Deeper Life Wedding: No earrings, no makeup, see beautiful pictures of couple causing stir online
hansome peaceJun 29, 2020Read original

Deeper Christian Life Ministry was founded by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi. He is respected among Nigerians because he preached the word of God as in the Bible without adding, subtracting, or cause controversy.

Preached against worldliness, disobedience, and indiscipline, such things are sins against God and can lead to hell.

The Church and the members live out to practice holiness and one important thing about them is their modesty in dress. They appeared in public with their body well covered and even serve as a role model for those who want to live a simple lifestyle, they strictly follow and adhere to the teachings of General Superintendent both inside and outside.

They even extend their Norms and traditions, they even extend to a church wedding, they dressed for the glory of God and were very pleased with their clothes, pay a deaf ear to what people think and say. after all, they did not marry to please the public, and one should definitely have nothing to say if you can do it right or not?

The following Pictures are from
DLWEB – Weddings in Deeper life

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