Pres. Obama: Dr. King and Dr. Viola Liuzzo did not give their life for TODAY BLACK LIVES NOT TO MATTER…



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Wow… Please let me start of by apologizing for all those erratic tweets I sent out early this morning…  I was under attack in my bathroom; GPD came over and the building security guard came over but neither did anything…  I suffered through it; at first trying to resist being hit by the toxic dust which look a lot like roach bait…  If anyone is willing to render some forensic assistance, I have been collecting samples for months… After about an hour I realized that escaping this wrath was impossible…  The bathroom was my safe place; also prayer closet…  As I laid there my mind went back to the stories I heard Uncle Hosea (Not really my uncle, he allowed me to call him uncle) tell about battling through the Jim Crow south…  I could hear in my mind Dr. King say “Keep your cool John – if you BELIEVE in…

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