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The hate and the quake

Published on: 1/17/2010.


THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES is in the process of conceiving how best to deliver a major conference on the theme Rethinking And Rebuilding Haiti.

I am very keen to provide an input into this exercise because for too long there has been a popular perception that somehow the Haitian nation-building project, launched on January 1, 1804, has failed on account of mismanagement, ineptitude, corruption.

Buried beneath the rubble of imperial propaganda, out of both Western Europe and the United States, is the evidence which shows that Haiti’s independence was defeated by an aggressive North-Atlantic alliance that could not imagine their world inhabited by a free regime of Africans as representatives of the newly emerging democracy.

The evidence is striking, especially in the context of France.

The Haitians fought for their freedom and won, as did the Americans fifty years earlier. The Americans declared their independence and crafted an extraordinary constitution that set out a clear message about the value of humanity and the right to freedom, justice, and liberty.

In the midst of this brilliant discourse, they chose to retain slavery as the basis of the new nation state. The founding fathers therefore could not see beyond race, as the free state was built on a slavery foundation.

The water was poisoned in the well; the Americans went back to the battlefield a century later to resolve the fact that slavery and freedom could not comfortably co-exist in the same place.

The French, also, declared freedom, fraternity and equality as the new philosophies of their national transformation and gave the modern world a tremendous progressive boost by so doing.

They abolished slavery, but Napoleon Bonaparte could not imagine the republic without slavery and targeted the Haitians for a new, more intense regime of slavery. The British agreed, as did the Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

All were linked in communion over the 500 000 Blacks in Haiti, the most populous and prosperous Caribbean colony.

As the jewel of the Caribbean, they all wanted to get their hands on it. With a massive slave base, the English, French and Dutch salivated over owning it – and the people.

The people won a ten-year war, the bloodiest in modern history, and declared their independence. Every other country in the Americas was based on slavery.

Haiti was freedom, and proceeded to place in its 1805 Independence Constitution that any person of African descent who arrived on its shores would be declared free, and a citizen of the republic.

For the first time since slavery had commenced, Blacks were the subjects of mass freedom and citizenship in a nation.

The French refused to recognise Haiti’s independence and declared it an illegal pariah state. The Americans, whom the Haitians looked to in solidarity as their mentor in independence, refused to recognise them, and offered solidarity instead to the French. The British, who were negotiating with the French to obtain the ownership title to Haiti, also moved in solidarity, as did every other nation-state the Western world.

Haiti was isolated at birth – ostracised and denied access to world trade, finance, and institutional development. It was the most vicious example of national strangulation recorded in modern history.

The Cubans, at least, have had Russia, China, and Vietnam. The Haitians were alone from inception. The crumbling began.

Then came 1825; the moment of full truth. The republic is celebrating its 21st anniversary. There is national euphoria in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

The economy is bankrupt; the political leadership isolated. The cabinet took the decision that the state of affairs could not continue.

The country had to find a way to be inserted back into the world economy. The French government was invited to a summit.

Officials arrived and told the Haitian government that they were willing to recognise the country as a sovereign nation but it would have to pay compensation and reparation in exchange. The Haitians, with backs to the wall, agreed to pay the French.

The French government sent a team of accountants and actuaries into Haiti in order to place a value on all lands, all physical assets, the 500 000 citizens were who formerly enslaved, animals, and all other commercial properties and services.

The sums amounted to 150 million gold francs. Haiti was told to pay this reparation to France in return for national recognition.

The Haitian government agreed; payments began immediately. Members of the Cabinet were also valued because they had been enslaved people before independence.

Thus began the systematic destruction of the Republic of Haiti. The French government bled the nation and rendered it a failed state. It was a merciless exploitation that was designed and guaranteed to collapse the Haitian economy and society.

Haiti was forced to pay this sum until 1922 when the last instalment was made. During the long 19th century, the payment to France amounted to up to 70 per cent of the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

Jamaica today pays up to 70 per cent in order to service its international and domestic debt. Haiti was crushed by this debt payment. It descended into financial and social chaos.

The republic did not stand a chance. France was enriched and it took pleasure from the fact that having been defeated by Haitians on the battlefield, it had won on the field of finance. In the years when the coffee crops failed, or the sugar yield was down, the Haitian government borrowed on the French money market at double the going interest rate in order to repay the French government.

When the Americans invaded the country in the early 20th century, one of the reasons offered was to assist the French in collecting its reparations.

The collapse of the Haitian nation resides at the feet of France and America, especially. These two nations betrayed, failed, and destroyed the dream that was Haiti; crushed to dust in an effort to destroy the flower of freedom and the seed of justice.

Haiti did not fail. It was destroyed by two of the most powerful nations on earth, both of which continue to have a primary interest in its current condition.

The sudden quake has come in the aftermath of summers of hate. In many ways the quake has been less destructive than the hate.

Human life was snuffed out by the quake, while the hate has been a long and inhumane suffocation – a crime against humanity.

During the 2001 UN Conference on Race in Durban, South Africa, strong representation was made to the French government to repay the 150 million francs.

The value of this amount was estimated by financial actuaries as US$21 billion. This sum of capital could rebuild Haiti and place it in a position to re-engage the modern world. It was illegally extracted from the Haitian people and should be repaid.

It is stolen wealth. In so doing, France could discharge its moral obligation to the Haitian people.

For a nation that prides itself in the celebration of modern diplomacy, France, in order to exist with the moral authority of this diplomacy in this post-modern world, should do the just and legal thing.

Such an act at the outset of this century would open the door for a sophisticated interface of past and present, and set the Haitian nation free at last.

l Sir Hilary Beckles is pro-vice-chancellor and Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, UWI.

