Farrakhan speaks on Obama, Clinton
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Saviours’ Day 2008 (Official Website)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addresses Chicago audience on Feb. 24, 2008.
Chicago, IL ( February 24, 2008 — The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking today in his annual Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day address commented extensively on the U.S. presidential race, which included remarks specifically concerning the candidacy of Democratic hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. Min. Farrakhan spoke to an estimated 20,000 people at McCormick Place Convention Center.

Although the Minister did speak complimentary of Sen. Obama, he said he would not tell any one of his followers how to cast their vote, but he did say they should vote “their own self-interest.”

Min. Farrakhan went on to say that the litmus test concerning himself given to Sen. Obama should also be given to Sen. Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates.

The Minister said he did not want the “mischief makers” to use his words to try to hurt Mr. Obama or himself.

Min. Farrakhan is expected to accept invitations that he has received to talk to certain members of the press in the near future.

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Farrakhan: ‘Mischief making’ should not dampen support for Obama
By News
Updated Feb 28, 2008, 11:18 am

( – In response to outrage expressed by many, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan issued the following statement regarding remarks made by Sen. Barack Obama during Tuesday’s presidential debate. Mr. Tim Russert questioned Sen. Obama regarding Min. Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day address and his complimentary remarks concerning the Obama campaign.

“Those who have been supporting Sen. Barack Obama should not allow what was said during the Feb. 26 presidential debate to lessen their support for his campaign. This is simply mischief making intended to hurt Mr. Obama politically.”



Louis Farrakhan backs Obama for president at Nation of Islam convention in Chicago
Senator has criticized him, says support not sought
By Margaret Ramirez | Tribune reporter
February 25, 2008
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Digg Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Reprints Post comment Text size: Speaking to thousands of members of the Nation of Islam at their annual convention Sunday in Chicago, Minister Louis Farrakhan praised presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama as the only hope for healing the nation’s racial divisions.

Farrakhan, 74, the longtime leader of the Nation of Islam, said the war in Iraq, the nation’s faltering economy and the increased number of natural disasters were signs of “a nation in peril.” He said those problems provide the broader context for Obama’s rise.

“We are witnessing the phenomenal rise of a man of color in a country that has persecuted us because of our color,” Farrakhan told the crowd of nearly 20,000 gathered at McCormick Place.

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“If you look at Barack Obama’s [diverse] audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed from what they were,” he said. “This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better.”

Although Farrakhan’s praise for Obama may generate increased support from the black community, the Obama campaign’s response was cool.

“Senator Obama has been clear in his objections to Minister Farrakhan’s past pronouncements and has not solicited the minister’s support,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

Farrakhan’s two-hour speech, titled “The Gods At War — The Future is All About,” closed the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day Convention, which commemorates the birth of the movement’s founder, Wallace D. Fard Muhammad.

In his opening remarks, Farrakhan commented on his unexpected return to the public stage. Last February, the controversial leader said his Saviours’ Day speech in Detroit would likely be his last public address.

Speculation also arose about a potential successor to Farrakhan after he handed leadership of the Nation of Islam over to an executive board and underwent surgery for complications due to his treatment for prostate cancer.

On Sunday, Farrakhan said he was thankful that God had granted him another year. He said he had spent most of the last year working internally within the Nation of Islam to put the movement on “the best road possible” to the future.

“I’m still here. I’m alive. My mind is very sharp,” he said.

In the past, Farrakhan has sparked outrage for his controversial comments, which include anti-Semitic statements. But in recent years, most significantly after his battle with prostate cancer in the 1990s, he has tried to strike a more conciliatory tone. His popularity among young black Americans grew significantly after the 1995 Million Man March.

Farrakhan said he refused to be a stumbling block to Obama’s success.

“Why do you hate him so that you want to make me a stumbling block?” Farrakhan asked. “I want to see that brother successful and I don’t want them to use me or that Nation of Islam.”

