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> 17.Aug.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Lanre Adewole
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> I celebrated Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s re-election, possibly to his > consternation, if he got to know, and his supporters’, who are always > riled by my constant critical appraisal of his administration and > political activities. To the governor, despite being a younger > brother, I was an enemy. Weeks to his re-election, he laid into me at > the launch of Professor Wale Adebanwi’s book in Lagos. The > condescension in the public upbraid reeked revenge. I spent the night > of the day “working” his re-election. Yes, I collaborated with some of > his own to do “covert campaign”. Campaigns everywhere cost time, money > and energy. Mine was not an exception. I have strong commitments of > those involved not to breathe an air of it to him. What I did would > also not be of public knowledge until his exit, God willing, in 2018. > He, however owes me nothing, because he sent me, on no errands. > ADVERTISEMENT
> Yes, my support for him was partly clannish, but not
> ethnically-periscopical. He loves governance. He has passion for > leadership. He is ambitious to be a legend in public service. Even > when he is not going in the right direction, he is always in a hurry > to deliver. Because he loves to dare, I was convinced he could be > different.
> But I refused to be persuaded to turn this space to his mega-phone. It > was and still is, the only avenue to tell him hurtful truth anytime > his hurrying holes a gulf between him and the led. God willing, > nothing will change for the next four years, because he must be helped > to finish strong. The grossly-miscontrued, stomach-rumbling > three-series “Before Osun Falls” was to save him from himself. >
> First message for Mr. Governor, don’t be too quick to lock down names > on enemy-list. Your supposed enemies, particularly in PDP, won > re-election for you. Sycophants would always be around you, racing > your endorphin, the feel-good hormone. But it would be fool-hardy to > believe them that O’this, O’that alone got you re-elected. Information > at my disposal says five local governments were won for you by PDP > “renegades”, excellent outing in another three local governments was > also due to fifth columnists within opposition fold, particularly > those who could not swallow Iyiola Omisore’s candidacy but didn’t want > to defect and the required two-thirds, in another two local > governments. The mathematics of all these not being part of your > votes, is obvious.
> You said to me during the Lagos encounter that because I am younger in > age, I wasn’t qualified to critique your acts in government. Without > necessarily re-opening old wounds, the education reform that nearly > cost your job, was hewed by an Octogenarian Nobel Laureate. Those who > modified the acceptable version were of perceivable inferior intellect > and younger in age. If the mindset that received my admonitions, was > same upon which aides’ counsel were poured in the past, the time for > change is now.
> Sir, it is cool to be working “the enigma” concept with aides, but > making those lower in status and age, feel worthless, won’t be the way > to go. I am sure the governor will appreciate his own better now, > because bits of that victory belonged to different efforts. Being a > studious person, given to logic, the governor must have by now, done > an objective analysis of the election figures. If the winning > percentage is a measure of the projected awesome performance of the > governor, then something would be amiss. It is either that performance > is over-hyped or not totally appreciated by the people. That means > there are things to be done differently but the good news is the > spread of the winning votes, which would translate into proportionate > governance delivery across the state. Without impugning the person of > the first runner-up, a lesser baggage-laden candidate with humility to > woo offended party members, could have possibly consigned the governor > to the “parallel government” option. I say this because of those who > would keep singing “Aregbesola ma basere lo (keep doing things same > way). Apart from Osogboland and Ijesaland, other areas where the > governor had impressive figures, had obvious imprints of last-minute > beautiful brides, courted to divorce PDP. He should find out why O’ > Performance was not enough in those places. In the build-up to the > election, he was badly lacerated with religion, capital-flight, debt > profile, school re-classification, public service welfare and > comportment horse-whip.
> Infact, it was a last-minute snatching from Omisore’s jaw. His subdued > visage the day after the election, is a testament to a victory forged > on the altar of compromise, bending backward and forward, sensible > sacrifices and humbling letting-go. That is why political promises > made in the heat of re-election moments should be fully redeemed > because one may run to the same shelter twice to escape being soaked. > I know commitments to heavyweights like Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Isiaka > Adeleke, Fatai Akinbade (Aregbesola did not win his Olaoluwa LG for > free), Olubunmi Etteh et al, would alter APC’s equations
> substantially, but the outcome of Kayode Fayemi reneging on Ayo Fayose > senatorial promise, should communicate enough lessons.
> A pre-election poll put Aregbesola ahead of his party in popularity. > It means any other candidate would perform below his average > performance in the election. Does this communicate anything to APC > about its future in the South-West? It is now getting down to > personalities and not platforms. It should guide Aregbesola as APC > leader in picking candidates for other elections in the state in 2015. > The party may be also headed for a worsting in Yorubaland in 2015 if > internal democracy is not embraced.
> Aregbesola may consider it an impunity for a younger brother to > counsel him on governance but he would have no choice in the next four > year because I have a vote to protect. It was my aged mother’s. She > got out by 7:13 am to vote him. May I also remind him that only > genuine brothers speak the truth to one another.
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