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  1. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade Says:
    THESE ARE THE PUBLISHED COMMENTS THAT GO ALONG WITH THIS ARTICLE FROM READERS IN BARBADOS! 134 comment found! EXCELLENT RETROSPECTIVE : 1/29/2010 This is an excellent article. Far too often the realities of historical context is intentionally lost. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I forwarded it to Pastor Pat Robertson for him to be blessed with some enlightenment, concerning Haiti. Paco Smith ——————————————————————————– Haiti Reparations Resolution : 1/28/2010 We the Undersigned Concerned by the high levels of poverty and the continued suffering of the peoples of Haiti. Recalling that the States of the United Nations have agreed to make the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) a top priority. Concerned that is very unlikely that the Millennium Development Goals will be achieved in Haiti by 2015. Recalling that in 1825 after their emancipation and liberation from slavery, the Haitian Government under threat of force were required to pay the French Government 90 million francs – an indemnity for profits lost from the slave trade. Also on more than one occasion US, French, German and British forces claimed larges sums of money from the vaults of the National Bank of Haiti. Recalling that the United States of America influenced and directed the course of Haiti’s development during their occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934 when they dismantled the constitutional system, reinstituted virtual slavery, and established the National Guards that ran the countries by violence and terror after the Americans left. Mindful of the success and effectiveness of programmes such as The Millennium Villages Project in achieving development in parts of Africa. Calls upon the Governments of France and the United States of America to: (a) Provide the Peoples of Haiti Reparations and such resources and assistance that achieve full implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in Haiti by 2020. (b) Ensure sustainable systems are in place in Haiti to assure that the levels of development achieved in fully implementing the Millennium Development Goals in Haiti are maintained or increased. arcuk ——————————————————————————– What’s illegal? : 1/27/2010 I seem to have missed something. What was illegal about the agreement between the French and Haitian governments? “Stolen?” But you say the Haitian government PAID the money to the French! The Barking Unicorn ——————————————————————————– adopting haitian orphans : 1/27/2010 It would be great if we could all pitch in and adopt some of the orphans, but please let us not forget that everyone with a smile on their face isnt an angel! there are sadistic people out there who hurt children. People u and i may never suspect. As UNICEF has already stated, during times of crisis, human trafficking is prominent. We must not get carried away with the emotions of the moment and forget that before we place children into the hands of strangers, we must first ensure these children will be safe. So yes, it is a wonderful idea but regulations MUST be put in place to ensure these children’s safety. Cherise St. V Msc Sociology UWI St. Augustine adopting haitian orphans ——————————————————————————– Re: Watchdog : 1/27/2010 100 Haitians? Are you missing commas? There are 8 million people in Haiti… To put that into perspective– If you add up the populations of all the other countries in CARICOM it equals that of just Haiti alone… That means Barbados’ share would have to be about 275 thousand Haitians. Jamaica’s would have to be 3 million Haitians, Trinidad and Tobago’s would have to be 1.4 million Haitians, Bahamas 300 thousand Haitians, Guyana 700 thousand Haitians etc, etc. and there still might be some ppl. left over before that country could be slowly put back together. J. Payne ——————————————————————————– TIME FOR ACTION, NOT FURTHER CHAT! : 1/26/2010 Why don’t some of the better-off among us begin adopting Haitian orphans,bring them to Bim,show them some love,put your money where mouths are? I’ll name some names if you wish:Sir Hilary;PM Thompson;AG Stewart;new Central Bank head,Dr.Worrell;Honorable MP,Hamilton Lashley; Rihanna;Dr.Trevor Marshall;Dr.Eudine Barriteau;Chief Medical Officer,Dr.Joy St.John; Dr.Esther Byer-Suckoo as well as all the Black culturalists who complain ad nauseam about poor Blacks who are still being used and abused by others. I challenge any Black millionaire in Bim to give $1 million dollars to their church or charity of choice to help their ethnic brethren in Haiti. Me? I’ve made a monetary donation to a Christian organization with a track record of helping around the globe. Also,by the grace of GOD,I’ll be leaving soon for Haiti with a team from a local church to help the people in their hour of dire need. I’m out. Walk Holy, people. Randy Bridgeman ——————————————————————————– HAITI : 1/26/2010 Sir Hillary’s comment is a good start. I would just add the following: 1. Haiti’s Republic was a major catalyst for anti-slavery movements and independence struggles throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. For the Caribbean it spurred the anti-slavery rebellions in the 1830′. For Latin America the Haitians provided a safe haven and then weapons and boats to Simon Bolivar, known in the reion as the Great Liberator.(the promise by Bolivar to free all slaves was not kept). 2. A huge part of the strangulation of Haiti by the US and European Powers as many as 19 if I recall), not only France, was to nullify the ‘demonstration effect’ of the Haitian Revolution on slave-owning societies, which at the time, were the bedrock of the their wealth. They succeeded, partially, by pitting their awesome military and economic might against a young nation. 3. Subsequent interventions were for similar purposes, along of course with the additional extraction of Haiti’s wealth after the 100 year ransom payments to France. 4. The imposition of hirelings like Papa and Baby Doc, and ones later, was a perfect fit in the doctrine that said Latin America belongs to the United Staes by reason of our racial and other superiority as one US President is reputed to have said. 5. Haiti, even after the ransom, has still not been forgiven by especially France because the Haitian Revolution put paid to France’s claim as an international super power, second only to Britain, which also began to meet its Waterloo with the American War of Independence. 6.Therefore, we owe a great deal of gratitude to Haiti for the freedoms we now have. Indeed, does Haiti really owe these Powers anything, or Haiti owed? Let’s do a little arithmetic. France alone owes Haiti in excess of US$21 Billion regarding the ransom. Add to that the period of enslavement, and the awesome violence that was inflicted on the people, such as burning groups of people ALIVE). Add to that at least another $21 billion of unjust extraction. Then subtract the say $1.2 billion that Haiti now owes. That leaves $40.8 billion owed to Haiti. Add to that the contribution made by HAITI to the anti-slavery and anti-colonial movements, resulting in the emergence of free Nations in the region (including the United States by the way). Half of that could put Haiti back on its feet. 7. I watched in amazement a CNN report of France’s pledge to the Haitian relief effort: of a list of four or five items, heading the list was 400 soldiers, and then a few paltry items. Israel had apparently landed with its fully equipped field hospital and began caring for the injured before I even saw a ‘pledge list’! And Israel does not owe Haiti.Except for a few exceptions, troops are what are heading the lists of those most indebted to Haiti. Coincidental or connected? 8. Even more amazing is the unqualified fortitude, discipline and grace with which the Haitian Nation has responded to their latest tragedy. From using bare hands to try to dig people from the rubble (while heavy duty equipment are/were parked at the airport), to watching their loved ones die from lack of antibiotics (that cost a nickel according to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta)while containerloads of medication sit/sat undisturbed at the airport), even leaving foodstuff untouched (except a few), while starving.No, don’t grieve for Haiti. That is for later. Right now, we must roll up our sleeves, push down our hands and grasp the hands of those people, just to get back on their feet.AND THEN LEAVE THEM ALONE. THEY WILL FIND THEIR OWN SOLUTIONS.PART OF THAT HELPING HAND IS TO GIVE THEM BACK THE RANSOM MONEY AND NOT PROP UP ANOTHER PAPA DOC OR HIS COUSIN. 