Unknown mob members set Jesse Washington on fire!

Waco Texas–1916

Unidentified lynching of an African American male.  Circa 1908, Oxford, Georgia.(http://withoutsanctuary.org/main.html

Bennie Simmons, alive, soaked in coal oil before being set on fire.  June 13, 1913. Anadarko, Oklahoma.

The corpses of five African American males, Nease Gillepsie, John Gillepsie, “Jack” Dillingham, Henry Lee, and George Irwin with onlookers.

August 6, 1906.  Salisbury, North Carolina.

Unidentified corpse of African American male. 1900-1915, Trenton, Georgia.

Silhouetted corpse of African American Allen Brooks hanging from Elk’s Arch, surrounded by spectators.  March 3, 1910.   Dallas, Texas. 

Spectators at the lynching of Jesse Washington. May 16, 1916. Waco, Texas.
The bludgeoned body of an African American male, propped in a rocking chair, blood splattered clothes, white and dark paint applied to the face and head, shadow of man using rod to prop up the victims head. Circa 1900, location unknown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
The lynching of four unidentified African Americans.  Circa 1900, location unknown.
The lynching of Dick Robinson and a man named Thompson. October 6, 1906, Pritchard Station, Alabama.

Unidentified corpse of African American male.  Gallows, courthouse-jail, and windmill in background.  Nine onlookers, two young boys.  1900-1915

…for the trees to drop…

Here is a strange and bitter cry! black woman: head and shoulders in profile
Lyrics of the famed song: “Strange Fruit”.
(Recorded by the Late Billie Holiday)

As the dust of the Civil war settled, many Blacks saw an era of prosperity and hope. This dream was cut drastically as a concerted effort was begun by whites to destroy any advances which Blacks had made for themselves. This effort was extremely successful in removing Blacks from the many state and federal offices which Reconstruction had allowed them to hold. But this was not enough.
The architects of the revived South needed something more to further the cause of white supremacy and Black oppression. Out of this need, the era of Jim Crow was born with its “separate but equal” claims. And with it came a wave of violence against America’s newest citizens. The social atmosphere of white supremacy which Jim Crow had managed to create soon became a tide of hatred. Bolstered by the idea of the inferiority of Blacks and the protection of “white womanhood,” whites saw it as nothing to trample Blacks in a storm of violence.
These attacks included lynchings, burnings, and race riots. And though the majority of this violence took place in the South, the North was by no means immune. For more than a century, angry whites made the life of Black America a continuous nightmare.
Black man hung and burnt

Burnings and Lynchings

Lynching is the practice whereby a mob–usually several dozen or several hundred persons–takes the law into its own hands in order to injure and kill a person accused of some wrongdoing. The alleged offense can range from a serious crime like theft or murder to a mere violation of local customs and sensibilities. The issue of the victim’s guilt is usually secondary, since the mob serves as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner. Due process yields to momentary passions and expedient objectives.
Men ve över den ogudaktige! Honom skall det gå illa, han skall vedergällas efter sina gärningar. Jesaja 3:11 burning blacks
Burnings of Blacks were commonplace in America following Reconstruction. Primarily the victims were Black males who were often mutilated, shot and beaten… before being burned on pyres. This Black man was beaten, stoned, dragged through the street and then burned alive by onlookers.
His body parts were later sold: as souvenirs, which was often the custom.
Mob lynchings were a common form of death for young Black men. The idea that most of these men were charged with the rape of white women is a false one. Their alleged crimes were numerous: using offensive language; bad reputation; refusal to give up a farm; throwing stones; unpopularity; slapping a white child; and stealing hogs to name a few.
In East Texas a black man and his three sons were lynched for the grand crime of harvesting the first cotton of the season. Only 19% of those lynched were ever charged with rape. Fewer were ever proven.
It should be remembered that it was not only Black men who were killed during this era. The lynching of Mary Turner best illustrates this. Turner, a pregnant Black woman, was lynched in Valdosta, Georgia in 1918. Turner was tied to a tree, doused with gasoline and motor oil and burned.
As she dangled from the rope, a man stepped forward with a pocketknife and ripped open her abdomen in a crude Cesarean operation. A news reporter who witnessed the killing wrote, Out tumbled the prematurely born child. Two feeble cries it gave—and received for the answer the heel of a stalwart man, as life was ground out of the tiny form. There was a Silent Protest March of 1917 against lynching which featured the famous banner, Mother, do lynchers go to heaven?
Voi jumalatonta! Hänen käy pahoin, sillä hänen kättensä teot maksetaan hänelle. Jesaja 3:11 Ida B. Wells was one of the most outspoken crusaders against lynchings, burnings, and other acts of white on Black violence. For forty years she rallied her cause in both America and Europe. A radical for her times, Wells worked feverishly to dispel the myth of the sex-starved, white skin lusting, black rapist. This was an act which put her life in danger time and time again. No pacifist, she stated defiantly that the greatest deterrent against lynching was for every Black man to keep a Winchester rifle at his window. Ida B. Wells wrote several long and detailed studies on lynchings which are still regarded as some of the best works on the subject even today.

