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September 24, 2009

8 Year Old Wendy Makes Nigeria Proud
By Ahaoma Kanu

Six years after the world stood still for Agbani Darego as the winner of the Miss World beauty contest, history was made again this time by an 8 year old Grade 4 Pupil of Taurean Private School, Surulere, Miss Wendy Kasumu in far away Antalya, Turkey when she was crowned Little Miss World Model 2007 recently.

She beat 36 other contestants from different parts of the world to grab the crown at the 7th International Children of Beauty and Talents tagged Little Miss World and described achieving the feat as, “very exciting”

Wearing a charming smile befitting an international beauty queen, Wendy said that her interest in modeling was inspired by her desire to become an ambassador of Nigeria.

“I got interested in modeling because I saw I would have a chance to win one day and make my country proud,” she said.

The sensational and talented Wendy who hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State joined Nigerian Kiddies Modelling Club (KMC) two years ago after a visit from the President of the Club to her school.

Seeing the opportunity lying in pageantry, she decided to enlist after she got the nod of her parents and participated in local beauty pageants where she is the reigning Little charming Princess in Nigeria as Best Mini Model and Best Cat Walker 2007 in one year.

On winning these crowns, she became a kid celebrity of sort and appeared as guest celebrity at the recently concluded face of Ogun State University and the Nigeria Super Model contests this year.

As the reigning Little Catwalk Queen, she participated in her first International competition and clutched the crown as Little Miss World Model 2007.

According to the National Director of the Little Miss World in Nigeria, Mrs. Frances Oho, Wendy was at her best forum during her talent display, cat walking and was greeted with a standing ovation for her outstanding performance which also made her become a toast of the media in Europe where she graced the covers of international beauty magazines and newspapers as well as many agencies clamouring to sign her immediately but she decided to return home to Nigeria and finish her education.

Wendy described her best moment as the time she was crowned and disclosed her advantage over other contestants who she never regarded as threats.

“My advantage lies in the fact that we Nigerians are always bold and have the ability to make our country proud.” She said adding that having passed through the grooming of model instructor, Modella, she was very confident in herself.

A straight-A pupil, Wendy said she did not find the task of combining both rehearsals and her studies difficult as she is naturally brilliant.

“I was able to cope up with my studies because I am brilliant and very intelligent. I am a straight A Pupil so it wasn’t so difficult for me,” she said.

Natalya Kovalyova, President of the Little Miss World show who presented Wendy with Sashes, her certificate as a queen amidst other gifts said one of the aims of the competition is to bring children from all parts of the world to meet themselves and learn from each other and to this part, Wendy said she made many friends.

“I made many friends,” I met a girl from Georgia, she won Little Miss Georgia and a have a best friend called Christiana from Russia and another Isabella, from Brazil. I also made friends with Eliana from Belanis and another little friend, Helen from Armenia. It was so exciting and I loved every moment I spent with my friends,” she said excitedly.

With a dream of becoming a top model and a medical doctor which will enable her help humanity Wendy said the main focus of her reign as a world queen will lie in helping the less priviledged especially the motherless babies.

“My first task is to become a goodwill ambassador to children and be a role model to them, and also, my pet project will be focused on the motherless babies. I will donate to Orphanages because they always touch my heart whenever I see them which make me want to cry,” she revealed with compassion in her young eyes.

Wendy who was accompanied to Europe alongside her mother, Mrs. Adekubi Kasumu described her family as her greatest asset.

“My father, Mr. Olaiwola Kasumu and my mother encouraged me a lot. My elder brother too, Olamola Jnr. was also one of my greatest influence.”

Her mother, Mrs. Kasumu disclosed that no member of her family had participated in pageantry said that she is happy to have allowed Wendy take up on modeling at a very young age.”

“I allowed her to join the modeling club because I wanted to give her a chance to exploit her talents and today she had made me very proud.”

According to her father who is an artiste as well, he is prepared to support Wendy to actualize whatever dream she aspires to achieve and called on the government and corporate society to support Wendy’s pet project.
Posted by Ahaoma Kanu at 15:31
Anonymous said…
its great to hear of nigeria in the news again for the right reasons.she indeed made nigeria proud.its however a shame that no tv station in nigeria deemed it fit to showcase her achievement or follow her advancement through out the period of the competion.she should be celebrated and recognised by the govt.what she has achieved will go a long way in laundering nigeria’s image abroad.

23 November 2007 12:09
Anonymous said…
I feel very proud because I kno wonder why non of our Tv stations could not beam this type of event. I am not surprised at this young girl grand achievment. The hand of God is upon you, just remember your creator in all your doings that what you do must glorify God alone as you grow to become Miss World/Universe. Congratulations!

25 November 2007 20:36

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