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Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews

Bumpy(The author)

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:23 pm Post subject: Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews

The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. The present day counterfeit Jews are white people from Europe called “Khazars”, and they usurped the real Jews. However, the real black African and African American Jews can, and have proved that they are the descendents of the original Jews by way of Genetic testing-which has proven not only that they are the real and direct descendents of the original black African Jews, but a proximation of the tribe they are from, too. The present white Khazar Jews are converted Jews-and are not even the descendents of the original black Jews of Africa-and DNA testing has already proven this-even after the Khazars tried to tamper with the testing in order to justify their immoral and violent occupation of north central Israel. The black Jews already have their established homelands in Southern Israel, and have for over 50 years now. No black can even enter Israel without being genetically tested to prove they are a Jew first. Presently, there are over 5000 African Americans living in the black Jewish settlements of southern Israel, and millions more living in the various black Jewish settlements on the African Continent. The present converted white Khazar Jews of Israel can try and claim that anyone speaking negatively against them are “anti-semitic”, however, they are not semitic, but converted Jews who are unlawfully occupying Israel, and helping bring the American economy to its knees for their own economic goals, and to try and gain world power. They know they have to destroy the present super power, and they know that getting America embroiled in war is a quick way of accomplishing this. The Khazars used tactics and strategies like this in Ancient times because they were successful-and they are using them today with Ameirca, while pretending to be America’s friend-because these tactics are successful. However, their future has already been fortold in the book Ezekiel…

…The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an
ethnic group. (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p.501) Many of them still are
Black, in northern Africa such as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.

A New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as “a lost tribe that has
kept its identity for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of Africa.”
Abraham, ancestor of the Hebrews, was from Chaldea; the ancient Chaldeans were
Black. In fact, Africa takes it name from Ophren, a son of Abraham by his wife,
Keturah (Whiston: The Life and Works of Flavius Josephus p.50) Like Jesus, Mary
and Joseph, the lineage of Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie also goes back to
Judah — through Solomon/Queen of Sheba and King David.

Roman historian Tacitus wrote that many of his time believed that the Jews “were
a race of Ethiopian origin.” The Bible classifies the Ethiopians and Jews
together, “Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of
Israel? saith the Lord.” (Amos 9:7) Black Paul is mistaken for an “Egyptian” and
declares himself to be a “Jew.” (Acts 21:37-39, 22: 2,3) That the Jews got their
language, religion and culture from the Canaanites and Sumerians through
Babylon, is well documented by historians. The original ancient Hebrew alphabet
was identical to that of the Phoenicians. “Semitic languages” are really
dialectical variants of African languages.

The word Semite is from semi which means half. Half what? Half BLACK! (mulatto!)
Semite refers to the descendants of Shem, one of Noah’s sons. The word
originates from the Latin prefix semi which means half. “half Black and half
white… therefore Black (since Black is genetically dominant)” points out Dr.
Cress Welsing. Historian Cheikh Anta Diop also points out that the “Semitic”
arises in the 4th millennia B.C. from crossbreeding between Black inhabitants of
the holy land and white northern invaders.

While many Semites (such as Jews and gypsies) have mixed so much with whites
that they’ve forgotten or deny their African roots, racism (white supremacy)
will never let them forget this no matter how light-skinned they become, as
proved by Hitler, who mandated their destruction because they were classified by
whites as “non-white” people originating in Africa. The very word gypsy means
“out of Egypt.” And the very words Egypt, Jew, African, Negro, Cush, Israel, and Ethiopia all mean black or black in skin color.

African Americans are largely descendants of the original Black Jews, and genetic testing has proved this fact! However, some African Americans are not Jews, but can still trace their African lineage back to various places in Africa such as Egypt, Ghana, etc. and white European bloodlines do to the rape of black women during slavery, or sexual relations between blacks and whites in the past.
The original Biblical Jews were Black African people who were ruthlessly persecuted
by the white man (Romans). The prophet Jesus (original name was Yeshua) was a Black Jew who was born during
time of the Roman occupation of black Israel. The Roman-Jewish War in 66 A.D. marked the peak of this persecution
and the end of the original Black Jews (Hebrew-Israelites) as a nation, and the execution of Jesus on the cross for trying to rid Jerusalem of its Roman occupation. Later, Jesus was made out to be a myth by the Romans and other white Europeans at several councils, his name was changed from Yeshua to Jesus, his race was changed from black to white, he was labelled the Messiah of the Jews and put to death, then the lie about his resurrection and return was put in the white man’s holy books in order to try and create confusion about what really happened. This is why today’s white pastor is trying to claim that the black church is racist-because along with DNA and existing ancient documentations, the black church speaks truth to power. And, the real truth is that whites living in Israel cannot win their war, because they are not the original Jews, and are not recognized as the original Jews by all concerned-except the American government who blindly helps them. However, all is not what it seems in the land called Israel, and force to power will be the next stage of conflict in Israel-then as it is written, “the Lord shall come”.

As predicted by Jesus, in this war Jerusalem was overthrown, the Temple was
destroyed and the Black Hebrews were scattered. (Mat. 24:15-21, Luke 21: 5,6,
20-24) The loss of life was appalling. So many Hebrews were slain that the whole
lake of Galilee was red with blood and covered with corpses. The noted
historian, Josephus estimated that one million one hundred thousand perished in
the siege of Jerusalem alone, reports Hugh Schonfield in his book The Passover
Plot p.192-195, which describes this massive genocide.

Seeking to escape destruction, millions of original Black Biblical Jews fled
into AFRICA! Centuries later, their descendants were captured and sold into slavery in the
Americas! Ella Hughley’s remarkable booklet The Truth About Black Biblical
Hebrew-Israelites exposes and summarizes important details of this suppressed
subject. She writes “Many of the Israelites… who managed to escape their
persecutors during the Roman-Jewish War subsequently migrated to West Africa,
and 16,000 years later their descendants were captured and brought to America in
chains by cruel slave-traders.”

She quotes the noted Jewish historian, Josephus from his book The Great
Roman-Jewish War: 66-70, where he writes about this Jewish dispersion and
captivity. “General Vaspasian and his son Caesar Titus fought against the Jews.
Millions of Jews fled into Africa, among other places, fleeing from Roman
persecution and starvation during the siege.” In African Origins of Major Wester
Religions p.75, Dr. Yusef ben-Jochannan writes “there were many Hebrew (Jewish)
tribes that were of indigenous African origin, These African Jews were caught in
a rebellion in Cyrene … during 115 C.E.

This rebellion also marked the beginning of a mass Jewish migration southward
into Sudan of West Africa.” Arab historian, Ibn Battuta writes of finding Jews
scattered across North and West Africa during his travels. The Hebrewisms of
numerous tribes, especially in West Africa is well documented.

If the original Jews were Black, where did white Jews come from? There are two
main types of white Jews; the Edomites and the Khazars. Edomites are the
descendants of Esau, who was born ruddy (red) and hairy according to the Bible.
(Gen. 25:25) This describes the “white” man; he is red (all shades) and hairy.
Esau was the albino, fraternal twin brother of Jacob, the father of the original
Black Israelites. The white Edomites and Black Israelites were constantly in
strife against one another.

In fact, the Edomites fought the Black Jews in the Roman-Jewish War. At a later
period in history, the Edomites (Idumeans) were conquered and forced to become
“Jews.” The European Khazars became “Jews” in 740 A.D. (see below) Neither
groups are descended from the house of Israel! Khazars make up over 90% of the
so-called “Jews!” (Hatonn)

The world’s best kept secret? Hugley writes “These groups… [Khazars esp., plus
Edomites and other ethnic groups] make up modern Jewry today. Although the black
Hebrew-Israelites are the real descendants of ancient Israel, this truth is not
known by many and it is ‘the world’s best kept secret.’ Because of slavery and
scattering, the Hebrew-Israelites are not known to the world as true Israel…

Some scholars, teachers and ministers teach that God has completely cast them
away, but God said, ‘I have chosen thee, and have not cast thee away.’ (Isa.
41:9, last part.) [& Rm. ch.11] Although the children of Israel went into
captivity, a remnant has returned as was predicted. The prophecy of Ezekiel 37th
chapter tells of the spiritual resurrection of the people of Israel, who will be
perpetually betrothed to their God in truth and in righteousness.” There are
numerous Black-Hebrew congregations in America. “Temple Bethel” is the largest &
oldest (in Belleville, VA).

“Jews” were a heavy part of the African slave trade in the America! Compiled
from Jewish documents, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews by the
Nation of Islam reveals the vast Jewish involvement in the Atlantic slave trade.
“Jews” were also major slave sellers during the Middle Ages. (Van Sertima:
African Presence in Early Europe p.161) These “Jewish” slave-sellers were
probably not “real Jews” at all but Khazars. (see below)

Counterfeit Jews: the hated, white “Khazars” who have usurped the real Jews! …
Historians are now recognizing that the majority of eastern so-called “Jews” are
actually “Khazars” and have NO Semitic roots whatsoever! The Khazars are
impostors: well-suppressed knowledge is emerging about this war-like tribe of
whites that rose to power in Eastern Europe and were hated by the other whites
they conquered due to there severe, exploitative treatment of them. The Khazars
all converted to Judaism as a political ploy during the Middle Ages. It appears
that they learned all they could from the real Hebrews before usurping them,
selling them into slavery (or killing them) and taking over in their place, —
using the corrupted form of Judaism to hide behind while continuing their
treachery right into modern times.

Much of Europe’s historical hate for “Jews” is hate for the ruthless Khazars who
continued to be hated in spite of becoming “Jews.” In fact, the word “Jew”
originated during the 1700s to label them! (Hatonn: p.3, 17) Counterfeit
Blessings — The Anti-Christ by Any Name: Khazars by G.C. Hatonn, exposes that
the Khazars are the real “anti-Semites” who have labeled themselves as Zionists
and “Jews” to deceive the world in furthering their own plans for global and
political conquest. (See pages 22-24 in this document) In the 13th Tribe. Arthur
Koesler traces the history of the Khazars and their rise to power.
Peace be upon the righteous in the world, and their struggle for justice and equality-evil never wins!


African American Jews Returning To Their Ancestral Homeland of Israel

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There are plenty of references on the internet, in Africa and Israel, so if you want to know more, search for yourself.

