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Shalom El Hetep and Greetings,
To The Mambos,
Queens and Princesses Of Traditional
Black Spirituality, To The Elders, Chiefs and Houngans Of Black
Spirituality, To All Group
Members United Here in Our Struggle and Quest For A Common Identity
and Union, and
To Bro Yao-Heru-Tehuti.

1. Semitic
2. The Anthropological and
Ethnological Evidence
3. Akan
4. The Habiru/Apiru
5. The Avrahamic Peoples
6. Kana Yisrael As A Pharoanic State
7. Israel’s Ontology
8. The Archaeological Evidence
9. Overview
10. The Conclusion

( foreword : Bro. Yao-Heru-Tehuti, It is my suggestion that you
read the evidentiary portions first and
then read Israel’s Ontology last. But Respecting
your sagacity that is only a suggestion. The
materials gathered here in our discussions and
elsewhere is to be the subject matter of a
larger volume entitled : The Egyptian And
Aramaic Origins Of West Africans And Black
Americans. )

In order to faciliate the interests of scholastic aptitude for
laypersons and academics alike I
shall set out what I believe to be The Philosophical Doctrine Of The
Base in the discussion between You and I seek to help the
understanding of all concerned.

I would like to start by addressing your present responses and also
some of the ones from
your earlier posts and highlight some issues that are of important
consideration even with
the present historical records and cast some light on the questions
(s) posed by scholars
as to Who Were The Canaanite/Israelite/Hyksos People instead of just
saying that it is not
known who they were. This, among some other things.
To get to the heart of your arguments again. In your first response
you state again that
“there is no historical archaeological evidence of an “Israel” that
matches up with the mythical writings found in religious text such
as the Bible. There is evidence of a people
that the Kemetic peoples called “ysri ri”….though the peoples of
Israel don’t have as many
interactions with any other people as they do with the Kemetic
peoples.” [Note: To High-
light Something, that is precisely my point in my response And I
might also add Sumer/
Chaldea as peoples that Ancient Canaan/Israel interacted with. End
Note]……You state
“There is absolutely no historical connection that can be shown
between any land or
people known as “Israel” and any people known as “Hebrew”
or “Habiru”. [Note: The words
Habiru/Apiru is still in serious contention among scholars and at
present simply means a
homeless person, a wanderer, a brigand, a street dweller or a
criminal of some sort without
regards to race.!!! End Note].
2. You hold to the view that all of the names given in the stele
and defeated by the Kemetics are foreign city-states ( meaning
foreign races to you, I suppose ) and that the
determinative for ‘Israel” is simply a foreign group of people (
also meaning a foreign race
or non-black peoples to you, I suppose ). You mention the punishment
of Yanoam in
comparison to Israel being just as severe… [Note: Yanoam and
Israel are Virtually Syn-
onomous as Canaanite People. End Note], and……The vast majority
of the inscriptions on
the stele is actually about invaders from Libya [ I Note that this
is True] ….They were the
most serious threat from the study of the inscriptions…[ Note:
With that last statement I
most fully disagree. These campaigns were not conducted at the same
time and Canaan’s
rebellion seems to have been put down first and still fresh/recent
in the minds of the
Kemetic inscribers from a reading of the inscriptions. End Note].
3&5. I have combined your responses in three and five for relation.
You disagree that the
Stele proves conclusively that “Israel” were native indigenous
Canaanites and that Israel/
Canaan as shown in the Stele is actually one single group of people
representing their
Country. You disagree that we can tell who they actually were or
are, to state: ……. we
cannot tell that they are an ethnic group from that one line….we
cannot tell if they are
Canaanites from that one line or a people who invaded and
assimulated Canaanite culture.
…. we cannot tell if they were black from that one line…..there
is not much at all in reality
that can be discerned from that one line as to who those peoples
were…… [ Note: All of
Canaan’s Towns and Peoples received a one liner from the Egyptian
inscribers of the
Stele. Also it has been noted and inferred by various scholars such
as Drs. J.J. Bimson,
M.G. Hasel, Sigmuend Freud, C.G. Jung and Profs. C.A. Diop,
Theophile Obenga, J.A.
Rogers, Frances Cress Welsing, Josef ben-Jochanan and others that it
takes a long, long
time to assimulate the language, science, art, technology and
customs of a foreign
superior culture and then make a appreciable contribution to it in
terms of mechanical
usage. End Note].
4. And No. 4, in response to my position about there being no
foreign racial groups that
were mentioned in regards to Canaan, period, You stated : “Actually
all of the people
mentioned, not only in “Canaan” but also in Libya are mentioned as
foreigners. Those
other city-states in Canaan that were mentioned all have the
determinative symbol indicating
foreign city-states and “ysri ri” has a determinative indicating a
foreign people…” [ Note:
WITH FOREIGN BY RACE!!! There were some White/Indo-Oriental
Foreigners mentioned
as Allies of Libya But No White/Indo-Oriental Foreigners SHOWN or
Mentioned in Canaan
on the Stele And That is Why The Kemetics REFERRED to Two Campaigns
in One Stele!
As I have said before, They KNEW who they were looking at and
Dealing With!!! More will
be said on this later, though.!!! End Note].

I have subsumed all of your responses and assertions into one so
that I may answer them all in toto.
My entire position on this matter is that The Black Peoples of
Canaan/Israel/Phoenicia were all One and the Same
and That it is These Black Peoples who were and are none other than
The Mysterious Hyksos that
have been called Semitics and Asiatics by Indocentric, Eurocentric
and some Afrocentric authors
and scholars.!!!
The first issue that I must address is the word Semitic.
Understanding this word and its usages is one
of the KEYS to understanding our subject matter. The Akkaddian
Inscriptions calls the Name of
Shem/Sem as Semu or Shu-Mu. it is the name of a Person, a Peoples
and a Country, Sumer.
We Have To Be Very Careful When We Use The Word “Semitic” because
it originally
applied to Black peoples in Mesopotamia, Sumeria and The Indus-
Valley of Asia. See The
Akkaddian Inscriptions,
and http://www.earth-history.com/Babylon/Myth/mba17.htm. This is for
your contention in an earlier
post that no historical person named “Shem” ever lived because of
the lack of a historical
inscription to that effect outside of the Bible. As to Sumer and
Shem, once again, from the
Mesopotamian view we look South. It is certain now that the peoples
of Mesopotamia called
themselves Sumerian because they descended from and venerated the
Person called SHU by the Egyptians. The very word means to derive
from, to proceed from,
without regards to politics or religion but RACE. It also means an
Act, An Event, A Social
Movement, such as the peopling of The Mesopotamia from Nile Valley
and Indus-Valley
populations. Going further as to originality we are told by Prof.
Amelineau and Prof. Cheikh
Anta Diop that the Orisha/Irunmole Ausar/Osiris was a True, Living
Person as well as the
other Orisha/Imoles and Prof. Diop notes that the “God’s” head and
other sacred parts were
found in four canopic jars at Abydos.!!! See The African Origin of
Civilization, Myth or Reality.
Among these Nile Valley groups were the Akan/Kanaan peoples whose
original home appears
to be Kenya as this Country still bears their ethnic name to this
day. The origination of these peoples
must then have been Southern and Western, Nubian and Dravidian,
which is to say South Africa
before many African/Asiatic Groups of Black Peoples assumed their
own Ethnic/Tribal
Identities, Lands and Regions.
I submit that the first group of Nile Valley and Indus Valley
peoples who settled the Mesopotamian
region ( Iraq, Canaan, Arabia ) were venerators of the Irumole,
Imole, Neter SHU and so
named the land, its peoples, language and culture after their Patron
Orisha. Even to this day
Black Hebrews refer to Black Jews as Shema Israel. The language of
Canaan is called Semitic
( meaning Sumerian, Akkaddic, Ugaritic, Hebrew and ARAMAIC ). It is
an Afro-Asiatic
language and is NOT Indo-Oriental or Nordic European. The language
system of Black Asia
( The Dravidian Indus-Valley ) is conclusively shown to be
Dravidian/Tamil/Kali/Dalit. The
Indo-Orientals/Indo-Aryans have no language system but that adopted
from the Tamil system
is Vedic, Sanscrit and Hindu. The Dravidian is the Original
Indigenous Asiatic Black Man and
Woman ( The South-East Asian Indian and Australian Aboriginal
Type! ).
The original language system of Caucasians is the Nordic,
Scandinavian, Teutonic, Celtic,
Germanic, Caucus and a corrupted bastardization of these tongues
called Slavic! We also
note that Semitic referred to the Blacks of Asia First and Their
Language and after that to
Japhetic Indo-Oriental and Caucasian peoples who adopted and spoke
the language afterwards
and that is the SOLE origin of the word, land and peoples called
See Semitic/Semitic Languages, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic.
With this one single fact we can clearly begin to explain the times
of Canaan, its provincial
state periods under Egypt and Sumer, its Nationalistic periods of
Independence and Regional
Rule as Canaan, Israel, and Phoenicia, its rise and fall and the
reasons therefor. Also with this
one single fact we can begin to set straight the Confusion of the
Torah/Tanakh Records of
The Sumerian Hebrews and The Egyptian Yewes by the Western European
and American
State/Church Academic Establishments!

