Sadly, black men are at the bottom of nearly every statistic that measures quality of life.  We are the most likely to be unemployed, the most likely to be incarcerated and the most likely to die young.  Millions of our strongest warriors are marginalized on the fringes of society and often find themselves confused about what to do next in order to find success.  My belief is that the reason success often eludes black men is that most brothers don’t have the right definition of success to begin with.   For example, many black males are taught from an early age that acceptance in white society is the pinnacle of success.  They are then led to believe that behaving in school, obeying the law, getting a college degree and obtaining a job that allows you to wear a nice suit is the pathway to personal freedom.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with doing these things, this false (and Eurocentric) definition of success often lacks key information about the realities of being a black man in this country.  MILLIONS of brothers go to school.  Most black men obey the law.  We are even drowning in debt from having so many college degrees.  All of this represents a consistent effort on the part of most brothers to “get in where they fit in.”  In other words, we believe that if we do the right thing, don’t ruffle any feathers and indoctrinate ourselves into a white supremacist system, everything is going to be OK.  Sorry, it’s not.  The problem with this approach is that many of the men who’ve followed this straight and narrow, do-as-you’re-told path still feel enslaved.  You still feel that there is another level that you can never reach.  You know that, deep down, the world hasn’t fully accepted you for who you are, you have little real power, and that you’re only one snarky comment away from being cut off from everything that makes you whole.  These realities leave a lot of our men depressed, and even suicidal.  You don’t read about it in the news because nobody care and the suicides are often very slow.  It might come through consistent use of drugs, alcohol,  I truly believe that black men are better than this.  We also need to work together, create unique strategies for success, and support each other to greatness.   This is why we’ve created Black Men United.  Founded by myself and President Andre C Hatchett, Black Men United is a coalition of black men around the world who are seeking to elevate the black community, support the black family and do all the things that men are supposed to do.  We believe deeply in education, economics, goal-setting, working together, power and consistency.  If you are a black man who wants to be a part of something special, feel free to join us at   You can join for free.  I believe that the black man is the greatest human being in the history of this earth.  We are the survivors of some of the worst treatment known to man, and have climbed mountains even when others have removed our legs.   The goal, at this point, is to bring that power to bear in a mighty way, and to ensure that we secure nothing less than absolute strength and power for the next generation and beyond.  Brothers only – please us at  Sisters, send the men you love.  We will tell them the truth about who they are.  Sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins  This email was sent to YEYEOLADE@GMAIL.COM why did I get this?    unsubscribe from this list    update subscription preferences YBWN · 3750 Hacks Cross Road, Suite 137 · Memphis, TN 38125 · USA

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