under developed

By MartinCruse on Thursday, March 16, 2000 – 01:16 pm:

First of all, africans are divided and suffering so much today because we were colonized by Europeans and Arabs. And to colonize Africans used and old techinque of…

DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!! When we are fighting amongst ourselves we are not focussing on the real problem…Europeans with their Christianity and Arabs with their Islam.

We have created no civilizations huh? lol yeah they tried to feed me that crap in history class also. Just because Arabs are there now doesn’t mean they always have been. The Arabs invaded Egypt just like the greeks/romans did. They also participated in the slave trade. So all in all they are just as hippocritical as Europeans are concerning black history.

All of the Greek classicists describe them as black (herodutus, aristotle, ect., ect.) But all this has been said before…..”whiteboy.” Its getting repetitive now. If you have any doubts….look at the sphinx. Look at the brrrrooooaaaad nose and lick long lips it has. Even though they were shot off u can still make out its “africoid” facial features.

And have u actually read any of the afrocentric books? Or are you just making blind ignorant statements to suit your own greedy needs?

And p.s. everthing in the west originated in the EAST!!! Western civilizations is built on lies and deciet and GREED!

But we all know this already…

So now that you have been corrected….go by the CLEGG SERIES video, crawl back into the ignorant/ destructive/capitalist/backstabbing/European lies filled hole you came from and shut up

By ignore_the_devil on Thursday, March 16, 2000 – 01:30 pm:
Peace, be still, brothers and sisters, do not let the devil get the best of you. “It” is inciting you to a riot. Peace, be still!

By ruff on Thursday, March 16, 2000 – 01:50 pm:
infirior?…no spell check on webtv,huh whitebread?

By White Boy on Friday, March 17, 2000 – 10:41 am:
Gee sorry RUFF I don’t have spell checking. Apparently you don’t either. Isn’t it supposed to be rough?

It is simple to answer all those points you made.

The greeks could easily misake an Arab and say he or she was black. Look at arabs for goodness sake, some of them are so dark they are blacker than some blacks. So no problem there.

And sorry I disagree with you on the Sphinx it doens’t look negroid to me. But maybe I’m wrong, I’ll admit I didn’t see who built the thing. If you can prove to me that blacks built it, then I’d agree with you. But the fact remains that NOBODY can really say who built the sphinx, and I’d have an easier time believing it was built by aliens.

And ha ha I guess the black race is so honest and upright? You never get greedy or lie? You have never destroyed another tribe or made war on them back in your days in Africa? And I guess I’m so corrected now that I’ll just crawl away back to my slimey mud hole right? HA HA HA HA!!!

If you think Africa was so great, then get out of my counrty and go back to your sick, poor, AIDS infested, anarchy ridden, Africa?

White Boy

By Edward Parker on Saturday, March 18, 2000 – 10:03 am:
Their is evidence allover this planet that original man or homo sapien sapien was the black man.. In la Venta Mexico with statues negroid stoneheads,with black Buddha with thick lips in India,china etc..Grimaldi who roam ed Europe for 40,000yrs BC,Tua man in north america,the egyptian black god Osirus…Chang dynasty which consisted of the black dwarf from interior Akebulan…I need not continue for those of any intellectual capacity know the truth..and the truth will set you free!!!!!

By MartinCruse on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 – 02:55 am:
No i think u need to prove to ME that they were
anything other than black.

But yes i admit…Europeans aren’t the only ones
that lie. But you guys seem to have turned it into
an art form. Your the ones who invented the
political weapon of Misiformation. Your the ones
who got the ball rolling on the destruction of the
environment. YOUR the ones who have colonized the
WORLD with your own narrowminded beliefs and
religions. But i digress…your are right….a
liar is a liar…no matter how often he does or
does not commit a lie. But the balance definitely
leans toward Europeans thats for sure. Hell you
own like 70% percent of the world’s currency. You
don’t get that kinda cheese with hard work and
honesty NO WAY!!! That power was achieved through
manipulation and deciet.

Most proof of black Egypt comes from Greeks/romans
and even the pharoahs who were alive at the time.
I find it fitting irony that the alot of the proof
comes from White peoples’ ancestors themselves
lol. They describe them as dark skinned with flat
noses, full lips, and kinky hair like sheeps
wool!!! SHEEPS WOOL!!!! Get some sheeps wool and
think about whose hair it most represents.

There are also quotes from the pharoahs
themselves. You would have to know a little bit
of the history to put this one together though.
There is another all black civilization called
Nubia that lies south of Egypt. Afrocentric
scholars have always claimed that the Egyptians
were immigrants from Nubia. This is proven by the
fact that The Egyptians THEMSELVES describe
Nubia/the south as their place of origin. They
frequently went to the nubians for supplies or
assistance in whatever. Today, because of violent
sand storms…there is a dessert separating nubia
and Egypt. It is called the Saharah. So in order
to discredit Africans of our classical
civilizations so they can justify
slavery/colonialism….Racist Egyptologist
invented the term “Sub-Saharan” Africa. In other
words….all the niggers are down south while the
civilized white/arab Egyptians lie up north. The
Sahara was not always a dessert. This has been
proven. Egyptoligist are finding out that Egypt
maybe even older than they originally thought.
They found water erosion on the Sphinx!!! That
means There could have been connection between
north and South if that kind of drastic weather
changes happened (i.e. floods, SANDSTORMS, ect.
ect. ect.)!!!
But i Imagine all the hard proof in the world will
not change a mind that wants to justify its hate.



go to the “Greek Quotes” section..very interesting

Arabs…even the darkest of them, (who are
considered blacks anyway by lighter skinned Arabs
ironically) have straitened hair like Europeans.
So yes they WOULD be able to tell the difference.
Arabs invaded Egypt many, many, centuries later in
the history of Kemet (Egypt).
And not all blacks have those fleshy facial
features either. Our variatioins seem almost
endless….after all…Blacks are the first

By Soulbrother on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 – 11:49 am:
All of these beautiful, accurate, fact-filled, historical words, wasted on a poor, ignorant, racist White Boy, who would not see the truth if it hit him/her/it like a brick, in the face …..

By perfect on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 – 05:09 pm:
Not wasted at all soulbrother I was reading all of this and I have learned from it.

By hiplashone on Friday, March 24, 2000 – 11:37 pm:
Oh no ,not at all wasted!
I am printing all of this knowledge, and I am making copies and giving them to my neighbors, family and friends. And guess what~~~~can’t nobody stop me. So to all dropping knowledge;KEEP KEEPING ON! Soon every Black boy and girl will know about the Afrocentric experience and thier traditions, as long as you all keep posting, I’m going to keep printing it and telling the people I know, for that domino affect. Thanks.

By Jerrold ( – on Friday, March 24, 2000 – 04:34 pm:
Thanks, HipLaShone. That’s a beautiful way of spreading the word, about how Black people need to be knowledgeable and proud of who we are.

Keep on keeping on. Thanks again.

By somosunafamilia ( – on Friday, March 24, 2000 – 09:02 pm:
We seem to have forgotten the original post.
The Destruction of Black Civilization is probably the best book that I’ve been exposed to.
It was told to me that people know what they are against but they don’t know what they are for.
I said that to say don’t entertain the european too much, for it is a waste of time. Find out what you are for and move on it. And right now we should be for reading the Destruction of Black Civilization, then come with some of that good planning that is in there.

“Two birds fought over a kernel and a third flew away with it.”

By Kegimni ( – on Monday, May 29, 2000 – 12:36 am:
I’d like to add my two cents. To understand White Boy’s psyche, you must read a book by Michael Bradley called “Iceman Inheritance”. It speaks volumes of the inherent aggressiveness white men have toward women and others who do not resemble them. Rember brothers and sisters in order for you to educate you must know thyself and thy enemy.

By JAB ( – on Tuesday, June 13, 2000 – 05:15 pm:
The Destruction of Black Civilization was required reading for a history class I took in college. The Black professor told me that he never had so many (white) students angry with him. This book, along with the Bible which was used as a historical reference, proved that beyond a doubt that Blacks had produced one of the greatest cultures in Egypt along w/ other great civilizations such as Nubia,Babylon,Ethiopia,and India)and w/o the assistance of Europeans or Arabs.

