1. mark wilson Says:

    Hey Sister, long time no hear. Wonderful to see you are still doing it.

    Mark Wilson
    Black Men Speak Publications

  2. lucky Says:

    will have to stop this. i am a black men who hate what the white are doing to us.were are from God and one day will we all go back there.

  3. ENC Says:

    Ali, never placed “THE BULK” of the blame on black females from what I just read, but said we are EQUALLY as responsible for the problems in our community as the black male.

    I have to say that I am growing tired of the black female behavior that I have observed and the apparent necessity to DENY the obligation to take responsibility for ANY incorrect behavior on our part or to accept ANY criticism. Due to our fantasies of perfection and refusal to teach and discipline our daughters, there are countless videos of black children and teens, male and female shaking their barely clothed bodies all over the internet with no shame and selling the hyper-sexualized black stereotype to the world!

  4. shelia Says:

    Yes , its true we are also responsible, as well . Now its time to do differently. Teach our children and make them better. Let’s stop placing blame on each other. Also I have always thought that there was conspiracy to make sure black men stay with exploitign the women, . I mean teh clothes the music and the advertisement and drinking. All pushed to make black women a fly trap “for lack of a better term” . They not go after th ewhite women adn they not go after much else, to better themselves. “bling” is the order of business besides sex. Not marriage or raising children properly or gettgn them sleves as productive in society. Sorry it must be at least looked at. But each one is responsible for his own action. Each one isresponsible to take a look at what he has been living. “blink” and sex is so superficial. makign a home and workign to earn the love and respect of your women and peers through bigger and more meaningful. A man that has the goal of taking care of his women and family is likley to be more conscious of his actions and behaviors. Teeling woemn they are so independent adn its good maeks a man have nothing to work for. People White men in general knwo that he has to take care of his family, it makes him better.

  5. Honestly Says:

    I find it remarkable that Shahrazad Ali wrote these books in the eighties and they have become more relevant today than ever.

    Most black men I know are having trouble with our women. I was shocked when I read the Black Guide’s. These women are out of control, and they don’t want to be told they are responsible for ANY of it! They are entitled to do ANYTHING they want, no matter how ludicrous, and they are justified in it by ALL of their female friends and family. I mean ANYTHING goes “get yours girl”. What scares me most about these women is how they cover for one another no matter how malicious the deed.

    I’m glad that many men are beginning to speak up, and some women as well.

    I wish Shahrazad Ali would come back on to the scene. She would be welcome with open arms present day. Her discourse is needed.

    • Trish Says:

      To “Honestly Says”….Read your post today after looking for Ms Ali thru Google. I ,too, read her book after I was handed a flyer at the Rodney King Protest March in San Antonio, TX in the 90’s. Great read ! Timely and as you said “Her discourse is needed”. I agree wholeheartedly.All men and women would benefit from the principles Ms Ali alludes to in her book. from Trish2040 in Phoenix, AZ

    • CARLY Says:

      She does not speak for me and neither do you. Black men having problems with black women? What bullshit when black men will not keep a job or get an education, not to mention having babies all over the place with stupid women! Since I do not represent the black women you and Ms. Ali speak on, I will now stand for or allow myself to be attacked by some idiots that refused to take responsibility for their actions and blaming black women for everything! You can piss off with that nonsense!

      • Tony Edwards Says:

        Black men not keeping a job, black men not getting an education, black men having babies all over the place with stupid women, being attacked by some idiot, blaming black women….Wow Carley your missing the point far exceeds infinite

  6. Luca De Beau Says:

    I can begin to describe how disgusted I am with today’s black woman culture, it has gone to shit. They have reached an all time low, and the repercussion from their lowness is going to be one for the books !

    • CARLY Says:

      Speak for yourself, you are not in the position to speak on today’s black woman, you can only speak on what YOU do and don’t do, you can eat shit!

      • Tony Edwards Says:

        Carly, your anger and profanity justifies what you are lacking as a human being. We all lack some human characteristics but it’s what we do after they are brought to our attention. We can continue with the same behavior or make an improvement.