The Anthropological And Ethnological

For purposes of clarifications throughout this treatise ( and for
rebuttals, if any ) I will proceed
first to IDENTIFY the peoples now known to the World’s State and
Religious Academia as the
HAMITICS and the SHEMITICS. See Gen. 10: 6-32 ( The Western Torah,
miscalled The
Christian Holy Bible ). In the beginnings of Man’s Evolution on the
earth as the Human Life Form
we all know that there was only ONE Homogenous race of peoples. A
critical fact long over-
looked is that there was two (2) different groups of these peoples.
One group was dark-skinned
with Woolly-Hair and called Nubian. The other group was dark-skinned
with Straight-Hair and
called Dravidian! See An Authentic Anthropology, by Prof. Cheikh
Anta Diop,
http://www.africawithin.com ;and Dravidian India, by Prof. T.R.
Sesha Iyengar,
http://www.saxakali.com/southasia/dravidian_india.htm .
Both appear to have originated in Southern Africa. The Nubian is
The Biblical
Hamitic and The Dravidian is The Biblical Shemitic as well as The
Original Asiatic Black Man and
Woman. Eighty 80% percent of our Human History is the Story of These
Two (2) Groups of Black
INTERMIXTURES.!!! And now for The Paleontology of Ancient Israel.!!!

The Anthropological and Ethnic evidence will best be considered by
giving the four (4) Ethnic-Tribal
Groups and their societies which form the basis, origin,
developement and actual peoples called the
Canaanites, Hebrew Israelites and The Black Jews. They are:
1. The Sumerian Hebrews, The Igbo (Ibo)
2. The Egyptian Yewe, The Ewe
3. The Akan of Canaan, and
4. The Colchin of India, The Indus-Valley
Outside of biblical text the evidence shows that the Patriarch
Abraham and his Wife the Matriarch
Sarah were of Sumerian Dravidian descent. His Great-Great-Great
Grandfather is Eber. Eber is
nothing more or less than an Igbo/Ibo man. Whether Eber was a Nubian
Man or a Dravidian I
cannot tell but the record bears out the fact that there was much,
much intermixing between these
two black groups in the Middle East, Iraq and Arabian Peninsula for
long, long, long periods of
time before, during, and after Abraham’s migration. We ALL,
laypersons and scholars alike, appear
to forget sometimes that all of the groups mentioned in Nubia-Egypt
and Sumeria-India were ALL
Ethiopian Peoples. In other words and to be more specific, Nubians
and Dravidians.!!!
See http://www.homestead.com ( Early Dynastic period, Dynasties I
and II; The “Ethiopians”
according to Diodorus Siculus; and a History of The Ancient Black
Races Including The Black
Hebrews, by Prof. Rudolph R. Windsor ,
Including/dp/0962088110 .
In all of my treatises in this Thesis I have presented the ONE VIEW
that the Canaanite Hebrew
Israelites and Black Jews were the product of the Intermixing of The
Nubian and Dravidian Black
Peoples, The Biblical Hamitics and Shemitics. As to the antiquity of
the four (4) tribes of peoples
in Sumeria, Egypt, Canaan, India and Mesopotamia See Chayah bayith
http://www.freewebs.com/radah/index.htm; and The Archaeology of The
Bible Lands, by Magnus
Magnusson, B.C. http://www.earth-history.com/Various/Canaanite-
Gods.htm; AND Ephramite
Forum-2, Other Peoples: Canaan, Ghana, Uganda.
http://www.britam.org ; AND Igbo People,
The Egyptian Yewe, Ewe or IU are mentioned in Egyptian historical
texts and it is from this tribe
of Peoples that we get the very word JEW. It is well known now by
laypersons and scholars that
Hamitic and Shemitic language systems contain no letter “J”. The use
of the letter “j” came about
as a translation of hamitic and shemitic tongues into Caucasian
alphabet that uses the letter “J” such
as the English language. The word Iu, Iue, Yewe and EWE evolved into
the word Jew as a matter
of the translation of languages and That Alone is the Whole Matter
of the modern english word
Jew. It STILL MEANS the Yewe/Ewe peoples that the word describes and
comes from as these
peoples were and are the Original Jews to start with.!!! I also
submit that the very word HEBREW
is from the union of these peoples dialectical tongue from their
biological intermixture as a socio-
ethnic group. The word Ibo or Igbo as Eber and the word Iu, Yewe or
Ewe being conjoined to
form the Ethnic word : Hebrew as IBRI-EWE or IVRI-YEWE. I believe
this very, very, very strongly.
The Ewe/Yewe peoples as a whole describes their Origins as being
from the lands of EGYPT and
SAUDI ARABIA. I also Highly Note that Joseph I ( Yuyasof I of On )
was born in PADAN-ARAM
EWE.!!! He married ASENATH, the daughter of Potipherah, High Priest
of the fabled City of On,
later celebrated as the Greek Heliopolis. ON is the Fabled Egyptian
City of The Sun. The importance
of this will be seen later as we go on. He was buried in SHECHEM. I
believe the word Shechem has
hamitic and shemitic implication and derivation from the reasons
described herein. See The Ewe,
http://www.hoasogli.com ; The Africans Who Wrote The Bible, by Dr.
Nana Banchie Darwah,
http://www.egyptsearch.com/forums/forum8/HTML/000994.html ; Ancient
Egyptians Wrote The
Holy Bible, by Dr. Kwame Nantambu,
bible ; Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, The Light of The World, pgs.
http://www.destee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32821; in which Bro.
Keita presents the opposing