By greg ( – on Monday, June 19, 2000 – 10:57 am:


By Bryan Harman ( – on Monday, June 19, 2000 – 05:06 pm:
It is such a shame that the world’s most primitive

people are taking credit for Ancient Egypt.Some afrocentrists have claimed the Greeks called the Egyptians black.As a educated person I this is misleading in the extreme.For example,Greek writers such as Manilius,Arrian,Ammianus Marcelinus,Strabo,and Flavius Philostratus all described the Ancient Egyptians as either “mildly” dark or “somewhat” dark, but never as black.Did Herodotus say the Ancient Egyptians were black?No! Herodotus was trying to find out where a people called the Colchians came from. The Egyptians said to Herodotus that the Colchians came from Pharaoh Sesostris’s army.Herodotus believed this because the Colchians were black skinned and woolly haired.For starters,Herodotus makes no claim that all of the Egyptians had these features and secondly black Nubian mercenaries served in the Egyptian army which would include Pharaoh Sesostris’s army.Last of all Herodotus would be contradicted by all these other writers I have listed.I would like to conclude by making fun of the fact that slavery,Sexual mutilation of women,tribalism,voodoo,and massive illiteracy exist on the world’s most primitive continent known as Africa.All of this while whites can walk on the moon,or celebrate all our other great accomplishments which are impossible for the primitive negro who is considered the world’s most inferior race.

By foreversearching ( – on Monday, June 26, 2000 – 10:48 am:
Peace Brothas and Sistas

1. Without getting into a long drawn out story of why i let christianity and islam go, which i feel everyone here understands, could someone suggest a few great books on African centered spirituality by us for us.

2. Will uh sista or brotha refer me to a few great sites on “ebonics”.

p.s. i will start reading the Destruction of Black Civilization in uh week.
thanks and peace


By DJ ( – on Saturday, July 22, 2000 – 10:23 pm:
I appreciate everyones messages. Even the ones from the white people. Their comments help reafirm what I’ve always believed to be true. Think about it, everyone in the Americas are a collection of people from the East (I guess with the exception of Indians, but I don’t know much about that). And everyone in the Americas tend to have their own history except for the decendents of African people living in America. An easy way to control “free slaves” and all of their offspring including grandchildren’s grandchildren (everyone) is through their mind. If they take what we made and claim it as their own and take us away from our origin and our true history and only feed us lies, if we believe it, we then become brainwashed and although we’re considered to be free we are still mind slaves until we are able to break that cycle as a whole. We have to stop automatically believing in everything we hear because the truth exists in us all. I didn’t figure any of this out by reading a book I did it by reasoning (the thing that seperates man from animals) and examining the worlds history as a whole. It’s kind of like a puzzle all we have to do is put the pieces together from things we hear, see, and read. I’m not saying that nothing is wrong with reading books because I think they are great and I definately plan on finding the book mentioned above, because I love it when my gut feelings turn out to be true, and we were all blessed with it, it’s called intuition and it all relates. I hope someone is able to read this and is feeling where I’m coming from. Another example of this is how they took and continue to take our music especially what they call rock and roll it is the same with history, because history repeats itself in all shapes and sizes. Think about it, I’m going to stop now, cause I feel like I’m preaching. One.

By Martin ( – on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 – 04:01 am:
A Picture of How Ancient Egyptians saw themselves.

There is a carving on a wall in Egypt that
represents the world’s cultures/peoples as the
Kemetians (Egyptians) saw it THEMSELVES.
It has the Greeks, the Arabs, the nubians and the

Now as u would expect…the greeks look like
whites, the arabs like arabs (orient),
but……wait a minute…..the Nubians and the
Kemetians look EXACTLY the same. Black Skinned
with fleshy facial features and all…..PURE

I will returen later with an address to where u
can view this picture

No peace until Blacks are self sufficient!!!

By GREG ( – on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 – 03:41 pm:
to every body open your eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Light Is Caused By Friction Which Is A Form Of Chaos And Destruction. In Some Cases, Light Causes Negative Reactions, And I Can Give Examples Of This. When People Rest, Most People Prefer Darkness Over Light, So They Cut Off The Light In Order To Gain Rest. Now, If The Light’s Are Abruptly Cut On While Some One Is In A State Of Slumber, What Is Their Normal Reaction? They Wake-up, Grumpy, Screaming.. “Turn Off The Lights” Or Maybe Even Threaten You! :o) The Light Disturbed The Darkness, The Same Darkness That Brought PEACE. So Darkness And PEACE Go Hand And Hand, or are one in that same.

When A Baby Is In their Mothers Womb There Is No Light There, Thus The Baby Is In A State Of PEACE Or Darkness. When This Same Baby Comes From The Womb And Meets The Light It’s Peace Is Disrupted, So It Begins To Cry! Once Again The Light Is What Disrupts The Darkness/ Peace!

The Most Sacred Things Can Be Found In Darkness, And Most Of The Most Sacred Things Are Only Hidden To Those Who Can’t See Inter-dimensionally. Like The Brain, The Heart, The Mind, All Things Internal, Including Your GOD! When I Say Inter-dimensionally I Mean You Have To Be Able To See Pass Three Dimensions, Which Is Seeing Beyond Persons, Places And Things.

To Say That One Thing Is Good Is To Say That Another Thing Is Bad! Therefore When The Light Came Friction Between Disagreeable (Bad) And Agreeable (Good) Came To Be. And When Disagreeable And Agreeable Came To Be The “I/ Ego” Came To Be, Separating Things From One Another. Oneness/ Togetherness Is The Exact Opposite Of This, But When The “I/ Ego” Was Created A “Here” And “There” Was Also Created. This Same “Here” And “There” Causes The Separation Of Things And Beings, And This Separation Allows Us To Actually Think That We Are Separate From The Things Around Us. But Light Also Brings With It Illusions, And One Of These Illusions Is Separation (I’ness, Here And There)!

One Comes To Realize That Light Is What Truly Blinds Us, While Darkness Brings Peace, Insight And Togetherness. Light Creates The Thought That “I Am Here And You Are There”, And Enables Us To Think We Are Separate Or Maybe Even Better Than The Things Or People Around Us. When One Comes Into The Fold Of Supreme Darkness/ Supreme Balancement, One Looks Beyond The Light Into The Darkness And Sees That We Are All From One Source And One Force. One Can See That We Are All In “ALL”! We Are One With “ALL” And “ALL” Is One With Us! You Are Not A Special Individual, But A Vital Part Of One Source. It Doesn’t Matter If You Call That Source GOD, Allah/ Ilah, Eloh/ Elohim, Adonai, Osirus, Anu, YHWH Or Jehovah, They All Are A Part Of “ALL”.

So, To Answer The Question Of “Why Would GOD Dwell In Darkness” Is Simple! Because There Is Peace In Darkness, And All Things Come From Darkness. An Example Of This Is COLOR! A Combination Of All Colors Create Black/ Darkness. It Would Then Be Safe To Say That For All Colors To Be, They Must Have Come From Black/ Darkness. So It Would Make A Lot Of Sense That The Bible Would Say GOD Created All Things From The Darkness He Was In, Because Blackness Is The Supreme Balancement Of All Things.

Even In The Bible The Evil One Is Called The “Morning Star” (symbolic of bright brilliant light)! Why not the dark star or the night star? The Evil One Is Also Called The “Illuminated One”, And Is Where The Term “Illuminati” Comes From. So From What We Can See Here, It’s The Light That Cannot Comprehend The Peace Of Blackness, And The Blackness Is Our Key To Peace. It’s The Light That Is Disagreeable, And The Blackness Is Truly Benevolent!

