Tom D’Antoni

Obama — Acting Positively Presidential
Posted April 29, 2008 | 04:40 PM (EST)

In the past week, the media sharks have been swimming around Barack Obama, the Republican vultures and their surrogates in the Clinton campaign flying overhead ready to devour. What has been Obama’s reaction? Calm, thoughtful, reasoned responses.

He has not lost his cool. He has looked positively presidential. He hasn’t threatened to wipe another country and all of its innocent men women and children off the map, as Clinton has, either.

He has responded to the Wright shitstorm in a proper and dignified manner…just the opposite of the snarling, hate-filled attacks on him. And the attacks are coming from all sides. Why do you think that is?

It is because he has offered hope instead of fear, reasoned proposals for dealing with the problems we face, and a realistic perception of the country and the world.

I know many of us have been despairing one minute and angry the next as the onslaught has escalated. We are up against evil, let’s face it. The powers that rule will do anything to prevent change, and I mean anything.

I stayed away from the 24 hour news channels for a day and found myself thinking that their aggregate audience, if applied to one prime-time sitcom or cop show would cause that sitcom or cop show to be cancelled inside of a month. Most people don’t watch them. They are a closed circle. One Obama has stepped outside of.

Compare the two news conferences we saw today, the angry, petulant, inarticulate, lie-filled Bush performance vs. Obama on Wright. Which guy looked presidential to you?

Americans made the mistake of voting for a dope they could have a beer with. Many are making the same mistake with Clinton. Obama’s cool cuts through all the bulls—. He is calm and reassuring. He doesn’t pander. He looks presidential.


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mydogshakespeare See Profile I’m a Fan of mydogshakespeare
Actually, I have NEVER thought of George W. Bush as “presidential”. Sure, he has the title, and all, but “presidential”? Not for a poser like him; no way!

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:02 AM on 04/30/2008
MinneapolisBob See Profile I’m a Fan of MinneapolisBob
We have a Presidential candidate in Sen. Obama who looks the part, can present himself extremely well, can represent OUR country better than any of the thee left running for the office, and will be respected around the world by our allies; and friends of the U.S.

On the other hand, we currently have a man who is still learning on the job (after over seven years). He still doesn’t look the part, can’t present himself well if his life depended on it, and embarrasses us when he tries to represent OUR country. He virtually has no respect from citizens around the world.

The irony: If Sen. Obama was white, he would win the candidacy in a landslide. If george w. bush was black, he wouldn’t be president. This is what it means to be black or white in America.
VOTE! Our freemdoms, rights and liberties are in danger. Remember the Supreme Court.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 06:45 AM on 04/30/2008
Manx See Profile I’m a Fan of Manx
I agree. I stopped watching the tabloid CNN because of their saturation coverage about Rev. Wright, a largely manufactured issue. I’ve noticed that before every primary, CNN emphasizes negatives about Obama and overlooksf the weaknesses of Clinton and McCain. CNN will pose a question like, “Is Obama electable without the support of blue-collar workers?” I never hear them ask: “Is Hillary Clinton electable with the highest negative rating of any other presidential candidate?” They never mention the pastor McCain sought out for an endorsement, John Hagee of San Antonio, who said that Catholics are the “whores of religion.” Biased CNN has become the most untrusted name in news.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:10 AM on 04/30/2008
BlackmaninAmerica See Profile I’m a Fan of BlackmaninAmerica
The media are really afraid of Obama. This is painful to watch. I am going to pray for my country (what’s left of it at least).

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:58 AM on 04/30/2008
BlackmaninAmerica See Profile I’m a Fan of BlackmaninAmerica
Why are we still talking about Wright? Obama distanced himself from him. Can we get back on issues? I just paid another $50 to fill up my gas tank, Wright saying G-d America had nothing to do with that and if Obama were elected, Wright still wouldn’t have anything do with that. We are falling into the GOP track hook, line and sinker.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:56 AM on 04/30/2008
not one of the sheep See Profile I’m a Fan of not one of the sheep
Because he won’t shut up. It doesn’t have anything to do with the repubs, it has to do with Wright wanting to stroke his ego at any cost, even that of Obama losing the presidency. Be a good “christian” and HUMBLE yourself Wright.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:34 AM on 04/30/2008
lafrance See Profile I’m a Fan of lafrance
We haven’t had presidential in decades.
But, when you vote for a president based on his bubba factor in beer brats and lack of class that is what you get.
You cannot honestly think you will get someone who can even play like he’s president or have the dignity of one when the press is harping on their requirement for the job. Beer.
If someone actually acted like a real president and had the brains, the class and dignity of one, the voters are told he’s elitist and therefore should not be elected.
What do you expect when the press is continuing to impress on the average voter that someone like Larry the Cable Guy is the ideal role model to base your choice on.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 11:52 PM on 04/29/2008
doc1400 See Profile I’m a Fan of doc1400
Comparing Bushie with Obama is not a fair comparison.
Witness that Bushie was a cheerleadear at Yale. His family bought his place in his class.
Bushie will be known as, one of the worst, if not the worst president in U.S. History.
Bushie is one dumb shit. And very reckless.
Bushie is not only intellectually challanged he is very stubborn. A lethal combination.