After Farrakhan’s speech, some Nation of Islam members such as Jabari Muhammad, said Farrakhan’s comments had changed their opinions of Obama.

Muhammad, who traveled from New Orleans for the convention, said he had become disenchanted with politics, until he heard Farrakhan’s message.

“I was never political because I felt like nothing changes,” he said. “But, after all that Minister Farrakhan said, I’m going to look at Obama a little closer and see what he’s about.”


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  3. enzie Moore-bey Says:

    Greetings in peace and goodwill, I give honors to all the prophets, in this time and age. especially[prophet nobile drew ali/honorable louis farrakhan].et. al. I give the deepest respect to honorable Farrakhan, as to his response and follow-up to being denounce by sentor obama, you did your work . However, the media and or the great white father, continue to use a african american minister as a scape goat to keep u.s. colonialism, rearing up in america. I keep in mind, allah is the father of the universe; allah and man are one, but the great fore fathers of amerikka’s, [washington, jefferson, monroe,adams both adams, et.]; continue to show there racism from the grave. even though the great past forefathers of americais, has done nothing like Obama , with the effort of unifing the country. See: the northern male/female has debased his/her self from allah to falsify there lower selves. but thy who clothed thee in fresh gave means to raise above. The wise man Obama can make the best out of any situation that opposes him. I want to put these two(2) on your mind. frailty and infirmity. As long as Obama avoids the dangers of the one(1) being stripped of his man hood by the racist media and the bloodsucker- ing, politicians in our nations capitail usa/wdc,. Obama shal l escape the mischief of the unknown not to mention the clinton “gang or poss’ee. I say! to you obama you have shook up the world and you have not verbally, and/or physically, harmed a soul. Brotherman obama keep in mind a master never streams himself for the sake of repettion or fame.

  4. Jaroslav Kukla(Slovakia) Says:

    I lived 2o years in Seattle,WA,and was big symphatiser with Nation of Islam,telling the truth to average Joe like myself.I see only two types of people,the ‘good and bad’ones…And important is where we go as’one’…I just want to point to you out that there is National Geographic Magazine,Feb.1989(ppgs.140-185)which reveals the US Skyscraper calendar(copy of Maya calendar in the architecture of 22,resp.24 US Skyscrapers)consisting of 5+13+4 bldgs. with hermetic-masonic number codes of 9×13 and 9×15,but also 5×4=20×13 and SEVEN TIMES(7)encoded ‘Target Year’of 2013!!!!The 9/11 attacks are tied to it and hide similar calendar pattern(so does the US nat.flag):AA11 had 2 pilots and 9 crew members =11 in total.UA175 had 2+7=9 in total.Because both Flights hit the Twin Towers,they create pattern of 9/11 and 9×11,but also 9+11=20(the Vigessimal system of Maya)…Flight AA77(hit Pentagon)had 2 pilots + 4 crew members=6 in total;UA93 had 2+5=7 in total. 6×7 pattern and 6+7=13,both creating the Maya calendar(Tzolkin)of 20×13,but also the NWO’Target Year’of 2013!!!(Gregorian calendar was adopted to match the worlwideknown ancient monuments,measures in it as cycles and calendars)…WTC1 was 526 meters high up to the tip of its TV antenna.It was attacked at 526th minute of Tuesday 9/11(8:46 a.m.ET)…!6 minutes later was hit WTC2…2x2x2x2=16 pilots…The ‘Sixteenth chapel of Vatican,not “Sistine”…With masonic paintings of Last Judgement and New Beginning…American Airlines=16 letters…The pattern of 9×13 and 9×15 skyscrapers(due to the two sets of Twin Towers;that of Monadnock,Chicago and WTC of N.Y.City)was also copied on 9/11 attacks:1).in types of attacked bldgs.-square+pentagon=9/Ennead; 2).types of attacked ‘hijacked’planes-square+square+pentagon=13; 3).bldgs.which collapsed on 9/11 were-square+square+WTC7(fire)=15; hence the same pattern as in Teotihuacan’s number of pyramids;in Citadela=13 in total+4 stepped Sun pyramid+5stepped Moon pyramid=15 (and 9-Ennead).Giza complex has total of 9 pyramids,3 main(copy Belt of Orion)and 6 satellite). Belt of Orion was known as Min or Tav(the ‘sword or hammer’)…Manhattan island is local masonic copy of Mesopotamia in Milky Way also known as Yam/Yama;and, WTC1+WTC2+US Stock Market-bldgs.matched as copy of Min/Tav…Architect of Twin Towers of New York was Minoru Yamasaki,whose name tells of cosmic alignment of two(male+female)stargates and our Sun=the ‘Trinity’galactic alignment going on currently…9×13=117(US flag pattern ha also this)as solar sunspot cycle of magnetic field on Equator of Sun…117 floors had in total WTC1+WTC2(and Sears Tower of Chicago)…Mohammed(PBUH)had 13 wives and when he died,9 remained widows…And the 117 rows of “kafirs”from 120 on the Judgement Day…I have the 9/11 attacks broken into some great details in astronomy(cosmogony and cosmology)and all neatly fits!!!The Blue Lodge of America(divided into northern and southern executive branches of Illuminati and Skull&Bones)orchestrated it with the help of CIA,Mossad,MI16…The 3 true rogue states,also matching the ityphallic Belt of Orion(Min/Tav)…

