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October 2, 2020

U.S. NEWS Historic California law establishes path to reparations for a Ree e1e11111w people, descendants of w

“California tries to lead the way in terms of civil rights, and we have a responsibility to do that,” said the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Shirley Weber. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, speaks at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., on June 10.Rich Pedroncelli / AP file Oct. 1, 2020, 1:20 AM WAT By Alicia Victoria Lozano

California on Wednesday became the first state to adopt a law paving the way for Black residents and descendants of slaves desendants, which was authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, a Democrat representing San Diego who is chair of California’s Legislative Black Caucus, does not commit to any specific payment. Instead, it establishes a nine-person task force that will study the impact of slavery on Black people in California and recommend to the Legislature what kind of compensation should be provided, who should receive it and what form it will take. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the law Wednesday afternoon. “After watching last night’s debate, this signing can’t come too soon,” he said during a videoconference with lawmakers and other stakeholders, including the rapper Ice Cube, who used his celebrity to champion the bill. “As a nation, we can only truly thrive when every one of us has the opportunity to thrive. Our painful history of slavery has evolved into structural racism and bias built into and permeating throughout our democratic and economic institutions,” Newsom said in a statement. A father and son’s powerful protest against racial inequality In a year filled with protests and calls for racial reckoning, the law received bipartisan support in the Legislature. Advocates hope that it will become a model for other states and that it will make amends not just for slavery, but also for some of the institutional practices that continue to disproportionately affect Black people in the U.S. “This is an extremely important time for all of us,” Weber said Wednesday. “California tries to lead the way in terms of civil rights, and we have a responsibility to do that.” Weber, who was born in Arkansas, said she and her family relocated to California because they saw “tremendous opportunity.” But, she added, California has more work to do to acknowledge its history with race and inequality. Recommended U.S. NEWS Mitchell: Trump Covid-19 diagnosis ‘domestic and international crisis’ “California has come to terms with many of its issues, but it has yet to come to terms with its role in slavery,” she said. “After 400 years, we still have the impact.” California was founded as a free state, or a state where slavery was illegal, in 1850, yet several laws made significant allowances for residents to retain enslaved people so long as they lived in California temporarily or bought the slaves before statehood. Slavery became illegal throughout the United States in 1865. A similar proposal to study reparations for Black Americans was first introduced in Congress in 1989. It never passed, but Congress held a hearing on the proposal last year. Related NEWS In their words: Protesting for George Floyd Weber’s bill was written last year before the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody triggered national protests. It was also written before the coronavirus exposed disparities in the country’s health care system, which made testing, treatment and prevention less accessible to communities of color. “This is not just because of the circumstances we face. What happened is that, of course, those circumstances reinforced the fact that what we were saying all along was true,” Weber said. “Some think we’re just responding to the moment, but we’re responding to the history of California and the life of Black people in California and in this nation.” Alicia Victoria Lozano Alicia Victoria Lozano is a Los Angeles-based digital reporter for NBC News.



October 2, 2020

Don’t Give Your Phones To The Police If They Stop You, What You Must Know About Your Right
SleekgistOct 1, 2020Read original

The unnecessary harassment of Youths by the Police and SARS officials have caused so much suffering. Many Nigerian youths have now been termed as scammers or “yahoo boys” as they mainly call it. Without taking too much of our time, I would like to put us through to what we need to do when we get encountered by the police officials .
Firstly, most police officials are naturally good at reading movements and reactions of people when they stop them. Let us not get some things wrong, the police officer has every right to conduct a stop and search. When stopped on the road, the officer has the right to ask you series of questions which must be answered satisfactory. Once you know fully well that you answered all questions asked by the officer, if asked to release your phone, You have the right to request of the officer’s name and also tell him that what he is doing is unlawful.

Every Nigerian citizen has the right to their privacy and your phone is also your privacy. If after saying these the officer still decides to conduct the search on your phone, you now have every right to tell him that you would be suing them for unlawful search and harassment.