9. The Caribbean, particularly CARICOM, must assert its rightful place regarding the help that Haiti now needs. The shoo-ing away of CARICOM delegations from landing, the marginalization of the Haitian Government and the many proven and committed NGO’s, the absolute insensitivity to the plight of the people in some quarters must reach the ears of world public opinion directly and unfiltered. The proposed Conference is a small step, but one that’s in the right direction and could be a catalyst of sorts. 10. Finally, it is time that both ‘The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Mosiah Garvey’ and ‘The Black Jacobins’ by CLR James be required reading in at least High Schools, not becaue benign ignorance abounds (read some of the comments), but also they reflect a rich heritage of the people of the region, and in the same way a tree cannot survive without roots sunk firmly into the soil, a people will perish if it is cut off from its unvarnished and unmanipulated history. A caribean man. ——————————————————————————– i love this piece : 1/26/2010 This was an awesome articel i loved it dont think he is aN opportunist, i just think he did it to show everyone that has pitty and something bad to say about Haiti, that in actual fact it is because of america and france why their counrty is the way it is. many people often critisize courties in the caribbean because of their crime, development, and poverty, but no one even really thinks or reasearches and learns about why they are like that. i think that is what he is trying to say. Haiti did not get like it is today over night or by itself. i loved this alot and it has all the same feelings and opinions that i have about france giving haiti back there money. i just hope the world can get together now to show france how wrong they are and to give back the money to haiti. maybe if we are lucky maybe all those european coutries will give back ALL THE WEALTH THEY NOT ONLY STOLE FROM THE CARIBBEAN BUT AFRICA. ——————————————————————————– HAITI : 1/26/2010 Please start petition to pressure France to give back all the money baby Doc took theere from the people of Haiti.. Pierre ——————————————————————————– The Hate, Haiti, And Quake: 1/25/10 : 1/25/2010 Thank you for providing a clear picture on the historical background of Haiti. Maybe now all the Haitian living outside of Haiti will go back home in do their part in rebuilding their home starting with me and my kids. With God help Haiti will rise again!! God Bless ——————————————————————————– : 1/25/2010 Wow! CHAZ ——————————————————————————– The Hate, Haiti, and Quake : 1/25/2010 This goes to show, This nation will rise again. Maybe some of the haitian doctors here in the US will go home and help their people and help them stand. Be free truly. Joyful Bliss ——————————————————————————– hate and quake : 1/25/2010 Thank you for providing such a clear picture of the historical background of Haiti. As a visionary, you have well reminded us of our past, a must if we are to navigate our future successfully. I hope now that we can similarly hear the wisdom of our psychologists (YES!), our spiritual (not religious) leaders, our economists/social workers etc. It is critical that the upcoming conference not only hears from the eyes, but the nose, the ears and the hands respectively, to rebuild the “whole”. Each holds a unique but equally-gifted perspective that we should acknowledge and to which we should humbly defer. I am anxious to get practical information on how we can build our “collective” responsibility to ensure that we as a people relinquish our victim mentality and learn to truly love, care and govern ourselves; How we as a people can set and maintain boundaries to ensure that third parties can NEVER EVER again come between us divisively; How we can dispose of our notions that we each can become thriving island nations; How we can set aside our partisan politics, our attitudes toward island size, economics etc. and pool our resources to present a united front on the global market. May today be the day of a new awakening and consciousness of this recognition of our interdependence as gifted Caribbean people, groomed and endowed to become yet ONE great nation, made so by shared history and tectonic plates! May we pick up and run with the baton of the likes of Toussaint L’Ouverture and Marcus Garvey amongst many others. SKB in Canada ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/25/2010 NY Bajan has shown ignorance of the financial burden that France imposed on Haiti. To dismiss this aspect of the history of Haiti and to simply reduce the focus to a discussion of how does Haiti move forward is addressing why Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. The writer clearly does not have a basic understanding of history or economics but prefers to make diatribe about “building economies that create wealth.” Sagaciousbaj ——————————————————————————– Sir HILLARY : 1/25/2010 It makes one wonder Y only now in this time of Diaster for Haiti,have Sir Hillary came up with his History founding.Is he an OPPERTUNIST waiting for the wrong time to spread his gospel findings so as to create unrest among others.I personally find it very Distasteful as of right now our Haitian brothers & sisters are dying,suffering & Refuges in their own land due to the earthquake……….. ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/25/2010 Sir Hilary Beckles this is an outstanding piece of the enlightenment on the plight of Haiti, Haiti “did not fail. It was destroyed by two of the most powerful nations on earth, both of which continue to have a primary interest in its current condition.” America was responsible for even the ousting of Aristede believing he was cohorting with the Russian and Cuban Allieds. To the blogger who said,”not sitting around waiting for the U.S., UK, France and others to pay us reparations.” It is not a matter of sitting around but they should be held accountable for the plight of this country. France has not really stepped up to the plate in the support they should be giving to the Haitian community. Everyone knows Haiti’s poor economic conditions are related to the thievery from France and America. This is not being said in a destructive manner but this is History and those who fail to know their history are doomed to repeat it. I am a firm believer that Haiti will rise from the ashes as a stronger and better place. They mindsets will change forever in many ways: rebuilding their homes better, and changing their mindsets on their way of living. To think about this tragedy on a positive note, jobs will be created for Haitian people in the restoration process of their Island. Not to sound cliche but “Every disappointment is not a failure, but rather a blessing in disguise” This is going to be blessing when the dust is all settled. Let’s keep the Haitian family in our prayers because it could’ve been us. This is a well written and truthful article and sometimes the truth does hurt. Kudos to Sir Hilary Beckles. “For a nation that prides itself in the celebration of modern diplomacy, France, in order to exist with the moral authority of this diplomacy in this post-modern world, should do the just and legal thing” and truth be told they have not yet done that. This Island is going to need ongoing help and we will keep our eyes of France. Jersey Girl 1/24/10 ——————————————————————————– The Hate and the Quake by Sir Hillary Beckles : 1/24/2010 Thank you Sir Beckles for re-educating the world about Haiti. Factors being responsible for the continuous suffering of the people of Haiti include: Haitians choosing freedom instead of slavery, race, politics, isolationism, bad leadership, fear of communism’s expansion, and capitalism. From the beginning of the establishment of Haiti, its people started to suffer due to their strong desire to be free. They chose freedom instead of slavery. That decison had caused them much suffering, misery, and poverty. This is the story of a people who chose to suffer, to be isolated, to be ostracized, to be dead rather than to continue to live as slaves. As a result, they paid about $21 billion to France for their freedom. A free Black nation was an insult for the western world. If Haitians were whites, having their freedom and independence would have been more acceptable by the colonizers. Historically external politics have been one of the main factors for Haiti’ poverty. The American occupation and other western countries as creditors continue to