By IRASTA ( – on Sunday, September 3, 2000 – 01:15 pm:


By DARKAND SERIOUS AFRICAN ( – on Thursday, September 7, 2000 – 05:47 am:

By HRH-DARKOVERLORD WATCHING OVER YA ( – on Thursday, September 7, 2000 – 07:37 pm:
Iregular rasta;this is the 2nd time I’ve posted a message to you,it seems unGrand La grand is playing at being a censor again.
What I said was the following ;stop with the stupid myths concerning Haile,cuz he isn’t a god nor is he that respected by his own people. Yes he stood up to the europeans,that was his finest hr.
In our quest to escape the racist colonialism ,we have made hero’s out of anyone who stood up to the white power system,that was good. The problem started when ya felt the need to make of all people Haile more then what he was a feudal dictator.
If your aware of the brief history of Rastafari,you know how resent all of this has been ,not even a 100 yrs.
If you know anything about Ethopia you’d know that they are some of the most reactionary Africans on the continent,toward other Africans.They have what can best be termed as racist attiudes towards othe people of African decent. If you think they would feel postive about your worshiip of Selesie then you really don’t do much traveling.
When people don’t see a why out of their bondage and are powerless they create what s called cults,that later become so-called relgions,this is what the whole Rasta movement is about.
I’ve been wearing locks since 1974,I’ve talk to countless Jamincans. Some like the idea others who are more inclined to follow their past white masters hated all Rasta’s and everything they stood for. This is not my postion,there are postive messages to be learned from any ideology.The pt is where do you leave off the myths and other false teachings that do nothing to push us further toward our goals of mental and physical liberation. Your probably thinking if he ain’t for Seleasie he’s against I AND I,not so. All cults from christiantiy to islam,have the same effect ,to remove us from, the simple fact of what we as Africans must be most aware of.
Ask yourself this question ,have you ever heard of Marcus Garvey proclaiming Haile as some divine savior? We both know the answer to that question,no.
You have a brain and you’ll believe whatever you think can free you from the pain of babalyon. What I want you to understand is this,there are NO GODS, so this means if there are to be changes in our lifes we have to make them. Sooner or later if your a truly concious African you’ll come to this conclusion. On the other hand if this is your drug of choice maybe you’ll never awake from this sleep of the oppressed.
Whatever road you choose ,know this your still my people and I will struggle for your rights like I hope you would mine.

By GREG ( – on Friday, September 8, 2000 – 01:56 pm:
The Hebrew People of the Bible What Color are They?

For years, people of the world have been led to believe that the people of the bible were white people, when in fact they were black. Hollywood, one of the many contributing factors to this cause, isn’t innocent to this either, they take the front line for the ranks of deception. We the people of the world should not continue to let this occur because the ones to be affected by this will be the children of the future.

Movies, television and some white people portray the people of the bible as white. What should it matter, if they are white or black. Should it matter, if they are white or black? If I were white, I’d say no, and if this was an ideal world and if all affluent people looked like me. But we are living in a world of lies and deception and when the children’s minds develop off of the deception that is being told and taught, then the truth must be brought to the forefront. Also, I am not white and the more affluent doesn’t look like me.

People of color are more vulnerable and are more easily to believe what is being told to them, especially when their history has been erased from their minds, and it is constantly battered in their heads through their educational systems, television, and movie theaters. Well, the time has come for the truth to be told. And what is that truth? That the people of the bible are people of color.

Before I can go forward, I need to go backwards into some history. Lets look at the people of the bible, who had who.

Genesis 10:2-4, Japheth begot Gomer (*Galatians) (**Germany, Crimea, Cambria, Celts), Magog (*Scythians) (**Georgia, Scythians), Madai (*Medes), Javan (*Grecians), Tubal (*Iberes), Meshech (**Moscow), and Tiras. Gomer begot Ashkenaz (*Rheginians) (**Germany, Saxons, Scandavia), Riphath, and Togarmah. Javan begot Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim (**Cyprus) (Abraham ibn Ezra said the Romans were descended from Kittim), and Dodanim. (*denotes The Complete Works of Josephus. **denotes The table of the Nations off the Web)

Genesis 10:6-18, Ham begot Cush (*Ethiopians), Mizraim (*Egypt), Phut (*Libya), and Canaan. Cush begot Nimrod, Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabtechah. Raamah begot Sheba and Dedan. Mizraim begot Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, Casluhim, and Caphtorim. Canaan begot Sidon, Heth, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites, and Hamathite.

Genesis 10:22-29, Shem begot Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad (*Chaldeans), Lud, and Aram. Aram begot Uz, Hul, Gether, and Mash. Arphaxad begot Salah. Salah begot Eber. Eber begot Peleg (from here comes the family of Abraham) and Joktan. Joktan begot Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab
And Noah and his wife created Japheth, Ham, and Shem.

After the dispersion of the people by God at the tower of Babel, each went into their own region of the world. Japheth and his family went into Europe. Shem and Ham stayed in the area, so to say.

Mizraim (Egypt) and some of his family went into a land now called Africa, but it wasn’t called Africa then. Cush (Ethiopia) had a very large area which even went into what is now called Middle East. Remember, Nimrod was a Cushite and the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

Around 1913BCE, there was a famine in the land. And due to the famine, Abram (Abraham) and his wife Sarai journeyed to the land of Egypt. But before he entered the land of Egypt he said to Sarai, “Behold now, I know that you art a fair woman to look upon. And it will come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they will say: This is his wife; and they will kill me, but thee they will keep alive.”

Now the incident came to pass, but Rabbi Shelomoh Yitschaki, Solomon ben Isaac, also known as Rashi, said in his commentaries, reference behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman, “Knowing that you are beautiful, I realize that your beauty is now a source of danger, particularly since the Egyptians are dark-skinned and ugly.” Besides this being a ridiculous comment, the point that I am trying to point out is the fact that the Rabbi has stated that the Egyptians were people of color. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines black as, “Having a dark skin . . . ” and “a person belonging to a dark skinned race . .

. ” This may seem irrelevant now, but this quote by Rashi is going to back fire on him. Stick with me. Also at least they have finally admitted that the Egyptians were people of color.

Next, Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, from the twelve tribes of Israel, was sold to some Ishmaelites by his brothers out of anger. The Ishmaelites took Joseph into Egypt and sold him to the Egyptians. Later a famine had struck the land of Egypt and Canaan and according to the Bible all the lands and was very devastating. Jacob instructed several of his sons to go into Egypt and buy food because Egypt had enough to sell.

When the brothers of Joseph, the sons of Jacob had entered the land of Egypt, they were told to see a particular person. Not knowing oh the individual was they were going to see, when they faced him, they didn’t recognize him, but Joseph recognized them. If Joseph is supposed to be a white person, and he was in the mist of black people, don’t you think his brothers would have recognized him immediately. Why didn’t his brothers recognize him immediately? Could it have been due to him being black amongst black people and he blended in? A white person definitely would have been able to be pointed out if he was amongst black slaves during slavery time. Don’t you think?

By GREG ( – on Friday, September 8, 2000 – 01:56 pm:
Next, while the Israelites were living in the land of Egypt, Pharaoh had commanded for all the Israelite males to be exterminated. Now during this time, a couple from the Israelite people had borne a son, and they had hid him for three months. When they couldn’t hide him no longer, she put the child into a basket and placed it among the reeds by the bank of the Nile. The daughter of Pharaoh, wanting to bathe in the Nile, went to the banks and saw the basket among the reeds and when she opened the basket she saw a baby in it. Being that the baby was very young, she instructed a Hebrew family, coincidently the baby’s mother, to nurse the child until he was weaned. Once he was weaned, she brought the boy to her father and asked if she could keep the child, and her father said yes. Also, the baby was named Moses.

Remembering that the Egyptians were black, if Moses was white and knowing that Pharaoh had issued a decree to kill all the Hebrew males, wouldn’t he have killed Moses immediately when she brought this supposedly white child into her father’s house? Also, if he was white, do you think Pharaoh’s daughter would have even let the child live when she found him by the Nile? Obviously we must say no.

Finally, Moses lived amongst the Egyptians for years and one day when he saw an Egyptian abusing a Hebrew, he came to the aide of the Hebrew and killed the Egyptian. Knowing that the word would get out and back to Pharaoh, he fled Egypt and went to the land of Midian. Upon entering Midian he came to the aide of some women of the land and helped them. They were very grateful and ran back and told their father that an “Egyptian” saved them.

Again, if he was mistaking for an Egyptian, and knowing that the Egyptians are supposedly dark-skinned and ugly, does this make Moses dark-skinned and ugly too? This is where people need to watch what they say. It may come back to haunt you.