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  2. Connie Cooks Says:

    Yes, you are right. But what’s next? We don’t know where are in the US.Can you e-mail me location sites of groups?






  4. Janet29 Says:

    Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks! Good job. 🙂

  5. Jaheem Says:

    hat was a great piece of historical commentary on the true identity of the original Hebrew Israelites. However, it is not enough to have this awareness. And, yes, we must teach our children the truth….but the WHOLE TRUTH! And just what is the whole truth….? That we, the so-called African-Americans, or Black-Americans, or whatever you want to call us, we are the descendants of the original Hebrew Israelites. This has many implications for us and how we live our lives. for those of you who are in doubt, do this….check out http://www.google.video and type in “Israel Revealed”. This is a 4 part series about 4 hours long. But once you start listening, you won’t stop until you’ve heard it all. then lets talk.


  6. manuppowerup Says:

    I suggest you read this…


  7. dutbeadia Says:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  8. Billy Gambela Says:

    Its a beautiful thing, to see the same information I have researched, articulated other than myself, shown in a proper perspective.
    The so called Black African American has been robbed and raped of their History, Creed, Language, Nationality and Land of origin.
    The sad thing is that most so called Black people do not believe the Bible and the Creation Story is in fact our African Story, from Genesis, Ethiopia the Land of Ham and the Garden of eden etc..

    We will try to spread the WORD…


    • Joyce Randall Says:

      It is beautiful.
      Yet we need to be around to raise our families. What did they do to the author of Stolen Legacy, George G. M. James?
      You take care.

  9. bblankfein Says:

    I am interested in 2012, notably – the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world 12.21.2012. Many people talk about it now, besides, the movie comes out soon. I’m interested to read something about it. Disclosing this theme.
    Advise me some articles please.

    Thank you

  10. jereminis yohannes Says:

    I am of direct falasha heritage. When I found out I was shocked. When my mother passed away while sorting through her important documents I noticed that what we all thought was her maiden name was not. My mother exhibited many african traits like eating with her hand (when not in public) and followed many of the old hebrew customs even though we were raised christian. For the sake of our christian community but at home quasi hebrew. This is where my research began. I know my family can’t be the only fourth generation African Americans who has found direct documentation of their family’s Ethiopian lineage. There has to be others. I live in Germany and have some ethiopian friends who told me they always knew I was Ethiopian but would never mention it because of past experiences with expressing their observations to other African Americans who received it negatively. My family is listed on the passenger list at Ellis Island, NY with ancestors coming from Scotland and the Baden Wurtemburg area of Germany in 1869 after the Civil War. They initially settled in Harlem NY and scatter to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Arkansas, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia which is where I’m from. I guess no one really cares about the information. But it was really a shocker to our family, but only for the moment. No one did any further checking but myself and it’s just a hobby for my information and curiosity of know where we really come from. From my research I found that there are not many of us Falasha’s left. We’re fading away just like the Native Indigenous People of America. African Americans are programmed not to inquest. I welcome any questions or comments.

  11. jereminis yohannes Says:

    Most Important P.S. my last post. My family came from Gondar prior to migrating to Germany and Scotland.


    All Jews are colored and always have been, read this page you will see how whites have taken that birthright as their own and lied to people of color about who we are, and who they are. THEY CALL THEMSELVES JEWS BUT ARE NOT!


  13. Shosh Says:

    Wow! I am not sure where you get your information from??
    The majority of African Americans are from West Africa not Eastern or Northern Africa. I realize that many black Americans long to connect with their roots but they are not rooted in the regions you claim.
    The majority of East Africans have strong middle eastern and Asian ties. Hence, why there physical features differ so much from west Africans. The Semitic language and people are from the middle east, Northeast Africa and east Africa. To say that African Americans are somehow related to these people is just ludicrous.

    • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

      Shosh, when the Arabs entered Black Egypt/middle east the Black jews were largely driven out into East,and West Africa and that is why many groups claim their origin is Egypt or middle East such as the Yorubas,the Akans who actually practice Judeoism,and other West African groups are linked to Black Jews having migrated from there. Even the Igbos in Nigeria claim to be Black Jews so it is highly possible!

    • The Truef Says:

      Its not ludicris when you consider that the arabic influence that you see now are a product of an invasion that took place somwhere around 700 a.d. and the reason why the africans in these areas of africa that are from mainly sudan and ethipia differ in skin tone goes back to the offspring if King Solomon and the queen of sheeba who by the way are historical acounts other then biblical related to not just have existed but to also have had relations of a sexual nature, there is an actual religion that stems from the bloodline of Solomaon into Ethiopia called “Rastafarism”(you know the dred headed weed smoking jamiacans) Further more varius anthroplogist and missionaries in these western africa areas have said that several tribes originated from from “black Egypt and the land that was once called Judah (modern day Isreal) and still kept ancient egyption and hebrew traditions to this day”. and note that i said black egypt as described by numerous paintings ,hyrogliphs and varius descriptions as to the demensions of pharohs and ancient egyption people wich show black characters.So now that we understand that ancient egyptions were a people black and brown skin, i maid that point to make these biblical references of racial discriptions of several individuals of the bible as that were.1) Moses: Who was adopted by egyption royalty and was not aware that he was in fact the son of a hebrew slave until somone told him,wich idicates that hebrews at that time looked like egyptions.2) Pual: one of jesuses apostles goes to rome and is mistaking for an egyption,again another indication that the ancient hebrews were black. 3) Jesus:who was described as having ‘ feet a color of burnt brass,wooly white hair,and eyes of fire(bloodshot),a descriptive reference pointing to the skin tone of jesus (who was a hebrew) as being black. Now let us fast forward to tjhe future to about 100 a.d to when the chiling profecy of dhuteronomy came to life and the original hebrews ( not the aneskazy of khazaria) were exiled by god out of isreal to be “spread to all four corners of the earth’ with the bulk of hebrew refuges going where? yep, you guessed it Sudan and ethiopia wich were just outside of roman borders at the time.Which brings us full circle to the the migrating form east africa to west africa who ” like i said earlier still have ancient egyption and hebrew practices

  14. InvedaGed Says:

    Hi guys,
    My PC worked not correctly, too much errors. Help me, please to fix buggs on my PC. On Tipe http://www.msn.com/ please.
    My operation system is Windows XP.

  15. truthteller Says:

    Samson had 7 locks from not cutting his hair. Black peoples hair locks naturally when not combed. White people do not have natural locks. Jesus hair like wool…feet (skin) as burnt brass….Deuteronomy tells the curses that the Israelites are under and how they can be identified….It says they were taken into Bondage in SHIPS….SOLD to enemies…..Girls for wine……Iron around there necks……….When you look at the facts it is clear that African Americans are GOD’s chosen people.

  16. Lee C Says:


    This article was historically and (more importantly) biblically correct.
    Daniel said knowledge would be increased (Daniel 12:4)

    May the God of Israel bless you,

  17. chichi Says:

    Very interesting article, but one comment: the original homeland of the Gypsies is in India, not Egypt. They are a nomadic people, and when they arrived in Europe people originally believed them to be from Egypt (hence the name Gyp-sy) but this assumption was incorrect.

    • The Truef Says:

      The original gypsies were not from egypt eighther.1) we have to remember that it was not called egpyt before roman times, so how a pre-roman nomad ethnic group could be named after a name that cam far after ther conception is beyond me. 2)The gypsy’s origanaly came down what is now called egpypt with a a large group of asiatic refuges called “the Hyskos”.Which rose up against (what is now called egpyt) and over through the pharoh and his two sons, and drove them into kush/kemit(modern day ethipia and sudan) when the youngest son rose up with his army and took back (what is now called egypt) The remaining hyskos became servents but were eventualy let go when the reighn of joser or better yet yoser a.k.a Imhotep or a.aka joseph of the bible sold into slavery by his brothers(becuase there is no j in the hebrew alphabet). When archioligist first started investigating the tombs of (what is now called egypt) they found hyrogliphics and descriptions of an eslaved people that the ancient egyptians called the “Asiatic nomads” witch archioligst thought were the hebrews of exodus but was found another group of people called the aryans, who (and this is were india came into play) conquered india and is the main reason why ancient people from india who shared the same d.n.a as the aboriganal people of (what is now called australia) now have straight hair and what would apear to be cuacozoid features. These same people Are also the reason why in japan you will get one japanese out of a hunrded that has blue eyes, or red hair. as a matter of fact they still dwell in okinawa and are rumored (and right now its just a theory so dont take this part to serious) to have been the inhabidents of 10,000 structure found underwater off of the eastcost of japan called “yanaguni”.These people are also the people hitler believed the germans were derived from hence his claim of “arian nation” but scientest have prooved dna wise that he was mistakin. (Sorry so long winded, had a lot of coffee just wanted to share that you seem like a person the seeks out knowlegde)

  18. Rodney W. Says:

    Excellent article. To all the people who keep saying that the slaves all came from West Africa, please stop saying that. The Black Israelites settled in every country in Africa. That is why you get some African Americans with dna from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Madagascar, etc… My family dna indicated the regions of Egypt, and Ethiopia. We were all over Africa, not just the west side.

  19. Christi Love Says:

    Bravo. In celebration of my late Aunt Dora Walker, an African American Geneologist, I solute the Author! +ne cooment ask about 12-21-12, 11:11 am, to be exact. My Master Teacher, Dr. Month Sirius Men teach that we must have the proper DNA as well as a Righteous Heart in order to go through the Amazing Transformation the Goddesses and Gods have in store for us on that day! Its now easy to understand why the lies, hatred and attemted destruction of Africans, particually African Americans has taken place. “If the devil knew you were Roalty but knew you didknt know, donkt you think he would do everything in his power to keep you from findind out!?”The Goddesses have an amazing gift for us, soon and VERY SOON– It’s called ETERNAL, GLORIFIED LIFE!The show goes down soon,hope to see you at the PARTY!

    • YIS'SH'YAH Says:


      • Elder Patrick Says:

        You are very correct. The Oyibo tell us that worshipping goddess n gods is our culture. But its a lie. Its was not our original culture

    • nikki Says:

      That is so beautiful…..

  20. JameMogKa Says:

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  21. Danly Clive Ebanks Says:

    Thanks very much for this info. I am much stronger now!!!!

