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“In Africa, when an old man dies, it’s like a library burning to the ground.”

In honour of those who have gone before us, what was the wisest teaching your grandparents or elders ever taught you?

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Adegboyega Shamsideen Thompson
“Owo ti mo ni, ni mo ya e o,” according to my father, of the blessed memories, to imply that giving, and if it was addressed to any of my other siblings, that giving me/us the best of education, was the only and best monetary loan he could afford to give me/us. Now, I see what he meant by that; and I find myself saying the same thing to my children.

Adegboyega Shamsideen Thompson
“Ma ya e ninu akisa mi,” as per my grandmother, meaning that she would loan me a portion of her old rag (her life’s experience)…

Mrs.Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade
Oga o! Orunmila seun! Sun re O Iya. Rere! Ase wa ti ireke o!

Dickson Olabode
Yeye oo. Awa yio ma riyin ba. Sebi eyin Agba na lepa lowe wipe. Ojo Ija ko lama wun wa Oruka Aluwo!!


  1. Velma Says:

    This picture clearly gives him the History Light within his family and tribe. At five years old I was talking with great aunts and uncles who had been slave kids, when they were Emancipated. Uncle Marshall Jackson lived to be 121 years old and so much he said still rings true in my mind, heart, and spirit. My father was 60 years old when I was born, so he was more like a grandfather figure that spoke truths as a Baptist Minister. I have begun being the walking History Buff in our family and a lot of my knowledge came from my parents, grand-
    parents, uncles, aunts, and friends of the family. I remember, my History Teacher saying she was born in 1884, being a teacher in Galveston, TX when the 1900 Hurricane came. She said an old cousin of my father’s told her to join the wagons that were leaving the Island, because too many people would be killed. When the
    storm made landfall, they were North of Houston, giving God the Glory that they survived, whereas many of their friends were killed.
    If they had listen to the old cousin, they would have been within the wagon group giving God Thanks, to. I love to sit will seniors and talk about their troubles, loves, travels, and their families. As a culture of
    African Americans, we must give our Seniors More Respect and adore the paths they chose to still be around 85 to 100 years of life….

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