“We have to give our black girls “the Talk”- and it’s not about sex…”…my essay on the horrifying McKinney, Texas, injustice, on SheKnows.com…



The visceral and nauseating reaction I had to the videos showing what happened to some black boys and really girls down in Texas was rooted in my own lifelong unfair and discriminatory experiences, cultural memory of my black American ancestors’ experiences of U.S. domestic violence against them, and sensitivity to all women daily vulnerable to lowered standards of male behavior toward us.

Although I have sadness and compassion for all of the publicly abused and murdered #BlackLivesMatters victims, I had not been so upset like this since I heard the audio of Trayvon Martin’s final moments. The fact this broad-daylight assault was so extended, open, public, out of the shadows and knowingly videod sets it apart from the sudden, quick, and assumed unwatched events everyone has stayed so up in arms about. It told me that the more and more public murdering of black Americans goes on unprosecuted, the less and less biased police officers and racist adults will stiffen against doing whatever the hell…

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