    Roatan, Honduras, Central America.


    […] from americanpoliticforum.com Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews Bumpy(The author) Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:23 pm Post subject: Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. The present day counterfeit Jews are white people from Europe called "Khazars", and they usurped the real Jews. However, the real black African and African American Jews c … Read More […]

  23. Disgusted Says:

    You have taken a statement that is mostly true and twisted it up with “facts” that are not true. First of all Jesus Christ was not just a prophet, he was and is the Son of God, the true Messiah. He was not a Jew. And you will burn in hell if you don’t realize that before you leave this Earth. John 4, you should read it, because you are exactly what the scripture talks about, a false teacher. But I should know that Satan would try to make confusion in a revealing such as this. Those who are His know His voice and will be saved, gaining full truth and understanding of that which is, and was, and is to be.

    • Gongo Says:

      In the bible it states where jesus christ came from, yes he is the son of god but he also came from Joseph who came from king davids lineage… You have no right to state someone is burning in hell so please stop with your fear tactics.

  24. Sipha Says:

    Read Isaiah 11 verse 11,Who occupies most of the islands of this earth,black people,where is Kush?They can never hide the truth from us as it is well documented in the bible,even though it was manipulated by SAUL of TARSUS he did not do a great job of it .

    • umuekempi Says:

      Do join me at http://www.umuekempi.org for ,ore information. about the living course of abia MAAZIAH PRIESTHOOD ORDER. Indeed, the words have been corrupted over time and passed from one generation indigenous ethincity in breakup image world of Africa to another , but the image nature of Our God in framework of planet earth.. The cosmic micro wave radiation background of Atlantic ocean current motion tell the true stories in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere complex building heart center temple house body of manhood host.

    • jay Says:

      Amen…most dont and wont believe what saul of tarsus really did which was turned Gods word upside down.

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  26. Diane Says:

    Peace, I have been trying to trace my ancestors for about 8 years. I started out going to the Morman’s geneology library. (it is free, with no pressure to become a morman). I kept running into various blocks. Not having enough information on family members. We as blacks have not preserved our family history. I had no problem tracing my mixture. I have been able to it trace back to 34BC. My question is, how can you tell if you are of Hebrew decent. I had DNA done on my brother. This showed that our people came from the Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Cameroon and Benin (Paternal HaploGroup E1b1a). If you have any information on how I can find out if we are decendent of the orginal Isralites, I would like to here from you.

    • umuekempi Says:

      Do join me at http://www.umuekempi.org for ,ore information. about the living course of abia MAAZIAH PRIESTHOOD ORDER. Indeed, the words have been corrupted over time and passed from one generation indigenous ethincity in breakup image world of Africa to another , but the image nature of Our God in framework of planet earth.

    • YIS'SH'YAH Says:


      • Mtu Says:

        This is toxic and false. If you took a moment to discover this culture that you were cut off from you will realise why we say the black people are the real children of God because our name for person is child of god in all black ethnic languages. Additionally we know that christianity and Judaism was plagiarized off of our religion. All you have to do is an online search for African tribes and see their origin stories creation stories and migration patterns to know that we are all of god but as usual the divide and conquer rule rears its ugly head making us believe we are not equal. Real Africans and cultures realise only two classes if black people: those who remember their god and culture and those who betray it along with their own people. Hence please learn be positive black hate cannot be allowed to prosper or we all burn together

  27. B.G. Says:

    Hello my fellow hebrewisraelites, its lovely to have your identity restored isn’t it? I got for you that has a lot of good information http://www.hebrewisraelites.org/deut28.htm. Its definitely late in prophecy, soon the world shall know the truth and once and for all this matter will be settled. Shalom Brothers and Sisters

  28. Nukkafromacts13 Says:

    I did a simple test. You try this. In the Bible, it is stated that esau was born red an “hairy”. Jacobs arms were smooth. Here’s the test. Look for dark skinned black men with hairy arms versus white men with no hair growing on their arms. Tell me what you find…

  29. Billy Chikwasha Says:

    Here’s is further undisputed truth that Black Africans are the true Convenant Israel. Ever heard of the Lemba, the Zimbabweans? We’re all over Southern Africa. We’re descedents of Jacob, we believe in Mwari/ Mwali also called Yhwh. Read more below





  30. Jasmine Washington Jones Says:

    Great site.

    I am a light-skinned African American female. I make no distinction when it comes to judging others by there race.

    It is a downright shame that nearly a century after the Emancipation Proclamation people are still doing this. We cannot put our hope in one man for change.

    We look to Israel for answers but we should learn to agree first. I say love your brother but save the romance for marriage.

    Great site, keep up the good work!

    • YIS'SH'YAH Says:


  31. shawn stancil Says:

    my name is shawn stancil and my haplogroup is e1b1a7a which matches equatorial guinea annobones and acording to defining creole my blood go back to iberian jewish slaves same as sephardim during the spanish and portuguese inquistion between 1492 to 1496. We came from iberria to west africa annobon to virginia. Stancil surname is estancel which is portuguese so

  32. shawn stancil Says:

    Thwe original sepharedim wer black and annobonese are those jews who went into west africa during the inquistion and also my dna haplogroup e1b1a7a are igbos black brazilians and bubi people are afro latino same as black jews. Who didnt only live in africa also in all nations which are people of color read Deu 28:64.

  33. Paul D. Gates Says:

    I would say that you have something that people like Sammy Davis Jr knew, and a lot of other people have tried to tell people but they are silenced in some way. I have a site that shows something about what happened on Sept 11, 2001 that most people would never guess. The site if anyone would like to know is: http://mindcontrolinjustice.org. It is a real 501(c)3 public charity

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  35. Jaz Says:

    We were not “Jews”…We were ” Hebrew Israelites”…Jew is a man made word for those who practice judiasm! Hebrew israelites mean we were as a race”Hebrew”, but we are descendants of jacob(who’s name was changed by God to “Israel”) who was a descendant of Shem, who’s father was Noah!!!

    • charles brazell Says:

      Don’t mean any harm, but if you take the time to research the matter, the word or term “Jew”, actually has it’s origin in the Old Testament part of the bible-during the period when the real Jews were still known collectively and in truth as such (real Jews). I won’t expound anymore, other than to say if want to confirm the truth of what I am saying, get a Strong’s concordance and it’ll confrirm what I’ve said about the term “Jew”-peace.

      • Linda Hogge Says:

        Yea I saw another Hebrew Israelite site that claimed the term Jew was created in the 80’s. I don’t think they really know what they are claiming and change it as they go along. It seems that if it doesn’t have a way they can put racism in it they are not interested in that truth. They are confusing to keep up with and their information is not good for the people they are supposed to be helping find salvation. Nothing can be trusted and I was very interested in this but its not at all coinsistent.

  36. ROSE Says:

    am very very sad. Jusus is a black man. all africans are from isreal. this is the gosple truth.

    • James Says:

      That is not the gospel truth Rose. Please excuse Johns insulting reply. Black Hebrew Yishraelites are of a special DNA Haplotype Y Chromosomal strand and all Africans do not share this strand. In your address bar type in DNA evidence Afro Americans are Jews. The gospel truth will then be more clear to you. If you’d like further info hit me up on Face Book or call me at 870 355-2906. Stay focused my Truth Seeking Friend.

  37. ROSE Says:

    AM VERY VERY SAD. JESUS IS A BLACK MAN. ALL AFRICANS ARE ORIGINALLY FROM ISRAEL. they can twist the truth because they dont want any good thing to come from africa. “what is written is written”

  38. BrotherJohn Says:

    @Rose,…”All Africans are from Israel”…you can’t be serious…if you want people to listen or believe, don’t throw out bias rhetoric. I agree with what I’ve read so far on this, mainly from studying the text, and communing with the Spirit of Truth. I believe it is true that black slaves came from the Sudan and most likely migrated from Israel to escape the wrath of Titus, per Tacitus and Josephus. Having black skin don’t make you right. You have black kings that sold your ass into slavery. Black men who will kill you over a nickel. Truth has to be discovered and what is known of you will free you. If you say something; give reference, if you text it; place footnotes…Isaiah:28:9-13/But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept… @Sipha…sounds like you got some NOI in you…Saul of Tarsus, called Paul, can be crossed reference almost verbatim in OT writings of the Fathers. Maybe what you see as sabotage of the Writ if from the Nicene Coucil of 325 AD were the text was tampered with…the epistles of Paul are actually accurate. Some of you writing are as the scribes, it is a good thing, but without revelation in the Spiritual you will not understand the hidden which can be verified in the original Hebrew.

    • James Says:

      Not necessary to use profanity toward Rose. We are aware that we were sold into slavery. And we understand why. If you really want to indict someone try your own European strand who came to America under FALSE pretenses and established a Hellenistic society whose goal is clearly to bring about a Novous Ordo Seclurum. Whose currency, architecture and societal symbols are all pagan. Luciferian, Freemason and even Wicca Witchcraft orientated. A nation that was frowned down on homosexuality and other forms of PERVERTED sex now parades up and down the street in grand pomp and celebration. We are also aware that not all blacks are of Hebrew lineage. Hebrew Debrew Snebrew, a contrite heart and broken spirit is the ticket to an eternal bliss.

    • lisa bernier Says:

      What about the Nazarenes in scripture who are describes as WHITE as snow, and as ruddy as rubies, are they evil too? Are they not counted as Hebrews? Just asking. We have to look beyond skin into the hearts of men. I keep the feasts, Sabbath, Commands and repentance. I keep lies from defiling me. Im white-am I evil? I love Hebrews (Negros), and wake them up, am I evil, am I satanic? Be careful here as we are called NOT to judge, for there is ONE who judges. And if you want TRUTH read Daniel 35:4 then link it to Deut. 28, all will be judged by works, be careful what work you do. So am I evil? Look upon whom YOU have pierced.

      • Charity Dell Says:

        You may also be of Hebrew descent. Have you had your DNA tested? Avraham’s descendants are found in all the continents, among many nations and ethnic groups. No, you’re not evil because of “whiteness”…nor holy because of
        feast-keeping, etc. I am an African-American descendant of the ancient Hebrews–but my genetic heritage does not make me fit for Heaven! The heart washed clean by the Blood of YESHUA, our Messiah defines us children of the Most High God YAHWEH. John tells us we have “passed from death unto life”, and so all of us Blood-washed saints from “every kindred, tribe, people and language” have a place in the New Jerusalem, where our names are already inscribed in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

  39. koteg Says:

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  40. Ananya Says:



  41. Brandy Says:

    This has really came as a surprise to me but it makes scene. My family has never been accepted in the black race or the white mans . Most people think we are indians. How do we know for sure? What does it all mean?

