Sunday, August 03, 2008

Group advocates for proper use of Yoruba language
By Gbenga Adetunji

A SOCIO-cultural group, which is at the vanguard of protecting the Yoruba heritage, Egbe Ifesemule ati Ilosiwaju Yoruba, is set to host a competition on proper use of the language in composing songs, writing drama scripts and broadcasting. The event, which is billed to attract a number of broadcasters, artistes and singers, begins in November at the premises of Lagos Television (LTV 8), Ikeja, Lagos. Chief Jubril Ogundimu, who is chairman of the organising committee of the group, said that the competitions would promote the speaking of the Yoruba language among its people, especially children who are becoming lost to the language and also uphold the honour and dignity of the race and tradition in Africa and the Diaspora. Ogundimu stated that the group noticed that there is great decline in the use of the language, “and today all manners of words are springing up in the name of slang that have greatly eroded the standard of the language. “It is against this backdrop that our organisation has come up with a programme to re-orientate and re-educate the populace on the proper use of the language. According to him, the first step in this advocacy is to organise contest among the major users of Yoruba language in the area of music, broadcast and theatre practice, who have the medium of mass communication as their reach to the larger society. It is our belief that once these users of the language are enlightened on the didactic and its aesthetic use, then we are more than half way through to the development of the proper use. He, however, stated that the effort of the organisation is to create a platform for meeting minds of the commercial users of Yoruba language through competition that is fully supported by notable scholars and stakeholders in Yoruba language.

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