(For the Attention of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde)

Your Excellency Sir,

Most villages and hamlets in Oyo State ( as in other parts of Nigeria) remain completely “rural” and have either gone extinct, or taken over by “job-seekers” from our neighbouring countries.

To curb this Sir, there is the need to reverse the ugly trend of ” unmitigated urban migration ” among our indigenes and speedily bring back the glory of physical/human and infrastructural developments in the rural communities of Oyo State, during your tenure.

We appeal to your Excellency to make surprise visits to these rural areas of Oyo State, to personally assess situation of things. That’s starting as we mean to go on! . . . By so doing, you will be entrenching your esteemed name in letters of gold among this patriotic set of people in dire need of government presence and attention.
Kindly also initiate a separate, result-oriented Rural Community Development Ministry, which will cater for the welfare of the neglected rural communities and their ostracized inhabitants.

Almighty God will guide and bless your regime. Good wishes Sir.

Sincerely Yours,
Associate Professor of Creative Writing in English & Director/Founder, AHRLC, Adeyipo Village, Ibadan, Oyo State – Nigeria. (08034495485)


Gomina Mi, Eku orire o.

I am Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade, a Black American woman from San Francisco (California) now living in Nigeria. . . Have you read the the Facebook Appeal titled NAKED TRUTH, on rural community deprivation in Oyo State?

Many people are sure you will refix the villages and hamlets in the State when you resume office. Others don’t believe. They say you might likely toe the line of your predecessor in office and neglect the poor masses in villages and hamlets.

Gomina Mi, I have told those who are sceptical that they are wrong. And that you will surprise them by providing physical and infrastructural facilities, and support local initiatives of the community people. I told them that from your antecedent, I can vouch for you. . . Please don’t disappoint me on this when you resume office as Governor. Eni yanu ni yin. Oluwa ba wa se. Emi Omo Dudu Amerika

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