    • James Says:

      Brandy, where do you get Blacks don’t accept Indians? First of all Indians are from India. The Native Americans are actually from the tribe of Gad. When our people were Buffalo Soldiers we had no idea that the Native Americans were our blood cousins. I have Gad blood in me from two different tribes. I relate to all of my bloodlines including Anglo Saxon. Notwithstanding salvation is not based on genealogy but repentance. You can be a direct descendant of Joshuah and still bust Sheol wide open.

  42. charles brazell Says:

    I take issue with the writer’s comment that Jesus’ resurrection is a lie–where’s your proof? Even if what you say is true, where’s your proof? Such a serious indictment of Jesus’ authenticity bears substantiation-are you willing to produce it-can you produce it? Also you seem to indicate that most African Americans ‘are not Jews’, because if we have ANY White blood in us, we cannot be Jews. Seriously, if your’e trying to galvanize people of color(particularly here in America)to your cause, you’ve just alienated over 80% of us black folks here in America.

  43. read more Says:

    read more…


  44. shawn stancil Says:

    Black Americans are the true Jews that bible speaks of

  45. Bruce Sanders Says:

    We are not jews because the word jew wasn’t in the oringinal scriptures.There is no letter “j” in the hebrew or greek language in which the bible was written in.Plus the letter “j” didn’t come about until the 1600’s.Do the research for yourself.The proper name for us is simply Israelites.And also we are not Africans because the name africa came from a Italian general who conquered a part of north africa and named it after himself.His name was “Scipio Africanus” a Roman General.So when you say your African,your basically saying your one of his descendents which is not true…

    • James Says:

      Good one Bruce. Thought I was the only one who researched this topic. For certain, Yishrael, Israel. Israeli (Khazar/Ashkenazim Yews vs Israelite/Blood-born Yews. The jealous descendants of Cain have been attempting to steal our identity from genesis to Revelation. “Those who say they are Yews and are not.” Keep it coming my enlightened brother.

  46. Cartomante Melissa Says:

    Cartomante Melissa…


  47. yamnnjr Says:

    Black is a race, not a people. There are several peoples within the black race, however. African Americans are Americans who immigrated from Africa. However, most black Americans today qualify less as “African” Americans than even most white Americans do as “European” Americans as black Americans, each and every one with ancestors who were slaves and suffered the Democrat-spearheaded racism since those slavery days, played a more pivotal role in the construction of our ideals as a nation by contrasting so sharply our deeply held hypocrisies, hypocrisies that could very well have one day threatened to tear apart the very fabric of the foundations of all we professed to believe in than did any individual white American. However, collectively, both white and black America played it’s role in making whole America. White America with it’s education, ideals, and implementation of those ideals, and black America with their correction of a truly detrimental hypocrisy.

    Jews are both a race and a people. They are white because of the geographic location in which they live. If you’re saying Jacob’s descendants, who actually are the people who Isaac passed the blessing down too turned dark during their relatively brief stay in Egypt, well, that doesn’t even make sense because Egyptians themselves aren’t even that dark. If you’re saying that in the Mediterranean area, where Abraham was from, that people are naturally dark already, and they’re only white because of all of the conquering that went on with empires and such, then what about Ismael’s descendants, the Muslim world. they’re all white. Well, white is a relative term in that area of the world. It’s much more accurate to say that they vary from white to a darker tan.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there aren’t a number of dark-skinned Jewish descendants because God had them conquered a number of times and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Jews, spread throughout the whole world. It’s unrealistic to think that all of them remember their ancestral lines, and I imagine a number of them must live throughout all the peoples of all the world, even in Asia, and most definitely in Africa. So, I imagine throughout a couple or so generations with the hot sun and intermarrying, their descendants developed darker skin. I mean some in the middle east and Egypt are already rather dark due to the sun naturally, so deeper into Africa and having so many dark-skinned gentiles to intermarry with, they became indistinguishable from the gentiles they lived amongst, and eventually probably even forgot their lineal heritage.

    However, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that most of black America or Africa are descendants of Abraham. And even if they were, hypothetically for argument’s sake, the likelihood that they actually descend directly from Jacob is extremely remote. Even if they descended from Abraham, if they didn’t descend specifically from Jacob’s line through one of Jacob’s sons, then they are nothing more than the rest of the Middle East, descendants of Abraham who think they are something special because they descend from Abraham when in reality, they are nothing more than the rest of us gentiles.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to be counted amongst the Jews because the Jews rejected Christ and called out proudly before God and man to take on the full responsibility of the murder of Christ for them and their descendants, and we can see in hindsight that it was something God held them too. You really want that on you and your children? I certainly don’t.

    I rather like the parable of the banquet. All the invited guests reject the host, so now we, the beggars, the least and wretched of society, we gentiles get to become adopted heirs and partake in the promise that God originally gave to only the Jews. I say let the Jews learn the hard way what they have done if they so insist. Because of their indignation, I now have the opportunity to become as they are, a chosen of God. This is a gift extended to you and all gentiles because of the corruption of the chosen people. The Jews are obviously still looked after by a merciful God, being successful everywhere they go, but they suffer in the long run without a home or land to call their own, constantly in bitter war with their brothers, constantly questioning even their own religion, always blind to the reality of the blessings that God has been giving them all throughout their existence, always another anti-Semitic power the arises from one of the earth’s kingdoms that threatens yet again to obliterate them and to treat them ever so inhumanely. Yes, the Jews indeed suffer for their actions, and the curse upon them is very real, but also they find their vindication, but not until the day that they finally humble themselves before their God, recognize who God is, and cry out to their Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

    And this is probably the most condemning fact refuting your theory. Most of black America, if not all of black America and a significant chunk of the African areas once used for gathering slaves, at one point or another have already cried out to Jesus Christ as their Messiah. You see, the Jews, as a majority of their people, are not going to cry out to Jesus of Nazareth as their Messiah until near the end of the Great Tribulation, when their suffering has gotten so bad at the hands of the anti-Christ that they have no other alternative but to recognize that they’ve been wrong this whole time, and they finally recognize Jesus of Nazareth for who He really is, and they cry out to their Messiah, finally as their Messiah rather than their enemy, and then God will deliver them and the whole world from the tyranny of the anti-Christ. I’m sure that at that time, the Jews that are darker skinned that immigrated throughout Africa and even the whole world will probably come to recognize their heritage and come back to Jerusalem which will be, for lack of a better word, the Capital city of Christ’s physical kingdom here on earth.

    • James Says:

      Where dey do dat at? We did not IMMAGRATE from nowhere Sir. We were sold into slavery as such forced to come here not volunteer. Where do you get your source of misinformation from a psychic, seer or mystical illusionist? We did not cry out to jesus christ either. We cried out to Yahushua Ben Yah Hamesshiac. It sounds like your guessing or speculating. Black is a derogatory way to address our people. Race is another derogatory way to condone separatism. There is only one race which is human. You sound so informed and sure of your information yet you fail to see the bigger picture. After carefully reviewing your article I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the material you used to devise it comes from speculation rather than actual facts. DNA Cohen Haplotype ring a bell?

      • lisa bernier Says:

        Job 9;12, Daniel 4:35, Romans 9:19 Pslams 115;3 stop blaming everyone, it is in HIS hands. We are vessels, accept our fate as humans and repent for hate, all hate and love each other, as we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood (humans) but against spiritual wickedness in high places, I say this in real love, so that you NOT stumble, that your heart to be pure before Him. Yashiyah says: Love one another as I have loved you. He gave his only begotten son, because he LOVED the WORLD. Are we using DNA to Divide??? Just as it happened in the Northern kingdom and the Southern kingdom, look what happened then. Let the man without sin cast the first stone. Shalom.

    • Sean Says:

      You have zero comprehension!!! Question: since you say the “Jews” are white, why do these Jews who live in the Israelite lands suffer the second highest rate or incidences of skin cancer in the world; second only to the Aussies? Second and related to the previous question: why do the middle easterners skin age so readily and look like 80 years old before the turn 40? Have you ever read the book of Obidiah? How about Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9? How about the book “The Thirteen Tribe”? Gain some understanding and come back and we can discuss this further!!!’

    • Mtu Says:

      The Egyptians from the height of Egypt were black and they left it when the perversion of the cushites became a threat to their culture read patriarchy and homosexuality. These black people can be found in as Africa including kenya all the way to the west and south all with origin stories of Yemen and Misri ie Egypt in bantu languages. Have your facts in line before you face a child of god who is still in connection with her ancestors and creator!
      Additionally the white Jews are imposters read on the genetic code that us now used to March up Jews inspire of being turkish/middle east.
      Someone said something important I tend to agree with black men have smooth skin like Jacob. Show me a brown or white man with smooth skin naturally?
      On the seriousness of our lineage ask dark skinned people of Africa who their descendants are and we will show you to the very founders of our tribe! That is how we keep our clans with a strict aversion to incest. HONESTLY I AM AFRAID THIS WAS THE POINT OF COLONIALISM TO BREAK OIR PEOPLE APART FROM THEIR BLOODLINES. Think of how important it is to know your bloodline to claim your blessings. Additionally look up original maps of the world and see Zion in kenya as mount kenya where moses mutha came down from and we still have the tablets!! Complete with a tribe of levites that are only seers of God and keepers of the ark of the covenant who do not marry or resort to filthy practices like the priests of certain churches.
      So this is very deep very unexplored and heavily plagiarized. So I would say the spirit of discernment is the most important thing to hold on to hear to see the truth from its lies.