support and finance Haitian leaders mistreating their own people. Haiti being next to Cuba, a communist country, was one of the reasons that developed countries being fearful of communist expansion, turned a blind eye to the suffering of Haitians and at the same time keep in power bad Haitians. Being a poor country, could Haitians have had a working economy and an improved lifestyle if the leaders had introduced a mixture of capitalism and socialism? Or could communism have been a better choice for poor Haitians? Since the US does accept Cuba refugees but returns Haitian refugees back to Haiti. Definitely attempting to help Haitians must include participation, contribution, and involvement of the people of Haiti. And a dialogue about the factors of the plight of Haiti is extremely important. And this dialogue must include: Haitians’ choice for Freedom, race, politics, isolationism, bad leadership, capitalism, and socialism. Jean ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/24/2010 The author states the exact truth of the matter. Haiti has been punished for far too long by their European counterpatrs. The shame of it all is the mass of so called “Black” scholars who turn a blind eye in their effort to fit in with the society that has lined their pockets. They will rise with or without the assistance of the thieving Europeans/Americans. A people who know where they came from can not be tricked into giving up their true nationality. This goes back to the Olmec Heads of Central America. We as a people need to appreciate our own ancestry instead falling hook line and sinker for the lies written in the European text books. This flash in the pan media coverage will soon die and the mistreatment of Haiti will continue. I pray the true frieds of Haiti find a real and lasting connection that will enable my people to be able to fairly compete in the world economic markets. Peace Trini in support of my people ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/24/2010 ——————————————————————————– This is racist : 1/24/2010 This post is pure racist. Haiti deserves nothing A Little Dove ——————————————————————————– The Value of Our History : 1/24/2010 The past conduct by France, as outlined by Sir Hilary, is outrageous. There can be no doubt about that. At the same time, I do not believe that asking France to “return the $21 billion” is a practical solution. I am honestly very impressed by the overwhelming support from the global community for the people of Haiti. I believe that a more probing question would be: how do we create an environment to ensure that the support now being directed towards Haiti is used to create a platform for sustainable economic growth and wealth creation opportunities for all the people of Haiti? Let’s face it, many of us are outraged every time we think about the atrocities of slavery, the injustices inflicted on the black race, and we struggle with how we should make those (and their decendents)pay. There is obviously a strong preference for reparations among some in our community. I rather focus on how we as a people could (and should) build economies that create wealth for all and not the privileged few. Let’s focus on building our economies by offering competitive products and services and not sitting around waiting for the U.S., UK, France and others to pay us reparations. Let’s be accountable to our people and not use political power to plunder the treasuries of our countries. Let’s work hardest at the things we could change first. In any case, seeking reparations and building strong economies are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but I believe that most of our energies should be focused on the latter. NY Bajan ——————————————————————————– The Hate and The Quake : 1/24/2010 I am waiting to see if The Barbados Government will allow any Haitian refugees into Barbados! All this talk about helping the Haitians rebuild their country is GREAT, but how about helping them rebuild their spirit? The human spirit! Are the Bajan christians realizing that this is a opportunity to show their Christian love? Start a petition to implore upon the Government to grant at least 100 Haitians refuge in Barbados. Rise to the challenge, Barbados! RISE !! Watchdog ——————————————————————————– Disingenuous : 1/24/2010 Although I find Sir Hilary’s article to be rather enlightening in certain respects, I find it somewhat disturbing and even intellectually dishonest for him to lay all the blame for Haiti’s economic failure at the feet of the super powers. There is no doubt in my mind that slavery has had a devastating impact on many nations and on the black race in general. However, reject the notion and insinuation that blacks are destine to a fate of failure because of some lasting impact of the “slave mentality” that has somehow imprisoned us. To suggest that the black race lacks the intellectual fortitude to overcome the atrocities of a painful past would selling our race far too short. Frankly, I find it insulting. To the contrary, it is only the iron will, unbreakable faith and spirit as well as a relentless drive to succeed that has enabled our ancestors to endure the unimaginable horrors they encountered. I find it dishonest that Sir Hilary did not mention the governmental mismanagement and corruption that plague people of Haiti. The history has shown that several leaders of the country has embraced a culture where government leaders seems to plunder that country’s treasurer. How much blame would Sir Hilary attribute to that aspect of Haitian history. Notwithstanding, the injustices that may have been caused by the French, Brits, Americans, etc., I believe that the government of Haiti had great opportunities to rebuild the country in the past. This, however, to a back seat to all efforts to enrich the privileged few in the country. How does Sir Hilary view this? Concerning the current tragedy in Haiti, I am touched by the out pouring of support around the world for the people of Haiti. The Americans, no matter how much they are bashed by Sir Hilary and others like him, also has a history of providing aide and protection to many countries around the world (Barbados included). I hope that the financial resources directed towards Haiti would reach those for whom it is intended and that the elements of corruptions would find a way to squander this opportunity to create a great platform of economic growth for the wonderful people of Haiti. NY Bajan ——————————————————————————– Haiti will live on!! : 1/24/2010 A SHAKE TO CONSCIOUSNESS FROM A QUAKE 4:53PM EST on January 12th, 2010, the Earth shook and the shock waves rippled across the earth, from the epicenter of a tortured, but a strong culture of a people that the world will truly now begin to understand and appreciate. A people whose victory for freedom has been silenced for centuries, but on that day that the earth shook, their loud and passionate voice for freedom will now be heard again. But will the earth now cry freedom, will the tears that will continue to be shed by the actions of nature or by the actions of a higher power (if you will), be enough to truly begin to cleanse the soul our common humanity of despair and of the illusion of “NOT ENOUGH”. And the worst example of “NOT ENOUGH” is NOT the poverty of People, it’s the poverty of the mind of People. So, under this illusionary human concept of “NOT ENOUGH”, I truly believe that in this moment of pain of the Haitian people, the global compass within our common humanity may have received a will needed reset via an inexplicable natural event. And may this compass guide us all courageously along this beautiful and passionate journey called LIFE, within this still amazing biosphere called EARTH, that gave life to a place called HAITI, meaning Mountainous. Isn’t Haiti a beautiful, passionate and mountainous struggle for what is right about the perseverance and the yearning for FREEDOM? So, I hope that 4:53 PM, January 12th, 2010, will be the moment that gave birth, as oppose to death, to a Global City, emblematic of our common humanity, called PORT-AU-PRINCE. ——————————————————————————– Re Reply to Beckles : 1/23/2010 I would hope that Mr. Beckles respond to this blogger below. If this person is a young person I can understand why he is requesting this information. However, what has happened to Haiti can be easily researched and the internet is a good place to start. ——————————————————————————– Strategy of G 7 : 1/23/2010 The G7 nations continue to do this. At present, they are destroying the Islamic civilisation and countries in the same manner. Whoever