Because of its importance to our discussion here, the Land and
People of Canaan will be dealt with at
length. My point is that it is the Country that all four tribes
mentioned came into one as a Socio-Ethnic
Group and Nationality. I begin this by identifying the Geographical
Area of Ancient Canaaan from their
historical records and those of Egypt and Sumeria. To state: Modern
Day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria and Saudi Arabia. This region was called the Retennu, Sirion
and later on the Levant by Egypt and
Sumeria. The importance of this description will become clearer as
we move on. See Canaan, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan ;
http://www.wikinfo.org/wiki.php?title=Canaan ; and
http://www.answers.com/topic/canaan?cat=travel ; and
Bro.Yao, to elaborate on what I will present in this treatise I
submit that the Hurru, Mittani, Hatti etc.,
WERE ALL Black Peoples of The Societies of Nubia, Libya, Egypt,
Sumeria and India, The Indus-
Valley. Going further on what Profs. Cheikh A. Diop, Ivan Van
Sertima and Josef ben-Jochanan has
said, until we see the societies of Nubia, Egypt, Libya, Canaan,
Sumeria, and India as RELATED
Nations and NOT Isolated Societies we will continue to be as
CONFUSED abour OUR Origins and
Ancestors as Caucasian and Indo-Oriental scholars are about THEIRS
and OURS. This, My Brother is
The Philosophical Doctrine Of The Base in our discussions and
Debate. To further illustrate what I am
saying here let us view a map of the Ancient Near East during these
times. See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Near_East ; and Maps of The
Ancient Near East,
tm ;( Especially Asia, The Indus-Valley Civilization ).
Bro. Yao, in one of my prior treatises in this thesis I told you
that the conflict between Canaan, Egypt
and Sumer was not just Political, Religious and Ethnic but also
Scientific! I will state a list of Canaan’s
accomplishments and then I will proceed to show just who the
Canaanites/Hyksos/Israelites truly were.
The Archaeological record from about 3000 B.C. shows that :
1. The Canaanites were the first mercantile nation in the world, the
very first to use coins and paper money
(papyrus) as currency !!!
2. Their Political units were the very first Federated City-States
in the world ( Ugarit, Aradus, Tripoli,
Ursalima (Jurusalem), Batrun, Byblos, Beirut, Sidon, Tyre, Raphia (
the first one ) and others ).
3. They recorded much (not all) of their history and system on
papyrus (paper) which they also used in
the schools and business system.
4. Among the first to have a Merchant Marines and a Regional Navy
with sophisticated warships.
5. Introduced the War Chariot into Egypt, Sumeria, Libya and
surrounding Countries. The Canaanite
Chariots were made of Iron and equipped with Shields.
6. The Mortuary Science was sophisticated in both cremation,
mummification and burial techniques.
7.Among the first to found a Agricultural based food, textile,
chemical, clothing, industrial and medical
system from the land.
8. The first in the Art of Air Travel by way of the Gas Air Ballon
which later gave way to our modern
Airships called Derrigables.
9. The first peoples to fuse Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Sumerian
Cuneiform into one language to create
a Phonetic Alphabet (Aleph-Beth) and Mathematical system called
ARAMAIC on which all other Modern languages have been based upon
since then. This language system appears to be much, much
older than 5000 years.!!!

The name Amurru, Amorites, Amar, Aamu and Amu is synonomous with
Canaanite. According to
biblical archaeology Genesis 10:16 indicates that the “Amorites were
descended from Canaan but they
must have intermarried with Semitics at a very early age because
they appear as a SEMITIC people in Near
Eastern references to them. Their origin is something of a mystery,
but they probably arose not too far
from the Syro-Palestine region, perhaps in the northern euphrates
area. We know that Amorite mercen-
aries were used in overthrowing the Akkaddian empire of Sargon I,
about 2200 B.C. Thereafter they
invaded Mesopotamia and established themselves there; the Hammurabi
Dynasty (1830-1550) was
Amoritic. From certain artistic representations we may conclude that
they were entering Egypt as traders
by 1900 b.c. The Amorites occupied an area in Trans-jordan as well
as in Canaan. Numbers 21:21
speaks of Sihon, King of the Amorites, and Joshua 10:5 lists the
towns of the Amorite league: Jerusalem,
Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon. Probably they occupied the hill
country while the Canaanites lived
in the lowlands of Palestine. At one time the Amorites controlled an
extensive area in Mesopotamia, Syria
and Palestine”. Genesis and Archaeology, pgs. 88-89, by Dr. Howard
Frederic Vos.
Let us view some other matters that Dr. Vos comments on. On
Abraham’s Identity, Dr. Vos states that
recently the idea has been advanced that Abraham was not merely a
powerful Patriarch but a Merchant
Prince. In this Dr. Vos cites Cyrus Gordon who concludes ” the
patriarchal narratives, far from reflecting
Bedouin life, are highly international in their milieu, in a setting
where a world order enabled men to travel far and wide for business
enterprise…. Abraham comes from beyond the Euphrates, plies his
trade in Canaan, visits Egypt, deals with Hittites, makes treaties
with Philistines, forms military alliances with Amorites, fights
kinglets from as far off as Elam, marries the Egyptian Hagar, etc”
and simply admits that
this shows the Patriarch Abraham to be much more than the Bedouin
nomad that scholars a generation
ago thought him to be. pgs. 51-54. On the Garden of Eden, The Flood,
and their many similarities Dr. Vos states: ” That there was such a
place of perfection may be reflected in the Sumerian account of the
land of Dilmun. He cites both Pritchard, who believes Dilmun was the
Island of Bahrein in the Persian
Gulf, and Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer who locates Dilmun in the Indus-
Valley, p.19, as well as the view
that Sumeria’s Mesopotamia is the original home of the Hebrews”,
On Genesis 14 Dr. Vos writes : ” the assertion made formerly that
travel was not so extensive in the
patriarchal period and that Mesopotamian ( Sumerian ) Kings did not
control the area must now be
discarded. The expeditions of Kings of Elam and Babylonia appear in
different light when we learn, for
instance, that as early as 2300 b.c. Sargon of Akkad ( near
Babylon ) made raids on the Amorites of
Syria and Palestine. Hammurabi himself claimed that his empire
extended to the Mediterranean. Of
particular significance for the present study is the fact that prior
to Hammurabis’s rule in Babylon, Kudur-
Mabug, an Elamite King of Larsa ( north of Ur ), claimed to
be “prince of the land of Amurru” ( Palestine
and Syria ). Furthermore, a wagon contract found at Mari in the
Middle Euphrates region and dating to
the patriarchal period gives as one of its conditions of rental that
the wagon shall not be driven to the
Mediterranean coastlands, hundreds of miles away. Dr. Vos also
comments on the discovery by Albright
of a line of buried cities along the legendary Highway of Kings.
These cities dated to the Early Bronze
(3000-2000 B.C.) and Middle Bronze (2000-1500 b.c.) Ages. Also
identified was the town of eastern
Gilead, Ham, Ashteroth Karnaim in southern Syria, Kadesh-He ( along
with many others ) with Ain el
Qudeirat in the Sinai Peninsula. pgs. 66-73.
On Joseph ( Zaphnath-Paaneah; Yuyasof I of On ) as Prime Minister
or Pharoah Vizier of Egypt, Dr. Vos observes : ” First, it is clear
that the Egyptians did not consider the Hebrews to be part of the
movement. When the Egyptians drove out the foreign overlords in the
16th century b.c., the expulsion did
not involve the Hebrews”. Again : ” Critics used to doubt the
possibility of a Palestinian slave’s rising to
such high position in Egypt as scripture says Joseph did but
archaeological investigation has provided
several interesting parallels to this occurrence. A Canaanite, Meri-
Ra, became armor-bearer to Pharoah;
another Canaanite, Ben-Mat-Ana, was appointed to the high position
of interpreter; and a Semitic,
Yankhamu ( Jauhamu ), became deputy to Amonhotep III, with charge
over the granaries of the delta,…
In commenting on the position of Jauhamu, who some believe
officiated in the region of Goshen, Price
observes ” to him the Egyptian subjects in Canaan-Syria appealed in
case of necessity, as he was the
high official of the Egyptian Government for that foreign state. He
had all power to respond to the appeals
for grain in exchange for silver, wood, or even the sons and
daughters of the buyers. The position of
Joseph as Commissioner of graneries in Goshen ( Gen.47:13 ff ) and
his authority to retain the sons of
Jacob ( Yaa’kov ) as hostages remind one of the position of
Jauhamu”. pgs. 101-108. Genesis and
Archaeology, by Dr. Howard Frederic Vos, 1963.
Bro. Yao. I have reprinted some of the conclusions in this book to
Illustrate again the Truth and the
Modern Confusion on the subject here. Dr. Vos, a Caucasian scholar,
was at least truthful to what the
evidence showed and did not show and was sensitive in his comments
on race and religion in the book.
He also admitted the confusion of scholars on the Identity of The
Canaanites, Hyksos, Semitics and
Habiru!!! Of course Anthropology, Archaeological research and
Afrocentric Academia has shown and
proved much since then but to my knowledge has not said who the
groups mentioned truly were in a
definitive sense.
The Canaanites are SIMPLY the Akan Peoples of Egypt’s Nile Valley
and Sumeria’s Mesopotamia as
the many Tribal/Sub-Tribal groups throughout the region who
descended from them along with the Igbo
Colchin and Ewe as a common ethnic group and CALLED THEMSELVES and
their land KINAHHU.
The Hyksos and Semitics ( Amu, Aamu, Asiatics ) are SIMPLY The
Black Dravidian Peoples of Sumeria, India and Canaan among them The
Ibo ( Igbo), Ewe, Akan and Colchin.!!!