  5. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    Have on mind that in claasical cosmologies,the East is always RED and the West is mostly BLUE(seldom Black)…Red USSR and Blue USA,copied by the “One”party system controlled by the Blue Lodge and divided into “two”party system:The Red Republicans and the Blue Democrats(system also copied in the UK by Blue Torries and Red Labor parties)…In our bi-polar world,the old “evil”USSR moved to the E.U./Brussels which has the main pentagonal square Grooten Markt as symbol of female pentagonal stargate…And the old “good”USA is slowly moving to China on the global precession of enlightenment with positive and negative poles…China,the “Empire of the Centre-Chung kuo”-the future global leader of the forthcoming “Golden Age-Krita yuga or Christ age”…The brutal communism is already gone,and soon shall collapse or transform itself the savage Capitalism because the future belong to Socialism…That’s why has the EU most strongest party block the EU Socialists…CRI and CCTV of China clearly speaks of building “harmonious society”in China,now in transformation…They have there Communist government and crude,row Capitalistic economy which will eventually transform itself into Socialism…The Incas were the 1st socialists in the world in this age…If you mix improperly both colors,you’ll get the Pink colors of the gays…Hence the Bent(over)pyramid of Egypt…

  6. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    With the red/pink pyramid nearby…We have many red or pink kamasautra mandalas around the world,plazas or forts,etc…Properly mixed both colors create the Royal purple color of Golden Age as even Christ is dressed into by Joseph of Arimathea,including the White linen of innocence and purity…In Mecca,the pilgrimage on Saa’ee(has the same angle as Jerusalem-Bethlehem or Luxor-Karnak,etc.)starts at the Red Hill of Safa(purity and innocence as the symbolical path of life from innocent childhood)toward the Blue Hill of Marwah(polution and sinful end of life)which symbolize Miriam,Mary-Milky Way…The path and pilgrimage of prayers is 7×452.6 feet=3168 feet,the number value of Greek name of Lord Jesus Christ or Kyrios Iesous Christos consisting of 800+888+1480 name values…The Great Sphinx is 20×74 meters…As the masonic code of 1611 KJV of Cambridge with 1948 red verses,having the masonic key code:20J74…The cubical Ka’aba temple is 52.8 arc degrees toward the Saa’ee=3168 arc minutes…The Tavajj(Tav/Vat)pilgrimage starts at SW corner of Al Yamaniyah(Yam/Yama)…There is 5 main gates in Ka’aba with 4 main mosques(the Ennead)…Inside the Ka’aba is 13 extinguished golden lamps x 360 columns on the recangular square=4680 