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December 13, 2009


The Obama Strategy Is Working |
By ObamaCanada Yesterday at 12:00 pm EST (Updated Yesterday at 12:00 pm EST)
I repost this from the previous blog because of it’s significance. The article below posted by By Keith – “Who Moved My Cheese?” on the previous blog from the link below is important as one will note from my comments below the link.

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani army has finished its offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan, but may soon pursue militants in another part of the lawless tribal belt along the Afghan border, the prime minister said Saturday.

**********This is actually exceptional news which offers proof that what I believe to be Obama’s strategy for Afganistan is working faster than originally thought.

It’s unfortunate the writer of this article misses the entire point, which is the Taliban Pakistan was fighting have disengaged and dispersed. These Taliban tribes were paid by Indian and frankly the only way to get them to disengage is if India stopped paying them, which is exactly what Obama asked India to do, along with withdrawing Indian troops from Kashmir, which India announced some 10-12 days ago.(amazing what a state dinner can do isn’t it)

For the most part, this Taliban group is nothing more than mercenaries getting paid for fighting and not really extremist.I believe we will see them drift back to Afghanistan and sooner or later join Afgan forces who will pay them more money than they got paid by India.

This leaves Pakistan the resources to go after the Haqqani network, the group that operates on both sides of the border and is considered a major threat to the U.S. This is the group that harbors Al-Qaeda,likely Ben Laden and needs to be defeated and or totally destroyed. This is also the group that Obama pressed Pakistan to go after,once India had done it’s part.

The plan, imo, is to force the Pakistanis into pressing the Haqqanin Taliban back across the border into Afghanistan, where the additional troops ordered up by Obama will be ready and waiting to annihilate them.

Once this is completed,I expect the next leg of the plan will be to make peace with the rest of the Taliban forces and bribe them to be part of Afgan’s long term security forces versus killing them.

A brilliant strategy by President Obama that appears to be working.Optimistically, this war could be over much sooner than anyone thinks.

African Queen Video shows the way black women should be sung to!

September 18, 2008

This is the AFrican Queen Video. It is so elegant
and stunning like it should be. It’s the perfect
idea of how an African princess should be
treated. It’s one of the songs to treasure and
it makes you warm inside.

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