Because the meaning of the word Habiru is “still” in contention
among Scholars I will present my own
view of the Ethnicity and Race of the peoples called Hapiru. This
will digress from our earlier discussions
on the Hapiru. By all accounts it is certain now that the term
hapiru/apiru referred to peoples who were
homeless, outcasts and downtrodden at that time. In other words
street peoples. The same goes for
sag’gaz, a robber without regards to race.!!! The promblem is solved
in Sumeria and Egypt when we look
at where this underclass dwelt at. They erected large homeless camps
near the edges of forests, deserts,
lakes, streams and along the banks of The Rivers. It is certain now
that these peoples worshipped the Life
Giving Spirit of The Land, the River God HAPI. They, the lower class
of Hyksos, also dwelt at the Deltas and by the Red Sea, being
peasants, servants, prisoners and street peoples. This River, The
(Hapi) and its deltas also being the home of Apophys-Set-Typhon, the
Crocodile Gods, and Ipi. In
Sumeria the same is Enbil-Ulu. These peoples in the areas were no
Indo-Orientals or Caucasian foreigners
but the Egyptians and Sumerians OWN UNDERCLASS being mainly
Canaanites with poor Egyptians,
Libyans, Sumerians and Nubians included. It is also a known fact and
no secret that Egyptian/Sumerian
peoples and dynasties had many of these peoples as house servants
and field slaves. For all of the talk
about “crossing over the Rivers and Red Sea” these are the
Hapiru/Habiru so-called from their veneration
or worshipping at that time of the Spirit of The Nile, a favorite of
the oppressed and downtrodden, The
River God HAPI.


These are the peoples, the descendants of ABRAHAM, who produced
Isaac ( Yitzhak ), Jacob
( Yaa’Kov ), the 15th to 16th dynasties of Ancient Egypt, the Nation-
State of Kana Yisra’el, and its
connections to the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. I also note the
fact that their native presence was
attested to in Ancient Egypt as early as the 13th Dynasty.!!! In
order to explain the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt it is helpful if
we look at the 15th to 16th dynasties and the formation of Kana
as a socio-ethnic and political group. The names of the Hyksos Kings
are unquestionably Canaanitish.
As the Akan, Igbo, Yewe and Colchin groups began to coalease in the
region of Canaan, they all
originating from a common background and bond, along with the minor
substrata of other various small
tribal groups ( the mixed multitude of the Torah and Biblical
records ) we see the people of Canaan as
Israel finally take shape as a Nation. One of the reasons for this
is that the 15th to 16th Dynasties were
THESE CANAANITES themselves. It is important to note that the
timeline for Canaan/Egypt’s most
important events concerning Israel is from 1650 to 1150 b.c.e. It is
especially important to anaylyze the
time period for the 15-16th dynasties for this is when the Patriarch
Jacob ( Yaa’Kov, the Supplanter )
appears. Jacob is called Yaa’kov-Aru, Yaa’kov-Her and Yaa’kov-Baal.
The founder of the 15th Dynasty
was Salitis ( also called Shalik, Saites and May-Ebre Sheshi,
literally translated as MAH-IBRI-SHE-ISHI.!!!), and the last King
of this dynasty was Auserre Apophis I ( Ausar-Re Apophys I ). In
words these Canaanites were the Self-Styled Pharoahs of the Delta,
Canaanite and Arabian Peninsular
regions. It is said that Yaa’kov-Her had 12 sons by the Matriarchs
Rachel, Leah and the Matriarch
Mistresses Bilhah and Zilpah. It it also a fact that Canaan had 12
Tribes. The CONFUSION results from
modern scholars giving the family names of Each Son as the Tribal
names itself of each group. And these
were the 12 Sons of Yaa’kov that settled in each of the lands and
territories of the 12 Canaanite tribes.
The 12 Sons and their Wives were SIMPLY the heads of these 12
Canaanite families, clans, groups and
Tribes of peoples in Canaan. As time went on from the earliest
periods, their names and the Canaanite
tribal names became synonomous and identical. That is what happened
there. That is all.
On Joseph ( Zaphnath-Paaneah; Yuyasof I of On ) again, I believe
that Joseph was a Pharoah Vizier
under his Father Yaa’kov-Baal of the 16th Dynasty. When comparing
the historical records from the
ancient texts to modern theoretical interpretaions it is interesting
to note the similarities and differences as
told by academia of all schools. They make it so confusing,
perplexing and non-common sensical at times.
In my opinion it would seem to me that Joseph was not just “sold”
into slavery but was bartered, ransomed, captured and/or taken as a
political prisoner-of-war (after all, they were at war with the
southern dynasties and others in that day and time) and his release
was effected by BOTH Official
Diplomatic and Spiritual means. I also note that in the Book Joseph
And Asenath, Ase-Nath, his wife to
be, already a Queen Princess at this time looked MORE LIKE A
ISRAELITES ( Read : Canaanite/Hyksos/Israelite ) than any of the
other women belonging to the various
socio-ethnic tribes making up the population of Egypt in that day
and time. I submit that Joseph was a
Pharoah Vizier of the 16th Dynasty ( called Hyksos ) under his
Father Yaa’kov-Her and simply
ascended the throne after the death of the Partriarchal Pharoah.
Again, See Joseph and The Hyksos,
http://www.freemaninstitute.com/Gallery/joseph.htm, echoeing the
same conclusions reached by Dr. Vos
and others that the “expulsion of the foreign overlords” by the
Southern Theban Dynasty did not include
the Hebrews. However as Dr. Vos admits, western academic scholars
were labouring under the
“assumption” ( Academic Theory ) that the
Canaanites/Hyksos/Israelites were different ( non-black,
non-native ) groups of peoples or a foreign race of people
altogether which is the view that you presently
hold also Bro. Yao. Again I propound the fact that there is not a
shred of anthropological or archaeological evidence to support your
See Joseph In Egyptian Historical Records,
http://www.answers.com/main/ntq-tname-joseph-warton-fts-start-o; and
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixteenth_dynasty_of_Egypt ; and also
See Genesis, KJV : Chap. 44: 1-34 ; Chp. 45: 1-28 ; Chp. 47: 1-31 ;
andChp. 48: 1-22 ( Where The Land of Egypt and Canaan are VIRTUALLY
All of the anthropological, archaeological, ethnological and
linguistic evidence supports the fact that the four tribes mentioned
herein ARE the
peoples known as the Hebrew Israelites and Black Jews. After much
intermixing in the Nile Valley and Mesopotamia ( Egypt, Sumer,
Canaan )
Canaan is the land where these four groups, already ONE, merged into
a Nation as a Socio-Ethnic Group with a NATIONAL, INDEPENDENT,
NATION IS BORN!!! The evidence supports the fact that
these Indigenous Canaanites are indeed the peoples of the book.
Using this as our primary ideology here, let us approach the finding
identification of the Israelites from the Egyptians OWN words in
describing them and what they called them in the Middle Kingdom and
New Kingdom period and see just how easily we can find Israel in
Egypt again and again and at almost every single turn. They called
SYRIANS and referred to Canaan-Arabia as The RETENNU and LEVANT.
This as we can easily see was a RACIAL as well as a Geographical
Classification, Retennu meaning Blacks but not of Egypt but the
Akinahhu of The Land of Canaan. To put it plainly the Hyksos peoples
nothing but these peoples and the Rulers, Chieftains, Nobles and the
powers that be of Canaan ( along with the other small groups of
Sumerian, Nubian and Indus-Valley populations that were present
among them ) as evidenced and described by the SUMERIANS AND
EGYPTIANS THEMSELVES. !!! See Joseph, The Alignment of The
Chronological Records, http://www.lordbalto.com/neros/ .
They were also referred to as the WEARERS OF THE LOCKS ( you know,
as in plaits, braids, sidelocks, Dreadlocks ). The Merneptah
Stela clearly DEMYSTIFIES Ancient Israel rather than MYSTIFY them. (
I myself have always known that the Stele itself is the
Incontrovertible Proof of the Black Canaanites who were denoted as
Israel by none other than themselves and their Sister Nations,
Egypt and Sumer every since laypersons and scholars alike have tried
to use the Stele to Prove or Disprove the existence of Israel as a
Canaanite Ethnic Group for quite, quite, quite some time now !!!
heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ). See The Merneptah Stela,
Once again, for what a Native Canaanite looked like in the
fifteenth century b.c. to 70 A.D. to present, See Harpers Bible
Dictionary, pgs. 151-153, First Edition, 1985 ( Description :
Canaanite Dignitary
with arm raised in salute; Bronze Plaque from Hazor, Fifteenth
Century B.C. : The Canaanite Official in
this Stele is a very black person, extremely dark-complexioned. He
wears undergarments similar to our
modern day clothing over which there is a Robe. In the olden days
these Officials often wore a circular
ribbon about their upper body with Aramaic language and Adrinka
symbols inscribed thereon denoting the
rank, country, station and function of the dignitary. This clothing
is identical to West African Clothing today
called KENTE CLOTH. ), And, to further Drive The Point Home > See
Rabbi Mordecai Abi Serour,
History of The Jews of Bilad el-Sudan ( In Fact, Read The Whole
Article and The References in it ),
28West_Africa%29 ; and this one too, The
Igbo People : http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Igbo_people.;
Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, pgs.
174-175, by Margaret Bunson. The Hyksos/Israelites were no “new race
and/or new people”. Egypt
called them SIRIONS, Sumerians called them ARAMEANS and Manetho
himself called them ARABS
and PHOENICIANS. These Canaanite peoples were indigenous to Canaan,
Sumer and Egypt. See
Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt, pgs. 87-89, by Rosalie David ;
Ancient Syria,
http:ancienthistory.about.com/library/bl/bl_syria-ancient.htm ; And
Hyksos ; http://www.imninalu.net/Hyksos.htm ;Hyksos,
http://www.messiah.org/hyksos33-1.htm ;
http://www.freewebs.com/jwest/Hyksos.html ; And Hyksos,

