NO BLEACHING ALLOWED: Fashion Week Bans Models Who Bleach Skin



Bleaching Gone Bad Bleaching Gone Bad

This is the kind of news that gives you hope in the reversal of our collective self-destruction. Adama Ndiaye–aka Adama Paris–has become my new idol. She is the founder of Dakar Fashion Week in Senegal and during the recent opening  declared that she had banned skin-bleaching models from the week-long event.

This is what I call real revolution. Creating our own platforms and making our own rules.

Many of my aunts skin-bleach. My church is full of women with yellow faces and black hands. One of my aunts bleaches so well that I was almost fooled–having not seen her consistently since toddler-hood. It seems that those who use the pills versus the creams see more believable results. And are probably more likely to get cancer or have heart problems. Praying for my aunts.

Upon searching for “Skin whitening pills” you will get many more links to suppliers than…

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