days,or half of the Maya lunar cycle of 18720 days…The main Hajj pilgrimage is 25774 yards long journey on Mt.Arafat,what is equall to 25774 solar years in the Great Equatorial Year,ending on 5774 A.M./2012/13 CE…The square or cube is the symbol of our purified eden/Earth and of golden age to come,thet’s why there is 4 Gospels or god Aker of Sokar(sqr)in Sakkara,or Acropolis of Athens,etc…New Jerusalem in Bible is square,but also a cube!The Bible has two perfect cubes,both symbolizing our Earth!And Kabah city with cubical temple is on Yucatan peninsula,Mexico.Me-Madre,XI-crossing,CO-atl=serpent/snake…Even the pious(?)Jew philactery has cubical shape…On the island of Java(of IHVH/Yahve as is Havai/Iavah??)is famous temple in confluence/mesopotamia of two rivers,known as Pura Kebo Edan=Pure/Purified Cube Eden(our Earth at new life cycle/age)…The global layout starts at SE Asia and follows the path of solstice towerd the NW,on global layout…Mesopotamia between Eufrat(Dragon/Serpent/Aquarius)and Tigris(Leo/lion/Sun in the East) blossomomed with near East in small golden age of enlightenment in the 7th Bak’tun(=reversed Kab/Geb and Nut)and to commemorate it they built there 7 stepped ziggurats-pyramids…Mesoamerica blossomed in the 9th Bak’tun and they built there 9 stepped pyramids to Kukulkan and Ixchel,the lunar goddes of 9 heads…Up to the Inca civilisation,all American cultures worshipped the Lunar goddess and all motherly.It was feminine continent(Ama-ruca)and still it is!The #9 dominate it!Note the 9 judges on the US Supreme court,etc…China’s holy and lucky number is #8,always heavily presented in each skyscraper or major monument…Summer Olympics started on 8/8/2008…Unlucky number of China(Empire of the Centre-note their 5 stars on the flag)is #4…In USA it is #13,9 times presented on their Great Seal from the 13 colonies,missing the 13th floors or 13th streets…Compare it to Maya 13 Bak’tuns and to the 13 desciples on the Last Supper…And the 13 extinguished golden lamps…Inca’s Catequilla(cat&tequilla=intoxicating sun)is in the shape of skull/Golgotha/Gareb=Raven constellation in Jerusalem…It is 3168 meters above the sea level and exactly on the equator…Clear ly and purely,in dual meanings of the prophecies,our Christ also means or symbolize the Sun!!!Mt.Everest=Mount of Eve’s rest(Chumulangma-lingam of the great Ma08848 above the sea level+2012=10860 BCE when this(Lunar calendar)age begun!!And ends!!!!Remember,the Holy Mount or Hill(obelisk)symbolizes themale princip and male stargate(Min or Tav-which is the symbol of dual meaning,the Belt of Orion and of our Sun-the sword or hammer)…How many Min-sters is in UK besides Hammersmith???