White Riots

Often the word ‘riot’ conveys in one’s head the idea of Black urban residents rebelling as seen since the 1960s. But riots were a part of America long before Blacks decided to take part. Throughout the United States, riots erupted as angry white citizenry of all classes took to the streets to terrorize and attack Blacks.
They took place in Memphis, Chicago, Wilmington, and elsewhere. Entire prosperous Black districts were destroyed in Oklahoma, Texas and Florida by jealous whites. These white riots were numerous both in the North and South and were often helped along by the local police or militia.
blackman being burnt
Many lynchings of course were never reported beyond the community involved. Furthermore, mobs used especially sadistic tactics when blacks were the prime targets. By the 1890s lynchers increasingly employed burning, torture, and dismemberment to: prolong suffering and excite a: ‘festive atmosphere’ among the killers and onlookers.
Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. Isaiah 3:11


picnic crowd
Here is another little known Black History Fact. This information is in the African American Archives at the Smithsonian Institute. Although not taught in American learning institutions and literature, it is in most Black history professional circles and literature that the origin of the term: ‘picnic’ derives from the acts of lynching African-Americans.
The word: ‘picnic’ is rooted from the whole theme of: ‘Pick A Nigger’.
This is where individuals would: ‘pic’ a Black person to lynch… and make this into: a family gathering…. There would be music and a: ‘picnic’. (‘Nic’ being the white acronym for: ‘nigger’). Scenes of this were in the movie Rosewood. The black producers and writers should have chosen to use the word ‘barbecue’ or ‘outing’ instead of the word ‘picnic’.
To attempt to tie lynchings to family outings, where food was served, is to misunderstand the real nature of these events. Rather, they were outbreaks of mass white hysteria, and attempts by groups of Whites to terrorize and brutalize the entire Black communities where they occurred.
Often, they were motivated by alleged acts of violence by Blacks against Whites, alleged disrespect and other breaches of Southern racial ‘etiquette’, and on many occasions, victims were chosen at random. Although women and children were frequently present, it is more accurate to view these events as collective psychotic behavior, rather than family outings. Lynching had become a ritual of interracial social control and recreation rather than simply a punishment for crime.
If it is necessary, every Negro in the state will be lynched, declared James Vardaman while he was governor of Mississippi (1904-1908). It will be done to maintain white supremacy.
Malheur au méchant! Il est sur la mauvaise (voie). Car il lui sera fait ce que ses mains aruont préparé. Êsaîe 3.11

Christian-Charles de Plicque, Evangelist/Journalist
Angel House International Missions Ministries Karleby Finland
Article available in: Also in French & Swedish
Strange Fruit: Lyrics & Music by: Abel Meeropol 1939 (A Jewish School teacher)
Angel House International Missions Ministries Finland wishes to express much gratitude to the African American Holocost Society for the use of the photos in this article.
African American Holocaust



  1. R. Olesen Says:

    You know whites were lynched too, and between 1800 into the 1900’s the total of whites lynched was more than that of blacks. Also, please don’t call lynching over a period of decades upon decades a ‘holocaust’ first of all, 2 Million Black Sudanese Christians have been butchered in the past 20 years by Northern Arab Muslim Sudanese, with 100,000 a year average kidnapped for use as slaves. That is happening right now, and the number of known black lynchings is around 3,000. 2 million versus 3,000?? Give me a fucking break. Holocaust is a term for war and would be used to describe a huge number of deaths, and/or terrible deaths from a single battle or single ravaged city.

