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BLACK PEOPLE OOO!_MALCOLM X’s parents were Garveyites!-FROM Ajamu Ogunleye McClennon on Facebook

May 21, 2016

Ajamu Ogunleye McClennon > Repatriating to Africa!
It has been argued that Malcolm/Omowale “A child has returned home.”, ultimately returned philosophically to the first teachings he received in life. Those that were taught by his mother and father…. BLACK NATIONALISM and PAN AFRIKANISM!
Thursday at 11:58pm · Repatriating to A… · in Photos from Ajamu Ogunleye McClennon’s post in Repatriating to Africa!

GHANA OOO!-TWI LANGUAGE IS IN Ghana!-BLACK PEOPLE OOO!-Learn an African Language!-Peace Corps Twi Language Lessons :: Live Lingua

May 21, 2016

YORUBA OOO!-BLACK PEOPLE OOO!-Meet the OONI!(OOniorisha O)-From Voiceof YorubaYouth on FACEBOOK

May 21, 2016

Voiceof YorubaYouth
Arewa Omo’ba meet Ooni…
The pride of Yoruba Land… #‎YorubaUnited

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