What I have presented here, which is merely speculation. The only proof that I have given where someone has said the Egyptians where black was by the Rabbi. So let me notegive more facts for you to think about.

Herodotus (484? -425? BC) was one of the most widely traveled people of his time. His writings show his interest in both history and geography. Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus, a Greek colony in Asia Minor. He was a frequent visitor to Athens, he was a close friend of Sophocles. He also journeyed to the western shores of the Black Sea, to southern Italy and Egypt, and to the Asian cities of Tyre, Babylon, Ecbatana, Nineveh, and Susa, says the Compton’s Interactive encyclopedia.

During his travels, Herodotus kept a journal of his activities. The journal was later translated, and in one of his entries, he wrote the following about the Egyptians or to be more exact the natives:

” …it is certain that the natives of the country are black . . . ; there can be no doubt that the Colchians are an Egyptians race . . . I made this inquiries on the subject both in Colchis and in Egypt, and I found that the Colchians had a more distinct recollection of the Egyptians, than the Egyptians had of them . . . My own conjectures were founded, first, on the fact that they are black-skinned and have woolly hair . . . ”

Now, what I have done here is give a positive identification of the Egyptians. And by me doing this and showing that the Israelites always got mistaken for them, prove that they both, the Egyptians and the Israelites were black people.

You may still have your doubts and desire more evidence before you will acknowledge that the Bibilical Israelites were a black people. So, allow me to continue.
Solomon Grayzel, a white Jewish historian, wrote in his book, A History of the Jews, in the ninth century CE (AD), a man appeared in north Africa among the Hebrews there, his name was Eldad from the tribe of Dan, he was a danite. They said he spoke a strange language and told them a weird story. He said the members of his tribe had escaped Israel after Sennacherib had conquered Israel, and other Hebrews from other tribes also live in the land from where he came from. He told the Hebrews in the northern part of Africa all the law that his people follow, which was given to his tribe by tradition from Moses successor Joshua ben Nun. The Hebrews of the northern part of Africa at first was in question about his story, but threw further examine by the Gaon, he assured the northern African Hebrews the story was legitimate.

I have mentioned this story because Mr Grayzel went on to say, “Some modern scholars argue that Eldad was an Ethiopian Jew, a descendant of the ancient colony which, in the days of Ezra, lived on the southern border of Egypt . . . ” If you know your history, and if you know what color the Ethiopian Jews are, then you have already come to the conclusion that Eldad the Danite, from the tribe of Dan, one of the twelve tribes of Israel was a black man.

Another story that I want to tell you about is in a book entitled “The Hope of Israel,” by Menasseh ben Israel which was published 1652. In it speaks of an incident that occurred with a traveler named Antonio de Montezinos. It says upon Montezinos return from the Americas, it is sufficient here to know that he has found the descendants of the lost ten tribes. At this point, I am going to quote the letter from Menasseh ben Israel to John Dury concerning what he said. The letter was dated 25 November 1649 and it reads, “Curiously enough, in the sixteenth century one Antonio Montesino of Lima stated, according to the writings of Luis Lopez, Bishop of Quito, that The Indians of the islands and mainland of the Indies . . . are Hebrews descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel’. And he did say further in his book, “that they keepe their true religion, as hoping to returne again into the Holy land in due time.”

People, if this isn’t enough proof as to say what color the Hebrews were, then you are truly in a state of denial.

Also, as for a pictorial concerning the children of Israel. In a documentary on the Art & Entertainment channel, titled In Search of The Ten Commandments, it showed an ancient hieroglyphic picture of the Israelites while they were slaves in Egypt, and they were black. They looked just like the Egyptians. So I can see why Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian, and why Joseph wasn’t recognized by his brothers.

Finally, I am going to list three passages from the bible identifying the color of the Israelites. They are:
Lamentation 4:8, Their visage (face) is blacker than coal
Lamentation 5:10, Our skin was black like an oven . . .
; And Job 30:30, My skin is black upon me . . .

In this document, I have given enough information proving that the Hebrews are black people. But I say to you all, this isn’t enough. Teach your children the truth!

By bmawute ( – on Tuesday, September 19, 2000 – 04:12 pm:
To DarkandSerious Afrikan – There is a God. Only you can find him. To Foreversearching – I am sorry to hear that you let Islam go. Islam only means peach and Muslim means submission to the will of God. I believe we all want peace and if you believe in the higher power, submission to him is not a problem, as he only wants what is good for us if we are obedient. Who better to know what is best for you than HE who created you. I also believe all people of color believe in the Creator irregardless of what you call him. He said, “I will be called by many names”. In regards to the European, all we need to do is just leave him alone and stay away from him and he will self destruct and disappear. Black people, stay prayerful, stay focused, continue to study and seek truth and truth will be revealed to you. Black Man Rising!

By Dark and contemplative ( – on Tuesday, September 19, 2000 – 09:00 pm:
Because i feel you mean well,I’ll refrain from being to harsh with you.
I’m an ATHEIST,I was never involved with Islam,even though I have family members that are. Unlike yourself I don’t feel any need or desire to believe in any form of supreme being. My feels are the following;your need to believe is your drug to ward off the pain of dealing with this insane world we live in.
On the subject of white people I deal with those who are attempting in some concrete way ,to struggle with white racism,the rest I deal with in whatever form they present themselves as.
I have no illusions about all African people being in unity,or even feeling the need for struggle,so the samething applies to them.
Your need for Islam is your need,not my. On things we can agree on I’m more then willing to support and contribute to the dicussion. So welcome to the forum,it’s good to hear from you even though I don’t agree with you ,your input is good.

By Dark and tired of UNGRAND LEGRAND,the poser! ( – on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 – 03:24 pm:
This is my 2nd attempt at responding to you bmawute.
Ungrand Legrand,who host this forum is a censoring fanatic,he needs to go to a conservative right wing NEGRO site. This isn’t the first time I’ve confronted him about this silliness.He’s suppose to be a historian and a lawyer,yet he can’t deal with certain opinions I have on the topics and response of some of the posters.
This is a stupid idea,trying to control what he thinks others should say,considering that the rest of this site doesn’t feel the need to follow suite.So I don’t expect you’ll see this post either,since UNGRAND IS ACTING LIKE SOME RIGHT WING FACIST!
UNGRANDLegrand if I ever get to confront you ,you can depend on me telling you the same thing face to face.Stop tryna control ideas and opinions.
What I said Bmawute is that I’m an ATHEIST, it doesn’t matter to me what reglious belief you have cause all of it is a form of drugs,for the masses who feel the need to want to believe in something called——–,whatever you want to call it.
Now since this is so threatening to Ungrand LEGRAND,I assume he’s like you a believer in relgious myths. I guess it just shows with all the knowledge of African history and law ,TINY MINDED UNGRAND Legrand still can’t get beyond his antiquated beliefs concerning what’s called religion,so much for giving the appearance of being a progressive African THINKER!

By Pharoah #1 ( – on Sunday, September 24, 2000 – 11:57 pm:

This is just a greeting to my brothers & sisters, not for sick white folks that hate human beings because of their god given features and culture that God Ra blessed us to embrace. The comments made by white boy(peckerwood) is just reminder why we must continue to seek the truth and not settle for historical info. from whites,arabs etc. and that we need to settle our petty differances and truely love each other as africans. Let us not get upset when we here comments from the devil, continue to study and build upon your knowledge that you were blessed by god to receive.

I beleive that brother Dale Jones said it best in his documentary ( The American Nigger Factory ) when you let others get into your culture it is on mickey mouse. Meaning that when you take white folks for chumps and suckers and we let them dictate the course of our community, fianance,history and the education of our children then we have lost the battle for freedom and equallity.

Hotep, kemites.

By Drew Peters ( – on Sunday, October 1, 2000 – 03:49 pm:
Race is NOT Culture

The differences between an African-American and a white American are infintesimal compared to the differences between an African-American and a Frenchman of African descent. Ask a dark-skinned man from Guadaloupe what he is and he will tell you that he is French. His race is not important to his identity.