    More black males are murdered by other black males EVERY YEAR than in the whole of the lynching of America’s history. Maybe you should focus on that. The number one cause of death for black males in the United States is MURDER (#1 CAUSE OF DEATH) AT THE HANDS of other black males.

    Your priorities are fucked up. What did you do, read a bunch of books screaming about that shit? You need to take your eyes off the past and look out the window of the present. There’s war going on but it’s blacks against blacks.

    • Lisa Parker Says:

      Shut the HELL UP!!! I am not a person that is quick to anger, but your response all but made me hotter than fish grease. There is no justification for the pictures above. Also, we don’t want to hear about our white counterparts being hanged after seeing this. Yes, we know that there were many casualties of the war against civil rights, but that is not the subject matter here. All I can do right now is morn knowing that one of these could have possible been a decendant of mine. I can’t even type any more………….

  2. R. Olesen Says:

    Picture number eight is not a black man, that is Leo Frank, hanged for the rape and murder of a little girl. Ironically, the man who probably raped her was a black janitor at the factory where her body was found hidden.

  3. R. Olesen Says:

    Picture 12 is also two white men. Just sayin’ because you seem like you only give a shit about blacks, because you are a racist

    • ashley Says:

      A life is a life. No person with a heart should ever subject another person to the circustances shown in these images. Looking at the pictures… I see men and even children smiling while a man is hung/ dead, and/ or burning. That is evil and demonic. Shame on you for justifying the actions of your ancestors.

  4. R. Olesen Says:

    RE: Picnic story – that was an email hoax, according to the Smithsonian institution:

    Analysis by Carla Homan: This email appears to be a parody of political correctness at its worst. It is false from top to bottom, beginning with the description of the “Black African-American Archives at the Smithsonian Institute,” to the claim that whites made a pleasant family event out of lynching African Americans.

    You can find the etymology of the word “picnic” by consulting any dictionary. Merriam-Webster Online gives the following origin:

    Etymology: G or French; German Picknick, from French pique-nique. Date: 1748

    Upon receiving many inquiries about this chain letter, they contacted the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Alonzo Smith, a research fellow in African-American Studies at the Smithsonian, replied with a detailed debunking, including the following comments:

    To attempt to tie lynchings to family outings, where food was served, is to misunderstand the real nature of these events. Rather, they were outbreaks of mass white hysteria, and attempts by groups of Whites to terrorize and brutalize the entire Black communities where they occurred. Often, they were motivated by alleged acts of violence by Blacks against Whites, alleged disrespect and other breaches of Southern racial “etiquette,” and on many occasions, victims were chosen at random. Although women and children were frequently present, it is more accurate to view these events as collective psychotic behavior, rather than family outings.

    The lynching of African Americans by whites is an undeniable horror, but to forward what was probably someone’s feeble attempt at humor as though it were real, only serves to diminish the seriousness of the matter. This email does, literally, make a joke out of the lynchings of African Americans. If you receive it, better to educate the sender than allow this hoax to continue unchecked.

    Carla Homan is a writer based in Washington, D.C.

    • barry godfrey. Says:

      White lynching white was not because of hate of their race,but could be a form of revenge. they the white lynchers did not go around picking at random another white person to lynch. nor the blacks who kill other blacks.
      But white people lynch black because they HATE black people period. reading your comment leave me to believe if you were alive in that era you would be prominent in lynching. the killing in Rosewood FL, was out of hate and envy. the killing of all those blacks in Oklahoma was out of envy and hate.
      The sad thing is that white people will continue to hate and kill black people through the white police officers. who represent them.

  5. Davie Says Says:

    American terrorism. I cannot imagine HATING someone so much! And WHY?

  6. destiny Says:

    It’s very sad what black people had to go through back in those days. First the blacks or should i say africans were taken out of their country with force by the white people, then brought to the americas as slaves,and were beaten and lynched and worked hard all day for nothing!!! Then they get freed just to get knocked down again. why did white people hate black people so much??? i don’t get it.

