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By Dave Yesterday at 1:05 am EST (Updated Yesterday at 1:05 am EST)
A medicare buy-in for those 50-64 is MUCH MUCH better then a “public option.”

Even Howard Dean says it would be better in a reconciliation bill then a public option, as it would be hard to work a strong public option into the format (and timeline) of a reconciliation bill.

Medicare is an EXISTING program, so nobody can argue you are creating this new bureacracy, it is non-controversial, and as it already exists the programs can start sooner.

The bill goes to the floor in March……the Medicare buy-in could begin 9 months later in December of 2010….people are able to sign up for it 3 months early..in September of 2010.

Everyone 50-64 gets this letter in the mail….they save $2,500…husband/wife together saves $5,000. Employers will give employees $2,000 bonuses to switch them to these plans as they are cheaper then the ones employers can buy.

This would be a HUGE success story for HCR in September…all these people 50-64….husband/wife now have $5,000 extra cash in 2011…2/3rds of people in this group will be voting Democrat in the mid-term elections…..HCR will be declared a success by 70% of Americans..

We could even in September then pass tort reform, pass a strong public option, as all we would need is one GOP vote in th eSenate…and Snowe might then vote for it….

This “public option” everyone here is excited about wouldn’t start until 2015…that is more then two election cycles away.

This medicare buy-in is more attractive to the mdoerate Demoicrats in the House and Senate whose votes are needed.

The strong public option will pass then in 2011 and probably start sooner (then 2015) and be stronger then the ones discussed in the House or Senate.

It will also save more in the CBO score, and be able to create more economic growth in 2011…

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