The 15th to 16th Israel dynasties were the basis, origin and
developement of the Canaanite State of
Israel as a Independent, Sovereign Pharoanic State. After their
expulsion from North Egypt in 1567 by
the Southern Pharoah Ahmose I ( Kamoses ) they withdrew again to
Canaan. Still Canaanites continued
to play a large role in the Egyptian dynasties and society. In
continuing the socio-political drama this leads
us up to the famous 18th dynasty of Pharoah Akenaton and his Vizier,
The Priest-King Osarseph ( The
Tetmoses Osarseph or Tetmosi Osar-Yuyasof II of On ) better known as
the biblical King Moses.
Yes, Bro. Yao. What I am saying is that the Chief Dynasties of The
Canaanites were the Amurru and
the 15th to 16th Dynasties of Egypt were the Proto-Israelite and
Israelite Dynasties who sat on the Thrones of Ancient Egypt as they
sat on the Thrones of Mesopotamia also.!!! To understand this better
See The Prophecy To The Avrahamic ( Abrahamic ) Peoples. Western
Torah, Gen. Chap. 17: 1-27 ;
Chaps. 16-17 ; and Chap. 25: 1-23.
However we are concerned now with the Administration of Akenaton (
Amonhotep IV ). It seems that
after the Theban southerners drove the Canaanites back into Canaan
they oppressed the Hebrews still in
Egypt and made frequent incursions into the Land of Kanaan. But
again, a Canaanite family rose to power
in the 18th dynasty of Egypt in the person of Pharoah Tetmoses
Osarseph. [ Note: To explain the Pharoah/Pharoah Vizier King
Tetmoses Osarseph ( also known as Yuyasof II of On, Damoses and
Tamoses ) the name SEPH or SOF MEANS descendant of Joseph, (
Yuyasof I of On, Zaphnath-Paaneah ), Ephraim, Manesseh, Benjamin and
Judah whom the Levites lived among and intermarried with in Goshen,
North Egypt. A practice which Pharoah Tetmoses discontinued as he
assigned the Levite-Zadoks a special status when he withdrew ALL
Hebrew Canaanites back into their own native land within their own
national borders, named it Kana Yisrael, and established himself as
the First and Founding Pharoah of Kana Yisra’el’s First Dynasty with
Joshua as the Pharoah Vizier or Prime Minister. This was The Second
Exodus. A voluntary one. The first dynasties were A COLONIZATION OF
expulsion of the last Kings of the Israelite 16th Dynasty in North
Egypt and the attempt by southern Kemetics to REMOVE ALL TRACES of
the CANAANITE presence WAS because that was the first and only time
in its native history that KEMET
had been COLONIZED, albeit an INTERNAL ONE.!!! Phr. Tetmoses, in
founding a Independent Canaanite State, had to deal with native
elements loyal to the southern dynasties, Sumeria, and selfish ones
out for their own power, resettle the 12 Canaanite Tribes, and write
The First Democratic Constitution.The Constitution of Man and Woman,
The Torah.!
This is the BASE of the stories about Phr. Tetmoses and Joshua’s
wars with the Egyptians and hostile
elements in native Canaan. He and Joshua oversaw all of this along
with the High Priest Aaron and Matriarch Queen Miriam. Pharoah
Tetmoses also lived for 120 years beginning his work at the age of
40 !!! End Note ]. He made the final break with the southern Theban
dynasties after Akenaten’s death,
re-established Canaan as a Independent State as Kana Yisrael and
begin Judaism according to the
Patriarchal Command as the Native Culture.This is the Whole Story of
the Exodus and The Mosaic-Joshua Dynasty of Ancient Kana Yisra’el in
Canaan, more or less. This is ALSO for the unleavened,
half-leavened, half-mixed, half-baked Hebrew Israelites in CERTAIN
GROUPS and Individuals with
street level, race-based so-called “Knowledge” who are teaching the
Lie that Judaism ( YAHUDAISM )
is a Japheth Russian/Caucasian Ashkenazi “invention”. There are
Hebrew Israelites, that just like other
Black peoples, are not prepared to accept and face the Facts of
Israel and its True History. Having been
De-Culturized for so long they do not understand the real and true
meaning of what it means to be the Hebrew Israelites. That will be
addressed in Israel’s Ontology. See The Moses Mystery, The African
Origins Of The Jewish People, by Gary Greenberg ,
Jewish/dp/customer-reviews/15597223 ( Go To: Look Inside Another
Edition Of This Book for an Academic Introduction ); Ahmed Osman,
http://ahmedosman.com/home.html ; Moses In History,
Hyksos, http://www.1911encyclopedia.org ;
http://www.answers.com/topic/hyksos ; Osarseph
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osarseph ; Breaking News: Man Named
Moses Declares “Set My People Free!” Leads Gang Of Hoodlums Into
Wilderness, http://www.culturekitchen.com/categories/moses ; The
Origin of the Jewish People and the Land of Canaan, by David
http://www.globalpolitician.com/articles.asp?ID=1765&print=true ;
http://pub34.bravenet.com/forum/2860232918/fetch/988322 ; AND
Genetic Evidence : West African/SubSaharan Peoples Are The Original
Canaanites, Israelites And Arabs,
http://globalpolitician.com/articles.asp?ID=246 ; And The Israelites
Were Pharoahs of Egypt, page1, Ralph Ellis,

