IN 2010 this white girl PREDICTED OUR BLACK skinned BEAUTY’S SUCCESS!-BLACK ON Gabourey Sidibe!



March 8 2010

Hollywood, CA – Oprah Winfrey, as she usually does, said it right at last nights’ Oscar ceremony. Presenting Best Actress nominee Gabourey Sidibe, Winfrey recalled her audition process which took three days and put her in the same category as Meryl

Streep. Winfrey called it the American Dream, and that’s exactly what it has been for the 26-year old actress who was quite literally plucked from obscurity and thrust onto the biggest entertainment stage in the world, a dream many have but few ever achieve.

While Sidibe ultimately ended up losing the statuette to Hollywood veteran Sandra Bullock, the high profile that the nomination has given her and her performance will likely guarantee work for a long time to come. While it remains to be seen how the nomination will affect her long term prospects in the cutthroat film industry. While Winfrey extolled Sidibe’s virtues and promised her a long career, the prospects for the actress to many seem very limited given the niche nature of her role and certain other character traits that generally run in conflict with Hollywood tradition. Regardless, Sidibe’s star is shining very brightly right now and after a long night of celebrations, there’s little doubt that she’s ready to explode.

“Oscar nominations or even wins can really mean little in the long term. You can go through the list of winners that people have forgotten and losers that are now legends and you realize that ultimately the Oscar is exactly what it is, an award. It may help to increase a person or a project’s visibility for a short time, but they still have to have the goods to make it work,” said Scrape TV Entertainment analyst Tracey Temple. “Most people should really just enjoy it for what it is and not look at it as a magical path to success. It has never been that and never will. Given the attitude Sidibe seems to have she will likely do exactly that, which is the healthiest and fastest path to success.”

Sidibe spent the night partying with castmates from her film ‘Precious’, enjoying the best of what Hollywood has to offer.

“She’s really in a good spot. She’s got a lot of good will and has ingratiated herself with many members of the Hollywood
elite and that more than the nomination itself will do her a great service going forward. I’m no expert, but I think there’s a very good chance that she could explode on the scene in a very significant way in the future,” continued Temple. “Any cynicism aside, Sidibe is in her own way already huge and no matter the pressures or realities of Hollywood, she’s likely only going to get bigger going forward. For some people there’s this incredible momentum that they seem almost born to ride, and Sidibe has that. I foresee her getting huge and just exploding all over the place even though she didn’t win.”

Sidibe’s next film role will be the lead in ‘Yelling to the Sky’ which like its star may be huge.

“Of all the nominees in this category she will likely benefit the most. Everyone else is already a star, they’ve reached their limits, but for Sidibe the outward potential is just massive. There’s no guarantee that she will have huge hits like Bullock or hundreds of award nominations like Streep, but she has a really good chance of being huge,” continued Temple. “No one can predict the future, at least not very effectively, but given what she has done and what she has, I don’t see any limits to how big she can get. Sidibe is here to stay and she will be massive.”

Sidibe reportedly really, really enjoyed the after parties.

Samantha Dryden, Entertainment Correspondent




2 Responses to “IN 2010 this white girl PREDICTED OUR BLACK skinned BEAUTY’S SUCCESS!-BLACK ON Gabourey Sidibe!”

  1. AvoidtheGroid Says:

    The Oscars should be for Humans only, not disgusting Nigger beasts!!

  2. AvoidtheGroid Says:

    gabourey sidibe belongs in the zoo with the other gorillas!

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