  7. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    The Sinai peninsula(Sin=Lunar,female lap shaped stargate,hence Mesopotamia or confluence of two river-legs with Black Hole in its central point)has in its “sensitive”locality the Mount Sinai or Horeb,the Mountain of God where went Moses…It is 2012 meters(calendar)above the local “Ground Zero” and 2368 me ters above the sea level,what means in Greek gematria the name-value of Iesous Christos…In dual meaning,the Sinai peninsula has also the shape of Bull’s Head(note on its southwest tip the coast named El Tur=Torro/Bull)which could also symbolize the Cow’s Head…Modern Khaganate of Yisrael (the unfruitful tree)is located in its right(or also left) horn=which is the biblical symbol of power and strength as they exercise in this Sata-yuga age,of satan and Seth(who replaced slayed Abel)with their money,wealth and power…The “left”horn over Moab(Egypt)is broken,but was symbolically placed in the Mexican Valley of Cuernavaca,meaning the Cow’s Horn…It has the famous city of Xochicalco(compare it to Russian Sochi and 2014 Winter Games)symbolizing the passed away small Golden Age of enlightenment in Mesoamerica…The famous local stone altar known as Tepcan or Tepeu Kukulkan is 84×135 cm,all important cosmological numbers!!!The Egyptian Shabaka(of Seven)text-stone tablet is also 84x135cm…This are the symbolical numbers of Judgement of this sinful world…Jacob was punished 7 years=84 months…Israel 70 years=840 months….Belt of Orion reaches its max.culmination 84 arc degrees in the sky,from 15.28 arc degrees as its base it culminate in one age exactly 69 arc degrees up to 84.28 arc degrees when it reaches the Jar/Pot-Black Hole in Milky Way…At the same time and point is crossing the Milky Way also our Sun,hence the galactic “Trinity”alignmentand “Union of 69”-new creation and procreation of the world(and ages)…It is Joshua(Yashua=Jesus in Hebrew)who crosses symbolically the Jordan(local copy of Milky Way)to the Promissed Land of Canaan(Can=serpent/dragon)…So does our Sun crosses the “Windy Way”-Milky Way or Cosmic River-of Life(and life again anew)…

  8. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    As Joshua or in Hebrew,Yashua(son of Nun=cosmic sea) crosses the Jordan river,the local copy of the Windy Milky Way Cosmic River…Right after the end of the Pentateuch…To commemorate this event,the new Testament yashua(Jesus)let himself baptize in the Jordan river because he was sinless and didn`t need this human ritual…Note the T-shaped Sol-om-on`s Temple (Sun-Father-in Sky)and compare iut to the Sun Temple of Pakal in the T-shape with his ritual green jade facial mask with the T-amulet (sword)in his mouth…Or to Lady Tao of Mawangdui,China with her silk T-shaped cosmology linen on her coffin.She had 9 layers of clothes tied together with 13 red and blue ribbons.Her tomb-burial chamber had 3168 cubical feet…Note the modedrn masonic T-shaped buildings,from the Hungarian Parlament building on the bank of Danube or the Capitol Hill building…In Anchor Vat(anchored vat or tav)was burried the local king,Satyawarman(satan of war)with 4 wives and 5 concubines.Soles of his feet and palms were painted red as blood he has shed and was burried with iron sword as the symbol of passing to our current Iron age and symbol of the sword of Christ and antichrist…The Japanese famous sword katana of their samurai warriors…The Belt of Orion and our potent Sun,in Seattle symbolized by the statue of the Hammering Man on 1st Ave. is tghe same symbol of the celestial Hammersmith and of Sun…So,eaqch culture has its own unique expression and symbolism of the same astronomical event-knowledge denied to the masses and kept secret among the free-masons…Falus in vagina as tgheir symbol of Union 69-new creation and procreation…On Manhattan island as the symbol of fem ale lap and vagina,it were the Twin Towers and US Stock Market which symbolized the falus and male stargate…After the collapse of the Twin Towers,I had correctly assumed the collpse of the US Stockmarket which had followed,not physically but financially shortly afterward in to a US and global recession…The Sinai npeninsula has dual symbolism-female(Sin-lunar)lap or stargate and the Head of Bull or a Cow…Closely observe it on any map…In its horn is located the modern state of Khaganate Yisrael..The HORN is the symbol of power and strenght,what they have with their money and power…The horn above Moab(Egypt)is broken and is located at Mexican Valley in Cuernavaca=Cow`s Horn,with its famous Xochicalco,Maya symbol of small golden age of mesoamerica with its famous Tepcan stone altar in cave,also known as Tepeu Kukulkan-Hammering Orion-Kukulkan(Bangkok=banging cock)…It has 84×135 cm as Egyptian Shabaka stone of Seven…These numbers are the numbers of Judgement…For example,Judaea went to the Babylonian captivity 135 years after Samaria,in 586BCE…The Euro currency has 7 paper banknotes aand 128 coins minted by its 16 state members=135 what is the gematria of name AL QAEDA!!!Tied to the Nine Stars of Codex Mendoza and to sunspotcycles and magnetic fields on the Sun at its poles as the end of Jaguar Sun…On the equatorial area it is 117 days to a such magnetic field of sunspot cycle…To us already well known numbers…It is about the reversal of sun`s polarity and earth`s as well…The Sun rotates once around its axis in its equator in 26 days=gematria value of IHVH;and,once in 37 days on its poles=Alah gematria value…