  7. carolyn Says:

    Ali does not have the credentials, statistical data, knowledge, or acumen to quantify her remarks about the reltionship that exists between black women and black men. She writes from her own narrow perspective and does so solely on personal observations and nothing else. Her publication, a self-published work that carries no level of scholarly authenticy, is one that, apparently, was written as a kitchen-table book. And, apparently, the naked light bulb that glowed upon her pages, was ver dim.

    • alldawg Says:

      Ridicule is not an argument, carolyn did not refute one point she made in her book she only gave it a thumbs down. Read the book and keep ones emotion in check. If you want to get to heart of a problem all one has to do is, ask the right questions. Look at things from a different angle, and this is what the book does.

      On a side note there are BW who like the way things are between BM and BW, but it a shame that BW want to answer there own questions about BM….

    • Tony Edwards Says:

      Your hate and anger is noted. What caused you to host these disparing remarks? What happen in your past that was so terrible to caused this displace aggression?

  8. Tonya Says:

    I am so tired of people protecting the black man. When he proctects his woman and children then he is worthy of respect. Ms. Ali is making the black man as seem as though he is a saint. Both are the blame. Black men marry white women because they hate themselves. and submit to white supremacy. Black women have nothing to do with that. I am so tried of people trying to force black women to be submissive to men who are abusives, irresponsible, cowards who are so afraid of the white man. Ms. Ali is still talking a lot of hog wash.

    • Tony Edwards Says:

      Tonya you have it twisted, Who on this planet is protecting black men? How do you know that black men hate themselves and this is why they marry white women. Have you ever asked a black man about his marriage to a white woman or this is just your opinon?

  9. CARLY Says:

    This is nothing but a bunch of B.S. pure and simple! Black men have been irresponsible to their families and communities and I’d be damned of some sista soulja sit here and attack black women for the problems that black men have brought on themselves! Black men date out with gusto and bash black women in the process and you think I’m to blame for his problems?

    Ms. Ali needs to blow it out of smack talking ass!

  10. CARLY Says:

    This is nothing but a bunch of B.S. pure and simple! Black men have been irresponsible to their families and communities and I’d be damned of some sista soulja sit here and attack black women for the problems that black men have brought on themselves! Black men date out with gusto and bash black women in the process and you think I’m to blame for his problems?

    Ms. Ali needs to blow it out of her smack talking ass!

    • Tony Edwards Says:

      Carly did you see the Malcom X movie? Remember a person curses because his or her mind can’t find the words to express themselves

      • Black Victim Says:

        I could of sworn that book was writtenin 2012 the blackwoman is definitely out of order I wish Sharazad was still active

  11. Kushite Prince Says:

    check out what a lot of our women are doing with there hair if this is not trying to be like the white girl and for those that do not see this truth as SHAHRAZAD ALI is telling it from her point of view these words of wisdom should have given people words to think about now if you think that she is telling lies do the research for yourself

  12. Zulu2012 Says:

    @Kushite Prince, Carly, and Tonya. We live in a world of validation. If you have an issue with what the woman is saying write your own manuscript. Also ponder this BW if no men are arguing against Ali then the problem is you BW be so kind to shut up and listen for a minute let it soak then come with a reply.

  13. Anath Says:

    Queen Ali is correct in pointing out the jimmy lynch syndrome in black relationships but fails to mention the mental health issues it has caused economic,social and environmental without positive nutrients we as a family at this point may never recover or grow under such an oppressive system if the black woman wake up then the children will follow and then we maybe able to rebuild our lives and village but frist we must at all cost seek peace, forgiveness and reunification humbly admitting our faults constuctively so thank you your highness queen Ali the truth hurts but heals. Much love ANATH.

  14. Her Oasis Says:

    I have seen her video and disagreed with a lot she said though it may be perceived as true.

  15. Phelisha Says:

    Thank u for the truth

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