  48. yamnnjr Says:

    One other thing, if the Jews fled into Africa, or for whatever reason immigrated to Africa, it does not mean that they were black to begin with. They were probably just as white, or tan, as any Jew who’s family never immigrated out of the Middle East. They would have turned black over the generations under the hot African sun and through intermarrying. However, there is literally no way of saying how many Africans or black Americans or black Europeans, or even black Asians today are amongst the descendants of those who immigrated to Africa. I wouldn’t imagine it would be a significant number as in those days Jews were more used to a civilized society where as most of Africa was still tribal, and the Jews that fled there were not likely to settle for tribal living conditions, especially more so in the areas where Africans were enslaved. The English justified to themselves the slave trade of certain peoples who they believed to be not intelligent enough to form a civilized society, and therefore, they, the English, believed that they were justified in taking ownership of these tribal people and making slaves of them. I mean, there were literally Africans who kidnapped other Africans from tribes and then sold them to the European ships as slaves. You think it was evil white people, but evil black African people were already enslaving other black African people, and they started selling those slaves to the Europeans.

    You see, it’s not about black and white because there is no real comparison. People are people, and they will always act like people no matter what race they are.

    • The Truef Says:

      O.k you are right about one thing Africans did enslave other africans. That being said here is were you fualter both gendicly and historicaly. first lets start whith genedicly.1) It is scientificly proven it takes 16 generations or more give or take to turn black sub-saharan into into skin that is absent of color (white) but it only takes one generation to turn white skin into recodnisably black skin ( you know lightskin or maloto) when you said “that they woud have turned black over generations under the hot african sun” that is highly unlikely hypothesis becuase as we see today in modern day australia, wich is not as hot as africa over all(i mean it has its hospots but as hot as africa all over not close) the largest ethnic population are anglo-saxon paople that migrated to those parts from england,and what is the number one killer amongst Australians? Skin cancer, so theoredicaly it would be impossible for an acient form of people with skin that is absent of color and melenin to just move into subsaharan africa. although not impossible but there definetly would have been record of a forien deisese(unknown at the time killing these new africans) and even to day the c.i.a and other inteligence agencies push a social warfare called tribalism in thsese areas.why? becuase previous atemps at colonaztion multiple europeon casultie due to but not limited to skin cancer, malaria, and yellow fever. Secondly, historcly. There were africans enslaving other africans just as we know about trans-atlantic slave trade but the differecnces are substantial . First, in civil african slave trade most slaves were the losing side of a tribal war, or an african that comitted a crime, for example it would be custom for a man in africa accused of murder to be bound and tied to boulders and tossed in a lake or water source, and the decision was left to the familly to save him or let him down, if the familly did save hime he was a slave to that familly for the remainder of his life, another form was debt, if your familly or yourself owed a debt you could pay that off with indigent servatude, not to mention the morale most africans slave who had african masters were treated like what they were somone paying a debt or a crimainl repaying his debt to the victims familly. Now Trans-atlantic slave trade on the other hand (s.m.h) envolved mass genocide hainus acts of wich include but sre not limited to,hand cuffing 50 or more slaves together and throwing them over bord in shark infested waters while they were still alive, the feeding of black infants to crocodiles for bait. lynching,dismemberment of body parts, the identy stripping, rapeing of black women,etc. and not to mention jim crow laws the prohibited supposid freed slaves from well “acting free”. The dilocation of blacks(no one knows where there origionaly from),the psycological rewiring provided by willie lynch i mean the list goes on and on.I dont thik i gotta keep driving my point home.To sum it up if you asked me if would rather be the slave of a europeon or an african the decision is clearly recodnisable.

    • Mtu Says:

      Wrong black slavery is a well propagated European myth to excuse their behaviour and is unacceptable. Black people prayed together. Fought together. Died together. Some parts having less slavery than others ie east v west because of unity. In the east we are more closely related. As well, Africans have been labelled as savage and stupid to again excuse what they did if we were to be believed to be less human. We all know where that school of thought is taking us read supremacy stemming from proven inadequacies in the races through studies carried out by their own people

  49. queen Says:

    you all have the truth before you and refuse to believe what is right there in deu 28, the people that fit those curses are israel, they are the hebrews the black scattered all over the world, if you don’t believe deu 28th chapter, you are just ignorant and full of unbelief like your ancestors that created this whole thing. you all have your different views, reads Gods word, it will plainly tell you your idenity, but you will not believe, you all want to say this or that , say what’s in the word of GOD. not what’s on your mind, only GOD’s word is what matters, it makes plenty of sense, blacks are the only group of people that came over here in chains, its something strange about that in itself. i could go on and on, stop being ign orant. GOD decides to awaken you and you still don’t believe,like your ancestors. well, for me and my house we will live like hebrews, because that is exactly who we are.

    • Bruce Sanders Says:

      “Queen” is right,we are black skin Yisraylites of hebrew descent,not blacks,nor negroes.Those are bywords and proverbs (YeremiYah 24:9)And the Heavenly Father’s name isn’t “god” or “lord” or “jesus”,those are not hebrew names,those are idol names that we cannot be saved by.(Axe 4:12).”YAH” is the “Most High” and “Yahoshua” is the son,these are the true hebrew names of salvation.”Yahoshua” means “Yah’s Salvation”.”Jesus is not hebrew and has no meaning in hebrew being that the Holy scriptures were written in hebrew.That is one of the any reasons we went into slavery because “Yah” felt that we forgot him in which we did by serving the gods of Christianity,Islam and all the other religions that ther true descendents of the Yisraylites worship under.There is a website called “Yah’s People”.com.Look it up. And read Deut.28 and Lev.26.

    • Starr9 Says:

      Fasho well said!!!

  50. yis'sh'yah ysrayl Says:

    yahspeople.com hebrewisraelites.org yahsvoices.com its all true we r the hebrew israelites keep searchin them scriptures

  51. ed Says:

    you lack credibility the moment you use Afro – American.
    do you mean all Africans are black.?
    or do you mean you were born in Africa and became an American citizen.
    if neither one is correct them drop the it, is a hot issue ..

  52. James Says:

    It is a sad indictment against black leadership who may be aware of Afro Americans true and hidden identity not to begin a reorientation of heritage amongst our people. We’re too busy trying to acclimate whilst unilaterally being assimilated into a society that historically manipulates its own flesh and blood, vaccinate them with deadly chemicals and is swiftly morphing into a Hellenistic Pagan Society. Dollar bill y’all! Dollar dollar bill y’all ! On it the true America can clearly be seen. Paganism all over it.

  53. YIS'SH'YAH Says:


  54. MobileMan Says:



  55. Faris Mee Says:

    What you are witnessing is more likely a leftover from King Solomon’s (peace be upon him)mighty Kingdom (peace be upon him). Thats why hints of Judaism is found throughout Africa. Allah (Most high) tells us in the Qur’an:

    Solomon said: “My Lord! Forgive me, and bestow upon me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me. Verily, You are the Bestower.” Allah said: “This is Our gift, so spend? you or withhold, no account will be asked.” And verily, he enjoyed a near access to Us, and a good final return, Paradise. QUR’AN 38:30-40

    Even the wind blew at King Solomon’s (peace be upon him) command & he had authority over the jinn & even the birds who would ‘bomb’ his enemies with stones.

    From Qur’an: And Solomon inherited the knowledge of David. He said: “O mankind! We have been taught the language of birds & on us have been bestowed all things. This verily is an evident grace from Allah.” And there were gathered before Solomon his hosts of jinns & men & birds & they were all set in battle order (marching forwards). QUR’AN 27:15

  56. James W. Maxey Says:

    I am African American, I am a Hebrew Israelite. I am a decendent of Jacob. Jew is an english word that was created in England in 1775. In comes from Sheridan play The Rival and she has skin of a mummy and a beard of a Jew. That is the first time the word was ever mention. The word jew is english and the english lanuage was created in 450 AD so it is impossible that the Hebrew was jews. At no time did Abraham, Iaasic, Jacob, Joseph,Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Simon Peter, so-call Paul, John or the Messiah ever said they were Jews. Remember Deut. 4:2 Yahweh said do not add words to or take away from my command. And furthermore the letter “J” was invented in 1066 by the Normans in England. There is no “J” in the Hebrew, Greek or Latin alphabet. He who does not speak the truth is a traitor to the truth. Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.In Acts 21:39 Shaul (Paul) said he was Hebrew(Yehudi). Why did’nt he was say he was Jew? A liar never can cover its tracks. Need I say anymore.

  57. Saul Says:

    “Personally, I wouldn’t want to be counted amongst the Jews because the Jews rejected Christ and called out proudly before God and man to take on the full responsibility of the murder of Christ for them and their descendants, and we can see in hindsight that it was something God held them too. You really want that on you and your children? I certainly don’t” On top of your grossly overly simplistic and outright misrepresentation of the Khazars the above statement is one of the principle distortions of religious history responsible for the longest and most well documented hatred, Antisemitisim – for those of you with the capacity to reason I advise you to consider the true teachings of Jesus compare those to the teachings of Jews and see for yourselves the absurdity and predjudise that the bloodlible of Jews as christ killers is. This author clouds a facinating cultural/religious phenomena with conspiracy theory and hatred and does a great disservice to cross cultural dialogue shame on you and your psudeo history, hate begets hate understanding begets understanding.

  58. mskaydailey61 Says:

    I agree with most parts of this article, except that the son of Noah “Ham” is regarded as the originator of the black American blacks; his name mean “Hot, burnt and black.” Also, I consider that Yeshua is conveyed to Westerners as Jesus, however, I do not agree when you say,”he was labelled the Messiah of the Jews and put to death, then the lie about his resurrection and return was put in the white man’s holy books in order to try and create confusion about what really happened. This is why today’s white pastor is trying to claim that the black church is racist-because along with DNA and existing ancient documentations, the black church speaks truth to power.”

    I believe those Holy Books to be Yahweh words to the black Hebrew. Not that Jesus is the Son of God but Yeshua. The original name to Jesus being a transliteration. Hence, in the interchanging of and dropping away of during translation his name changed.

  59. Yahsdaughter Says:

    The letter j is the last letter added to the alphabet. You might want to research that. The letter j is only at most 300 years old. We are not Jews it is a man made word. We are hebrew isrealities according to the bible. All praise to the most high yah.

  60. yamnnjr Says:

    It really doesn’t matter if you believe that most black Americans are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the fact still remains, Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of all people, the Jews and the gentiles.

    And Jews is so an accurate term just like Christ is. It’s simply a difference in languages. Like Christ means Messiah in Greek, or whatever culture it was, Jews means the same thing. However, that doesn’t even matter. What really matters is that you recognize who your Messiah is and trust in Him to keep His Word accurate and the message of Spirit solid.