  7. joshua Says:


  8. Bettermj Says:

    Whites bought blacks from blacks in Africa.

    It was wrong on every turn.

    What a horrible history.

  9. KRIST Says:

    White people were slaves too once upon a time. It is Bible history just as us Blacks. Now that we are not slaves to nobody but ourselves, lets live free. We are all rightfully American citizens with the same opportunities as everyone else. That “picnic” thingy was a hoax. Even if it wasn’t, lets let God judge us all according to our works. All white people didn’t participate in those acts. God taught us to love and look beyond peoples faults. Equally blacks can be cruel. We are our enemies at times. Lets ALL live and look forward to the future. Why keep opening a sore. God is in control of everything. Forgive in order to be forgiven. If they repented to God, He tossed those sins into the sea of forgetfulness. Those people are probably dead who hung those souls. Nobody is praying for them. If God forgives, who the blank are we to keep hate alive on all spectrums. I AM AN AMERICAN AFRICAN DIRECTLY DESCENDED FROM NIGERIA DURING THE SLAVE TRADE. MY FAMILY WAS OWNED AND FREED BY WEALTHY OWNER WHO FREED THEM ALL AND ALLOTTED THEM LAND AND A GENEROUS START. WHERE IS THE LOVE?

  10. Reginald Johnson Says:

    He who forgets his past is doomed to repeat it.

    • barry godfrey. Says:

      While America refuse to acknowledge that there was white slaves, who don’t want to humiliate their white reputation as selling their mother for money that they worship, But the Irish was sold to both the USA and Barbados for the price of a bail of cotton, by Oliver Cromwell. and Queen Elizabeth The first. there was then 27000. slaves on Barbados, 7,000. were black.
      The main difference is most white slaves were refer to as indenture servants. While for the first time in the history of slavery they were legally strip of their humanity, and classed as animals or chattels. so the owner could kill any of them, and not be charged. That allowed the American constitution,to read, that all men are created equal.with rights. White people will always be hateful to black people it is written in their genes.

      • barry godfrey. Says:

        correction to the above, should have been …….While for the first time in the history of slavery blacks were strip of their humanity…..

      • francis Says:

        racism written in our genes? if you are going to be fair you have to look at all the facts. How bout John Brown and his group (about 20 white men) who sacrificed their lives to initiate a slave revolt at harper ferry, va? Why was racism no written in their genes? How bout the untold thousands of union soldiers who enlisted to fight against slavery; so so many died and lost limbs to free the black man?

  11. Aida A-Rashid Says:


  12. Dez Says:

    ThanK for collection of above killings
    A friend from Asia needed to see the truth about America

  13. bobdog Says:

    Please,enough already.We don’t need anymore memorials and museums to guilt-trip the white man and distract him from his duty to his own race.Thats what this continual revisiting of history is all about.Of course,the white man is,at the same time,kept from knowing either the victim-hood of his own race or the sacrifices he has made for non-whites.Whether you are talking about the holocaust or slavery,the purpose is the same,keep the white man guilty and morally disarmed with a steady diet of memorials and remembrances and slanted films and news reports and he will be diverted from attending to the needs and interests of his own race.A further purpose is to give blacks yet another reason to rage and to blame their continued ineptitude on whitey and the “legacy of slavery”.

  14. Donnika S. Says:

    America will burn for it has been spoken. This is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Repent and save yourselves from damnation. It’s not about color, its about souls. God Bless

  15. I Am Not Your Negro: A Review - The Marginalia Review of Books Says:

    […] we cannot. We cannot because there are so many more; yes, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, but also Bennie Simmons, Nease Gillepsie, John Gillepsie, “Jack” Dillingham, Henry Lee, George Irwin, All…; had Peck wished to punish white Americans by rubbing their face in the perversity of what they has […]

  16. John Bailey Says:

    So sad. In most of the jurisdictions listed under regular organized legal procedure almost the same result would have occurred, but taking more time.
    Prison populations (% B & W) were not 150 years ago as they are now. Why?. Long term incarceration was not done as much years back. Of course now revenge and demands for “just-us” has flipped over against whites also. Better to demand real justice,

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