SPECIAL New Year’s Gift for You!

Take time off this New Year 2019, and add to your knowledge and cultural experience by visiting a Nigerian rural destination filled with bliss, rapture and ecstasy. . . Our New Year gift is to invite you to mingle with nature, in its perfect form at the AFRICAN HERITAGE RESEARCH LIBRARY AND CULTURAL CENTRE, Adeyipo, Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA, and relate with the friendly people of our little African Village. . .

Book for palmwine, pounded yam, fresh fruits, amala with abula, bushmeat plus other food varieties.
Accommodation is available and security is guaranteed. . .

At Adeyipo, you’ll get to see one hundred thousand volumes of books in all branches of African studies, six separate libraries; the African Orchard and Courtyard; Music of Africa Auditorium; the Community Services Centre; the ebu; forest pathways etc. . .
You’ll meet face to face with Nollywood film stars, traditional drummers, artistes; the Black American Woman Activist who lives permanently in the Village; and the Author of The Virgin, Out of His Mind and Lonely Days.

Come individually and in groups: on excursions and goodwill visits . . . Give us just a week, or two-day notice, calling or texting us on phone number (+234)8034495485. You can even jump on us! A period of adventure, complete relaxation and enjoyment awaits you here at ADEYIPO VILLAGE this New Year 2019, Hold this gift firmly– and contact us. . .

Management (AHRLC)

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