The Blacker The Berry The Sweeter Juice/ I Say The Darker The Flesh, Then The Deeper The Roots ~ Tupac




Kendrick Lamar done open up a can of a Colorism Delight with his engagement to his racially ambiguous fiancé. Personally I’m like, congrats, but many of my sisters are like, the hell.


This brother who discussed the plight of dark skin women with Blacker The Berry, and unpacked the nuances of black women– to the best of his abilities – in Tammy Song, and Keisha song. K-dot (aka Kendrick Lamar) is a phenomenal artist and story teller of my generation, but many people are upset that he done engaged himself with a light skin chick, he might have well engaged himself to a white chick (in my Kanye West voice).

But here’s the real issue is, – and it has nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar’s relationship – it is internalize racism that Black people have digested. We as a people have swallowed and reproduced hate…

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