Why do Americans of Black West Indian origin and African Americans whose forebears were established in the northern states before the Emancipation Proclamation have income levels typical of caucasians while othe African-Americans do not?

Which of the 7 values of the Kwanzaa holiday are cultural blocks to economic advancement? (None of these are found in all African cultures but can be identified in non-African cultures like India).

Why is Eithiopia so rich in architectural heritage? Why has Ethiopian Airways always been regarded as one of the industries finest? Why are Eithiopian banks so strong?

Why do African-American tourists cry when they are told by West African tour guides that slaves were captured and remained the property of other Africans until delivered to the docks? Why do Africans think the African-American tourist’s reaction is strange?

Why do so many African-Americans have such a strong racial identity? Does this present problems for black immigrants that come from cultural backgrounds less racially defined?

Why does the US have to rely on immigration from India to keep the technology industry strong?

By Ms. Sprung ( – on Friday, October 20, 2000 – 04:47 pm:
I congratulate people like BMAWUTE for having as the center of his or her message the purpose of “staying focused”, because if we keep falling into the sick games and evident sense of inferiority as shown by the negative contributions some white folks have done, we will fall into their trap and convert this discussion into a war zone, or a source for exchange of insults instead of the determined uplifting purposes it is intended to. For instance, BRYAN HARMAN calls himself and ‘educated person’, but he goes on to state that some Arabs are darker than black people. There is proof that blacks were the first human species on Earth, and remember that the Arabs invaded Egypt, which of course involves racial mixture and explains why there are Arabs who are very dark. You would realize that the world’s black culture is filled with people of different skin tones which go from the lightest cinamon shades to the deepest, sweetest darkest black! Yes, I add sweetest because everytime I set my eyes on a very dark man, I just melt by contemplating such a Godly gift! Oh…when you refer to slavery and sexual violence in Africa, remember that those are actions initiated by whites. Hitler is a perfect example of violence and hatred, and if you want to talk about inferiority, his whole purpose for wanting to exterminate Jews was based on feelings and concepts of inferiority, as well as the caucasian invadors of Africa who envied the strenght of the black man, the beauty and resistance of his skin, not to mention the covetting of the overwhelming physical and spiritual attributes of splendid black women. If you are physically, emotionally and spiritually secure…WHY DO YOU LOOK UPON OTHERS??? WHY BOTHER THEM???? WHY QUESTION THEM??? WHY THE NEED TO DOMINATE THEM???? WHY SO INTREIGUED AND DISGUISINGLY FASCINATED BY THEM IN SO MANY FORMS???? If the Arian Nation was all that, then why trouble the Jews? If Europe and all caucasians were sufficiently secure, why did they need Africans to subject them to slavery, and to help build what we have today? Were white women not enough for them? IF THEY ARE SO PERFECT AND PURE!!!! Why is the world so multi-racial today, with black traits and prints beaming in most regions of the world? Some people just can’t face the fact that the black race is the most underestimated, but influential and intreiguing one in existance. We have always been here. Presently, they still try to put us down, and cleverly promote disputes and conflicts among ourselves, but they will never extinguish us, and the more they try to bring us down, insult us, and discredit us, the more the thruth will emerge, and their fear and intimidation becomes more evident.
GREG, loved your comments on “darkness”! KEGIMI!!! You go, you black beautiful child of God!…because if any athiest reads the Bible he or she will realize that actual world events coincide with what it expresses. Proof is the success of every theory, and what’s going on in Israel and the Middle East is spread out in the Bible, as well as the proof provided by this web site concerning black people beginning civilization!

Ms. Sprung!

By Know-thy-self ( – on Wednesday, October 25, 2000 – 02:09 am:
What was the point of that last post DREW PETERS?

I notice that whites/househands come to this
site preaching every culture love one another….

But when attempts to make positive/Unifying
Relationships relationships With Continental
Africans are made….They go on a mad frenzy
trying to point out our differences and laying
seeds for devision.

These are basically attempts bye the white culture
to gain the Loyalty of the Black culture. Not our
equality….loyalty. And if we give it to
them…the will joyously use as house hands to
further colonialize and rape the resources of the
richest continent in the world……


Europeans control the ENTIRE continent of Africa.
They devided up the land like a giant pizza…each
Europeans gettin their own little piece (German,
French, English, etc.)

We do have one large similarity…WE BOTH LIVE

and ps
Shallow Capitalism is not a culture. That is the
only thing we have in common Drew peters.

Please refrain from speaking for blacks in other
parts of the World on what their cultural values
are. You do not reserve the right.

By bmawute ( – on Thursday, October 26, 2000 – 03:32 pm:
To Dark and Contemplative – If you do not believe in God or the Higher Power, who do you believe in, and where do you think the human family comes from? You notice that I DID say human, I did not say mankind. Hue means color. Surely you don’t believe in the theory of evolution!

By bmawute ( – on Thursday, October 26, 2000 – 03:52 pm:
To Know Thy Self – Very well put my brother. Shallow capitalism IS the only thing we really have in common with them. It is amazing how they think that even as we struggle for our true identity, we must have them to help to guide and direct us with this also. How arrogant! Peace and Love.

Black Man Rising!

By DARK AND EXTREMELY SERIOUS! ( – on Friday, October 27, 2000 – 02:42 pm:




By MenNefer ( – on Thursday, November 23, 2000 – 02:46 am:

By Darkoverlord;waitng to see what this is all about ( – on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 – 02:45 pm:
In order to communicate a message,you have to speak in words that reflect what it is your trying to say. Speaking metaporically ,doesn’t work for the unenlightened.
Since your here,we have to ask what did ya bring,besides a few expressions frmon the muter neter. Being PADONTIC,serves what purpose,or then to mysitfy ?If ya came with info. then make it seen,if ya came with more deliberate mysicism,we’ve seen it all before.

By DARKOVERLORD ( – on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 – 11:23 pm:

By Ptah Da Architect ( – on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 – 12:15 pm:
Em Hotep, I have this book & I must say that although I haven’t finished it yet it is a MUST HAVE! I’m not all for wild-out theories on the ethnicity of our ancestors but I am for correcting the wrong and the mis-takes made when portraying us (Africans) to the world. Honestly if you KNOW then it won’t matter about debating who was black & who wasn’t. Mer Ua Em Hotep Ptah

By Angela Diarberry ( – on Friday, December 8, 2000 – 12:04 am:
I am here because I homeschool my children and want to know what to teach my children about kwanzaa. I have never been taught anything about it. I have a few questions:

1. Does having a separate holiday for black people contribute to the lack of unity among whites and blacks? Isn’t the goal equality rather than constantly pointing out our differences? How will we ever have peace if we don’t “melt” together?
2. Why do black people refer to themselves as African-Americans? Wouldn’t it be more conducive to peace if we just called each other American? I mean, I don’t go around calling myself European American. I did have ancestors who were from European descent, but they were all dead years before I was born and I have no desire to live in Europe. My connections, my patriotism, and my roots are all 100% American.
3. Is it silly for white people to celebrate Kwanzaa? (Similar to how non-Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s day) Why or why not?

Hopefully we can benefit from good, intelligent dialog.

By propheTess ( – on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 – 05:32 pm:
To any very confused person: this is for you.

Mathematically, logically and with intelligent reasoning ( as one brother put it earlier on)
you may judge superiority in race by their ability
to survive and endure any circumstance. The being that develops and masters this technique; whether they are literate or not, black, white, red or green,fast or slow,civilized /uncivilized, etc…
This Being of existance (Collectively) is historically far more superior on earth & through


By Mike E ( – on Tuesday, December 26, 2000 – 10:30 am:
To Angela Diarberry
I would not teach my kids anything about kwanzaa the whole “so called holiday” is nothing but racism, it was a made up holiday to push along racism and if you were to talk to the people that follow this stuff you will find out they hate whites, asian’s, european’s, you will even find out that they even hate black’s that don’t believe there garbage, it’s like this african american stuff, I have asked WHERE is AFRICA AMERICA, and nobody has answered me yet, and the ones that say that the true God of the bible KJV is black have no proof of that, there taking verses out of context, what was Jesus He was a Jew, the earth is only 6000-7000 years old we can prove that, we know the different colors and races started at the tower bable, the bible say’s that but it says nothing of what color Adam was as far as I can find, so no I would not teach your children about kwanzaa it is about hate!!!