refuses to bend down on its knees infront of EU and US i.e. be their slave, they isolate them, promote negative propaganda against them, and finally crush them through economic sanctions and military occupations. ——————————————————————————– Re: Tell Britain and Prince Harry. : 1/23/2010 Believe it or not but the Queen is part Bajan. If you don’t believe me read the Statute of Westminster, and the Barbadian Constitution. [ http://www.caricomlaw.org/doc.php?id=656 ] Take note of the provisions in the Barbados Constitution that reference the institution of the Monarchy as “The Queen of Barbados”. That’s right, when Queen Elizabeth is in Barbados their correct official styling is “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Barbados and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth”. So actually Prince Harry would inherit too under your logic. Not only that but if International law went back that far it would be likely that the family of Lord Carlisle might actually be able to make a claim that all of Barbados belongs to them. So I’m happy that international law does not go back hundreds of years. Flying fish ——————————————————————————– Interesting information : 1/23/2010 thanks for sharing that info with me i never tough that these ssame things will be to my importants. As a young man growing up i use to think about what people would tell me and now i know, you just have to go and face it for yourself so the point am getting at is that is ‘no matter what someone tell you to do oor say it’s up to you as an indiviual to face your own bottle’ 12345 ——————————————————————————– : 1/23/2010 Excellent article Sir Hilary. It reminds me of how little of our TRUE Caribbean history many of us are aware of. Haiti’s situation is indeed unfortunate. It is clear that the nation suffered greatly from the dawn of it’s independence, at the hands of the mighty and its demise was assisted by some of its corrupt leaders. The amount of money extorted by the French is mind boggling! Imagine, fighting for your independence then being forced to pay for it financially again! To expect the French to now repay Haiti is a ridiculous notion. With all its preexisting turmoil, this recent earthquake is Haiti hitting rock bottom. I do hope that from this point onward, the nation can rise to the heights foreseen by its revolutionaries. I have long been annoyed by what I perceived as disinterest in Haiti by our region. While we recognize the factors that has her were she is today (pre-quake), what has the region done to really aid our oldest sister over these many years? What has CARICOM done and what does it intend to do. In the aftermath of the quake, what is going to become of the nation? It has a resilient spirit, a people bent on rising each time they fall. Yet, as strong as they may be, they need helping hands and the region must be the driving force in rebuilding the country and assisting where possible in the immediate instance. While the efforts being made by the US is laudable, I have grown to be skeptical of the motives of these mighty nations. It is important to receive help from others graciously, but sometimes we have to wonder if help comes at a price to us and if it’s a price we can afford! There has been concerns about the take-charge attitudes of the US mission in Haiti, citing increased control in the relief operations. It is important in these situations to have a clear command chain to ensure effective operations, however this must be done transparently and hand in had with the local Govt and CARICOM (but then one may ask where has CARICOM been all along!). What does the US have to gain from Haiti today? Some in Washington say “Nothing”. Is it irrational to expect a full-scale US military base in Haiti during/after the rebuilding process – a replacement to Gitmo as it were? Systematically sandwiching Cuba between Haiti and the US? Is it irrational to be suspicious of the US’s intention when we keep on hearing sorted details about ulterior motives for their involvement in various countries every time CIA records are declassified? It is clear that the region needs to stick closer to Haiti than ever before and provide as much assistance as possible, especially from a leadership standpoint since we dont have the large scale finances and other resources to utilize. As far as possible we need to have volunteers going into the country to lend their expertise. Our various governments can certainly open our doors to house Haitians for a few years while things are rebuilt, and the orphans adopted across the region while maintaining the STRICTEST of records. God’s blessings to the Haitian people all over the world. Darrien Ollivierre – SVG ——————————————————————————– : 1/23/2010 Does anyone know whether there was any kind of monetary settlement with the Jewish people as a result of the holucost? Ron ——————————————————————————– Call for Reference Material : 1/23/2010 Reference Material? A picture speaks more than a thousand words. Many deeds of “kindness” that several of these large countries have done is nothing more than paying back what they have robbed from our forefathers. Appeasing the conscience!! By the way has any one ever asked for reference regarding Christopher Columbus “discovery of the new world”. You can’t change history no matter how you say it. Ron ——————————————————————————– Haiti’s true History Revealed : 1/23/2010 As a history teacher I totally agree with Sir Beckles. This article was extremely informative, analytical and accurate. Definitely, Caribbean people need to be re-educated along with the rest of the world regarding Haiti’s proud history. Haiti was a beacon of liberation in the past for all Caribbean nations and South America. Sadly, much of what is disseminated about Haiti focuses on vodoo rather than the fact that America and France along with other western nations have been responsible for Haiti’s fall from grace. The recent tragedies experienced by Haitians brings to the forefront the fact that it is time for us in the Caribbean to unite and do whatever is necessary to re-build Haiti. Natasha Hislop, Trinbagonian ——————————————————————————– Pro.Bsckles : 1/23/2010 Tell Prince Harry & Britian to repay Bajans & the rest of the world,when he visit you………Good Luck ——————————————————————————– you are right : 1/23/2010 Professor Beckles I have been explaining to my friends that Haiti as been paying a big price for its freedom -freedom from slavery.Haiti has been punished for its freedom .Toussaint L’Overture must be turning in his grave.America,France,Britian should apologis and pay back the money,not just to Haiti but to all the countries where slaves were stolen and to the Caribbean Nations where slavery was practised. ——————————————————————————– Reply to Beckles : 1/22/2010 Professor Beckles It is nice to make such statements and put the US down as people like you usually do. I would like to ask you to produce some reference material to back up your assertions and also give me some information on the past rulers of the country and what they did to ruin Haiti. I am not saying your comments are totally false or erroneous I would just like you to produce reference material to support your accusations and ridicule of America and the other countries mentioned in your article. I know that America is guilty of many past injustices but we are also the benefactors of many poor countries and the first to give assistance to people like you and many others who criticize her. When you write an article be fair and be critical in an equally impartial manner include the good the bad and the indifferent don’t just print what you feel might be good press. ——————————————————————————– Who does’t these countries owe? : 1/22/2010 The countries mentioned in the article owe every person of African descent not just money but a life. Ron ——————————————————————————– Thanks and all respect to you Sir. : 1/22/2010 Professor Beckles’ analysis of the Haitian dilemma is unquestionably accurate. We in the Caribbean are grateful for his scholarship. This article must be read and digested by every 5th and 6th Form Caribbean student. Too often students leave schools unable to connect the dots of their historical past. Sir, I thank you. Esther D.Forbes, Trinidad W.I. 5 F E 48 ——————————————————————————– Advancing the Haitian Revolution : 1/22/2010 This article once again places in context the truth of the Haitian revolution. For too long African-Caribbean People have neglected to support the efforts of the People of Haiti against the imperialists forces. I support Bro. Hilary