OUR BLACK Skinned BEAUTY Gabourey Sidibe IS BLOWING the skinny/white/girl/no color/no shape/image/away!


The Big C’: Gabourey Sidibe becomes series regular

Published Friday, Feb 3 2012, 17:16 GMT | By Catriona Wightman | .

Sidibe has appeared in the show since the first season as Andrea, who strikes up a friendship with her teacher Cathy (Laura Linney).

She will now become a main cast member in the third season, TV Line reports.

Sidibe was previously nominated for an Oscar for her role in the movie Precious and also recently appeared in the film Tower Heist.

News of her promotion comes shortly after Showtime announced that Susan Sarandon has landed a major role in the show. Victor Garber has already signed up for a guest spot.

The third season of The Big C will return to Showtime on April 8. The second season is currently airing in the UK on Thursdays at 10pm on More4.

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