    We are all children of Abraham who follow Christ. Jesus did not call His mother Mary his mother, nor His brothers His brothers. He called those who served the will of His Father His family. Why did He do that? He did it because He was not the son of Mary. He Is God, the Word of God, made flesh. Mary was but a vessel chosen of God to facilitate Christ’s obedience to all we are subject too obeying here on this earth to include suffering and a sinner’s death.

    And because of it, the law passed down through Moses was finished through Him so that now anyone who surrenders their crown to Him, Jew and gentile alike will be once again with God.

    We all become children of God who follow God, for our father is the same as Abraham’s, and our line is passed down through Christ who’s line was passed down from Abraham. God will keep His promise to Abraham for those in the physical blood-line of Abraham, but we are essentially the same at this point. If there is any difference whatsoever between those physically passed down from Abraham and those who are not but follow God all the same, it is strictly for God to say at this point because we are all essentially in the same boat as it regards God ever since Christ died and rose again.

  61. nunyabis Says:

    Even though we have found out who we are the devil did not stop there…he knew one day we would begin to wake up….I see a lot of people calling the most high yah and other variants which are all apart of the satanic tetragramaton….look it up….the most highs name is not Jesus or any of those yahs it is Immanuel….the bible has been tampered with.don’t believe me? If you look into it you will find that books of the bible that are not included in the bible are referenced in the bible. Kinda fishy right….god is ahayah and the son is Immanuel…prophesy in the Bible proves this..the ultimate power is in his name and Satan know this and the bible also speaks of how it is dreadful among the heathen…that is why he went even further to hide the name than our identity..there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved…Satan knows the bible we must be well learned in it too because in the bible its says that the people perish for lack of knowledge so we must make ourselves knowledgeable…the most high gave us our mind to use it….questioning is not wrong…look for proof is not wrong….not doing so is the reason for all these idols and religions..so don’t just take up anything not even this. research it first so you can say you personally found it to be truth. Also I encourage us to read the WHOLE bible because its hard to understand any book when you just read a couple of sentences here and there…I came across the truth on YouTube along will a lot of lies you have to use the word as a sifter because the most high is not the author of confusion so why in the prophesy does it say they shall call his name Immanuel but at the fulfillment of it he was named Jesus there is no way to justify the change the bible did not say don’t add or take away from the word because no one would do it but because it would be done and is wrong….look at the inconsistencies between so called Christian churches and the bible its shocking I used to not understand why ppl would say they don’t follow religion but now I know why and for the record I don’t not follow any religion only the word of the most…that’s all we need….use the mind the most gave to you. Search for the truth no matter what that true is accept it because the most high is the word and if you reject it/him he will reject you…I’m so glad I was awakened I have a long way to go but my scope of the world is so much clearer.

  62. The Truef Says:

    One thing we have to remember is that ham, shem and yoseph were not giivin these names until many years after the the leaving of noahs arc. Each name described the land that there descendents inhabited. another point we have to is that after the tower of babel fell there was a great war, the descndents ham and shem fought and yosephs descendents fled hence his givin name .

    • Starr9 Says:

      How could roplr for europe be isreal shen everything pertaining to the bible happen on and around africa so it would make sense that they were black whites came later on down the line whites are from the line of japheth which are the isles of the gentile even the khazar jews ate just white european people yah himself sayz that genesis 10:3&4 plus the messiah said i came to sheep house of isreal the only people in the world that fit that is ghe so called blacks the evidence is on our side how can a nation of people think that god is coming to save them from what white people save u from what the only people who nd to b saved his blacks everything in that bible pertaing to us u are the gentile and woe to u!!!

    • Starr9 Says:

      How could people from europe be isreal when events to the bible happen in on and around africa so it would make sense that they were black whites came later on down the line whote history dnt go as long as blacks black are the first people of the earth look at all the different colors whites cant produces very dark colors whites are from the line of japheth which are the isles of the gentile even the khazar jews are white european people yah himself sayz that genesis 10:3&4 plus the messiah said i came to the sheep house of isreal the only people in the world that fit that is the so called blacks the evidence is on our side how can a nation of people think that god is coming to save them from what white people save u from what the only people who nd to b saved his blacks everything in that bible pertaing to us u are the gentile and woe to u!!!

    • Starr9 Says:

      How could people from europe be isreal when events to the bible happen in on and around africa so it would make sense that they were black whites came later on down the line european people history dnt go as long as blacks black are the first people of the earth look at all the different colors whites cant produces very dark colors whites are from the line of japheth which are the isles of the gentile even the khazar jews are white european people yah himself sayz that genesis 10:3&4 plus the messiah said i came to the sheep house of isreal the only people in the world that fit that is the so called blacks the evidence is on our side how can a nation of people think that god is coming to save them from what white people save u from what the only people who nd to b saved his blacks everything in that bible pertaing to us u are the gentile and woe to u!!!

  63. Starr9 Says:

    If u know and believe this truth i say keep black people close cause they have the word with them

  64. Charity Dell Says:

    Most African-americans are descendants of African Jews and African Judeo-christian populations of North, Northwest, West and Central Africa. The slave trade was initiated by Muhammad Askia
    of Mali in 1492, the year Jews and Muslim Moors were expelled from
    Spain/Portugal. Muhammad Askia then sold the Jews of his kindgom to the Portuguese. From that time on, the five European
    powers–England, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain–were busy buying Africans from African and Arab Muslim slavers. Not “just any Africans” were being sold–the African Jewish and Judeo-christian
    populations were systematically targeted for removal by Muslim
    raiders. The vast majority of women and children died in forced overland “trails of tears” eastward across the African continent.
    The men of these groups were kidnapped by Muslim raiders, then shipped to the Caribbean and the Americas. The majority of African-amerians–60% or higher– are of Igbo descent–the Igbos are southern Nigerians who have always maintained their knowledge of their Hebrew/Israelite origins. The French and British preferred Igbos; the Spanish and Portuguese tended to get more Yorubas. The entire trans-atlantic slave trade was the “ethnic
    cleansing” of the African continent of the two religions that pre-dated Islam–Judaism and Judeo-christianity. When Black
    Americans formed churches here in the United States, they incorporated many Hebraic/Judaic biblical customs–and we formed our churches DURING slavery, not just afterward! We brought
    Jesus/Yeshua here WITH US, and we know that Christianity is NOT
    “the white man’s religion”–our faith is really an Afro-semitic
    faith that flourished for CENTURIES in Africa prior to Islam. Plantation owners DID NOT WANT AFRICANS TO READ THE BIBLE. Remember, we came with the knowledge of WHO we were, WHOM we worshiped and WHO the MESSIAH was. There were so many of us Igbos in Virginia and Georgia–and “Igbo” means “Hebrew.” Our existence here in the New World through the slave trade is proof of the TARGETED REMOVAL OF AFRICAN JEWS
    and JUDEO-CHRISTIANS by African and racist Arab Muslims.
    The irony of this is that those African Muslims–like most African
    Muslims today–ARE THEMSELVES DESCENDANTS OF AFRICAN JEWISH POPULATIONS! But their knowledge of their heritage was often wiped clean by the Arab hordes who invaded Africa in the 700’s AD, destroying synagogues, churches and communities.

  65. Keith Denson Says:

    I have did hours and days of research and indeed it is true that the so-called black people in the stolen nation we called America, named after an Italian bloke, are the descendants of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The black Americans are the descendants of the tribe of Judah which is the southern kingdom. I hate it when people in the United States refer to us as African-American. That makes my blood boil like a pot of chili with peppers.

    • Charity Dell Says:

      We are descendants of all the tribes of Israel, including Judah/Yehudah. The Israelites were descendants of both MESOPOTAMIANS and AFRICANS. Remember that the biblical patriarchs also freely intermarried AFRICAN women, and many Africans of diverse ethnic groups left Egypt during the Exodus along with the Hebrews. If you look at the ancestral stories of many African ethnic groups, you will see a consistent pattern of naming of specific tribes of Israel as part of their origins. For example, the Igbo of Nigeria–from which derive over 60% of African Americans–specifically name six tribes and one specific descendant of Gad–Eri/Nri. The ancient Hebrews were Afro-Asiatic peoples that were amalgamated into a nation that always contained the “mixed multitudes” and the Mesopotamian descendants of Avraham.
      When I started a genetic testing project within my family, the multiple lines of African and Mesopotamian descent were clearly
      born out on both sides of the family. If you get your DNA tested
      with DNA Tribes or another service, you will see these multiple lines of descent.

  66. Keith Denson Says:

    Yahawashi known as Jesus Christ is not a blonde haired, blue eyed man. The false image was created by the descendants of Edom.

  67. Gershon Says:

    I think y’all are deluded. Something isn’t so just because you believe it. I challenge you to bring forth real evidence for this ridiculous claim.

  68. Lainoel Says:

    I had my brother’s DNA tested via 23andme.com. We sent his raw data files to Gedmatch.com and were stunned to learn that our DNA matches Ethiopian Jews, Lemba (Hebrew Levite Priestly tribe), Yemese Jew, Egyptian Jew, Algerian Jew, Morrocan Jew, Fulani, Yoruba and Mandenka.

    My brother’s Y-DNA haplogroup is E1a, which I learned is mostly present in Blacks of the Americas, Africa, & Arabia. The haplotree confirmed that 60-80,000 years ago my black forefathers left east africa crossing the Red Sea into Arabia/Middle East. Then three thousand years later this group re-entered East Africa and migrated into West Africa (Bantu Migration). ~ Sounds familiar, right?

    All of the tribes we matched are Hebrew, with the possible exception of the Mandenka.
    There’s also a 1747 Library of Congress map online of an area in Africa known as Guinea Proper located just east of the rivers of Ethiopia. It was called the “Kingdom of Judah”, amazingly enough it was located just south of “The Desert of Seth” (Adam & Eve’s youngest son).

    All of our people must realize we are descendants of the true Jew (Judah, Benjamin & Levi) the southern tribes that fled Roman persecution in 70 AD and ran into Africa. My DNA as well as many other blacks can confirm this fact. I have no doubt the powers that be will do all they can to “change” history to favor the european converted jew~ish person. The prophets have already prophesied what would happen, all we need to do it repent and return to the “Most High’s” laws, statutes and commandments; and leave the religions of your slave masters alone (i.e. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Kemetic et al.)

    • Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:

      Lainoel – using this name I have posted this valuable info on Facebook!!

    • Nunyabidness Says:

      Uh huh………and I keep telling people not to go to GedMatch, unless you know what you are doing. So let me ask you a question. What were the results when you ran the data through MDLP? Or Harrapaworld? I’ll bet you it didn’t show Jewish anything. And let me further a guess that 23andme did not show Jewish either. The reason GedMatch is an epic fail, is because each test is specific, and only contains partial populations. That’s why the results from each group is vastly different. So unless you specifically came from one of the Africa9 nations, you are going to get false results. All Americans should be using only the Harrapaworld algorithm, and even THAT doesn’t fully use all populations. And a lot of the population samples within the group are extremely small. GedMatch is an open project, of which many most all the samples there are public. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind giving us the id number of your sample, so we can all see the different results.

    • Nunyabidness Says:

      Oh, and I almost forgot. All the written records show that most Jews fled to Iberia, Italy, Turkey, and not into Africa.

      • anonymous Says:

        Nunyabidness, you’re not convincing anyone with your lies. The Lemba people of Africa did flee Judea then went into Africa and were tested positive for the Cohanim gene. There are other blacks in the world who are jews. The original jews were NOT white, they were brown and dark skinned. Moses was dark skinned as he looked just like the Egyptians and Jesus was very dark. It will be a matter of time when this is proven that the blacks in America and other parts of the world are the real jews.

    • Charity Dell Says:

      Did you also get tested for the Cohen Modal Haplotype? The CMH tends to confirm Levite origin…

  69. james brooks Says:

    Ham,SHEM andJaphett is all you have to know.Shem in the land of Ham not land of Japhett

  70. james brooks Says:

    the ancient egyptians knew their native country by the term Kemet(the black land) the ancient egytians were Hamitic peoples.all you have to know. now you figure out what the hebrew looks like.

  71. james brooks Says:

    that,s it

    • beezy Says:

      We are not “JEWS”. We are just simply Hebrew. The word jew doesn’t have any connection to the word Hebrew which comes frm the name of the first Hebrew “Eber” (pronounced ay-ber). Eber has been translated into many forms such as Aber,Iber,Ibo or Igbo(Nigerian), or Ebo as in Ebony(which means black or Hebrew.

  72. yamnnjr Says:

    I might be willing to consider that Black Americans are descendants of Esau, but only because they, as a people, seem to fit in a very real way the blessing Isaac passed on to Esau after God allowed Jacob to steal the inherited blessing by deceiving Isaac.

    Isaac told Esau, who we know was a man that had a thing for gentile women because he married them rather than women from his own people that believed in the God of Abraham and Isaac. Anyhow, I digress, Isaac told Esau that he’d be bound to Jacob for a time, and then when he finally grew tired of his shackles, that he’d cast them off. I’m not sure it’s a blessing more than a prophecy.

    Now, if that blessing was to Esau as a prediction regarding his descendants, then it might be feasible that Isaac prophesied the entire African struggle, but only if Esau’s descendants continued further south past Egypt.

    Jacob could have represented the children of God, i.e. the enslavement came from Europe, the peoples of which were almost exclusively considered Christian. They enslaved the African peoples who lived tribally and were in constant fights with fellow tribes until one day the African peoples grew so tired of their shackles that they cast them off and the almost exclusively Christian nations have not since legally supported the slavery of anyone.

    Now, historically or Biblicaly, I have no idea if it fits, but I have a very hard time thinking that black Americans would just so happen to be the descendants who’s ancestry ultimately goes all the way back Israel. The Jews were not a tribal people once they established Israel, King David, and the time of Christ. I don’t see how any civilized peoples could possibly ever be willing to settle with living as a tribe, living off the land with no modern conveniences and tools. I don’t even think that civilized peoples could live tribally at all, I mean unless they did so out of religious or philosophical means, and even then, how long would that last, till the children grew up, tired of it and left? I mean people never just go back to that once they know what exists in modern society and how much it benefits them. And the African peoples at the time of the slave trade who were traded as slaves were typically tribal still.

    That’s one reason I have major issue with this world’s ridiculous philosophy of leaving tribal societies alone. Don’t get me wrong, certainly we don’t have the right to go in and force them to live like us, but these are people for crying out loud, if they had any idea that they could too have what we have, I don’t think any of them in their right minds wouldn’t seriously consider leaving their tribal life behind. The woodland natives of North America had the avg lifespan of 18 years. That means there were just as many people dying before the age of 18 as there were after the age of 18. That’s a horrific death toll for any society. I can’t imagine it’s much better for any of today’s tribal cultures because if it weren’t so bad, they’d probably have already be getting a bit over populated.

    But no, we all want to be “progressive,” and leave them alone to live and die in their ignorance that life does not have to be that way, that their women can survive childbirth on a large margin, that babies do not have to die by such a large amount, that young people do not have to die so much, that being past, probably like 30 to 50 isn’t ancient. I just know, even if I had all the skills to survive out there, and that’s all I knew, if I were to learn what I do now, I think I would want the opportunity to be presented to me rather than being ignored because of how “progressed” the world is.

    • Mtu Says:

      I think you are mostly right but for the but of assuming that all tribal societies are backward; a myth that again propergatated colonialism and slavery. Most are highly knowledgeable and have long standing surgical procedures including c sections which were perfected in Africa. Having come from a tribe that has been keen on keeping own records most of the black societies in the world originated from us and share our superior natural solutions that have been passed from one generation to the next on earth die to the heavy plagiarism we have endured. Hence respecting a culture is only human for as some have forgotten some still remember the importance of privacy. When the world will be kinder to Africans we will share this and knowledge.

  73. Nunyabidness Says:

    You all do realize that the majority of the world doesn’t care. That’s all ancient history, and genes are constantly mixing and changing. EVERYONE came from Africa at one point in time. This means, whites are African, Indians are African, Native Americans are Africa, Japanese are African, Russians are African, the whole world has African roots. So trying to say Hebrews were black, like it’s something special, is just pure nonsense. There’s only ONE set of paintings that exist from 3-4000 years ago, that depict the races that Egyptians knew, and this is the “Book Of Gates”. If you look at the third figure, he’s tan light skinned, like a middle easterner, not black like the fourth figure which is sub Saharan African. When the world of genetics talks about Whites and Blacks, they separate the two by those that are sub Saharan, and those that are not. And how do I know that third figure is a Jew? He’s the only one with tzitzit on the fringes of his clothing, just as god told Jews to do in the bible.

  74. yamnnjr Says:

    At Nunybidness,

    Not necessarily. That theory is based largely on the theory of evolution that states we all evolved from apes.

    Before evolution was the only acceptable opinion in science, the fertile crescent, the Mediterranean region, the Middle East fertile region was considered the most plausible location of where the human race started. And Considering that Egypt isn’t very far south of that region, it makes sense. That whole region had some of the world’s earliest world-power empires, to include Egypt as one of the earliest recorded, probably mainly due to their need to progress to survive in their hostile environment. Sort of the same reason the Europeans advanced so quickly once people started living up there, because they had to in order to survive the hostile winters.

    Even today, there’s still debate, but how can you argue the fertile crescent when evolution is the only acceptable scientific opinion today because the primates we are most genetically similar too live in the jungles of southern Africa.

    I’ll tell you, this comparison of black people to primates, monkeys, apes with any kind of racist connotation to it comes directly out of the idea of evolution because black people don’t even look like primates any more than any one else, which is that odd person here and there that has that odd face. I guarantee that while almost all might not necessarily have believed in Darwin’s theories, I bet most slave-traders and probably most wealthy slave-owners knew about Darwin’s theories. And I bet you, that’s where that whole idea came from. Both are dark because of the region, and slave-owners/traders needed something lesser than themselves to relate people too who they were treating as lesser than themselves.

  75. yamnnjr Says:

    I’m not ignoring Deuteronomy, but you seem really hung up on race. Does it really matter if Jews were white or black?

    You think Christ is somehow going to look more favorably on you because you’re the physical children of Abraham? As far as I can tell, God holds the Jews more accountable for their actions than any other people in the world.

    While God tolerates the rest of us going all cannibalistic and raiding shore-towns, raping women and children, and sacrificing human beings to all our idols, rejecting Christ with deadly force because we think no one should believe in God or that everyone has to believe in God our way, whenever the Jews tried something like that, they were brought to utter ruin at the hands of us disgusting gentiles with all of our heinous sinful ways.

    I mean God did not stop Hitler. And if you’re right, that Jews are all black, they were living in the jungles till roughly 400 years ago, and then only to come out as slaves. I don’t agree with you, I think it was just the circumstances of the time humankind’s propensity to regard others with arrogance as less than themselves. Even we here in the U.S. sit here in arrogance judging past peoples as somehow stupid and not worthy of learning from. The whole left-wing has poised to someone like Obama dictator-like power all because he has a nice talk and everyone’s so busy desperately trying to prove how unracist they are, and black Americans, they aren’t much better, voting in a man who was obviously questionable, at best, just because they want a black man to be in the White House. Obama’s only black side is Kenyan. His American side is all white, white southern slave-owner white. Put someone like Cain, Colin Powell, or Condoleeza in the White House if you want a real black American in the White House. Obama’s a freaking joke. I feel for the future when racists point to Obama in order to continue their racist delusions about the inferiority of another man simply because he has a darker skin-tone.

    • Rome Cruci Says:

      You have some VERY good points BUT DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND THAT YOU ALL ARE GOING TO GET OFF BECAUSE YOUR NOT BLOODLINE YISRAELITES…3 SCRIPTURES FOR YOU… REVELATIONS 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. LUKE 21:24
      And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into ALL NATIONS: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, UNTIL THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES BE FULFILLED. 2 ESDRAS 6:9 For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.

      • yamnnjr Says:

        Yeah, and Christ tells the Jews that they won’t see Him come again till they cry out “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

        So when do you think that’s going to happen? By the way, black Americans are just about the most Christian-right demographic in the world, and were even actually mostly all devout before pledging their undying and implicit trust to the Democrat Party.

        So, they’ve already cried out, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,” and are actually now for the last 60 years or so becoming more back-slidden and falling away from Christ.

