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Author: MARSHA Stewart

(Self-Preservation is the first Law of Nature.)

The coon caricature

If you look closely at the picture on the cover, you will see a “coon caricature.” It is one of the most insulting of all anti-Black cartoon strips prevalent in the early 1900’s in America. The coon emerged during slavery as unreliable, crazy, lazy, and subhuman creature good for nothing.

Blacks were portrayed as Coons, Toms, Sambos, Mammies, Picaninnies, and other dehumanizing racial caricatures. Jim Crow was more than a series of “Whites Only” signs. It was a way of life that approximated a racial caste system.

Slavery portrayed Blacks as servants, males (Toms) and females (Mammies). They were contented, loyal servants. The Tom was presented as a smiling, wide-eyed, server: fieldworker, cook, butler, porter, or waiter. Unlike the Coon, the Tom was portrayed as a dependable worker, eager to serve–much like Tiger (Negrito) Woods, OJ Simpson and Clearance Thomas.

Chapter 1

If you can’t stand to read one more ridiculous thing you think is being said, you need to “check yourself” because you are in a state of denial. Your mind-set is such that you feel the foregoing information is threatening to you and your psyche, and you will probably end up blocking it from your conscious awareness anyway. Whether or not you accept any of the information given to you, you must realize that before you were humanized, you were categorized.

Chapter 2

Willie Lynch or George Bushlynch?
The intentions are not to categorize groups of people. The specified goal is to correct false historical records. Examples of physical features and ethnicity have been used to emphasize certain points and give readers a needed…..WAKE UP CALL!

Chapter 3

Just Bein’ Niggers
As children we all learned to play the game of “Simon Says.” We have turned into a nation of “Simon Sayers.” White Simon says: “You are Niggers.” “Simon Sayers” immediately react and utter: “Simon says: We’re Niggers–Therefore, you be my Nigger-Nigger.”

Chapter 4

Dracula & The Blood Sucker Concept
Retaliatory violence is not the answer. Mind cleansing and rebuking the bloodletting of the Count Leeches will answer all questions and provide all answers.

Chapter 5

White Women

She can shake her naked booty as a stripper or sell her wares on the street corner. . . But the White skin has made her superior to any Black woman. Some Black men need a White woman–this type or any type of White woman to boost their self-esteem. White women have become fascinated with the Black man because contact was forbidden just 20 years ago.

Chapter 6

Wagering Webster’s Warped Dictionary

A sense of pride + a rich tradition and history ^equals^ a White team spirit to falsify. Whites have succeeded to cup and cap Negroid beginnings. When pride is stripped, subservience exists.

Chapter 7

Albinos–Origin of the Caucasian Race?
Some theories equate Albinos with the origin of the Caucasian Race. This website has many validations for the origin of the Negroid Race, but what about the Caucasian Race? Certainly Frances Wesling hit the nail on the head with her book, The Isis Papers (1991). The White Race has the genetic inability and absence of melanin to produce the different skin pigments seen throughout the world.

Chapter 8

The Expulsion In Education (Affirmative Action & The Ignorant Stick)
During slavery Black people were the only laborers, skilled, and semi-skilled workers. In the Ante-Bellum South Black people were the manufacturing cartels and conglomerates of the day.

Chapter 9

White Want-A-Bees And Black Seditity

(The Promised Land–The Whiteland)
The US has cultivated and practiced the psychosocial fear of blackness and self-hatred; thus, creating a color social stratification. It has definitely resulted in the desire or aspiration for Blacks wanting to “whiten” themselves.

Chapter 10

The Blow Job of the Century: (Misdemeanors Synonymous with Monica)
Eighty-four percent of all Blacks supported the former President Clinton. Could this be the real reason for the President’s popularity demise? Clinton arouses hatred among the conservative media like no other president before him–not even the “hoe” John F. Kennedy or “nefarious Nixon.”


Negrophobia is a fear of Black people that persists in the minds of Whites and some Blacks when no realistic danger exists. Usually phobias are reactions to conditioned emotional responses. Negrophobia was initially indoctrinated and instilled by slave owners and currently by all forms of mass media.

M. Stewart.
Copyright © 2002 – 2008. All rights reserved.
Revised: 1/01/08.


  1. Beverley Says:

    What does it all mean, isnt it obvious that as being of individual awareness. The creators greatest and best, then we make a choice, it may not always be a racial or even voluntary choice, but its a choice nonetheless..

    Will I get out of bed today, of course, will I get out of bed when the alarm tells me to. of course not, you resent that alaram, for most it comes to symbolise and an every day which differs in no way except it ticks of a week which differs in no way except it ticks of a month which leads us closer to years passing and falling more often and more visibly than the first twenty…but uncontrollably, of course! Whats to be done…

    Negrophobia! An illness like any other, but one which has ramificiations far beyond the individual sufferer…it affects, familys who become carriers into the community.

    How virilent, and of course, incurable…
    So what does it all mean….it means were all human and there fore being a negrophobic as with any other phobia, our ability to control what it does and who it harms will become an act all about sacrifice! And who sacrifices to save a nigger…but they might to save one who thinks of himself as being plagued by his overwhelming fear of the ideal, of the possibility and of the inevitable reality…one day, they will get you!

  2. Darrell Davis Says:

    I have been doing a little research on ‘Critical Thinking’ and I was shocked to see how much of it was Eurocentric based.
    Is their anyone (or a group of black-African-Centered scholars ) that have done or is doing any
    Critical Thinking for black people (using African words & terms) and also creating an ‘African Centered Model of Critical Thinking’

    I know that africans came up with their own indigenous form of:

    ‘Democracy’ called Oromo Democracy: An Indigenous African Political System by Asmarom Legesse

    Blacks In Science: Ancient & Modern by Ivan Van Sertima
    The Star of Deep Beginnings by Charles S. Finch III

    Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James
    The African Origin of Greek Philosophy:: An Exercise in Afrocentrism Author: Innocent C. Onyewuenyi
    African Philosophy: The Pharaonic Period: 2780-330BC by Théophile Obenga

    Africa Counts by Claudia Zavlasky
    African Fractals by Ron Eglash

    Black-Africans did all of this yet when it comes to ‘critical thought’ & developing critical thinking skills we are using eurocentric ways, terms and models.
    Is there anyone that has developining an Afro-centric way, models, and development of critical thinking. (that can be used to fight racism) and euro-centric (prejudice) forms of thought.

    Hotep, (Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic word for ‘Peace’)
    Darrell Davis

  3. pka Says:

    would people like franz fanon, frances cress welsing, molefi asante qualify?

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