Obama on the other hand is educated, committed to the service of the U.S.
Chooses his words carfully, and says more in one sentence than Bushie can read in a paragraph.
Finally, Obama is extremely intelligent and honest. Bushie is into deception and is a political hack.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 11:32 PM on 04/29/2008
BigBen See Profile I’m a Fan of BigBen
Remember Romney Senior?

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 11:17 PM on 04/29/2008
BlackmaninAmerica See Profile I’m a Fan of BlackmaninAmerica
That view interview was before Wright made his performance.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:53 AM on 04/30/2008
Shaddup See Profile I’m a Fan of Shaddup
I’ve noticed O’bama takes questions from non-prescreened people in the audience. Boy do I missed that.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:34 PM on 04/29/2008
AjicNYC See Profile I’m a Fan of AjicNYC

yeah I missed it too!!

Posted 12:37 AM on 04/30/2008
pagopago See Profile I’m a Fan of pagopago

it is so sad that you have not learned that you do not serve your candidate well as a supporter when you persist in your campaign to malign Obama. When will you learn that you are only reminding others of all that is wrong with Rodham Clinton with your plot.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:28 AM on 04/30/2008
atienne See Profile I’m a Fan of atienne
Excellent, Excellent article!! When I came in the house today, CNN was on and they were showing Obama on tv and it was like I was WATCHING the President! Dignified, calm, civil even in disagreement. If we ever needed a President like that, it’s NOW! People who think otherwise need to think outside of their bubble for just a few minutes and realize just how Obama is!

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:25 PM on 04/29/2008
dadele See Profile I’m a Fan of dadele
you obviously didn’t see the Rev. Wright performance at the Washington Press Club yesterday?

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 11:14 PM on 04/29/2008
SLal See Profile I’m a Fan of SLal
Of course I did see it, and it’s the same Wright that we know and love, thanks to youtube. The only thing that Wright said that made it clear to Obama that he was trying to “hurt his campaign” was that Obama was a politician. Are we supposed to believe that to be the tipping point? That Obama is a politician is an overstatement of the obvious, but Wright certainly said nothing more controversial on other topics than he’s been saying for the past 20 years.

Somebody stop him – there goes Obama’s grandmother next!
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:57 AM on 04/30/2008
kontar1 See Profile I’m a Fan of kontar1
I think once again Obama has said how he feels about his pastors statement now if anyone talks about it that tell you where they are coming from.
Why has nothing been said about Hillarys person being responsible for Rev Wrights coming to the press club.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:23 PM on 04/29/2008
pacats See Profile I’m a Fan of pacats
There is no reason to go after Hillary. She is not in the lead. The corporate owned cable networks do not want Obama to win, and are going full force after him. Hillary, McCain and the republicans have their full concentration on collapsing Obama’s chance as the nominee.

Obama is half white and half african. He represents the best of what America has to offer. Full circle.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:12 AM on 04/30/2008
desmirl See Profile I’m a Fan of desmirl
The only comparison one can make to Bush is the kid you knew back in high school that was DETERMINED not to learn a thing from any of his teachers. He just sat there, angry at everyone around him, bored to death with the lessons, his mind closed to anything new. After hours, he and his friends would look around for trouble to get into and people to beat up. (He didn’t even know that it’s bad form to end a sentence with a preposition – but aren’t rules there to be broken?)

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:04 PM on 04/29/2008
lafrance See Profile I’m a Fan of lafrance
I see the very unreasoned hate filled comments here tonight. There is no reasoned discussion. Just hateful rants full of nastiness and petulance.
This is what the past 20 years has done to our society and why Obama scares so many people. He simply is not one of the rabid dogs that spew like on here.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:02 PM on 04/29/2008
Lisette See Profile I’m a Fan of Lisette

And speaking of Bush….
Why does no one ever mention that
repeating what someone is telling him in his ear……..

