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amerikkka ooo!- Bernie Sanders running against trump says….

October 8, 2019
If America is so free why do we have the largest incarcerated population?

We need to abolish for profit prisons.

We must legalize marijuana and expunge records of past and current offenses.

Yoruba Herbs-Ewe RinRin

October 8, 2019

This leaves called EWE RINRIN or RENREN. The leaves is working for high blood presure, joint pains, ucler, reduces stress in the body.
HOW TO USE IT: Take the leaves and wash squeeze the leaves in a clean bowl don’t add water, add the little water that come out from the leaves with milk in the water and drink the herb.

NOTE: 1. Don’t drink it in the morning if you are going to work because it will make you sleep.

2. If you have body heating. Get the leaves and grind it, mix it with ori (Shea butter) and rub your body with it.

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