“Could it be that this group is targeting BLACK PEOPLE to degrade their quality of life in an effort to carry-out a domestic covert genocide and the “Affordable Heath Care Act” would ruin their efforts???”


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Wow…  As I struggled with the fact that I have been targeted by this Klandish group of white people… Please allow me to say, they aint a racist bone in my body; I say white people because that is the majority of those I see trying to stick it to me…  I have watched them stop a black person usually very poor or opportunist and offer them money to engage me in one way or the other…  I have never seen anyone turn them down…  I heard one older black woman who pushed in front of me at Walmart say  to her husband when he asked her what she was doing pushing in front of me, “If he is paying then so be it…”  Her husband looked at me with bewilderment on his face…  I knew what was going on so I just patiently waited for her to finish…  

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