Beckles inititive to convene a meeting of African minds to reconstruct the Nation of Haiti as a mecca for African People and uplift our family in that Pearl of the Antilles Q5VHK ——————————————————————————– : 1/22/2010 This is great this should be posted all over the world for people to read and understand ZFPXR ——————————————————————————– Repayment To the Haitians : 1/22/2010 After reading Sir Hilary Beckles article on Haiti,I now understand why so many Haitians dislike Americans.I would say that a lot is owed to Haiti by both the French and American,and British. Pat . H Brooklyn ——————————————————————————– Monarchyism : 1/22/2010 Can you please tell me why after Haiti’s independence monarchies were installed?I thaught the country had faught for social democratic equality.I also looked at the short terms of presidents can you explain? National pride of country is a very devoted matter I have to do some reserch on Haiti’s goverance after the Revolution.We must remember that a country is not one person man or woman,it’s an unified unpartisoned nation for the betterment of all nationals.Maybe you can help on these issues Sir Hillary?Why in modern times did we have genocide on a sister Caribbean island?Please explain I’m confused.Ariste leaves his nation .Why? Helicopter (8P) ——————————————————————————– Great Enlightenment : 1/22/2010 I sincerely wish to thank you Sir Beckles for your insight. I totally agree with you when you say that the damage brought on by the summers of hate is far greater than the damage caused by the earthquake. Jamtrini ——————————————————————————– Canada : 1/22/2010 I found many aspects of this article enlightening – thank you so much. I am appalled by the way black people were treated (and continue to be treated! – witness the recent hate mongering promulgated by Pat Robertson of the US – a supposed Christian leader!) I do have to take exception with the statement that all countries in the Americas were based on slavery. Canada was not founded on slavery and never sanctioned it. In fact, Canada was THE safe haven for slaves escaping from the US during this time period. At the time Canada was still very much a developing nation itself and did not have the resources or administrative capacity to even start investigating trade in the West Indies until 1867. So although Canada was not a world power at the time, blanket statements about all countries in the Americas or the Western world does include Canada and renders those statement inaccurate. ——————————————————————————– At this point the resot of Haiti should join Dominican Republic. : 1/22/2010 More and more of Haiti has been breaking off and joining “Santo Domingo” (as the Dominican Republic was once called). Haiti has gone from controlling 3/4ths of the island to only maintaining 1/4th. Perhaps the rest should just join the Dominican Republic at this point? The Spanish Dominicans and Haitians are really one-people and the Dominican Republic is much better off economically. J. Payne ——————————————————————————– Hate & the Quake : 1/22/2010 I don’t think it’s so much a matter of hate but power. Whites have always wanted to have power. Now its to conquer outer space. Until we as a people relinquish the power to God the creator, we will always have turmoil. The end is near – where do u stand? ——————————————————————————– Open for comment : 1/22/2010 [1] THE AMERICANS ALSO FUTHER DESTABILISED THE HAITIAN ECONOMY BY A PROCESS OF “TECHNICAL COOPERATION AND AID” . AT SOME POINT IN THE EARLY 20YH CENTURY THE AMERICANS WENT TO HAITI TO SUPPORT THEIR DRIVE FOR FOOD PRODUCTION. THEY OBSERVED THAT THE HAITIANS HAD A THRIVING AND VIABLE PIG FARMING INDUSTRY AND THAT THEIR NEED FOR HIGH PROTEIN WAS MET LOCALLY. THE AMERICAN TEAM IMMEDIATELY DECLARED THIS WRONG AND ADVISED THE HAITIANS THAT DEPENDENCE ON PIG MEAT (PORK) WAS UNHEALTHY AND THAT PIG MEAT WAS INFERIOR QUALITY PROTEIN AND PRONE TO DISEASE CARRYING PARASITES such as Trichinosis. THE AMERICANS THEN ADVISED THAT THE HAITIANS IMMEDIATELY DESTROY THEIR PIG POPULATION AND REPLACE IT WITH CHICKENS, FROM THE AMERICAN’S THRIVING CHICKEN FARMINIG INDUSTRY.AS MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE, OF SIR BECKLES, THAT YOU SENT THE HAITIANS CAPUTULATED. MEMORYIS DIM ON THIS DETAIL BUT I BELIEVE THAT THE CHANGE CAME DUE TO THE CONDITIONALITIES ADHERENT TO THE “AID AND SUPPORT” PROMISED BY THE AMERICANS. THUS THE CHICKEN INDUSTRY NEVER QUITE TOOK OFF FOR MANY SABOTAGED REASONS AS WELL AS THE DIFFICULTY IN LOCAL ADOPTION OF CHICKEN TO REPLACE A CULTURAL BASE FOR FARMING TECHNIQUES, TASTES, AVAIBALE RESOURCES AND INFRASTRUCTURE AMONG MYRIAD REASONS. [2] THE HAITIANS WERE SO PROLIIFIC A GROUP THAT THE GREAT MILITARY LEADER AND REVOLUTIONARY SIMON BOLIVAR OF SOUTH AMERICA WAS SO IMPRESSED BY THEIR MIMLITARY PROWESS AND ALTRUISM THAT HE IMMEDIATELY CONTACTED THEM TO AID IN SOUTH AMERICA’S STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM FROM SPAIN. THE RESULT: AND I PARAPHRASE FROM A LECTURE AT THE VENEZUELAN EMBASSY HERE IN TRINIDAD, “ THE HAITIANS AND OTHER FREEDOM FIGIHTERS FROM THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS WERE NOT ONLY INSTRUMENTAL TO BUT ESSENTIAL TO THE LIBERATION OF ALL SOUTH AMERICA FROM THE DOMINANCE OF SPAIN AND THE EVENTUAL INDEPENDENCE AND NATION FORMATION OF ALL SOUTH AMERICA. DEMONSTRATING DISTINCT PROWESS IN MILITARY STRATEGY AND ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE. THIS WAS DONE NATION BY NATION WITH SIMON BOLIVAR” I SUBMIT THIS TO ADD TO THE RAISED AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF US AS PEOPLES OF THIS REGION. I ALSO HUMBLY SUBMIT TO CORRECTION IF I HAVE BEEN MISINFORMED, OR ANYONE CAN ADD TO MY SUBMISSION. Mark G. ——————————————————————————– Typically Caribbean : 1/22/2010 I have come to expect a one-sided assessment from UWI scholars. I agree with the histrionics but Beckles can help the region more than by telling the poor that the colonizers should repay…This will NEVER happen Sir! Now, if we could all accept that we could turn our energies into useful productive activities and realize that our destiny is now in our hands. Whatever happened to ‘up you mighty race’ and ‘emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’ A ray of hope is that Hilary did not blame the quake on USA and France…there is hope. By the way, I too am a product of the slave trade. RB ——————————————————————————– : 1/22/2010 Professor sir, your writing is excellent as usual. I now understand what happened in Haiti. I wish the Nation Newspaper would publish this article on the front page in a Sunday or Friday newspaper more than once. I would also like students to see how your narrative flowed from one point to the other and perhaps learn to develop good writing techniques. This article was really informative, well done as usual Sir. d-tutor ——————————————————————————– Long live Haiti! : 1/22/2010 Dear Sir: Thanks for the reminder of from whence Haiti came. Recently, an American Christian minister Pat Robertson spewed filth and lies about Haiti being cursed because Haitians made a deal with the devil. Not once did he acknowledge that Haiti was and continues to be ostracised because it took on the awesome task of wrestling its freedom from France. Every since, Haitians have been punished. So very sad and inhumane. But, really, what can we expect from the West given its constant efforts to undermine Haiti’s efforts to be self-sufficient and -governing. Lord, help us… Long live Haiti! ——————————————————————————– History Lesson : 1/21/2010 Thanks for this information. I will read more on Haiti as I am embarrassed to say I am ignorant when it comes to the history of Haiti. This is my first lesson on Haiti since reading “The People Who Came” over 20 years ago. The lessons then made Columbus seem like a true hero…a lost discoverer. ——————————————————————————– Agreement : 1/21/2010 I as a form six student who study from the books of Sir Beckles and shepherd agree with this statement. Futhermore i pity at what is to become of that once peal of the Antillies. School girl with worries ——————————————————————————– Haiti Today : 1/21/2010 Thanks so much for this perspective on why Haiti has struggled to become a vibrant nation. MF ——————————————————————————– Haiti freedom : 1/21/2010 The last free election Haiti has has been quashed by a coup on January first 2004. Why that day? It would be the 200th anniversary of the freedom from France. Instead, as the coup leader stated, the North Atlantic Organization came to his home somewhere in the Carribbean to recruit him for invasion. On January 1st 