By Blondie ( – on Friday, December 29, 2000 – 03:41 pm:
Wow- to Angela Diarberry- Congrats on teaching your children the importance of different cultures! I am also a white female that is studying up on different cultures/traditions/ roles/race ect. and have questions raised like yours. I hope someone that is open-minded, honest and willing to teach, not preach, can/will answer them. I am interested in seeing the black American’s point of view. I know that I share the same view as in question #2. I could give many of my own answers- but they always tend to lead to more questions! Also, for whites to celebrate Kwanzaa, would it be hipprocritical? I know I wouldn’t celebrate Hannakuh- but that is religious. Kwanzaa carries some very strong points for any culture.
I had to say “wow” at the beginning because of the response from Mike E.. My own personal opinion is that he is an idiot, and an embarrasasment to my race, and should just have his mouth taped and then thrown into a corner. But maybe Angela should show his answer to her children and see what they learn from it. Sometimes studying ignorance can be the best lesson.
I came to this website to learn about Kwanzaa, and end up for the last hour reading through letters about arguements I didn’t even know exsisted/mattered, of frustation, of rage. The arguement of who came first amazes me. To me, it makes sense the black people orginated first. Life will begin to exist where conditions are optimal. Humans started to lose color, “became white,” when they migrated to northern, colder conditions. Dark pigment, fleshy facial features disappeared when they hindered survival in the cooler climates. I don’t agree with the arguement that whites are selfish and greedy, but if you look at it, as a primitive being, living in the cold, snow, having to search for food, don’t you think as a people, it makes sense that whites are more aggressive? And does that really make whites evil? I think it is more of terms of survival of the fittest. I don’t know. Please don’t think I’m trivialising anything, and maybe I am way off base. I’m trying to learn, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. At least not in the US. I just think too many people get caught up on little things, and it becomes whoever can scream the loudest wins.
So anyway- that’s this white girl’s 2 cents.

By Tjmax ( – on Friday, January 5, 2001 – 02:05 pm:
So many whites have come to black sites to try to discredit afrocentric history,so rather than keep throwing hurtful words back and forth at each other,whitch do not add any insight
to this debate,so am about to bring some insight to the afrocentric debate.I’ll first quote some white scholars and their research and then we can move on to quote the ancient people who saw and understood what they were seening.Now,first we’ll see what some modern whites had to say,then we’ll go on to what the ancient people had to say[from the book The missing pages of his-story by Indus Khamit Kush :Professor Beatrice lumpkin raises a very critical question[why haven’t we been taught that the base of our so-called western civilization was created by the African peoples of Egypt

Two other European historians put it like this:The hisorians R.R.Palmer and joel calton in their massive book A History of the modern world wrote:There was really no Europe in ancient times.Europeans were by no means the pioneers of human civilization.Half of recorded history had passed before anyone in Europe could read or write.The priests of Egypt began to keep written records between 4000 and 3000 B.C.,while the pharaohs were building the frst pyramids,Europeans were creating nothing more distinguishe than huge garbage heaps. Jacques Weulersse,a French historian,in his work L’Afrique Noire compares Africa with Europe and candidly writes:At a time when all Europe was only savagery,when Paris and london were swamps, and Rome and Athens uninhabited sites, Africa already possessed an antique civilization in the valley of the nile;it had populous cities…great public works,sciences,and arts;it had already produced Gods. Was it not Aristotle who said:The races that live in cold regions and those of Europe are full of courage and passion but somewhat lacking in skill and brain power;they lack political cohesion and the ability to rule others. Professor Erman in his book,life in ancient Egypt states:Ethnologists assert that nothing exists in the physical structure of the Egyptian to distinguish him from the native African,and that from the Egyptian to the negro population of tropical Africa,a series of links exist which do not admit of a break. Egyptologist G.R.Gliddon lays out the conclusion we must come to if we accept the African origins of the ancient Egyptians:so far then,as the record,scriptural,historical and monumental,will afford us an insight into the early progress of the human race in Egypt[the most ancient of allcivilized countries]that civilization originated in Ethiopia,and consequently among an African people,and was by them brought down the nile…we,who trace back to Egypt the origins of every art and science known in antiquity,have to thank the sable Negro…for the first gleams of knowledge and invention. According to the scholar,Joseph McCabe:”…our ancestors remained…pure barbarians,during the two thousand years when the dark men…were constructing civilization…until about 700B.C. the philosophers of the world would have said that white men seemed incapable of civilization…quoteing from the book ,The new science and the story of evolution,p.292-98. Gaston Masoero[1846-1916]on the opinion of all the ancient writers on te Egyptian race states:By the almost unanimous testimony of ancient historians,they belonged to an African race. There is a lot more,but my time is limited,so I leave you with this by that eminent black scholar and historian,John Henrik Clarke,who once commented:some people…had come to your land taken you over,processed your mind into thinking he has always been civilized and you have always been waiting for him to bring the light.What happened when you found out that he had no light.

By bmawute ( – on Friday, January 5, 2001 – 04:35 pm:
God created himself out of triple darkness and then he made man in his image and after his own likeness. The original man was black. There is no question about that. Archeologists of all races have to acknowledge that fact. They have been digging all over the world for many many years and everything that they dig up looks like Black people. This certainly bears witness to who was here first. The european’s history can only be traced back 6,000 years, that is why he tries to make people believe that that is when the earth started. He wants to take credit for the pyramids, but he was not there. With all of his technology, he still cannot explain how the pyramids remain at 72 degrees at all times. It baffles him. The Black man goes back millions of years, this is why I can’t understand how we can allow the european to tell us about God and who he is. How arrogant of him, how gullible of us, when we survived for so many centuries before he was even created. Do we really believe that we knew nothing of God and spirituality before his late arrival. He is the last species of mankind to arrive on the planet and has raised more hell and caused more death and destruction than all of the other races combined. One only has to study, pray for understanding and use common sense to understand who we are and what our purpose is. When you look into the eyes of the Black Man and Black Woman, you are looking into the eyes of GOD! This is why the european feels so compelled to keep us deaf, dumb, blind and divided. He knows that if you study your origins and understand where and who you came from, you will no longer look at him with a kind of awe and worship. You will begin to see that he is not a giant after all. He is a master of illusion and trickery. You will no longer fear him and you will take your rightful place in the world, and that is on top. This is why he fears you and feels a need to keep the Black race divided. He doesn’t have a problem with Jewish, Asian, Korean, or Mexican unity, but every time we talk about unity, he tells us that we are just americans and calls us racists when we make an effort to heal our families and communities. If we are really “just americans”, why are we always at the bottom of everything that is good, and at the top of everything that is negative? Wake up Black Man and Black Woman. Stay focused, stay prayerful and obedient and continue to study and then we will awaken from this deep sleep that we have been put into. We are a beautiful, intelligent, creative and magnificent people when we are in our right minds.
Black Man Rising!

By Madhuri Kayvalya ( – on Saturday, February 24, 2001 – 02:44 am:
The Hitler Project
Bush Property Seized–Trading with the Enemy

In October 1942, ten months after entering World War II, America was preparing its first assault against Nazi military forces. Prescott Bush was managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman. His 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had just begun training to become a naval pilot. On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush.

President Bush’s family had already played a central role in financing and arming Adolf Hitler for his takeover of Germany; in financing and managing the buildup of Nazi war industries for the conquest of Europe and war against the U.S.A.; and in the development of Nazi genocide theories and racial propaganda, with their well-known results.

The facts presented here must be known, and their implications reflected upon, for a proper understanding of President George Herbert Walker Bush and of the danger to mankind that he represents. The President’s family fortune was largely a result of the Hitler project. The powerful Anglo-American family associations, which later boosted him into the Central Intelligence Agency and up to the White House, were his father’s partners in the Hitler project.

By deciding that Prescott Bush and the other directors of the Union Banking Corp. were legally front men for the Nazis, the government avoided the more important historical issue: In what way were Hitler’s Nazis themselves hired, armed and instructed by the New York and London clique of which Prescott Bush was an executive manager? Let us examine the Harriman-Bush Hitler project from the 1920s until it was partially broken up, to seek an answer for that question.

