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NAIRA POOL Boss, Chief BADERO Left 8 Wives, 21 Children

*7th Wife, OLAIDE Talks About Her Late Husband

“Though He Didn’t Write A Will His Wives & Kids Live In Peace”

Since his sudden death on July 11, 2010, none of the family members of late Chief Ezekiel Agbolade Badero, the multi billion naira owner of Naira Pools International and Naira International Hotels, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, has spoken about his demise at 71. The very wealth billionaire pools magnate cum socialite was reported to have died in one of his London Homes in the early hours of that day after complaining of chest pain. He died in the bosom of one of his wives Modupe and couple of children who surrounded him as early as 5am on July 11th, when he complained of the chest pain. The way and manner of his death was described as mysterious as he decided to embark on a global trip to meet all his children who resides in several parts of the world, paying them unscheduled visits before he died. He was said to have embarked on the journey immediately after 70th birthday bash on September 27th, 2009 in Ijebu-Igbo and also relocated nine of his children to various parts of the world in a swoop during the journey. It was while on one of such visitations that the Balogun Onigbagbo of Ijebu Igbo died. Recently, we caught up with one of his wives Madam Olaide Badero at the 60 birthday bash of Lagos Clothe Merchant, Chief Mrs. Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele. The very pretty Badero wife opened up to up to us on the last moments of her late husband and how the family has been fairing since his demise two years ago. Enjoy the excerpts.

As late chief Gbadero’s wife, how would you describe his demise and what is the state of his business, Naira Pool at the moment?

His business is still the same. But the moment he is no longer there, it can’t be totally the same any longer. But I can tell you, on the average, that the business continues. But it is incomparable to when he was alive.

We learnt his demise generated lots of crisis and both wives and children were treated to a culture shock over his properties. How true is this?

We didn’t fight over any property, we are all in good course, nothing like fighting. Nobody is fighting anybody. Of course in such a large family, you expect misunderstanding but I can tell you that we understand ourselves better. There is peace compared to what people can expect.

We learnt he had many wives and everyone was fighting for his own piece of the cake after his death. How many were the wives?

All I will say to you is that there is peace, there is peace compared to what people can expect with a man with 8 wives living under the same roof. Twenty one children, so you can consider what people should expect and everybody is still under the same roof. It is the power of unity. We thank God.

I guess you are his wife number eight?

No, no, he was seventy one before his demise, I am his seventh wife. I am number seven.

Out of eight wives?


You married him when he was seventy?

No, no, no, when he was 49.1 married him when he was forty nine.

Which year was that?


So, how would you describe him as a man?

He was a very kind hearted soul. A good man, open hearted. He was a blessed man who lived his life to the fullest.

So you had issues for him too?

I had all my children for him, three of them. Three girls.

But when he died two years ago, we learnt there was a major crisis as regards his will. We learnt he didn’t write a will, so how did the family settle the rift?

It is true he did not do one but there is no quarrel. Yes, I can confirm that to you, he had no will but there was no quarrel at all.

So, how did you cope, I mean sharing his estate?

There was no crisis at time. There might be rumors, it might be rumors being peddled around but I can confirm to you that there was no crisis anywhere. The business has not stopped for one day, all the children are living together, all wives are living together. We are all under the same roof except the children that are married, that are outside the house.

So, what were the real courses of his death. Some said he died in India, some said in London?

He died in England. That is it.

So what was the cause of his death?

It could be heart attack, it could be anything. He wasn’t really old, it could be stress. He was travelling up and down to visit the children and enjoy his holiday. He was on holiday actually and death came in just like that. So, we only thank God for his life. He was a great man.

What did you miss about him?

His love. You can’t be his friend without missing him talks less of being his wife, he was a good man. He was a good father, a good husband. A responsible father, so there was no way you wouldn’t miss such a great man.

Some people said he must have died of Juju, what do you think?

God knows, if there is Juju, only God will know. It is only God that will know, but medical report said it was high blood pressure.

It is two years or so now?

Yes, I is two years now. He died July 11, 2010.

How has life being without him?

Everything is moving on well, no child has moved out of school. They still go to the same school, even the ones that are in international school, their education continues, so we give God the glory. To God be the glory. Like I said, there is unity in the house. He died a complete man and he ensured we all lived in peace. That is why I said there was no rancor after his demise. He was a great man.

His full names were?

Ezekiel Agbolade Badero, he was from Ijebu Igbo. He was a high chief in Ijebu Igbo.

Are you also from Ijebu?

I am from Ibadan.

Which family in Ibadan?

I am from a very large family in Ibadan, the Akande Eletu of Ibadan. My grandfather died as the number fourth citizen of Ibadan. He is Chief A.S Akande.

What do you have to say about your late husband, is there something unique that you want all to learn from him?

I think people should learn from his life, he lived a good life and he died well. He was a great man.

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