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  10. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    The male and female stargates are also symbolized by the “onion” towered churches where goes mostly the religious females worshipping the male God(s)of father and Son…The Synagogue is in Hebrew Minha or Minge,symbolizing thefemale cosmic womband yoni,wheregoes mostly the religious males(Jews)who denies male God Christ,and even G-d they write with hyphen,denying all of male origin,but counting on their female-feminine descendancy…




  12. sochi2014 Says:



  13. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    The US Supreme Court has 9 judges(currently,6 men and 3 women). The Highest European Judicial Court in Luxembourg(overseeer of Hague ICJ court)has 13 presiding judges…The Europarlament has 732 members divided into 7 political groups(the Socialists are the strongest group) hiding masonic pattern of Maya calendar:732×7=5124 years for the current age of Sun from 3111BCE up to 2012CE…The US soli-lunar Senat and Congress has 540 members(100 is Senators) as there is 540 gates to the Nordic Valhalla or 540 statues in Anchor Vat supporting the 9 headed serpent Naga-guardrail on 5 roads…In Vatican is the Pentagonal Castello di San Angelo with squred and round building walls inside with pattern 540…540 arc degrees pentagon transmitted into arc seconds and these per days,equals to Maya calendar…In the Khaganate Yisrael has Knesset 119 members and 120th place is vacant,allegedly for their “messiah”…119th Psalm is longest chapter of the Bible with 22 Hebrew letters on the pattern of solar magnetic field returning back on the same place after 22 years(11×2).In the old Roman empire had the dictator,Caesar,24 fascia rods(symbol of unity)tied with red&blue ribbons.The Licitor a mediator between the dictator and Roman Senat had 12 fascia tied with red&blue ribbons.The Praetor had 6 such fascia,and his deputy,the Propraetor had 3 fascia. Each Legat of every Roman province had 5 fascia tied with red&blue ribbons.The enslaved 5th class on the bottom of the Roman society had no clue what this pattern was hiding: 24x12x6x3x5=25920 years of the Great Solar Cosmic Year…The Caesar used to say about the Proletarii class: ” The are good only for one thing: They supply their sons to my military”…And NO-THING and NOTHING has changed from those times,even today,the misled and stupid-ignorant working class continue to supply their sons to various plutocrats armies…Why they mourn and cry when their sons get maimed,injured and killed?The plutocrat sons DO NOT GO to any battle fields and even battle zones!!! And 99% of these ignorants will never even manage to read this articles and lines!!!