Origin and Extent of the Project
Fritz Thyssen and his business partners are universally recognized as the most important German financiers of Adolf Hitler’s takeover of Germany. At the time of the order seizing the Thyssen family’s Union Banking Corp., Mr. Fritz Thyssen had already published his famous book, I Paid Hitler, admitting that he had financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement since October 1923. Thyssen’s role as the leading early backer of Hitler’s grab for power in Germany had been noted by U.S. diplomats in Berlin in 1932

Prescott Bush became vice president of W.A. Harriman & Co. in 1926. That same year, a friend of Harriman and Bush set up a giant new organization for their client Fritz Thyssen, prime sponsor of politician Adolf Hitler. The new German Steel Trust, Germany’s largest industrial corporation, was organized in 1926 by Wall Street banker Clarence Dillon. Dillon was the old comrade of Prescott Bush’s father Sam Bush from the “ Merchants of Death ” bureau in World War I.

Brown Brothers had a racial tradition that fitted it well for the Hitler project! American patriots had cursed its name back in U.S. Civil War days. Brown Brothers, with offices in the U.S.A. and in England, had carried on their ships fully 75 percent of the slave cotton from the American South over to British mill owners. Now in 1931, the virtual dictator of world finance, Bank of England Governor Montagu Collet Norman, was a former Brown Brothers partner, whose grandfather had been boss of Brown Brothers during the U.S. Civil War.

In 1931, while Prescott Bush ran the New York office of Brown Brothers Harriman, Prescott’s partner was Montagu Norman’s intimate friend Thatcher Brown. The Bank of England chief always stayed at the home of Prescott’s partner on his hush-hush trips to New York. Prescott Bush concentrated on the firm’s German activities

Hitler’s Ladder to Power
Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany January 30, 1933, and absolute dictator in March 1933, after two years of expensive and violent lobbying and electioneering. Two affiliates of the Bush-Harriman organization played great parts in this criminal undertaking: Thyssen’s German Steel Trust; and the Hamburg-Amerika Line and several of its executives

The Flick-Harriman partnership was directly supervised by Prescott Bush, President Bush’s father, and by George Walker, President Bush’s grandfather.

On March 19, 1934, Prescott Bush–then director of the German Steel Trust’s Union Banking Corporation–initiated an alert to the absent Averell Harriman about a problem which had developed in the Flick partnership. Bush sent Harriman a clipping from the New York Times of that day, which reported that the Polish government was fighting back against American and German stockholders who controlled “ Poland’s largest industrial unit, the Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company…. ”

Warrants were issued in December for several directors accused of tax evasions. They were German citizens and they fled. They were replaced by Poles. Herr Flick, regarding this as an attempt to make the company’s board entirely Polish, retaliated by restricting credits until the new Polish directors were unable to pay the workmen regularly. ”

The Times noted that the company’s mines and mills “ employ 25,000 men and account for 45 percent of Poland’s total steel output and 12 percent of her coal production. Two-thirds of the company’s stock is owned by Friedrich Flick, a leading German steel industrialist, and the remainder is owned by interests in the United States. ”

In view of the fact that a great deal of Polish output was being exported to Hitler Germany under depression conditions, the Polish government thought that Prescott Bush, Harriman and their Nazi partners should at least pay full taxes on their Polish holdings. The U.S. and Nazi owners responded with a lockout.

Nazi tanks and bombs “ settled ” this dispute in September, 1939 with the invasion of Poland, beginning World War II. The Nazi army had been equipped by Flick, Harriman, Walker and Bush, with materials essentially stolen from Poland.

In many ways, Bush’s Hamburg-Amerika Line was the pivot for the entire Hitler project

The Schroeder family of bankers was a linchpin for the Nazi activities of Harriman and Prescott Bush, closely tied to their lawyers Allen and John Foster Dulles.

Baron Kurt von Schroeder was co-director of the massive Thyssen-Hu@autte foundry along with Johann Groeninger, Prescott Bush’s New York bank partner. Kurt von Schroeder was treasurer of the support organization for the Nazi Party’s private armies, to which Friedrich Flick contributed. Kurt von Schroeder and Hjalmar Schacht together made the final arrangements for Hitler to enter the government.

Baron Rudolph von Schroeder was vice president and director of the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Long an intimate contact of Averell Harriman’s in Germany, Baron Rudolph sent his grandson Baron Johann Rudolph for a tour of Prescott Bush’s Brown Brothers Harriman offices in New York City in December 1932–on the eve of their Hitler-triumph.

Certain actions taken directly by the Harriman-Bush shipping line in 1932 must be ranked among the gravest acts of treason in this century.

The U.S. embassy in Berlin reported back to Washington that the “ costly election campaigns ” and “ the cost of maintaining a private army of 300,000 to 400,000 men ” had raised questions as to the Nazis’ financial backers. The constitutional government of the German republic moved to defend national freedom by ordering the Nazi Party private armies disbanded. The U.S. embassy reported that the Hamburg-Amerika Line was purchasing and distributing propaganda attacks against the German government, for attempting this last-minute crackdown on Hitler’s forces.

For his part in the Hitler revolution, Prescott Bush was paid a fortune.

This is the legacy he left to his son, President George Bush.

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography — by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

By Chugalug ( – on Tuesday, April 24, 2001 – 07:42 pm:
Race is irrelevant. Race is only a veil. Life is an individual struggle. “The Races” should stop pointing fingers at each other; it is pointless and childish. We all need to take responsibility for our own souls. Despite what those who would control you would have you believe, the personal is NOT political. It’s time to stop jerking off.

By Damani6 ( – on Tuesday, May 8, 2001 – 07:47 pm:
Hey Whiteboy!

You have no claim to America since you cannot digest the fact that the cement that is the foundation of America is held together by the blood weat and tears of Africans stolen from their country by your forefather or sold into slavery by thier forefather. Your ignorance is full of wind. Let me share some wisdom with you that can change your backward life if you dare try. Since you feel that Africans and Blacks are worthless and have not contributed anything to the society of men, try not using inventions made by blackmen and women. For example:
(1) Try writing without paper. Africans invented and used paper in Timbuktu long before the first Eygptian dynasty. That means you cannot wipe you behind, if you get my point, but that okay, before you kind was introduced to the wonders of the black world, they used leaves or their hands. Nasty!
(2)If you have a car, pray it does not break down. If it does, tell your mechanic not to use a wrench because it was created by a worthless, count-for-nothing blackman (John A. Johnson).
(3) I hope you do not use a clothes dress to store your neatly folded laundry. If you do, throw it way because it was invented by a blackman (John J. Jordan.)
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(5) Remeber Henry Ford Whiteboy. Well you would not if it were not for J. Gregory. He was the balckman who invented the internal conbustion engine.

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Just because you live in a system that provides previlages to white boys, do not think for a moment that ignorance will get you anywhere. Did you know that there are more white people on welfare than black, receiving greater benefits due to Affirmation Action than blacks. What vaccum did you step out of.

By kinks_83 ( – on Tuesday, June 26, 2001 – 02:52 am:
I am currently reading the book which sparked this debate, The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams. I personally give the book a lot of praise because it not only answered previous existing questions of our history, but exposed facts which created new ones. For instance, one comment I read claimed there was no real proof of African Civilization and Achievements, however this work chronologically exposes the great and obviously intentional “black out” in European history. Williams catalogues numerous events throughout history of African interactions with Europeans and Asians, and simply the proof is in the pudding. For any White, Black, Arab , Latinos ect. who questions the origin of civilization, the blackness of egypt, the development of the arts and sciences, the beginnings of communication, and the specific events which led to the downfall of our greatness this is definately a must read . So white Boy if you’re looking for proof open the book, and if you want to know why you should teach your kids about kwanzaa open the book, and if you want to kwow why africans in america can’t advance open the book and then read the miseducation of the Negro by Carter G Woodson. Because frankly for us to have been fighting off global attack from all of Asia, Europe, and other prdominantly white civilization for five thousand years(pg.58) we’re doing quite well for ourselves. So open the Book all my brothers and sisters and open your eyes. Because true equality can only be layed on a foundation of truth, and therefore an admission of guilt and reparation must occur before we can begin to mend this two sided world which exist today. For your days are numbered and if we continue to be pushed to civil disobedience to be heard, then the repercussion that will tossed upon the white race will be tradgic, but executed by all means necessary. You all only make up 2% of the population, so how long do you really believe our naivete and righteousness will allow you to keep this up? GLOBAL ASSASSANATIONS. Somebodies gonna pay for all these years of poverty and the rape of our nation.So keep up you white bastards we’ll see who gets the last laugh. If you were smart you call the truce now while some of us still ike you, cause this could get ugly.

