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Monday, July 28, 2008
McCain Sinks Too Low To Recover
John McCain’s voice is that of a spectral zombie. “I am John McCain and I approve this message.”

He sounds resigned and drugged.

It is yet another lying McCain ad which shows that his only strategy is to throw lies at Obama.

Even the MSM is onto the lie. Obama’s people carefully remind us that Barack did indeed visit soldiers, did indeed visit wounded soldiers without seeking any recognition at all, did indeed make the best call in Germany.
Meanwhile, if McCain is not sinking himself with transparent prevarication, he is being SUNK by the likes of Senator Collins of Maine and as many as six of her colleagues who will not be in St. Paul on September 1. No they will sit out the McCain Convention.

McCain has become a cardboard candidate, no longer Maverick, no longer even the sad figure who gave it all up to get the nomination. The seemingly-willing tool of Steve Schmidt and other Rove-inclined folk who believe they can win this election by following the strategy that did not work for Hillary Clinton and which this year is set to repudiate big time.

With his preemption of Swift Boat politics, without even the pretext of a 527 to blame for being underhanded, McCain has ventured into crazy territory. He has literally lost it. He is on autopilot with no more control of his course than he had as a reputedly bad pilot, no more smarts than a guy who finished in the cellar of his Annapolis class.

I see McCain and Imus sitting together on a log in the Southwest somewhere after this stupid McCain loss, wondering what the hell has happened to this country, where their immaturity used to be a win-leader, where racial slurs and gorilla rape jokes were just funny.

Well, John has sunk too low to recover. He is damaged goods. Hillary managed to make a comeback, but she has energies that McCain simply lacks. In the end he will now lose. The Republicans know this.

So the only question is, having sunk so low, is whether McCain will be replaced. There is another cardboard figure who will also lose but who at least agrees with the worst of the Republican positions. He waits somewhere, unfazed by dropping 40 million bucks trying to beat McCain frontally. He may yet beat him. But by then we will be witnessing the further discrediting of the Rove approach.

It will take ten or twenty years for the GOP to recover.

Posted by Stephen C. Rose at Monday, July 28, 2008

Stephen C. Rose
Born in NYC, attended Oberlin & Trinity Schools, then Exeter and Williams (Phi Beta Kappa 1958). Worked with the Reverend James Robinson, finished Union Theological Seminary in NYC (1961). Joined Student Interracial Ministry in Nashville. Founded Renewal Magazine in Chicago, served The Christian Century and Christianity Crisis magazines. Covered civil rights in Oxford, Birmingham and Selma. Interviewed Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X. My book The Grass Roots Church had impact on the ecumenical movement. Have authored some 15 books, been a house-husband and father of three wonderful (grown) children. I have written published music choral and popular. Most recently I served in UN agencies including UNICEF in NYC and edited CHOICES which was the flagship magazine of UNDP. This solo blog seeks to revive the better elements of the 1960s and warns against the dangers that can rise during times of intense change. In terms of readership and potential influence, it reaches beyond any book or article circulation I’ve ever had.


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