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:01 PM on 04/29/2008
Soulsurfer See Profile I’m a Fan of Soulsurfer
Not fair to compare Bush with anyone…….he’s in his own class of delusional fantasy…..okay, maybe he’s comparable to Britney, but hey, Obama? Next.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:41 PM on 04/29/2008
AjicNYC See Profile I’m a Fan of AjicNYC
those are GOOD points!!

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 12:38 AM on 04/30/2008
tel8034 See Profile I’m a Fan of tel8034
Obviously MCMan has no problem with the economy, the Iraq war, health care, high gas prices, home foreclosures etc., because his entire focus is on the banal and the ridiculous.

I thought this election was to be about ISSUES and not PROPAGANDA AND POLITRICKS,

Or it may be the case that MCMan does not have a life to be so consumed on such a trivial matter that has been blown up out of proportion by the MSM who need ratings to stay in business.

If this is the only kind of baggage they can find on Obama, as compared to that of Clinton and McCain, then the Obama campaign really has nothing much to worry about.

Obama DIVORCED Wright today, so what is left to talk about.

Since McMan now has time on his hands because Wright is now a non-issue, he needs to now focus on and explain Hagee et al + the bad temper + Keating + all of the flip flops + the senior citizen moments + the lobbyists running the campaign.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:58 PM on 04/29/2008
NCMan See Profile I’m a Fan of NCMan
i did see it and there was nothing in Wright’s performance this week-end that Obama wasn’t already aware of.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:06 PM on 04/29/2008
Shaddup See Profile I’m a Fan of Shaddup
NCMan, it must’ve been hard for you to fly to all those sermons in Chicago every weekend and follow O’bama around so that you could see everything he witnessed. How much is the Hillary campaign paying people to comment these days anyway?

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:38 PM on 04/29/2008
mexamerican See Profile I’m a Fan of mexamerican
ncman is pissed that he can’t do his anti-wright shtick much longer. no one cares.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:44 AM on 04/30/2008
mamacat See Profile I’m a Fan of mamacat
I have the feeling that Bush might make a half way decent slapstick comedian. Even when he is trying to be serious, he gives one the impression that he could launch into a song and dance routine at any moment. We have already had a “B” grade actor who became a president, why not the reverse?
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:54 PM on 04/29/2008
pagopago See Profile I’m a Fan of pagopago
Shall we once again revisit all the sins of Rodham Clinton? Do you never tire of having others bring back all which would have been let go, had supporters like you not continue to smear and lie about Obama? Do you not realize that every time you choose to lie about Obama, all the facts that can be proven without a doubt about Rodham Clinton come front and center because of YOU? Or perhaps you don’t care. Perhaps in your rage to besmirch Obama, you inadvertently continue to draw people’s attention to the fact that Rodham Clinton has a near 70 percent negative and dishonesty rating.

Lies seem to be second nature to her and to her followers. Shall I review them again for you?

Before you choose in the future to repeat a lie, ask yourself, is it worth it to have everything about your candidate dredged up again, just so you have something to type? You are not doing your candidate any good if you were to stop and think things through, which I doubt very much you do.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 12:40 AM on 04/30/2008
pagopago See Profile I’m a Fan of pagopago
you have no points – your points only serve to antagonize the opposition into reminding everyone continually about Rodham Clinton’s flaws on the world stage. She will never gain the respect of world leaders because she has lied about being a major particpant in the Irish Peace Process and was called out on it.

All of Bosnia knows that she is a liar, do you really think that anyone in the world regards a liar with respect? Only people like you do, because it is obvious that you were raised to have no moral compass. Unlike most people, you are shallow and lack what most people use to guide their choices in life. It is sad for your parents that you have been stunted with your moral growth.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:32 AM on 04/30/2008
InjunTrouble See Profile I’m a Fan of InjunTrouble
All corporations and their minions (like Billary/McCain and most of the US Media) are running scared that Obama may be elected president and he will undo the corporatocracy they have successfully built over the last several decades.

The last president who represented the people over corporations was FDR (maybe LBJ) and all the insiders are worried sick that we may be going back to the days where people mattered more than corporations.