2004 he was busy killing lone police officers in small towns of Haiti after flying tons of weapon freely through countries of central america and the Dominican Republic. Up to this minute, no one dares mentioning that he should be tried for that action. He was called the “freedom guy” after that feat. He was even allowed to run for office. He landed less than 1% of the votes. Good job Mr. liberator. Good job “North Atlantic” Cool Toussaint ——————————————————————————– The North Atlantic Alliance : 1/21/2010 Haiti enjoy so much love and affection from the North Atlantic alliance that they spend tons of energy and time and money to support democracy in Haiti. Proof? … Unopened bags of votes were found in landfields where garbage and assassainated Haitians are usually thrown out to rot. No one was demoted or even blamed by the UN or anyone in charge of supervising such elections in the country. The words on the streets in Haiti: don’t blame them, George Bush would be upset and would block any money for the country. Cool Toussaint ——————————————————————————– Concern : 1/21/2010 I have a serious concern and it is about those orphans that have been shipped all over the place. The Haitian government should know where these children went and those that are adopting them should report to the Haitian Embassy in Washington. This situation presents the opportunity for these kids to end up in the hands of the wrong people and this is something that bothers me. ——————————————————————————– KEEP THE STRENGTH..GOD IS GOOD! : 1/21/2010 Sir Hilary thanks for writing such a remarkable essay and voicing the truth…the facts many of us were unaware of.I received this article in an email today and I must say I was rendered speechless with the horrific experience Haiti have been through. I see assistance coming from quite a number of different nations; isn’t France concerned about humanitarian assistance to Haiti at this time. Have I missed something. M. Wilson – T & T 01/21/2010 ——————————————————————————– re Hauti : 1/21/2010 Last year when a Canadian friend went to visit Cuba where he had lived up till the time of the revolution, he was appalled to see the decay and the ruined city of Havana. It started to make me think about Haiti. I had one of those aha moments. Growing up in the 50s in the Caribbean I saw how people of colour were treated. Then I thought …how was it in 1804 when this area was a slave dependent region. Abolishment of Slavery British West Indies 1833 French West Indies 1846-1852 United States 1862 Haiti….had after it initial successful slave rebellion in 1791…eventually declared itself as an independent state in 1804… You can therefore see the problem…Who would trade with this country as it would interfere with their own slave-dependent economies??? The US did not give up slavery for 58 years and refused to recognize Haiti until then. Also..France did not recognize Haiti until 1825 (21 years after it became an independent state) and only did so after Haiti agreed to pay back monies owing to the French that lost their interests during the Haitian revolution. It took Haiti 109 years to do this..and it took about 80% of its annual income. Cuba has been isolated in the Caribbean for over 49 years..and one can see what it has done for that economy. But at least Cuba already had an infrastructure and educational system and as Sir Hilary Beckles says it did have the communist block behind it..Haiti had mainly an illiterate population..and no country would trade with it…..hmmmmm Marjorie Montano Short ——————————————————————————– Speechless : 1/21/2010 I just finished reading Sir Hilary Beckles’ article on Haiti. Personally, I think this article should be read on all TV and Radio broadcasting stations and in all places of worship. When will we learn that we are all made EQUAL in the image and likeness of God? My goodness how can the powers that be live with this? We need to circulate this article because most Americans are not well informed about the politics that has brought Haiti down. God forgive us all. Whew! ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/21/2010 Enough talking. Action is needed. The past cannot be undone. Time to move forward. The nations in the Caribbean need to coalesce and decide what needs to be done to relieve the situation. Barbadians need to get out of their comfort zone and open their homes to the thousands of orphans needing help. Lend a hand ——————————————————————————– A lot of long talk : 1/21/2010 Too much time has passed. How would you decide how much an individual obtains? If someone’s ancestors were slaves and they are half-white does that mean they should receive less? What if someone is darker, should they receive more then? What if someone is David Thompson’s complexion? Reparations is an outdated concept by people that want something for nothing. In terms of France being obligated to help Haiti the last time I checked, Haiti was independent. France is only obligated to help Martinique and Guadeloupe which are overseas departments still attached to them but Haiti is a sovereign country now. America say so ——————————————————————————– Haiti impoverished : 1/21/2010 Thank you for your coherent telling of truths. I hope your voice will be strong in helping Haiti plan her future, and that there will be many other voices like yours. Roslyn ——————————————————————————– Haiti : 1/21/2010 Restitution for Haiti Now! ——————————————————————————– And of today? : 1/21/2010 Brilliantly written, points I could not myself articulate clearer. So how does this affect our present condition as people of the Caribbean diaspora, as foreigners in a land of colonial leaders that too have evolved? Must we choose to live in perpetual distrust and bear resentment on our eyebrows or should we latch onto this moment so that we may align with the good will of all men? Caroline ——————————————————————————– The Big Debt of France and USA : 1/21/2010 “The value of this amount was estimated by financial actuaries as US$21 billion. This sum of capital could rebuild Haiti and place it in a position to re-engage the modern world. It was illegally extracted from the Haitian people and should be repaid.” This is the MOST telling statement, especially as we now read that America wants to lead in Haiti’s rebuilding effort, and President Obama said: “That President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton have agreed to lead a major fundraising effort for relief: the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.” And thanked them on behalf of the American people “for returning to service and leading this urgent mission”. If we are to judge from the past, I would not trust them today, not to see this as an opportunity to help America enrich itself from money being poured into Haiti. Is this not perhaps the ‘service’ that Bush and Clinton could best do for the American people? We often suspect charitable organisations … yet we would trust this alliance — (reminds me of the alliance between Pilate/Rome and the Jews to crucify an innocent man) and can hardly be for the benefit of the Haitian people!!!! Mariannette ——————————————————————————– It was the devil! Wasnt it? : 1/21/2010 Sir Hilary thanks for publishing the facts many of us were vaguely aware of, but were not brave enough to voice. Talk about Irony the slaves have to repay the slave masters! I would add to your text, if I could, that many American and European businesses like Disney continue to enslave the people of Haiti by paying garment worker an average of 36 gourdes per day-about 2.17 US. However Despite popular belief on the power of the exchange rate this is not enough to live on. Aside from this. I strongly hope and pray that this horrific event will shed some much need light on the powerful history of the Haitian people. So that together we could all help in correcting the sins of the past. -Bain ——————————————————————————– Caribbean People : 1/21/2010 Thank you SIR HILARY BECKLES Thank you so very much! I am a 40yr old citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and I take great pride in my African ancestry. My greatest Peeve in life: Is Black people ignorance about them-selfs ! This essay you wrote will help! Please keep it coming!!! Write peace about the the systimatic distrution of the Black Civilization. Much Thanks Wayne Let the French people know! ——————————————————————————– Hidden truth : 1/21/2010 I am not a formal student of history, but have taken up interest in it over the years. This is a great informative article that i think more people need to be aware of in the wake