Reactions As Nigerian Man Builds A ‘Super Car’, Drives It On The Street
EverythingNaijaApr 16, 2021
Nigeria is a country blessed with lots of talented individuals who have been showcasing their works for the world to see.

According to a post from A Facebook page , a Certain Nigerian man have amazed fellow Nigerians after building a Moveable car which was tagged as “Super Car”.

The man took to the streets to drive his self-built car to the Amazement of Passersby who couldn’t resist than to stop by and have a clearer view of the Vehicle which was driven by its maker who wore an helmet.

The car is indeed a super car as it doesn’t look like the Normal cars we find on the road. It’s actually a two-seaters Automobile with an Extra Tyre at the back. The car looks to be nearing Completion in terms of spraying and making it look colourful.

As usual, Nigerians would never fail to commend good things. A lot of Nigerians have taken time to commend the Effort of the Young Nigerian Man.

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