Facebook accused of not hiring Black candidates because of ‘culture fit’

Facebook is accused of rejecting Black qualified applicants.

By Christian Spencer | April 7, 2021  

A Black doctorate holder was allegedly told she would not like working at Facebook despite qualifications. A white manager played a Drake song featuring the n-word to taunt Black employees wanting diversity. Black qualified applicants were allegedly rejected because they are not a “culture fit” for the role. Black applicants applying for a job at Facebook were denied because they were not a “culture fit,” according to The Intercept. In an initial report, an unnamed Black woman with a doctorate claimed she felt rushed and belittled during her interview for a Facebook position set up by white staffers, and later she got told that she would not like the job, according to The Intercept. “[They said], ‘you have a big brain, you wouldn’t like this job,” the woman told The Intercept, recalling the incident. “There’s no doubt you can do the job, but we’re really looking for a culture fit,” she was told. America is changing faster than ever! The women, including two other Black applicants, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to investigate workplace discrimination. The Black applicants are part of an extensive investigation that will examine whether or not Facebook’s “culture fit” test is designed to exclude Black people. “We believe it is essential to provide all employees with a respectful and safe working environment,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone told The Intercept. “We take any allegations of discrimination seriously and investigate every case.” Oscar Veneszee Jr. still works as an operations manager for the social media app, and he told WaPo he has seen qualified applicants get rejected because they failed to be “culture fit.” “When I was interviewing at Facebook, the thing I was told constantly was that I needed to be a culture fit, and when I tried to recruit people, I knew I needed [to] find people who were a culture fit,” he told WaPo. “But unfortunately not many people I knew could pass that challenge because the culture here does not reflect the culture of Black people.” The Post reported alleged mistreatment of Black employees at Facebook, as well. A Black recruiter recalled an incident in which he sought to hire more highly trained Black engineers, a goal Facebook has pledged in its 30 percent more people of color in a leadership plan for 2025. In a virtual meeting in August 2020 regarding the issue, the recruiter felt disrespected by a white manager who played Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later” song five times, specifically for the line, “Where do these n***s be at.” “It shows you the insensitivity and the lack of awareness,” Rhett Lindsey, the offender recruiter told The Post.

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