Also See
The Original And Only Amorites Were Black Canaanites, The Mount Zion
Assembly Of Yah,
http://members.tripod.com/zionofjah/id33.htm ; And,

To begin with I will give the definition of Ontology : The branch
of metaphysics that deals with the nature
of being ; a particular theory about the nature of beings or the
kinds of existents. I have heard it said by modern Caucasian Greek
scholars, Indo-Arabs and Black Egyptologists the Hebrew
Israelites/Black Jews worship a Demiurge. Scholastic conjecture
COULD NOT be better than this. Let a layman person
enter the FRAY here. I will give you the old magical Hebrew formula
for determining “a God” and THE
GOD. Let us apply this formula Right Here! The first one is
Linguistics with its ETYMOLOGY ( Etymology MUST be applied because
languages can be corrupted, badly Translated and falsely
Transliterated ! ). The other two (2) are FUNCTION and PLACE.
YAH/YAA, the Sole and Supreme
Creator God has descended down to us as OM-YAH, AMYN-YAH, and EL YAH
from Nubia-Kush
( Nubi-Yah, Nabi-Yah ), Indus-Kish ( Indi-Yah, Indu-Yah ) and
Sumeria ( Semeri-Yah, Shemi-Yah )
from Time immemorial. YAH was known in Egypt ( Kemet, Kemi-Yah ) as
LAH ), in India as OYM/OM, YAA/YOM/YAM, Sumeria as ELYON ELYON EL,
meaning The God,
The God, The Great God, in Nubia as AMYN, AYM, AMN and AM, The AMEN,
and in Canaan as
EL YAH, The God who is Known but Unknown. This is why YAH was and
still is taught by word and
thought only, The Sacred Three/Four Letter Word of The Ancestors!!!
YAH is not Interchangeable and
Transliterable with Lah.!!! ( The “Y” is only transliterable as
O,A,U,I BUT is equivalent to the First Three
Only as “O”, the SYMBOL of the Cosmos, All in All, The ALL ONE ).
The LAH of Egypt directly
descends to us today as identically Lah, meaning the MOON and el-El
or al-Al, meaning “a God”,
literally translated as AL-LAH, The Moon God. Also See ALLAH, The
Moon God in the form of a
person as DUMUZI, The Sumerian Messiah, Shepherd King and Shepherd
of Men equal to the Egyptian
Tehuti ( All the Kings and Priests were called Shepherds of Men by
The Ancestral Nations, NOT just
Egyptians and Hebrews ! These Are Facts Without Emotion, Hate or
Sacrilege Also. Just THE FACTS ).
http://www.geocities.com/garywebb65/sumgods.html .
No such translation exists for YAH and IAH is a corruption of LAH,
NOT YAH !!! If IAH is proposed
or theorized as a corruption of YAH it is a badly disconfigured
one.Now, even PTAH is a form of YAH
as PTYH, PTHY, and PTYAH.!!! YAH is the Hebrew Israelite word for
Supreme Being and Creator
God. That is All ! ( Compare Meroitic-Egyptian Hieroglyph, Tamil-
Sumerian Cuneiform and Aramaic
Ugaritic Hebrew !!! ) .
2. Place : YAH could not be a form of Tehuti or he a form of YAH
because YAH is First and Tehuti was
merely a messenger, teacher, guide and initiator into the various
Religio-Spiritual systems of that day and
time. Second of all, YAH is the Aramaic Hebrew word for Ideal,
Divine, Cosmic, Transcendental, The
Universal One. The same meaning as YAH has Today for YAH changes
not. Third of all, YAH can not
be a “Moon God” or “a Tehuti” for YAH has no Images or
Representations. It is said and taught that YAH
dwells in the Thick, Thick, Thick Darkness. A Ontological term for
The Melanated Essence of the Cosmos
and ALL. Even today Israelites have no artistic representations and
images of YAH and no else does either !!!
Fourth of All, YAH was known and worshipped in the Secret Societies
by the High Initiates Only and Only
By The 3 Letter and 4 Letter Sacred Secret Word of The Ancient
3. Function : The Supremacy of YAH as EL YAH in the Canaanite
Pantheon is well illustrated in several,
numerous instances where the Orishas, Neters, Anunaki, the BAALIM of
Israel , the “lesser Gods, Lords
Deities or SPIRITS” Have to go to YAH to get permission for to do
just about almost anything, whether it
be good, evil, or to bestow a favor, curse, or impreesion upon
someone especially if that person ( Man,
Woman, Child ) be loyal and beholden to YAH or be given a destiny by
YAH or Not bothered at all.!
I will give 3 instances from the Torah/Tanakh and bring this part
to a close about YAH’S Supremacy in
Hebrew and World Ontology !!! See Holy Tanakh/Bible, Book of Job (
Iyyob ), Chap. 1: 1-22 ; Numbers,
Chapters 22, 23 and 24 ; and I Kings, Chap. 22: 1-53.

