Queen Ann Nzingha (1583-December 17, 1663): Amazon Warrior Queen of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms, Angola, West Africa




This is Queen Nzingha, better known as Queen Ann Nzingha. She was born in Matamba, West Africa in 1583 at the time the Portuguese were establishing slave trade settlements on the African coast, invading her native territory. Beginning as a young woman, Queen Nzingha and her army of fierce Amazon Warriors (in which she well trained herself) fought against Portuguese slave traders and won many battles. Unfortunately, she lost as time wore on since spears were no match for firearms.

In the late 16th century, the English and the French threatened the Portuguese monopoly on slave capture and trading along the West African coast, forcing the Portuguese to seek new areas of exploitation. In 1580, they established a trade partnership with King Alphonso I of the Kongo Kingdom and then turned their attention to Angola, south of the Kongo. In 1617, the Portuguese built a fort and settlement…

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