TRAYVON ! IBrother William Derek Jackson Shares with VIDEO of REV. JESSE JACKSON in JACKSONVILLE!


Greetings,I wanted to share the video that I took of Rev. Jesse Jackson as he spent a recent dayin Jacksonville, Florida.His speech centered not just on Trayvon Martin, but the ability to make changes tolaws that allow for the tragic events like the Trayvon Martin trial to happen.Changes come only through the collective efforts of a organized and purposeful people asI like to believe. I try to be involved and stay involved not just for my personal childrenbut for the children I teach, mentor and support in the community I live in. My focus ofmy blogging has changed a bit because of the events from the trial, here is a link tomy site to a Blog “A Lesson Learned from the Trayvon Martin Trial” as always this is notcritical of the Black community, but a wakeup call for reality in America.Copy and paste into a new browser if link is not active enjoy the video from the link. Additional information will be shared as I participatein several events that demand the involvement of not just the Jacksonville, Floridacommunity, but communities across this nation.Copy and paste into a new browser if link is not activeRev. Jesse Jackson at Mt. Olive Baptist Church – Jacksonville, Florida Wm Jackson‬

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