        So, who does that leave, the Jews currently residing in Israel, because Jews were spread across all of the nations, not just to Africa.

        Anyhow, we still have that hour of trial to come over the whole world, the rulership of Satan over the whole world for time, times and a half, or however it’s worded.

        We still have the abomination that causes desolation to set itself up in the holy place in which it is instructed to flee for the wilderness, not to even go into ones house to grab some things first, but to just run away.

        When it’s going to happen is going to mark the Second Coming of Christ where Christ will rule over the whole earth, not just the black people, nor the Jews currently residing in Israel, but all people.

        And Christ doesn’t care one bit about what color you’re going to be.

        Christ has already said that His family are those that do the will of the Father, and that transcends color and even blood-lines.

  76. BruthaJAA Says:

    What records show where they fled… the Bible shows that whenever Israel fled it was into Africa(Egypt) as did Abraham to Jesus. When Rome beseiged Jerusalem and it failed, the refugees escaped to Ethiopia and such places where they could hide in plain sight. This would explain why Tacitus, the Roman Historian, wrote that the Jews were thought to have come from Africa. Study the man that bore the cross of Jesus, he was a Cyrene; African. The Ethiopian Eunuch under Candace the Queen was permitted in the Acts to go to Jerusalem to keep his devotion. Why travel so far to go to church? Because he was Jewish.

  77. prophecynewsandviews Says:

    Hello I have been researching this I can accept that fact with black americans being decendants of Israel, because of the lost heritage, but one fact I do disagree with you is that Yeshua was not a prophet he was God and is God who came in the flesh. to redeem mankind from all filth of sin . I also wanted to ask you isn’t it possible that some of those who converted to the Jewish religion in Europe could some have the original hebrew blood and because they stayed in the region so long could it be undetectable? Just a question the bible do say that he will bring his people out of the north and the four corners of the earth. racism is unjustifiable in all forms but I would not do the same things that the racist do . It is not right for anyone to keep anyone from their true heritage here is scripture to back up what I just said and yes Deut 28 screams the truth
    Exodus 3:14
    John 8:58
    John 1:1
    John 1:14
    John 14:6
    Revelation 22:13
    Isaiah 44:6
    The Lord Yeshua is the Alpha and Omega he was dead and is Alive and has the keys of hell and death he is not a prophet but is and always will be God in the flesh
    Revelation 1:18
    Thanks for viewing my question blessings

  78. prophecynewsandviews Says:

    oh and here is that other scripture about the european Jews
    Isaiah 43:6
    I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth
    my question is how can they be converted unless they did not have contact with the original Israelites. They could have married some Israelites too. Like all who were dispersed . some of them got kinky hair too

  79. sherry Says:

    Where,do u find histrory of,jews,name,dupree or,duprey im black and,my dad,was a jew maybe some of my family is,outthere

    • Charity Dell Says:

      You should consider getting your DNA tested with DNATribes or FamilyTree DNA, as well as African Ancestry. You will probably find a multitude of African ethnic groups you match, PLUS Mesopotamian, Western Asian and Middle Eastern (Levantine) groups whose DNA you ALSO match. That’s because we are descendants of the Afro-Asiatic HEBREWS (also called JEWS or ISRAELITES) and we carry the multiple lines of our heritage in the Y chromosome, the XX chromosome (mitochondrial) and the
      autosomal DNA (the 46 chromosomes you inherited from your mother and father). That’s how I discovered all the Mesopotamian and Middle Eastern DNA in our family that runs on both sides.
      Remember also, that your “blackness” comes from the huge variety of African ethnic groups that are on the entire African continent.
      If you have descended from African slave populations of the Americas or the Caribbean, you most likely are a descendant of African Hebrews, since these were the groups TARGETED FOR REMOVAL by the African Muslim and Arab Muslim slavers, raiders and traders after the 1490’s. Although some of the slaves were
      Muslim, the BULK of the African slaves were African Jews and
      Judeo-Christians, plus some pagan groups. We preserved our
      faith heritages in our Black churches, which all have Hebraic customs and worship practices. Although many of us were transported from West Africa, we have heritage from ALL of Africa, including North, Northeast, Northwest, Central, East, West, South, Southwest, Southeast and the Sahel regions of Africa. IT SHOWS UP IN THE GENES, so that’s why it’s good to get your DNA tested, so that you know what runs in your family lines. If you have any questions just email me at: CelestialChoir@gmail.com I’ll be happy to discuss this with you at length!

  80. Bruce Haywood Says:

    So the ressurction was a lie? Why did they lie?

  81. Rose James Says:

    This is the Day that the Lord GOD has made, the Sabbath Day.

  82. voiceofuser Says:

    Meanwhile Jews intermingling whites with blacks in Zionist occupied territories right now….

    Yeah, no. Try convincing Jews from Israel that your true Israelites or Hebrews from Israel. Did they share Israel with you?

    Didn’t think so. Why is that most people can’t accept their origins? The African Origin… your Africans. Accept it.

  83. Fatima Says:

    this article is very appreciated but has some erroneous information. The ancient Hebrews were in fact black but separate from the Ethiopians. The Ethiopians ( Kemet/Kush), Egyptians (Mizriam), Somalians (Phut) and lower Ethiopians (Canaan ) were all the sons of Ham, which were the original Africans or what would be known as modern day north and East Africans. Where it says in the book of Amos “are ye not as the Ethiopians unto me” is not saying that the Israelites were Ethiopians. It’s saying that they look the same. If you read the bible you will understand that the father always told his ppl to separate themselves from the Ethiopians and Egyptian because they were Gentiles even though they were black. Remember Nimrod was a Caananite and was killed by his great uncl Shem, who was the bloodline to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes. Read Act 7 to get a better understanding. Ethiopians are the cousins of Hebrews but they are NOT to be mistaken for Hebrews. The real Hebrews fled beyond the borders of Ethiopia and down into the Atlas Mountains escaping first Arab persecution where they were found in Timbuktu (now present day Mali). then were pushed further into the present day land of Africa hiding from Roman persecution and brought down to west coast of Africa into slavery by way of cargo slave ships. Hebrews alway fled into Africa when trouble came so that they would blend in with the people. Like when the angel appeared to Joseph telling him the take the child and his mother and hide in Egypt. This was because the Egyptians were black.

    • Husayn Says:

      you people are telling a lot of lies the dravidians are the original sumerians and phoenicians they are canaanites it is not the ethiopians the blacks and abbysinians are from cush bin ham,

      the Amorites(imliq) and Akkadians mixed with the canaanite dravidians and they also mixed with aanother canaanite people same as pure first nations people of north america . Imliq also went into North Africa , the berbers come from Imliq . There are different hamitic types Fatima original were not black dont tell lies

  84. haire care Says:

    haire care

    blog topic

  85. John Says:

    If Esau was white and David was described the same as Esau is described would that not mean he to was white?? I know there are black Jews but why can’t whites be as well? Just as many descriptions describe them as white as do black?

  86. lawrence Says:

    You are so so so mentally disturbed even 924bc king Egypt when he invaded northern Israel described land of amuru area retenu tribes of semeon and levi as very light colored people, types, bohakanim. You need go egypt according Egyptian color wall illustrations so. Proportion of western semetic Hebrews were blonde and red hair, also some Dark people of Syria Israel also depicted. Also Mesopotamia,syrian and Phoenician, colored statuettesas well as blue eyed red hair, such utter lies you tell only reason any black Jew’s is because mingling and Israelites areffrom seedline Shem and he was not black also Abraham he was red, also Issac Jacob and Judah stop trying to take what isn’t yours also making America Judah or Egypt is funny the black Hebrews here think they are tribe if Judah and Mexicans and native Indians are tribe and Haitians Cubans so funny absolutely no no no proof of that stop misinterpreting verses someday you will know and will be judged for you lies and Jesus isn’t black or white Read john 8 32

  87. Aviz Says:

    Recently relocated to Fayetteville, NC from Chicago after the tragic homicide if my oldest son (Theo) on 4rh July 2013. Ate there any Study groups near me (28314). Burning desire to know/understand more Truth regarding my True Identity in Yeshua.

  88. Raymond Nelson Says:

    Thanks for the knowledge of our history

  89. Cloicec Wade Says:

    Thanks cuz that explain some of the things I have wondering about and how I fell about some things when some strange things happen .

  90. John Robinson Says:


    I’m a black man and would like to know where I could find a lab for DNA testing to see if I am A true Israelite. I worry about using Ancestry because they will probably compare my results with Ashkenazi bloodlines.
    Can you help?



    • Charity Dell Says:

      Hello, John Robinson–You can use these two testing services:

      1. DNAAncestry.com, also known as: genebase.com
      They are a Canadian-based site, and they will give you also
      many DNA matches out to the sixth degree for your relatives.
      You can test bother your maternal side on the X chromosome
      (Mitochondrial DNA) and your paternal side on the Y Chromosome.
      Genebase will give you an extensive list of ethnic groups to
      which you have matching DNA.

      2. DNATribes.com

      This service does your “autosomal DNA”, which is the 23 + 23
      chomosomes you inherited from both mother and father.
      They also do ethnic and regional matching, so you will see a
      variety of countries, regions and ethnic groups. that come through
      both your ancient (1000 years and back) and modern (500 years
      to the present) DNA.

      Remember that the slave trade involved the ENTIRE African
      continent, so many of us have DNA from North, East, South,
      West and Central Africa. Many of these ethnic groups in many
      areas have ancient Hebrew lineage, including the Lemba of
      South Africa; Igbo of Nigeria; Bamileke of Cameroon; etc.

      Your Hebrew DNA may also show up as Middle Eastern DNA
      from LEbanon, Syria, Israel and Mesopotamia. I’d be interested
      in your results. Feel free to email me at:

  91. ann Says:

    Thats bull crap the real jews were whites the bible tells you this and dna proven it too, One more thing the first slaves were whites not blacks and the first slave owner was black man. please tell the truth

  92. Toyzette Jefferson Says:

    I just read this so I don’t know how old this article is but I noticed that there was no mention of how Mohammed sold millions of those people in the Arab slave trade. Which he was probably the start of it seeing that the slave trade started in 600a.d. during his time. He went from north Africa to west Africa gathering them up for sale

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