Martin Luther King Jr. was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things


politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

mlk fan
The Martin Luther King Jr. fan was a staple in the black church. He looked serene and angelic and we revered him. He was celebrated, but at some point the celebration turned into adoration, and he became high and lifted up, but he was just a man. He was mortal and he had all the human flaws that we all struggle with and against, but he made a decision to do something. He could have had a comfortable life free from controversy, but that is not the path he followed. What is your path? What do you see in your world that is worthy of changing? We often say I can’t do everything, but is the other option to do nothing? For far too many years we have tried to measure up to an ideal and that is not fair to us nor was it fair to him. The church…

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