By PABCD ( – on Thursday, September 6, 2001 – 02:57 pm:
As a military brat I have lived all over the world and the one thing that is noticable is that the variations in races blend as the borders have changed over the centuries. With the conquest of one country over the other, back and forth with one inslaving the other , is there really any race that can say that they are pure. I don’t think so. There is no one race better than another, and there is no culture or religion that is better than any other. Just men trying to make themselves feel that they are something more than they are (JUST MEN). The only ones who do have the right to complain is WOMEN. We have been and still are inslaved and tortured just for being born a woman. There is no civilization on this planet who can say that their women have been treated equally to their men.


November 20, 2007







The Afrikan people’s belief in a creator and theology makes them the most misunderstood people on the planet.
–Nana Ekow Butweiku I

The themes of Afrikan theology, Afrikan cosmogony and Afrikan philosophy in ancient and modern Afrika are the focus of the latest text by Nana Ekow Butweiku I–an Afrikan-centered scholar, traveller and activist currently residing in Bronx, New York. The author of 500 Years of European Behavior: Its Effect on Afrika and Afrikan People, Brother Nana is what might be called a “Race Man.” The term Race Man (a term not much in use today) applies to an Afrikan man totally dedicated and completely devoted to the uplift of his people (the Race). A Race Man places the interests of his people above all else. A Race Man embodies the words of that great nineteenth century champion of Afrika and the rights of Black people–Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden. In application to himself, Dr. Blyden emphatically stated that: “Let me forever be discarded by the Black race, and let me be condemned by the White, if I strive not with all my powers, if I put not forth all my energies to bring respect and dignity to the Negro race.” Nana Ekow Butweiku I embodies that tradition and fits into that mold. In Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy, Brother Nana speaks to us from the perspective of a Race Man. He addresses us as one of us; as an Afrikan elder speaking directly, without any intermediaries, to his Afrikan family.

Every Black person should visit Afrika at least once during their lifetime. It is a pilgrimage to our sacred motherland–the birthplace of humanity and the cradle of civilization–and one is never the same afterwards. In Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy, Nana Ekow Butweiku I serves as our guide on a soul-searching journey. In a no nonsense approach Brother Nana holds no punches and minces no words. It might be observed that the text is characterized by plain speaking and righteous anger. Nana clearly realizes the urgent plight of Afrikan people around the globe, and makes it clear to all who would listen that the struggle of Afrikan people, whether at home or abroad, is not merely one of countless other unconnected struggles, but a single desperate planetary conflict with many fronts and innumerable battles.

Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy introduces us to Afrika’s past and present conditions, its ancient and modern traditions. Much of the text is the direct result of extensive on-site research, with key sections consisting of first-hand interviews with several of Afrika’s most learned griots and elders, including Elder Apourali of the Dogon Nation of Mali. Apourali, it should be known, is one of the Dogon elders interviewed decades earlier by the French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen.

Out of necessity much of Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy is punctuated with the effects, the perils and the dangers of allowing others to perform the fundamental tasks of writing our history and interpreting Afrikan theology, cosmogony and philosophy for us. Brother Nana indicts the entire Caucasian sphere and speaks with scathing criticism and undisguised passion about the usurpation of Afrikan history and the desecration of Afrikan culture by flocks of human vultures from Europe. He notes that “The white race has used the Afrikan way of life to gain the confidence of the Afrikans, while at the same time they promote white superiority and black inferiority.”

Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy examines the works of many of the nineteenth and early twentieth European writers on Nile Valley civilizations, particularly George Rawlinson, Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge and James Henry Breasted, and their role in the partitioning of pharaonic Egypt from rest of the Afrikan continent. It is in large measure the body of publications of these writers that has formed much of the core of modern white supremacist ideology. Their historical works supplemented the accounts of European travelers to Afrika, such as Richard Francis Burton, Leo Frobenius and Robert Moffat. It should be no surprise then that Brother Nana condemns them so vehemently. As Brother Nana states in the chapter titled The Egotistical Paternalistic White Man: “One wonders how the egotistical attitude of a Newt Gingrich, United States Congressman, Speaker of the House, Senator Phil Gramm, or the paternalistic attitude of the liberal Rutgers University president Francis Lawrence developed. With a little research it is easy to see that Europeans developed these attitudes very early when they came in contact with Afrikans through lies they told themselves to inflate their egos. We are already familiar with early twentieth century European writers such as H.G. Wells, E.A. Wallis Budge, and James Henry Breasted and their assertion that the ancient Egyptians were somehow different from other Afrikans.”

Afrikan Theology, Cosmogony and Philosophy is an unapologetic and unbridled attempt to reclaim the religious, historical and cultural heritage of Afrikans for the Afrikans. The thirteen chapters of the work reflect years of intense study, in-depth observations and primary research about both Afrika and Afrikan people. Brother Nana journeys to Afrika frequently, not as a tourist, but as a seeker of the real Afrika. Via his travels and through his eyes he transports us to the Continent with him, making it come alive with a new vibrancy and an old dimension. With equal emphasis he stresses to us the importance of Afrikan people in seizing the initiative in the documentation, preservation and presentation of Afrikan history. He notes that: “White men have revised, and rewritten the bible time and time again. This was done in order to justify and meet their needs. Were they branded as revisionist? The difference here is that when their so-called philosophers and intellectuals made their revision it was from neo-reality to greater falsification, as opposed to Afrikan exposure of the truth from falsification to reality.”

Early in the Introduction we mentioned the great Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden. Let us now mention another Race Man–the late Dr. Chancellor James Williams. In his classic volume, The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D., Dr. Williams provided a set of guidelines for African-centered research specialists. As stated by Dr. Williams:

“In the `View from the Bridge’ and the final chapters, I make a more definite break from the `old line’ school of historians. To be objective and scientific, this school insists, the research scholar should do no more than present the comprehensive and fully documented results of his investigations. There should be no `subjective’ commentaries, no editorializing. Just present the factual data and leave the work to the readers to interpret or evaluate as they choose. This may not only be the correct viewpoint, but it is even beautiful for historians who represent the already arrived people who control the world. They can well afford the luxury of historical knowledge for knowledge’s sake–the great satisfaction that comes from just knowing how things came to be. But the Black historian, member of a race under perpetual siege and fighting an almost invisible war for survival, dare not follow in these footsteps of the master. Quite the contrary, after faithfully researching and piecing together the fragmented record of the race’s history, the task of critical analysis and interpretation should begin. What were our strengths in the past? In what respects were we most vulnerable? Where did we go wrong? And all this, like the study of history itself, must be for the express purpose of determining WHAT TO DO NOW. In short, the Black historian; if he is to serve his generation, must not hesitate to declare what he thinks the results of his studies mean. For even when our history shows us where we have been weak, it is also showing us how, through our own efforts, we can become strong again.”

Even before The Destruction of Black Civilization, in 1965 in Problems in African History, Dr. Williams wrote that: “Africans and persons of African descent must assume the primary responsibility and leadership in historical research….if we are to continue to leave practically all important historical research and writing concerning the black race to the white man, then we must be prepared to accept, uncomplainingly, the white man’s point of view.”

It is as though Dr. Williams spoke directly to Brother Nana and gave him a direct time-tested blueprint for the work that is to be done. According to Brother Nana, in the Preface to the text, “The research work that is required to set the record straight is long and difficult, but the tedious task must be done to undo hundreds of years of European distortions of the truth. It must be done if Afrikans are going to enter into the twenty-first century in their rightful position in world history. This book begins to address that task.”




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