And Now for the HARD Part. Hard because Indigenous Black
Spiritualists and those of Organized
Religions Do Not Want to Accept WHAT IS AND IS A FACT !!! Now, to
explain The ROOT AND
BASE of ANCESTRAL JUDAISM. In Israel, the word for Yoruba-Dogon-
Kemet and Dravidian Tamil
Indian Orishas, Anunakis, and Loas IS BAALIM AND ELOAS. The basis of
Judaism in its origins and
and developements is nothing but Traditional Black Spirituality of
Africa and Asia known as VODUN.!!!
And Black Evolutionary Science known as ANIMISM. Our Ancestors Have
Always Taught us that
this World Of Nature is Just AS Important, Alive and Diverse as is
The World of Spirit. This System of
FIRST. !!!
The Teaching of Judaism comes from The School of MELCHIZEDEK, THE
OF KANAAN BENE YISRAEL, Just as Osiris is The Ancestral Spirit of
Egypt/Kemet and Enlil The
Ancestral Spirit of Sumer, This MELCHIZEDEK, A CANAANITE KING AND
MOST HIGH GOD ( El Yah ; Yah The El; Elyon Elyon El ) whom Our
Patriarchal Father Abraham Met and gave Tithes, Supplication and
Ancestral Veneration to. This was before The Patriarchal Father
married his Matriarchal Mistress, Mother Hagar, Our Mother Also.
Matriarch Hagar is Agar, A Agaritic or Ugaritic Woman, A CANAANITE!
And that is Also why Patriarchal Father Abraham ( ABBA’ HAM ) is
ALSO called The Father Of Ham.!!! There also goes out the Door and
of Truth “The Lie of The Mythical Curse On Canaan” INSERTED into
Our Torah/Tanakh
Records by Roman, English, Indo-Arab and Russian Ashkenazi “White
Jews” Academia!!!
To Illustrate on BAALIM again : The Neter SHU in Egypt, The
Anunaki SHU in Sumeria, is
to the Canaanite Hebrew Israelites : The BAAL SHEM or BAAL SHU-MU. A
word that HEBREWS still use today to refer To Our Origins. He is the
Brother of Ham ( Who is OSIRIS ), Anu,
Enki, Enlil and others. The word Baal in Hebrew means a Lord of The
Land .
Because This Treatise is to Promote Unity, Love, Peace and Harmony
I will set out how Black Hebrewism and its Culture Judaism is to be
viewed and defined by. Judaism has No Law of Coercion
whether by Force or Guile!!! The Most Critical Fact, LONG OVERLOKED,
is That ALL Black
Spiritual Systems SHARE a Creator-God Concept surrounded by a host
of lesser Spirits. Judasim should be seen as ALL African Religions
and Spiritualities such as Egyptian Amenism, Sumerian Anuism, Indian
Brahmanism and Buddhism, Orisha-Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, Sectarian
Christianity and Sectarian
Theocratic Islam PURIFIED and STRIPPED of The Multiplicities. The
multiplicities that causes conflicts
and DIVISIONS. We believe that YAH, through Pharoah Tetmoses,
preserved YAH’S name through all
Hebrew Spirituality and Mystical Judaism should be viewed as a
UNITY system. In commenting above on the relation that we all SHARE
of a Creator-God and lesser Orishas, Loas, Deities and Spirits
Hebraic Spirituality and Mystical Judaism teaches that the SPIRITS,
if they be True and Real, are all a part of and function of God
(YAH) and not SEPARATE from YAH. Just as one Cannot separate a Ray
of Sunlight from its Source, The Sun. For this reason these
functions of God (YAH) are called ELOHEEM. This is the context that
Hebrew Spirituality and Mystical Judaism should be viewed in by
Traditional Spirituality and Orthodox Religions.
For Messianic Hebrew Israelites who look to a Messiah, the belief,
veneration and practice of a Divine
Virgin Mother who gives Birth to a Son who IS THE MESSIAH coming to
SAVE His People for Their
Asiatic Peoples in the World to this day. I am a practicing Mosaic
Messianic Hebrew Israelite because I KNOW that there is No DIVISION
in Our Scriptures and that BOTH Moses and Yashua lead to the same
For Hebrew Israelites in this Age of Increased Knowledge, The
Scientific Technological Age, when
beset on all sides by psychological and material coercions, made to
feel that Hebrewism and its Culture
is borrowed, or made to think that Judaism is a Inferior
Hebrewism and its Judaism is quite the contrary and its
Effectiveness has been Time-Tested through our
ANCESTORS and US! In The Darkest And Finest Hour That Is When YAH
is There.
And that, My Bro.Yao-Heru-Tehuti, and all others concerned is The
Ontology of Israel!
See Biblical Beginnings In Ancient Egypt, ( A Very, Very Good and
Interesting Site When One Knows How To Read It, Whether Black
Egyptologist, Sumerianist or Hebrew ; Scroll To Jehovah and
Read The Portion About HUHI=IHVH=YAH and then Go To RE HPRW NEB
translated as the GOD
OF ALL HEBREWS. The Text Never Gets Away From The ETERNITY and
HUHI=IHVH=:YAH No Matter how Many Persons, Moon Images and Human
Beings That YAH is
Associated With !!! In Fact Hebrews and All Others Should Read
This. As For Languages ALL of The
TAMIL SCRIPTS ….. !!!!!!!! . See :
http://home.austarnet.com.au/calum/egyptb.html ; And The Names Of
God In Judaism,

Bro. Yao, When You Are Finished With That, NOW SEE : CHILDREN OF
FIRST !!!!!!!!
See http://www.childrenofyah.org/name_of_god.htm ;
http://ourworld.cs.com/mikegriffith1/bomworld.htm ;
http://www.sidneyrigdon.com/dbroadhu/MA/nilesre1.htm ;
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Stirling ;
http://hope-of-Israel.org/hebinusa.htm ; Then See : Afrocentrism, 4.
African as a race,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrocentrism ; I Rest My Case on The
Universality of Hebrew Israelites and


Bro Yao, I also note that the crown jewels, diadems, signets,
rings, uraeuses, scarabs, ankhs, figurines,
architecture and insignia of the palace, crown authorities and
family households in Canaan are in their own
images and likenesses the same as those of Egypt and Mesopotamia and
are too numerous to mention in
this short treatise. The Archaeological Evidence is :

1. The Merneptah Stele
2. The Moabite Stone ( The Mesha
Stele ), showing the victories
of Kings Ahab and Omri against
Moab and Moab’s later defeat
of Israel and Judah in Canaan.
3. The Black Obelisk of King
Shalmaneser III : Shows the defeats of
Tyre, Sidon and Canaan under
Jehu, King of Israel, Son of Omri.
4. The Tel Dan Inscription : Shows
the Inscription of The House of David,
King of Judah, Israel and
5. The Shishak Relief : Shows
Egypt’s victory over King Rehoboam of
Israel in Canaan in circa 925
6. The Lachish Relief : Shows the
Assyrian deportation of Judahite
Captives by King Sennacherib of
7. Ancient Egyptian Chariots Found
In Red Sea : A Commemorative Inscription
erected by King Solomon, Son of
David, King of Judah, Israel and Canaan.
sea-crossing-05.htm .
8. The Ipuwer Papyrus : Raises even
more evidence of the presence of Israel
in Egypt as early as the late
12th dynasty through to the 13th dynasty of Egypt.
For further Archeological and Linguistic Evidence as to the
Antiqiuity of Modern Hebrew Israelites See
Evidence of African Tribal Names In The Bible,
http://africanamerica.org/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/19370808/m/2721025323 ;
The Ancient Jews Were Black
and Africans Wrote The Bible,
black/ ; and
Black Jews and Hebrews, By John R. Moore,

And finally Bro. Yao. I leave you with the Pictorial and
Archaeological evidence of The Hebrews at their
Main Camp, Tel El Yehudiyeh ( just down the River from On, The City
of The Sun in Ancient Egypt,
later on The Greek Heliopolis ). This should bring to an end the
debate between You, I and anyone else
as to Race and Ethnicity of The Hebrew Israelite Jews of Egypt’s
Nile Valley, Sumeria’s Mesopotamia,
and Canaan. See Tell El Yehudiyeh,
tes1.pdf ( Some of the pictures
showing the clear black-skinned features of the peoples during the
Hyksos Dynasties have been removed
but enough Iconography remains to clearly identify who they were
during The Hyksos Age! ).

The Ibo ( Igbo ), Colchin, Akan and Ewe of Egypt’s Nile Valley,
Sumeria’s Mesopotamia and The Land
of Canaan ARE The Hebrew Israelites of The Matriarch’s Sarah, Hagar
and Keturah. These are THE
Periods, The Igbo
being THE BASE and The Akan, Colchi, Ewe and other small groups that
they intermarried and intermixed with being the peoples. The
Children of The Children of The Peoples of Abraham known as
Kana Bene Yisrael from whom ALL of The other Hebrew Israelite Jews
descended from.


Promblem Number One is TIME : The records of the Ancestors (
Torah/Tanakh, Turin Papyrus, etc. ),
Historical have come down to us THOUSANDS OF YEARS AFTER THE
FACTS!!! The records are
incomplete due to being lost, missing, destroyed or even stolen for
some reasons or another. Add to this
the Internal Wars between Black Powers ( with no Whites or Indo-
Orientals around ! ) with destruction
of Tribal and Ethnic Records because of Ethnic Imperialism and the
loss of Civil Administration in the
regions mentioned by a Stable Black Power for many, many, many
centuries as a primary cause.
Promblem Number Two is SUPERIMPOSITIONS : The superimpositions made
over the original records by and for Political, Religious,
Scientific, Ethnic, Tribal and RACIAL groups and organizations
for their own purposes and reasons while still keeping the original
story as a outline, base or model for
their pretended submissions.!!! And then on Top of All the
distortions and misrepresentations Bro Yao,
MOST, Not All, of the stories and records of our Ancestors are Still
There. It is just that the front part is
in the back, the back part is in the middle and the middle part is
in the front!
Promblem Number three is RACIAL DISTORTIONS : The distortions to
the records that have been
made mainly and mostly by White and Indo-Arab Academia by inserting
and placing their names,
languages, barbaric warlike customs, savage tribal ways, Ancestors
and themselves into Lands, Countries,
and places that they know they do not belong and were not there in
the sense of originations and developements. This is further
compounded by inserting any non-black peoples into those same places
further confuse and conceal their own lack of evidence for their
racially based claims.!!! [ To illustrate
what I mean Bro. Yao, review this Website. Black History being re-
cast as Nordic Caucasian and this
is called “Indo-Aryan History”??? !!! Hittite Treaties, Annals and
other documents from Anatolia to Egypt,
relating to Indo-European rites,
http://www.maravot.com/Hittite_Treaties2.html ].