Lastly, the Police have every right to search your phones and laptops. This can only be conducted if the Police already received an issued search warrant on you, but if they didn’t get any search warrant against you, this search is said to be an illegal one which you have every right to sue them. Need I like to remind every youth not to in any way rudely speak with an officer of the law at any point in time. Be as calm as possible and answer any questions that needs asking.


October 2, 2020


Don urges Buhari to enlist spiritual support of witches, wizards to tackle insecurity

Published August 17, 2020By Temitope Adetunji

A Political Scientist, Malam Abdul-Rahoof Bello, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently enlist the spiritual support of African witches and wizards, to combat the endemic challenges of insecurity and corruption, navigating the ship of the Nigerian state towards a huge rock.

The former University Lecturer proffered this option in a statement he issued and made available to newsmen in Abuja on Monday.

Bello noted that the time was ripe and right for Buhari to apply this unorthodox method of African native intelligence in warfare, to defend Nigeria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty against the insurrection of Boko Haram, ritual killings and systemic corruption.

He reminded the President on how Allah (SWA), Commanded the hordes of charger flying birds (Taeran Ababeela), each with a pebble, to flatten the rebellion of the people of elephants who had attempted to demolish the House of Allah (Q:105:1-5)?

The political analyst opined that the deployment by Allah (SWA) of Taeran Habaabeel against Ashiaabil feeli, was a symbolic expression of the modern day witchcraft science.
He decried the worsening security situation and the systemic corruption that had become a thump arthritis dwarfing the landmark achievements of Mr President and a campaign material for the opposition group to blackmail the governing party.

” The APC stakeholder advised the President not to rest, retreat nor surrender to the forces of darkness in religious killings, ritual killings, ethnic cleansing, kidnapping, corruption, and all other centrifugal tendencies, threatening Nigeria’s corporate existence,” he said.

“Clearly, if it is contravening the ECOWaS protocol, then we would have to now look at ECOWAS solution including the ECOWS court as a final arbiter,” Onyeama said.

Onyeama said another issue to be looked into is on reciprocity, stating that Nigeria has created an enabling environment for Ghanaians to operate in Nigeria and so, Nigerians should enjoy the same privilege in Ghana.

He assured that the Nigerian traders are following this proactively and that the matter would be addressed in the shortest times possible.

The Minister also said that ahead of the upcoming elections in Ghana, the Nigerian government hopes Nigerians will not be pawns in the whole electioneering process.

Lamenting the unjust treatment of Nigerian traders in Ghana, Emenike said Ghanaian retail traders enjoy the ease of doing business in Nigeria without any harassment but that was not the same for them.

Emenike said what is most urgent is for the Nigerian government to deescalate the ongoing tensions to avoid people being killed in the process.

He also called on the Onyeama to see to the review of the Nigerian foreign policy, especially as it affects Nigerian retail trading in Ghana.

He appreciated the Nigerian government for all its interventions even in previous years on the situation.

CONTINUE READINGGENERALCOVID-19: International flights to resume on Aug. 29 -MinisterPublished 10 hours ago on August 17, 2020By Temitope Adetunji
Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, says international flights, suspended by the nation’s aviation authorities as a result of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will resume on Aug. 29, 2020.

He announced this at Monday’s briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja, adding that Nigeria’s international airports have reached advanced stages of preparedness for the resumption of international flight operations.

The Newsmen reports that as a result, all evacuation flights, introduced in the country in the wake of the ban on international flights occasioned by the outbreak of the COVID-19, will end on Aug. 25  2020.

The emphasis, he said, would be placed on the observation of all the safety and technical guidelines as prescribed by global and health authorities which would be communicated in due course.

Sirika said “I am pleased to announce the resumption of international flights from Aug. 29, 2020, beginning with Lagos and Abuja as we did with the domestic flight resumption.

The minister also said that passengers would need to do a COVID-19 test close to the departure date and do another one eight days after arriving in the country.

He revealed that the passengers would pay for the COVID-19 test done in the country. 

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