Gabourey Sidibe-Our Black skinned Beauty ! 3


2 Responses to “Gabourey Sidibe-Our Black skinned Beauty ! 3”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love your site. For now, I have linked it up to my page. I plan to place it on other posts when time permits. Beautiful site. peace and love.

  2. glamar Says:

    glamar here! wow… i had an answer for richard of justice: yoruba ysreal. thx for sending me on that journey! i copied tons of useful info and made the appropriate changes in my thinking. But, not being able to reconnect with the pages of interest that lead me, i found your new window, venerating new fat style and old world virginity… did you know that at the time of the making of shaka zulu that it was a novelty and new experience for the zulu actors and actresses to portray innocent social nudity? that you seem to be presenting as present day? how old are those pics you sportin? you all just turned me off… but cherri gregg is a name i am glad i saw. i will check for more of her. glamar away. ( i am sure you’re glad bout that, dont worry i wont hit you with my disappointments again.) toodles.

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