Invitation To Bro. Kael
To Bro. Kael 1 of Moorish American Nationals,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MOORISHAMERICANALS/ , in an earlier
exchange between You and I you told me that I did not know how to
prove that the Hebrew Israelites were Black Peoples and Canaanites.
I told you that as a purely Islamic Scholar you might be a “little
Bit” out of your league.
Forgive if you misunderstood the context of the matter. The entire
debate between Bro. Yao-Heru-Tehuti
and myself was to prove the existence of Israel and a Black Israel
TEXT such as The Holy Bible and Holy Koran by Anthropological and
Archaeological means only.
You told me to plug you in on this debate when I finished my
response to Bro. Yao so now I am plugging
you in. Go To Yoruba Spirituality,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yoruba_Spirituality/ and see the Posts
Numbers 184,185,186,187,188,189,191,192,193,200,222 and the present
one and join in.
Also Bro. Kael, The Patriarchs of The Moabites are Father Abraham,
Lot and Ishmael. From all their
descendants we get Obed, Naomi, Ruth and Jesse, The Father of The
Canaanite King of Canaan Bene
Israel, King David. The Children of Abraham, The Black Ishmaelites
and Israelites have long since been
REUNITED in West Africa, Moorish Spain and Black America and many
don’t even know it! I will also
answer You, Bros. Tyrese, M. Bey, El Saadi and Sheik Nadir Bey on
Atlantis, The Moors and Islam
being Older Than Ancestral Judaism in much the same way as I have
answered Bro.Yao-Heru-Tehuti
of The Afurukaat Nation In North America. See Moab/Moabites,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moab .


A Native TRANSLITERATION of Judaism is in order here. Hebrewism and
Judaism is NOT a
Religion but a CULTURE. This This Culture embraces ALL aspects of
Life. The Politics, The Sciences,
Industry, Economics, Gender, Education, Healthcare, Welfare,
Spirituality, Materialism and NATIONALISM. Judaism is NOT
Theocratic. Judaism is the Foundation of Democracy and embraces
Human Development and Self-Determination in its Highest Apect, the
upholding of YAH in doing so and
a CULTURE BASED upon such a system. Very, very plain, very, very
In identifying the Fourth Promblem Bro. Yao I state again as Profs.
Jochanan, I.V.Sertima, C.G. Woodson, J.H. Clarke, C.A. Diop, J.A.
Rogers, A.G. Hilliard and C. Williams have opined we have
Black Theologians who are laboring without a Black Theology be they
Christians, Judaism, Nation of
Islam, Moorish Islam, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Methodist and a very,
very, very Incomplete one
where it is at.!!! The Same goes for Black Politicians, Scientists,
Industrialists and Capitalists too.!
See Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without A Black Theology,
The Need For A Black Bible,
fthesel?dev-t= and
We The Black Jews: Witness to the :”White Jewish Race” Myth, by
Prof. Yosef Ben-Jochannan,
http://www.amazon.com/We-Black-Jews-Witness-Volumes/dp/0933121407 .

The Pharoanic Origins and developments of Nubia, Libya, Egypt,
Sumeria, India and Canaan has been
glossed over for far too long now but it can no longer be denied by
anyone and for any reasons.!!!
As trua scholars have stated, In a World Order where the Office of
Pharoah wore nothing but the girdle of
the Blacks, THE WHOLE TRUTH and the stories told from it, ALL BOILS
that in a world order where The Office of The Pharoah was the
office of the day in Civil Administration
like the contemporary Presidencies and Prime Ministers of today for
the Political, State, Scientific,
Industrial, Economic and Religious Powers in Nubia, Egypt, Libya,
Sumeria, India and Canaan, the
Indigenous Canaanites, THE HEBREW ISRAELITES, simply Founded and
Established in the Kinnahu/
Canaan, Their own
Also See : Jesus, The Last Of The Pharoahs : The Tempest Stele,
http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/tempest.htm .

And that My Bro. Yao is the whole entire GIST of the matter. Once
again, Judaism, like its forebears,
is a Egyptian Nile Valley, Sumerian Mesopotamian and CANAANITE way
of Life, Culture and System
of Human and Social Development. That is all it was, is, and ever
shall be. Nothing is Ever going to change that Fact.!!!
And So, We see now why The Pharoah King Tetmoses Osarseph, the
Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and
others told The Hebrew Israelites that Thy Birth, Blood, and
Nativity is of The Land of Canaan.
See Deut.Chap. 26:5 : Thy Father was a Syrian, an Aramean about to
perish But the Hand of His God was Heavily upon Him.
See Book of Isaiah, Chap. 19 ; Book of Ezekiel, Chap. 16 ( Esp.
16:3 ).

As for those who are still Doubters at this point I can only give
the old Ancient Hebrew adage :
Hapi is The Nile River BUT DE-NIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT. !!!

Shalom El Hetep!
Mr. Marion Lamar Perryman ; Bro. Hebrew-32-Kush ; Pharoah King Kamin
Yahuda Ur’Amoz
( Order Of The Light In The West ).

Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:10 pm

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Nov 23, 2007
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  1. Yochanan EzeNdubuisi Says:

    SHALOM, I am Black and a Jew by birth.The first-born son of a Sephardi mother (Cubano) & a Gadi father (Igbo). I’m one of many Maghrebi Yehudim and proud of it! Contrary to opinion there are more of us than imagined. I hope that someday the existence of the Black Jew is accepted not as preference but as it truly is..fact. Thank you for giving the facts!

  2. JahShuRaYaMunga Says:

    In reading over all of the authentic historiclal facts for all of the planet to comprened the truth of your documentation of the origin of our people. Who are the original’s from Oduduwa Orishia and beyond. You put me at peace with the Ashkanizi Jews becuse I am forwarding your Web Site to all of them and others that I know. Thank you for your splendid writing. “U” ARE “A” REAL SUPER STAR! “2”.


  3. createmo Says:

    Thank you for your site 😉
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and even more
    my backgrounds:http://tinyurl.com/6r7cav
    Hope you had a good day and thank you again!

  4. Boom Says:


  5. Michael S Coleman Says:

    I find this very helpful, especially after reading Cheik Diop and my favorite being Nana Banchie Darwah. These men have shown a courage in bringing this hidden knowledge to light so I now have points of references to expound from. I’d been hearing stories for years,but until hadn’t been able research any literature on said subjects. Its amazing just how much information is available if you know where to look! It is my fervent hopt that more people will avail themselves to this info so that they like me and you will develope an appreciation for all that the people of the land of khem have brought to civilization as a whole.

  6. Michael S Coleman Says:

    I belive this is my true website name. I hope my proir comment will be encouraging to many just like me and yourself.

  7. contoveros Says:

    So much to learn of so many hidden truths. That is why all of us — those who believe spirituality is the highest element of the human species — should continue to make our beliefs heard and available.

    Thanks for your insight,

    michael j

    A Zen Christian from
    Conshohocken, PA USA

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