  14. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    Islam in USA among the black population is a sort of “rebellion” movement against the White slavers and their religions,Judaism and Christianity.Yes,the Khazars owned most of the slave-traders boats and alcohol trade…But don’t you think that Islam is better or “superior” religion…It also enslave mind as any other religion or political movement or party…It is the same in numbers and astronomy,the main axis of each “holy book” and religion-mythology…The whole complex in Mecca is ityphallic in its blue-print layout…The “holy processional way of “Saa’ee/Sajj has the same slope-angle as the Way of the Dead in Teotihuacan,15.28 arc degrees to the East from the true North…It is bordered with 44+44 short columns from the Red Hill of Safa to the Blue Hill of Marwah.To the left is 36 green&white taller columns,from 19th to 26 it is full green. 88×36=3168,the gematria number-name of Kyrios Iesous Christos…The Kaa’ba cube is 52.8 arc degrees to Saa’ee=3168 arc minutes.And the indoctrinated moslem walks on Saa’ee also 7 rounds x 452.6 feet=3168 feet in devout prayers…He or she goes on Hajj pilgrimage average 25772 feet,close to 8 km to Valley of Mina.It is 8590 yards…From there he/she walks another 7390 yards(app.6.75 km)to Muzdalifa(Mazda=enlightenment).And from tghere she or he walks 9792 yards(Earth measure)to Mt.Arafat…All Hajj pilgrimage totals to 25773 yeards(Great Cosmic Year);or,23.68 km(2368=Iesous Christos in Greek gematria)…And Mecca(Makkah)is allegedly 9 times “holy and forbidden to kafir enter” city and place..The Black “Kisva” linen has Qur’an sign:”Labbaika Allahuma labbaik”…The Zamzam(=96) Well is 135 feet deep “sacred well”(=cca 42 meters)..The Black Sone is soldered by silver from 14 pieces=Aquarius symbol…The Tavajj(Tav)circumbulation starts at SW corner of Al YAMAnyiah…Yama…Hagar’s wall is U shaped lap of (lunar symbol)female…The Valley of Queens…Ibrahim’s ityphallic pillar is 1188” inches away(99′)…In Valley of Mina the indoctrinated muslim stone the devil,3×7 pebbles…In reality,it is 49 pebbles in total at the pillars of Al Aqabah-Al Wusta-Al Sughwa 356 meters apart(lunar year)…Malak al-Maut(Tua-Tav)is Azrail/Izrail the Western world honor so much as the symbol of death…Qur=Hill or Mountain;An=Heaven;and that’s what Qur’an really means,and not “Recitation”…It consists from 114 suras from which was 90 compiled in Mecca and 24 in Medinah(Yasrib of y.s.r.=Potter/Creator)with Kufic masonic code:90×24=2160 years for one house of zodiac precession…12 houses=25920 years…The Islamic “Trinity” cities are:Mecca,Medina and Al Quds(Jerusalem)…Qur’an has total of 6236 verses (and 3168×2=6336 minus 100)…Only the Bible has numerous verses “doctored”,added or omitted to match the local astronomies…Gospel of Mark has 666 verses but up to 4 endings…Into the Kaa’ba leads golden solar gates to enlighten and impregnate this dark inside with 13 extinguished lamps…13 Bak’tuns and people on the ‘Last Supper’…Quf or Kuf is mythical Mountains…First as blue ocean-heavens and then Allah created 7 seas,7 heavens and 7 hells…7 arc degrees+7 arc minutes+7 arc seconds=25627″ arc seconds and years in Great Lunar year…And Qur’an state that there is nothing more beautiful than reason adorned with wisdom!!!This articles has plenty of it…

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  16. Jaroslav Kukla Says:

    And finaly,we have here the Last Pope-Petrus Romanus! The Irish prophet Malachi doesn’t write anywhere that the Last Pope has to be a “black man-pope”…he writes that it will be Petrus Romanus…And since the vatican’s masonic lodge is full of “secret numbers and symbols”,here is how the masonic Kuria(Lords)has done it: Jorge Mario Bergoglio(Berg is Yiddish-German name for Mountain) has allegedly selected the name of Francesco I,after Francesco from Assisi,the catholic patron of Italy,whose full and original name was: Giovani di Pietro(from Peter’s lineage/house/family)Bernardone…His predecessor who had resigned for this purpose,pope ratzinger,German jew,alias Benedict XVI had selected his name after the medieval pope Benedict,whose symbol was the olive…And Irish prophet Malachi wrote on his address that he will be “Gloria olivae”…The Polish jew-pope John Paul II was described as “de Labore Solis-from the labor of Sun”…And he was born and burried on two solar eclypses…The current pope was selected on 13.03.2013…Number 13 is ascribed biblically to Judas Iscariot…on the last Supper seats 13 desciples…Judas iscariot,the traitor of christ is the last and 13th…Will be the last pope also as a traitor to the Roman catholic church??? His liberal youth and life points that way…

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