of this disaster. The world needs to be inform of what has brought Haiti to this horrible demise. Yes it is a force of nature, but to have little or no national resources and shoddy construction standards can be attributed to this. I think this is God’s way of bringing Haiti to the center of the world, where they will finally get what they have worked so hard for and deserve. KH Trinidad ——————————————————————————– France must repay the Haitian people : 1/21/2010 If France want to obe respected by all people of african decent they MUST give Haite back their $21 billion. colin westmoreland ——————————————————————————– Haiti : 1/21/2010 What an eye opener? Jesus! I was one of those cought up in the lies that were promulgated about Haiti! This article certainly clears some things up; thingd i simply could not understand about this country. No-I do not believe that France would pay up. Compare the truth in this article with the vicous, hate filled prejudice mouthed by Pat Robertson-the “Christian ” preacher and leader for so many in the USA.! Michael Archibald ——————————————————————————– We will not loose heart : 1/21/2010 Through God’s mercy, Haiti will survive by the remaining 98% of her strong sons and daughters. I am one of many. May He use me in anyway He wants. We will not loose heart! Rather, let’s renounce secret and shameful ways. We shall not use deception, nor distort the truth – like them. Rather, by setting forth the truth plainly and publicly, we commend ourselves to every man and nation’s conscience in the presence of God. And, even if the justice of our cause is blurred, it is blurred only to those who are threatened by our progress. The justice of Haiti’s cause is not blurred for God, Who will make it shine in due time. “Let light shine out of our dark hours.” “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; Perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not abandoned: Struck down, but not destroyed.” During the past days, I attended a few ‘Candlelight Prayer Services’ for and with our Haitian Community. It is one other way I renew my faith and revive my hope for my country. Haiti will survive this. God will restore hope and we will prosper again in our land. Thomonde Dayiti ——————————————————————————– Haiti : 1/20/2010 Enough! Too much talk and too little focus the Caribbean islands are the front line states in this disaster, there are a tremendous amount of kids at risk , can anyone tell me how many Barbados, Jamaica, Tridadad , etc have pledged to take in even as temporary refugees pending stabilization of the situation? clemkonan ——————————————————————————– The Hate and the Quake…Dr Beckles : 1/20/2010 Brilliant article as usual…expected nothing less. Thanks for contextualising all the hype and photo opportunities of the past week – “Buried beneath the rubble of imperial propaganda, out of both Western Europe and the United States, is the evidence which shows that Haiti’s independence was defeated by an aggressive North-Atlantic alliance that could not imagine their world inhabited by a free regime of Africans as representatives of the newly emerging democracy” Dianne ——————————————————————————– TO SANTAYI : 1/20/2010 I’m talking about the GOD who set life in motion to allow you and me to be birthed. The One who’s created the universe of which He’s in total control. I’m talking about the GOD of mercy,love, peace, grace, forgiveness, justice and the like,who’s also a consuming fire, wrathful when He needs to be,and the One who will ultimately judge you and me. That’s just a thimble full of who GOD is. Read your Bible and find out more about the Eternal One, the Most High GOD. I wouldn’t even dignify the quote which you mentioned about Blacks not possessing souls with a response because it’s so ludicrous. Furthermore,the Holy Bible,which is the source of all truth for me, clearly and unequivocally refutes that idea,promulgated by wicked people who wanted to justify keeping Blacks in bondage. You say Haiti is a spiritual place. Please explain what you meant so I can respond. Want to make sure we’re on the same wavelength before doing so. I’m out. Walk Holy. Randy Bridgeman ——————————————————————————– : 1/20/2010 I hate to be pessimistic but I doubt that france will do the right thing by Haiti and is people, pretty much like many of the other european countries who have previously had a hold of other caribbean/African countries. However, the article was informative, but I wonder what we as black people are going to do now for our brothers and sisters, do we do as we normally do and just talk while the disaster remains a hot topic or do we all donate a £ or a $ ——————————————————————————– haiti by sir Hilary Beckles : 1/20/2010 thank you for your enlightening article although i sposored a child for many years in haiti i had no idea that the conditions were as bad as they are it took this very tragic event to bring us all to our senses and make us aware of the history that helped shape the country . a beautiful jewell that should be a tourists paradise smcd vancouver ——————————————————————————– Where is France : 1/20/2010 I have read about assistance coming from quite a number of developed nations; but there is very little mention of France’s concern about humanitarian assistance to Haiti at this time; or have I missed something. Why is that so? observer ——————————————————————————– What Comes Around…. : 1/20/2010 What an eye opening essay! I’d always heard bits and pieces about Haiti’s history, but this is the first time I’ve seen the picture all together. The solution is clear…France should repay Haiti, and the United States and the other greedy, guilty nations chip in, too. If they still need persuading, try this: In this age of terrorism, the last thing we need is for a well-heeled entity from the Middle East with motives even more sinister than 19th century France to offer to do the rebuilding…. deborah.dessaso749@gmail.com ——————————————————————————– The hate and the quake : 1/20/2010 This is the rationale why the french, united states, and canada conspired to kidnap Aristide because he was calling on the UN to make the french pay Haiti back that money. Hayti ——————————————————————————– HAITI 01/17/2010 BY SIR HILARY BECKLES : 1/20/2010 Thank you so much for writing this. Please get it out to infuse into USA. Believe it or not, even on PBS there are Washington reporters who asked quite innocently last Friday night “what happenned to Haiti….[regarding their plight of interminable struggle]”? ——————————————————————————– Randy Bridgeman : 1/20/2010 I wonder what “God” Randy Bridgeman is talking about. Is it the same one on the name of which the africans were enslaved “Blacks have bo souls, therefore, they can be enslaved” I thought Haiti was a very spiritual place. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that any aid given to the hand picked presidents were being siphonned to offshore accounts before it arrived in the country, yet nothing was done about it by the donors. Hoping that Haiti would be rebuilt and the citizens of that country do learn to become self sufficient and solid patriots despite of their past. santayi ——————————————————————————– Thank you Sir Hilary : 1/20/2010 I received this article in an email today and I thank you for reminding me of why there exists a Haiti in our beautiful Caribbean region. It is important for all of us to understand the past, to operate in the present, and chart the future Lyra Hollingsworth – Trinidad and Tobago ——————————————————————————– The Truth : 1/20/2010 This is a great peace of History and i think we should all embrace it for what it is. Haiti is the way it is due to combined forces that made sure that Haiti, a nation conquered by slaves would never stand on its own two feet. Could you imagine a black SLAVE Nation being SOVEREIGN during a time when blacks were considered animals? Apparently other white nations could’nt, as a result we have Haiti today. And thats what it is. Ldaniel ——————————————————————————– HAITI : 1/20/2010 HAITI FOR HAITIANS BARBADOS FOR BARBADIANS SO THERE, WHY YOU SAID IT GOD KNOWS KEEP ON WATCHING. ONLOOKER ——————————————————————————– Excellent, need more : 1/20/2010 Thank you for enlightening the world. Few people know Haiti’s history. Toussaint L’Ouverture has been my hero since high school. Is there a way to get this information to the mainstream media, especially now that Haiti is in the limelight? Could you give us your references so that we could learn more? Perhaps one day soon Haiti will make i
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