These insiders will be trying to tear down Obama till November and even later (if he gets elected)

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:50 PM on 04/29/2008
harriscrl3 See Profile I’m a Fan of harriscrl3
We always want to kill hope in this country both literally and figuratively. Its like some of us have accepted our mediocrity and wont aspire for more. Thats why he has trouble reaching the Bubba’s in PA and Ohio they’ve been indoctrinated by a C student president. Thankfully the same demographics in WI and VI are smarter but then again WI and VI are different states from PA and OH. Back to Obama he has shown leadership like NONE of the other candidates and he has had to do so because of merely guilt by association. Hilary Bosnia Lie came out of her LIPS. McCain gaffes and flubs came out his LIPS. On the other hand those words didnt come out of Obama lips they came out Rev Wright now you tell me how thats fair. And how this frenzy that the media has been on is fair. When they found out the guy went to a madrassa they were quick to say he is a terroist in training then they found out the school caters to all religion. You would think they would have been cautious about this witch hunt based on guilt by assoication but MSM is CORPORATE CONTROLLED. Never more has it been evident than in this election. Obama is a threat to their FASCIST goverment.


Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 12:53 AM on 04/30/2008
pagopago See Profile I’m a Fan of pagopago
again, you have no substance to offer in your posts to support why you hold Rodham Clinton in such high esteem other than to tear down the candidate Obama. It does little for your case to lift up your candidate when you continually bring criticism of your candidate to the forefront by your negative and antagonistic approach to debating your candidates values.

Her flaws are pointed out again and again because you and your fellow supporters choose to attack Obama and his supporters, instead of highlighting what is good about Rodham Clinton, and as long as you follow that approach, you will continue to bring out every proven flaw in your candidate, until you learn to unify with positive approach and not ugly attacks on Obama, his supporters, his family, and his church.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 01:38 AM on 04/30/2008
BlueAsh See Profile I’m a Fan of BlueAsh
Well said!

Obama has held his cool, which must drive the Clintons crazy–it certainly drives some of their supporters crazy. As someone else pointed out in another post, the Clintons would love to run against a racist or a misogynist–that will give her a legitimate platform to stand on. Obama is neither, and Hillary finds herself having nothing serious to say–quite a quandary: to paraphrase Maureen Dowd, the Clintons have to club the baby seal to death in order to win.

In that context, Rev. Wright inadvertently provided the much needed fodder. So the media, the Clintons, and the Republicans are making a big deal out of this, as if this white-haired pastor, a former Marine, is a greater threat than the rising gasoline prices, the failing economy, the military quagmire in Iraq, Bin Ladin, Bosnia sniper fire, or Hillary’s plan to level Iran with nuclear bombs.

You are absolutely right: Obama scares these people . They want to destroy before the smoke dissipates and ordinary people come to their senses.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:54 PM on 04/29/2008
butchie65 See Profile I’m a Fan of butchie65
“Thanks,” I’m from Wisconsin and did vote for Obama.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:59 PM on 04/29/2008
Julie02 See Profile I’m a Fan of Julie02
No one’s Pastor should be brought into any election. If we do that, it is dangerous to future elections where the other party (and in Obama’s case, his own party) attempts to swiftboat using the Pastor as a weapon.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 05:27 PM on 04/29/2008
PackyJ See Profile I’m a Fan of PackyJ
Go back and re-read the post.
D’Antoni was speaking of Bush being the “dope they could have a beer with” and people making the same mistake with Clinton – a reference to her “shot and a beer” facade of rubbing elbows with the “common folk.”
Obama may look tired to you, but unlike Hillary, he has never made “being tired” an excuse for repeated lies about being “under sniper fire.”
The “love is blind” accurately describes your infatuation with Ms. Clinton.

Posted 09:01 PM on 04/29/2008
CapitalistRebel See Profile I’m a Fan of CapitalistRebel
What’s the difference between Hillary and McCain? They both voted for the war in Iraq, both against the banning of cluster bombs, and both are clearly ready to “obliterate” Iran. Sorry, just because someone claims to be a Democrat doesn’t mean they really are.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:52 PM on 04/29/2008
mexamerican See Profile I’m a Fan of mexamerican
exactly. anyone can see that shillary and mccain are the same candidate. maybe shillary will give the poor a couple of crumbs so long as her corporate masters say it’s okay. but both want to bomb iran. both voted for iraq. and they both have sold out big time. that’s why they both want to destroy obama. he’s not part of the hundred millionaires club.


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